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I believe it's bc when someone asked Breezy why Dallon left Panic! and became a tour member, she said “its definitely not his choice but he cant complain” and now people are pissed at Brendon and Zack. Idek dude ://

so basically no body really knew how dallon got demoted and we all assumed that it was a mutual agreement between the two that the creative process wasn’t working and dallon was fine with it, but breezy got spicy in the scope and said that dallon didnt have any choice in stepping down, and he cant really complain about it. and a bunch of ppl think that zack might have had something to do with it bc breezy doesnt like zack

Well, not everyone assumed it was an amicable decision.. a lot of us knew (or assumed) as soon as Zack said that Dallon wasn’t part of the band anymore that that meant he must’ve been “muscled out” by Brendon.. partly because of indirect tweets and replies to questions on twitter that subtly but clearly show Dallon’s unhappiness/frustration with not being included/mentioned in press interviews, etc… and mostly because Dallon loves writing and making music so much, it’s his lifelong dream to be in a successful band that he’s a creative part of, and he had adopted Panic! as his new band after The Brobecks, was super involved and enthusiastic while working with B on Too Weird… There was no way Dallon had decided, himself, to take a step back from being a participating member of the band. It’s just really heartbreaking, especially since Dallon refused to sell out and leave any of his Brobecks band members in the wind when he was offered career advancement and record deals… and Brendon basically decided to dump Dallon’s “official member” (and contributing member) status so that he could further his own career and name… 

But at the same time, I don’t think it’s right to gang up on Brendon for this because I can understand where he’s coming from too. Some people just write better on their own, a lot of people do, and Dallon and Brendon do have very different music/writing styles… which I thought blended beautifully together on Too Weird, but I guess Brendon didn’t enjoy it so much. :/ 

Brendon and Dallon are also very different personalities. Brendon’s extroverted, super silly and hyper and always on, whereas Dallon is definitely an introvert and a lot more laid back and calm, despite his internal struggles with anxiety and depression. Dallon would have never challenged Brendon and said “no, I want to continue to be a contributing member,” because he a.) has a real issue with insecurity and self-deprecation and not thinking he’s good enough, and b.) doesn’t want to lose his job playing with Panic! It’s still an amazing job and right on track with his dream even if he’s not writing the music.. it’s just not as good. :/

It’s just a real shitty situation and I don’t think anyone is to blame for it… But it does make you think about when Ryan and Jon left because of “creative differences.” Maybe Brendon was what caused the split to happen too…