“Man, I don’t understand why we gotta keep shaving our chests like this,” AJ complained.

“Because,” William reminded him, “That’s what Jorge and Rafael do. OK? And we gotta keep doing things the way that they would do them. We can’t risk people suspecting that they’re not acting like themselves. We went through too much damn work to possess these guys and take over their lives. If we make any changes, we gotta do it gradually. Got it?”

“I know,” AJ sighed, “But I think Rafael would look so much hotter with a little bit of chest hair.”

Culture appropriation/misappropriation part 1.

(Deep sigh)

I do not yet have dreadlocks, but I will, once my hair is at my desired length dread it.

A short time after I knew I would dread my hair I came across bits and pieces of ‘white’ people being harassed for having dreadlocks on social media and shortly after I came across the term 'cultural appropriation’

At this point I’d read very little about it, but my initial reaction was that, the ideology behind a culture trying to keep any idea, thing or tradition to itself is ridiculous and, well, wrong.

I came at the topic with an open mind and did my reading.

Keeping in mind that I’m Australian and am some what removed from America(seemingly the only place with a cultural appropriation issue with dreadlocks). I sought an understanding of either side of the argument and an objective understanding.

What I’ve found is that some African American persons take issue with persons not of the same ethnicity having dreadlocks(because dreadlocks at a point in history became a statement against white oppression.

That being so, there are still many reasons dreadlocks being limited to people of colour is ludicrous, the first being that dreadlocks have been widespread across cultures for millennia(this is fact).
Secondly the ideology that any culture thinks it has a sole right to a thing is insane, even if they were the first to do it. Let me put it this way; if two different cultures, removed from one another, both have a tradition that they call their own, created independently of each other, when these cultures meet, they can’t demand the other stop the tradition because they feel ownership of it, that would be insane.
Lastly, many people black, white or otherwise; when they grow their hair out and do not comb it, it will naturally dread. You cannot ask a person at alter their natural physical self because you find it inconvenient or offensive, the thought that you can is offensive in itself.

I recognise that this is a small part of a larger issue and I will further discuss this in later posts(this one is far too long already).

You know how Keith is often portrayed as the short tempered one? How he’s the most impulsive and just up and ready to fight a bitch?

Well, say that’s it’s a teenager thing. And by teenager thing I mean a galra teenager thing. Aside from temperamental, adolescent Galras are just in this stage of life where their want to prove themselves and just eager for a good fight….

So Thace is around, yeah? And during then when he sees Keith doing his reckless “run into battle without a thought or plan” for the first time and instead of just freaking out like a normal parent would do, he just sighs in exasperation

And the others are so confused like! “Why aren’t you so worried!? Your son almost lost his head by a hair inch!!” and he just gives them this owlish look “Well I don’t know what you think I can do about it, boy is bound to grow out of this phase soon *shrugs*”  

……”Did you just imply all *gestures to a bandaged Keith eating space goop* that is just a phase????” 

Well every adolescente goes through it, gods know how much clumps of fur my mother lost when I was his age” [Why you think you’ve never come across another adolescent galra before? Their all stuck in the academy to get a chance to fight]. Sure, scare the team with the thought of a whole school filled with aggressive, impulsive battle hungry teenagers just like Keith just waiting for freedom….


He couldn’t help but smile when he shuffled in through the door and saw you curled up in a ball on your sofa under his jacket, the collar pulled up under your nose. He sat at your feet and watched you for a moment before he put his hand on your ankle. You jerked up, pulling the pistol from under your pillow and placing it right on his temple just like he’d taught you to do. At first, you were apprehensive to say the least but you knew it would give him comfort if you knew how to handle a weapon (and you had to a couple of times) but every time you touched the thing you went practically into shock.  

Calmly, he wrapped his hands around your wrists. “It’s me, baby… Here.” he whispered, peeling your fingers away from the handle. 

“Shit…” you sighed, finally able to move. You leaned over, letting your legs fall off the couch, leaning over and running your fingers through your hair. “I’m sorry, Frank.” 

“It’s okay, you did exactly what I taught you.” he patted your back. “Good.” he kissed your head before pulling you up off the couch. “I need you to stitch me up.” 

“Okay, go sit at the table, I’ll get the med supplies.” you stood on your toes to reach his forehead, pressing a soft kiss on one of the few spots that wasn’t bruised. 

He obeyed quietly, taking a seat at your kitchen table, waiting patiently for you to come back. You sat in the chair next to him, pulling it as close as you could get to him before ordering off his shirt. You cleaned all the wounds you could see before you started to stitch them up, apologizing every time he winced, which was a lot. 

“It’s alright, baby, thank you.” he said softly when you finished up, apologizing for the last time. 

“I wish you’d be more careful.” you may as well have been talking to a brick wall. You went to put away all the gauze and alcohol and needles, placing everything where it as meant to be before sliding into bed next to him. 

“Thank you for taking care of me, sweetheart. I’m sorry I put you through this all the time.” 

“It’s alright. It’s part of you and I love you, Frank. All of you.” 

“I love you too.” he told you and he meant it more than anything he’d ever said. he led his head fall onto yours, kissing you before you fell asleep. 

Boyfriend Inseong


“I’m so glad I brought my library card, cause i’m totally checkin you out~”

“We are already dating you don’t have to do this”

“But I can do you” ( NOPE JUST KIDDING) (But i’m not~;) *desi*)

He would do cheesy things. Like if you guys were walking past a florist place, he would be the one to stop and buy you a single flower.

“You are the only flower in need in my life”

“Inseong please you do this every time. The florist practically knows who you are”

~THIS BOY is a cuddler. But not just any cuddler. The type to lay ontop of you on your chest so you can play with his hair. He would hum everytime you do that and sigh in content.

Every Time you guys hold hands he always ends up playing with your fingers, either twirling a ring that’s on your finger or tracing patterns on the back of your hand.

~The type to speak random ass english to you. You’ll be in the middle of a conversation and then suddenly.

“That’s a pretty flower”

“Inseong what.”

`Speaking of flowers. On one of your chill dates at home you decide to watch “Tangled” and from that moment on he called you flower because you always gave him energy and made him act like a lovesick schoolboy. (#youmadegrandpafeelyoungandhip)

You’re walking past a meadow on your way to a picnic one day when he freezes, looking around panicking.

“Inseong what’s wrong???”


“Why are you like this?”

~When you are sick this boy goes into lost puppy mode. He would run to Rowoon and beg him to make some type of soup or porridge. Next thing you know he is at your doorstep ringing the bell over and over till you answer. And when you do. OH BOY. this little shit. He LEAVES THE SOUP BY THE DOOR AND BACK UP LIKE FIFTY FEET. He would the proceed to yell at you from the other side of the road

“BABE. I MADE ROWOON MAKE YOU SOUP” * does big heart and cheeky smile*

“WHy are you over there?”



Like the time he got a solo he showed up at your place at like 6 in the morning after the meeting banging on your door.

You would open the open and be like.

“Inseonggie what are-”

“I GOT A SOLO!!!!!” immediately hugs you and jumps around

But we all know you would be happy af for him and would support him 150%

I imagine Inseong being a really sweet boyfriend but also a teasing little shit.

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“I didn’t tell you, but it wasn’t because I didn’t want it. I wanted to call, but I couldn’t. I was mad and hurt. I hated you for a while. It just wasn’t right, for either of us.” You sit back, looking across the table at Sam’s face. He’s eyes are laser focused on the table, stirring a slow circle with his coffee spoon.

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Edmund x Reader: Love and Kisses

Hey! I love your writing and I was wondering if you could do an Edmund Pevensie modern AU based on the song Can’t Help Faling in Love- Elvis Presley and involves Hershey’s kisses and real kisse. Really fluffy please. I’m in that kinda mood. Thank you very much!!

~I LOVE THIS YOU HAVE NO IDEA *pant pant* Okay. Here you go, you beautiful thing you. I only used the first two verses because I think it was just cuter that way…I don’t know…Modern AU~

Wise men say

The feel of Edmund’s arms around you was much warmer than any blanket in your proximity. The two of you lay, all alone and all cozy, on the couch in your living room. On the coffee table sat a bag of untouched Hershey’s kisses, waiting to be opened once one of you ACTUALLY stood up.

Edmund sighed into your hair. “You know, there really isn’t anything I would rather do than be lazy here with you.”

You raised an eyebrow. “I see someone’s aiming for rhymer-of-the-year award.”



Edmund exhaled in exasperation, kissing your temple. “Rhymer isn’t a word. You’re looking for ‘poet’ I assume?”

You smirked.

Only fools rush in

You scanned the couch for stray pillows, keeping an eyebrow raised all the while. Once you located one at your feet, you immediately sat up and began hitting your boyfriend with the fluffy cushion.

“This. Is. For. Always. Being. A. Smartass. Edmund. Pevensie!” Between every word, you pounded Edmund with your pillow.

But I can’t help

He immediately retaliated, laughing and shrieking as he grabbed a second pillow.

“You really think-arggh-you can win?” Edmund shouted, throwing the pillow at your head. It instantly exploded with feathers, the fluff landing all over you and getting caught in your hair.

Falling in love

You hit the pillow with your free hand, using another pillow to whack Edmund across the head with your other hand. “This means war, Pevensie!” You yelled, falling off the couch with laughter. Edmund fell after you, landing beside the coffee table on the carpet as the two of you toppled over one another with giggles.

The pillow fluff in your hair sprinkled all over the couch, some of it landing in Edmund’s hair.


With you

Your laughter died down as Edmund’s eyes met yours. They were soft and warm, inviting you to stare into them forever. Slowly, Edmund rolled over a pillow to hover above you.

“You look cute with feathers all over your face.”

You laughed, tugging at his shirt. “Do I, now?”

Edmund leaned down a little to connect his lips to yours.

Shall I stay

The kiss was soft and delicate, and it filled your entire body with a warmth incomparable to any other.

As you broke apart, your eyes were met with a small, shiny object swaying before you. “Uh, Ed?” You questioned, laughing as your eyes adjusted. “Why are you holding chocolate in front of me?”

Edmund shrugged, Placing the Hershey’s kiss on your nose. You wrinkled it, making the chocolate fall onto your lips. Edmund grinned mischievously.

Would it be a sin

Immediately, his lips were placed over yours and the Hershey’s kiss was in between a real kiss, and you barely noticed it at all as you felt your lips sink into Edmund’s. You didn’t know when the kiss had ended, but all you knew was that the piece of wrapped chocolate was now on Edmund’s lips as he lay beside you.

You rolled your eyes, hitting him with the pillow again. “So that’s your plan? Kiss me and then steal my kiss?”

Edmund smirked, keeping the chocolate on his lips. “I did not steal a kiss from you.”

You laughed in exasperation, shaking your head. “You did. I had chocolate and now I don’t. And a guy should never,” You paused, lifting your arm to grab the bag of kisses from the coffee table, “Come between a girl and her chocolate.” With that, you threw a Hershey’s kiss at Edmund’s face. It landed on the bridge of his nose, making the other kiss fall to the floor beside him.

If I can’t help

Edmund smiled devilishly, a plan forming in his head. He grabbed the bag of Kisses from your hand instantly, chucking it forward to force about a dozen chocolates to fall on your face. “EDMUND PEVENSIE!” You yelled, spluttering and sitting up instinctively as the kisses fell onto your lap.

“Ugh I hate you.” You said, laughing and throwing a pillow onto the couch.

Falling in love

“No you don’t,” Edmund corrected teasingly, leaning over you to trap you with his arms on either side of your torso, “You love me.”

With you

“I do.”

Cassandra Pentaghast - “I am not cute. She’d take it the wrong way, most definitely. Her eyes would narrow and her jaw would clench, lips thinned and a soft ‘ugh’ would leave her lips. In her eyes, one could see the challenge. Say it again, she dares you. Punk.

Solas - “Is that entirely appropriate, Herald?” He’d say, voice unreadable and a single eye brow up. “I don’t think we have time for such flirtations. We have much more important things to be doing.” He’d wave them off, sighing under his breath.

Varric - Sigh. “It’s the chest hair, isn’t it?” He’d say bemused, running a hand down his exposed chest and slowly shaking his head. “Everyone loves the chest hair. But sorry, Herald, I’m off the market.” He’d say with mocking adoration in his voice, holding his crossbow close. 

Vivienne - “Oh Darling, you are too charming. But I will have to ask you to refrain from using such pleasantries and flirtations on me, for they are unwelcome. Do keep this in mind next time before you let your lips run.” She’d then go back to business as usual, talking about what needed to be done.

Iron Bull - “Cute? Who, little old me?” He’d grunt, raising an eye brow. His lips would twist into a bemused smile, as if saying ‘Really?’. He’d chuckle, shaking his head. “Your not half bad either, Boss. See me sometime if you want to know just how ‘cute’ I really am.” 

Sera - “Oh stop it you.” She’d giggle, smacking a hand on the Heralds side. “Not gonna think I’m so cute when you find bees buzzin around.” She’d say, grinning impishly.

Blackwall - “…Oh.” He’d grunt, clearly uncomfortable with being called ‘cute’. He’d fix his clothes, huffing the slightest bit. “I don’t think I’m all that cute but thank you, I suppose. Not one to turn down a compliment.”

Cole - “Cute. Like a child, bright eyed and curious, innocent and eager to learn. But…I’m not innocent. I’ve killed people. I don’t get it.” His lips would thin, eyes confused as he stared at the Herald. 

Dorian Pavus - “Oh, I know. The blood magic using Tevinter magister, cute! Well, you know I’m not really any of those things, but’s that’s the last word I expected to be used to describe me. I haven’t been ‘cute’ since I was four.” He’d chuckle, shaking his head.

Bonus Characters!

Cremisius Aclassi - “Oh.” He’d blink, cheeks going red for a moment. “Uh…me? Heh. Well, thanks. But uh…woulda preferred handsome. But thanks.” He’d smile, shy now, rubbing his arm slowly. "Wanta sit down for a drink?” He’d ask, almost hesitantly. Once they accepted, he’d be smiling wide and bright. 

Scout Lace Harding - “Oh! Ehem. I don’t think that’s…really appropriate, Herald.” She’d look to the side, biting her lip slightly. “…But. Your pretty cute yourself. Now! About the bandits I saw to the west…” She’d change the subject immediately, face red and mouth going a mile a minute.

Leliana - A single eye brow would slowly raise in amusement, arms crossing and fingers curling around them as she looked the Herald up and down. “Yes, I am. It leads to people dropping their guard. Noticing me, but yet not. It makes for slipping a dagger in someones ribs much more easier when their too busy staring at your lips.” 

Cullen Rutherford - His face would burn red, eyes widening in surprise and shock. “C-cute?” He’d say, coughing softly, his old stutter emerging. “I…well, I’ll have to ask you to keep things. Business, Herald of Andraste. We have…many things to do. And such.”

Josephine Montilyet - Her eye lashes would flutter and her mouth would turn into a small ‘Oh!’. “That…that isn’t entirely appropriate, but…” She’d look around, smiling a bit when there was no sight of Leliana. “I think you are cute as well. Back to business then, yes?”

Gilme: Oral Sex -m-

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  • starts off slow, with long licks and intense eye contact
  • won’t speed up unless you beg
  • “that’s a good girl/boy, moaning my name just like that”
  • dirty talk is occasional, since she would rather busy her mouth with other things. but uses it to praise you
  • body worship


  • encouraging; “don’t be shy, I know you’ll do well”
  • good at holding back her moans
  • hands holding yours mostly but something grips your hair
  • juts her hips and sighs from pleasure
  • is only loud when coming, back arching and mouth falling slack
  • lets go of your hands then, afraid of squeezing you painfully, instead gripping the bed sheets as she orgasms
  • body shakes, heavy breathing, needs a moment to recover
Protect- Alec Voltouri

Hi! Just found your blog and I love it! :) Could you do an alec imagine where you’re his human mate and he tries to hide you from the volturi but they find out and want to meet you and caius and jane threaten you to test you and Alec protects you? - Anon

Word count: 584

*Requests are open*

“They know. Oh goodness, they know, Y/N.” Alec said, pulling at his hair and running in. I sighed, propped up on the bed.

“Who knows what, exactly, Alec?” I asked. It was like him to run in saying vague things and expect me to know what he was talking about. I almost laughed at him, he was ridiculous sometimes.

“Jane and Caius. They know about you, that you’re human. They know everything! Aro probably knows, too, then. This is very bad, Y/N. Do you know what would happen if people found out that the Voltouri were breaking their own rules? Particularly, what the Cullens would do?”

“Well, I can’t imagine that it would be very good. So, what then? Are you going to kill me in order to save the Volouri’s image?” I asked it with a smile on my face. I knew that it wouldn’t happen. For the last six months, I had been hiding away. Alec Voltouri had a human mate, and what a scandal it would be if anyone found out.

“They want to meet you.”

The smile was wiped from my face almost immediately. Jane and Caius were two that I had heard a few horror stories about. Jane, who could bring anyone into excruciating pain just because she wanted to. And Caius, who just didn’t care about anything.

“Oh god. Alec, you do realize that they will likely actually kill me, don’t you?”

“No they won’t. I will kill them before they have the chance. Killing you would cause more problems than it would solve. Don’t be afraid, sometimes I think that Jane can smell fear.”

Somehow, he still managed to make me laugh while leading me down the halls. My heart rate was going crazy, which probably didn’t help my case at all.

“Relax.” He whispered, pulling me into a room. I’d never seen Jane or Caius before, but I wasn’t shocked. They both had the same red eyes as Alec, as any vampire would. Or atleast, as any vampire should.

“So, this is her, Alec? Well, she doesn’t seem too special to me.” Spoke Caius. I tried not to be offended, and mostly succeeded.

“True, Caius. Y/N, was it? Well, Y/N, let me give you one very clear warning, and only one. If you put our secret or reputation in danger, I will kill you and everyone you love.” Jane said. She stood close to me, very close.

“Could you stand to kill your own brother?”

She snarled and Alec jumped between us. He had his arms up in defense from her. Jane looked shocked, almost like she didn’t expect him to defend me.

“Leave her alone, Jane. She isn’t a threat. You will not touch her, because I will not hesitate to end your immortal life.”

Jane rolled her eyes and walked back to Caius, who just stood there watching the whole ordeal. Alec did not move from his defensive position as he spoke.

“Y/N is my mate, and you cannot touch her. That is final.” With that, he rushed me from the room.

“Well, that went better than expected.” I laughed. He simply smiled and shook his head.

liberty-flight  asked:

that body swap au is hilarious (and yet it can get so easily angsty) imagine shaving though. Because sharp and pointy near face. A very handsome face. I would imagine shaving your face is hard? it's your face. and idk what sort of razor Roy would have laying around to use. Riza is Roy's bodyguard, cutting said body's face would be Bad. Also! I headcanon Riza has above 20/20 eyesight. Roy doesn't. It's a small thing but weird for them to adjust to.

Amsndksnzjbsh YES!

Omg imagine Riza walking in and her face is covered with little bits of tissue paper that she used to stop the bleeding and Roy is just ??? And she sighs and says that she didn’t really do a good shave job.

I love the headcanon that Roy knows how to do a woman’s hair because of his time spent at the Madame’s bar, but now that there’s long hair on him it’s weird and he can’t understand the angle. They both have to help each other out. It’s the only thing they can do to stay sane :’)

I love him,” I whispered.
“And what is love?” she asked.
“It’s realizing that even though he wasn’t what I wanted, he was exactly what I wanted,” I answered.
“What does that mean?”
“It means that I wanted someone who wanted me. I wanted someone who would put me first. I wanted piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. He is none of those things. He doesn’t want me, he doesn’t put me first, and he has gorgeous brown eyes and deep brown hair.”
“But you want him.”
“I do.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write

after what happened to Myrcella, the Lannisters still wanted an alliance with the Martell’s. so you were chosen. you werent thrilled to be used as a pawn by the Lannisters but you didnt have much choice in the matter.

then came the day you were to meet your betrothed. “he’s handsome.” Jaime tried to assure you as he led you to the garden, a place Trystane had been frequently visiting since his arrival. 

you rolled your eyes and Jaime sighed.

you walked onto the patio, immediately seeing the guy. he was dressed nicely, with beautiful dark curled hair. then he looked up. Jaime was right, the guy, Trystane, was quite handsome. all your fear that you were going to be married to an ugly jerk was gone (i mean, sure he could still turn out to be a jerk)

Trystane looked back at you, he couldent speak. couldent even think properly. the only thing on his mind was you. how beautiful you were. and how he knew he would do anything in his power to make you happy.

A Night Of Surprises 2

Part one 

i open my eyes, but cast my hand over my face as the sun is blinding me. when my eyes adjust to the light i sit up and look around the room. this isn’t my room. this isn’t Cameron’s room either! where the hell am i? 

i get out of the bed going to the dresser and seeing an outfit laid out with a note on top. come down when you’re finished Harley. we have things to discus and plan. - J

oh great it wasn't just a horrible dream. i need to find Cameron. I just hope he’s alright. if he got hurt i don’t know what i would do with myself. i look at the clothes seeing as they’re from Harley’s wardrobe before Jerome is killed. i sigh and slip the shirt on with the jeans and chunking heel boots. i ruffle my hair putting on a slight bit of makeup. okay if you just play along no one will get hurt. especially you. just calm down and go role play. 

seeing as my character is kidnaped at this time i have no clue where to go or what to say. I’m completely blind here. i step down the long defending stair case from the bedrooms and scope out the rooms for Cameron Jerome. i think to my character remembering everything i can.

she’s smart, attending school, and late one night she comes face to face with Jerome. she falls in love with him, and runs off to be with him and the Maniax. she doesn’t crack and become insane till after penguin makes her watch the footage of Jerome being killed. 

so good! i don’t have to act like a complete loony bin. i can just skid right by with Harleens personality. i walk in the room that the boys are sitting in. “Harley! dear it’s so good to see you. Welcome home.” Galavan rushes to me giving a fake smile and hug. “its wonderful to be back.” I smile and look around to see Jerome smiling at me. “What? do i have something on my face?” i ask looking at him. “Of course not doll face. come here i’ve missed you so much.” i gulp and walk over the him. he doesn’t stand up as i expect, but pats his lap for me to sit. i willing sit on his lap him wrapping his arms around me and kissing my neck slightly. 

“You said we needed to talk?” “Yes. Do you remember anything about here? Me, your friends before? your family?” I bite my lip scared if i tell him the truth. “Not really. I’m just not the person you think i am. My real name isn’t Harley.” “Well duh of corse i know that! only your friends call you Harley. when i met you you were Harleen.” “Cam- Jerome please listen to me. I’m not either of those people. My name is (Y/n) (L/n). i live in New York with my boyfriend Cameron. we both are actors, and don’t live in this world. i don’t belong here. take me back, and ill tell you where Harley is.” Jerome laughs along with everyone in the room. “Oh you are in really bad shape upstairs baby. nothing a lil shock therapy can’t help. ill get you all straightened out.” Jerome pulls me down the hall to a dark room.

he flicks on the lights and tries to strap me to a bed. “get the hell off me! stop!” i scream and he snaps the belts around my wrists. “Ohh no doll. i need to fix you. you need to remember me. remember our love, our madness together.” Jerome smirks and picks up two shock sticks placing them inches from my temples. “Jerome please no. please. I’ll do anything.” i say panicked with tears in my eyes. 

“Shh baby. it will be over before you know it, and you’ll be back to yourself in no time.” Jeorme presses his lips to mine in a rushed kiss. “Scream when you need to. no one here will judge doll.” In a rush Jerome presses the sticks to my head causing me pain I’ve never felt before. i felt on fire. my whole body becoming numb. i scream loud louder then i ever have before. 

it seemed like hours for this till my screams…turn into laughter. my tears of pain turn into tears of happiness. all other seances fade. Madness is the emergency exit, and I’ve just walked through it.

NCT as Hair Salon Employees quotes

Taeil- “Look up hun, a little bit higher……. just a little bit more.”

Taeyong- “Your hair looks damaged, what was the last thing you did to it?”

Donghyuck- “Would you like something to drink? We have coffee, tea and water. Diet sugar? Sure.”

Mark- “You would look really good with pink hair.”

Yuta- “*sigh* What am I going to do with you?”

Jaehyun- “Have you chosen a color for your nails? You want me to choose it? Okay girl/boy.”

Doyoung- “Are you on a diet? You look skinnier.”

Hansol- “*doesn’t say a word throughout washing your hair*”

Ten- “When did your nails get this long? They look great!”

Johnny- “Did you get taller?”

Jaemin- “Why are you so quiet today? Did something happen?”

Kun- “I don’t understand why he didn’t eat the chicken I prepared for dinner. I was on the kitchen all afternoon trying to make the perfect sauce!”

Jisung- “Why is your hair so greasy?”

Jeno- “Have you thought about cutting your hair shoulder-length? It would look cute on you.”

Winwin- “Finally you came back! Did you bring me anything from the trip?

You didn’t?”

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thoughts on shawn in caps?? 🤔😏

Okay so i m not really a fan of caps… like i don’t know? But? I have a thing for pretty hair (who doesn’t?) so I’m usually like SHOW. ME. THE. HAIR. Especially since Shawn has such gorgeous thick hair… I’m like… *dreamy sigh*

ANYWAYS he can pull it off? Ish? Like personally it doesn’t do anything for me. (Unlike shorts or all black) but I get why you would like it. Like i see the appeal but *gestures wildly at his head* WHERE DID THE HAIR GO?!

EXO K reaction; after a fight

↬  gifs are not mine and i hope ya’ll enjoy this !!  ↫

                           also you can request things so please do !!

SUHO; Suho would immediatly feel like the world had come crashing down as soon as you left the room, regret washing over him in a instant. He’s be furious with himself for ever making you that upset. With a deep sigh and a hand ruffling trough his hair he’s up the stairs within seconds, making his steps extra loud so you’d know he’s coming with a stupid apology that even he knew wouldn’t fix things. His hand would slowly reach up and knock on the door gently, eyes closed and head bowed. ‘’Jagiya, just open up the door, we should really talk this out, i can’t bear seeing you this upset’’

BAEKHYUN; Baekhyun is normally a very laid back and down to earth boy who couldn’t even hurt  fly, but as soon as he noticed your glossy eyes he’d be quiet, reality hitting him pretty fast that whatever he said was not the right thing. He’s watch you turn around and hurry upstairs, leaving him slowly realizing that what he had said hurt, it hurt alot. Neither of you ever lashed out at eachother ever, and now he’d fucked it all up. Baekhyun would just sit on the couch, staring ahead of him as he realized how stupid he could be at times. Baekhyun would gather up the courage to yell at you upstairs. ‘’Jagi, please come downstairs and let’s fix this mess’’

CHANYEOL; Chanyeol wouldn’t know what to do. All the poor boy would do was stare off into space, trying his hardest to avoid your gaze. He knew he’d taken it too far, which wasn’t something he would easily do. Chanyeol would try his hardest to not let his own tears flow down his face but it’d be pretty hard. With a lump in his throat and eyes finlly closed, he bowed his head down and opened his hues. He’d slowly start looking up until your eyes met and he’d freeze. ‘’I’m so sorry Y/N, i’m so sorry’’

D.O; In Kyunsoo’s case things would be awkward. You had the fight a night before and left things badly. Both of you didn’t talk all night, whilst he slept on the couch whilst you took the bed. In the morning you’d awoke to nothing beside and you’d see him safe and sound on the couch snoring. You’d want to laugh but remembered what went down yesterday. You went on with making coffee and just ignored his presence when he finally awoke. You’d leave him some coffee while you went back upstairs to get dressed but be stopped by a red eyed Kyungsoo, sad expression washed over his pale face. ‘’Please don’t walk away like this again, please just forgive me’’

KAI; Jongin would stare at the door, eyes wide open in shock because first of all, you left, and second of all that he didn’t run after you right away. He’d just sit at the dinner table all night until he heard the lock of the door being twisted and the door softly shutting. ‘’Jagiya–’’ He’d softly mutter, sleepily gazing at you and than at the clock, which read 12:00. Jongin would run a hand trough his locks and stare at you with apologetic eyes. ‘’Let’s just go to bed alright, we can talk about all of this in the morning, i’m too tired’’

SEHUN; Sehun didn’t realize what he had said until you screamed back at him. His hues would widen at the sight of you in tears, yelling at him that whatever he said hurt you like hell. Tears would be falling down your face as he would finally realized that this was the ending line of this conversation. Sehun would take a few slow steps towards you and wrap you in his arms, head resting ontop of your head, muttering a few apologies left and right, regretting all the words he had just said. ‘’God i’m so sorry, stop being mad at me please’’

Walls ( bc school is in two days and i’m dying inside )

“Don’t you think it’s too plain?” Hermione asked, one day, her eyes on the plain colored wall.

“What is?” Draco asked as he pulled her closer to him, her back touching his chest.

“The walls.” She replied. “We should paint it.”

Draco groaned, as his girlfriend pushed her crazy idea. He knew when she decided to do things, whether she had permission or not, she would push her ideas and it doesn’t take a genius to know that when she pushes things, she pushes them to the limits.

“We’re wizards, Hermione.” He murmured in her hair. “We can just flick our wands.”

“But I want to do it in the muggle way.” She protested.

He sighed. “Fine.”

He didn’t want to move from their position first so he cuddled her closer to him, his hold on her waist tightening as she chuckled at his action.

“What color would it be though?” Hermione muttered, loud enough for Draco to hear.

“Green.” He said, inhaling her scent.

She had always loved her she smelled. Like cinnamon and vanilla, which he found out to be pleasant for his nose—considering if it wasn’t his favorite scent already.

He loved how her body molded in his. How her fragile body matched his in a syncing way.

“No, we are not painting the walls green.”


“No.” She cut off.




“Draco, our bathroom walls are green. The library’s walls are green and the kitchen’s walls are green. Oh no, mister, I don’t want to paint the walls in our room green!”

Draco inwardly sighed. “What color would it be then? Red?” He snorted.

“I was thinking between the lines of cerulean and violet.”


“What?” She shrieked. “Why?”

“I don’t want our room to look like something painted by a five year old.” He scrubbed his nose. “Besides, cerulean and violet?”

Hermione pouted. “But we aren’t painting them green.”

“And we aren’t painting them with red either.” He countered back.

Hermione turned to face him. She smiled unconsciously. His face was just inches away from hers. His pale blonde hair was sticking out in all directions and his eyes were half-closed.

She pinched his nose. “Silver then.”

He popped an eye open, smiling at her. She smiled back, complete by her greeting early in the morning.


He grinned, leaning in closer. “I knew you were the right decision.”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “I love you too, Malfoy.”

As do I, Granger.

❝ HE TOSSED his duffe bag aside, hands running through his hair as he picked up a book to continue where he had stopped. practice was in a couple hours, and if the promise of something more after it didn’t exists, nate would probably not be found anywhere near there. he had more interesting things to do, better things to be involved with. the shadow that towered over him only got a deep sigh to escape fro his lips, giving it two minutes more to move before looking you. “ i am busy. ” he spoke slowly, showing the book with a movement of his hand as he rose his eyebrows.