Ask Daddy Blaine

Tell me Daddy. Is it weird if I serenade my crush that I’ve known for two weeks and with who I only shared two coffees ?

Can I do that in his workplace ?

Can I use a song about sex ?

Tell me Daddy. Can I ask the person that I love to marry me even if we just got back together ?

Can I do that in front of the entire Ohio ?

Tell me Daddy. Can I marry this same person just after we’ve gotten back together for the second time ?

Can I do that at the wedding of my friends ?

Thanks Daddy. Love you.

(all the credits to the lovely klainelopez for the gif)

Doing Victoria Ying’s supercool color challenge, ‘cause I gotta do some personal art in between all this client work or I’ll go crazy!

Red for #7daysofcolor, featuring Star-Lord. Follow me on Twitter for more timely updates on this challenge~

I’ve been crying since Friday


Suzuya Juuzou, the adorable Investigator (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


Here is some ghibli jeanmarco for your soul. I thought I’m gonna die while working on this *nervous laughter*

It’s kinda late but anyways Happy birthday, Marco! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I love you so much ;__;


January 10 2013 - VIXX fans were officially named ‘Starlight’.
Since then, VIXX has had four comebacks, a collaboration album, a world showcase tour and many sleepless nights. But they never failed to show love for Starlights.

I clearly see the world that is meant for us
Fall into my heart,
believe in my love


VIXX, Starlights are always thankful.

Happy Birthday, ‘Starlight’!