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That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)

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I think the biggest "anti-phan" proof we have is them stating they are single in 2012. I mean why would Dan/Phil choose to answer that if they were dating? Also, I've heard rumor's that Martyn has denied phan when people asked him during TATINOF? Would Phil really ask his brother to straight up lie for him? i'm a phan shipper myself, but every time I think of things like this I feel like we are back at square one.

sighs.. please put in your pretty little head: almost everything from 2012 is invalid and irrelevant. dan and phil lied a lot back then. especially dan. and they were really defensive, which it is a sign of dishonesty. dan used to bring up phan, read questions about it, just so he could deny it and make a dramatic speech. dan makes up questions on his live shows. yes..
to know for sure, the biggest lie he has ever told “me and phil met through a mutual friend” which we all know its not true. even dan himself, years later, withdrawn that quote. and it shows that we shouldn’t believe in what they used to say. because denying the obvious its hard, so they thought that denying it all the time would make things better. and some people did believe in them. thats what they wanted.
you said it yourself. its a rumor. so you shouldn’t worry. and martyn is phil’s brother of course he would lie for him. dan and phils friends keep the phan subject dead because they probably asked them to. nothing wrong about that. everyone deserves the privacy they want. and we are totally not back at square one, everything is wonderful. we are just going up from here baby.

College!Westallen: "Emergency" Call
  • Barry: *exhausted from night of studying, reaches for morning coffee, phone vibrates; it's Iris*
  • Barry: *answers it* Hey, Ir-
  • Iris: Barry, I had sex.
  • Barry: ...
  • Iris: Hello? Barry, are you there?
  • Barry: *nearly spills coffee on himself* No, ah, yes, I'm here. *clears throat* I'm here, Iris.
  • Iris: *sighs* Well, I did it, Barry. I finally had sex. It was not at ALL what I thought it would be. It was weird, uncomfortable even. I don't know if I'll ever do it ever again. Granted I was drunk. He was too. Still, I think I'd remember if it was really fantastic, you know? That's not something you forget. A really fantastic first time sex, like in those novels I don't read.
  • Barry: Iris, I don't know if-
  • Iris: I'm sure it wasn't fantastic though. I mean, I'm definitely sore this morning. Hot, steamy fantastic sex doesn't involve soreness the next morning, does it? I mean, it could I suppose. Maybe if you did a lot of different angle-
  • Barry: IRIS.
  • Iris: *flushes* Sorry. *clears throat* I'm babbling.
  • Barry: *sighs* Don't you have any girlfriends you can talk to about this? Your roommate maybe?
  • Iris: *frowns, confused* You're my best friend, Barry.
  • Barry: *tries to speak but can't*
  • Iris: Besides, I'm not real close with any of the girls here, not even my roommate. And there's uh...actually something I need your help with.
  • Barry: *wary* What is it?
  • Iris: It's...the guy.
  • Barry: *fortifies himself* What about him?
  • Iris: He's still asleep in my bed. I need you to get rid of him.
  • ...
  • A/N: Tell me if you want a continuation of this! It would just be a oneshot & there would likely be a flash forward at the end to a married!WA.
  • About this being basically a one-night stand...I know Iris doesn't seem the type, but she also said she never had a serious relationship before Eddie. With Joe being as strict as he is, I feel like she could've waited till college & indulged in college parties & then just done it that way.

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Could you please transcribe the part where they talk about #xfiles2015? I'm hearing impaired and would really appreciate it thanks in advance!

GA: umm, uh, anyway so we’ve talked about it. We’re up for it. It’s, umm, it’s always in discussion. And there’s, you know —- [sighs]

CH: [laughs] Heavy sighs.

GA: [laughs] What more can I say?

CH: I’m sure you want to do a lot of things. There’s like, it’s time, and there’s energy, and it’s like, how do you can you like get all these, cause there’s a certain point, it’s sorta like, when I think about Deadwood, and they for year like said maybe they’d go back to wrap up the series because it got abruptly cancelled, but then at a certain point it gets like everyone is at different places in their life and could you get all these people together can it like, you know…

GA: I uh, I mean, what would your response be? If it was like announced next week that we were going to go ahead and do 8, 12 episodes of the x-files again?

MM: On Netflix? Where are you doing it?

GA: No, at Fox. Well if we, if we—-

MM: If it’s at Fox it’s fine with me. Yeah, I’ll do it. I’ll watch

GA: [laughs] It’s fine with you? [laughs] Do we have a choice but to go back with Fox? I don’t think Fox is going to be like “well, that’s ok we’ll let Netflix have it.” No, but what would you, as an audience member, if, if, you know, 46-year-old Gillian Anderson as Scully and 50-whatever-year old David Duchovny as Mulder were going to do a slew of x-files—-

CH: Yeah… I’d watch the shit out of it! [everyone laughs] What are you talking about? I’d be overjoyed! I would be as excited as you are about this fucking Chewbacca notebook, that’s how excited I would be. I would, I uh, are you kidding?

GA: Do you think people would watch?

CH: Fuck yeah. Of course! Of course they would. Of course. Especially because you know as long as you—

MM: You have to go investigate Sleepy Hollow.

GA: And what do you think it should be? Like monster of the week or like mythology stuff or more of like current events stuff like would we have to do an episode that involves terrorists?

MM: fuck yeah, you would. Maybe Aliens are in charge of terrorism.

GA: Maybe all the fundamentalists are aliens! Those are aliens!

(CH goes into a tangential discussion of how that’s what he loved about Dr. Who and how they assigned everything to aliens and so there’s no reason that xf couldn’t do at 46 they’d finally believe she was doctor.)

GA: I better know how to play a fucking doctor by now and boss people around. No, I was about to say I mean do you, would you say that, it was something that, should we like, you know—

CH: should you bring it up at the next meeting? [everyone laughs] yeah!

GA: I mean is it something that Fox should basically do anything in their power in order to make it happen?

MM: YES. Yes, Fox.  I mean if that’s something that’s even on the table—

(Tangential discussion about Californication, Duchovny’s jeans,  Mitch Pileggi’s Magic career and Fox’s current line up and how they could spread the rumor of txf very quickly)

GA: It would be interesting to get feedback to find out what the interest level is.

CH: I think we should. We’re going to start the rumor right now. Do you think we could just speak for Duchovny that he would be up for it?

MM: Of course he’d be up for it.

CH: Alright done. That’s all I needed to hear.

GA: I’m wondering what would be the most proactive, of whether starting a rumor, or actually doing like a poll —-

CH: Ok, this is my call out to every possible blog, news source who’s listening to this, everything in the nerd sphere. Essentially—

MM: We gotta get a hashtag. That would be the thing to do.

GA: So what would it be? # xfiles2015?

Everyone: #XFILES2015

CH: TWEET AT FOX #2015. Put the hashtag first so everyone has to see this. GET THIS GOING. GILLIAN AND DAVID ARE UP FOR THIS 100%. CHRIS CARTER WON’T STOP CALLING US.


You see him after your breakup

Niall: It’s a Saturday afternoon and the weather is absolutey lovely today. But you don’t really feel like doing anything today. When ou’re about to watch some Modern Family your cell phone rings.It’s your bestfriend Noa. ‘Hi No, what’s up?’ 'Hi hun, I was thinking maybe we should get some ice cream at the park? I really need a study break.’ 'Yeah sounds great, meet you at 3.' 

’(Y/N) I’m here!’ You hear Noa call you. You smile and walk over to her. 'So how are your exams going?’ you ask. 'Eugh I’m so done with it, if I don’t have ice cream within 5 minutes I’m going to get a mental breakdown. 'Well let’s go then.' 

As you are enjoying your treat in the sun and talking you sundenly see Noa’s eyes getting bigger. 'Are you alright, Noa?’ 'Uh yeah, but please don’t look at your right.’ 'Huh why?’ As the curious person you are you do turn your head and see him. Niall Horan. Your ex. The boy you still love, but broke u with. It was the best. You quickly turn your head back. 'Fuck did he see me?’ You whisper. 'Yes… He’s coming your way.’ 'Fuck, fuck, fuck. Can we go please? I don’t want this.’ But it’s already to late. ’(Y/N)?’ you hear his sweet voice behind you. 'Hi Niall…’ You almost whisper not being able to look at him. 'Uhm… yeah well… Uhm… How are you?’ 'Oh yeah I’m absolutely wonderful, Niall.’ You fake smile. 'I’ll leave you two alone.’ Noa says and stands up. You give her a desperate look, but she ignores it. Niall decides to sit next to you. 'I still miss you, (Y/N)… a lot.’ You are finally able to look at him. You sigh. 'I miss you too… a lot.’ You are both quiet for a while until you take his hand and hold it really tight.’

Louis: It’s been almost 6 months after you guys broke up and you haven’t seen each other since then. But you got over it pretty fast, now having an amazing boyfriend who cares a lot more about you.

'Baby, would you like to go out for dinner?’ Evan asks. 'Uh yeah sure, when would you like to go?’ 'What about now?’ 'Now? Evan I’m already in my PJ’s and our pizza will be delivered soon.’ 'I don’t care. I just want to go out with my beautiful girlfriend.’ You stand up and give him a kiss. 'I love you crazy bear, just let me get dressed alright.’

After half an hour you two arrive at the restaurant. 'Table for two please.’ Evan says to the waiter. 'Of course sir.’ 'It’s absolutely beautiful here.’ You say looking around. 'Just like you.’ You start to blush. The waiter escourts you to your table. 

'Sorry I really need to go to the toilet right now.’ You chuckle and stand up making your way to the toilets. When you are done you quickly open the door wanting to head back to your table. But you bumb into someone. Not knowing it’s you ex. 'Oh I’m so sorry sir I… Louis?’ You ask shocked. 'Hi, (Y/N)’ He gives you a small smile. 'I have to get back.’ you quickly say not wanting to have to talk to him. 'You look beautiful.’ He says. 'Thanks…’ 'Who are you with tonight?’ Why is he asking me all these questions you think to yourself. You can barely give him the answer but he knows it by your silence. 'I hope he makes you happy. And if he ever hurts you I…’ 'Louis,’ You interrupt him, 'You were the one who hurt me remember? I’m happy now. Way happier than before. I’m going back to my table right now… Have a nice evening, Louis.’ You can barely hold back your tears. But you need to let him go. 

Harry: His POV: After (Y/N) broke up, I haven’t heard anything of her. That night when I came home she was gone. Nothing was left of her anymore. But it’s all my fault. I was too selfish to even care about her. I miss her so much. Her beautiful smile, Her voice, Her body. The way she could laugh about how stupid we were after a fight. But this time she didn’t smile, she left. And all because of me. 

'Dude, are you okay?’ Niall asks. 'Huh what?’ 'I asked if you are okay?’ I sigh looking at my phone, praying for a call or maybe a text. 'Still nothing?’ 'Nothing… I think I’m going to her house. I need to tell here I’m sorry…’ 'Do you want me to drive you there?’ 'No… I’m going for a walk.’ 'Alright… Good luck mate.’ 'Thanks, Niall.’

I walk out of the studio making my way towards her house. Am I nervous? More terrified. As I arrive I take a couple of deep breaths before I knock at her door. No respond. I look through her window, but it’s dark inside. I bet she isn’t home. As I’m about to leave and turn around, I see her. She’s standing in frot of me. But she doesn’t look the same. She doesn’t look like my happy carefree (Y/N) anymore. Her hair is messy, Mascara swipes out and her clothes are ripped apart. She stares deadly at me. 'Oh my God, babe. What happened to you?’ She doesn’t respond and walks past me wanting to go inside. 'Why do you smell like alcohol and drugs, (Y/N)’ 'Why do you smell like pure shit, Harry?’ 'You don’t do drugs, do you?’ I ask worried. 'Does that matter?’ 'Yes it does matter! You’ll get fucked up by that stuff (Y/N) you have no idea how much you are damaging yourself!’ 'OH EXCUSE ME THE ONLY THING WHO GOT ME FUCKED UP IS YOU. AND I FUCKING HATE YOU FOR THAT. AND I FUCKING HATE MYSELF FOR STILL LOVING YOU. BUT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FORGET YOU HARRY! SO JUST LEAVE AND DON’T YOU DARE TO EVER LOOK FOR ME AGAIN!’ I can’t hold back my tears anymore. 'I CAME TO LOOK FOR YOU BECAUSE I STILL LOVE YOU TOO. I’VE MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE AND I BLAME MYSELF FOR THAT EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!’ 'I don’t know how to trust you anymore Harry.’ 'Let me show you.’ 'How?! I really don’t want to be the person who constantly asks you where you’re going or where you’ve been.’ 'If you want to do that you have all the right. If you want to check my phone, go ahead. But I can’t let you walk away again. I’ll never forgive myself that.’ I walk over to her and hold her for dearest life. She cries onto my chest. 'Please don’t hurt yourself this way love. You are way too special.’ 'You have a lot of making up to do Styles.’ 'I know. I know.’ I whisper kissing the top of her head,

Zayn: It just didn’t work out that way. You were busy with uni and he was busy with his career. You still miss him sometimes. The fun days you had together. When he sang to you if you felt down. But it is just better this way. 

You are standing in front of the frozen section at your local Waitrose. Some friends are coming over tonight and you have to cook something, which isn’t really your talend so you decide to keep it simple. 'Where are the mozzarella sticks?,’ You mumble to yourself, 'Fuck they are on top…’ You try to reach for them, but being 5'2 is not that fun.’ 'You need any help with that?’ You hear a voice behind you. But you know that voice way too well. It’s the same voice who woke you up almost every single morning. 'Zayn?’ you ask surprised. 'Here let me get that for you.’ He grabs the mozzarella sticks and hands it to you. 'Thank you.’ 'I see you still like your cheese sticks.’ You blush a bit. 'Yeah… What brings you here?’ 'I’m visiting my family and I quickly wanted to pick something up before heading there.’ 'Well, tell them I said hi.’ 'I will.’ You give him a small smile. 'Well I have to get some other stuff so uhm…’ 'How are you doing by the way?’ He asks. 'Great, yeah… I finished my exams and now I can just take it a bit easy… And are you still on tour or?’ 'We’re having a little break in two weeks we are going to America.’ 'Oh wow nice.’ 'I still miss you (Y/N).’ 'I miss you two Zayn. But it is better this way.’ 'Maybe it is…’ 'I really have to go now. It was really nice seeing you again. And all the luck in America.’ 'Thanks love. Uhm… Do you mind if I give you a hug?’ You smile. 'Of course not.’ You give him a hug inhaling his scent one last time. You pull back and give him a kiss on his cheek. 'Bye, Zayn.’

Liam: 'Mummy! Mummy where are you?!’ Your 3 year old daughter cries. You had the pick something up at the store and decided to bring Anna with you but when you didn’t watch her for not even a minute, she walked a way now crying for you. 'Have you lost you mummy, sweetie?’ A young man asks her. She nods at him a little frightened by his sudden approach. 'Shall I help you find her?’ 'Yes, please’ She cries. 

'Anna?!’ You call, 'Anna honey where are you?!’ 'Miss, are you alright?’ An employee asks you. 'Have you seen a little girl. She is tree years old, has a brown hair with a black bow and wears a white shirt with jeans and converse.’ At that moment you hear her call your name. 'Mummy!’ 'Oh Anna!’ You rush over to her and pick her up. 'Oh honey, never scare mummy like that ever again okay?’ 'I am sorry, mummy.’ 'It’s alright sweetheart.’ You look up wanting to thank the man who brought her back, but when you see him your heart stops for a moment. 'Liam?’ He smiles at you. 'Hi (Y/N).’ 'Thank you so much for helping her.’ 'It’s alright. She looks a lot like you. She has your eyes and smile.’ 'I hear that a lot.’ 'Do you know him, mummy?’ 'Yes I do. This is Liam. I was in love with him before daddy.’ Anna looks confused at you. 'You still love daddy, right?’ 'Of course, Anna. I love daddy very much.’ 'I’m glad to see you happy, (Y/N).’ 'Thank you. It’s been a long time, Liam. How are you?’ 'Oh yeah. I’m great.’ 'How is Sophia doing? Are you still together?’ He smiles. 'Yes we are.’ 'That’s wonderful.’ 'Mummy, are we going home?’ 'Yes in a minute.’ 'It was nice seeing you again, Liam.’ 'Yeah definitely. I got to go as well. All the best (Y/N). And nice meeting you Anna.’ 'What do you say, Anna?’ 'Thank you Mr. Liam.’ 'Good girl.’ You smile one last at him. 'Goodbye, :Liam.'