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jun being a dad and being so lovely to his wife and child

✎ i just want to prefix this by saying, i’m sorry it’s not a full-fledged scenario! i’ve never done a bullet point style before, however, this request has been collecting dust in my inbox for ages and i think a bullet point would be most fitting! so enjoy!

also, i did not know whether to make the bby a boy or girl, so you can decide!


⦁ the day you purchased your first pregnancy test, oh my god you were a very nervous, overwrought lil peach who spent at least an hour or so pacing in the bathroom, slapping the box against your wrist.

⦁ “lol stopping being a loser and just take the damn test, [Y/N]!!!”

⦁ once you saw those two pink tiny lines, tears immediately began dampening your lashes and your breath fell short and your heart started swelling.

⦁ i am a mother!!!! i have my own flower child now!!! whoop whoop!!!

⦁ you’re so inexplicably joyous and wow it would be great if junhui were there to celebrate with you. but then you’re like, junhui!!! he is the father!!! and even though you’re married the anxiety returns bc what if he is not as happy as you!!

⦁ eventually ur man comes home from practice. he’s in his usual white tee and black sweats with his duffle bag over his shoulder. his hair is bit damp toward the ends but he looks very soft.

⦁ you’re sitting on the sofa, looking a bit hollowed. he notices your eyes are slightly puffy and he can decipher a timid glint in their irises. he drops his things and scoots next to you, slipping an arm around your waist and pressing a lil kiss to your temple.

⦁ “did you have a good day, bby?” then he hears a faint sniffle as you dig into your hoodie pocket and show him the test. at first he doesn’t exactly understand or entirely know what it is so he’s like, “cool lol.”

⦁ and then you sigh whilst laughing at the same time. “no ya big idiot, it’s a pregnancy test!! i’m pregnant!!” you study his reactions very meticulously. he looks at you, then the test, then you, then the test.

⦁ before you can get another word out, junhui’s shaking his knees and scooping up your legs to pull you into his lap. his palms cup your cheeks and he steals a long kiss from your lips n then plants many short ones on your forehead.

⦁ “i am a father!!!! you are a mother!!!”

⦁ you both start tearing up a lil more. “omg so true!!” *high five*

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Trueform+"I will ride, I will fly, chase the wind and touch the sky+airport

(Ah, ok nonny, this was a tough one, but I think I made it work?)

Trueform!cas is sitting cross-legged on the airport runway with his head hanging in his hands. No one can fly in and out and the gentle giant is now surrounded by the F.B.I. and homeland security. No one can convince him to move. But he is asking for one thing–Dean.

When Dean arrives, he tries not to focus on all the attention right now as he sees camera’s flashing from inside the airport windows. Finally, he reaches a giant toe and taps it.

Cas looks up quickly and Dean can see that the large angel is upset.

“Hey buddy,” Dean says.

Cas sniffs, wiping his nose with the sleeve of his trench coat, lips turned down into a frown.

“Dean!” he says, and the pavement rumbles.

“Hey,” Dean says soothingly when he can see that Cas has been crying. “I’m here. I’m here.”

God knows he hates this place. And heights. But, when a hand  reaches out, he climbs into it obediently and lets himself be raised up to Cas’s face on his palm.

Dean balances himself with a hand on Cas’s nose while Cas looks down at him with crossed eyes.

“What’s going on, buddy?” Dean asks.

But, suddenly, Cas looks embarrassed to say what’s on his mind.

“C’mon, you can talk. It’s just me.” And half the government. And the press. But, Dean doesn’t mention this.

Cas purses his large lips, then: “I saw your plane tickets on the counter through the window.”


‘You can read something that small?’ Dean wonders at first, then reminds himself that that isn’t the biggest issue here. Also, of course Cas can. He’s an angel. Come on, Dean.

“You mean the two tickets to Europe?” he asks.

Cas nods, the sudden movement making the men below raise their guns to Dean’s chagrin.

He thinks about what Cas is saying, but he can’t quite understand the problem.

“Cas, I’m confused. Why are you upset right now?” he asks.

Cas sniffs again before: “I can ride through the clouds. I can fly. I can chase the wind. I mean, I can practically touch the sky.”

Dean nods, uncertain of where Cas is going.

“Yeah,” he says. “You’re a powerful guy, Cas. Or angel, or whatever.”

“Not powerful enough to make you want to stay,” says Cas with one more sniff.

Dean furrows his eyebrows before it dawns on him exactly what Cas is saying.

“Cas,” he says. “Did you think I–did you think Sam and I were trying to LEAVE you?”

Cas nods. Suddenly, Dean is taking off his coat and using it to wipe a stray tear from Cas’s face, letting it get totally soaked in the salt water.

“Is that why you’re boycotting the airport right now?” Dean asks.

Cas sheepishly nods.

Dean sighs, patting Cas on the nose comfortingly.

“Cas,” he says, “You big, beautiful idiot. Those tickets are for Jess and Sam for a vacation.”

He watches as Cas’s eyes light up, a big smile forming through the tears.

“Really?” Cas asks.

“Really. I would never ever leave you, I promise. ” Dean says, and kisses his sweet, silly angel on the nose. “Now can we get the hell away from this airport? I frikkin’ hate planes.”

Cas is grinning when he finally says: “Yeah. We can go. And Dean?” he pauses. “Thanks.”

Dean smiles, “Anytime, beautiful.”

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Match Made in Heaven


Request: Monday! You & Gabriel are dating but you have to keep it a secret from TFW cause they don’t approve. So they think all his shameless flirting is just Gabe being Gabe when he actually means everything he’s says. So glad your back, we all missed you!

Request: It’s Monday where I am… Could I request a Gabriel x (maybe Hunter!)Reader where reader attends the university where Gabriel is a janitor, but reader is bullied a little (nothing triggering, just stuff like getting pranked) by some of the other students, and Gabriel notices so he starts pranking reader’s bullies and reader finds out?

Request: Hi! I was wondering, if when you had time, you’d be able to write something about Gabriel discovering the internet, through chat logs with the reader? It’d be fine if not, though. :3

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Don't make a pregnant woman angry


“Lev, calm down, that was just a joke and I-”


Lily sighed and looked how his best friend and partner was chased by his cute and pregnant in the 9 month wife. She looked… furious.

“So… can someone of you to tell me what’s going on here?” The black Exceed asked, looking at the Dragneels.

Natsu and Happy was lying on the ground, laughing like they was crazy - they was crazy, actually - and Lucy was holding her cute 5-months pink-haired daughter Sakura in her arms.

“Well… Levy and I was talking about a new book she just read when she heard how Gajeel "accidentally” told Natsu that about how he technically kept his promise to make her big.“ Lucy explained and looked at her best friend. "She got mad and he just can’t calm her down.”

“Shorty, I said I was just kidding-”


Lily sighed and sat next to the blonde.

“Will you give me a juice kiwi?” The Exceed asked.

“Wouldn’t you help Gajeel?” Lucy asked and gave Lily his juice.

“Nah. That dumbass deserve that. 5 years of teasing and joking about her height was too much for Levy and now she give him back everything, with her crazy hormones. And it’s pretty fun to watch, isn’t it?”

Lucy sighed and hugged her baby-daughter. 

“Is it… But we need to stop her before she hurt herself and the baby.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’m sure metalhead will handle with Levy until that happens” Natsu said between laughing.


“Levy I’m pretty sorry, stop freackin’ chasing me and-”

“SHUP UP!!!”

Three Little Words

Characters: Natsu, Lucy, and Gray

Pairing: Nalu

Summary: Natsu says something on accident and Lucy isn’t sure how to respond

Authors Note: Here is some Nalu fluff after that really sad last chapter. Hope you enjoy!


“Ow ow ow…Lucy!” Natsu moaned and grabbed his head.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Lucy replied. She readjusted her arm to better hold him up as they continued to stumble back to the guild.

Lucy shook her head, anger still ringing through her. “I can’t believe you did that, you idiot! I would have been fine!”

“He was aiming right for you! It’s better if I take the majority of the hit ‘cause my body’s more durable.”

“Except it hit you in the head! It would have hit my shoulder! You’re lucky you didn’t fall into a coma.” She criticized.

Anger and sadness pierced Natsu’s heart as memories flashed through his mind. He squeezed his eyes shut.

“I don’t care how badly I get it hurt-”

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Enigma // 3

part one || part two 

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genre: angst
requested by:

// this is the last part to enigma and it’s pretty long. so if you don’t have the patience to read through it, then don’t. but if you do, make sure you’ve read the first two chapters so you don’t ruin it for yourself and so you could guess what is to happen in this chapter. //

“What are you talking about?” You asked, sounding a little bit too concerned and wary. “You’re not drunk are you?”

She snickered on the other end, letting you know that she was fully aware of the present world. 

“I’m drunk all right, but not too drunk to not know that you deserted us here when you know your job is being the designated driver. If you don’t have a good explanation, I’m strangling you to death.”

Jimin and his friends’ words echoed in your head as if they’ve been spoken through an empty tunnel. You could’ve sworn that they’d promise to take care of them. 

“Didn’t they tell you that I left and that they’d be the ones to take you guys home?”

“They? Who’s they? I barely know anyone at this damn party.”

You suddenly felt the urge to punch yourself in the face for ever trusting someone like Jimin. Of course he wouldn’t live up to his promises. Popular people always got away with everything. 

“Forget it. I’m coming right now.”

You quickly hung up and searched for your car keys in your pocket, only to remember that you left your car at the party. You sighed in frustration and only now you realized how big of an idiot you really were. 

You thought it through and deliberately came to a conclusion that walking there was the only solution. Running, more so. This was the only time you’ve been thankful that the house wasn’t too far from your’s, but it also gave you another reason to hate parties and all the mishaps that occur in between. 

You take a moment to get your breath flowing, stretching out your muscles as you did so. You never had a problem with physical exercise, in fact, you’d run on occasion. But recently you’ve been slacking and you were worried that your endurance had weakened. 

You started to jog as a mini warm up and eventually gained speed until you were at a full sprint. Your legs started to feel like they were on fire, but the creepiness of your neighborhood around this time motivated you to keep going and to not look back. Fifteen minutes later, you were a few houses away from your destination. 

The music faintly sounded throughout the neighborhood, considering the time and the sleeping neighbors. 

You started to walk to the house seeing it empty out. People barely walking out to knock out in their cars or to have drunk sex in the backseat, some throwing up in different areas of the sidewalk. It was the expected result of the unruly youth. 

Red cups, beer bottles, and even used condoms were scattered all over the front yard, making you feel sorry for whoever had to clean it up. Just imagine how disastrous it was inside. And that’s when you spotted your friends splayed about on the far right corner of the yard, noticeably drunk, as two of them were passed out on the ground. 

“I’m here,” you say, slightly out of breath from your fifteen minute death sprint. 

Your not-so-drunk friend who had called you earlier was scowling at you as if you’d just murdered someone and tried to get away with it. 

“Why on earth did you run here? There’s such thing as a car.”

You jerked your head towards your car that was parked right across the house you were standing in, making her shake her head in disappointment. “Idiot,” she mumbled, making her way over to your passed out friends, grabbing one of them under the auxillary area, lifting her up as far as her scrawny could. “Now help me carry these bastards in.”

You were at your last stop after taking 2/3rds of your friends home and getting them to their bedrooms safe and sound.

You examined your friend’s posture, seeing that she was already half asleep.

“You don’t need me to help you up the stairs do you?” You asked, making sure that she was sober enough to walk on her own. 

“Like I said, I’m not that drunk. But thanks.” She opens the door swinging one leg out, only to look back at you again. “Wait. If your car was parked outside the house, then who did you ride with?”

Thinking it was a little too soon to brag about your little late night adventure with Jimin, you gave her sheepish smile and hoped she’d understand that it was a very inconvenient time to ask questions. 

“Get some rest okay?”

She acquiesced and stepped out of your car. She waved at you and you motioned for her to head inside. When her front door closed behind her and you were sure that she was now safe in the comfort of her own home, you hit the gas and went home yourself. 

The drive was quiet and filled with intense thoughts. You couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that Jimin just manipulated you into thinking that his friends could take care of the situation, just so he could take you out for burgers and steal your first kiss. You were just blinded by the hype that someone like him was actually interested in you. But you were wrong. 

Monday. You were cautiously walking through the halls of your very own school, staying alert for any signs of Jimin and his crew. The last thing you wanted to do was see him after his betrayal. You wanted to confront him about the whole thing, but believed it was best to leave it alone and act as if nothing happened between the two of you Saturday night. But even until now, you could feel his thick, luscious lips dancing on yours. 

The hallways started to empty as students hasted their ways to class reminding you that you only had a few minutes until the first bell. 

Walking at a rapid pace, you were nearing your first period, only to be grabbed from behind and dragged farther away from it. Your taker’s free arm was over your eyes, not letting you see or know what part of the campus you were being dragged to. 

Soon after, you were free from this person’s arms and backed up against a wall, revealing the face of your mysterious taker. It was Jimin. 

“What was that for? You could’ve called me out instead of planning a kidnapping.”

He laughed at how worked up you were. 

“Now that wouldn’t be fun would it? Relax. Just be glad it’s me.” He was unhesitant when he cupped your face and kissed you gently on the lips. You moaned as you kissed him back, only craving much more of him, but slightly pushed him off of you when the bell sounded. 

“As much as I’d like to stay here, I need to get to class and so do you.”

Before you could even take a tiny step, he stops you. 

“No,” he protests. “We agreed that we’d see each other again.”

“You’re already looking at me. And besides, there’s always time after class, lunch time, and even after school. So why don’t we meet up then yeah?”

You moved him aside, but he grabs your wrist, pulling you back. 

“Please. Just skip first period and spend this time with me.”

His voice and expression gave off hints of desperation, making you give in to him. You figured that one absence wouldn’t do you harm. And it also gave you the opportunity to interrogate him about Saturday night. He didn’t think he could just kiss you and get away with it, did he?


You and Jimin were gallivanting throughout the entire school, discovering places you didn’t know even existed there. But judging by how he seemed to memorize exactly where he was going, it only made your curiosity of his whereabouts grow.

“So,” you began. “Are you going to tell me why I had to run back to the party to pick up my friends?”

He looked at you with worried eyes, which only made you feel much more dominant compared to him. 

“I actually don’t have an explanation for that,” he admitted, making your patience with him cut short. 

“So this is what it’s about? I’m some kind of toy you could just wind up any time you want huh? Imagine what would’ve happened to them if one of them didn’t call me sooner. I would’ve been the one at fault. The bad guy.”

He unexpectedly pulls you into a tight hug.

“No. I never intended to make you feel that way. I’m sorry. You’re the only light I’ve ever known and I don’t want to lose you because my friends forgot to do your friends a favor. I’ll do anything to make up for it.”

You sighed. “No it’s fine. You don’t have to do anything.”

“Are you sure?”

You nodded. “Now show me other secret places in this school. We still have an hour and a half to kill.”

The more time you spent with Jimin, the more tardies and absences beside your name grew. It’s been two months since you and Jimin ditched that party to fetch a burger, leading you to where you were now. 

Skipping class, again, in the cliche janitor’s closet. 

After finishing business, you left Jimin to eat lunch in the cafeteria, immediately spotting your friends. You approached them with a different persona radiating off of you. 

“Oh my god. She’s at it again,” one of your friends whined in amusement. “Where was it this time?”

“The janitor’s closet,” you whispered, followed by a fit of giggles. 

Your friend threw one of her raisins at you, laughing at your honesty. “That’s so cliche. But seriously Y/N, when are you going to tell us who he is?”

You hadn’t really thought about telling anyone about you and Jimin’s so called relationship, but it’s been going on for merely two months now and your friends must be dying to know after hearing all your stories. 

“Should I tell you guys?” You asked, smiling to yourself when you remembered what had just happened in the janitor’s closet not too long ago.

You were pressed up against the closet’s door as Jimin shriveled you up, his lips attacking any visible area of your neck.

“Oh my god,” you giggled, as his soft lips tickled your skin. “What if we get caught?”

He sucks on your sweet spot making you moan in pleasure. 

“We won’t,” he whispers, his lips still lingering on your neck. “I locked the door and made sure the janitor won’t be visiting us until we’re done.”

You absentmindedly trusted his words as lust took over you, helping him undress as he did with you. And within minutes you were being penetrated on the counter Jimin had cleared off of cleaning supplies. 

“I love you,” he says, panting against your lips as he continued to pound inside of you. You connected your lips, sealing his words. 

“I love you too.”

Two months seemed a little too early to declare that what you and Jimin had was love. But you believed that love had no time. It was something that demanded to be felt and that was all you could ever detect when you were with him. 

“Yes, you should.” Your friend’s voice brought you back to reality, and you had to decide whether or not you were ready to tell them. 

You sighed, giving up. You knew they wouldn’t let it slide without a fight. Not this time at least. Not when you’ve got them sitting on the edge of their seats. 


You all gathered closer as if what you were about to reveal was the secret formula to the krabby patty. They both started to giggle out of excitement, anticipating for the name to eventually come out. 

“It’s Park Jimin.”

Their smiles faded into looks of complete confusion and horror, having a hard time believing what you just admitted. One of them even started to laugh. 

“What? You think a girl like me isn’t good enough for someone like him?” Even if you knew he was yours, their reaction hurt your self esteem more than ever. Especially coming from your two closest girl friends.

“You can’t be serious right?” One of them asks, reaching over to feel your neck and forehead for your temperature. “Just what did they drug you with that night?”

You swatted her hand away from you defensively. 

“What are you talking about? Jimin is the person I left with that night. He was the reason why I ditched you guys. He forced me at first but I willingly complied when he said his three other friends would take you home.”

Your friends looked at each other, sharing a telepathic message about how crazy you sounded right now. 

“Oh hunny, I think we need to admit you to the mental institute. You sound ridiculous right now, it’s actually scaring me.” She motioned to your other friend to dial the number. 

“Wait why? I don’t need to be admitted to the mental hospital because I’m dating a boy you guys couldn’t! You’re just jealous aren’t you?” 

You were in a frenzy of emotions, not understanding why the mental hospital was suddenly brought up, or why your friend was speaking to one of the doctors on the phone. Were you that much of a loser that you finally being with someone shocked them so much to the point where they believed you lost it?

“Don’t yell Y/N.” She stands up and pulls you up along with her, dragging you towards the exit.

“Why are you guys acting so strange? And why is she calling the mental hospital? Answer me!”

“Because. Tell me again about you and Jimin? You know, since not all of us girls can have the luxury of dating him like you.”

“I told you almost everything you need to know! We’ve been together for two months now and he’s the reason why my perfect grades have dropped by a few numbers! But guess what? I don’t regret it one bit because this is the first time I’ve ever felt so alive. I finally found someone and you two dare to bring me down?”

Your friend had an apologetic look on her face, and her eyes started to water. The way you talked about Jimin held so much emotion letting her know you really loved the boy. 

“I’m sorry,” she said, wiping her eyes before the tears threatened to fall. 

“It’s okay. I under-” You were suddenly pushed in front of the bulletin board that was hanging outside the office. “Woah what the fuck was that for?”

Assuming that she wanted you to look at what was in front of you, you quickly forgave her and looked up at the big bold words that were begging to be seen. You looked at your friend behind you who was staring helplessly at you. 

“No, no, no. This is all wrong. This was way before that party. This must be a mistake,” you mumbled to yourself as your legs started to give up on you. You collapsed onto the floor, keeping your eyes glued to what was seen as the last of your sanity. You continued to read the rest of board filled with other words that supported it, and you slowly felt yourself losing your mind even more. 

Sirens and blue and red lights filled the school grounds letting students gather around you in pure terror and bewilderment. Two men who seemed to be working in the medical field, stood on either side of you and tried to hoisten you up on your two legs which failed to stand upright. 

Both taking you from under, they lifted you up, making you hover over the ground. You willingly let them drag you away, not being able to say or do anything you wanted because the shock was overwhelming you to the point where you’ve almost forgotten your name. 

You wanted to cry, but you couldn’t. You wanted to scream, but you couldn’t. Instead you allowed them to carry you away from the crowd, wanting to be in the comfort of the place you really belonged. Your eyes stayed concentrated on the bulletin board that fucked you up so bad until it was no longer visible to the naked eye. 



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Steve x reader 

Word count:2036, sorry its long.

A.N: Sorry it took me a while upload, I hope you enjoy this, I will be writing a Sebastian Stan x reader one very shortly.


“Do anything fun Saturday night?” Nat asked Cap as the four of us got ready for the mission.

“Well, all the guys from my barbershop quartet are dead, so no not really.” Steve joked and shook his head.

“Coming up on the drop zone Cap, Barnes and Y/L/N.” You heard one of the pilots over the overcome.

“You know if you ask Kristen out she’ll probably say yes.” Nat stated.

You rolled your eyes and slipped on a hand gun on you holster, Bucky who was beside you chuckled at your action.

“You were always the jealous type doll.” He smiled and pinched his cheek.

“That’s why I don’t ask.” Cap yelled at her as he placed his helmet in his head.

As you three were going to jump off the airplane an agent spoke up “Were they wearing a parachute?” He asked worriedly.

“Nope.” Nat sighed and at how reckless the three of you are together.

The three you landed safely on the roof “All right guys we have to do a quick sweep of the top floor and with that we will have full control.” Steve told you the plan once again.


You moaned as plopped onto the couch that was in the helicarrier.

“My whole body aches.” You complained to Bucky and Steve that were in the same with you.

“Maybe you should of listen to me when I told you to stay close and not run off and gotten yourself blown up.” Steve warned.

He was always so cautious of you even back in the 40’s, even when he was skinny and fragile and you were the one that was supposed to be taking care of him which you did along with Bucky. What it seemed was that you had a tremendous crush on him but Bucky on the other hand he always teased you about it and it has continued.

“Steve shut up and stitch me up.” You groand ripping your pants leg off revealing you huge gash on your thigh.

“You got hurt!” He panicked and quickly walked over to you and crouched down to look at your thigh not even caring that he was touching your bare thigh “Damn it Y/n you could of gotten badly hurt or killed!” He yelled at you getting up from your side and walked over to Bucky to get the med kit.

“Calm down Stevie we’ve done this before just stitch me up and I’ll be good in a couple of hours.” You smiled at him.

“Y/n last time I did this was just before going into the ice so don’t say it should be like the last time.” Steve kept going on.

“ Will you guys shut up you fight like a married couple.” Bucky told you both and walked out of the room to your guess was to talk to Nat.

There was an awkward silence for a while until you decided to break it.

“So how about we go to that pizza shop we use to go back in the day,maybe this friday? I feel like we haven’t hung out together in weeks, only on missions.” You hoped he would say yes since you really missed him.

“I would love to doll but I have a date with a girl that Nat set me up with.” He told you.

You let out a sighed and nodded

“Yeah alright, whatever.” You told him and stood up hoping out of the room searching for some crunches since your leg was hurting but you didn’t want to be with Steve at the moment.

“Y/n you can’t walk on your leg you’ll open them up.” Steve warren.

“I don’t care.” You gave up on finding the crutches and just limped your way out of the room.

You heard Steve sighed and get up, you were soon been lifted in the ground which caused you to yelp, but you didn’t say anything since you know that he would not listen so you just leaned back onto his chest.

“Were are going?” Steve questioned.

“To Bucky.” Was all you told him.

He sighed and stopped and placed you on the small couch that was on the hallway.

“Y/n stop doing that.” He sighed and say in front of you.

You just crossed your arms and  stared at him not speaking.

“I’m being serious doll, please talk to me.” He begged “I’m so sorry we don’t hang out anymore, I’m sorry I’m never there for you. I’m just so busy with the missions and all these dates that Nat has been setting me u-”

“That’s the point Steve you’re always busy going on these..” You paused for a second debating weather or not to tell him.

“Busy?” Steve questioned, god he was so clueless.

“Busy on all these..missions I feel that a don’t spend any more time with you that we’re drifting.” You looked him in the eye this whole time.

“We will hang out this Saturday just you and me, and maybe Bucky.” He gave you one of his breathtaking smiles.

“Yeah I’ll like that, and we will invite Bucky.” You smiled at him “Now take me to them.” You order.

“You should be resting sweetheart.” He warned you, but gave in since you will not take no for an answer.


“Why does she have to keep and setting him on date?” You asked Bucky as you shoved some popcorn in your mouth.

“He’s lonely and he’s been saying that he want’s to get back in the game.” Bucky told you as he sat next to you on the couch.

“Buck a relationship is no game, plus he want’s someone with the same life experience. Like hello I’m right in front of your face you big gorgeous idiot.” You sighed and leaned forward to fix the pillow under your foot.

“Why don’t you tell him that and not me, plus in opinion you would both make a cute couple.” Bucky teased you “Y/n and Steve sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love.Then comes a baby on a baby carriage, suc-” But he was cut off by Steve walking into the room.

“Do I look good guys.” He asked, this was one of his routine he would come in ask if he looked alright while you and Bucky thought how he looked.

“You looked fine Steve, go you’ll be late.” You tried to make him leave but he sat down on the other side of you.

“I still have a half an hour left.” He told you and reached over to get the remote control.

“Stevie, Y/n has a problem.” Bucky spoke up.

“No I don’t.” Both you and Steve spoke at the same time.

“What is it?” He sounded concern.

“Well will you belive that ur beautiful Y/n doesn’t believe she’s good enough for someone.” Bucky told him, you quickly jabbed your elbow on his rib.

“What that’s crazy you’re beautiful Y/n, and if that idiot doesn’t see it you shouldn’t even be interested on him.” Steve looked at you with his big blue eyes that made you want to melt.

You cleared your throat and looked at Bucky “See Buck I shouldn’t even be liking him.” you empathized ‘him’.

“I call bullshit.” Bucky got up from the couch and stood in front of you two “I’m sorry to the both of you but I know damn well that both you idiots like each other, Steve I know that you like her ever since back in the day. You should’ve seen how devastated she was when she heard about Peggy and how she would cry herself to sleep because she would never be good enough for you. She didn’t want to say anything after the serum because she thought that you would think that she only liked you for your looks.” Bucky let out “If you would excuse I’m going to head out now.” He excused himself and walked out.

You didn’t dare to speak let alone look at him, but you both knew that sooner or later you would both have to speak.

“Would you like anything to drink?” You asked but mentally cursed because you couldn’t risk opening up your stitches.

“Y/n.” Was all he told you before speaking up again “Why didn’t you tell me?” He questioned almost sad.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You had just the same chance to tell me then I had to tell you.”You stated.

“Y/n I’m being serious now, I like you, like a lot. I kept going on these dates thinking that I would find a nice girl,granted she was never you nor would she ever be but I still tried to find someone. Just look at yourself your breathtaking, you make me feel good, safe like I’m home.” He was now facing you and he had grabbed you hand to intr wind your finger.

“Steve Grant Rogers you are such an idiot.” You let out.

Which caused him to give you a ‘wtf look’ “I just told you how I feel and you call me an idiot. I guess Buck was just playing around, you know that’s pretty messed up even for the two of you.” He stood up to leave, but you pulled him back.

“Steve you’re an idiot.” you told him again but he interrupted you before you could speak.

“Thanks I think we’ve established that so I’m going to go now before you call me something else.” He stood up once again.

“Steve again please don’t go or else I’ll actually call you something else, I like you as well as an like like. I can’t believe you didn’t see it back in the day I was basically drooling over you before you took the serum. Every Time you would come back home and I would see you all beat I would honestly want to go and give those fat heads a piece of my mind, every time we were out and away from home I would get homesick but somehow some way I always felt like a piece of you was home to me and now that you and Buck are the only thing I have I feel like you two are my only home. So Steve yeah I do like you.” You told letting out a breath you didn’t even realize you were holding.

Steve started to get closer which you followed his lead as your lips were about to touch Steve spoke up.

“Can I kiss you?” He questioned.

“You were always such a gentleman Stevie.” You told him and that was all he need to close the space.

The kiss, the kiss was everything you ever wanted you always dreamed it was filed with so much passion. You placed one hand on the back of his headed to bring him closer if that was even possible and you felt him place a hand on your caressing it ever so slightly, it caused you to get goose bumps.

You both pulled away much to your disappointment and leaned back on the couch.

“You’re late for your date.” You told him which caused him to stand up quickly.

“Shit I have to call her Captain America never stands up a date I have to call her at least.” Which he quickly did, which involved a lot of ‘sorry’s’ much to your entertainment if you might add.

He finally hung up “Finally you done.” You pulled him in for another kiss, you pulled away from him but he would still give you little pecks.

“How about a date tomorrow?” Steve asked, he seemed cocky since he knew his answer.

So you decided to play with him “Hmm I don’t know, I do have a big day planned tomorrow with Bucky I wouldn’t want to cancel on him, you know because he’s my best friend and all.”

“Cancel it.” He pulled you in for a short sweet kiss.

“Alright Captain.” You told him.

“Ugh I’m going to puke, you’re both disgusting but still oddly cute. And you were going to ditch me for this big baboon.” Bucky came busting into the room scaring you both.            

#16 Part 2, Forgotten

part 1

Ashton: You go to the front of the stage to take your last bow after the show. The show had gone without a hitch and all of your cast members were telling you how great you did. You take your bow and when you come back up you hear loud yelling. “GO Y/N! YOU ROCKED! LOVE YOU!” You search the audience for the familiar voice and a huge smile breaks across your face when you see your boyfriend clapping loudly and beaming at you. You immediately run off the stage and into his arms. The show was over so you hopefully wouldn’t get in trouble for it. You throw yourself at Ashton and he catches you easily. “I thought you had forgotten when you didn’t text me.” You whisper as you nuzzle his neck. “I’d never forget you babe.”

Luke: “Babe?” You hear Luke call as he climbs the stairs. You roll your eyes and go back to rinsing your face. He appears behind you in the mirror, and you don’t greet him. You turn around to exit the bathroom when he says “Hey, how was your day?” he tries to lean in for a kiss, but you just roll your eyes and bump his shoulder as you walk out of the bathroom. “Y/N? Are you avoiding me?” He asks as you climb in the bed facing away from him. You hear him shuffling around and then you feel him crawl in behind you and he wraps his arms around you waist. You just move away from him. “C'mon, Y/N. You can’t be angry at me without me knowing why.” He whispers into your ear. You sigh. “What’s today, Luke?” “Um..exactly a week before the album drops?” He says, obviously having no idea. “No!” You say throwing the covers off of your body. “It’s our fucking anniversary, you dick.” You stomp angrily into the bathroom and lock the door behind you. “Y/N!” Luke yells, knocking on the door harshly. “I’m sorry I forgot. It’s just stressful right now you know that. And I know that we had this planned out..but I just forgot. I’m so sorry.”  You make no move to open the door. “Y/N, please. I love you” He says sounding pitiful . You sigh, before opening the door. “I love you, too. You big idiot.” You say before kissing him softly. 

Michael: You hear Michael coming up the stairs so you pop your head out of the door to watch how he gets Gracie to accept his apology. He knocks once on the closed door, “Gracie, I’m sorry I forgot about the recital. I’m really sorry. And you should know while the band means a lot to me, it could never mean as much to me as you and your mom.” You smile to yourself at this. “Gracie, please open the door.” He calls once again but to no avail. “Okay, you asked for it.” He mumbles before taking a couple deep breaths. “DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN, C'MON LET’S GO AND PLAAAAY!!” He all the sudden belts terribly loud and off key, but it sends you into a fit of laughter. “DO YOU WANNA FORGIVE YOUR DADDY, HE DIDN’T MEAN TO FORGET-” He is cut off when your daughters door opens. “Daddy, oh my god. I forgive you, but please stop singing like that.” Gracie says. When she hugs her Daddy, you step out of the bedroom and join in on the group hug. “My two favorite girls.” Michael says kissing the top of both of your heads. 

Calum: The next day you’re still laying in your hospital bed trying remember at least something about Calum. You are pulled from your thoughts though when someone comes into your hospital room. “Miss Y/N, Calum is here, would you like for him to come in?” A nurse asks. You think for a minute before answering. “Yeah, send him in please.” She nods and soon Calum walks into your room awkwardly holding a bouquet of daises. “These are for you, I know they’re your favorites.” He says passing you the flowers. “They are?” You ask. “Well, they were..” He says awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. “They’re beautiful, anyways.” You say. He nods before sitting down. Neither of you say anything, until you speak up. “Can you tell me about us, Calum?” You ask. “What?”  "Please, I just. Maybe I’ll remember, Calum.“ You plead. "Um, okay. For starters, you never call me Calum unless you’re mad at me. You usually call me Cal.” He says. “Okay, Cal. Okay, I got it, go on.” “Um, we’ve been together for a little over a year, we recently moved in together. We met at a music festival.” He continues, and you just nod taking it all in. “Our first date was at an ice skating rink, and funny story actually, I pretended-” You cut him off “You pretended to know how to ice skate to impress me but then you fell and busted your ass while bringing me down with you!” You say with a laugh. You’re still laughing when you realize what you just said. You throw your hand over your mouth and stare wide-eyed at Cal. “Do you remember anything else?” He asks eyes equally as wide as yours. “No..but it’s a start right?” You say hopefully. “Oh, it’s definitely a start.” He says beaming at you. 

yo, yo here’s part 2! feedback is appreciated! do you guys think i should do a fanfic? love you guys, anyway.