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Every time someone denies Whouffaldi I just think of how Twelve says ‘Oh my Clara’ and wonder. When’s the last time you whispered your friend’s name like that? 

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Endless list of favourite movies Much Ado About Nothing (1993)

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more. Men were deceivers ever. One foot in sea and one on shore, to one thing constant never. Then sigh not so but let them go and be you blithe and bonny, converting all your sounds of woe into hey nonny nonny.

I realize

that if the worst problem you have is that you have to get up from your tumbling to go get ready for a school fundraising party wherein a whole bunch of suburban moms start out talking about their kids’ extracurricular activities but then get turnt af on $11-a-bottle chardonnay and end up dancing like a pack of assholes to the kind of music I only hear at the gym, that you’re doing all right, but – godDAMN do I not want to go to there. I have to 1) put on makeup, 2) pretend I give an airborne fuck about soccer vs. gymnastics vs. hockey or whatever else these fuckin people do with their time, and 3) not spiral about XF s11, my Special Feelings about GA, and/or the amount of space Gillovny takes up in my brain. Send me good vibes, y’all … I need your strength to tuck into my party clutch alongside my lip-plumping gloss.

Behind The Album - Harry Styles Mini Series - Part 7

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Part 6

“HAROLD!” Nick shouted when Harry walked into the fish and chip shop a few minutes after leaving the house. 

“Heeey,” he laughed wrapping his arms around him in a hug. 

“About time you decided to grace us with your presence,” Nick said. 

“Yeah, well unlike you I was working,” he smirked. 

“Oh yeah, cause lounging by the pool in fucking Jamaica is working,” Nick rolled his eyes. 

“It is! ” he defended. “Anyway, I’m hungry,” he said making his way to the counter. 

After they got their order, they sat down and Harry put his phone on the table. When he did, his lock screen lit up revealing a picture of you in Jamaica. It was one of his favorite photos of you. You two were laying in one of the hammocks near the private beach watching the sunset. He tried sneaking a picture of you without you knowing, but you turned to look at the camera just as it snapped. You had a genuine smile on your face in the picture and you looked perfect to him, it became his lock screen photo ever since. 

“Hold the fuck up,” Nick said grabbing his phone. “Who is this lovely young lady?” 

Harry reached for his phone as all of the blood rushed to his cheeks in an attempt to get it back. 

“Did you have a secret little rendezvous in Jamaica, mate?”  Nick smirked. 

“Yes… and no,” he mumbled finally able to grab his phone out of Nick’s greasy hands. 

“I can’t believe you’ve been holding out on me,” Nick said. “Tell me everything, spill the tea!” 

Harry rubbed his hands over his face. “Why must you be all about the gossip?” 

“I’m in the radio business, what do you expect?” He smirked. “Plus, I’m your mate, your best mate, at least I thought I was, yet, you seem to be very apprehensive in telling me about your little lock screen lady.” 

Harry sighed taking a bite of his chip before throwing it back in the basket. “Her name’s Y/N and yes we hooked up in Jamaica, but not in like a one-night stand type of way.” 

“Annnd?” Nick said. “There’s more, I know it, so spill it, Styles!” 

“Jesus, will you shut the fuck up,” he groaned. “We don’t need the entire shop knowing my shit.” 

“Sorry, it’s just you’re fucking dragging this shit out. It’s like ripping off a band-aid,” he said. 

Harry sighed. “She’s my girlfriend… and my videographer.” 

“Shit, girlfriend? Already, you certainly move fast,” Nick said. “And she’s your videographer, as in, she works for you? Does that not complicate things?”

“It didn’t really happen all that fast. I mean we were living in the same house, spending all day together practically, so eventually feelings developed and it just felt right,” he said. “And yeah, she technically works for me, but it hasn’t complicated things yet,” he shrugged. 

“Where’s she now?” Nick asked. “You two are still like together right?” 

“Yes, she’s at my house actually,” Harry said. 

“Wait, she’s already living, living with you?” Nick asked. 

“What? No, she’s staying with me. I have some things to be done here in London, so she’s here for that and why should she pay for a hotel room, that’s she wouldn’t even be at, to begin with,” he said. 

“So, I take it… you two… are uh…sexually active?” Nick asked. 

“Oh god,” he groaned. “Really?” 

“What? It’s a valid question,” he defended.

“Yeah, and you’re sounding like my Mum right now,” he said. “We’re not talking about this.” 

“I’m gonna take that as a yes,” Nick smirked. “Look, I’m glad you found someone and you seem happy, plus she’s fucking gorgeous and I can’t wait to meet her. But how come she didn’t come tonight?” 

“She’s getting some work done,” he said. 

He nodded. “Well, she can’t work all night can she?” 

“Actually, she can,” he laughed. “There were times I found her in the kitchen after midnight in Jamaica and she was editing away.” 

“And let me guess, once you declared your love for her, you found other ways to keep her up at night,” he joked. 

“Seriously?” Harry groaned throwing a handful of chips at Nick. 

Nick laughed and went back to eating his food like nothing ever happened. 


After spending hours in front of your laptop, you finally decided to call it quits once your eyes started crossing and the sun had gone down. You figured Harry would be back soon, so it was a perfect time to stop. You looked through the kitchen to see if there was anything to cook, but there really wasn’t much. You decided to call for some food to be delivered since you didn’t exactly know when Harry would make his presence back home. 

Another hour went by and you had already eaten. It was still early in the sense of a night out, so you decided to relax your muscles in a nice warm bath. You poured you some wine and went up to the bathroom to start the water. Luckily, you found some candles and some bath bombs to use, so you through it in and lit the candles. You turned on some music before undressing and getting into the water. 

This wasn’t exactly the same as the hot tub back in Jamaica, but it was better than nothing. After a few minutes in the tub, you heard footsteps walking into the bedroom. 

“Y/N? Baby, you up here?” Harry said.

“In the tub,” you said. 

Harry walked into the bathroom and smirked. “Did you steal one of my bath bombs?” 

“Yep,” you smirked taking a sip of wine. 

“Really? I can’t believe you would just do shit like that and not let me join you,” he feigned shocked. 

“Well, I never said you couldn’t join me…” you pointed out. 

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” he said quickly taking off his shirt and pulling his jeans down with his briefs in one motion. “Now, scoot over.” 

You laughed moving to the side as he got in and he pulled you back towards him once he was situated. 

“Have fun with your friends?” You asked. 

“Yeah, Nick and I met at the Fish and Chip shop before we met everyone else at the pub,” he said. 

“I’m surprised you’re not drunk,” you giggled. 

“Jamaica was enough for me to get drunk for a while,” he laughed. 

“Yeah, I remember,” you said. 

“I feel like I should tell you that Nick knows about us,” he stated. “He saw your picture on my phone and started asking me all these fucking questions, so I kinda had to answer. It was either that or being known as a weirdo having a random girl as my lock screen.” 

“Oh, well, I mean it’s fine. He’s one of your good friends, so I don’t see why he shouldn’t know about us,” you said. “It’s just… does he know I’m not just your girlfriend?” 

“Yeah, he knows you’re my videographer too,” he said. 

You nodded leaning your head against his chest. “Do you think anyone would find it odd or have an issue with us working together and being together?” 

“I don’t see why they would. Plenty of couples work together,” he said. 

“True,” you nodded. “And we’re pretty good at keeping things professional when they need to be… at least one of us.” 

“Excuse you, I’m always professional,” he said.

“Yeah, okay,” you joked. 

“Anyway, our friends and family knowing about us is one thing, but I would rather none of the public finds out quite yet,” he said. “I just want us to have our privacy, you know?” 

“I understand,” you said. “Of course, I don’t think people really know who I am, so I wouldn’t be all that interesting.”

“Trust me, my fans can find out anything…” he laughed. 

“Well, they are dedicated,” you said. 

“That they are,” he nodded kissing your head. 

“Now, when am I meeting your sister and mother?” you asked. 

“They’re coming down tomorrow evening, so we’ll be meeting them for dinner,” he said. 

You nodded. 

“Are you nervous?” He asked. 

“A little, this is a huge step, you know,” you said. 

“I know,” he whispered. 

You turned around to face him and wrap your arms around his shoulders. 

“How much work did you get done?” He asked. 

“A lot, actually,” you said. “I’ve edited the entire Jamaica trip down.” 

“Oh, wow, that’s a lot of footage,” he said. 

“Yeah, a lot, although you made most of it unusable because you were just so professional,” you joked. 

“I’d love to see that one day,” he smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. 

“Anyway, since you got work done, does that offer of me getting you for the rest of the night still stand?” He whispered. 

“Hmm, guess so,” you smirked. 

He smirked running his hands down your back and putting them on your bum before giving it a little squeeze. “Good,” he whispered before pressing his lips to yours.


The following morning, you woke up as the sunlight peeked through the curtains in the bedroom. Harry’s arms were wrapped around your and his hands were cheekily cupping your naked chest. You rolled your eyes with a laugh as you looked behind you at him. 

“Really?” you asked. 

“Shh. I’m sleeping,” he mumbled with his eyes closed. 

“No, you’re not, you’re feeling me up,” you said. 

“No, I’m not,” he joked. “My hands just landed there…” 

“Yeah, I bet,” you laughed. “Just like my hand just landed here,” you said reaching behind you and touching him. 

“Ah, your hands are cold,” he whined jerking back. 

You laughed turning around to face him. You leaned in towards him to kiss him when your stomach started to growl. 

“Sounds like my baby’s hungry,” he laughed. 

“Apparently,” you laughed. 

“I’ll order something to be delivered, I don’t feel like cooking anything,” he laughed. 

“Lazy ass,” you joked. 

“What? I had a really long and tiring night,” he smirked. “Do you blame me?” 

You laughed. “Order our food,” you said. 

“Yes, ma’am,” he smirked. 

You giggled standing up and grabbing his shirt to put on before going into the bathroom. You brushed your teeth, washed your face, and fixed your hair a bit before following Harry downstairs. You made some coffee in the Keurig for the two of you and handed him a mug. 

“Thanks, baby,” he said kissing you quickly. 

You smiled closing your eyes and soon there was a knock on the door. 

“Oh, I’ll get it,” you said. 

“There’s cash in my wallet by the door,” he said. 

You nodded grabbing a few bills and opening the door. “Uh… hi,” you said to the two women standing on the other side of the door. 

“Y/N, is that our food?” Harry asked walking up to the door. 

“I don’t think so,” you said. 

“Mum? Gemma? What are you doing here?” He asked sneaking up behind you and looking at them, as they stared at you. 

Doomed — Min Yoongi (07)

Words: 5000+

Warnings: demon!Yoongi + actions leading up to smut (but the smut doesn’t happen oops) + angst + fluff

Description: when your biggest enemy is coming to kill you, Yoongi decides that you two need to hide out…with the help of some friends 

You groaned quietly, feeling an arm wrap tight around your body. You slowly opened your eyes, blinking a few times.

“Y/n, that tickles.” You hear Yoongi speak quietly. When you blinked, your eyelashes had brushed against his neck. “Sorry.” You apologized, adjusting yourself so your head was no longer buried in his neck.

You laid your head on your pillow, looking up at the man that laid beside you, his arm wrapped tightly around you, and your arm thrown over his shoulder, fingers in his hair.

He looked down at you, eyes staring back into yours. Yoongi leaned down a little so that your foreheads were pressed together.

“I miss waking up to this.” He tells you as you ran your fingers through his hair and smiled. “Me too.” You say. Yoongi kissed the tip of your nose and then laid back on the pillow, closing his eyes.

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Blood will tell

Summary: Jon Snow learns the truth about his heritage, and locks himself in his room, furious and ashamed. Jaime Lannister, Sansa’s sworn shield, arrives with food and a harsh message. Sansa herself follows shortly after, and Jon and Sansa get into an argument. In the heat of the moment Sansa confesses she’s glad he’s part Targaryen, and Jon reveals his true feelings for Sansa. 1k. Tagging @marydri @aliceinfwonderland @cup-of-etoiles @wajeehaqureshi @drinny-4ever


Jon wished Jaime Lannister had been anywhere else, when Sam stammered out the truth of Jon’s heritage.

But Jaime was Sansa’s sworn shield, much as Jon despised the notion, and she’d ordered Jaime to stay as Sam talked them through the annulment of Rhaegar Targaryen’s marriage.

Jon had listened with growing horror as Bran narrated the scene of his birth. Not a Stark. Never a Stark. His name and his family, ripped out from under him. He’d hurled Sam’s book across the room and hadn’t stopped running until he bolted himself in his chambers.

Now Jaime pounded on Jon’s door. No mistaking the sound of his golden fist. Jon recoiled from the noise, and huddled closer to the fire.

“Targaryens do still need to eat, you realize that don’t you? Your newfound dragon blood won’t keep you from starving.”

“Leave,” Jon growled.

“No, you see, I take orders from Lady Stark, not from you, and my orders are to stand here like a page boy with a tray of food until you eat it.” Jaime sighed. ”Lady Sansa’s worried about you, worried sick. So here I am carrying your stew.”

Jaime would do it, too. Stand guard until Jon yielded. Jon grudgingly opened the door. Jaime gave him a mocking little bow before setting the platter down. Jon stared at him in silence.

Jaime cleared his throat. “At least I understand why you look at Lady Sansa the way you do. Targaryens do have a propensity for–“

Jon snapped, and slammed him into the wall. He drew his dagger and held it to Jaime’s neck. “Finish that sentence, Kingslayer.”

Jaime held his gaze. “For loving their kin,” he murmured. “Go on, go ahead, make it quick. But strike clean, or I’ll hunt you down. I killed your grandfather. I wouldn’t mind continuing the streak.”

He’s mad himself, Jon thought, mad and brave and not afraid to die.

Jon drew back, breathing heavily. “Don’t you dare speak Sansa’s name.”

Jaime raised his hands. “Very well. I’ll see myself out.” He glanced back before he shut the door. “She loves you, you must know that. Everyone can see it.” Jaime smirked. “Everyone but you.”

Jon lunged, but Jaime was already gone.


The next knock on his door was light, but Jon knew instantly who it was. His heart sank.

“Jon, please, please let me come inside.” The simmering, furious, wounded part of him wanted to shut her out forever, shut everyone out. But he couldn’t do that to her. Not when he could hear the note of fear in her voice. He tamped down his anger and let her in.

Sansa had dark circles under her eyes. She stormed into the room.

“Jon, we’re still your family, we still love you! You can be a Stark and a Targaryen!”

“No I can’t! I can’t, Sansa, I’ve told you and told you I’m not a Stark and I never was.”

“Would Lyanna agree with you? Your mother, who gave her life for you? Who begged father to protect you? Who gave you to the Stark half of her family?” Sansa was flushed and furious.

Guilt twisted in Jon’s chest. All the people who’d died for him. Lied for him.

You never asked for it, a mutinous voice in his head hissed. You never asked for any of this.

“How can you bear to look at me Sansa? Stand to be around me? My grandfather was the Mad King! My ancestors forced the North to kneel!”

And I despise myself, for how I feel about you, how I burn with want when you’re close. I have to protect you from the monster inside me.

Sansa took a step towards him. “Well I’m glad you’re both! I’m glad because…because…”

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|| The Chase ||

{summary: what happens when you punch a famous gymnastics coach in his face and nearly break his nose in the process?}

so i finally got around to watching [the bronze] and let me say lance tucker is a fucking asshole and i would love to punch him in the face before kissing that stupid smirk of his. his only redeeming quality is his good looks. this is something i wanted to write to thank my readers with ;w; i’m going to do my best to portray lance in the most canon light that i can lmao so wish me luck.

warnings: sexual innuendos and cursing

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine.**


There was this really annoying guy who came almost every day to your gym to ‘work out.’

But you weren’t stupid. You knew that the man with the dark hair and teasing blue eyes did less working out and more of checking you out.

Sadly, there wasn’t much you could do about this prick since he did give your gym the business you needed.

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The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 21) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Roadtrip, Part I”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Fluff, cursing.

Y/f/i = your first initial :)

Summary: Almost a month has passed by since school finished and everyone went home for the summer. Stiles, Scott, and the rest of the gang helped take care of the wendigo problem that Derek, Liam, Hayden, Mr. Argent and Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish combined couldn’t get under control in Beacon Hills. Scott had been spending most of his time with Allison, helping her get her GED so that she could join them at school in the Fall. Stiles, bored and agitated, had been spending his days interning at the Sheriff’s Department, while Y/N was spending her days on the other side of the country interning for her local congresswoman. All seemed quiet for a few short weeks, until something began brewing in Beacon Hills.

Chapter Twenty //-// Chapter Twenty-One - Chapter Twenty-Two

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“You know, young witch, the only reason why we helped you initially is because Gerard was the sacrifice. He came after my family many, many years ago, and we have been waiting to get our revenge ever since.” You walked beside the tall but eerie coven witch who had just brought Allison Argent back to life, in silence. Sylvie Ducette continued speaking regardless of a response. “But what I’m going to tell you next, I tell you because I like you… there is a darkness in you.. for a New England witch. I think that you are more powerful than you know, and I have a feeling that we will be seeing each other again in the future.”

“Is this about my powers?” You asked, confused.

“Non, vous devez regarder vos etudes.” Sylvie said, as the two of you paused at the entrance to the crypt where the ritual had just taken place.

You translated in your head, and then repeated what you thought she said out loud. “Look to my studies?” You questioned.

“Look to your studies, y/n y/m/n, they hold the answers that you will seek….. for something is coming your way.”

“What do you mean? The vampires?” You asked, the confusion apparent in your voice.

“Mon cheri, non. You know how to take care of them already.” Sylvie calmly replied.

“Then what’s coming?” You whispered.

Sylvie smiled. She was done with being helpful. She felt like she had given the girl enough. “Á bientôt.”

It was 2am on a Saturday in late June and you were stuck out in the Hamptons at your Dad’s house for the weekend. You were up in your loft bedroom half-watching Riverdale and half-reading about the healthcare bill that the Republican backed Congress was trying to push through the Senate. You were trying to focus on what you were reading, as you wanted to impress your boss, the Democratic Congresswoman from your district in Queens, with your knowledge of the latest news on Monday. But all you could really focus on was why Stiles hadn’t been answering his phone since yesterday.

You saw your phone light up, a picture of the Pack posing all huddled together and smiling, with you standing next to Stiles, was blocked by a text message. “Can you let me in?

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Unadulterated Crack Part 1

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader

warning: None yet…I think? 

word count: 3,337 

Author’s note: This is unedited for the most part…I have no idea what I’m doing btw.  It’s based of several imagines, but I don’t know how to like, site those yet. Also this is this is only part of the whole fic, I didn’t think anyone would like to read a 45,000+ word fic in one go. Also the is just a working title ….uhh so here *slides fic cross table and runs away*

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8

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   The company chatted away, waiting for Bilbo to regain consciousness,when they heard a horse scream and the thundering of hooves. Everyone fell silent, Bag End practically vibrated with each hoof beat. Gandalf grumbled, “About time they got here,” getting up and going to the door.

     Thorin demanded, “Who got here? What is coming?” Closely following the old wizard to the door.

     Gandalf rolled his eyes, and groaned, “The other company member, they probably ran into trouble on their way here.” As he opened the door.    Moments later a monstrous black draft horse with a rider in a black hooded cloak came thundering up to the front of Bilbo’s house. Thorin felt rather intimidated for his head was level with the center of it chest. The beast reeled up on its hind legs and let out an ear piercing scream. The rider yelled, “Whoa there Wilhelm!” as they pulled on the reins in attempts to get the horse under control. It took a minute to achieve, but ‘Wilhelm’ eventually settled down. Gandalf hollered, “That beast of your’s is going to get you killed.”

    The rider looked down at Gandalf, shrugged, and started to stroke the beast’s neck. Gandalf sighed, “Tie him up and come inside." 

     Thorin caught sight of the rider’s hand in the moonlight, the skin was fair and smooth. A woman of the race of men, or an elf? Since he couldn’t see their face due to the hood, he decided, based off the rider’s height, that they were a male elf. Thorin barked, "I will not travel with an elf!”     The rider cocked their head, and a smooth voice purred, “Oh really?” giving Thorin the shivers. It was a female, she was tall for a she-elf. By her voice alone Thorin wanted nothing more then to hold her, and never let go. It made him uneasy.   

    Thorin said, “You’d get hurt, and drag us down.”

   The rider sighed, “I’m not an elf, Thorin.”     “I find that very hard to believe.” Thorin snorted.

    The 'she-elf’ pulled down her hood revealing a head of wild and vivid bright blue and purple hair. She smirked, and chuckled, “Believe me now?" 

   Thorin and the rest of the dwarves stood there in awe of her hair. Thorin was the most effected, her hair was his favorite shade of blue. Gandalf growled, "Hurry up woman.” Thorin wanted nothing more then to braid her hair over and over and over again. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, she turned her attention to the old wizard and nodded her head. She gracefully dismounted the horse, and took his reins, and led her horse into the gate.  

    She pulled Wilhelm’s head down to her level and said, “don’t go on that hill,” pointing at Bilbo’s house, “and help yourself to his garden.” Before walking over to the group gawking at her by the door. Gandalf noticed their staring and snapped, “Get back inside you fools!”

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Back Again

Here it is! There might be a second part, but I haven’t decided. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! (The flashback is in italics) Let me know what you think!

You sighed as you drove through the town you used to call home. You looked around noticing how nothing had changed. You loved this town, but you had to leave. You couldn’t stay after what happened. Your heart broke a bit as you thought about him. You couldn’t believe he kept something like that from you. You were together for six years and his old lady for five. You sighed as you thought about the day you found out, which was also the day you left.


“You’re what!” You yelled looking at him. He sighed and looked at you. You were in complete and utter shock. There were no words to describe how you were feeling. All you knew was that you wanted to throw up. You paced around his room at the clubhouse trying to process what just happened. His wife just showed up at the clubhouse with their daughter.

“Look, lass, I know this is a lot-” Chibs started but you interrupted him.

“A lot? Chibs, you’re married! And have a daughter!” You screamed throwing your hands out to your sides as you stopped pacing to face him. He winced at the use of his nickname leaving your mouth. You never called him Chibs. He nodded tried to come closer to you but you backed away from him. Having you back away from him but he also understood why.

“Please, would ya just listen?” He tried. You gave him a single nod. “Yes I am married, yes I have a daughter, but it’s not what ya think. The only reason I’m still married to her is to protect them. I won’t put them in danger, just like I wouldn’t put you in danger. No I’m not in love with Fiona, but I love my daughter, lass. I won’t have her in any situation where she could get hurt.”

You understood that, you knew what came with being involved with the club. You knew as soon as you became Chibs’ old lady, there would be risks but you knew he would keep you safe. That part you understood.

“But you kept it from me. Everyone else knew, but you kept it from me.” You were quiet now. The hurt setting in. “We’ve been together for six years and not once did you tell me about it. You tell me everything, Filip. At least I thought you did.” You sighed looking down to the ring that adorned your finger. Chibs felt his heart drop. You looked up at him with teary eyes. “We were never going to get married were we?” His heart shattered hearing you talk about the two of you as if it was over.

“Of course we are, love. As soon as we get things settled with the Irish and get rid of Jimmy O’ I’m all yours.” You shook your head. With tears cascading down your face you, slipped the ring off. Chibs couldn’t take it anymore. “I love you. Ya can’t leave me, lass.”

“I love you, Filip, but you lied to me. It wasn’t something small either. You didn’t tell me about your wife and daughter. I don’t know if I can trust you again.” You looked him in the eye as the words left your mouth. Tears brimmed his eyes. You lifted your hands to cup his cheeks. Standing on your toes you kissed him. He brought his hands to your hips and squeezed a bit. You pulled away when you need to breathe. “I love you, Filip Telford.”

“And I love you.” Tears were streaming down both your faces. You dropped your hands from his face and took one of his hands in yours. You placed your ring in his palm and closed his hand around it. You let his hands go and walked out of the door and out of his life.


It happened three years ago. You swore the day you left you would never come back, but here you were and no because you wanted to be. You started to get nervous as the garage came into view. You hoped that the guys were on a run and wouldn’t be there, at least not yet. As you pulled in you were relieved to see all the bikes were gone. You parked your car and shut the engine off. You sat there for a minute gathering every ounce of courage you had before opening your door. You weren’t sure how long you sat there but it wasn’t until you heard a soft yawn you turned around. You smiled at your daughter, she was just waking up. You smiled when she looked at you.

“Hi, baby, did you have a good nap?” She nodded rubbing her eyes. You couldn’t help the small laugh that left your lips. She was so much like her dad. She had the same dark hair and dark eyes, all she had of you was your nose, but you were fine with that. “Are you ready to go meet one of momma’s friends, baby?” She nodded again. “Okay, let’s go.”

You got out and opening the back door to get to her. You unbuckled her and lifted her out. You placed her on your hip as you shut the door. She yawned leaning her head against your shoulder. You smiled at her as she hid her face in your neck still not ready to wake up. You kissed her forehead and made your way to the office. Not knowing if they were busy you knocked on the door as you approached it.

“Come in!” You smiled at the voice. You opened the door to see Gemma sitting at her desk. “What’s the problem?” Figuring it was someone with car trouble, she didn’t even look up from her papers as she asked.

“I’ve got a lot of those, which do you want to hear first?” You smirked. Gemma’s head snapped up hearing your voice. She smiled at you and you smiled back. She noticed the little girl in her arms and smiled even wider. She stood up making her way to you.

“Hey, baby, it’s been a while,” she said bringing you into a hug. You hugged her back trying not to jostle your daughter.

“Hey, ma, it really has.” She pulled back to look at you and then looked down at your little girl.

“She’s a cutie.”

“She is.” You looked down at her as well. You noticed her peeking her head out a bit to look at the person you were talking to. “Do you want to say hi, baby?” She quickly hid her face in your neck again. You and Gemma both laughing at her reaction. “She’s usually not shy, but she just woke up from her nap. She might fall back asleep actually.”

“Don’t you worry about it. Come on in, sit down.” She motioned to the couch she still had. You sat down adjusting your daughter on your lap and Gemma sat across from you. “You know I’m happy to see you, but why are you back, sweetheart?” You sighed knowing you could never keep anything from Gemma.

“I wanted her to meet her dad,” You said motioning to the little girl in your lap, who had fallen asleep again. “I couldn’t keep her from him, not more than I already have.”

“What’s the other reason?” She knew you too well.

“On my way here, someone started following me. I don’t know who, but they were in a black SUV. They’ve been following me for two days. I lost them on the way here though. I haven’t had anything to do with the club since I left, Gem, I have no idea what’s going on or who they would be.”

“Shit.” Gemma muttered as she leaned back in her seat. “I might know, but we’ll have to wait for the boys to get back.” You nodded knowing you would have to see him at some point. “Come on, let’s take the little one inside and we can catch up.” She stood up and you followed trying not to move too much so your daughter could still sleep. Once you succeeded you followed Gemma into the club house to wait on the boys.


You were sitting at the bar with Gemma when you heard the thrumming of motorcycles. Your heart sped up the closer they got. Gemma patted your hand that was sitting on the bar holding your bottle of water. You looked to Gemma with scared eyes. She gave you a soft smile.

“I’ll go check on the little one.” She stood up giving your hand a squeeze before making her way back to the dorms. All you could do was nod. About the time Gemma rounded the corner, the door to the clubhouse opened. You couldn’t bring yourself to turn around. You only heard one set of footsteps coming inside. You crossed your fingers hoping it was one of the other guys. You turned around to see Bobby. He stopped and looked at you.

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” He smiled and made his way to you. You smiled back giving him a hug.

“It’s good to see you, too, Bobby.”

“So what brings you back here? We didn’t think we would see you again,” He said. You sighed nodding.

“I wasn’t planning on coming back, but I needed to talk to him.” Bobby nodded.

“Well, he should be here in a bit they were still talking when we pulled in.” About the time he finished all the guys walked in. You looked up and locked eyes with the Scotsman you ran from three years ago. No one said anything feeling the tension in the air. You were about to say something when you heard the soft cries of your little girl. You turned to see Gemma walking to you with your daughter in her arms. You immediately made your way to them.

“She woke up and couldn’t find you.” Gemma whispered.

“Oh, I didn’t go anywhere, baby. Momma’s right here.” You gathered her in your arms, beginning to rock her. She looked up at you sniffling and rubbing her eyes.

“Momma?” Her little voice squeaked.

“Hi, sweet girl.” She sat up straighter and put her hands on your cheeks.

“My momma,” She said again looking at you. You turned your head to kiss her hand.
“Your momma, baby.” She smiled at you settling down in your arms. You rubbed her back helping her calm down a bit more. You almost forgot about your audience until someone cleared their throat. You turned looked at the guys behind you. You turned to see the same Scotsman staring at you with wide eyes. You couldn’t get any words out and neither could he.

“I think you two should talk,” Gemma stated. You nodded at her. You looked down at your daughter.

“Do you want to go outside with Aunt Gemma for a few minutes, sweetie? I need to talk with my friend.” She looked at Gemma and then at you. You could see she was a little nervous. “I’ll be right there, baby, okay?”

“Okay, momma.” You sat her down and she took Gemma’s hand. You watched as the two left and the others followed her out, you assumed they wanted to meet your little girl. Finally you looked to Chibs.

“So I need to tell you something.”

“Aye, ya do. Would you care to explain why you’re here and a wee one with ya?” He was shocked and angry and happy all at the same time but his tone came across as angry. He saw your eyes harden.

“Listen, Filip Telford, I don’t need that tone from you. I’ve had a long few days and I’m scared shitless for my daughter and I don’t need shit from you.” He was taken aback by your tone. Yes, he had seen you mad before but it had been a long time, it still shocked him. “I left because you lied to me, you don’t get to interrogate me, Filip.”

“You’re right, lass. I’m sorry. What brought you back?” Chibs took on a quieter tone.

“I wanted you to meet your daughter. I didn’t want to keep her from you more than I already had. She needs her dad, Filip.” You sighed looking at the man who still held your heart.

“She’s mine?”

“Yeah, she is. I found out a few weeks after I left.” You crossed your arms looking down at your feet. You heard his footsteps come closer. He tipped your face up to look at him.

“I’m a dad again?” He asked with tears in his eyes. You couldn’t help but tear up as well.

“Yeah, you are.” Without thinking he kissed you. It shocked you at first but you melted into it. You still loved him and he still loved you. you could feel it. He pulled back after a bit.

“Thank you. Thank you for bringing her here. I can’t wait to meet her.” You smiled at him.

“I can’t wait for you to meet her either.” He smiled back at you. You stood there for a bit when he realized something.

“What’s her name?”

“Aria, Aria Telford.”

“I love it.” He looked at you, he couldn’t believe you were back. “Wait, ya said you were scared for the two of you. Why?” You pulled back and sucked in a breath.

“I started down here so you could meet, Aria, but a couple days ago someone started following me. I lost them when I started getting close, but I scared me. He followed us for two days, Filip. Two days.” You started to get worked up again. He wrapped his arms around you, trying to calm you down.

“It’s okay, I’ll take care of ya, both of ya.” You wrapped your arms around him and breathed him in. You had missed him so much.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered into his shoulder. He pulled back to look at you but kept his arms around you.

“For what?” You looked into those eyes you had missed so much.

“For keep her from you. And for leaving.” You shook your head when you went to interrupt. “After having Aria, I understand why and why you didn’t tell me. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, I should have told ya.” You just looked at him.

“I’m glad I’m back.”

“I’m glad ya are, too.” The both of you knew without saying anything that you would try again. You had always known you didn’t want to be without him. He knew he didn’t want to be without you either. “So, can I meet my daughter?” The smile on his face was contagious. You smiled back.

“Absolutely.” You took his hand and walked outside so Chibs could meet his little girl.

a quick sketch, sorry for the quality

I wanted to draw Samuel Vimes and Sybil Ramkin from Discworld at a ball, with Sam wearing one of those stupid duke attire. Vimes hates those noble things, and I think Sybil doesn’t really like them either.
I imagine one of the nobles have made a racist comment so that’s why Sam and Sybil are so done. Sybil has to hold her husband’s hand otherwise he will probably kill someone (didn’t draw it tho).

I love them so much


           “Liam?” Drake pushes the door open to reveal the crown prince and his brother, who is teaching his wife how to execute the Cordonian waltz in the center of the room. Liam watches them, a longing etched into his features that Drake has never seen before. He crosses the room to take a seat beside Liam and applauds with him when his brother and sister-in-law take their bows.

           Leo’s wife pulls him in for a kiss, smiling against his lips. Liam hurriedly averts his gaze, and suddenly Drake can feel the anxiety rolling off of him in waves. His brow creases. “What’s wrong?”

           After a heavy sigh, Liam looks at him. “I’m nervous.”

           “Nervous? About…?”

           “About proposing to Lady-” Leo cuts himself short when his brother looks at him. Nevertheless, his grins knowingly but corrects himself. “About proposing tonight.”

           “Well, yeah, Liam. It’s kind of the biggest night of your life,” At Liam’s exasperated glance, Drake adds, “But hey, at least you know that whoever you’re proposing to-” he rolls his eyes. “Will definitely accept.”

           Liam stands and begins pacing the room. “Sure. It’s just that I have to ask her in front of a crowd of hundreds of my subjects-” He waves off Drake’s protest of how snotty he just sounded. “I know. But I don’t even know what I’m to say to her.”

           “Excuse me? You don’t know what to say? If you don’t know what to say, then we’re all doomed.” Leo fake-swoons into his wife’s arms. “How can we possibly hope to hold a decent conversation for the rest of ours lives if dear Prince Liam himself struggles with his words?” His wife smirks down at him, shaking her head at the dramatic display.

           Liam tilts his head to look up at the ceiling, huffing. “Whatever. Obviously, this is different from speeches at dinner parties…” He continues pacing. “I mean, this is the woman I lo- that will become queen.” He earns a synchronized eye-roll this time, from all three of his companions.

           Leo’s wife pushes him out of her arms so he’s standing again and presses her pointer finger to her chin while she thinks. “You just need to figure out what to say then. It won’t be as difficult as you think. Trust me. I didn’t even write my vows-”

           “What?” Leo pauses in his quest to return his hairdo to order. She glances at him, feigning ignorance of her words. “What?”

           Drake pushes himself from his seat and stands in front of Liam, stopping his pacing. “She’ll love whatever you have to say. Because she loves you.” Luckily, the prince seems to have given up correcting him. “As long as you actually… say words.”

           “I know!” Leo’s wife claps her hands together in a movement that makes Leo grin widely. “You can practice now. Leo, go be Lady- whoever Liam’s proposing to.”

            Liam’s eyebrows fly to his hairline. “What? I can’t. And definitely not with Leo.”

           Leo straightens his suit jacket before approaching him. “Hey, I’ll be the best damn fiancée-to-be you’ve ever seen.” Liam looks to Drake, pleading silently. Drake considers for a moment stepping in but ultimately smiles in response.

           “Let’s do this.” He joins Leo’s wife as the audience, taking a glass of whiskey that she hands to him. Liam stares at him, stunned, then flinches when Leo puts a hand on his shoulder. “To your knee.”

           Liam complies, resigning himself to the situation at hand. He sighs deeply before taking his brother’s outstretched hand, peeking quickly at Drake and his sister-in-law in embarrassment. He mumbles something under his breath before beginning, “ Lady- uh, you…”

           “You?! Please don’t tell me you’re planning on addressing her as you while asking her to spend the rest of her life with you.” Leo doubles over in laughter. Liam glares at him. “Shut up.” He clears his throat and begins again.

           “Somehow, in these past few weeks, I’ve gone from the spare heir, to crown prince, and now king. I have been lost, hopeless, scared… but I am never any of those things with you by my side. I don’t know-” Liam shakes his head and swallows hard. “I don’t know how you have this hold over me. From the moment I met you, you’ve done nothing but share your strength with me. You’ve made me feel more than just a crown, reassured me about my future when I couldn’t bear to imagine it, become the one person that I couldn’t possibly bear to live without. You’ve made me happy. Happier than I could have ever thought possible. Your passion, your pride- it amazes me. And it amazes me that you believe that I am worthy of the affection you’ve given me. I hope that, someday, you will see that I want nothing more to make you as happy as you have made me. I love you, so so much.” He clears his throat again. “Will you let me spend the rest of my life with you?”

           When he’s finished, he is met with dazed silence. Drake’s jaw is dropped as he stares at his best friend before he drops his gaze to his shoes, trying to convince himself that it’s not tears burning in the back of his eyes. Beside him, Leo’s wife has a flute of champagne gripped tightly in one hand while the other is pressed hard over her mouth.

           Leo snaps out of his astonishment first. In a falsetto voice, he says, “Oh, Liam! You handsome devil, you!”

           Liam throws his brother’s hand away from his grasp at his teasing and runs a hand through his own hair before standing. Leo’s wife is giggling, tears in her eyes. Drake raises an eyebrow at his best friend. “I really don’t think you have anything to worry about, Liam.”

           The prince’s shoulders fall forward. “So what? I have the words. But she’s so beautiful that I doubt I’ll be able to remember them when I’m trying to say them to her.”

           Leo slaps a palm over his face, exasperated. “There’s no helping him.”

Gladio’s breath is hot against the thin skin of Noctis’s throat. Noctis closes his eyes, arches his back when Gladio’s tongue flicks lightly against his neck. He lets out a soft moan and Gladio responds in kind, placing a gentle kiss on Noctis’s neck as he runs a large hand down the prince’s thin frame. The hand trails slowly down Noctis’s side, his hip, his thigh – and when it reaches his knee, Gladio tightens his grip and pulls Noctis’s leg around him. As he does, he grinds forward, pressing hard against Noctis. Noctis lets out a surprised gasp that trails into another moan.

Noctis hears a deep, rumbling laugh and he opens his eyes. Gladio is watching him, watching the prince’s reaction to the warrior’s every move. Noct rolls his eyes before saying, “Enjoying this, are you?”

The smile on Gladio’s face tells Noctis that he is, in fact, enjoying himself. Gladio leans down, grazes his teeth along Noctis’s earlobe and whispers, “Very much so.”

Noctis shudders and resists the urge to touch himself. It had been a while since they had done this. Too long, Noctis thought.

As if Gladio reads Noctis’s mind, suddenly the hand on his knee begins trailing up his leg again. It stops at his hip and tenses as Gladio grinds forward again. Noctis’s eyes close and he arches into the thrust, pushing himself harder against Gladio. Gladio tenses, his hand gripping Noctis’s hip harder for a moment. Through gritted teeth, he says, “Gods, you’re so gonna get it.”

Noctis resists the giggle bubbling in his chest. He smiles, moves his hips against Gladio’s again and taunts, “Promises, promises.”

Gladio leans up and looks down at Noctis. His expression is so damn intense that Noctis hesitates for a moment, is about to ask if everything is alright, when suddenly Gladio’s lips are on his. The kiss is brief. It takes seconds before Gladio is pulling away, trailing small kisses down the prince’s neck. In a swift motion, Gladio finally removes Noctis’s shirt and continues his trail of kisses down Noctis’s chest. He nibbles every now and then, sending a wave of pleasure through Noctis’s body every time. The trail continues down Noctis’s stomach, and when Gladio finally gets to the edge of Noctis’s pants, he looks up – a question in his eyes. Noctis breathes heavily for a moment, then slowly nods. He watches as Gladio unzips his pants and pulls them off of his body. He watches as Gladio leans down and licks up his stiff member. He watches as Gladio opens his mouth and –

And then he wakes up.

Noctis wakes up, alone in bed with a soft breeze blowing through the open window. His eyes scan the room wildly for a moment, and before disappointment can flood his body, he remembers his dream. It hadn’t been a dream last night. All of that had actually happened. The memory makes him smile and when he turns on his stomach to hide his blushing face (from who, he doesn’t know), he takes in a sharp breath. He’s hard still, very hard, and he instinctively grinds himself against the bed, desperately looking for relief. It doesn’t take long – he had been close already, apparently – and when he’s finally relieved, he gets out of bed. He cleans himself off, gets dressed, and heads out of the room to look for Gladio.

When he gets to the bottom stair, Iris is there to greet him. She steps in his way and says, “Morning, sleepyhead!”

Hiding his disappointment that Gladio is nowhere in the immediate vicinity, he shakes his head. “Morning,” he grumbles, and runs a hand through his hair to try to fix it slightly. “Where is everyone?”

“Oh,” Iris says, obviously less than enthused about Noctis’s indifference. “They’re out walking with Talcott. They went to see the sights. We should too!”

“Uhh,” Noctis starts. Ever the eloquent prince. “Sure. Why not?” At least it’ll be a chance to look for Gladio.

“Great! I’ll show you around!”

She turns and heads out of the building. Noctis had already seen most of Lestallum when they had first arrived. They had needed to stock up on ingredients for Ignis and health reagents for the rest of the party. Compared to Insomnia, Lestallum wasn’t that large of a city, so they had covered most of it within the evening.

The walk with Iris is less than exciting. Noctis had always liked Iris and regarded her well, but lately something had She had started avoiding him a few months before he had left the capital. When they did speak, she always seemed distracted, or quiet. Since Noctis had a hard time with conversation anyway, their talks had been very minimal.

Now, though, she won’t stop talking. She keeps rambling on and on about the marketplace and the different shops as they head through. When they get to the refinery, she tells him all about it and how only women work there. He encourages her and she smiles, then she begins leading him to the outlook. As they walk, he steps too close to her and brushes her arm. He mumbles an apology, steps away, then looks over to see her blushing. There’s a shy grin on her face. Noctis raises an eyebrow, but ignores the question that comes to mind.

When they reach the outlook, Noctis finds himself scanning the crowd, looking for Gladio. He feels a slight stab of disappointment when he still doesn’t see him. He’s about to tell Iris that maybe they should head back when he suddenly feels her move closer to him.

“You know, Noct,” she says, wrapping an arm around his and pressing her body close. “This almost feels like a date.”

Noctis tries to control his expression, but can’t fight that surprise that passes quickly over his face. He fakes a smile, nonchalantly slides his arm out of hers, and says, “If it were, your brother would kick my ass.”

The thought terrified him, honestly. At least now it made sense why she had started avoiding him before.

Iris giggles and lets her voice take on a flirty tone as she says, “Well, we better keep it quiet then.”

I don’t think you understand that if Gladio found out I was sleeping with both of the Amacitia siblings, he would literally kill me, is the first thing that goes through Noctis’s mind. When he’s about to speak, Iris sighs and continues, “And besides, you already have Lady Lunafreya.”

Noctis remains quiet. He wants to deny what she says, tell her that of all the people he truly desires, Luna isn’t one of them. The marriage between them is arranged and, while the prospect of spending the rest of his life with Luna hadn’t really seemed that bad in the beginning, it was the one thing he wants least in the world now. Picturing himself with anyone other than Gladio… Well, it just wasn’t going to happen, at least.

Iris offers an awkward smile and kicks absently at the ground. She turns back toward the location of their hotel and says, “Come on. The others should be back at the hotel by now. Let’s join them.”

Noctis agrees, putting thoughts of Luna and Iris and this whole awkward “date” aside, and follows her back to the hotel. As they had thought, when they get there, everyone is gathered in the lobby. As soon as they enter, all eyes turn to them. Noctis’s eyes find Gladio’s and, when they meet, he watches Gladio’s shoulders relax. A slow smile spreads across Gladio’s face, and Noct finds himself easily returning that smile.

“Where have you been?” Prompto asks, skipping forward. “We were starting to get worried!”

Iris and Noctis exhange a look and Iris giggles, “It’s our little secret.”

Prompto groans. “Don’t tell me you two were on a date? Noct, why do you get all the pretty girls?”

Iris only gigggles more and hides her now-blushing face. Noctis rolls his eyes and turns them to Gladio again, who suddenly is studying him curiously. Uh oh.

Later, when Noctis is laying in bed, he hears the door open. He looks up to see Gladio walking in and moves to the side as Gladio finds his place in the bed. When he’s comfortable, he turns to Noct, his eyebrow raised, “So.. A date with my sister, hmm?”

Noctis rolls his eyes and throws a leg around Gladio, easily manuevering himself to straddle the warrior. Gladio allows it and places his hands on Noctis’s hips, rubbing his sides lightly with his thumbs. Noctis says, “That’s what she seems to think.”

“Hmm,” Gladio says, and stops moving his thumbs. “And what is it that you think?”

Noctis shrugs. “I don’t think anything. I was only looking for you the whole time.”

Gladio looks at him curiously. “Looking for me? What for?”

Noctis sighs and rests his hands on Gladio’s stomach. “Do I need a reason?”

“No, but—“

“I had a dream,” Noctis interrupts, and moves his eyes to Gladio’s.

Serious now, Gladio studies Noctis’s face. He knows that Noctis had been having nightmares lately – the concern is written clearly on his face. Quietly, he asks, “What was the dream about?”

A smug grin spreads slowly across Noctis’s face. He leans down, picks up his hand and runs a slow finger down Gladio’s chest and stomach. He hooks the finger just inside Gladio’s pantline and turns smoldering eyes to the warrior. He says, “Let me show you.”

Gladio smirks, and eagerly meets Noctis’s lips with his own.

You Need a Maid? Chapter 13

Fandom: Avengers / Marvel
Rating: G / PG13 / R
Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel, blah legal stuff. Don’t sue me, I’m poor.

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The hospital ward of the facility was much like any other hospital. Sterile, stark white, and always very chilly. You had been asleep for several days, the nurses unsure of when you would wake up. The team started taking shifts, wanting to make sure someone would be there for when you did wake up.

You opened your eyes just enough to Sam at your side. He sat on the side of the bed, holding your hand. His thumb rubbed circles over your skin softly, the motions feeling warm and soothing. You could hear him humming one of your favorite songs. You smiled faintly before drifting back to sleep. He never even knew you had woken up.

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  • Rich: I'm so glad you figured out your feelings for Jane, about damn time. You and the Iron Lady... *sighs* weren't a good match at all.
  • Weller: Rich...
  • Rich: No, seriously, you had to date two completely different women to realize that you and Jane were the best OTP.
  • Weller: OTP?
  • Rich: One True Pairing! See, you've been the stars of my fanfiction for over a year, do you know how many stories I've written of the two of you?
  • Weller: Rich...
  • Rich: Over. A hundred. Some of them are MA rated but...
  • Weller: Rich...
  • Rich: Ok, most of them. Did you know it's called "smut"?

anonymous asked:

hahahaha fuck imagine an AU where lil bitty 15 year old peter reveals his identity to the public & u can literally escape him by running in to a nightclub. Or a movie, holy shit could u imagine like "NO MR. PARKER DEADPOOL IS R-RATED I CAN'T LET YOU IN TO FIGHT THE GREEN GOBLIN WITHOUT AN ADULT I'LL LOSE MY J O B"

I love identity reveal things, but I love them twice as more when there’s no really negative fallout and everyone’s just really chill with Peter Parker, Spider-Man. Like. Yes. All of the yes.

Peter follows a toughened criminal covered in guns into a bar and slams his fist on a table like, ‘WHERE IS YOUR BOSS?’

And then he feels this tap on his shoulder and he spins around and this woman in a stained apron just crosses her and purses her lips and says, ‘Honey, this bar is 21 and older.’

And Peter looks from the snickering criminal to the waitress, like, ‘But he–’

‘Nuh uh. Out you go, Mr. Parker.’

And Peter has to slink away and leave the giggling criminal behind. Like. What is his life. Or maybe he’s in there with Daredevil or Deadpool and his counterparts are drinking, and the bartender just lays down a glass of chocolate milk and gives Peter this look.

And Peter’s like, ‘This is kind of weird and I would complain but I love chocolate milk, oh my god, thank you.’

JUST. NYC knowing their protector is a high school sophomore and letting him go and fight dangerous super-villains but making sure he doesn’t break any real laws about his age. Like: ‘Thanks for saving my baby from being hit by a truck, but it’s 9AM on a Tuesday, shouldn’t you be heading to school, Peter?’

The Pained Heart (aka ‘Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more’) [c.1867-c.1872]. Arthur Hughes (English, 1832-1915). Oil on canvas. From Much Ado About Nothing. William Shakespeare.

“Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more.
   Men were deceivers ever,
One foot in sea, and one on shore,
   To one thing constant never.
Then sigh not so, but let them go,
   And be you blithe and bonny,
Converting all your sounds of woe
   Into hey nonny, nonny.”