sighs anyways


The #Ultra2017 tag has been at the top of the twitter worldwide trends FOR HOURS. The only tweets related to Louis on that tag are all from fans being excited about his performance tomorrow.

Would it kill his team to take advantage of that tag to let everyone know Louis Tomlinson is performing with Steve Aoki tomorrow? Especially since this is an entirely new and massive audience for Louis and it would be great to get this segment hyped for him? It’s a great way to promote “Just Hold On” with this EDM crowd! 

They are extremely incompetent and this is absolutely frustrating to watch. 

We don’t even know if Louis has actually made it to the Festival grounds because his own team hasn’t promoted him as actually being present there! 

p.s. *sigh* Anyway, please use the tag guys. Let’s promote our boy, his performance and his song. His shit team is too busy lounging by the pool to do their jobs. 


skam season three + text posts


Dear @orphanblack

reading one star reviews of books you hated on goodreads just to stew in your bitterness is such a happy cozy feeling


*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul


5x12 || 7x11

This is you breaking up with me. Yeah.


I want to             I want to be someone else or I’ll explode
          Floating upon the surface for the birds               the birds

Gemini & Cancer
  • Cancer, angry with Gemini: Why did you make me come here while its raining just to tell me you were kidding about having an emergency?!
  • Cancer: Did you know how worried I was?
  • Gemini, stares blankly at her while eating some gummy bears: Yeah, but at least I know you care
  • Cancer, glaring holes into the side of his head:
  • Gemini, smiles at her: Wants some?

Arthur came back to life without any warning or whatsoever. He just one day popped up behind Merlin and took him by surprise, aka the merthur au no one needed