sighs at her modelling for them

Ladynoir July Day 30 - Courage

Dark Cupid AU where Adrien discovering Marinette’s valentine goes a little bit differently.

Plagg just wanted some peace and quiet. Forgive his cheese obsessed soul.

(Ao3 Link)

“I can’t believe I didn’t get a chance to tell her.” Adrien sighed in a way that his Kwami would describe as melodramatic. “It took me so long to work up the courage too.”

Plagg rolled his eyes. He was floating above Adrien’s oversized pile of valentine gifts and Plagg was well aware of how ironic that was. If the kid needed a girl so badly there were obviously a lot of options. Adrien didn’t care though. The kid just had to try and get the one girl in the world that wouldn’t even tell him her name. Plagg was starting to get seriously ticked off about it.

“Maybe it was for the best.” Adrien murmured, falling dramatically onto his bed. “She probably wouldn’t have said ‘I love you’ back anyway.” He moaned pitifully into his pillow.

Plagg gave his chosen a deadpan look. “Why don’t you just pick one of these girls?” He smirked. Oh yes. Plagg, you are a genius. “Or are they not good enough for you?” He mocked, his smirk widening into a grin as Adrien turned to stare at him.

“Of course not! They’re just not Ladybug.” He frowned.

“So, only your lady is good enough for you then. Poor girls, none of them holding a candle to the amazing Ladybug.” Plagg watch in glee as Adrien sat up and frowned deeply at him.

“That’s not what I meant.” He said, sounding defensive.

“Why don’t you give those other girls a chance then?” Plagg said innocently. “Surely, that wouldn’t be too much to ask.”

Adrien shook his head. “I don’t love those other girls, Plagg.”

Plagg scoffed. “How would you know? You haven’t even give them a chance.”

“Fine.” Adrien rolled his eyes, marched over to his desk, and took a seat in his chair. “Which one first?” He asked flatly.

Plagg grabbed one at random and threw it at him. “I’m sure you can figure out the rest by yourself.” He chuckled, floating off to do other Plagg things now that Adrien had stopped whining.

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Love Yourself, Love

Requested Prompt: Can you do an imagine where tom has a gf who has really low self esteem and is really struggling with her confidence, and tom is there to help her realize that self-love is important? (@dropdeadrxses)

           Thanks so much for this request! This is something that I’ve struggled with for a long time and have only recently overcome emotionally, but am still battling physically. If anyone ever needs support in any aspect of life, please know you can talk to me.

Warnings: reader struggling with self-esteem, self-loathing, self-depreciation, fluff


The Hollywood Reporter had just leaked photos from the photo shoot Tom did with his Homecoming co-star, Zendaya, and (Y/N) was curled up on Tom’s couch, eyes lingering over how stunning Tom’s new friend looked and mind running with scenarios of things that could have happened ‘behind the scenes.’ (Y/N) hated how easy it was for her to completely discredit herself, but in reality, what did she have to offer Tom or anyone for that matter?

She couldn’t help but notice how Tom’s shirt seemed to have a different number of buttons opened in various photos. Instantly, her mind went to thoughts of him cheating on her. Her chest tightened as she thought about what could have happened between the two of them. She knew that Tom was raised to be a gentleman and certainly distinguished himself from other guys their age, but the thought wouldn’t leave her mind. She was a no body and always would be. her disdain had nothing to do with the fact that Tom was a celebrity and she was a regular Joe, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Zendaya was a celebrity, she just didn’t know how anyone could see anything worth their time in her.

The soft pattering of Tom’s feet sounded as he made his way down the stairs and toward his girlfriend. “Hey, love,” he called out to her, “I was thinking we could go out to dinner tonight with everyone and I can show you off.” (Y/N) rolled onto her back, feeling the tension in her shoulder subside immediately. She clicked the screen of her phone off and dropped it onto the coffee table as Tom lifted her legs to sit beneath them. 

“Why?” she asked without intending to.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he asked in return with a smile across his face as he rested his hands on her knee.

“Because you can be with like three models at the same time right now and you’re with me,” she sighed all too quickly.

“Why would you say that?” he asked, his voice ignorant of the emotions running through her head.

“Because it’s true,” she scoffed lightly. “You’re an easy ten and I’m like what, maybe a five on a good day?”

“How could you think you’re a five, (Y/N)?” he asked with a laugh in his voice, still not picking up on the fact that she was growing even more upset.

“Just forget about it,” she sighed while slipping her legs out from under his and making her way toward Tom’s room, which she occasionally stayed in. She dropped onto the bed, pulled the sheets up to her neck, and curled into a ball while lying on her side. it didn’t take long for Tom to make his way back toward his room and close the door behind him.

“What’s the matter, (Y/N)?” he asked while sliding into the bed beside her.

“Can you please just leave me alone?” she muttered.

“Only if you tell me what’s making you so sad,” Tom stated while rubbing his thumb across her shoulder.

“Why are you with me?” she mumbled through the sheets as a small tear slid out of the side of her eye.

“Because I love you,” he said as he moved his fingers through her hair.

“But why do you love me?” she pestered as another tear slid across her nose from the other eye. “What do you see in me that makes you think I’m worth anything? There’s nothing special about me,” her voice started to shake slightly as she continued to admit to him everything that stood between them. “In fact, there are a lot of things about me that you didn’t know about when we first got together. I know my baggage is something that you didn’t sign up for when you met me. Why do you continue to deal with me? How can you be so nice to me when all I’ve been is a burden to you? Here you are, asking to go out and have a great time and all I can think of is why you haven’t dumped me or cheated on me yet.”

Tom’s chest tightened at her words and he flopped onto his left side. He slid his left arm underneath (Y/N)’s head, draped his right over her waist and laced their fingers together. His words were lodged in his throat but he couldn’t bring himself to say them without having his voice crack from sorrow. Tom cleared his throat and traced his thumb along her hand before speaking. “You may not see anything special in yourself, (Y/N), but you’re wrong,” he said softly as the wind created from the ceiling fan brushed her hair across his cheek. “I love that you can make me laugh when I’m having the worst day ever, I love that when you’re scared I feel compelled to make you feel safe in my arms, I love the way your nose crinkles when you laugh. When you walk into a room, I can’t help but ignore everything else and focus on you because there’s a pounding in my heart that makes concentrating on anything else so incredibly difficult.” Slowly, (Y/N) rolled over to face Tom. He pushed away the tears rolling along her face with his thumb and smiled at her. “I love the way you look when you wake up in the morning with a weird mix of bed head and sex hair,” he said while ruffling her hair lightly. “I love how smart you are and how you’re constantly pushing me to be a better person so that I can be a better boyfriend, because I want to be the man that you deserve.” She couldn’t help the tears that overcame her at his words. “And when I asked you to be my girlfriend, I asked that of every part of you, even the one’s I didn’t know about yet.”

The tears streaking (Y/N)’s face were a blend of joy and sadness as Tom pressed his forehead against hers. “You deserve more than I can offer you,” she said with an empty tone in her voice.

“Believe me when I say that you are more than I deserve, (Y/N),” he said as he took her hands in his. “All you need to do is love yourself, love,” he said while pressing his lips against her head. “I will help you through this,” he promised and then placed his lips gently and passionately against hers, “because you don’t deserve to go another day without seeing and apppreciating all of the things about you that make me love you.”

the-fire-master  asked:

Could you possibly do a Nalu photographer shoot AU? Natsu being the Model and Lucy being the photographer. Thank you!!

He’s A Natural

Pairing: Nalu

Word count: 1397

A/N: Have some Scottish Natsu! And Canadian Lucy, but that’s more from me using my own euphemisms lmao. This could get so much longer, and maybe ‘ll continue it when I’m not swamped! So model Natsu is always a fun thing, and tbh hot damn. 

“It won’t be hard, they said.

“You seem so much more comfortable behind the camera, they said.

“Just one photo shoot, they said.”

Lucy grumbled to herself, pacing in the space set aside for breaks. The white tent was partially open, but it still managed to hide her from the source of her spiking anxiety. The very attractive, very pink, and very naked source.

“Do a natural outdoor scene, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.”

“Are you done talking to yourself or do you need another five?” Lucy sighed loudly, glaring at Loke’s head where he peeked around the corner of her sanctuary. “Seriously, the poor guy’s gonna freeze his dick off.”

“Then maybe he should put on some pants.” Lucy snapped, slumping into a chair and burying her face in her hands. She didn’t know why he was affecting her like this. Not only had Lucy worked with gorgeous models before, but she had also seen them naked! In her bed! Genitals did not faze her normally, so why was she losing her shit?

“You ready, Drama Queen?” Loke asked. Lucy pouted, accepting his hand and looking up at him. 

“Fine, but if anyone’s going to be taking him home it’s me, got it?” Lucy said sharply. Loke cackled, throwing his head back. He raked his hand through his wild, ginger hair as he grinned down at her fondly. Lucy liked to tell him it looked like a lion’s mane after she had had one too many drinks.   

“Whatever you say princess,” Loke purred, hooking his arm through Lucy’s and leading her back out to the meadow they were shooting in. “But first you have to talk to him. Maybe learn his name.”

“Shut up,” Lucy grumbled, leaning her head on his shoulder. 

“Thought I scared ya off,” the model joked as they approached, scratching the back of his head bashfully, towel wrapped around his waist. A very, very small towel, fluffy and white, which only made his deep tan stand out more. Who knew pink hair and brown skin went together so well. Or that Lucy had a thing for Scottish accents. 

“What’s your name?” Lucy asked, loudly and suddenly. She felt her face flush hot when the model cocked his head at her, confused smile pulling his lips at her outburst. God, please let a random tree just crush her now.

“It’s Natsu,” he said, holding out his hand. Lucy took it, swallowing around her dry mouth at how big his was compared to hers. And she knew what they said about big hands and big feet…

Lucy yelped when something sharp dug into her side, pouting up at Loke before realizing why he had to shove his bony joint into her ribs in the first place. Her eyes snapped to Natsu’s, deep green almost black and sparkling with impish joy. He knew. And he knew she knew. And she knew he knew she knew. And Lucy was really praying for that stray tree right about now. 

“Lucy. My name- uh, my name is Lucy.” She managed out, blushing deeper at his amused and teasing smile. Oh, he had freckles. Wonderful.

“You can let go of his hand now,” Loke said, grinning down at Lucy smugly. 

“Maybe I like holding his hand,” Lucy retorted, glaring up at her friend. 

“He likes holdin’ your hand too,” Natsu said. He winked at Lucy’s squeak, deep laugh shaking his chest as she dropped his hand. 

“Alright! Either we start now or you’re all walking home!” Gajeel boomed. Lucy rolled her eyes at their equipment manager, ignoring his threat. He’d only followed through with it a couple times. Everyone wandered off to their positions, Lucy fetching her camera and fiddling with it as she kept her back to Natsu. She could do this. Be professional. Don’t take a picture of his dick. All things that Lucy could do. 

Lucy turned around, and marched herself to stand in front of Natsu. Who had lost the towel, and was standing legs spread and unashamed, basking in all his Scottish glory. 

“Do you dye your pubes?” Lucy squeaked, hand slapping over her mouth in horror. She was fired. This was it, her first time as the photographer  and she had blow it oh God Jason was going to kill her and then fire her-

“Ain’t ya a spit fire?” Natsu cackled, easy as he smiled at Lucy. “And I do no’ dye anything. All natural ‘ere.” 

“Oh,” Lucy breathed, some of the awkwardness melting off her at Natsu’s openess. 

“And before ye ask, I’m a grower, not a shower.”

Ahh, there was the mortification. 

“You don’t have to be crude!” Lucy gasped, smiling as she tried turn her face away from him. 

“Ain’t I ‘posed to be the shy one?” Natsu called. Lucy laughed, rolling her eyes before sticking her tongue out at Natsu. They continued to bicker as Lucy directed him this way and that, trying to find the best angle before snapping a photo. Honestly, all of his angles were good, what with his strong cheek bones and slightly pointed chin giving him a playful and boyish handsomeness, slanted eyes bright and framed with thick lashes, nose a little crooked at the bridge but still broad at the tip. And then there were the freckles scattered across his face, like little deep brown constellations. 

“Close your eyes and tilt your chin up. No, not that much. Okay more. Less. Natsu now you’re just doing this on purpose!” Lucy laughed, slightly exasperated by his exaggerated movements. She snapped a picture of his profile, eyes closed and tilted towards the sun, grin pulling the corner of his mouth up, the image on the camera looking as if he was a woodland imp who knew a secret and you didn’t. 

“So bossy,” Natsu teased, opening his eye and looking at Lucy from the corner of it. Lucy snapped another photo, breath catching as she looked down at the screen. 

There sat a picture of Natsu, seductive as he looked at the camera, gaze sharp like a wolf and just as hypnotic. Lucy’s mind shot down to dirty, dirty, places the longer she looked at it. 

“Oh, that’s a good one, ain’t it,” Natsu said, leaning over her shoulder. Lucy squealed, clutching the camera to her chest protectively. Lucy flushed when his eyes followed her motion, lingering a few seconds too long on her cleavage to be innocent. He coughed, eyes flicking away as pink coloured his ears. 

“You two can fuck later, let’s just get a move on to the body shots!” Gajeel called, ripping Lucy from her stupor. She threw her middle finger up at him, glaring when he waved her off and walked away, probably to harass the interns. 

“Ignore him,” Lucy smiled at Natsu apologetically. “His girlfriend’s away for a month and he gets a bit crabby when he doesn’t get laid.”

Natsu’s nose twisted in a grimace even as a low chuckle fell from his lips. “He’s me cousin, I don’ think I need’a know ‘bout his sex life.” he chuckled. His grin grew warmer at Lucy’s shocked expression, arms lifting and crossing behind his head as he continued to talk. “He’s the reason I got the job. It’s me first time modelin’, but I needed the pay, so ‘ere I am.”

“Well you’re a natural at it,” Lucy assured. She could hardly believe this was the first time he had modeled, the camera adored him. 

“Thank ya,” Natsu grinned. Lucy returned it, having to tilt her head up a bit to look at him, standing as close as they were to one another. 

“Seriously, make yer bedroom eyes at each other when we’re not on the job!”

“Piss off ya walkin’ pin cushion!”

Lucy laughed, half hiding her face as she shook her head. Natsu beamed down at her, sharp canine revealed by the curl of his lips. She shooed him further back, taking in a deep breath. Looking at Natsu fully, standing buck-ass naked in the middle of a spring meadow just starting to bloom, Lucy couldn’t help but bite her lip. God, she had no idea what he did for a job, but Lucy was leaning towards boxer if the grooves of his muscles on his chest and abs were any indication. Not to mention his thighs… or his forearms…

She was definitely going to take Natsu home. Or at least out for drinks. 

She needed to know the dirt Natsu had on Gajeel from when they were kids. And just how much of a grower the pink haired model really was. 

Stereotypical (2)

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, mentions of child abuse and alcoholism (past), none other yet.

Summary: As a PA/secretary, you are all too familiar with the fantasies nearly all men share: banging their hot assistant. Former jobs haven’t worked out for you for that exact reason, and now starting out at a new company, as the secretary for the CEO of the hottest modelling agency in the country, you’re hoping this one will be different. But after meeting your new boss, Mr J.B. Barnes, you’re not so sure if it will be. Then again, maybe Mr Barnes is not as stereotypical as you think he is.  

A/N: Part two! It’s gonna be a sloooooow burn. (sorry, not sorry) Mention of Naomi Campbell; just saying: I don’t mean anything by it. I love her. Ok? Ok. 

“You enjoying yourself?”

James leaned over your shoulder just as you told another model to take his shirt off (one of the perks of your job)

You snickered, “Always. I love my job”

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Overhearing a confession

Hi! First, I wanted to thank everyone who takes the time to read my One Shots. It makes me so happy! :) 

This is a One Shot about Harry being your best friend and falling asleep on top of you. Unfortunately, that’s the exact time your friend decides to talk about how obvious it is that you have feelings for each other. 

Picture is not mine, I found it in the depths of Tumblr. 

It would be accurate to say that Harry was exhausted. Filming a movie taking place during world war 2 had really began to take it’s tool on his strength - physically as well as mentally. When him and the band had first started to think about taking a break, he hadn’t imagined feeling more emotionally drained than when he was touring. But then again, becoming an actor had been more something than he’d stumbled upon and not something he had planned.

When it was announced that filming wouldn’t be continued for two weeks, Harry was quick to decide that going home would do him good. He bought a plane ticket and the same evening he was back in my tiny apartment in England. I had been very surprised at his sudden appearance, given that I hadn’t heard from him for a few days and when I did, he had always claimed that he couldn’t wait to go back to America. But instead of his sunny porch in LA, he stood on my doorstep in ever rainy London. After ushering him in, Harry apologized profoundly for interrupting my quiet night in with my friend Mary, but unaware to him, seeing him had been all that was missing to make me happy.

“It’s fine, Harry,” I’d assured, stopping his ramble with one finger raised, “Perfectly fine, actually. I’m always happy to have you here, you know that.”

What he couldn’t have known was that when my eyes had found his, my heart had speed up and beat so fast I’d feared it’d jump straight out my chest and to his feet. Self-consciousness crept up on me and I wished I would’ve worn something more flattering than thin leggings and a white t-shirt adorning my torso. I wasn’t even wearing a proper bra but a simple black bralette I’d gotten for £7. Luckily Mary was quick to step in and invited Harry to join the two of us for a glass of wine on the couch.

As soon as I’d settled down comfortably, Harry moved closer and lay down beside me to rest his head in my lap. His face was nestled against my stomach and my body tensed upon feeling his warm breath against my thinly clothed skin. My friend’s raised eyebrows didn’t go unnoticed by me, but I couldn’t be bothered. It wasn’t unusual for Harry and me to cuddle and to be genuinely more comfortable with each other than other friends were, but normally no one else was around to whom it could’ve looked odd.
Harry didn’t care about that though. All he cared about was how at ease he felt since he had entered my apartment. He sighed in content when I carefully laid a blanked over him and his arms around my waist squeezed me gently after I loosely placed my own arm over his shoulders. Harry didn’t engage much in the conversation Mary and I carried and after feeling the rhythm of his warm breath slow, I knew he had fallen asleep.

Me and Mary still sat with each other, talking quietly. At some point I subconsciously began stroking my fingers through Harry’s smooth hair. It still felt strange to touch the soft strands and have them end so close to where they began, but I loved it either way, long or short. My hand gently caressed his cheek every now and again and I smiled upon remembering how nervous he had been when he had first revealed the newly short haircut. There hadn’t been any reason though. Harry was effortlessly beautiful. He always was, as well as was so warm, soft, gentle and kind. Mary knew of my feelings for Harry and smiled when she noticed my hesitant touches to his face.

“You do know that he fancies you, right?” she asked. “At least as much as you do him.”

I looked up at her with a small smile and shook my head. “Don’t make fun of me, Mary.”

“I’m being serious,” she assured, “He looks at you and his face lights up. When he has news, you’re the first person he calls. Filming is interrupted, yet he doesn’t go to his family or to his home in LA. He comes to you. Those are pretty obvious signs, honey.”

I quickly shushed her when her voice rose slightly. “Why does the time you find fit to have this conversation when he’s right here?”

She rolled her eyes. “Relax, he’s asleep. You’re just trying to escape this conversation, as you always do.”

I shook my head and focused my attention back on Harry. His forehead was wrinkled and I gently smoothed it with my thumb. His pink lips were slightly open and I admired how his long eyelashes rested on his soft cheeks. He looked vulnerable and innocent. My heart swelled at the sight and I could practically feel myself fall even more in love with him. All I wanted was to cuddle him and shield him form any harm.

“You love him,” Mary continued in a cooing voice.

“Pst!” I scolded and shot her a glare. “He’s right here, for crying out loud! Are you trying to ruin my friendship with him?”

She threw her arms up and sighed dramatically.

“I’m sitting here, observing two people completely unaware of how smitten the other person is with them and you expect me to just keep my mouth shut?”

“What I expect is that you don’t take the piss out of my feelings for him. Feelings I’m sure he doesn’t return,” I muttered harshly and focused my gaze back on his flushed cheeks. “He told me about some model from Spain he was thinking about going out with,” I admitted quietly. “He wants someone he can sleep with for a while and go on crazy adventures with, without her getting her hopes up. And that’s not me. He just has to look at me from across a room and my hopes shoot up into the sky.”

Mary giggled and shook her head. “You would sleep with him, though.”

“Shut up.”

“I think you don’t quite realize how he sees you,” she continued in a more serious manner. “Maybe you should just tell him and see how it goes. It could be worth it.”

My hair shielded my vision when I shook my head and I quickly pushed it back. Harry’s grip around me had slightly tightened and I shifted to adjust myself.

“No way I’d risk loosing him with a weak attempt at getting him to want me, Mary. I’d rather be stuck by his side as a friend than not be with him at all.”

“Well,” she took a long sip of her wine glass, “the fact remains that his head is in your lap and nobody else’s.”

I giggled and urged my heart to stop jumping so badly. With his face pressed against me I feared the sound could wake him from his slumber.

While we quietly conversed some more, my fingers found their way back into Harry’s hair, from there to his neck and from there to his shoulder. His peaceful expression brought me joy and set me at ease. Harry released a long sigh and cuddled closer to me. He even moved his legs up to completely rest in a fetus position.

“I’m gonna get going,” Mary decided as she got up and I moved to do the same, but she quickly stopped me. “Don’t. Stay like that. It’d make a lovely picture. One that you could send everyone as a christmas card when you celebrate as a couple for the first time.”

“Text me when you get home safe,” I asked her quietly, ignoring her comment and she nodded. She waved one more time before she left the room and shortly after I could hear the front door shut.
I sighed in content and focused my vision back on Harry. With him cuddling me like that I could almost pretend that he loved me. That he was mine and had returned to me because his heart had ached from our separation as much as mine had. My fingers were in the middle of drawing a pattern against his temple when Harry suddenly pursed his lips and blew out air. I shrieked at the tickling feeling and tried to move away, but his arms held me still and he continued his playful torture, only stopping to laugh.

“Harry,” I cried and pushed at his head. “Please stop!”

He didn’t move away though and I felt like a bucket of ice water had been dropped over my head when I felt his lips press against my tummy in a kiss. Or maybe it was steaming hot water.

“I thought you were asleep,” I stuttered and he moved into a sitting position next to me. My lap felt cold and empty already.

“I wasn’t really,” he shrugged, a smile gracing his lips. “Just enjoying a snuggle and hearing the newest gossip.”

My rapidly jumping heart jumped straight down to the very pit of my stomach while all the blood shot up to my cheeks. Harry still looked at me with a confident and wide smile, his eyes sparkling and my brain went through every possible scenario of how I could possibly talk my way out of this. He couldn’t have heard what Mary and I had discussed, right?

“Did you get some rest?” I asked and he frowned. “Are you hungry?”

I moved to get up but was stopped by his hands reaching forward and clasping my wrists.

“Where do you think you’re going, love?”

“To fetch you something to eat,” I answered and freed my wrists from his hold.

“I don’t want anything to eat. Come here.”

He sat up straighter and opened his arms. Though part of me wanted to leave the room and hide from his suspicious gaze, I had never been able to resist him. My still burning face was buried where his neck met his shoulder and I inhaled his familiar scent. Harry sighed and wrapped both arms around me, pulling me up so I was sitting in his lap.

“You have no idea how much I missed you, Y/N,” he whispered against the shell of my ear before pressing several kisses to my cheek. “I hate being away from you.”

Not as much as I hate being away from you, I thought, but decided to only answer by pressing myself closer to him. Harry moved his hands down and cupped my thighs before wrapping both of them around his waist. A harsh breath escaped my lips at this sudden closeness and when I felt him press more kisses to the skin of my shoulder, moving up to my neck. I shuddered. He knew. He was always cuddly and affectionate, but he might as well have kissed me on the lips and taken me to bed. He acted as if he was about to.

“Stop it,” I muttered and pressed my hands against his chest.

“What’s wrong?”

He stayed sat but his eyes followed me when I stood up in front of him and I cleared my throat.

“What is it that you were just doing?” I asked, my voice quivering. “You heard me and Mary’s conversation, didn’t you?”

Harry swallowed hard, but continued to smile, not looking guilty at all. “Yes, I did.”

I didn’t give my stomach time to knot itself and continued to speak. “And now you think that just because I have feelings for you, I’m going to share your bed?”

“What?” Harry seemed surprised at my sudden accusation. “No, of course I don’t think that.”

“You were practically kissing me!” I almost shouted.

Harry reached up to smoothen his messed up hair and got to his feet too, the smile had been replaced with a serious frown on his face.

“Y/N,” he spoke, reaching for my hands, “You don’t have to be scared, okay?”

His green eyes stared into mine and the grip on my hands tightened in a gentle squeeze. The black cross on his knuckles stood out against the pale skin.  "I love you.“

I shook my head in denial. If I allowed myself to believe him now, it’d hurt more later when he was done with me. I had watched him parade his lovers around one too many times and wasn’t willing to suffer the same end as they had. Always pushed away and to the side by him.

"Don’t say that.”

“Oh, I’m going to say it many more times, because it’s true.”

He reached up and gently caressed my cheek. “I love you and I know that you don’t believe that I mean it and that you think I’m just looking for something easy and meaningless, but I’m not.”

“You said you were,” I protested. Wasn’t that the reason why I had laid awake so many nights, thinking about what girl he was with for that night? Because he had said that he wanted to have an easy and no strings attached kind of relationship with someone who didn’t even understand his mind or care for his heart?

“Only because I was certain that I could never have you,” he swore. “When you are all I ever wanted.”

My breath hitched in my throat when he moved closer, both hands resting against my jaw and neck now. His lips looked impossibly soft and inviting and I had to bite my own in order to restrain myself from kissing them. He seemed to feel the undeniable pull between us, too, because his breath was uneven.

“Please,” he muttered, “Please let me.”

A nod from me was all he needed to lean forward and close the distance between us. His lips pressed against my mouth, feeling every curve. He moved them slowly but in a way it felt like he wanted to mesmerize every detail about my mouth. My breathing got irregular and I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding him down and closer to me. A low moan escaped his throat and my entire body froze, but his roaming warm hands eased my tense muscles and soon I melted into him. One hand fisted his hair, the other moved to hold him by his cheek. When I felt him smile and pulling away, my head instantly followed in search for another kiss. The laugh died in his throat when I pressed another needy kiss to his full lips, one that he returned willingly. His hands gripped my hips and he squeezed the bare skin there. When I did finally allow him to break the kiss his face had transformed into an even bigger smile than the one that had graced his features earlier.

“Does that mean you’ll go out with me sometime?” he asked, his voice husky.

My brain still had it’s doubts, but my heart couldn’t be more confident. This man in front of me, this insanely handsome and good person had owned my heart for longer than I cared to think about. He was my best friend and though I didn’t know how we would transform our friendship into a relationship yet, after kissing him all those doubts seemed to have been thrown right out the window.

“I’ll think about it,” I giggled and cuddled myself closer against his chest. He rolled his eyes with a playful huff before connection our lips once more. After kissing some more he moved his head and pressed several pecks down my neck and to my shoulder. 

“I want you to be my boyfriend,” I confessed before I could stop myself. I felt his lips stretch into a smile and my heart squeezed in relief. He squeezed me tightly and nodded. 

“That sounds like something I’d like very much.” 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like it and as always, feedback and requests are always very welcome. :) 

A Wedding and Two Proposals

Summary: Sequel to Smoulder! Thank the anon who asked me how Smoulder Adrien would propose to Marinette.

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Chapter One: A Wedding

“Ladies and Gentleman, please put your hands together for the Bride and Groom!”

The doors to the reception hall opened and the already dazzlingly bright room (adorned in all manner of vivid reds, oranges and purples) seemed to grow brighter as the happy couple stepped inside to thunderous applause. Adrien jumped, whooping and cheering more loudly than he’d ever done in his entire life. All sense of decorum, all the manners which had been drilled into him since birth, all of that forgotten with an air of “screw it, my best friends just got MARRIED!”

And what a wedding it had been. Less than one hundred people and very intimate. Nino had proposed on holiday, taken by a moment of spontaneity and overwhelming love as he’d brought Alya to Morocco, his place of birth. Alya had been so taken by Marrakesh, the golden sun, the energy, the music as well as Nino’s extended family, that she had insisted on having the wedding here- foregoing a more traditional French wedding. In her own words, “It’s not really our style anyway.”

To Adrien, it still seemed so surreal, even as Nino and Alya made their way over to them, looking more blissful than he’d ever seen either of them. The fact that they’d spent a year and a half planning, the late nights, the never-ending list of things to do, all of it leading up to the moment where they’d stood together, surrounded by a pool of lilies, and declared each other partners for life.

“Oh my god,” Marinette whispered in his ear and, though he was facing away from her, he could tell she was as close to tears as he was. “They’re married! Look at them.”

“I know,” he replied. Marinette must have heard the wavering in his voice, as she reached down to squeeze her hand in his. The interaction was short lived however, as Nino and Alya finished embracing their parents and he was wrapped in a group hug so tight he was sure to stop breathing. The tears fell freely now as Adrien recalled the countless amount of times the four of them had been like this, the years they’d spent huddled together for reasons both joyous and terrible. It was a beautiful constant in his life.

Speaking of beautiful constants.

As they sat down in their seats, ready for the meal, Marinette already had a tissue ready for him. Adrien turned to her, kissing her softly in thanks. Their eyes met, and once again Adrien found himself taken by the strange kind of energy they shared throughout the day. He didn’t know if it was the wedding bringing out his inner romantic, of if something between them had shifted as they watched their best friends of ten years get married. Whatever it was it was…different. “I’ve always got your back, Kitty,” she uttered, snuggling closer to him.

Adrien smiled to himself. She did. She really did.

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Home - Bruce Banner X Daughter!Reader - Part 1




Request: Can I request one where Bruce Banner has a daughter he kept hidden but then has to bring her to the tower cause her mom and step dad kicked her out? Tony knew about her and she looked to him like an uncle. She feels unwanted and unloved but it all changes with her new family with the team. I’m needing some fluff

I changed it so that not even Tony knew about her and I hope that’s okay!

Warnings: None.

Words: 2 974

A/N: Oooooh my god I absolutely loved writing this! It’s 100% fluff with a bit of feels if you’re a sucker for broken families :))))))) Read at your own, fucking risk cause as I’m from a broken home myself this is amazing to read. (I don’t care that I’m self promoting my own work just read it damn it).

She sat waiting on the steps leading up the the front porch of her house, her overpacked duffel bag by her side and her phone clutched in her hands. It was mid dusk and the sun was setting in the distance, the sky turning darker for every minute passing.

She had been kicked out by her own mother and her new husband. She didn’t know how to feel about it. Her mom treated her like crap. Ever since Y/N had began resembling her father more and more as the years went by, her mom had progressively began to dislike her.

Y/N wasn’t the usual kind of girl, however cliché that sounded it was true nonetheless. She went freely to a biochemical science class long after school was over simply because she loved the subject. Her room was covered with a dozen of projects made from scrap material she had scoured the city for. She filled entire notebooks up with difficult equations simply for the joy being able to solve them so effortlessly.

Y/N was so much like her father that her mother could barely stand being around her own daughter at times. It hurt, more than her mother would ever understand, to be treated like a misfit in her own home.

His small car rolled up to he street before her house and she rose to her feet, bringing the duffel bag up with her.

They hadn’t seen each other in almost half a year. He was busy with his work, his new associates and dealing with personal struggling Y/N could only begin to understand the difficulty of.

She made her way up to the car and watched as the door opened up and Bruce got out, smiling nervously. “Hi kid.” He huffed, shoving his hands down into the pockets of his jacket.

“Hey.” She smiled back, her stomach feeling hollow from the happiness she was feeling simply from seeing her dad. “I’ve missed you.”

His heart ached by her simple confession. “I’ve missed you too, and… I’m so sorry about your mother.”

Y/N had been kicked out. Her mom had found a new guy who owned a private island in the Bahamas. The second the two of them met, her mom was gone. Y/N didn’t have any choice but to call up her dad and beg for help.

Bruce hadn’t hesitated. All he had ever wanted was to be around his daughter but her mother had prevented him from doing it, and he had always been submissive. When her mother had yelled at him that the other guy could lash out at any time and kill his daughter, he hadn’t argued with her for a second. He agreed if anything, but he loved his daughter too much to deny her to live with him when her mother practically gave her no other choice.

“Don’t be.” She smiled reassuringly, doing her best to forget about her mom for the time being. “Should we get going?”

She didn’t want to stick around her house anymore. It stood eerily empty from her mom packing her things and just waking out the door. Y/N didn’t know what would happen to it, but nor did she care. Few memories from that home were truly happy once and the ones that were involved Bruce in one way or another. She would rather watch it disappear in the rear view mirror of her dad’s car than anything.

“Of course, let me take that.” He reached out and grabbed her bag, furrowing his brows as he heard a clinking noise before a smile began to creep up his face. “Is that what I think it is?”

“The self-running generator I built in freshmen year, yeah.” She smiled proudly. “I use it to power up my computer, or used to…”

He huffed, putting her bag carefully in the trunk of the car. “Believe me, sweetie, you can have as many computers as you want when you come home.”

Her heart skipped a beat at that simple word. Home she had never considered to be the small house in northern Queens. If anything, home had been in school. That was the only place she had felt like she could be herself and where others accepted her for just that. At home, she felt out of place and abnormal and was judged for her hobbies and interests as well as her pure skills both in the scientific and technical field. Coming to a place where people shared her interests and where she would hopefully be accepted sounded like heaven.

They got into the car and Bruce started the engine, slowly driving out on the street and starting their drive back to the Tower. She looked up at the rear view mirror, seeing her childhood house become smaller and smaller before disappearing behind the nearby homes. As it did, she felt a weight fall off of her shoulders, a burden she hadn’t realized she had been carrying. It was the burden of her mother, the constant suppression of who she was. It was all lifted off her back and stayed behind with the Murray Hill house

“I have to confess something…” Bruce broke the silence and Y/N glanced over to him worryingly. She was preparing for the worst as he found herself doing more often than not. “I might have asked Tony to give you a workshop, and he might have done it…”

She gasped before letting out a short groan of disapproval. “What? No, why? I don’t need one!”

“But you sure would like one. I know you, Y/N. You have barely been able to put down a glass of water in your bedroom because you’ve had so many of your projects laying around… I think it’s time you separate where you sleep from where you tinker.” He looked at her briefly from the corner of his eyes, knowing she was indescribably happy even if she objected. He just wanted her to have what she deserved, which was the entire world if he had a say in it. “It’s the least I can do…”

She didn’t like that tone he had to the last sentence. He was feeling guilty and responsible for the way her childhood had turned out. She didn’t blame him for as much as a second however. If anyone had done anything wrong, it was her mother.

“Don’t guilt trip me here. You know I’m an easy crier.” She laughed in hopes to lighten the mood. “Let’s just focus on the present and the future, like how I got the annual scholarship from Columbia University.”

Bruce almost slammed the breaks of the car. Instead, he paid an alarming amount of time looking at her with blown wide eyes instead of focusing on the road. “No…”

“Yes.” She smiled, even prouder this time as Columbia University had been a dream of hers since she first came to Midtown high school and was told that she had a natural gift. She had competed with four others in a three hour long exam-like test and had been judged by a Colombia University represent. When she was sent the letter stating she got the scholarship, her mom had barely blinked. Y/N hadn’t cared however. She knew her dad would have been proud, and he had proven her so.

“That’s- That’s incredible!” He exclaimed, a big smile on his face that he couldn’t get rid of. “You deserve it. You’ve worked so hard for it.”

“I’ve had some help.” She said suggestively, leaning her elbow against the small ledge by the door window.

He glanced over at her in confusion before slowly puzzling it together. “What? The boxsets of build-you-own things I have you for your birthdays when you were, what, ten?”

“Hey, building rocket ship models and creating baking soda volcanos really helped!” She chuckled as recalled building and making half a dozen of those kinds of things all on the same night she had gotten them.

Bruce sighed in content, his heart warm like never before. “I’m so happy for you, kid. You turned out better than I could ever have hoped for.”

“Thanks, dad.” She said and let her head lean against the back of her seat. Bruce let out a short breath, barely remembering the last time he had been called dad in person. He liked the sound of it more than he would ever care to admit.

“Can I confess another thing?” He asked as they made their way into the elevator at the garage floor at the bottom of the Stark Tower.

“You haven’t gotten me something else, have you?” She questioned worryingly as she didn’t want him to spent his time and money on her.

“No…” His voice wasn’t as joyful as it had been and that truly made her worry. Was he getting cold feet? Did he not want her to live with him anymore? “I actually haven’t told anyone that I have a daughter.”

She raised her eyebrows in surprise. “But how- you said Tony fixed a workshop for me?”

“He did.” Bruce assured, looking down at his feet, ashamed, which was far from necessary. She didn’t mind but she was a bit taken back however.

“Wait… Does that mean they don’t even know that I’m coming?” She tried to look at him but he avoided her eyes which resembled his own. “Dad?”

He looked at her upon hearing that word again, slowly beginning to nod his head yes. “I didn’t know if I was ever going to see you again, so I saved myself the struggle of having explain our whole situation to the team.”

That was a very fair point. He could have told her it was because he simply didn’t want to and she would have been equally as fine with the answer. “Then you have some explaining to do when we get up, I assume.” She said as she looked up at the glowing level numbers above the elevator door which surpassed seventy.

“A whole lot.” Bruce sighed, hoping the team would understand. He didn’t doubt it however. If anyone would understand and accept the situation with Bruce and Y/N, it would be the team. They were far more supportive than they usually let show and he knew he could count on them even if he still worried about it.

The elevator came to a stop at the ninety sixth floor and the metal doors moved aside with a ding. The floor appeared empty at first but chatter was heard from further inside, echoing through the spacious lounge area.

Y/N examined the room with amazement. The architecture was unique with walkways and split levels along with highly modern interior. It was such a drastic change from her mother’s house that she could barely wrap her head around it.

As they came around a corner, an area with multiple sofas and armchairs surrounding a low table appeared, the Avengers themselves seated. As Y/N and Bruce appeared the table fell quiet and turned towards them. She felt like a deer in the headlights of a car but felt a surge of confidence as she had Bruce by her side.

“Banner!” Tony exclaimed, rising from his seat as he had sat with his back towards Bruce at first. “We didn’t think you’d make it… And who’s this? That assistant you talked about?”

Bruce took a deep breath. He hadn’t kept Y/N a secret because of her. He wished he would have been able to talk about his daughter and brag about her smarts, how beautiful she was and how well she was doing. He just hadn’t found it in himself to share his largest pride. The words that Y/N'a mother had told him, about the Other Guy being so dangerous in a world with Y/N, had rattled him into silence. It was time to break that silence however. Y/N was with him now.

“Everyone, this is Y/N… My daughter.”

Scott got a peanut stuck in his throat and coughed violently. The rest of the team were equally as shocked but showed it more discreetly. Everyone shared one thing however, and that was their loss of words. None of them could come up with a single thing to say but simply stared at Bruce and at Y/N which stood slightly behind her father.

“Hello.” She said quietly to the team, glancing up at Bruce that was looking back her way but not meeting her eyes once again.

“You have a daughter?” Tony questioned. “You’re not acting like you’ve just found out this fact like the rest of us…”

“I’ve known about her since the day she was born, and about nine months before that as well if I’m going to be honest.” He admitted and looked from Tony to Steve, to Bucky and Natasha. The others were still staring as well. Scott, Thor, Wanda, Vision, Clint, Sam and Rhodes. The only one who didn’t have the same look of pure surprise was Peter.

Y/N…” Peter said breathlessly and she looked over at the teen who she hadn’t seen until then, her eyes widening upon seeing his face.

“Peter?” She questioned, almost feeling dizzy by how strange of a direction things had suddenly taken.

“You know him?” Steve stood up as well, wanting to try and get a hold of the situation and properly get his head around things.

“Our biochemical science teacher, Professor Lloyd, has these optional, enclosed, seminars after hours for any students that have a passion… We’re both in it.”

“We have English and electrical engineering together as well, but why is he-” Y/N cut herself off, rephrasing her own words as she realized Peter was very much present. “Why are you here?”

Everyone looked over to Peter like they were waiting for him to reply. As he hesitated, Y/N’s mind raced as usual. She knew everyone on the team as their superhero personas and most of them had gotten their true identity connected with their alternative one, if they had ever had two to begin with. Tony being Iron Man was probably the easiest one, but she could put a name to the face with everyone else, but one superhero was left on her mind and Peter was the only one left in the room.

“You’re Spider-Man.” She accused and Peter began to stutter in panic, confirming her theory without using a single word.

“Bruce?” Tony dragged out the name and looked at Banner with hesitation. “Does your kid have, you know… Gifts?”

Bruce barely understood what he had been asked at first but then immediately began shaking his head. “No! No, no… Well, nothing that isn’t natural at least, if that’s what we’re referring to.”

“Oh thank god…” Scott suddenly let out along with a long sigh of relief. “I don’t know if I can handle any more super-teens in this group.”

“There’s one?” Rhodes questioned, not understanding Lang’s logic.

“Look.” Bruce called out to gain the attention of everyone again, looking back to Y/N for permission as they both knew that Bruce needed to explain. She nodded, and he understood. “Her- Her mom ditched her… She doesn’t have anywhere else to go and no one else to turn to…”

“You don’t have to explain.” Steve said to Bruce, a faint smile meant for Y/N as reassurance. “Of course you’re welcome here, Y/N.”

Steve walked through the gatherings of furniture where he had been sat and went up to Y/N, reaching his hand out and shaking hers. She smiled back, feeling like she might finally be in the right place.

“We already know each other, so I think we’re good.” Peter said, joining Steve and her with a smile of his own.

“Any family of Bruce is family of mine.” Natasha stood up and also made her way to Y/N. As Y/N though she would shake Natasha’s hand, the spy wrapped her arms around the startled teen for a brief hug. “I hope you like it here…”

One after another, the team rose to their feet, an act of approval that Y/N had a clear place in the Tower and with them. Had she been able to feel that amount of joy and acceptance on when alone, she would have been crying rivers, but she managed to hold them in.

Everyone began to make their way towards her at that point and left the couches and armchairs. Peter held his clutched hand up and requested a fist bump which Y/N happily gave him.

“You’ll fit in just great, and I’m always available if you wanna talk.” Wanda promised Y/N and also gave her a hug.

She had never felt at home, like she was truly meant to be somewhere. Perhaps it was part of her relatively shy and withheld personality, or it was simply because of where and how she had been raised. Her mom had never been supportive. She barely said hi after Y/N came home after school. She might have been Y/N’s mom, but Y/N had gotten ten times the love from a group of strangers in five minutes than she had ever gotten from her own mother through out her entire life.

Bruce looked down at his daughter that for far too long had lived a life so far away from what she deserved that it was almost humorous. He tried think of the advice she had given him, to focus on the present and the future, which to his joy seemed to consist of a lot more father and daughter time. Y/N wouldn’t mind having more of that time. Neither would she mind calling wherever the Avengers were as her new home.

Humiliated - Harry Styles Imagine

“Just go and tell him how you feel love.” Louis urged you as he took a sip from his drink. “Just tell him you need to talk to him privately.”

Your gaze drifted to Harry who was talking to a beautiful woman whose name you had no idea of. They were laughing at something Harry had said, probably one of his lame jokes. You smiled. However it dropped as soon as you saw his arm drape around her and hers drape around him. You wouldn’t want to ruin this for Harry, if he had feelings for this woman and was indeed flirting, you couldn’t just tell him how you felt. That would be incredibly selfish of you, however you had nothing to lose. Besides his friendship of course. What’s to say it won’t be ruined the moment you get shut down? You turned your head back towards Lou who had a sympathetic smile on his face.

“I wish it was that easy Lou but it’s not. I-I can’t just pull him aside and go “hey guess what Harry? I am in love with you.” It’s just-“ a voice cut you off.

“You’re in love with Harry?!” You turned around and saw none other than Bella Thorne. She indeed hated you for some reason that you had no idea of. She loved it when it came to you being humiliated in front of your peers. Whether it was on social media or at social gatherings like this.

The world seemed to freeze at the moment in time and your breath stopped. The music had been cut off and silence filled the air. People were now staring at you and your eyes met Bella’s who was smirking at you, her arms crossed. Clearly amused, she kept on talking, now that everyone was watching. “Wow I mean that’s pretty pathetic. Who’d wanna go out with someone like you? You may be a talented singer-songwriter and whatnot but you are definitely not a model. Honestly look at you and look at the girl Harry was talking to just before. She is skinny and gorgeous. But you? You aren’t. Your thighs are big, your stomach is pudgy and-”

“Woah woah woah. Are you honestly so insecure that you have to put people down in order to feel better about yourself? That is indeed sad.” Louis was quick to shut her up. Her smirk disappeared but it was quick to reappear when she saw you look at Harry.

Harry’s eyes were full of concern and sadness when you met them. You sighed sadly and looked down, having absolutely nothing to say and walked off inside.

You grabbed your handbag and made your way out the front to where your car was. You wouldn’t be able to face Harry after this. You didn’t want to hear the words “I don’t feel the same” leave those beautiful pink and plump lips of his.

You unzipped your handbag and reached down inside to grab your keys. With a quick click of a button, your car unlocked and you got inside and slammed your car door shut. You put your seatbelt on so quick and started the car up with no hesitation and began reversing out of Harry’s driveway.

Once you had fully reversed, you noticed Harry had run out, who was followed by Louis and the rest of the boys and some others as well. They were yelling but their words were muffled from the inside of your car and with how loud your car engine was. You paid no attention to it and just drove off into the night. Leaving Harry, who was now stood in the middle of the road, his hands flailing up and down. His figure growing smaller and smaller the more you drove away.

Bella ruined everything.


You woke up the next day, your pillow still slightly damp from all the tears that had so harshly landed on it. Plus a few makeup stains as well. You hesitantly grabbed your phone to check the time. It was 9:16am.

You tried to ignore all your notifications but you just simply couldn’t.

Louis - 4 missed calls and 3 texts:
“Y/N PLEASE PICK UP !!” at 7:24pm

Niall - 3 missed calls and 2 texts:
“Y/N please call or text anyone when you see this.” at 7:32pm
“Very worried. Hope you got home safe.” at 7:35pm

And a few others had left you some texts and missed calls. You were lucky to have so many great people in your life who loved and cared for you.

What caught your attention was one person in particular. Harry. He in fact left more missed calls and texts than anyone else. The last text he made was this morning at 9:12am. 4 minutes ago.

From Harry:
“I’m coming over at 10 love. We need to talk about last night x”

You sighed and got up from your bed and slugged into your bathroom.

The mirror revealed your dishevelled self. Your hair was sticking up in all kinds of different places and bags that were so clearly evident underneath your sad Y/E/C eyes.

You decided to go for a shower so you went back into your room and grabbed an outfit to change into. It was just simple yellow dress that went down your knee. It was one of your favourites. You also paired it with your white strapless bra and white laced panties.

You went back into the bathroom and laid out the dress and undergarments you grabbed and then turned on the water, letting it get hot. You stripped out of your clothes and hopped in. Once the nice hot water hit you, you sighed in relief. You washed your body and also combed out the knots in your hair. You hopped out of the shower after a good 20 minutes and dried yourself off.

You blowdried your hair and got dressed into the outfit you picked out. You decided to not put on any makeup, so you left the bathroom and went around to your bedside table to grab your phone.

You clicked it open and the time revealed 9:52. Well shit. He’ll be here any minute. You walked downstairs and went into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. You chugged it down, due to your nerves and took a deep breath. You are an adult. You can handle this.

After a few minutes of standing in the kitchen completely zoned out, you hear a few knocks on your front door. This is it. This is happening.

You walked over to your front door and grabbed a pair of your house keys that were hanging up beside the front door. You unlocked the door, your hands shaking. You grew even more nervous as you heard the click and then you felt like you were going to vomit once you opened the door and saw Harry standing there, scratching his head.

“May I come in love?”

You nodded and let him in. He walked in and sat on the couch and waited for you while you closed the front door behind him.

You turned around and went over to the couch and sat next to Harry.

You head immediately went down to look at your hands and you started picking at your nails to pass the time. You couldn’t bear yourself to look at him. “Please look at me love.”

You lifted your head up slowly and met his gaze. “I’ll start okay?”

You half smiled and gestured for him to continue.

“There are so many thoughts and emotions floating around my head right now so excuse me if I babble or anything. Let’s start with one emotion. Angry.” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Let me explain please. I am angry, first off because you didn’t answer any of my texts or anyone else’s for that matter so I didn’t know whether or not you had gotten home safe. Two I was worried that something terrible had happened to you like you had gotten into a car accident or something. Three. Upset. Not only because of what I said previously but for two other reasons. The fact the Bella had the nerve to humiliate you in front of everyone, who I had a go at once you left. But anyway, I was also upset because I never got the chance to tell you I feel the same way.”

“What about what’s her face? That pretty woman you were talking to?” You asked him. “Melinda? She’s one of Louise’s friends sweetheart. Plus she’s also a lesbian so there’s that and last time I checked I wasn’t a woman so…” Harry smiled. You giggled and he did as well.

“Phew, alright. Okay well it’s my turn now I guess. I’m sorry I didn’t text or call you or anyone. I was so upset but nevertheless I should’ve at least messaged one of you so I do apologise. Thankyou for standing up for me and about me leaving? That was cowardly of me. I was too afraid to face you after that.” The tears welled up in your eyes, threatening to spill out.

“Hey hey hey. It wasn’t cowardly. I just got so worried about you. The beautiful girl that I am in love with was upset and I couldn’t help that.” He cupped your cheek.

“You’re in love with me?”

“How can I not be? You are so incredible.” He smiled and pulled you in for a kiss.

This was the start of something great.

13 Going on 30 (Part 5)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead.

Word Count: 1,352.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy! Always love to hear your guys’ feedback. 

@spidweeb & @heaventide - i love you guys, thank you for the help. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Good Kitty

Also on AO3
Chronologically follows “Nightmare Fuel,” but can stand on its own. 

Marinette twirled around, feeling the fabric swing around her legs as it swirled around her.

“Slow it down just a little,” Chat suggested.  "Purrfect.“

His praise made her heart beat a little faster.  Their photoshoot in the evening sunlight of the middle of summer wasn’t the only reason she was warm

"Keep the smile and when I tell you to freeze, I want you to just stop spinning,” he said.  "Got it?“

"Better hurry up before I tip over,” she replied.

“Aaaand… Freeze!”

The skirt of the dress obeyed the laws of physics and continued wrapping around her before eventually swaying back like a pendulum.  The world still seemed to spin around her, and she was relieved to feel his steadying arm around her her a moment later.  "Oooooh.  Sooooo dizzy.“  She laughed.

"I’d like to do a couple more of those to be sure I really captured the swing of the fabric,” he said, brushing his lips against her forehead.  "But you won’t have to twirl so long for those.“

"You’re really good at this stuff,” she said, slipping her arms around his waist, and blinking up at him as Paris continued to rock and sway in her distorted vision.

“Uhhh… I am?” he seemed genuinely surprised.

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Wildest Dreams // Part 1

Summary: Nesta has finally gotten the chance to get away from her small hometown of Prythian, and move to the big city of New York. She knows it won’t be easy to adjust to this new, independent life of hers, especially with an overprotective boyfriend constantly stressing her out. Cassian has lived in the city for a little less than a year, along with the rest of his Inner Circle of friends, and life couldn’t be better. When Nesta moves into the apartment next door though, many things change.

Tags: @highladyfxyre @fiery-feyre @justasimplereader @my-life-is-a-drama-book @eternally-reading @rhysand-and-rowan

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Originally posted by darlingiamobsessed

Nesta let out a loud grunt as she dropped the last three boxes out of her arms and onto the spotless wood floors of her new apartment. Feyre and Elain walked through the door and both collapsed on the couch set up by the large windows overlooking the city. Both sisters looked exhausted, and Nesta wiped the sweat from her forehead as she collapsed in between them on the soft cushions.

“Well…” Nesta started, looking around at the open space of the room. It was so much bigger than their small house in Prythian, one in which they all had to share a room. “It will take some getting used to, but I like it.”

Elain smiled and turned behind her to look out the window.

“You have an amazing view,” she murmured, lost in thought as she gazed out over the city.

Nesta had to admit, this apartment truly was incredible. The living room—which they were currently in—had an entire wall covered with floor to ceiling windows, giving the perfect view of New York City. Central park was only 5 blocks away, and having the corner apartment meant that she didn’t have to deal with neighbors on both sides of her. 

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Harry sighs for the third time since he walked into his office at the Ministry. The report for his last mission, which he solved last week, were due this evening and he had spent the whole night working on the damn thing without getting a wink of sleep. Bloody reports. He will never understand why they were necessary to be done, when the mission was completed successfully because truly there was really no need for detail paragraphs of the 5W’s or the analysis of what could be improved for the next time. Harry places the quill down on the desk, his head dropping down on the polished flat base of the wood in a loud thump. 

“Harry, you alright mate?” Ron asked from his side. The prat was eating a chocolate frog, with his body slummed down on the chair and his feet resting on the table. 

Harry turns his head and gives him a flat “Not that I appreciate your company, but why are you here Ron?” he simply asked, his brain suddenly craving for a strong cup of coffee. His best friend shrugged his shoulders “George said, that he doesn’t need much help today in the store” Harry blinked, it’s been only three weeks since Ron decided to quit Auror for good and join his brother; George at the  Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. “Besides, ‘Mione said that she’ll be done around 5:00. I thought I should come and spare some time with my best mate” 

Harry had only opened his mouth to answer when the door knob twisted and Hermione Granger-Weasley walked wearing her business suit looking very elegant, with her arms fooled towards her chest as she held heavy files in them. 

“I knew you would be here” she says looking at her husband with soft eyes, then walking forward to kiss him gently. Harry watches as Ron’s face lit up, she pulls back and he flashed her a grin, giving her the same love-struck look which he used to give her back in Hogwarts. He gulps, noticing a strange kind of sting making its way in his heart. Harry scolds himself, he can’t possibly be feeling jealous of his best friends. No, he thinks, he isn’t jealous of his best friends, he’s jealous of the love they have. He thinks back to the time, when he felt the same kind of love for the beautiful, strong and wise Ginny Weasley. How he loved her long scarlet hair, her stunning skin and the freckles on her cheeks. He still doesn’t know what went wrong, why he fell out of love. Though, it doesn’t matter anymore, he suppose, after all they did went through the two miserable months before their official break-up where they tried to work things out but only ended up arguing or sitting on the other side of the sofa with a very awkward and heavy air around them. 


He snaps out of his thoughts, his head turning to the sound of the voice which called his name to see that Hermione is frowning at him. 

“Er, yes?” he says nervously. 

“Are you feeling alright? I called you three times” Hermione says stepping forward towards him and placing the back of her hand on his forehead “You don’t seem to have a fever” she mutters, looking a little worried. Harry smiles at her “I am fine, just tried” he yawns “didn’t get any sleep last night, was working on the bloody reports” he points his figure at the thick pile of white sheets placed messily beside his elbow. 

Hermione shakes her head “Oh Harry, how many times do I have to say this; don’t leave your reports to last minute” she frowns at him, looking slightly disappointed. Harry shrugs his shoulder, he yawns again making her shake her head at him in almost a fond way.

“Oh! before I forget” Hermione says, her voice holding excitement as Harry reaches his hand forward and grabs his water bottle “Did you guys see the Prophet today?” she says, shuffling toward the pile of papers and books she was holding in her arm. Harry and Ron glance at on another, watching her curiously “Oh!” She says slipping out the newspaper as Harry opens the cap of the bottle. 

Harry takes a huge gulp of water “Look at this!” Hermione insists shoving the paper at his face. The man blinks, grabbing the paper, rolling the water in mouth as his eyes scan the front page of the prophet. 

Harry spits out the water from his mouth, “Gross mate!” he hears Ron’s voice, which sounds faded to his ears as he stares at the picture in front of him with wide green eyes and his mouth falls open “No. Fucking. Way” he says stiffly, eyes never moving away from the picture in front of him. 

His reaction makes Ron jump of the chair with curiosity “What!?” the red-head says leaning over his the Auror “Bloody hell!” he shouts, with his eyes practically popping out of his skull “Is that MALFOY!?” Ron asked looking at his wife, who give him a nod.

“Is he wearing… make-up?”

Ron and Hermione blink at one another, they turn their head towards the raven hair man noticing the strong grip of his hands on the newspaper.  

Harry’s eyes scan over every inch of Malfoy’s face, he looks different. His cheeks don’t look as curved in like they did during the war, they look healthy like he’s been eating properly. The dark bags under his eyes are completely gone, his grey-silver eyes hold the same confident they once did before the war. He has an ear piercing now a, Harry noticing liking his lower lip slowly and that bow tie, Harry thinks dragging his lower lip under his teeth. Oh yeah, Malfoy looked different. Very different. Good different.

 “Why is he modelling for muggles? Does he live there now? Is he a muggle now? Is that where he’s been hiding for 3 years? Do you think he works as a model?”

“Oh no” Ron says with his knowing tone of voice “Here he goes again”

Hermione only sighs, shaking her head at the man sitting in front of him who looked like he has completely forgotten about his surrounding as he observes the picture of Draco Malfoy with his round sparkly green eyes, she smiles when she notices a familiar fire breathing in them once again.  

Hello fandom, this is just a short AU I randomly thought off where Draco ends up in the muggle world after the war and becomes a model. In a world where he’s known as ‘Dray’ and is questioned about his scars and this is his way of answering. *Actually, I just wanted to draw Draco, with red eye shadow XP the idea occurred to me later.*

I hope u all like this, this is my first time drawing Draco.  

@scarlet47‘s submission and OH MY GOD just YES! ❤️

sushi headcanons

john: only eats stuff that’s completely cooked. tempura shrimp, california rolls, etc. roxy keeps calling him a wuss. he orders one of those rolls that’s a take on philly cheesesteaks/cheeseburgers and grins at the face she makes. that’s not real sushi, john, what the fuck? oh really roxy? i thought sushi was just the rice part! he eats 3 pieces of it at once. he is utterly, incredibly sick later.

rose: only eats nigiri. in japan they don’t usually eat rolls, she informs dave as he goes to town on a hand roll. most of the rolls you can order here were made for dumb westerners who couldn’t comprehend the concept of raw fish by itself. dumb westerner this, dave retorts, and nearly chokes on his hand roll. rose raises her eyebrows and grins as she daintily dabs wasabi between the fish and the rice on her nigiri. 

dave: orders hand rolls pretty much exclusively and refers to them as his fishcream cones. has a variety. arranges them in order of how much he likes them. eats a bite out of one, then sets it down and takes a bite out of another. then sets it down and takes a bite out of another. dirk makes a pained noise. dave sets it down and takes a bite out of another.

jade: orders sashimi. loves the fish but her doggy side hates the rice! she eats twice as much as everybody else and seems ready for more. no wasabi, no ginger. all fish all the time. she keeps talking with pieces of fish hanging out of her mouth. everyone is vaguely horrified. 

jane: does this the professional way! orders omakase and scoffs as everybody else just orders rolls. as a result she gets the objective best sushi and takes her time savoring every piece. only uses the wasabi and soy that the chef includes with the sushi. keeps commenting aloud about how glad she is that she did it this way. roxy elbows her and says jane is welcome to a piece of her spicy tuna if she wants. jane quietly accepts. 

roxy: everything is spicy. spicy tuna rolls. spicy scallop hand rolls. spicy salmon rolls. spicy tuna nigiri. if it’s a roll with sriracha sauce in it she’s ordering it. if it has jalepenos or any kind of spicy pepper on it, she’s ordering it. her greatest achievement is eating the entirety of the sushi place’s challenge too-hot-to-handle roll and not having to pay for her meal. eats way too much and spends the next hour and a half groaning about how full she is.

dirk: is not sure he can trust uncooked fish. look, ok, he knows that people used to eat this all the time, but fish were pretty toxic on earth in 2425, ok, and he had to cook them to get the toxins out. makes a lot of noise about how he’s not sure fish and cream cheese ought to go together. eventually appeased. is DELIGHTED when roxy helps him find a roll that says “citrus” and there are tiny paper-thin lemon/orange slices in it. eats too much but pretends to be fine even though jake keeps grinning and poking his stomach.

jake: goes immediately to the weirdest rolls and orders them. splits a philly cheesesteak roll with john. eats sea urchin and loves it. does a quail egg shot, then does another one, and another one. he fucking loves those things. orders a gigantic variety of nigiri so he can sample as many kinds of fish as he can and loves them all. announces every one is his favorite after he tries it. in addition, eats a shitload of edamame.

karkat: tries some spicy rolls and, without admitting that they are too much for him, orders something super mild immediately afterward. dave knows and elbows him. karkat demands an elbow toll of one of dave’s hand rolls, and dave acquiesces – but it’s one of the ones he’s already had a bite of. karkat gives dave a dirty look. avoids crab rolls, even with dave’s assertion that none of them use real crab. makes a lot of noise about how humans must have a deathwish if they’re eating raw fish all the fucking time. eats too much.

terezi: asks which sushi is the MOST R3D and then orders whatever is pointed out to her. ends up with a bunch of tuna and spicy tuna and R3D SN4PP3R even though she’s told it’s not very red. makes loud slurping noises as she swallows the fish. makes the chef bring her a bottle of sriracha and starts just dumping it into her mouth. starts scraping red tobiko off other people’s rolls and into her mouth. john finally loses it and asks if they can just buy a stupid thing of tobiko so she stops being stupid. terezi, nose deep in the tobiko the instant it’s brought to the table, is appeased.

kanaya: joins jane in the omakase because if anybody ought to know what’s good here, it’s the chef. is the perfect model of etiquette. read up on how to properly eat sushi before she came here. attempts to say “arigato gozaimasu” when the chef gives her sushi. doesn’t rub her chopsticks together because the internet said it was rude and nearly gets a splinter, which rose offers to help her remedy. wow rose get a room, dave drawls as kanaya turns brilliant green. eats exactly the right amount and sighs loudly when karkat grumbles about how full he is afterward.

callie: orders sashimi only with jade, but gets dozens of different kinds of fish as opposed to jade sticking to her favorites. stacks them and mixes them like lunchables. informs everyone else on what combinations are the best. mournful that there isn’t much blood in the fish, but enjoys herself anyway. when she’s informed she can finish her meaty fishflesh meal with mochi ice cream and tempura fried oreos, her eyes light up and everyone realizes they aren’t getting out of there for another hour. 

I Hate You/ You Love Me (Josh Dun) SMUT

Originally posted by tylerjosephappreciation

Word Count: 3000+

Warnings: Blowjob, Sexy Pictures (Is that even a real warning?) 

Request:  I would like to request a little smutty thingy about josh getting a boner and getting all flustered and Tyler and a bunch of his friends notice and mess with him. For the setting it can be whatever you please, or what works best, but I was thinking about a really packed car with no room, and a really bumpy road…  

* I hope you like it. I’ve never written a blowjob scene before (or at least from start to finish and that’s all that’s happening. Also, I know the beginning got a little carried away but I’d been wanting to write something like that for a while now and thought your request would be a good one to write it with. Hope you enjoy :) *

Josh and Tyler had been recording a lot over the last week which had left you to spend time with some of your friends that you rarely got to see because of work. You were vacuuming the floor of your small rented house when your phone went off. Checking it, you saw Nyssa, one of your best friends who you’d met in college (A/N she’s an OC. If your name’s Nyssa, feel free to change her name.) Heyyyy so I’m entering a photography contest and want to know if I can use you as a model, the message said. You thought for a moment. Josh wouldn’t be home until around 5 pm and it was 10 am now.

Sure, you replied.

Awesome can I come to your place in an hour? She asked.

Yep see you then. You responded. You rushed around the house, picking up to make sure it was presentable. You didn’t do much in the lines of getting ready because you didn’t know anything about the shoot. But knowing Nyssa, you knew she was coming prepared with whatever she’d want you to use.

Sure enough an hour later there was a knock on your door which you opened to find Nyssa hauling a ton of photography equipment. Her camera was around her neck, on each shoulder she had a bag filled to the brim with who knows what, and under her right arm was a tripod. You quickly grabbed the tripod from her and gently set it on the couch, “Why don’t you ever ask for help!” You laughed. She dropped the bags on the floor and kicked them out of the doorway sighing.

“I am a very capable human being, thank you very much.” She smiled and leaned forward hugging you. She clapped her hands together excitedly, “Now, let’s get started!” Her brown eyes gleamed excitedly, her very curly blonde hair tied up into a messy ponytail. Over the next three hours she dressed you up in various outfits and made you pose in front of various backdrops she hung up in your living room. You did some shots at the park down the street. Everything was beautiful and dramatic.

Afterwards, she showed you the pictures she took of you and they were absolutely breathtaking. Looking at them, you found it shocking that you were as beautiful as you were in the pictures. You looked gorgeous and you almost couldn’t believe it was you. You sighed, “These are amazing.” You told Nyssa absolutely dumbfounded.

“You’re the gorgeous model.” She grinned. She bit her lip and looked at the clock, “So… earlier you said Josh gets home at 5:00?”

You nodded, “Yeah, why?”

The look on Nyssa’s face made you nervous. What was she up to? Her devious smirk definitely made you unnerved. She bit her thumb and raised an eyebrow seductively, “Wanna have a little fun with him?”

Your eyes widened. What was she suggesting? Your mind went straight to a threesome and you weren’t down for that, “Oh um… look Nyssa, I don’t- we don’t really… I mean you’re a great friend but I don’t think that-”

She laughed at you, reading your mind, “Chill out girly. I’m not trying to get on your action. My photography professor wants me to ‘expand my horizons’ and ‘get out of my comfort zone.’ So if you want, we can take some naughty photos of you before he gets home.”

You smirked. You loved seeing Josh break his normal sweet, childish, and innocent demeanor. You hadn’t seen that other side of him for a while. “I mean, are you sure you’re comfortable with that?”

She rolled her eyes at you, “I’m the one who suggested it. So I’m guessing you’re down?”

You bit your lip nervously but excitedly, “Yeah.” You’d never done anything like this.

Nyssa shoved you to your room and followed you in, “Ok so we gotta turn this boy on. What can we do? What gets him going?” She asked. You thought for a moment.

“I got it.” You said mischeviously. You walked into your shared room and quickly changed searching for the sexiest bra and panty set you owned, lacy burgundy boyshort panties and burgundy mega push-up bra. Over it you put your shortest shorts and one of Josh’s black muscle shirts. Nyssa curled your hair and you threw on one of Josh’s snapbacks and a pair of your Doc Martens.

When you walked out Nyssa’s jaw dropped, “Gosh dang girl you make me question if I’m straight dressed like that.” She joked. You knew she was joking, this was just her sense of humor, but you still blushed. “Let’s get started! So I was thinking we could do a gradual sort of strip thing. So come stand over here.” She led you by the shoulders until you were standing in front of the black sheet she’d hung up. She told you to put your thumbs in the large holes of the muscle tank and pull it forward. You did, thumbs meeting in the middle so your bra was hanging out on either side. She moved some of your bangs in front of your eye and told you to bite your lip. She snapped the picture. When you saw it, it gave you tingles. You felt sexy just looking at it. The seductive look you’d given the camera was so believable.

“Ok, so I was wondering, does Josh have a drum set here?”

“He has a practice set. It’s not a full out drum kit, just like pads so he can practice without making too much noise.” You told her. Nyssa shrugged.

“Good enough.” You led her over to the spare room Josh kept his drum kit in. “Ok, so take your shirt off and sit like your ready to play.” You listened to her, not even embarrassed to take your shirt off in front of her. You’d changed in front of each other many times. You picked up the drumsticks and fiddled with them a little. “Okay, now stand up and lean slightly to the right. Good, now put the drumsticks over your head like he does.” You listened. She walked over to you and tugged your shorts down a little so your v-line was showing. She snapped another picture.

You guys moved back to the front room in front of the black sheet. You took the hat off and scrunched up part of your hair, giving the camera that weirdly sexy seductive snarl. Another flash. Now came the awkward half of this. “Okay, so now can you face the screen and bend over keeping your legs and back straight so your butt sticks out? But pull your shorts down to your thighs so your stripping.” Awkwardly, you did as you were told as she took a picture of your butt.

A few more pictures were taken. One of you in your underwear sitting on a chair with your legs spread, one of Josh’s drumsticks held between your teeth like he does so often. One of you crawling on the floor towards the camera, the shot focusing majorly on your cleavage.

Looking at the clock you saw it was 3:58. Nyssa had finally decided she’d taken enough pictures of you. While you got dressed back into the short shorts and Josh’s shirt, she logged into your computer and downloaded all of the pictures she’d taken of you. You e-mailed them to yourself and saved them on your phone before sending the first one with the most clothes on to him. “Thanks so much Nyssa.” You told her.

“No, thank you. I needed a model and you were perfect.” She told you.

*Josh’s Point Of View*

I sat on the couch laughing with Tyler and a few other guys when my phone buzzed in the thin pocket of my basketball shorts. I grabbed it and checked the message. It was a picture from Y/N. It was probably another meme. I opened it and it was most definitely not a meme. It was a picture of Y/N. She was wearing my shirt and had the sleeves pulled to middle of her chest, her breasts clearly popping out of her bra. Her shorts were so short that even though I only had a view of the front of her, I knew her butt was hanging out of the back. She also had one of my snapbacks on. Her hair was curled and her makeup accentuated her E/C. I felt my breath hitch when I saw it. “Dude, you ok?” Tyler’s voice asked.

I shook my head to focus, “Yeah, I’m fine.” I texted her back, What are you doing???

A few minutes later there was another buzz. I opened it to find another picture of her but she was shirtless, doing the leaning drumstick pose I did behind my practice drum kit. I groaned a little, Babe that’s super sexy but stop. I’m with the guys.

I got a response a few minutes later from her: I’m just giving you a preview of what you can have when you get home. Another picture was attached. I was so entranced by it that I barely heard Tyler’s voice, “Josh, are you sure you’re ok?”

I smiled awkwardly, “Yeah I’m fine.”

“Okay, well we were thinking about heading out. But some of the guys need a ride home. Is it cool with you if we drop them off on the way?” Ty asked. I groaned internally. I really just wanted to get home to Y/N, especially if she was still dressed like that.

Despite what I really wanted, I nodded, “That’s cool. Let’s go.” I said standing up. Darn, why’d I have to carpool with Tyler today?

Since I was one of the smallest guys in the group I got stuck in the middle of the backseat. Sandwiched between two guys who felt like they were twice my size, I set my hands on my knees. After a few minutes of driving, another buzz. This time it was a picture of Y/N. Well it was her butt. She was pulling her shorts down, sticking her butt out. I shifted uncomfortably. She was absolutely sexy and gorgeous in every way and my body was definitely reacting to it. Hoping nobody would notice, I moved my hands to my lap to try and conceal the bulge. Of all the days she decided to send me sexy pictures for the first time, it had to be the day I was wearing basketball shorts. You are so beautiful but stop. I’m not exactly in the best spot right now to deal with what you’re doing to me.

Y/N was probably smirking smugly at the text. She knew she had some inhuman power over me. She was like a siren except she didn’t try to kill me at the end. I looked around the car nervously. Everyone seemed occuppied in conversation. Good because I would never hear the end of it if they saw the tent in my pants. I began to tap my foot anxiously when another buzz. You know you don’t really want me to stop. Nobody’s making you open the pictures ;)  She was right. But she was so captivating. I wasn’t going to torture myself anymore. I was just about to turn my phone off when Mark leaned over from next to me and peeked onto my screen before I could press the button.

His eyes got wide, “Geez Josh, is that Y/N? No wonder you’ve been acting strange the last twenty minutes!” I quickly hid the screen. Oh gosh, what had he seen? I didn’t look at the picture he saw yet… maybe he just saw her naked. All of the guys turned around to look at me as I carefully tried to peek at the picture without anyone else seeing it. She was sitting with her legs spread and a drumstick in her mouth.

When I noticed everyone’s eyes were on me I laughed nervously, trying to hid my phone in my lap. But of course the guy to my right snatched it out of my hand. I honestly didn’t even know this guy, he was some friend of Mark’s who was interested in the music industry and been invited over to see how the whole process went. His eye gawked wide at her body. The notification went off again and I snatched it back, not wanting him to see Y/N naked. “Dude, that’s my girlfriend.” I told him seriously. He put his hands up defenseevley.

Suddenly there was hard bump and Tyler groaned in frustration from the driver’s seat, “Stupid potholes. Sorry guys. This road sucks.” Another bump. Tyler was up front and jokingly started humming  the tune to ‘Tear In My Heart’ when he sings I’m driving here I sit; cursing my government; for not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement. I leaned my head back trying to remember the pictures that were on my phone. I couldn’t wait to get home to her. This was going to be a long ride. Another bump.

Looking to my left I saw Mark with his face red trying to avert his attention from me. “What?” I asked.

He just shook his head and nodded downwards a little bit, covering the smirk on his face. Looking down I realized just how prominent my hard on was. Of course that’s when the obnoxious guy to my right looked over and noticed my… situation. “Dude, I would too if I had been getting those pictures all day.” I shot him a look that I very rarely gave anyone.

“What’s going on? I feel so left out.” Tyler joked, glancing back from the driver’s seat.

“Nothing. It’s n-noth-” I stumbled.

“Josh’s girl is sending him some sexy shots and he’s having a fun time with it.” The annoying guy said. I sighed, annoyed at him.

I endured almost thirty more minutes of getting made fun of, even after it went away for the most part. Finally, it was my stop and I got out of the car, thanking Tyler for the ride and walked up to mine and Y/N’s apartment.

*Your Point Of View*

You were sitting on the couch reading a book when Josh walked through the door. Nyssa left a little while ago, taking all of her equipment with her, but you didn’t change your outfit. You glanced up from your book and smiled at him, standing up and making sure to accentuate every asset you had in doing so, “Hey babe. How was practice?” You asked.

Josh looked unamused but you could also tell he was definitely into what you were doing. “Great until, oh you know, you started sending me naughty photos.”

“You didn’t like them?” You asked, faking insult but still keeping that teasing seductive tone.

You ran your hands up and down his biceps before sneaking them up his t-shirt. He shuddered a little under your touch. “Believe me I liked them. Maybe a little too much.” He said trying to focus on being irritated but he was failing miserably. “I hate you.” He joked, finally cracking a small smile.

“You love me.” You glanced down to see the tent in his shorts becoming more prominent. You leaned in close to his ear, standing on your tiptoes, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you in front of your friends. Maybe I can make it up to you.” Your hand glided between your bodies that were pressed close together and you slipped your fingers in the waistband of his shorts, slowly sliding them down his legs until he stepped out of them. Standing back up on your tiptoes you placed a feather light kiss on his lips. When you pulled back, he leaned forward trying to follow your lips but you put your hand firmly on his chest. You grabbed a fistful of the fabric and led him over to the couch where you pushed him to sit down.

You ran your finger tips lightly over his thighs, slowly getting closer to where he wanted you most. You grabbed the bottom of his boxer-briefs, pulling them down his legs and taking them off. “Quit being such a tease.” He chuckled lowly, trying to not sound rude or demanding. Sweet, innocent, polite Josh. You listened, pumping him until he was fully hard. He groaned and ran his hands over his face when you sat up on your knees, taking his tip in your mouth and running your tongue around it. “Oh my…” He moaned before it became incoherent.

You took him as far as you could in your mouth, pumping the rest in perfect rhythm. You hummed around his length and made the sexiest noises in response. His hand went to your hair, gripping tight but not tight enough to hurt. Glancing up at him you could tell that it took everything in his power to not guide your head faster. You picked up the pace, one hand going up to play with his balls. He let go of your hair and gripped tightly onto the couch cushion. Josh leaned his head back and let out a strangled moan when you swirled your tongue around his tip. “Y/N…”

You pulled back slowly while humming until you took him out of your mouth. You licked along the bottom of his shaft, cock twitching in your hands and you knew he was close. You repeated this few times before pumping his length quickly, the mix precum and spit allowing your hand to glide over it smoothly. Josh was a sexy mess, moaning your name into his hand. “I’m gonna cum babe.” He barely managed, giving you warning enough to replace your hands with your mouth, tongue teasing him to orgasm as he came into your mouth. You swallowed, pumping his length to help him ride out his high. When you were done, you looked up too see his pink hair sticking to his forehead and his chest was rising rapidly.

You got up and curled up next to him, “I really am sorry for embarrassing you earlier. I just wanted to have a little fun.” You told him sincerely.

He reached down and pulled his boxers back up before pulling you close to him, “Don’t worry about it babe. You more than made up for it.” He laughed a little. Josh leaned down and kissed your forehead and you snuggled deeper into his side. You just wanted to be near him. As you felt him calm down, a sense of calm and relaxing fell over you too. Before you knew it, your eyes had drifted closed. After a few minutes Josh whispered, “I love you.” His calloused fingers gently raked through your mostly fallen out curls.

You smiled to yourself, eyes still closed, “I know.” You joked and felt him laugh a little under your body.

anonymous asked:

Could you write another photographer!Jughead fic please


“I take pictures okay? I don’t wait around for actors and actresses to finish whatever dull business they’re tending too. I’m a professional, not some disney channel videographer.” Photographer, Jughead Jones, growled from his space in the corner of the large white room, this was supposed to be easy, snap a few pictures for up coming promos and get out of there. It wasn’t the most glamorous set up but it paid well enough and he was tired of shooting the same new money models for clothing campaigns.

“I’m so sorry Mr.Jones, our two leads were held up shooting a very important scene, they should be walking through the doors any minute now.” A curly haired woman named Ethel Muggs sighed apologetically, she was the shows producer and she had arranged the whole shoot. He assumed she was also to blame for his models being almost 30 minutes late.

“They’re here! They’re here!” A flurry of hair and makeup artists rushed the studio doors, immediately leaping on the cast and pulling them away.

Jughead eyes quickly scanned the young actors.

One girl had flaming red hair that was far too long and lips that had seen far too many needles, she was scowling bitterly as someone attempted to apply makeup on her eyes.

A dark skinned boy was chatting up one of Jugheads assistant photographers as his tie was adjusted, wearing the cockiest smile Jughead had ever seen.

A boisterous boy was typing furiously at his phone as he occasionally glanced up at the lighting guy Joaquin. Whoever this boy was, his hair was perfect.

A redhead was kicking the vending machine as he mumbled in confusion. He wore a letterman jacket and an all American smile, it was clear he was the lead male.

Finally, Jughead eyes landed on an absolute perfect specimen of a woman. Long blonde hair curled perfectly past her shoulders, light tan skin and perfect pink lips, her body held all of the natural curves a woman should have but still remained toned and graceful. He scanned her long legs and finally caught her eyes, meadow green with hints of gold. He only realized how close she was when she spoke from directly in front of him.

“I’m so sorry we’re so late. We had to film a death scene and those always run long! I know how important time is and I really am sorry to keep you waiting.”
Her voice was sincere and warm, Jughead nodded harshly, these young Hollywood actors knew how to lay it on, he knew acting and it took more than an apology to gain his trust.

The blonde took a heavy step back, her face falling slightly
“Never the less I’m Betty Cooper. I play Delilah.” She flashed him a grin, expertly applied fake fangs poked from her mouth, Jughead jumped back, they were terrifying.

Betty giggled
“I take it you don’t watch the show?” She smirked, a perfectly manicured eyebrow raising mischievously.

He had heard of “Bloody Falls.” It was the most watched television show by teens. Betty Cooper was apparently every boys wet dream. The show was all about vampires and werewolves in highschool and saving the world. Not quite Jugheads aesthetic. He shook his head and Betty smiled understandingly.

“I get it, not really my thing either but hey you don’t win oscars over night.” She shrugged her dainty shoulders and Jughead couldn’t help but smile at the fiercely determined beautiful girl in front of him.

The red head joined them
“Ethel says it’s time to take pictures. Hey dude I’m Archie Andrews. You’re Jughead Jones right? It’s awesome to meet you, I saw your work in ESPN. Super sick shots.”

Jughead smiled, that was one of his proudest accomplishments

“Thanks man, let’s get to shooting then huh?” His eyes landed on Betty’s and she smiled, a faint pink blush painting her cheeks.

She was by far the most interesting person Jughead had ever shot. Betty Cooper was born to be in front of a camera, her body shifted perfectly with each frame and her eyes always seemed to be holding back a secret. Her character was mysterious yet lovable and it definitely showed in his photographs.

Cheryl Blossom however was nearly impossible to shoot. She moved in between every take and she was stiff as a board in the ones he did get, her eyes were dead, the only compliment he could give her was that she portrayed the bitchy bully perfectly.

“Okay!” Ethel called from the sides “we need Delilah and Ethan to take a few couple pictures okay? Betty, Archie, I want to feel the sexual tension.”

The pair walked forward and instantly went in. Archie gripped Betty’s upper thigh and tugged her body towards his as his hands which were covered in faux werewolf fur gripped under the tiny cheerleading skirt she wore, Betty stared directly at the camera as she placed her fangs over Archie’s neck.

Jughead felt his pulse race and his neck get hot. Was he angry that Archie was touching Betty like that? No of course not, they’re acting. So what was it? The voice in the back of his head that sounded suspiciously like his good friend Veronica “you’re jealous! You like her!” But Jughead simply shook his head and continued snapping pictures. His eyes meeting Betty’s under his lense.

“Okay, you can change now for the group photos.” Jughead announced, rolling his eyes playfully when Archie ran for crafts services , his manager close behind him.

“How am i doing?” A soft, familiar voice spoke from behind him, Jughead nearly dropped his camera as he whipped around.betty giggled

“Sorry, 2 years of playing a vampire has made me very stealthy. So how am I doing? You’re pretty much a camera god, does your camera like me?” Betty asked teasingly.

Jughead laughed out loud and smiled
“Yeah she likes you, your frames look great. You were made for the camera. you really are beautiful.”

Betty laughed, an almost melodic sound
“Thankyou! I’ve been on the screen since before I can remember, But as for the beauty thing? It’s all smoke and mirrors. I have a really great team!”

“Betty! ” the makeup artist called from the trailer.

“I better go!” She smiled and dropped a hand to Jugheads arm “if you like my cheerleading uniform wait until you see what i wear for the group photo.” With a subtle wink and swing of her hips Betty was being whisked away to wardrobe.

Oh god.

He was in trouble.

Clark’s Niece - Part 3

So this is a bigger jump in time than I origionally wanted, but oh well! Damian the the reader have not started dating yet. Here is a little bit of angst for everyone! I don’t know when I’ll post next.


“Y/N? What are you doing here?”

You scrub the rain off your face, “Hey, Jay …”

Jason quickly pulls you into the house, “What happened? I thought you were spending the weekend at the Manor?”

You let out a soft sob, “Damian and I got in a fight”

Jason tenses, his hands tightening slightly on your shoulder before loosening, “Come on, lets get you into some dry cloths and you can tell me what happened”

He gently nudges you toward his room, “Can I get out the blue sweater?”

Jason knows that when you pull out the blue sweater it means that you are really upset, so he just calls out the affirmative. Flopping down on the couch Jason groans, “He’s only 16, how bad could he have fucked up?”

– (Earlier that night) –

Wayne Enterprise had decided to host a charity gala that Friday night, and you had been invited, but not by Damian. You hadn’t even known about the gala until you showed up at the Manor after school. Dick greeted you with a grin and a dress, telling you to get ready. Thinking that Damian had set all of this up, you made sure to look your best for the gala. This would be the first event that you were seen with Damian at and you wanted to look your best.

“Dick, will you help me with my hair?!”

Instead of Dick, Alfred walked in, “I believe that I would be much better suited for this task, Miss Y/N. I used to help Bruce’s mother with her hair before similar events, it shall be nice to help in this way again” You smile up at the older man, letting him do whatever he wanted with your hair.

When you next opened your eyes you are in awe. Alfred had pulled your hair up into a beautiful waterfall braid, and throughout the curled waved he had placed beautiful jewels, making every movement sparkle. “It’s beautiful”

“Indeed you are. Now, I seem to have lost track of time, and I believe that you will be fashionably late for the gala”


You arrive at the gala in a limo, almost an hour after the arty started. Dick glances over at you, “Even though we’re late, I don’t think that we’re the last ones to arrive”

You giggle, and accept his help in getting out of the car. The long green dress, and matching heels can be difficult to navigate in, so you use your powers a little bit to make sure you don’t fall.

You walk into the gala with a smile on your face, but it instantly drops as soon as you see Damian. He’s surrounded by models, two are hanging off of his arms, and a third has her arms around his neck. “Dick …”

Dick see’s what you’re looking at, “Shit, Y/N. We should go this was a mistake. I’m so sorry …”

“Is this why he didn’t want me to come?” you whisper.

Dick whips you around so you’re facing him, “Y/N listen to me, don’t jump to any conclusions. Damian could have a perfectly reasonable explanation for this”

You turn back around, this time to find Damian kissing, more like making out, with one of the models, the other two peppering kisses all over his face and neck. “Yeah, I bet he does”

Damian’s eyes open when the model pulls back, and he makes eye-contact with you. Instead of waiting around you pull away from Dick and quickly make your way to the roof. “Y/N!! Y/N wait!”

Completely ignoring Damian, you burst onto the roof, and storm to the edge. “What?!? What do you want Damian?!”

“I wanted to apologize for what happened …”

You let out a hysterical laugh, already on the verge of tears, “Why would you need to apologize?! You seemed to really be enjoying yourself in there!”

“No! They meant nothing!” Damian was slowly trying to get closer to you, one hand reached out.

“Oh, they meant nothing?! It didn’t look like they meant nothing! They were all over you! I thought that we … that you and I … were more than friends … but now that I saw that I know I was wrong” You draw your-self up to your full height, “I guess I was wrong, Damian. I apologize for loving you. Love is obviously something that a Wayne man is incapable of” You snarl. “Goodbye”

Flinging yourself off the roof you purposefully block out anything that Damian says, and you fly to the only place that you feel safe, Jason’s.

– (Present) –

Jason sits, shocked, on the couch, trying to absorb everything you just told him. He sighs and opens his arms, “Come here, sweetheart”

You lunge across the sofa, burying yourself in Jason’s arms, and you finally cry like you want to. “Why does it hurt so much?” you sob. If feels like your heart was torn out and left on that rooftop, like a piece of you is missing.

“I’m so sorry he hurt you like this. But I’m here, sweetheart, I’m here.”

Jason rocks you back and forth gently, and slowly your tears begin to stop and you start to get tired, “’m tired, Jay”

“Go to sleep then. I’ll make sure no one bothers you alright?”

You nod sleepily, closing your eyes and letting exhaustion overcome you.

Soon after Jason puts Y/N to bed there is a knock on his front door. It’s Damian, of course it’s Damian. Jason flings the door open, his broad shoulder taking up almost the entire doorframe, “What do you want, brat?”

“I need to see, Y/N. I need to explain what happened. Please, Jason, let me …”

“I think you’ve done enough tonight” Jason interrupted, “She’s a mess, and it’s your fault. The best thing you can do right now is get the hell off my doorstep, go home, and figure out how you’re going to win her back. Because if you leave things the way they are, you are missing out on the chance of a lifetime, babybat. And honestly that’s something I would hate to see”

Damian’s shoulders slump, he looks like the weight of the world is dragging him down, “Can I see her, please, I won’t do anything. I just need to know that she’s safe. Please, Jason, that’s all I’m asking.”

Jason sighs but moves aside. He leads Damian to his bedroom door and slowly opens it a crack, just enough for Damian to see the state that Y/N is in. Her hair in a tangled mess, makeup streaked her face, and she looks so small, curled up in Jason’s large bed. It makes a surge of protectiveness and guilt build up in Damian. He had caused Y/N pain, even after he had promised to protect her.

Damian quietly closes the door, “Thank you” He heads back to the front door, “Will you make sure that she is safe?”

“You know I will”

He nods, “Thank you, for helping her.”

Jason sighs, “Listen, kid. I know that Bruce was probably the one who set you up with the models, I know you probably didn’t want them at all. But the fact of it is that Y/N did see you with them. You need to make her feel like she is the only girl in the entire world who exists, that your love only exists for her. You need to prove to her that you are Her Dami, that you aren’t the Damian Wayne she saw tonight.” Jason raked a hand through his hair, “I don’t want to see her in pain, and I don’t want to see you hurting either. Remind her that you are hers just as much as she is yours. If you do that, then you might have a chance of winning her back. But before you do, you have to ask yourself a very important question. What are you willing to do, give up Y/N for good, or disobey your father? Once you choose, then decide what to do, because you can’t have both. You can’t expect to be seen as a playboy like Bruce, and still keep Y/N”

Damian nods at the end of Jason’s speech, “Thank you, Jason. You … you are a good brother. I know now what I have to do”


Will this fight tear them apart or will they be able to reconcile? WHO KNOWS!!!!!!

Okay so I’ve already bugged my discord and David about this but guys imagine a PQ2 with the cast of P3P and P5!!! Like the characters go perfectly together??

Akihiko and Ryuji trying to one up in physicality while Shinji just sighs and calls them idiots.

Mitsuru and Makoto trying to see who can boss their team around the best.

Ann and Yukari exchanging weight loss and modeling tips.

Fukka helping Futaba with the mechanical side of her computer stuff.


And best yet using Minako so we get a completely new experience (please just use my baby I love her)

Give me all your 3/5 crossover headcanons guys.

the history behind the name alexander

the history behind the name alexander | 4,081 words | written by a transmasc mlm | pls reblog!!

dedicated to: my boy @benjpierce (i listened to never apart on repeat while writing this), kesha (i listened to rainbow while writing this too), @blurryfandoms (the true fan ily) @petertheromaniwolf (theo!! be excited! there is les mis!), @claryfightwood (sksksks i still can’t believe we’re frens) and @rinithereject (my mom who i love!!)

disclaimer: i am transmasc mlm, but i cannot guarantee that all transmasc kids experience dysphoria the same way alec does in this fic. some parts are drawn from my experience, but not all of it. also, this is an alec-centric fic first, and then a malec fic.

pairings: alexander lightwood and magnus bane

warnings: trans! alec lightwood, mentions of dysphoria, talk about chests and the down below, mentions of shark week, use of deadname. if you’re ftm or transmasc, please read this at your own caution!!

summary: his name was one that fit him wrong, too big, too cluttered, too confining and choking. he was all ripped apart at the edges, a self-made king.

also on ao3!!


He smoothes his clothes down in front of the mirror, an ever permanent frown etched onto his face. He can never get his shirts to stand just right, falling over his chest and masking those…things. He sighs and slings a bow over his shoulder and heads out, eyes down and shoulders raised just enough for them to look broad.

Izzy stands outside his room, leaning against a wall and flipping through a magazine. Alec squints at it and notices it’s one of those magazines with girls on them from Jace’s room. He recognises them from that one time Jace chucked one at his head. Don’t ask, it’s a long story.

She looks up from the magazine. “Do you think she’s cute?” she asks, pointing at a girl on a page. She’s modelling against a rock or something, and he supposes she’s pretty.

“Her eyes are a nice colour,” offers Alec. Izzy sighs.

“Honestly, big brother,” she says, shaking her head fondly, and Alec feels his heart lurch. The words ‘big brother’ fit him perfectly, wrapping around him like a blanket of comfort, twisting into his stomach and settling there, warm and loved and content. They fit him much, much better than his – he shudders – birth name.

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tilligetsatisfied  asked:

hi, can you please update bad boy derek tag? pretty please :3


Chemistry by DarkAlpha67 (1/1 | 2,492 | PG13)

Following the music, Derek stops outside the door of the dance studio, his eyes lands on a bare tattooed back. Derek watches as his pale, mole dotted, lean form twists and turns to the beat of Pony, which seriously, that song has gotten a reputation for thanks to Channing Tatum.

You’re Worth It by holdin_out_4a_hero (1/1 | 3,053 | G)

“NO WAY! Her sons coming here?”

Danny sighed dreamily. “Yeah, the Stiles Stilinksi. The young model that made it big on accident with his moms camera. The L.A. heartthrob that has actually never dated anyone, and no one knows what he does over summer, and yet he still manages to keep the hearts of young Americans easily.”

“So why’s he coming here?” Scott asked, remembering that the entire Stilinski family was loaded with money, given the success of every single one of them, and yet Stiles would be coming to the middle of nowhere, for a random school that offered nothing.

“Who knows? His parents are from here, but they’re not coming here with him. I have no idea, but honestly? I’m not complaining.”

Crimson Poison by SterekOTP1 (8/? | 52,502 | NC17)

“A man chooses his own poison. I’ve chosen you. And it’s the sweetest bloody thing.”

Post apocalyptic war between Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters, Stiles is a 500 year old Vampire and Derek is a Alpha Werewolf. Natural born enemies with a hint of magic turn things a bit deadly. Wink Wink;)

ML Fluff Month Day 1 || Blush

Marinette learns that she can make Adrien blush when she slips up and compliments him.

Rated G || 480 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

The Tables Have Turned

Alya was practically dragging a sleep deprived Marinette towards their classroom when they heard heavy footfalls behind them. Both girls turned to see a beaming Adrien Agreste rushing over to them. “Mari, did you get the cat video I sent you last night? Wasn’t it so cute?”

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