an actual, real life person that i talked to today: zendaya can’t be mary jane!!1!! she’s not a redhead! mary jane needs to be a redhead!!! ginger girls don’t get enough representation!1!!

me, a ginger: 

Usually when people use my gifs for reactions I get a notification like this:

But, for some reason, whenever it’s my Gabriel gif it’s:

like what do you mean genre-defying work? Get over yourself Gabriel god.

me: let’s do a no-romance run this time! it’ll be fun! :)

Isabela: *breathes in my general direction*


Untitled #1

Why ask me to be your girlfriend even if distance is a problem?
It’s only autumn
I sincerely hope you recognize that I love you.
It’s the complete and honest truth.
You and many others have broken my heart.
Now I’m ranting about you in a form of art.
Contemplating what I did wrong.
I can’t see past this fog.
I’m just so far gone.

It’s fucking CRIMINAL that I am in this no-Halloween celebrations country. ME! I am SUPER GENEROUS with candy! My coworkers LOVE how generous I am with my stash! And I got GREAT taste in candy. No more shitty market brand crap chocolates. I got IMPORTED stuff, I got FULL SIZED BARS, I got candy, chocolate, chips, cookies, NAME IT I WILL GIVE IT.


Sigh, why we no have kids begging for candy where I am. Sigh.

We Are Family

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Happy Birthday, Tooru…

Because stargazing is a Birthday tradition with them. And noone can convince me otherwise. Also: more gentle Iwa… <3

Yes yes… my first year in this fandom, I went with the traditional Oikawa birthday theme. (◡‿◡✿) … just because.
I am NOT too late… somewhere in the world it’s still the 20th…. *flails*