Star noticed Marco looked sad so she was like “What’s wrong? :(”

“I’m worried, Star.. I just feel kinda stuck, you know?”

Star tilted her head completely to one side. “No? I don’t know..Elaborate!”

Marco shook his head, smiling a little at Star’s silly gestures. . “Um. Well, I’ve kinda been thinking about..changing. And I’m dating Jackie, but I’m worried those changes will make her not love me anymore.”

“What? But Jackie loves you so much!”

“Yeah.” Marco sighed. “It’s just-”

“Marco,” Star touched his shoulder. “You need to stop caring about what other people think more than what YOU think is best for yourself!”

“I know.” Marco looked down.

“Lots of people love you! And they’re going to love you no matter what, even if you turn into a bird or something!! We would buy you the best bird seed and everything!”

Marco smiled and hugged his friend. “Or something..” he repeated in his mind.

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So, what happened to Team Skull after all that bullshit with the first Alolan Champion?

☠x Plumeria x☠

      “…Yeah, we split up…” And boy did it HURT.

      “I mean, I still talk to some of the sibs. I still visit Po Town – Hell I still LIVE there, I’ve got nowhere else TO live. We’re still like a family, yeah. I love them as much as I always have.” She sighs then, looking away. They may still be a family but everything felt so DIFFERENT without Guzma there.

           “But, you see… Guzma and I had decided it’d be best to just, split… For the most part. I haven’t been able to forgive him yet. I’m not sure when, or even IF, I will forgive him.” and that’s what hurt the most.

      Her best friend. The guy who had been by her side through a lot of shit, the only one who’d ever understood her. She couldn’t forgive him and it HURT. It hurt so, so, so, SO bad but there was a grudge she just simply could not get rid of and she wished she knew why.

      “Guzma and I don’t talk anymore. I know some of the Grunts still talk to him, but he and I – We… Just don’t. Not anymore.” And it hurts more than what I am willing to admit.

      “Enough about that though. It is what it is.”


Olicity Meme: funny scenes [2]
“Do you see what you’ve done?”

One of my favorite things about Empire of Storms is when Elide and Lorcan are running for their lives and Elide is too slow and Lorcan keeps glancing at her but doesn’t know how to tell her because he’s low key afraid of her and she just sighs and says “do it” because of course she knows what he’s thinking and without another word he just throws her over his shoulder and takes off. That scene was hilarious and I love my grumpy teddybear son and my genius slytherin queen so much


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?

And every time I think of you,“ She says, “it suffocates me.”

“I love you so much that it physically hurts,” She whispers, running her hands over her face.

“So,” She sighs, “forgive me for wanting to leave. I just want to breathe.

—  E. Grin, let me breathe.

Pearl: *has an understandable moment of weakness, feeling alone, abandoned by the gem she loved and desperate to see her again, willing to try to do anything to acomplish that, but stops and realizes that it’s wrong so she doesn’t do it*



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“You’ve given me every reason in the book on why I shouldn’t be with you. You’ve broken my heart so many times. Please.. please just give me a reason. Tell me why I should be with you. Tell me to stay. Please give me a reason to stay..” She asked with tears streaming down her face.

“Because.” He let out a deep sigh, trying not to look at the mess he created. He didn’t wanna look at her knowing he did so much to destroy her.

“Because I’ll love you on your worst days. Because you’re the girl I can’t get out of my mind no matter how many times I try. Because you’re the girl who I wanna wake up to on a Sunday morning after drinking all night. Because you’re the girl I wanna see smile again and to let you know it’s okay to love again. Because I wanna make you see that there is good in the world, you just have to look for it. Because I wanna make you laugh. Something you haven’t done since your dad died. Because I wanna see you in your darkest days to tell you it’s okay. To hold you & let you know that you won’t be this way forever. Because I wanna see your face when you light up talking about horses & how you wanna end world hunger. Because I wanna trace my fingers along your sun kissed skin & I wanna feel every inch of your body. Because I wanna protect you from all the bad in the world. Because I wanna make love to you all night long and make you feel beautiful in your own skin. Because I wanna hear you curse at me when you’re just so frustrated & annoyed with me. Because you’re all I ever think about. When I’m driving, when I’m studying. Even when I’m at the dinner table, you’re all I think about. Because I wanna know how you’re day went and how it made you feel. Because I wanna know why you only eat your French fries with barbecue sauce and what made you hate ketchup. Because I wanna hear about all the fun times you have with your dad before he got sick and because I wanna hear how you blame yourself for not saying goodbye even though it wasn’t your fault. Because I wanna hold you when you’re crying on our bathroom floor at 4 in the morning to scared to move because you’re afraid of what you’ll do. Because I wanna make you feel good in ways you didn’t know you could feel good. Because I wanna hear all about your hatred for seaworld and zoos. Because I wanna take you on dates and show you off because I’m so memorized by your beauty. Because I wanna know what you wanted to be when you were younger and why you decided that animals are more important than your craving for meat. Because you make me a better man and keep me on my feet. Because you are the strongest person I know and I wanna spend whatever time we have together with you. Because whenever I was with another girl you were always at the back of my head. Because I don’t want you to be with anyone else. I want you because I can’t stomach the thought of another mans hands on you. Because I wanna make you happy in every possible way and because that’s what you do for me. You make me so happy. You make me feel like I’m a 16 year old boy in love. So please stay because I love that you’re honest. I love that you always try your hardest to make people happy because you yourself are so unhappy and you don’t want anyone to feel the way you do. I want you because I know you want a love that consumes you. I know you want adventure and passion. Even a little danger & I can give that to you if you let me. So please stay. If you stay I promise I’ll spend the rest of my life making every wrong up to you. I promise I’ll love you from your head to toes. I promise I’ll never leave you feeling hopeless and that’s why you should stay. But most importantly you should stay because I am hopelessly & romantically in love with you & I don’t care if it’s to late I need you to here this. I am in love with you. It’s you. It’s always going to be you. So please stay.”

—  Stay.

I’ve never had my feelings towards a character change quicker than when it turned out that Yuuko wouldn’t be Yuri’s love interest tbh.

Honestly, the first second I saw her, and as soon as Yuri called her the madonna of the Ice Castle, I rolled my eyes and let out this huge sigh, and I was just so. Fucking. TIRED. Because like, oh great, here comes another cardboard cut-out love interest whose main purpose in life is to cheer Yuri on and blah blah blah.


Her girls showed up. And we found out she’s actually married.

And literally, my feelings for her changed so quickly I could swear I got whiplash. I just adore her so much and she’s so sweet and amazing and thank you so much to Yuri On Ice for giving me such an amazing female supporting character who platonically adores the main character. I needed it so much holy shit.

Drew a quick sketch just so I can feel that I’ve finished something today. But more than that, I just wanted to fangirl about seeing Iwaizumi in casual clothes. I just like Iwazumi so much and seeing him in my favorite kind of hoodie (the big poofy type one that I don’t know what you call) with a jacket over it is just… sweet sweet icing on cake. And that expression. *sigh*… 

After drawing a lot in Inktober, I’ve gained a lot more confidence in drawing faces, which in turn created an easier outlet for me to spaz about my current fandom(s). So just some heads up, since I might be posting more fan art to let out my inner screaming “fangirlism”.