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It wasn’t supposed to go like this.

The thing about being somewhat of a “celebrity” is that everyone wants a piece of you. And being in the spotlight comes with the expectation that you owe your fans something in return for their support. Kent loves social media. He loves Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all of it. Which makes it a little easier to fill that expectation, to give his fans something more than just goals and wins. It certainly makes it easier for him than it is for guys like Jack, who seem to break out in hives just thinking about social media.

Kent’s 1.4 million followers on Twitter, 1.2 million followers on Instagram (2.5 million when you combine his account with Kit’s) and over 800K followers on Snapchat make him one of the most followed athletes in the world. He’s by far the most followed hockey player, with more followers than some of the NHL teams themselves. He keeps all three running pretty well. Mainly because he enjoys it, he loves sharing his life with his fans.

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i haven’t been keeping up on pokemon news but lusamine looks COOL

draco the cheerleader
  • Draco: 2, 4, 6, 8,
  • Draco: 1, 3, 5, 7,
  • Draco: 5, 15, 20, 25-
  • *on the quidditch field*
  • Ron: Is he cheering in multiples of five
  • Harry: unfortunately

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Hi! You don't to answer this ask. Actually, please keep it. Please keep it and know that someone will always support you! And you DESERVE a break every now and then. We don't physically see you, and we can only do so much as hope for the best. BUT, we know you are human and not a robot running a blog. So please, PLEASE take that day off if you need to. And if you have someone to vent this off, then even better, i hope it does helps you feel better :) XOXOxo -A non

((ah thanks i mean im always working on asks! even in school i work on them bc i want to provide good content and yea youre right i should take a break… but today i just feel like utter shit and my stomach decided to be a bitch and now i feel like puking but thank you very much! you honestly didnt have to send an ask like this but i appreciate it))


all of your favourite vines are going to be fine, they’ll still be there

twitter’s just discontinuing the app because they aren’t making enough revenue to maintain it

please spread this message around, the widespread panic is unnecessary

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"I cleared my schedule to spend all day with you" for satori pls pls pls ily

Tendou Satori:

He didn’t know how much longer of this he could take.
It wasn’t like she had asked to take a break, but when she implied that she needed a week away from him due to studying and her club, she might as well have just dumped him. Tendou didn’t expect himself to be so upset over the change, but he was. He thought life would go on as usual, volleyball, shounen jump, sleep, repeat, but there was an empty pit inside of him that forbade him from doing so. He never thought he’d be so attached to another human being in his life, these feelings were so foreign to him. For the first time ever he was actually pining over something that wasn’t fabricated, he was pining over her.
Tendou was sure that if it were any other time of the year, he’d be able to get by just fine. However, tomorrow was Valentine’s Day, and celebrating it when you have a girlfriend without her really being there was sure to be tough. He figured he could just get by like he has been for the past eighteen years, but that would most likely be impossible. He knew she wanted a little bit of space for her studies, but he was sure to end up calling her two hundred times throughout the day.

It was currently 11:27 PM on February the 13th and Tendou has never felt more strange. The last time he had spent hours refreshing and reloading __’s tumblr was way before they were dating, when his crush on her was borderline stalkerish. Everytime he reloaded it stayed the same, the top post a mocking gif of her blowing a kiss at the camera. He just wished she’d text him, or call him, or something. He didn’t even see her in school all that much either, her being in class five. Tomorrow was going to be hell, he was sure of it. With all this moping, he became the self proclaimed “Ebenezer Scrooge of Valentine’s Day”, but instead of muttering “bah humbug” under his breath, it was more like a string of dirty cusses. He got off her page thirty minutes after he realized that she wasn’t going to post anything, and pulled up their previous text messages. The last thing she said was, “I love you”, and re-reading that made him all the more upset. He really, really wanted to reach out to her, more than anything. He typed a quick, “I miss you a lot”, his thumb hovering over the send button. He didn’t want to bother her or anything, she was probably sleeping or studying and he didn’t want to distract her from either. With a sigh he closed the app, his message to be forever unsent.

The next day at school was a tedious treachery. He didn’t know whether the cancellation of all clubs was a blessing, or a curse. He was going to go with a curse. Now that he didn’t have volleyball to distract him he was to succumb to locking himself away in his bedroom with three cups of Top Ramen and watching Kuroko no Basuke until he passed out. He wouldn’t necessarily call that ideal, but it was ideal enough. The closer he came towards his house the more and more he wanted to return to school. There was a horrible feeling in his gut and he hated it. He felt mad, upset and anxious all at once. He knew she had her phone on her, why couldn’t she text him at least once? Was he that much of a burden that she had to close him out completely? She definitely wasn’t busy during her lunch period, couldn’t she come see him? He was mad at himself for growing soft, for being so easily malleable in the hands of this girl who decided that she should just cut off everything with him. Then again, maybe he really wasn’t growing soft, he could just be extra hormonal this week, he did do a lot of jacking off.

When he did finally get to his house, he almost vomited. There, on his porch, was a figure, his favorite figure, with her phone in her hands and a bouquet of varying shades of roses. He tugged his earbuds out, and began to walk a little bit faster.
“__?” He called out, stopping a few feet away from her. She looked up, smiled sheepishly, and replaced the phone in her hand with the flowers.
“Hey, Satori.”
“What’re you doing here?” He inquired, his hands balling into fists in his pockets. He really wanted to play it off like he hadn’t missed her with every fabric of his being, but it was hard when she was giving him the sweetest look he’s ever seen.
“Oh… I cleared my schedule to spend all day with you…” She smiled, fiddling with the ribbon on the bouquet. “It would be pretty malicious of me if I didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend.”
Tendou let the smile he held back evade his face, all whilst wondering how he ever doubted this girl. He dropped his bag and ran up to her, waiting for her to set the flowers down before pulling her into a bone crushing hug.
“I missed you.” He muttered into her hair, closing his eyes at the feeling of her warmth that he craved. “And you didn’t have to buy me flowers. Just showing up is a present by itself.”
“No, I did have to get you flowers, see…” She slipped out of his grip, bending back over to pick up the roses. “The red ones stand for love, the pink ones stand for sweetness and, the maroon ones…” She sighed. “Well, the maroon ones stand for sorrow and regret. ‘Cause it was a really stupid decision to ignore you for a week, and I’m really, really sorry.”
“No, no, don’t be sorry.” He cooed, graciously taking the flowers from her hands. “I get it, your career comes first.”
“Semi told me how much you complained about me being gone. By what I’ve heard, you weren’t alright.”
“Oh, what the fuck, he told you?” Tendou whined, his lips turning downward into a strange pout. “I didn’t want you worrying about me.”
“You shouldn’t’ve complained to Semi then…” She laughed, stretching upwards to plant a firm kiss on his cheek. His heart fluttered in his chest, the familiar feeling warm against his skin. He hadn’t talked to her in precisely six and a half days, but those six and a half days felt like years. He cupped her face in his hands as she pulled back, pressing the tip of her nose against his.
“I missed you too, Satori…” She muttered, kissing his lips and allowing him to melt in her arms.
Well, maybe he was malleable, but he wouldn’t move for anyone else.

Note: My friend convinced me to download Tinder and it amused me until every conversation began with requests for nudes. 
Summary: modern AU in which Sasuke finds the love of his life through a dating app and then immediately loses her.

There was an app.

Look at the picture. Swipe right if it’s a yes. Swipe left if it’s a no.

To be clear, Sasuke wasn’t the one who downloaded it. No, he was just the idiot who kindly, mindlessly handed his phone to Naruto without a thought when his friend asked to borrow it to “look something up.” Really, Sasuke thought the idiot was checking out his village on Clash of Clans in some sad form of cheating before deciding to raid him. Instead, the moron was wasting his data and setting up his account on this goddamn dating app.

Sasuke sighed, eyeing the flame-shaped icon for the app, weighing the pros and cons of actually opening it.

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Title: Truth or Dare (Daughter of Scott! Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: The reader is ready to leave Stark’s party; until Wanda decides that a game of truth or dare would be a fun experience.

Word Count: 1482

A/N: I LOVE PIETRO!!!!!! I hope you love him too. I just loove doing imagines where the reader is the daughter of someone idk guys : ) I’ll be leaving tomorrow to go visit family, so my posting may be a little slower! Okay, enough chitchat. ENJOY! 

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109 121 130

109. Is something irritating you right now?

yeh, the tumblr app on my phone has started to crash immediately if i go anywhere besides my dash :)))))))))))))) so now i have to wait until i get home so i can use my desktop computer to do anything, cant even send or look at messages :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) gonna kermit

130. Do you like subway?

idk ive only taken it a couple times when i was in spain so, it was fine, nothing gr8 but nothin horrible that i experienced

121. Are you mean?

sometimes :)