Julie and Eunice started this thing where they call me “Queen Zilvia” sometimes and Eunice breaks people’s hearts like a badass and makes this beautiful art that makes me want to cry and I figured out some drawing stuff from watching her doodle in class and we have this joke where “Julie” translates to “beautiful” so sometimes we say “you look so julie today” and when we say that to Julie we all look at each other and start laughing and we’re all ridiculous but I love them and I will arbitrarily text Julie at midnight and she’ll say things to make me laugh because she’s goofy like that and Dev is sweet and calm and comforting to be around and her little sister is ridiculously cute and Mumtahana and I have this beautiful relationship where we get to tell each other about the people that harass us and curse them out and she’s such a wonderful beautiful person and her unconscious support is just so wonderful even though I don’t think she realizes it and I have a lot of feelings because I just realized that even though I won’t miss high school in a few months I definitely will miss the five or six people here that are actually really close to me that I won’t be seeing for a long time after that and it makes me a little sad.

xoxoskeleton  asked:

I wrote ten questions and tagged you on my tumblr. please answer and let me know when. <3 because we all like questions, right?

I’m afraid I haven’t the creativity to think of 10 questions but the first six people who see this get to answer the same questions I do, aren’t I special. And sighlentbelle, eunicow, thecharmingstrangeness, negelirelden — you four definitely have to answer them. MUHAHAHA.

  1. What do you consider a turning point in your life and why?
    The time when I was supposed to be born but procrastinated for so long the doctor ~threatened~ surgery. I was born the next day. As you can tell, my aversion to surgeries and general medical procedures has existed from birth. (The turning point is that I was born)/  
  2. Name one contradictory advice you’ve received or heard.
    “Take my advice. I don’t take it!” 
  3. What quote (famous person or loved one) always cheers you up when you read it?
    The poem that’s excerpted in my sidebar, however peculiar it may seen. Maybe not *cheerful* but definitely makes me happy and content to some extent.
  4. What are some traits you can’t help being?
    Stubborn. Awfully stubborn, wonderfully stbborn. If you were to look up “stubborn” in the dictionary, you’d see my name. If I decide I want a particular thing done (or that I dislike a certain person) it’s next to impossible to convince me otherwise. Amusingly enough, I can readily accept when I think I know something and turn out be a giant ignoramus on the subject. But that’s only because I refuse to remain being a giant ignoramus.
  5. Philosophical question, “Should I hate the tiger for playing with his food? Or the snake for not killing faster?” If you like dark, twisted, and/or scary things, why?
    If I was going to be food for one of them I’d prefer the tiger personally, because being toyed with means there’s a change to escape and being bitten my the snake just means I’m going to sit there in agony and agonize and even if I got away I’m most likely screwed anyway. And I hate twisted, horrorish things, but I love the dark. The dark itself is comforting.
  6. What are some topics you could go on and on and on and on about?
    About how my sister is totally the best in the world. Also probably certain books, I dunno.
  7. What does it take for you to get close to someone or someone to get close to you? What may prevent you?
    If I get the feeling that the person is a potential threat to my wellbeing or the wellbeing of the people I care about, that’s a definite no. And generally, racist liberals (and conservatives, sure) I can’t stand, or sexist ones, or whatever else, not because ~omg politics~ but because dammit, I’m not going to spend my time around someone who can’t respect me as a person. Or someone who tries to stop me from doing the things that keep me alive, who try to stop me fighting, because it makes them uncomfortable. 
  8. Most devastating, feels-wrenching moment in fiction you can remember.
    When Rue died, because I’d places my sister as Rue, that’s who she was, and when she died my world was broken. Then again at Prim’s
  9. What is something you wish someone taught you earlier?
    Please stop trying to fix everything. Also please stop blaming yourself for things wholly out of your control. (I still need reminding). 
  10. So what exactly are your plans for taking over the world?