I have spent likely too much time here lately bitching about my job, but NO JOKE: was just coldreading a book (for funz, mostly) which had ALREADY gone through a copyedit AND a proofread. The hero proposes in the last chapter, the heroine happily says yes…and then there’s a subsequent epilogue entirely revolving around him PROPSING AGAIN. AS IF THE FIRST TIME NEVER HAPPENED.


Can I just fire everyone? Is that a cool thing to do on a Friday? Brb.


“…What if I won’t?”

The Doctor frowned: “Won’t what?”

“Remember. If I won’t remember. What then?”


inspired by the most excellent art (and accompanying fic!) for Deeply Wired, an android!rose au by the incomparable @travelingrose

WHY THO Omg I don’t even have words?? All I can really say is ‘thank you’. Like I didn’t even think I’d hit fifty followers when I first started this blog, but now I have 2020 in four months??? So thank you for your support, encouragement, and just your general existence! Maybe I’ll write a few fics some of you have asked for in the past, or maybe I’ll even do a crossover? ;3 Anyway, thank you all again; whether you followed for the writing or the memes, you are appreciated! <3

Writing smut
  • What it should be like: I am SWEPT AWAY in a tidal wave of passionate emotion, caught up in the moment and it’s lovely and steamy and wonderful and the words are flowing through my soul as these characters come together at last in a crescendo of glory.
  • What it’s actually like: ugh she is going to have mud in places mud should not be not to mention how cold it is and probability of twigs and rocks will my readers notice probably because they are reasonable folk oh well SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF and why the heck are there zero synonyms for lips and tongue? PS Saliva is gross. This is gross. How did we get here? Why am I doing this? Where are we going?

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OMG people are upset about braids now??? It's just a hairstyle there's literally nothing negative about it??? They should be able to wear braids if they want to, race shouldn't be a factor for HAIRSTYLES, god it makes me so depressed when I see people react so negatively to something that should be a happy thing, their lives must be miserable :( hopefully people will still enjoy their performances without being offended by something... Let's just enjoy what they put their hearts into for us...

Anonymous said: tbh i feel horrible about cultural appropriation. Hoseok’s hair tho? I dont believe it was. Its normal plaits, not dreads or cornrows or anything of the kind. Plaits are the kind every kid or girl uses all over the world, not really tied to a culture. The problem is that people assumed quickly it was appropriation bc they either dont know the difference (and tbh if ppl try to call other ppl out without knowing this it kinda shows ignorance but oh well) or its bc of the concept.

I also belive that no harm was meant with it. Like I said stylist were going for that 90s inspired look. But that’s the thing, people will view that in different ways.