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signs of affection meme: no. 1 - for Blackwall and Adaar pls :)

Ok i can do this. Here we go!

Adaar paced in her quarters. The stress of her position as Inquisitor had be mounting and she felt like screaming.  She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn’t realize the new person in the room till he spoke. “Are you alright my lady?” Adaar jumped and turned to see Blackwall standing there with an amused smirk on his face. 

“I apologize, my lady. I had no intention of startling you”

The Inquisitor sighed and sat down on her bed. ”It’s alright kadan. I was just thinking.” she said as she ran her fingers through her hair. Blackwall knelled in front of her and gently cupped her cheek tilting her head so he could look her in the eye. “What were you thinking?” he asked not bothering to hide his concern.

She looked into his brilliant eyes and sighed before answering,”I don’t think I can save the world.” 

Blackwall gently pressed his forehead to hers, looking her in the eye the entire time, “If anyone can save the world, it’s you. I’ll be right by your side helping you every step of the way.” he said with confidence. Adaar smiled and affectionately ran her fingers through his beard.

“Thank you, kadan. I needed that.” she said, a smile spreading over her face. Blackwall smiled and lovingly kissed her forehead, “anytime my lady.”

They Can Never Know

(Based on this prompt from yaschiri)

“We know.”

Derek sighed, internally wanting to go off and rub the bridge of his nose after seeing Dipper’s face. His expression was suddenly that of a caged animal, and he started to stutter out an excuse as he shifted slightly-Putting himself between us and his sister. Well, I guess this went as deep as we figured it went.

He held up a hand, cutting off Dip’s frantic “-but we would never, hah, never do-” before continuing. “Dip, Mabel, it’s…we do love you both, and we get that you’re in love. Judging from how you’ve acted around each other-” and at this both twins blushed a brilliant crimson, and Derek sighed internally. Yup, definitely that deep. Damn.

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Are these writers really this obtuse? So the audience made liz dying about stefan and caroline? Really? So we just imagined all the scenes care spent apart from liz and with stefan? Sigh. What interview did this come from anyways?

The writers have this brilliant formula worked out now where they write awful things, blame the audience for taking it up in an awful way because of course their motives were nothing but pure, and then proceed to bury their heads in the sand. 

With the conversation only flowing in one direction, it works well for them. Whatever legitimate reactions we have toward this kind of bullshit is the kind of stuff they ignore so they’re never held accountable. They deliberately choose bad arguments on Twitter with 140 characters, to respond to. I’d love for Plec to come on here and reply to a well-structured well-reasoned post with a semblance of sense. But of course she wouldn’t because that’s inconvenient for her. We’re supposed to be ten year olds with the brains of infants so we can just absorb what they throw at us and thank them for it.

Ugh, sorry. Ranted. It just makes me really mad, the way they get to pretend we’re batshit insane and we never get to respond in a fair way. 

The link to the article is right at the bottom of my post :)


okay, i really like the song that they made Alex sing in the episode but


except maybe replace that guitar solo with a piano solo by gal

when i heard the intro and her humming i thought wait that was WHITNEY HOUSTON (you bet i concluded that from the first five notes sorry i am a fan), and i thought okay changing to that one is not so bad either but then it turns out it just sounded like it a bit and she’s singing an original song for the anime… (sighs) well at least she sang really beautifully. it was brilliant.

i still really hoped for that Stand By Me or that Savin’ All My Love For You that could have been, tho.


He’s a lover of death,
In a fucking disguise,
Oh his lovely heart,
You’ll see it in those eyes.
Good God, he grins,
With cigarette stained teeth,
If he only could get enough,
to ever feel at peace.

Listen to my,
Melodramatic cry,
Melancholy tears,
Over a beautiful lie.

This world isn’t what,
It has always been,
Just give me a sign,
So I can keep breathing in.

He’s a lover of death,
In a fucking disguise.
What’s the use of the truth?
When his love is to die.

Oh his angel is falling,
How he hears her sigh,
That brilliant star,
Is his bitter light.


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EEEEP! Girl - the way you write Anna and Harry continue use to make me fall in love with both of them. Love jealous Harry - I was waiting for Anna to punch him in the arm or something to get him to knock it off. But I love his snide remarks! And him getting Anna ice cream just to remind her of time spent with her dad ---- can I get an Awwww and can Harry get any sweeter!! Brilliant job love!!

Biiiiiig sigh of relief that you are able to still love these two after all this time. That makes me feel a LOT better. So thank you!! :)

Oh my god. Can I just tell you that jealous Harry happens to be the most fun Harry to write? The words were flowing so easily! I loved writing every bit of this chapter…….especially the ice cream ending. ;)

Thank you for still reading!! Hugs

Seeing sad, upset, depressed and suicidal people on your dash and not being able to comfort them because you are shy and afraid you will offend them. *sighs*

To anyone who sees this, you are brilliant, amazing outstanding people.

Your life may seem like a storm, but you can’t have rainbows without rain.


Oh sweet, there’s one bag left. He didn’t expect to be so lucky, woah. That might have just been all his luck for an entire month, or a year.

Never mind.

Another hand grasped the Chex Mix in sync with his own and Enma almost sighed bitterly. Brilliant.

“Uhm..” That’s his- he put his hands on it first… But there’s no way he can voice that out, ugh.