sighs and slaps this up

Blaise trying to make Draco confess

Blaise: You should tell her now.
Draco: Tell her what? And who?
Blaise: That you like Granger, I mean come on, it’s pretty obvious.
Draco: What? Me? Liking Granger the mudblood? As if! I mean come on, look at her, her long brown hair, her chocolate eyes when she stares at you you’ll probably melt, and her kissable lips, plus her freaking body, I mean,who would fall for Granger?
Blaise: *slaps his forehead and dramatically sighed* I give up.

A Production || Woozi || Pt. 5

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Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 (Final) 

Word Count: 1774

Genre: fluff, college au, casual writing

“Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on a-Jupiter and Mars…In other words, hold my hand…In other words, baby, kiss me.”

Jihoon let out a long sigh, slapping his guitar silent and then looking up at the door that creaked open. Seokmin gave him a large smile. He stood and bowed before looking back at the slightly older man.

“Hyung, why are you going around playing such a depressing song?”

“Just…I have a lot on my mind,” Jihoon mumbled, tapping his guitar.

“Like what?” Seokmin sat down on the ground beside Jihoon and looked at him curiously. After a moment, Jihoon hadn’t said a word. Seokmin smiled, “Is it Y/N?”

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Night Shift

I’m woken up by the sound of my phone going off, I open my eyes to see my cheap apartment covered in the dim light of early day. Sighing, I sit up and slap my hand down on top of my phone, dragging it off my nightstand and on to my face.


“Hey, Matt, it’s Ashley.”

Not even one sentence and it’s obvious what she wants, but I ask anyway,”What do you need?”

“Well, my friends and I sort of have plans for tonight so I was wondering if you could take my night shift?”

“Fine, I need the hours anyway, rent is due soon,” I add the last part more for my sake than hers, luckily I’m not working at all during the day, so I get to stay in and watch tv all day.

One cheap sitcom marathon later I’m gathering my work stuff and heading out the door. I work as a lifeguard at my apartment building’s pool. It’s a great job, all I need to do is take the elevator down and then I’m there. Like everything else in the building, the pool is run down and poorly maintained. It’s also oddly located, actually under the apartment building, completely underground and devoid of sunlight.

Exiting the elevator I walk down a short hallway and reach the plexiglass doors that lead to the pool. Inside, I see the familiar pale green tiles of the pool deck. What I do not see, however, is a lifeguard. Even though the pool is supposed to be open, and supervised, twenty-four-seven. Normally someone abandoning the pool is to be expected, but not during the peak hours of the evening. Which is another odd thing, I check my watch and it’s seven p.m; there are almost always people here at this time. I shrug and dismiss it as a lucky break. No people means no need to watch the pool.

I walk over to the lifeguard chair and plop down, ready for a very boring night shift. My eyes are caught by something on the chair handle, there are a few drops of blood. The previous lifeguard must have had to deal with some kid that had a bloody nose. That thought reminds me to check who the previous lifeguard actually was, the boss would be pretty pissed to find that someone had left the pool unattended. After consulting the schedule I’m surprised to find that Joe had been working. He’s the one person who I would not expect to leave without telling anyone, nothing that can be done about it now though.
After getting some disinfectant wipes, I go back and wipe the blood off of the chair, it’s not looking like anyone will show up so I allow myself to be lulled into sleep by the quiet drone of the fluorescent lights.

I have no idea how long I was asleep for, but I wake up to the sound of children laughing and giggling. I’m still so groggy from sleep I barely open my eyes, the pool is empty, no drowning kids, nothing to worry about. I’m content with this thought as the warm and humid air of the pool pulls me back into sleep.

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;; kingsley & marina


Flying down the stairs to the subway Kingsley couldn’t believe he had lost track of the time so badly. He was going to be so late at this point he wasn’t even sure what the point was in going however he still had to try. That was until he slipped into the closing subway doors and looked up. Somehow he had turned himself around and gotten on the wrong one. Slapping his forehead he sighed just giving up and moving further in. If he couldn’t do what his plans were he might as well accept this and see where it took him even if it meant accidently bumping into a girl and gasping softly as a wave of power ran through him lighting up his eyes bright green.