cut her open and you’d find
a graveyard of memories in her mind.
she’s a living tomb; she’s a
mausoleum of unspoken hellos
and goodbyes said too soon.

there is poison in her veins;
wings on her back that act more like chains.
she wasn’t born with them; she’s learned
how to cope, how to hide, how to use
these gifts that were meant to condemn.
—  weapons cannot choose their purpose (only their targets) | m.a.w
Flu Season

Small snippet of a Klaroline AH/AU where both Klaus and Caroline have the flu. (Idk. I just felt like it)

“Klaus,” Caroline -still being 87% asleep- nudged the man lying next to her, trying her best not to wince at the sore pain that rose in her throat when she spoke.

It was Flu Season. Which usually just meant “it’s getting a hell of a lot colder outside so wear a scarf” for her. But this year, it was literal. It started with a few harmless coughs here and there, but before Caroline knew it, she and Klaus were diagnosed with the common Flu. It went from Klaus taking care of her fever to Caroline passing the Ibuprofen pills to him.
Which led them both lying in bed for nearly four days with only instant chicken soup and plenty of medication to feed them.
If Caroline hated something more than the combination of socks and sandals, it was the flu.
Definitely the flu.

With her face practically pressed into Klaus’ chest Caroline nudged again when he didn’t reply. With eyes still closed she reached for his arm and shook it with whatever strength she had. “Klaus..” she whispered much louder this time but moaned with pain afterwards. Even talking hurt like hell.

“Mmm?” Klaus groaned tiredly into her hair. His body stirring beside her.

“What…” She swallowed the dryness -that literally felt like sandpaper- in her throat, then held back a wince. “..time is it?”

Klaus murmured something that Caroline guessed was a disagreement of her request, then slowly, craned his head up till the red neon numbers of the clock on their nightstand were visible in his sight.

“A quarter past three.” He sighed, settling back down comfortably into the sheets. Feeling sudden goose bumps rise on Caroline’s skin beneath his touch, Klaus reached over the blonde’s shoulder and pulled her favorite furry, purple-colored blanket -that had probably slid off during the night- over her again. She was a bit warm but he hoped to God that she didn’t have a fever again. He mentally took note to check her temperature later.

“Three PM?” Caroline’s eyes were now opened wide and blinking up at her boyfriend, who nodded. “We slept for thirteen hours?!” she squeaked.

You slept for thirteen hours, love.” Klaus looked down at her lazily and amused. “Some people have trouble sleeping with blanket hoggers.”

Caroline scoffed, which just had her coughing right after. Klaus pulled his girlfriend close against him as he rubbed her back in comfort.

Growing up in a place where the weather was 90% cold most of the time, Klaus practically had the flu and sore throat every year. So it was safe to say that his immune system was used to it by now. Because he definitely handled it much better than the blonde beside him -who only got sick twice in her entire life as long as she could remember.

“Ugh. I feel like crap.” Caroline groaned, burying her face into the warm and soothing embrace of the man beside her. “Being sick sucks.” she mumbled against the bare skin of his chest.

Klaus chuckled, raking his hand through the golden locks of her hair, that were -usually smooth, but currently just a ball of a tangled mess on her head. Still, to him, she still looked the same as the first time he saw her; Beautiful. And not afraid of being real.

“Oh, I know.” He agreed, looking down at her with a glimmer of amusement in his eyes.

At his tone, Caroline looked up and pouted like a puppy. “You don’t even feel a bit sorry for me?” she caught his gaze under her lashes.

He laughed and it vibrated in his chest against her. She loved his laugh. She loved him. He took care of her even now…when she hated everything and everyone. (which she gave full credit to the flu by the way)

“I feel more sorry for myself if we’re being honest.” Klaus’ smile turned into a smirk. “I mean, I am the one who’s stuck with a sick and cranky blonde after all…”

“Shut up!” She laughed, playfully smacking his chest with all the strength she could muster. “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.” She teased, a smirk gracing her features.
Then coughed.
Damn you, stupid sore throat.

The Mikaelson didn’t respond to her with a jab of his own -like he usually does. Instead, he brushed back a strand of knotted, blonde hair that was lingering on the skin of her cheek and smiled. Genuinely smiled. All the playfulness was gone and replaced with sincere affection. A look that makes Caroline melt every single time. She smiled.

“No,” Klaus agreed quietly, his voice cracking with emotion. Staring into those ocean-colored eyes, the Mikealson to this very day still couldn’t get enough of the women in his arms. And he knows that he never really will. His eyes -raw with sentiment- search hers for a moment before a slow smile turned up the corners of his lips and he whispered, “I definitely wouldn’t.”