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I was so mad that Naruto didn't react to Sakura and her child essentially losing their house and Sakura being hospitalised or Someone retorted that Naruto was too busy for his own family, but I call bs. The other hokages had time for pupils/pampering granddaughters in war! Just proves how much hinata values naruto's friends, bolt and salad don't even know each other ffs. She can visit neji's grave but not drop by Sakura's place in 12 years? How convenient Naruto loses all contact w/ Sakura :|

Another poem for a boy who doesn’t read.

I wrote a poem about you once
on a yellow sticky note
that I turned into a blog post
and deleted accidentally

in much the same way
you have deleted me,

And though I know it’s
floating on a Cloud somewhere,
it’s too far out of reach

in much the same way
that I can’t reach you.

I barely remember it.
I barely remember you.

Just some pretty words
written long ago for
a pretty boy I used to know.

The picture (+translation of the caption) can be found here.

From what I heard, there are people upset because:

  • They feel that Mutsuki’s skin is too light
  • Mutsuki is wearing a dress despite being a man

Tbh, I wanted to avoid discussing about this at all because doing so here on tumblr is like asking for hatemail, but… sigh.

I don’t think the picture meant to be transphobic at all, especially not with that caption. My interpretation of the caption (I could be wrong) is that Mutsuki feels ‘filthy’ being seen as a woman, and those who see Mutsuki as a woman are also ‘filthy’.

I understand wanting an accurate representation of trans characters and that there are some people who are uncomfortable about Mutsuki wearing a dress, but please do not harrass sensei about this.

do you ever think about how murphy literally has no one like his dad was killed his mother died and basically everyone on the ground hates him and then jaha, someone who finally believed in him left him behind at the supposed “city of light” like my poor son i just want better for you

but imagine michael saying he loves you for the first time like you two would just be lying in bed right before you went to sleep and you’d be talking about your day or something while he listens to you and he cant help but notice your bright eyes and lively voice and the way your nose scrunches up right before you sneeze. and suddenly he would realize that this, right here, the act of just holding you in his arms and staring at your beautiful face and listening to you talk about that song you heard on the radio as you drove home from work, was his most favorite part of the day so he’d interrupt you in one of your stories and just blurt out, “fuck i love you so much” which would make you stop and stare only to find him staring right back at you, green eyes open and unashamed