sighs at her modelling for them

Feline Lucky Part 3

This time, Adrien helps Marinette to cope with some of the side effects of being Ladybug.

Thank you to my beta reader @hurricanerelic!

The day started out so innocently. Come watch a photo shoot, Marinette. It’ll be fun, Marinette.


Marinette was livid. With herself or Adrien, she wasn’t quite sure. She knew, rationally, that he was a model and posing with a fellow model was normal behavior. She even acknowledged that he’d pose with other women, but seriously did that woman’s hands have to wander so much?

Marinette had to grab the bench beneath her to stop herself from marching right over to him. After scolding him for overreacting to her petting a kitten, she couldn’t very well do the same thing for-

Did that girl really just wink at him?

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Bad Luck: Part Four

BOOM!! This is a really long chapter and I hope you like it :)

Part One   Part Two   Part Three

Adrien had barely slept, he only got about two hours of sleep and he was exhausted. There was also the fact the he had a photo shoot today… Right after school, then another tomorrow and after tomorrow? It was the ball. So it had to be today that Adrien told Marinette and he wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

Sighing, the model got dressed and was on his way to school… He got there a little early so that he could wait for Marinette; something he had been doing ever since their accidental kiss. He used to love them, but today he dreaded it.

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Day 1: Secret Dating

here’s my submission for marichat week day 1! this turned out way longer than expected. and more angsty. oops. (sorry not sorry)
Words: 1.3k

Summary: Chat keeps pushing for Marinette to agree to bring their relationship out in the open, but she keeps refusing, until one day she finally breaks (and not in a good way)

“But why?” Chat whined. “I want to shout it from the rooftops!” He jumped onto the railing of her balcony, effortlessly balancing on the balls of his feet as he spread his arms as if to encompass all of Paris within them.

Marinette sighed from her place in her chair behind him, her arms hugging her knees to her chest. “You know why, kitty. It’s too dangerous.”

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I sighed as my phone buzzed for the third time in a minute. I had just told Ellie that i had decided not to go to the Brits after all; i hated those events, and i really wasn’t in the mood to small talk my way through the evening.

I gave in, and unlocked my phone to see her texts.

“Don’t give me nonsense like that Adam.”
“You are going”
“And thats that”
As i read them, a 4th message came though.

“You’re not ruining my plan.”

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[CLOSED STARTER] The Doll Maker AU | +wintersongwhinnie

There she was, his finest work so far. He stared at the life-size doll, sitting on one of the wooden chairs in his workshop with his head leaning on his hands. She was strikingly lifelike, if a person didn’t know any better they might think she was a living, breathing person. Her long hair cascaded down past her porcelain looking shoulders, soft color in her cheeks as though she had been blown in life. Alabaster skin, perfectly detailed model-esque features and clear crystal eyes that seemed to not only reflect but directly stare into his whenever he glanced at them. It truly was a masterpiece. He wondered where his most recent client and manufatorer had gotten their hands on parts like these. The only thing that was noticeably different from a real human was how cold she was to the touch. 

Matthew sighed as he got up, a sigh of satisfaction after what had been a long month of tedious work on her. Tomorrow she’d be shipped out. In a way it pained him to see her go, it wasn’t like he didn’t have other pieces that he liked, but during the time he worked on this one he’d grown attached to his creation. Ah well, everything must come to an end. He walked over to and opened the large wooden box she’d be shipped in, lifting her up to carefully place her in there so that the risk of her breaking on the way would be minimal. He took one last look at the doll before closing the lid, after all this was the last time he would get to see it. Then he turned around and shut off the lights in the workshop, heading to bed and ready to start on a new project in the morning.


Being married to a famous mage and also a very talent top model was not always flowers, several days, Gray had scheduled dinners and wore sexy outfits, which was hard for him to keep them on, mostly now of frustration. All those plans frustrated with a long waiting and ending the same way, a buzz on his phone. ‘Sorry hunie, I got a situation here, I will be later than I thought.’, Sighing and softly eating her food also, the ice mage didn’t want to show any clue of his romantic plans, he thought that saying his constant fails could hurt Mira, and so he did everything and waited her normally on his boxers on the bed, mostly already sleeping.


“Ladybug and Chat Noir saves the day once again. Defeating another villain and protect the people in Paris once more…” Akari reads the headlines of an article on her phone.Another story of the super heroes. She thinks Ladybug and Chat Noir amazing people and pretty cool. It would be incredible if she ever met them. Sighing to herself, she decides to read on to the page online to where it has one of the most popular models out there, Adrien Agreste. It was mostly pictures of his latest photo shoot though, but she still looks through it.

She continues down the streets of the city as her gaze was on her phone. Not noticing the person going down the same direction in front of her and accidentally bumps into the person. This snaps her of thoughts, blinking a few times before looking up to the one she bump into.

“Oh, sorry! I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.”