Sighing is actually a life-saving reflex, and scientists have found the switch that controls it
Here's why we all need to be sighing 12 times an hour.
By Fiona MacDonald

Remember all those times your parents told you it was rude to sigh? Well, you can discount that advice entirely, because sighing’s actually a crucial reflex that keeps our lungs healthy, and researchers have just uncovered the switch in our brain that controls it.

The team identified two tiny clusters of neurons in the brain stem that automatically turn normal breaths into sighs when our lungs need some extra help - and they do this roughly every 5 minutes (or 12 times an hour), regardless of whether or not you’re thinking about something depressing.

“Unlike a pacemaker that regulates only how fast we breathe, the brain’s breathing centre also controls the type of breath we take,” said one of the researchers, Mark Krasnow, from Stanford University School of Medicine.

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how the signs feel about valentine's day
  • aries:they just want to skip the whole day. but since they cant they decide to just sleep through the whole day and try not acknowledge it at all
  • taurus:tries to be happy for all their friends that have valentines but is lowkey disappointed
  • gemini:kinda feels sad about it but it doesnt bother them much. they just gonna be watchin twd
  • cancer:meh. prefers to be at home with pizza.
  • leo" biotch i got all yo hoes over here beggin to be my valentine
  • virgo:they think its stupid, like why cant you buy your significant other everyday?
  • libra:is happy there is a day that they can show and express their love for their loved one
  • scorpio:was hoping that someone was going to ask them to be their valentine but wasnt going to count on it. just gonna be watchin twd
  • sagittarius:*a couple days till valentines day and single* i dont need no one to be my valentine, i got myself. *on valentines day and gots a valentine* i am in love with you. i am so happy i met you babe. i couldnt imagine my life without you. love ya hun
  • capricorn:they say im fine by myself and then sobs
  • aquarius:is very sad bc they dont have a valentine and they dont have cable to watch twd
  • pisces:they just need their cat and they will be fine
  • ~nickie

y'know. kagura and sabu-chan could’ve been cell phone buddies

and then together with nobume they’d hold private convos where they continuously drag gintoki but ‘forget’ to remove him from the chat

kag: gin-chan stinks!! (-﹏-。) i have to walk around with my hand in front of my nose all day! yet the poor fool thinks i have a cold
sabu: have you tried spraying him with disinfectant
i heard bleach is good for removing mold
im still here