Today, after two months, I was able to write something. It’s barely 400 words, it’s not great, it’s not much, I don’t even know what comes next (if anything comes at all), for now it’s all I got…but I’m happy for it. I thought I’d share that feeling. X

Spring in War Time

My hands crumpled the paper, tirelessly – fingerprints overlapping again and again, mountains of cells pilling, with all my sorrow in its nucleus. My skin felt like parchment, old and fragile, thirsty for ink that could shape meaning. I had been made of paper for quite some time, countless shapes drawn with my limbs, words pouring out, hidden ink spilled all over. And yet – yet – always on the verge of being torn apart.

I had stood near his doorway for hours, contemplating what to say. The letters were an explanation of sorts – I could give them to him and wait. He would figure it out.

But I had made a promise and had to keep it.

The blood was so hard to get from under my fingernails. It settled there, an unfortunate nail polish, my body always about to bleed another’s blood. I had rinsed my hands, scrubbed them until my fingers were red and burning – but, still, the blood remained.

“Captain Finnigan is deid.” Jenny announced, entering our tent. She had dark circles carved under her eyes - medals no one bestowed upon her, no one would account for – after four nights watching over the dying soldier. “God have mercy on his soul.”

“Poor man.” I sighed, finally giving up and starting to braid my hair for the night. “That makes about twenty dead from consumption in one week.”

“The pale horse rides wild in this camp.” Jenny agreed, neatly folding the uniform she had just undressed. “The puir man never stopped calling for his wife. I wonder who will tell her of his fate?”

“She will probably receive a letter.” I answered, sparing a silent prayer for the unbeknownst widow. “Maybe she’ll know already by the time the letter comes.”

“The saddest of thoughts…” My friend and fellow nurse said slowly. “Having a stranger write some impersonal letter, saying how sorry they are for a loss they know nothing about.”

“One of the many little deaths death entails.” I smiled, but a knot was forming inside my throat, just where my voice was born. “At least I don’t have to worry about that – no one really to be informed if I was to be dead.”

“Would you tell my brother?” She asked in a hushed voice, coming to sit next to me, her hand cold against mine. “If something happened to me? Would you tell him about me, Claire?”

Sibling Intervention (Jasper Hale x Reader) w/Brother! Emmett

Plot: Hi I really liked your Jasper imagine so can you do another one where you’re his newborn mate, and the wolf pack are coming over to help train and him and Emmett get protective over you? Like the whole “I’m your big brother and I’m supposed to keep you away from the mutts” kinda thing lol. Thank uuuu” (requested)

Word Count: 1,275

Warnings: I think some swearing, but other than that, none.

A/N: this was really fun to make, I’m actually kinda proud if this one! Thanks to the anon that requested this! I hope you like it.

I was standing next to Jasper who was grabbing my hand and squeezing it at times to reassure me and I knew that he was trying to calm me down and it was working perfectly as I was no longer nervous or afraid.

“Well, Jasper has experience in newborns, he will teach us how to defeat them” Carlisle’s calm voice sounded through the forest, he was standing a little bit further than us facing the wolves who just came.

Silence surrounded us once again but Edward’s voice filled the empty space quickly.

“They want to know how a newborn is different than us”

Carlisle turned a little and looked at me smiling a little like if he was asking if it was okay to introduce me, I just nodded.

“Well, we happen to have one with us today” He positioned himself next to me and place a hand on my shoulder “This is (Y/N), she is Jasper’s mate, our newest member of the family, hence why her eyes are different from us but don’t worry, she is transitioning and will be just like us soon”

“They still want to know the difference, they say she looks just like us” I wasn’t even looking but I knew that Emmett was grinning on his spot; he was the one that enjoyed the most me being a newborn and having my strength.

Carlisle looked at Jasper and motioned him to continue speaking while he left to go back next to Esme; Jasper nodded and moved a little closer but still holding my hand.

“She is stronger than us; her blood is still on her tissues making her more physically powerful. Our kind is stronger on our first several months of this life, that’s why they are created” he looked at me and gave me a side smile “not in her case though” he looked again at the wolves “a newborn army doesn’t need thousands like a human army, that’s why no human army could stand against them”

The black wolf that was standing right in from of me growled, his eyes never leaving mine. Jasper noticed that so he moved to a side pushing me slightly backward but I was still close to him.

“There are two important things that you have to remember” he raised his voice a bit “First, never let them get their arms around you, they will crush you in a second” he looked around giving a warning look to our family but turned back to see the wolves “and never go for the obvious kill, they will be expecting that and you’ll lose”

He quickly turned and grabbed my hand again but left me next to Edward as he kept walking forward to the center of the forest.

“Emmett” he simply called and in a second Emmett was standing a couple of meters away from him but still facing Jasper. “Don’t hold back”

“Not in my nature” he said and grinned at Jasper before launching himself onto him but in a couple of seconds, Emmett was lying on the floor, his face facing the sky.

“Never lose focus” he cockily said while moving aside from him and coming to my side to snake his arm on my waist and pulled me closer to him. “Prepare yourself, babe, you are next”

I only smiled in anticipation, I loved wrestling, I became one of my favorite hobbies once I turned, and it just was really fun for me. Even though I knew he wasn’t completely okay with the fact that I was fighting today it was just to train, I knew he wouldn’t let me participate when the actual fight took place, so I just wanted to have fun.

Edward and Carlisle were fighting intensely, neither of them backing off; Jasper let go of me and started walking around them inspecting every movement, but at the end, Edward was the clear winner and turned to see Jasper.

“One more thing” he said and in an instant Carlisle grabbed Edward and pushed him onto the ground and I couldn’t help but laugh at this. “Never turn your back on the enemy”

Jasper made his way to the center and spoke to everyone once again.

“Okay, so now that we got the basics covered, it’s time for a real newborn to step in” He said and turned his head to look at me, giving me a cocky smile which I returned with a huge grin. I knew this was going to be extremely easy for me, but anyway it was fun. I made my way next to him, and he cupped my face with one hand and looked at me profoundly before walking away next to the rest of the family.

I turned and looked at Rosalie, bringing my hand up and pointing my fingers at her I motioned her to come with me, she slowly made her way towards me with her arms crossed against her chest.

Once she was close enough I nodded and she quickly threw two punches at me which I easily dodged them taking my opportunity to grab her arm and twisted it forcing her body to twist as well but she felt to the ground crouching in one leg and tried to make me fall with the leg that was stretched but I jumped before it could even touch me, and before my feet touched the ground I pushed my hand over her chest making her fall flat on the ground, making a small crater when she hit the ground.

“You can’t still beat me, Rose” I laughed at her while she was standing up, she just gave me a ‘fuck off’  look and made her way back to her spot.

“Emmett, your turn” Jasper called out and in a quick second I had Emmett in front of my with a shit eating grin that made me laugh.

“Please don’t you dare to hold back, big boy” I purred to him tilting my head a little. He cracked his neck just to show off but his face changed almost immediately making me furrow my eyebrows together.

“Wait a minute” he said raising a hand like stopping everything and stared into nothing as if he was thinking to himself “I’m your big brother (YN)” he suddenly stated and I couldn’t be more confused.

“Well, yeah…” I trailed off, not really sure where he was trying to say.

“I’m not supposed to encourage you into fighting, even less with the mutts” he spat and looked at me with a serious face “Goddammit, I’m your big brother!” he stated again but now shouting and I looked at the rest of the clan but they all had the same face, they were staring at Emmett with a confused grin like I was. “We are done, missy, you are going home”

In less than a second, I was thrown into his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and he was walking away from everyone.

“Wait, what the actual fuck, put me down!” I tried to wiggle out but even if I was stronger this position didn’t help me at all, and all I could do was to give up and just look back where Carlisle was standing next to Jasper shouting to Emmett.

“Emmett, bring her back, we need her!” Carlisle shouted at us.

“Sorry, I can’t hear you!” and with that, he started running with me on his back.

We are going to be siblings, you said, it will be so fun, you said” I said but the only response that I had from him was a loud laugh; I sighed, I give up.

You Accidentally Hit Them in Their Private Area // Seventeen Reaction

Requested: Yes

I haven’t seen any reactions on your blog, so can you make a seventeen reaction when their gf accidentally hits their “private part”? 😂 (if all 13 members is too much just the performance unit is fine) thank you~~

Author’s Note: Thank you for requesting! I was able to do a reaction for all 13 members. I like to do little scenarios with my reactions, so a couple of them got a little lengthy. I hope that’s okay. Also, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I had mid-terms and two analysis papers to write for my Advanced Composition class, but hopefully I’ll have time to write more often. Thank you!


Originally posted by sevixxteen

Seungcheol and I have been in a relationship for a couple years now, so it isn’t uncommon for me to sleep over at the dorm. After a long day of work for the both of us, we figured that it would be best for us to get some sleep. After I got ready for bed I climbed under the covers with him as he wrapped his arms around me. I buried my face into his chest, “Goodnight, oppa.” He kissed my forehead, “Goodnight, babe. Get some rest.” Soon we both dozed off into a deep slumber, but Seungcheol was soon awaken by a sharp pain in his lower region. Clutching his private parts, he looked to his right in confusion only to see me still asleep, but moving around. He quickly realized that the pain in his lower region was caused by me kneeing him in the crotch. “Aish, what am I going to do with you?” he questioned even though I was asleep and couldn’t hear him.  


Originally posted by junghan

Jeonghan and the boys got home from practice early that evening, so the two of us decided to watch some movies together. After a while we both got bored and started goofing off. I loved hearing his laugh because it was contagious and the only way I knew to make him laugh was to tickle him since he is quite ticklish. Running my hands up his sides, he began to squirm and laugh, “Stop,” He grabbed both of my wrist and held them above my head as he began to tickle me. I happened to be more ticklish than he was. Laughing, I tried to break free from his strong grasp, but failed to do so. My legs flailed uncontrollably, which ended up coming into contact with his lower region. Instantly, he let go of me so he could cover his private area. Groaning, he gave me a death stare, “What the hell was that for?” I shrugged my shoulders, “You know how ticklish I am,” I giggled, “Maybe you shouldn’t have done that and you wouldn’t have gotten nailed in the crotch.”


Originally posted by visual-17

For some reason Joshua thought that it was a good idea to try to teach me some cords on the guitar. “Joshua, this is not going to go over so well. The last time I tried to teach myself to play the guitar I ended up breaking it.” Grabbing my hand he pulled me over to his bed, “That’s because you didn’t have me as a teacher.” I laughed as I sat down, “I doubt that you’ll be able to teach me. I’m hopeless.” “Nonsense.” he said and shook his head as he grabbed his guitar. Walking over to where I sat on his bed, he gave me his guitar and climbed on the mattress behind me. Blushing, I pushed a loose strand of hair behind ear as he wrapped his arms around me. He placed his hand on the neck of the guitar and strummed the strings a few times causing a beautiful sound to emit from the guitar and echo throughout the room . He placed my hands on the neck of the guitar as he showed me what to do. I attempted to follow his instructions, but I eventually got fed up after a couple hours because I was not making any progress. Not aware of the fact that Joshua moved slightly to the left, I threw my hands up in the air and let out a exasperated sigh, “I give up!” I brought my hands down and my left hand collided with Joshua. Looking over my shoulder, I seen Joshua cup his crotch and slightly scrunch up his face. “Oh my gosh! Joshua, I didn’t mean to do that. How bad does it hurt?” I questioned as I rubbed his arm. His face didn’t show anymore signs of pain and he removed his hands from his crotch, “It’s okay, it didn’t hurt that much,” He noticed my guilty expression and tried to comfort me, “I was more surprised and caught off guard, so don’t worry about it.” I laughed at myself and shook my head, “Told you I was hopeless.”


Originally posted by theoneandonlylioness

The boys had a day off of practice and decided to spend the day at the dorm resting. Jun invited me over since his busy schedule has prevented me from spending a lot of time with him. We were the only two in his room, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. It started off with a simple peck on the lips, but it soon escalated into a heated make out session. We were sitting on the edge of his bed when he wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned back onto the bed. I trailed kisses down his neck and to his collarbone, which was were his sweet spot was. He moaned quietly and I started to climb onto his lap. I ended up losing my balance and  kneeing him in the crotch. He swore and pushed me off of his lap as he covered his private parts. “Oh my gosh, Jun! I lost my balance, I didn’t mean for that to happen,” I rubbed his back, “I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” As soon as those words left my mouth Jun smirked, “Anything? I can think of a few ways you can make it up for me.” I shoved his shoulder and giggled, “Maybe you deserved that you cocky bastard.”


Originally posted by fyhoshi

When Hoshi was younger he used to do taekwondo, but his love for music and dance took over. He loved doing it, but he doesn’t have time to anymore since he’s been busy with Seventeen and their music. Even though he doesn’t have time to go out and practice anymore, he still likes to mess around and show off some of his moves. We were in his room at the dorm when he somehow talked me into having a little competition with him. I didn’t know anything about taekwondo, so he showed me a couple of the basic moves. We went on for a half an hour messing around when Seungcheol called out for him. “Yeah?” he yelled back. He was too distracted by his hyung and put his defences down, but I wasn’t paying attention, so I swung my leg up towards him and my foot collided with his private area. I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands. He collapsed to the ground and cupped his crotch as he groaned in pain. “Soonyoung! Oh my gosh!” Panicking, I rushed out of his room and towards the kitchen. While gathering a bag of ice, Seungcheol questioned me as I left the kitchen, “What’s going on? Are you okay?” As I rushed past him and the boys towards Hoshi’s room, I only managed to say squeak out the three words, ‘taekwondo’, ‘hurt’, and ‘Hoshi.’ Entering his room, I see that he sat up and was no longer groaning in pain. I handed him the ice pack as I ran my fingers through his hair, “I’m sorry, babe. Does it hurt that bad?” Putting the ice pack onto his crotch, he let out an airy laugh, “A little bit, but I’ll be alright.” I held my hand out to help him to his feet, “I’m never going to do taekwondo with you again.”


Originally posted by visual-17

There’s no doubt that Wonwoo loves to read. If he isn’t busy practicing and preparing for comebacks or attending fanmeets, then he’s most likely reading. I love to read too, it’s one of the things we have in common. Our love or books landed us at one of the many bookstores in Seoul. Wonwoo and I wander from isle to isle looking at many different books that varied from genre. I held his hand and pulled him towards the back of the bookstore where they kept the fiction books. “Wonwoo, I read this book earlier and I loved it. You have to read it, I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.” Reaching the fiction section, my eyes began scanning through hundreds of books looking for the book that I wanted Wonwoo to read. I squatted down, so I could look at  the lower shelves while he stood behind me. My eyes stopped as they fell upon The Kite Runner. Smiling to myself, “There it is!” I pulled the book off of the shelve and held it up for Wonwoo to take, but unfortunately, I ended up ramming the book into his lower region because of how close he was to me. I gasped as he groaned and covered his crotch, “Wonwoo,” I stood up and placed my hand on his shoulder rubbing it softly while trying to comfort him, “Babe, are you okay?” With being in public he didn’t want to make what just happened obvious, so he straightened up and waved me off, “It’s okay, jagiya. Don’t worry about it, let’s just get the book and head home.” Grabbing my hand, he led me to the front of the store, so we could check out. I didn’t stop apologizing until we got back to the dorm and he reassured me once more that it was okay.


Originally posted by hoshinoyas

With Seventeen planning on releasing a new album soon, Woozi basically lives at the studio these days. When he’s working on a new song, he gets so consumed with his work and he pretty much forgets to take care of himself. I figured he hasn’t eaten since this morning, so I brought him so food. Entering the studio, Woozi was at one of the computers working on one of their songs. I noticed he had his headphones in and probably didn’t hear me come in. After sitting the bag of food down, I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He jumped slightly and pulled his headphones out. “Hey, babe. I brought you some food.” I said as I released him and shuffled towards the bags of food. I was bent over pulling out a couple containers when I brought my elbow back and it collided with Woozi, who happened to get up and follow me. Turning around, Woozi groaned as he clutched his private area. “Woozi! I am so sorry! I didn’t know you were behind me.” He straightened up slightly, “It’s alright, I shouldn’t have been standing so close.” Feeling guilty, I handed him the container of food and smiled at him sheepishly, “I got your favorite, so maybe that’ll makeup for it.”


Originally posted by pledis17

The boys had a day off and DK invited me to the park with them. They wanted to relax and play some soccer together, which was something that they all enjoyed doing in their freetime. Let me just say that I suck at soccer and someone always gets hurt when I’m playing. The last time we played together, Seungkwan took a soccer ball to the back of his head. Once we arrived at the park, we began to pick teams. Jeonghan and Seungcheol were the captains. The two bickered back and forth on who they were going to have on their team and it got down to the last few players, which happened to be Joshua, Seungkwan, and I. “Can someone just pick me already? I’m really not that bad,” I whined. Most of the boys laughed at me and began to recall all the times someone got hurt when I was playing. DK turned to Jeonghan, his captain and begged his hyung to pick me. “Finally!” I shouted and threw my hands up in the air as he called out my name to be on his team. The game started and it didn’t take long for it to become intense. Surprisingly, so far no one got hurt. The ball was being passed from player to player as we ran across the field. “Y/N!” shouted Hoshi as he passed me the ball. I began to run with it towards the goal and I saw DK in the corner of my eye, “Seokmin!” I kicked the ball with all the force I could. The ball flew towards DK, but it ended up nailing him in the crotch causing him to let out a scream. “Seokmin!” I yelled as I ran towards him. He instantly fell to the ground and cupped his private area hoping it would help make the pain would go away. I crouched down on the ground and tried to comfort him the best I could. The rest of the boys surrounded the two of us trying to help DK. “Babe, are you okay?” I questioned. He rolled around in pain, “Yeah, I’ll be fine just give me a minute.” Looking up at the boys hovering over the two of us, Seungkwan raised an eyebrow at me, “You were saying?”


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I was over at the dorm hanging out with the boys. After a long day of practice, I figured that they would be hungry and tired, so I thought that the least I could do was to cook a nice meal for them. Leaving the warm arms of Mingyu, I got up and headed towards the kitchen. “Y/N, where are you going?” questioned Mingyu. “I’m going to cook the boys something to eat.” After the word ‘cook’ left my mouth, he was already on his feet following me to the kitchen, “I’ll help you.” I reached the refrigerator and looked for something to eat, “How about Japchae?” Mingyu helped me gather the ingredients, “Sounds delicious.” I prepared the beef so it could marinate for a little bit. We washed and cut up the vegetables and then started to boil the water, so we could cook the noodles. I got a wooden spoon and began to stir the noodles. “This is going to be so good.” said Mingyu from behind me. I turned around and noticed that he was eating the vegetables that we cut for the Japchae, “Hey, stop eating that!” I hollered as I swung the wooden spoon at him. He started to move just as I was about to hit him, which caused me to hit him in the crotch. “Aigo, what was that for?” Mingyu whined with slight pain in his voice as he tried to move away from me, so I couldn’t cause him anymore harm. “I guess that’s what you get for trying to eat all of the food.” I said as I shrugged my shoulders.  


Originally posted by minghaeo

It’s no secret that Minghao is one hell of a b-boying dancer. I happened to also be a dancer, but I loved to dance contemporary. Minghao never fails to amaze me with his dancing skills. I have always wanted to try b-boying and since Minghao was so good at it, who would be better at teaching me than him? He has been teaching me the basics of b-boying for a while now and he has been starting to teach me more advanced moves. The latest move we have been working on was called The Flare. Minghao was demonstrating it for me, “You have the upper body strength for this, you just need to spread your legs farther so you can get up enough momentum to keep your hips elevated off the ground,” I listened carefully as he continued to give me pointers. “It’ll make the move a lot easier for you to do if your legs are spread further apart. Go ahead and try again,” he encouraged me. I got into position and began to execute the dance move. “That’s it, just spread your legs farther!” I did as he told me and the move became a lot easier and I found that I did not have to use my core so much. I could hear Minghao cheering, “That’s it! Good job, jagiya.” I continued until my foot came in contact with something. Losing my balance, I fell to the floor and looked up to see Minghao on the floor too. I quickly got up and made my way towards him. Once I reached him, I noticed his face was scrunched up and he was holding his private parts. Realizing that my foot hit his crotch, I panicked, “Minghao! Are you okay?” I rubbed his back hoping it would comfort him some, “I did not mean to do that!” He looked a little flustered as he sat up, “It’s okay, jagiya. I should have known better than to stand so close to you.” Giggling, I pulled him into a hug, “ Maybe you should do the b-boying and I’ll stick to contemporary.”


Originally posted by 001liuqi

Seungkwan texted me a couple minutes ago that they were heading back to the dorm. I didn’t want the boys to have to come home and worry about fixing something to eat, especially after such a long day at work. I decided to head to the kitchen and begin to fix dinner for them. I sang along to the music that blasted from my phone that was placed on the counter. The music and my singing drowned out the noise of the boys entering the dorm. Seungkwan saw me cooking and walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my torso, which startled me. I screamed and turned around. When I spun around my hand hit him lightly in his lower region. He let out a scream too and doubled over in pain, “Aigo, jagiya! That really hurt,” He looked at me with disbelief, “I can’t believe you just did that.” Rolling my eyes at him, “Are you serious right now? I really didn’t hit you that hard.” “You probably just ruined any chance of us having kids in the future.” I smacked his chest, “Stop being so dramatic, Seungkwan.” “It’s what I’m best at.” he said as he grinned at me.


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Vernon and I were in the living room of the dorm having a movie night with the rest of the boys. While waiting for everyone to settle down, Vernon and I argued over which movie to watch. We were scanning the shelves when I grabbed a horror movie and Vernon grabbed an action movie. He looked at me, “We are not watching a horror movie.” I raised an eyebrow, “Why? Are you scared?” He rolled his eyes at me, “No, action movies are better. Besides, the same thing happens in every horror movie.” I shook my head and waved the movie in front of his face, “We’re watching this movie.” He gave me a smug look, “Not if I get to the DVD player first.” As soon as those words left his mouth, we both rushed past the boys and towards the DVD player, “We’re watching the action movie!” “No, we’re watching the horror movie.” Upon reaching the DVD player, we fought to get the movie out of the case and into the DVD player. He stopped fighting with me and I was able to get the movie into the player. I turned around and seen some of the members crowding around Vernon. Rushing towards him, I realized that the only reason he stopped was because I hit him in his private area. “Vernon! What Happened?” He squeaked, “What do you think happened?” He shuffled his way back to the couch and sat down. Full of guilt, I sighed and turned around and put on the action movie instead. Climbing onto the couch next to him, I kissed his cheek and brush his hair out of his face, “I’m sorry, babe.”


Originally posted by 13visuals

I was at the Pledis building with the boys when they had a short break. They have recently became interested in ping ping, so they decided that they should play for a little bit while they were on their break. Chan and I trailed behind the older boys as they ran excitingly towards the room that the ping pong table was in. We both sat down and watched a few of the boys play against each other. We cheered as the match between Joshua and Woozi became quite intense. Shortly, Woozi beat Joshua and Dino jumped to his feet, “I want to battle Y/N!” Chan yelled as he turned towards me and grabbed my hand. He pulled me to my feet and began to drag me towards the table. I kept refusing to play and tried to pull my hand out of his grasp, but he was to strong. “Come on, jagiya. It’ll be fun and I’ll go easy on you.” he smiled and winked at me. Taking the paddle from Woozi, the boys began to cheer us on and started to pick sides as to who would win. After a couple minutes, we were tied and the person who got the next point would win. The ball went back and forth between us and I decided to hit the ball with a little more force and Dino failed to stop it as it flew towards his crotch. His eyes widened as his face scrunched up and he closed his eyes. He dropped the paddle onto the table and we all swarmed around him to see in he was okay. After he confirmed that he was fine, I looked at him and laughed, “You didn’t need to go that easy on me.”



Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Taehyung (V)

Rating: R

Warning: Murder mystery, future smut

Word Count: 5,680

Summary: The world of magic is divided into dark and light, witches and warlocks, choice and fate. You’re a prodigy of light, a witch who works within the police force. You’ve heard of Taehyung in passing, spoken in whispers as the warlock of dark who has the world holding it’s breath.  All this changes on the night you’re assigned as security for a mysterious singer named V and you come face to face with Taehyung himself. What happens after that might be fate.

Originally posted by jjks

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Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M)

Picture mine

{ pt.02 }

Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut with a plot?

Word Count: 12,047

~ A long plot and long smut. Possible part two in the future!

I stretched my hand out the window, letting it glide and ride along the wind. The summer sun was beating heavily over the opened sky, with not a single cloud in sight. Though the breeze was just right to keep us from melting over the heat. I adjusted my new pair of sunglasses as my friend Coco, who was driving, nudged me to turn up the radio. I leaned in to crank the small knob and hoped something good would come on. ‘Work’ by Rihanna started playing and the other three girls in the back seats completely lost it. Singing every word passionately in my ear, I cover my face with the palm of my hand, embarrassed that theses were my friends. I looked at the driver’s seat finding Coco mumbling over Drake’s lines. Her father had given her permission to take us to stay at their beach house for the summer as a congratulation for graduating. She had just bought herself a brand new BMW convertible in her favorite shade of cherry red, that she had been dying to take out on a trip. She caught me staring at her and laughed embarrassed at her lack of self-control. I turned to look at the crazy one of us, who we called Bisty because of her lack of height. She stood on her seat with her hands waving in the air, moving her hips to the rhythm of the music.

   “If your ass falls out of the car, we aren’t stopping to help you.” I laughed. She only tried to shake her ass in front of my face as a response and I rolled my eyes before turning back to face the main road.

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  • Yuu*happily*: "Mika~ Guess what I have for you~"
  • Mika: "A bottle of blood?"
  • Yuu*gasps*: "H-how did you know that?"
  • Mika*sighing*: "Yuu-Chan, it's not that hard to guess if you give me the same thing on every single occasion. And I mean: On. Every. Single. One."
  • Yuu: "Oh, come on, Mika. It can't be that often."
  • Mika: "Hmm, let me think. On my birthday, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, even on your own birthday for some reason, Halloween, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year..."
  • Yuu: "...Really that often?"
  • Mika: "Yeah."
  • Yuu: "Man...I guess I should hold back a little bit, huh?"
  • Mika: "It certainly would be best for your body since you nearly faint every time."
  • Yuu: "Okay, from now on, I only give you some of my blood if it's really necessary."
  • Mika: "Alright, then-"
  • Yuu: "And to celebrate that, here's another bottle of blood for you."
  • Mika: "What?!"
  • Yuu: "Haha. Guess you didn't see that coming, huh? I prepared a second one just in case you would guess right. And this time I didn't even-*faints*"
  • Mika*sighing*: "...I give up."
Arrow To The Knee - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Reader.


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You were getting married tomorrow. You were getting married to Stiles, to be exact. He’d proposed about a year and a half ago. But tonight was your rehearsal dinner, and you were beyond excited for tomorrow.

You stood outside the double doors, waiting to walk down the aisle. You watched your bridesmaids go ahead of you; Malia, Kira, Hayden. Lydia was your maid of honor. Scott was of course Stiles’ best man. Isaac, Liam, and Derek were his groomsmen.

You weren’t very dressed up today, Stiles wasn’t either. You’d agreed that the rehearsal dinner wouldn’t be too fancy. You were wearing a t-shirt with one o Stiles’ white flannels. You had white shorts on and converse. Stiles was sporting his normal flannel and maroon jeans, a goofy grin plastered on his face the entire night.

You’d finished the run-through and you were sat down for dinner. You looked over at Stiles and squeezed his hand. “Hey, make sure Scott doesn’t say anything embarrassing…please?”

He looks down at you and chuckles. “I’ll tell him. I think that will only give him encouragement to be more embarrasing. He may tell some of our drunk stories.”

“Oh that time we started to have sex in the living room while he was on the couch.”

“Exactly like that time.” Scott leans in between the two of you and smirks.

“Scott my parents will be here. Please.” You look up at him and plead. “Even though we’re getting married, my dad will kill him.”

Scott throws his hands up in defeat. “I won’t talk about that then. I’ll talk about the time that you guys got caught having sex behind the club.” He laughs.

“That’s even worse!” You bury your head in your hands.

“You guys have sex like everywhere, don’t you?” Lydia asks, looking over to you.

Stiles looks at you and raises an eyebrow. You’re too embarrassed to even speak. “Yeah. We kinda do.” Stiles responds and you sigh.

“I give up. On all of you. Say whatever you want in front of my parents.” You run a hand through your hair, rolling your eyes.

“Okay, okay. I’ll talk about that time you guys fell asleep on the couch while you were cooking and almost burned the apartment down.”

“That sounds more like us.” Stiles laughs.

“Just please say something nice.” You laugh, Stiles rubbing his hand up and down your back.

“Come here.” He leans over and whispers, getting up and leading you to the back of the building. “We won’t get anytime alone until after the wedding tomorrow, so I thought I’d grab you now.” He smiles and pulls you into his chest, pecking your lips.

“What’s up?” You smile as he kisses you.

“I just want you to know how much I love you.” He smiles. “I’m not going to say this in front of everyone because I know it’ll embarrass you so I’ll just say it to you. The first day we met…I knew, you know? I knew I’d marry you. No one will ever know the depths of our relationship, but we do. I just..” He smiles and places a hand on your cheek. “You’re my one. You’re the only one I want to see when I wake up in the morning. You’re the only one I want to see in the kitchen wearing my clothes. I love you Y/N Y/L/N. Soon enough I’ll love Y/N Stilinski.” He grins and kisses you again.

You smile. “Well since we’re getting married tomorrow, I figure I should thank you for whacking me in the face when we met.“

“Oh, you’re very welcome for that. I 100% felt terrible every time I saw your black eye afterwards.” He kisses your nose and you smile.

Restless Nights

@missemthings : SHINee Minho x reader! And I don’t have a specific request but your guys work is always amazing so I’ll be happy with whatever!

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Minho (SHINee)/Reader

Word Count: 660

Summary: Minho can’t really sleep.

I groan as I roll over in the bed. I felt arms pull me back to their hot chest. I whine again and try to pull away. I hear a husky voice chuckle. I felt some kisses on my neck.

“Stay still babe.” I hear Minho say.

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Five Days (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “Could I request a Grayson imagine? Maybe where he’s being really clingy and cute xx”
Word Count: 1,393
Warnings: Lots and lots of pickup lines.
A/N: This is probably faaar from what you wanted. But it’s still kinda cute and fun. And he’s clingy af. Hope you like it, sorry for the wait xx


You were standing by your locker, trying not to panic over the test you were having that morning. You really needed to stop studying last minute, but it was honestly just who you were. What you hadn’t expected, was for a boy to bound over, his bodylanguage screaming confidence as he walked toward you. You didn’t bother looking up at him, because you knew who it was.

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.” Grayson said and you could almost hear the smirk, completely satisfied with his confidence.

You pulled out the books you would need for class and slammed the locker door shut, looking at him.

“And if I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put F and U together.” You answered, doing your best to sound unimpressed.”

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Ok cool! How about you have Super Speed and are a superhero on Barry's earth. You come to Earth-38 with him when he first meets Kara and Kara falls for you?

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 Ah I gotcha. I apologize in advance for the shitty superhero name I’m gonna give you.

“So, uh, what’s her story?” Kara asks Barry as they worked on the ear plugs that would protect them from Silver Banshee’s screams.

“Who? Y/N?”

“Yeah, like what’s she like?” Kara asked as she watched you explore the DEO and geeking out with Winn.

“Uh, well, her name’s Y/N L/N, but you already knew that. She’s a superhero too, known as The Bullet back on my earth. She got her speed the same night I did when the Particle Accelerator exploded and we met when we were both brought into Star Labs.” Barry explained.

“She sounds awesome.” Kara said while still staring at you.

“Yeah. She’s my best friend, I couldn’t have done any of this without her.”

“So, are you guys like a thing? Or…” Kara turns back to Barry and ask.

“Me and Y/N? Ha, no way. I have a crush on this other girl, and I’m not really Y/N’s speed.”

“Speed? As in-”

“As in not a female. Y/N’s into girls.” Barry cut Kara off and explained.

“Oh. Tha-that’s cool.” Kara blushed.

“Don’t get too excited there Supergirl.” Barry said before turning back to the device. “I can put in a good word for you if you want.”

“Whaaat?” Kara awkwardly tried to laugh. “Why? I don’t….I don’t like her like….I mean I…” She sighed before giving up. “You would do that?”

“Sure I would. But something tells me I won’t need to. I have a feeling Y/N likes you too.”

“What gives you that idea?”

Barry smirks before looking between you and Kara. “You’re just her speed.”


Jules: You have returned, adult human male. 

Danny: Sigh, I should give up on you calling me dad, right?

Jules: Did you reconcile with mom? I am guessing so she she was chuckling and went straight to bed. 

Danny: Yes. Thank you for your concern. Did everything go okay? Are the kids in their bed. Wait, why are you awake. 

Jules: The dark hours is when I plan best. 

*long, drawn out sigh* Okay, cosmere fandom, I give up. What the hell is up with these poems? Someone please explain the joke to me. I swear to Harmony, this fandom needs to start citing where their memes come from. Whenever you enter this fandom, you need to have a Meme Cited Page, MLA format or minus 5 points on your final grade.

This joke was brought to you in part by @skymarks

  • Percy: Do you know who I think is the most beautiful?
  • Annabeth: No who?
  • Percy: It's the second word!
  • Annabeth: There's a person called 'the second word'???
  • Percy: No! I meant, it's the second word in what I just said!
  • Annabeth: "the second word in what I just said"...and I thought that name couldn't get any weirder.
  • Percy: No Annabeth! That's not what I mean-
  • Annabeth: What do they look like??
  • Percy: *sigh* I give up.
Poppies-Bucky x Reader

Honestly unsure as to why I am keeping with the flowers for titles but it’s too late now

If you wanna be tagged, just say so and if it’s simply one series (like this one) or everything I post, also, sorry if you replied, i am too stupid to work out how to reply

also not sure why drunk bucky can speak that well but just roll with it?

part 4?

Part 1 Part 2

I am curled in bed with a cup of tea, bingeing the latest episode of Chicago Med, it’s the first time this week that I’ve been able to relax. It’s been so stressful, after seeing Bucky again and arguing with him worse than ever before, it was so bad that I’d be surprised if all of the Avengers were oblivious to it. They had to have heard all of the shouting and screaming. 

There was a knock at my door, checking the time on my laptop, I groaned and grabbed a can of pepper spray. Who is at my door at 2 in the morning? I look through the peephole and see Bucky, he’s swaying just a little and I open the door. It’s a moment of weakness but I can’t just leave him outside. As soon as the door is open, the stench of alcohol drifts in and I have to hold my breath.

“I-I’m s-soooorry.” Bucky’s words are slurred and he seems to be getting drunker and drunker which only means that Thor has brought mead from Asgard. Great. This is going to be a great end to a great week.

I debate in my head as to what the logical thing is to do because I can’t leave him outside, drunk out of his mind on alcohol, not from this earth, but I don’t particularly want to let him back into your once shared home. He reeked of alcohol and in the time that I dated him, there was never a situation in which Bucky came home completely incapacitated. “Miss waking up next to you.” 

I guided Bucky to the sofa and got him a glass of water. “Drink this, you’re drunk.” I was mad at him, undoubtedly mad but I couldn’t just leave him like this, I have to take care of him. For the sake of my conscience. “Drink it all up, you need to sober up.” Bucky sipped at the water and kept mumbling.

“I love you so much, you were the best thing that ever happened to me.” Whilst his words were still a little slurred, his increased metabolism helped him sober up a lot quicker making it easier for me to understand what he is saying. My heart was racing and I have to remind myself that he’s only saying this stuff because he’s drunk and out of his mind. “I should’ve spoken to you first. Steve shouted at me.”

I stood up to get Bucky another glass of water but he grabs my arm to stop be from leaving. “Don’t leave me again. I love you, everything about you. I love you hair, your eyes, and how you jump on things you think are soft. Like how you jump on the bed, the sofa, the beanbags and anything you see.” Bucky tries to pull me towards him but I shift myself onto the other side of the sofa, as far away from him as possible. “You made me so happy, I was able to be me around you and you are so perfect.”

Bucky puts his hand on my thigh and I take my hand to slide it off. “You’re drunk, you’re out of your mind and last time I checked, you broke up with me because you thought that I was a spy. Remember that?” Bucky retreats at my harsh tone and doesn’t look up. “You should get some sleep, I’ll get you a blanket.”

I kick myself for being so soft but Bucky did pull me out of the car earlier this week. “Don’t go. Stay with me and don’t leave me again. I can’t deal with that again.” I squeeze my eyes shut to try and compose myself to no avail, I sit back down with Bucky. “You’re so good, why are you so good? It’s not fair because all these random guys look at you and I hate it because I had you and I let you go.” I take a deep breath and try to look away from Bucky. My brain is screaming at me to ignore these words and the feelings that came with it because when the sun rises, everything will return to normal.

“You don’t get to do this, to play with my feelings, to accuse me of being a spy for the enemies of the world and then come back here, drunk and telling me how much you love me.” I try not to raise my voice and wake the neighbours but there is still a strain on my throat, and on my heart. “Especially not after you told me that I was a cheap fuck. It’s not fair to me.”

I wipe away a few stray tears, it’s funny how every encounter I’ve had with Bucky in the past six months have resulted in my tears. “I didn’t mean to. I was so hurt when I found out you dated Grant, and he’s the enemy.” Bucky stage whispered to you. “He’s bad. Very bad.” And then he giggled like a child. I thought that he had sobered up a little but not as much as I would have liked. 

“I had no idea that he was HYDRA, all I knew was that I dated him and then we broke up.” I have no idea why I am even telling Bucky at this particular moment because he is drunk and he won’t remember anything. It’s pointless and embarrassing. “You had no right to accuse me of being a spy, I did nothing to ever make you doubt me and then you just go off on me.”

Bucky looks ashamed, his eyes are shielded again and I am furious. “I know you’re not a spy. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Bucky grabbed my hand and as much as I want to pull away, his acknowledgement of my innocence made my heart skip and tug at the same time. If he just spoke to me in the first place this wouldn’t have been a problem. “I’m so sorry, I wanted to marry you, have a family, I wanted to do it all and I blew it.” 

Bucky’s head was buried in his hands. Tears were falling down his face and his shoulders shook a little. “I saw my future involving you, too but I didn’t-it was your fault, you could’ve spoken to me.” I grab a cushion and hug it, my heart healing and breaking repeatedly. “So, what made you come to the conclusion that I am innocent, anyway? It’s not like I told you that I was innocent.” My arms were folded across my chest, the cushion between them in a protective stance, to save my heart.

“You don’t want to know how I found out.” I raise an eyebrow at him and he wears down slowly. “I found him and asked him about you. He kept saying that you didn’t know and I punched him then asked him, he kept saying that you didn’t know.” I look at Bucky because he’s unbelievable. 

“That’s so wrong! You tortured my ex-boyfriend because you thought that I was a spy, and so you decided to not trust me and attack him for answers?” I throw my hands in the air, a look of confusion on my face and anger boiling inside of me. “I thought that you had finally learnt to trust me but you’re ridiculous. Every time I think that you could be trying, you fuck it up by doing something even worse than you should’ve.”

I walk over to my room and grab a blanket and spare pillow from my wardrobe, bringing it back to Bucky. I place it onto the sofa and sigh. “I give up, Bucky. Go to sleep. We’ll talk in the morning, I guess.”

I go to my bedroom and cry. I cry because of how much of a mess this entire situation is, and how stupid Bucky is, but I’m mad at myself for dating him in the first place.


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Tae finds a piece of Jewellery ft proposal-


-Taehyung helps you find an important piece of jewellery that you’ve lost and it turns into a proposal.

Taehyung had just walked into your apartment after an afternoon of shopping to see you crawling around on your hands and knees in the living room. ‘What are you pretending to be a dog or something…?’ He asked curiously, literally having no idea what you were doing.

Your head shot up and glared at him, ‘don’t try and be funny.’ You replied sharply. Taehyung s face scrunched up at your sudden unusual attitude.

Wow someone forgot to have their cheerios this morning…’ He said before flashing a smile at you in an attempt to soften you up.

'Shut up and help me!’ You groaned lying flat out on the floor and sticking your head under your couch.

Taehyung complied and lay down beside you replicating your position. 'Are we hiding or?’ You sighed and shoved his face away from you.

'Tae this isn’t funny! I lost my ring you have to help me find it!’ You sat up on your knees and rested your head in your hands. 'I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it… I took it off yesterday while I was painting the kitchen and I forgot to put it back on after I cleaned up…’

Taehyungs face dropped when he saw how distressed you were. He knew exactly which ring you were talking about because you never took it off. It was a gold band with a ruby red stone that you wore on your right ring finger, that once belonged to your mother.

'Don’t worry I’ll find it I’m always here to save the day!’ Tae immediately began looking around on the floor beside you. You both continued to look around your apartment, turning every room upside down in the process.

After a few minutes you sat up on your knees and let out a deep sigh. 'I give up…’ You mumbled to yourself. You raised yourself up and flopped down on your couch in defeat. You began unintentionally pouting to yourself, how could you lose your mothers ring. She gave it to you on your 18th birthday, just like her mother before her had.

Your pouting continued for a few minutes until Taehyung returned from looking in your bedroom. He had a strange expression on his face, for some reason you were suspicious.

'What’s that face for? Did you find it?’ You asked seriously hoping he had. Taehyung flashed you that signature boxy smile of his before standing in front of you on the couch.

'Y/N… don’t be mad at me, but I took your ring…’ You were completely dumbfounded and angry by his words.

What? Why did you? What…’ You had no idea why Taehyung would take your ring. 'Don’t smile at me like that! Give me my ring back!’ You demanded, you couldn’t believe he’d had it the whole time.

Taehyung sighed and threw his head back before speaking. 'I saw it on the kitchen bench yesterday, so I took it, I took it out with me today so…’ He continued to speak before rummaging around in his pocket and pulling out your mothers ring and sliding it on to your finger. He continued rummaging in his pockets before bringing out a small red velvet box.

'I took it with me today, so I could get your ring size because I have something important to ask you…’ Before you even had the chance to process his words, Taehyung was kneeling on one knee before you. 'I had planned to make this more special but I couldn’t handle seeing you so upset about the ring…’ You were completely speechless at what was happening.

Taehyung carefully opened the box and held it up to you. 'Y/N will you marry me?’ You were froze like a rabbit in headlights.

Had your boyfriend really just proposed to you on a Monday afternoon in the living room of your apartment while you were wearing a pair of shorts and one of his hoodies? Yes, Yes he had.

'Y/N?’ Your thoughts were broke by Taehyungs voice saying your name.

You finally processed what had just happened before covering your mouth with your hands. 'Oh my god…’ you whispered, 'Yes Tae, of course I will!’ You replied reaching a shaking hand out for him to slip the ring on to your finger, your previous anger at him for taking your Ruby ring was gone.

Silly Boy

Request:  Number 1 and I.M please!!

1) You take care of your bias when they’re sick.

Member: Monsta X’s I.M. x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“Changkyun, I told you you would get sick if you kept harassing stray animals,” I grumbled as I busied myself in the kitchen. 

Changkyun groaned from my couch. “It’s not considered harassment when it’s love!”

“How does the love feel now?” I chuckled, setting a cup of hot tea down in front of him. 

“Like a sore throat, chills, and a possible third world bacteria doctors didn’t know existed until now?” he croaked. 

“Well, when you insisted you should rub your face on that cat, i thought that would be a bit much,” I sighed, sitting down on the couch near his feet. 

“His name was Harvey and he deserved love just like anyone else,” Changkyun pouted, a shiver ripping through his body. 

“I hear you using this “L” word a lot,” I muttered, leaning forward and grabbing the cup of pills I had prepared for I.M. “Now you have to take these antibiotics, along with the allergy medicines, and vitamins to make sure we cover all of the bases.”

“I do use the “L” word a lot,” he grumbled. “And I love you. Have I told you that?” 

“Just about once an hour,” I smiled, trying to place the cup in his hands. 

“Toss them to me,” he pouted, refusing to take the small cylinder in his hands. 

“These aren’t M&M’s,” I argued. “Just shoot them back with some tea.” 

“Pleaaaase,” he pouted. “Don’t make me do aegyo while I’m sick. Have mercy on my poor soul.” 

“You’re such a baby,” I sighed, finally giving up and leaning back. Changkyun smiled to himself and leaned back as well, opening his mouth, waiting. 

I squinted an eye and leaned to the side, quickly tossing the first pill at his mouth and missing by about an inch. He quickly caught it rolling down his cheek and shoved it in his mouth, taking a sip of tea to help wash it down. 

“Could you at least try to get it in my mouth?” he asked, lifting his brows. 

“Well, if you would just take your medicine like a normal person,” I grumbled, picking up the next bit. 

“When have I ever claimed to be a normal person?” he winked. 

“You know, I have about a million and one things to do,” I sighed, taking aim and throwing, this time hitting the pill straight onto his tongue. He took another sip of tea. “And you need an awful large amount of attention.”

“I’m sick. You’re supposed to take care of me,” he pouted, crossing his arms. 

“Open,” I muttered, taking aim again. 

He slowly opened his mouth. I threw, this time pegging him in the back of the throat with the small allergy pill. He immediately coughed, launching forward and grabbing his tea cup, gulping down the hot liquid. “You did that on purpose!” he gasped. 

“My goal was to mildly annoy you, not almost kill you!” I whined, feeling incredibly bad. I sat the remainder of his medicines on the table beside his tea and furrowed my brows. I placed a hesitant hand on his leg. 

After regaining his ability to breath, Changkyun brought his eyes slowly up and gave me a sad smile. “Thank you for taking care of me Y/N.”

“You’re welcome,” I pouted. He placed his hand lightly on mine and leaned over, downing the rest of his pills in a gulp. He quickly followed up by another sip of tea and gave me a reassuring smile. 

“You’re my favorite girlfriend to annoy,” he cooed, leaning forward and setting his head in my lap. 

“Hopefully I’m your only girlfriend,” I sighed, petting his head. 

“Of course you are,” he chuckled. “Why would you think otherwise?”

I closed my eyes and shook my head. Usually I was used to deciphering Changkyun’s nonsense, but the medication induced nonsense was too much for me to be patient with today. 

“I think I’ll put on a drama. I heard Cinderella and the Four Knights is interesting,” I said, opening my eyes and fumbling for the remote. 

“I’m a knight,” Changkyun said sleepily. “Your knight. Not so much with shining armor, but with ripped jeans and a t shirt…so maybe not a knight but like a guy in his twenties who wishes he was a knight, but I would still try to rescue you anyway.” 

“The only thing I need rescuing from is your nonsensical babbling silly boy,” I whispered, continuing to stroke his hair. 

“Who’s babbling?” he asked, spinning in my lap and looking at me with wide eyes. 

“Changkyun’s babbling,” I giggled. 

“Yeah, you should tell him to shut up. I hate that guy,” he said, closing his eyes and nuzzling into my thigh. 

“Shut up then,” I giggled, finding a bit of fun in where this conversation had turned to. 

“Yeah, shut up Changkyun,” he whispered. 

After a few moments, I had a sleeping mess of a boy in my lap. I cupped his handsome face in my hands and smiled. There was a thin layer of sweat covering his forehead and as he slept, his eyebrows furrowed, in visible discomfort from the sickness invading his body. 

I reached my fingertips up and smoothed out the wrinkles forming in his forehead and sighed. I placed a kiss on the damp flesh and began to stroke his hair again. His eyelashes began to flutter and his eyes cracked open for a moment. His pupils trailed up my neck and finally met my own, a small, satisfied smile finding his lips. 

“Hi,” I whispered, letting my hand slide back down and cup his cheek again. 

“Y/N,” he said groggily, his voice filled with a rasp. 

“Changkyun,” I smiled. 

“Have I told you I love you?” 

“About five minutes ago,” I nodded. 

“Oh, well I love you,” he nodded, his eyes closing again almost instantaneously. 

“I love you too,” I cooed. “Silly boy.” 

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The third of 7 ways Otayuri decide to be cute af

Also on AO3 |

I put it under a read more because it’s longer than 500 words ^^’

“Yuuuriiooooo, tell meeeeee~”


“Yuuuuriiii, can you ask him?”


Victor showed his biggest pout ever. “You’re both very unfair.”

Yuuri looked up from his newspaper. “Victor, it’s none of your business whether Yurio wants to get married to Otabek or not.”

“Thank you for your input.” Yuri restrained himself from rolling his eyes. “And what’s with you, suddenly demanding an answer ever since I arrived over an hour ago? I thought you were an adult.”

“Well, you’ve been dating for a long time now, haven’t you?” Victor ignored that last comment.

Yuri shrugged. “So?”

“So, don’t you want to marry him?”

“You can’t help but butt into other people’s business, can you?” Yuri snapped.

“Nope,” Victor smiled brightly.

Yuuri reached for his coffee. “Victor had been pestering me about it all week and you’re the only one who can make him shut up.” He looked sternly at Yuri. “Please make him shut up.”

“Victor, shut up.”

Victor pouted again. “Why won’t you tell me?”

Yuri turned to Yuuri. “If he doesn’t shut up in three seconds, I’ll leave and won’t return any of his calls.” He stated. “None.”

“Then I’ll text Otabek to tell me –”

“I’ll warn him in advance.”

“It’s no use, Victor, he won’t tell you,” Yuuri casually reminded him, obviously enjoying the bickering going on.

“You can at least try to be on my side, Yuuri.” Victor sniffed dramatically.

Yuuri didn’t even look up from his paper. “I agree with Yurio though.”

Victor made a show of turning his back to Yuuri and faced Yuri. “Would you invite us to your wedding?”

“No,” Yuri answered immediately. “You’re annoying.”

“You’re hurting the both of us.” Victor cried.

“Oi, leave me out of it.” Yuuri slapped the back of Victor’s head with the paper, while Yuri gave an uncaring shrug.

“But Yuuri, don’t you want to see him stand at the altar with Otabek?” Victor tried to involve him too. Yuuri simply hit him again.

“Victor, I’m not getting married to Otabek anytime soon, understood?” Yuri stood and moved to the front door.

Victor clung to him. “But whyyyyyy?” He dragged out the last syllable annoyingly.

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