sigh you are all so perfect

Yoongi as your boyfriend:
  • Waking up in the morning would b-oh wait, sorry, there’s no waking up in the morning
  • If you woke up early he would pull you back into bed and hold you in his arms until you went back to sleep
  • If you ask him to let you go he’s just going to let out little groans and whimpers and they’ll be so cute sjbdjkewbjrwe
  • When you finally wake up, he’s going to watch you stretch and sigh at your beauty
  • Then he’ll lean down and plant a soft kiss of the corner of your mouth
  • Oh man, he’ll try and make you lunch by himself
  • TRY
  • But he’ll most likely end up calling Jin on the phone and asking for instructions
  • And pretend that he made it all by himself
  • “Woah! This is delicious! How did you make it?”
  • “Min Suga. Genius”
  • If you were having trouble picking out clothes he would help you because he has all the swag
  • But he really wouldn’t care what you wore
  • Because you’re so perfect to him <3
  • You would have to be very patient with him because he’ll be working on music all day
  • And when you try to make him eat he’ll try to refuse
  • “Let me finish one more line…”
  • “Yoongi, please, you skipped all your meals today.”
  • And with that, he would finish everything you made for him
  • His hugs would be the best because they reminded you of home, all warm and inviting
  • And also, he probably smells soooooo attractive
  • When you got sad, deep down he would really want to help you
  • But it’s really hard for him to show you that he’s trying
  • So he would just sit there and listen to you, nodding his head in understanding
  • And if you needed it, he would pull you into a hug and hold you there until you calmed down
  • When he thinks he made a good song, you would be the first to hear it
  • He would look at you with expectant eyes, waiting for criticism
  • But of course you loved the song
  • And his smile would grow all bright, gummy
  • If you ever cussed, he would smile and raise his eyebrows
  • “That was hot”
  • If you ever had a problem, he’s the first person you go to because he will give you honest, useful advice
  • He’s gonna try to get you to dye your hair the same color as his omfg .-.
  • But he’ll deny that he ever did it if anyone asks him
  • In front of the members, he’s not going to try to make others jealous and he’s also not going to be protective
  • He’d just want you to have a good time and hang out like friends
  • There will be days where he comes home at like 5 a.m. completely drained and exhausted
  • These might be the nights where he spills all his pent up emotions and tells you how much he cherishes you
  • And loves you so much that he never wants to spend a single moment without you
  • And he’s going to hold you so tight that you almost can’t breathe
  • But you’d never want to be anywhere but in his arms

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Do you remember us?

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Some men are born to plow fields, some live to be great physicians, others to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I’m proud of that, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Beard, scruff, or clean ?

You really know how to ask the right questions, huh? I don’t know if I can answer this right away. I need some examples to help me pick…

First, bearded Jared (because Sam never has a beard….*sigh*)

GAH just look at that manly manliness. I LOVE THE BEARD

But what about scruff?

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This is hard…. the scruff is like the perfect combination of the manliness and his beautiful face. It frames it so well. Sometimes Sam has a little scruff too. And honestly it kills me.

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OK but also I can’t decide unless I look at shaven. Gotta have all the facts first, right? You can see his dimples clearly, the hard lines of his face, everything that makes him beautiful…

Wait… where was I going with this? Whatever. Can I just have them all??

Class Reunions

(A/N): I loved this request so much! 

Request: Can you write another protective Chris x reader? Like Chris joining the reader on her class reunion but reader got bullied in her school time so she’s kinda afraid they will do it during the reunion too?

Warnings: some swearing

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms

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   You sigh as you check your appearance in the mirror for the umpteenth time that night, glancing in the mirror to see that everything was perfect. Truth be told you hated the idea of a class reunion, it was almost like having to go back and experience high school all over again, something you weren’t too keen on but Chris, for some strange ass reason, was dead set on going alongside you tonight. 

   “(Y/N)! Come on we’ve got half an hour to get there-” Chris stops in the doorway of your bedroom, smiling softly at your little getup. “You look amazing,” You smile softly, sighing as you look in the mirror again. 

   “Did you know I used to get bullied?” You ask as you check your skin for any imperfections, something you once were mocked for quite a bit. Chris smiles sadly as he steps into the room, only to stop by your side. He wraps an arm around your waist, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead as he does. 

   “And that’s why we’re going, you’re gonna show ‘em that you’re successful and gorgeous and then you’re gonna rub it in their faces,” You chuckle softly, resting your head against Chris’ back. 

   “Isn’t that a bit condescending?” You ask, smiling as you tilt your head back just enough to look up at him. 

   “Yeah, well those asses need someone to rub their success in their face and why not you?” 

   “Because It’s rude?”

   “Well for tonight we’re rude people, yeah?” You can’t help by smile fondly at Chris, nodding your head as you do. “Well then, let’s get your gorgeous face to that stupid reunion and shame everyone there,” 

   “Sounds great,” 

    Despite Chris’ little uplifting talk to you you still felt rather scared of the whole idea. All your classmates, all your bullies, everyone who had ever unknowingly made you feel like shit was going to be there and quite frankly you just didn’t want to face that. 

   “(Y/N),” Chris’ states calmly as he drives into a rather packed parking lot. “You’re going to break my fingers if you squeeze them any harder,” You look down, realizing that you must have been squeezing Chris’ fingers tightly given that the skin nearly looked snow white. 

   “Oh,” You mutter, releasing your hold on his hand. “Sorry,” 

   “Hey, I said you were squeezing them too tight, I didn’t say to stop squeezing them,” Chris smiles as he takes your hand once again, intertwining your fingers as he does. “It’s gonna be fine (Y/N), what’s the worst that could happen?” Flashbacks to high school flit through your head causing you to externally cringe. 

   “You don’t want to know,” You mutter as Chris pulls into an empty parking space, his parking impeccable. The building before you damn near makes you want to cry but you refrain, keeping it all contained for now. 

   “You ready?” Chris asks, his thumb running somewhat soothing circles over your knuckles. 

   “No,” You answer meekly, sighing as you stare at the many people walking in. “But I know you’re gonna make me get out of this car anyways and go socialize,” 

    “You’ve figured me out well (Y/N),” Chris chuckles, lifting your hand to press a sweet kiss to your knuckle. “Come on, you’ve got this, I believe in you,” You smile softly, looking down to your intertwined hands. 

    “I swear if you let go of my hand for a single second in there I will never forgive you,” Chris chuckles, giving your hand a gentle squeeze as he does. 

   “You got it,” 

   The two of you only parted your hands for a split second, just long enough to get out of Chris’ car then you immediately grabbed his hand again, your anxiety starting to kick in. 

   “You’re going to be okay,” Chris whispers as he begins to pull you along, his hand squeezing yours once again. 

   “I’m having flashbacks to my angsty teenage years,” You mutter causing Chris to laugh heartily. His laughter soothes your nerves slightly as you finally walk through the doors of the building, your stupid school colors nearly blinding as you walk in. “God, couldn’t they tone it down just a bit?” You mutter, damn near getting ready to pop one of the many balloons that crowded you. 

    “You are already so negative,” Chris’ tone is lighthearted and the smile on his face only adds to his teasing tone and you can’t help but smile, even if you were already having a shitty time Chris was there to make sure you at least felt okay. 

   “Oh my god, is that (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?” You cringe at the ever happy tone, even all these years later and all these fake people still don’t know how to speak normally. With an almost pained smile you turn to look at the person behind you, one of the student body officers who had actually been a bully to you back in the day. 

   “Hey!” You put on a fake voice, just as happy and preppy sounding as the body officer’s was. 

   “Oh my god! You haven’t changed on bit, still rockin’ that great skin I see,” Your smile falls but before you can even retaliate Chris has wrapped an arm around your shoulders, smirking at the old student. 

   “Hi, I’m Chris, Chris Evans, and who are you?” The body officer looks up at Chris in sheer shock, their lips parted as they look between him and you. 

   “(Y/N), you uh- you didn’t tell me you had connections-” 

   “Chris is actually my fiance,” You smile, sticking out your hand to showcase the ring he’d bought you a few months prior. The body officer gasps audibly as they take your hand in their own, staring at the ring in pure shock. 

   “That’s- that’s-” They look up to the two, their cool, fake demeanor returning once more. “That’s amazing you too! Congrats!” You chuckle dryly, smirking as Chris gives your arm a gentle squeeze. 

   “Well thanks, it was great talking to you but we’ve got a lot of catching up to do,” With another tight lipped smile you wave goodbye, turning on your heel to get as far away as you could from the ever snobby officer. “See? We’re not even here five minutes and someone has already found a way to make fun of me,” 

   “But we stopped it before it got any worse, we rubbed it in their face, remember?” You nod your head, sighing as you walk into the main room where all your old classmates had previously gathered. 

   “Chris, you are going to owe me so much after this,” You growl as you take a seat at some table, the farthest from anyone else. 

   “I promise I will take you out to buy some icecream and look at puppies,” 

   “Good,” You grumble as you fold your arms over your chest, glaring at anyone who passed your table. Chris smiles as he lets go of your hand, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and tugging you closer to him. 

    “Tell me when you want to go rub your success into people’s faces,” You can’t help but smile, looking out at the crowd of kids you once hated. Even now they still had that ‘I’m better than you’ aura about them and it sickened you. Guess Chris’ idea of knocking these asses down a few notches wasn’t such a bad idea after all. 

    “Give me five minutes and I think I’ll be ready,” 


“I am so, so sorry for everything Ryleigh,” Salim whispered as he rolled over onto his side and curled in towards her, wrapping his arms around her tightly.

She wrapped her arms around him in return and rested her chin on the top of his head with a sigh. “I should have done more to try to make a good impression and get along with your parents.”

“No,” he shook his head as much as he could. “No you were perfect, you’re always perfect. It’s all my fault. I should have warned you about them. I should have told you about Satomi. I should never have spoken to you the way I did yesterday. God, I can’t … I’m so sorry.”

“Shhh,” she moved her hand up and down his bare back in what she hoped was a soothing motion. “It’s alright. Get some more sleep, we can talk more in the morning if you want but you need to rest.”

“I love you,” he murmured sleepily, moving his head slightly to get comfortable.

“I love you too,” Ryleigh smiled as she closed her eyes.

Monsta X’s Reaction When You Crawl Into Their Bed at Night (Shownu, Kihyun, and Hyungwon)

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Shownu - Somehow, you came home later than expected and Shownu had the day off. You felt bad that he had to stay home by himself again, especially like the time in Hong Kong. Dropping your bag, you took a quick shower before heading to bed. Looking at the clock, it was 12:53 am, so it wasn’t as bad. Shownu didn’t like being home alone and texting him every hour made the pain a little bit more manageable. You kept tossing and turning in your bed struggling to find a perfect, comfortable position but after five minutes, you felt like sweating and all in all, tired. Staring at your door, you sighed and pulled yourself out of bed, heading over to Shownu’s room. A bear like him had to be comfortable, right? As you walked into his room, you saw him with his arm behind his head and another across his stomach. He was always like this. You smiled and lifted the sheets and hugged Shownu while you tried to fall asleep again. “…” He continued to snore in his sleep. “Shownu… Are you okay?” You felt his body tense up but relax again. You shook it off but then you felt his skin heating up and… is he sweating? You lifted your head before setting down again and falling asleep.

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Kihyun - You two had spent the day together but at this point you two were dead tired. Kihyun had to leave tomorrow morning for practice, so you let him stay at your apartment for the night. “Are you sure you want to sleep alone?” He joked. You smiled and shook your head, dismissing his question. You walked into your bedroom and crawled under the covers, questioning if you should have taken up that opportunity. At that point, thirty minutes turned into an hour of struggling to sleep. You rolled out of bed and went over to Kihyun’s room, and knocked on the door softly. “Hey, Kihyun-ah. Are you still awake?” You didn’t hear anything. before you got the chance to open the door, he mumbled, “If I wasn’t, would I still be answering? And I thought you wanted to sleep alone.” You playfully rolled your eyes and entered, seeing him entangled in his bed sheets. He was cuddling a piece of a blanket underneath his head and held a thumbs up when you asked if you could sleep with him. “Thank you.” You said before hugging his arm and placing your head on his back. You could feel him getting hotter, but you assumed that it was from you and the blankets. If anything, you thought you heard, “You’re welcome, Jagi.” But who knows what he could have been saying?

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Hyungwon - You almost fell asleep in the car with the other members. You and the others were coming home from the company building when one day Hyungwon asked you for a daily examination. Yet you didn’t realize how long that had taken to make you feel this tired. You stumbled into your apartment and he followed suit. You collapsed onto your bed and closed your eyes but for some reason, you couldn’t sleep. A question you mindlessly asked was whether or not Hyungwon had to do something with this. Was it because the emptiness you had beside you wasn’t what you wanted? You opened your eyes and looked out the window before coming up with an answer. Now it seems like a drama. You approached his bedroom door and didn’t bother knocking on it and just went under the covers. He was a deep sleeper. You rested your head on his chest and draped an arm across it. Reflexively, he hugged you back and his breathing quickened beneath you. “Hyungwon-ah…?” You mumbled in your sleep. You thought it was because of his dreams, so you nuzzled your head and noticed his breathing becoming even again. “Good night…” You mumbled. “Good night, Jagi…”

Admin Mochi

Warnings: implied sexual content

Words: 578

You woke with a gentle start, your eyes fluttering open.

At first, you thought that it had all been just a dream—a blissfully perfect dream.

Then, you turned your head and saw him laying there beside you. Cassian.

Wearing nothing but a part of his dark bed sheet, he was sleeping peacefully.

So it hadn’t been a dream after all. 

Every deep, swollen kiss he gave you, every loving word he whispered to you…

Every single minute of the hours he spent learning each and every little detail of your body…

It had all been as real as the galaxy itself. 

Sighing contently, you pressed yourself into his side, your head on his shoulder.

“Mmm.” Cassian stirred in his sleep, then opened his eyes. “Morning.”

His voice was low and husky. Just like it had been the night before.

“I’m sorry,” You sheepishly looked up at him. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“No, don’t apologize.” He lifted your face towards his and kissed you deeply.

You closed your eyes as your heart instantly started racing in your chest.

“I love you,” Cassian murmured against your lips. 

Opening your eyes, you reached for his hand and laced your fingers together.

“I love you too.” Although you’d said it before, this time, it felt different.

Now that Cassian had made you his, there was more feeling behind the words.

What you felt for him was far, far more than what mere words could describe. 

“I could really get used to this.” Cassian spoke, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen over the both of you. “Waking up with you lying next to me.”

You sighed contently. “Me too.”

“Then if that’s the case, why don’t you just move into my quarters with me?”

You let out a small, light laugh. 

“What’s so funny?” He asked, frowning.

“Cass, what is everyone else going to think when they see me moving my things into your sleeping quarters when we’re not married?” You could already imagine the gossip spreading throughout the entire base like a wildfire.

Cassian shrugged. “Who cares what everyone else is going to think? It’s none of their business.” He squeezed your hand. “After last night, I don’t think that I’ll be able to sleep without you lying beside me.”

“I feel the same way. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to spend another night alone, I can’t even picture it,” You admitted, softly. You pulled your hand out of Cassian’s and reached up, cupping the side of his face in your palm. After taking a minute to think it over in your mind, you decided, “I’ll bring my things up later today.”

He broke out into a wide smile. “Really? You mean that?”

You nodded, smiling too. “I’ll clear out my quarters and let housing know so they can give the room to somebody else.”

“Perfect.” Cassian’s lips met yours in another loving kiss. 

As his mouth began to wander down to your neck, you giggled and stopped him from going any further. “Cass, don’t. We have to get up and get dressed now.”

You started getting up, but Cassian grabbed your arm, pulling you back down.

“Cassian, what are you—?”

He swiftly moved over you so you were lying on your back underneath him. 

“We still have some time to ourselves,” he whispered, pulling the bed sheet from around his waist and tossing it to the floor. “Let’s make the most of it.”

Short, but sweet. Hope you lovelies like this.

This is one of my own ideas, next imagine will be a request I have! x

The way Hardy looks at Ellie at the end of the infamous scotch egg scene is quite interesting. They could’ve chosen to play up the humour on that concluding shot of Hardy, but instead he looks at her intensely and seriously. Ellie’s looking away and focused on the phone call, which means she’s not aware of Hardy’s gaze - so he looks at her like this:

it makes more sense if you see it in motion, but he bites his lip, seems to sigh, and then flicks his gaze all over her. It’s a brief shot, but it wraps up a scene where he finally admits that he returned to Broadchurch because it was the only place that felt like home to him, and therefore the perfect place to give his daughter a fresh start. Ellie has to be the reason why he thinks this - she gave him a second chance by solving Sandbrook, and who or what else in Broadchurch could have made this place home for him? And then he admitted again how much he is struggling to come to terms with this case and how he can’t understand why anyone would choose to hurt a woman in that way.

Ellie dumps the scotch egg into his hand, cheerily answers the phone, and while she’s distracted he just looks at her. With what? Contemplation? Protectiveness? Love? They could’ve gone for another gag of him making a face at the scotch egg, but the concluding reaction shot is just him looking at her in this intense way. Thinking. Of what? Why he came back? The possibility of something happening to her? 

Hardy, in this scene, hinted at just how much he adores Ellie, and the depth of his feelings, and his desire to be with her but his inability to pursue those feelings because he’s just not good at human relationships. It’s certain that by the end of the season, something will happen to wrench Hardy’s feelings out of him. Let’s just hope it’s not life-threatening.

I Want You, All of You...

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JB & Jackson meddle in Mark’s love life

Genre: Slight Fluff - Smut

Warnings: Smut, Cursing

“Stop drooling over her and just tell her already!” Jackson shouted, grabbing Mark’s phone from him as he had started scrolling through all your Instagram pictures… again.

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Stress Relief

Sometimes you just need a little stress relief… and release. Some smut ahead, you have been warned! Enjoy :-)

“Come on, Zo. I haven’t seen you all week. I miss you,” Shawn whined into my ear.

“And you won’t see me tonight either because I am going to fall asleep as soon as I get there,” I said. “It’s been a very long, stressful, week and all I want to do is go to bed.”

“I know. You’ve worked till almost midnight each night. It’s finally Friday, though. Just come over and I’ll make us some dinner and help you wind down, okay?” he pleaded.

I sighed, leaning back in my chair. “Fine,” I conceded. “I won’t get out of here till about seven-thirty though, so I’ll see you around eight?”

“Perfect. I can’t wait,” he replied, sounding euphoric.

“I’m warning you though, I’m not going to be much fun and I’m most likely going to pass out within an hour,” I said.

“I will carry you to bed, darling, as long as you’re here,” he promised. “I will see you soon.”

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*Crossing Paths* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Can I get an Newt Scamander in the modern day, is in CA studying any cool creature, and meets the reader at college (specifically CSUSM because I go there 😁) and it’s just full of fluff and whatnot 😝 I adore this man💙

I hope you enjoy, sweet Anon! Sorry it took a few days to finally get done! I hope it’s all you dreamed it would be! ^_^ Enjoy some modern day Newt Scamander!

Dropping your books on the table, you opened up your laptop and took a sip of the steaming hot coffee you had bought and settled in for an afternoon of serious paper writing. You knew you shouldn’t have procrastinated, but the past few weeks the weather had been so perfect you just had to go to the beach with your friends. 

“Come one…” You pressed the keyboard multiple times, but your stupid screen kept freezing. Letting out a sigh, you pressed the restart button and waited for your laptop to reboot. 

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baby girl mendes

request: You and him can’t decide on a baby name😊


requests are closed!

a/n i know i said i was gonna use those 3 kids for all imagines with kids but i changed my mind. also this is hella short just bc it’s fluffly i’m so sorry.

“Why is this so hard for us?” Shawn sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

“We just want it to be absolutely perfect, that’s all,” you say, rubbing his arm and leaning in to place a kiss on his shoulder.

You were very pregnant, your due date was in just a few weeks, and you and your husband still hadn’t decided on a baby name. You’d brushed on just about everything on this point. You tried to just find a name you loved, tried to find a name with a meaning, tried to find the middle name first, but nothing was working. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t settle on anything.

“Well what about Delilah, I liked Delilah,” Shawn says to you, looking up from the list you had attempted to make.

“Like, ‘Hey There Delilah’?” you ask. “I don’t know, babe, it just seems a little too predictable.”

He sighs. “I guess you’re right.” He purses his lips and starts to chew at the inside of his cheek, a nervous habit he’d picked up since you found out you were pregnant.

“It’s okay, baby,” you say as you lay your head on his chest, “we’ll figure it out. Baby girl will have the most beautiful name in the world.” You rub your stomach and kiss his shoulder again. He smiles and places his hand on top of yours.

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Josh Dun x reader. Age Difference

Word count: 952

a/g= age gap

How can a man be such a cute dork and be incredibly hot at the same time?!
I’m standing with a glass of water in my hand at the side of the stage as I watch Tyler and Josh doing sound check.
Oh my gosh. Just look at him, his just so PERFECT. He has a colorful hair, tattoos, piercings, a beautiful body and he is the most kind, cute, dorky person I have ever met!

Damnit Y/n stopping thinking about him that way! He is older than you!

I sigh and keep staring at him until he looked my way and I awkwardly try and turn around as I crash with one of the crew members dropping the glass.
“Holy shit! I’m so so sorry!” I said crouching down trying to get all the pieces of broken glass.
“It’s okay,” he said “You were a bit distracted, weren’t you?” He said looking over to Josh.
“What? What do you mean? What are you talking about?” I responded turning red probably like a tomato.
The dude just shook his head laughing.

So yeah I probably have a tiny little crush on Josh… well Probably a bit bigger than crush… OKAY I properly like the dude, but he is a/g older than me and I don’t know, people tend to be mean and judgmental over things like these.
Tyler and Josh finished sound check and walked over to where I was standing.

“Um y/n?” Tyler said.

“Yeah?” I responded.

“Why is your hand bleeding?” He asked pointing at my hand.

“Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god.” I ran to the bathroom.

While I was washing my hands in the sink, Josh came in the bathroom.

“Hey. How you doing?” He asked looking at me. “Great just great. What about you?” I responded.

“Oh, I’m cool.” He said and I looked up from staring at my hands to stare at his eyes.

He smiled an innocent smile, he sighed.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He said. I tilted my head to the side and asked

“Which way?”

“Like that. With those eyes.”

“What eyes Josh? Sorry but I won’t stick a spoon in my eyes and pop them out just for you.”

“I didn’t mean it that way.” He took a step closer to me “Y/n. Look I-”

“You?” I questioned.

“You know what is happening between us.” He said.

“No. I don’t.” I lied. Of course, I know. It is impossible to not notice how he stares at me, or how I stare at him. Oh, yeah, we have also slept in the same bed, same couch and same bunk bed once or twice… or more.

“Don’t lie to me. I know you more than you think.” He said.

“Josh. We can’t.”


“Is it not obvious?” I asked and he shook his head, “Josh you’re a/g older than me. I’m just an immature kid and you’re, not the most mature adult, but you’re an adult thinking about important things. I don’t even know what I’ll do with my life after the tour. I’m just a photographer who doesn’t even know what to eat for dinner. Basically, I’m still looking for myself, I’m still trying to understand myself while you’re already sure about your whole life, why would you want to be with a hormonal kid like me? Oh, and what would your fans think about this?” I spoked.

He just stared at me.

“I- I don’t, I don’t know.” He responded.
Josh placed both his hands in my hips. He pulled me closer to him colliding both our lips. I placed my hands in his neck.

This feels so real and perfect and just right.

We separated our lips and he looked at me and said, “I don’t know, and I don’t care. I just want you Y/n. I want your immature comments, your immature actions and I want to be with you and help you find yourself. I just want all of you.”

I took a step back.

“Josh I-” I tried speaking but nothing came out of my mind.
I ran out of the bathroom.
I got out of the venue and called a taxi.
I asked the taxi to take me to the hotel.
I was laying down in the floor of my hotel room with a soda to my right and chips to my left.
I stared at the fan in the ceiling.
I should be in the concert right now, taking photos, but I couldn’t get up from the floor.
XXXXX 3 hours later XXXXXXXX

“Y/n” I heard from outside my door.

“I know you’re in there” The voice said.

It was Josh.

I sighed.

“Doors open.” I yelled.

I heard the door open and close. Footsteps were getting closer to me.

Josh laid down on the floor with me. I turned to my side and looked at him.

“I’m sorry. Is that I’m just scared.” I whispered.

“I know. You shouldn’t.” He turned to my side and grabbed my hand.

“Y/n I like you. I know you’re younger than me. I know people will talk. The thing is that I don’t care as long as we’re happy. Wouldn’t you be happy being with me? Because I would.” He said.

I closed my eyes and nodded.

I heard Josh giggle. He got closer to me and placed a kiss to my nose.

“Look at me.” He whispered.

I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“Y/n, be mine.”

“I’m yours Josh. I’m yours.”


Because Stalia! My Babies! The air I need to survive! My life! My heart! My everything!!!

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But also Scydia! They look so good together! OTP FML!

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Don’t forget Malydia!!! Aren’t they just perfect?? Lydia and Malia for the win!

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Sciles you say? I love them to death! Give me all the Sciles!!!!

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Sterek??? I fucking ship the hell out of it! Because reasons!!!

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Scira? Precious Cinnamon Rolls! *_*

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Scallison!!!! Don’t even start with Scallison! I will never ever be okay with them not being endgame!

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Allisaac!! I just… *sigh* 

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Malira? Dangerous and cute!!! I live for that!

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Marrish *________* it makes me vomit rainbows and poop butterflies! They are so beautiful! And the tension - Jesus! I want to be like them!!!

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McMartate ❤ The main reason to watch Season 6!

Scalia! *sings* Hopelessly devoted to you!!

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Jydia? Can they please be endgame or something when he comes back? Because holy shit…

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YOU SEE MY PROBLEM??? Why are they all so freaking shipable? Why is the cast so beautiful! And the characters so…. God! Help me!

Talk It Out

Request: May I request a fic where reader refuses Bucky’s wedding proposal and then they don’t talk to each other while Bucky gets really sad and depressed like a kicked puppy but the Avengers force them both to talk and the reader says she scared about him replacing her or something (completely up to you tbh).

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst(?), fluff

A/N: I hope ya like thissss :)

It was a nice sunny day, the wind was blowing ever so perfect and Bucky was pulling you up to the tower’s roof.

“Bucky can you just tell me why you’re taking me up here?” you whine as he pulled you by your hand.

“It’s a surprise.” he replied, glancing back at you with a smile. You let out a long sigh but kept quiet until you two arrived at the top.

You look out to all the buildings, cars, people and smile. You would never get over the view that the tower’s roof provided. You have been up there countless of times with Bucky. Up there was where he had confessed his feelings for you, where he asked you to be his, where you two first kissed. It was also where you two would go when Bucky would wake up in a pool of sweat due to his nightmares. You had a lot of memories up there.

Coming back to reality, you turn around to Bucky. “Bucky, why are we-” you stop talking when you see that Bucky was no longer standing, instead, he was kneeling down on one knee, a velvet box which displayed a ring in his hands.

“Y/N I love you. More than you could ever imagine. You were the first person to treat me like and actual human being. You made me feel wanted. You became my best friend from the start. You helped me adjust, you stayed beside me when I would have nightmares and I just.. God, I knew from the very first moment you spoke to me that I loved you. And ever since then, my love has grown exceedingly. I-I.. Well I-” Bucky paused for a moment and cleared his throat. “I spent a month on this damn speech and I can’t seem to get it right.” he let out a nervous chuckle. “The point is, Y/N, will you marry me?”

You had froze in that moment. You hadn’t realized you’d been crying until you lifted your hand to wipe at your face. This was so sudden, you hadn’t been expecting it.

Bucky looked up at you, the hope gleaming in his eyes as he waited for your answer. What would he do when you said yes? Cry? Hug you? Kiss you? All of the above? He-

“No.” your voice pierced through his thoughts and caught him off guard.

“W-What?” he stuttered, standing up.

New tears began to fall from your eyes. “No, I won’t marry you Bucky.”

Bucky’s eyes began to fill with tears. “B-But I love you Y/N. A-And you love me and-”

“I’m sorry.” you shake your head before leaving him up on the roof.

2 months later

After you had rejected Bucky he retreated back to his room where he bawled his eyes out for the rest of the week. Steve, Wanda, Natasha - even Tony and Sam would go up to his room to try and talk to him but he wouldn’t budge.

Bucky had barely come out of his room afterwards and when he did, he wouldn’t speak a word to anyone. He hadn’t gotten much sleep either. He had dark circles around his eyes; he was a wreck.

The rest of the Avengers had finally had enough of his moping and crying, they decided to do something about it. Natasha had called you, saying she needed your help teaching a group of teens how to fight in hand to hand combat and you agreed but not before asking if Bucky would be there to which she said no. That was an obvious lie.

Steve and Clint managed to get Bucky out of his room and pulled him into the gym, talking about how they needed help moving some new equipment in. Making up some excuse, the two men left him in the room, meeting up with Wanda who had told them you just arrived.

Natasha quickly guided you to the gym, telling you to go in and she’d be back in a bit, she just had to get a couple of things. You nod and enter the room. Upon hearing the door shut behind you, you spot Bucky sitting on the bench press, waiting for Clint and Steve to come back. He lifts his head and his eyes widen, meeting your gaze.

Feelings hit him like a truck going full speed and he stood up quickly. “This isn’t right.”

“Uh.. Natasha said she needed help training some teens here.” you murmur, watching Bucky stride over to you.

“There’s no classes today.” he replied, reaching behind you and pushing at the gym door. It wouldn’t budge. “Fuck.”

“What’s happening?” you question but Bucky ignored you. His eyes searched for the camera in the gym and when he spotted it, he glared.

“This isn’t funny, you guys. What the hell is happening?” he shouts.

“We’re tired of seeing you so sad, Buck.” Steve was the first to speak, his voice coming through the speakers.

“Yeah, it’s annoying.” Sam chimed in, causing Bucky to roll his eyes.

“Same goes for you, Y/N. Natasha and I hate seeing you so down in the dumps whenever we visit you.” Wanda’s voice echoes. Bucky turns to glare at you.

“With all that crap being said, you guys aren’t getting out of there until you talk about everything and make up.” Tony sighs.

You advert your eyes to the camera. “This is bullshit.”

“Don’t care, get to it.” Clint spoke and you groaned.

“Turn the sound off, give them some privacy.” you could hear Steve say.

“No, I wanna hear.” Tony huffed.

There were shuffling noises as Steve grunted out, “Turn it off!”

After that, you didn’t hear anything and assumed Steve had won that little argument with Tony. Before you could do anything else, Bucky spoke up.

“You’re down in the dumps?” he repeated Wanda’s words, still glaring at you.

“Yeah I-” he cut you off.

“How the fuck are you down in the dumps?” he snapped. “Were you the one who’s heart shattered into pieces? Did the love of your life reject your marriage proposal? No, so I don’t understand how the hell you could be so fucking sad!”

“It affected me too!” you shout.

“I’m the one who got rejected! Not you!” Bucky replied, eyes wild and sporting tears. Without even giving you time to say something, he continued. “These two months have been hell for me, Y/N. All I could think about was you and what I did to make you say no.”


“Is it because of who I am? Because of what I did? Y/N you said you loved me, flaws and all. You said I wasn’t a monster in your eyes a-and..” he let out a sob which only broke your heart further.

“You’re not a monster, Bucky. Not to me.” you take a cautious step towards him, seeing how close he’d let you get before stopping you. You got close enough to touch his arm but when you tried, he stepped back, giving you a harsh look.

“Then what is it? Why’d you say no?” he asked, wiping at his face.

“I can’t tell you, it’s-”

“I deserve to know, Y/N. It’s been two damn months and all I can think about is what I did wrong.” he spoke, stuck between being angry at you and crying.

“I was scared, alright?” you let out a shaky breath, carding your hands through your hair. Bucky just stares at you, waiting for you to continue. “I’m not good enough for you, Bucky. You deserve someone who can give you the world. I’m just.. Well me. I was scared, thinking you’d realize I wasn’t what you needed and that you’d leave me for someone else whether it’d be four months into our marriage, six months, a year, three.” you stop and sigh, rubbing your hands with your face. “Something always goes wrong with marriage. I don’t want to be that married couple who always argues and fights or even something more worse.. I don’t want anything bad to happen to us Bucky because I love you so damn much.”

You had started crying and turned away from Bucky, feeling stupid. The thought of marriage scared you. You had always heard about married couples fighting all the time and even having affairs. You didn’t want that for you and Bucky. He meant so much to you.

Bucky walked over to you and turned you back to face him before engulfing you in a comforting hug. You breathed in his scent, eyebrows pulling together when you smelled woman’s perfume instead of his.

“Why does your hoodie smell like perfume?” you question, pulling away to look up at him.

He looks down at the hoodie and chuckles. “I-It’s yours.” he stuttered. “The perfume, not the hoodie. You always wore this hoodie. I keep it with me because it reminded me of you.” you smile before things got serious again. “Y/N I love you more than you could ever imagine. I would never hurt you. You’re it for me, doll. I will never find someone that makes me feel so happy, so.. loved, like you do. I’d do anything for you Y/N because god dammit, I’m so in love with you. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but you have me wrapped around your finger.”

You chuckle lightly and wrap your arms around his torso, burying your face into his hoodie. “If I were to get married to anyone, it would be you.”

Bucky smiles, running his fingers through your hair before leaving a kiss on the top of your head. “I’d be the most luckiest guy in the world to have you as my wife.”

You look up at him, still pressed against his chest. “What about kids?”

“Oh, yes. Hundreds.” he smiled and you laugh. He looks at you with such adoration; so much love in his eyes and it was all for you. “I love you.”

You couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have this man in your life. “I love you too.”

Bucky kissed your forehead. “Let’s get married?”

There was that same hope in his eyes from two months ago but this time, you wouldn’t say no. “Let’s get married.”

Bucky smiled, so very happy that you had said yes and he leaned down, capturing your lips in a kiss which soon turned into a heated make out session in the middle of the gym room.

“We asked you to talk and make up, not to create porn.” Tony’s voice bounced off the walls and the two of you pull away, but only to tell him to fuck off before continuing on with the kiss.

A/N: Welp, I hope ya liked this!


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Man Face Monday - Face Invasion Edition

Hello Gorgeous! 

I hope you are having a good Monday, or whatever day you happen to be reading this on. Because I want you to have a great week. And when you aren’t having a great one, I hope you will reminisce about some of these images and they will take away the harsh and replace it with pretty. Because, you. 

Some terrific face in last week’s episode, so I went to town capturing the gamut. I hope you enjoy.

First, how amazing is this guy? Oliver Queen relaxed and happy is a rare face, indeed. I know it was a dream and everything, but geez. ::sigh::

Man. What a face that is. Being all serious and whatnot. I could also just run my fingers through the hair above his ear for about three hours. I bet it’s nice. 

Perfect mountains of pillow. What else can be said, really?

But I like worried. Worried does things to me. Must fix the sad for him.

This is an older gif, but it’s delicious face. Thanks @the-oliverqueen for capturing this great gamut of face. 

Originally posted by the-oliverqueen

Because smiling Oliver Queen is always a precious cupcake. 

And that f#$@ing dimple. I would say we could write tomes about the dimple, but I suspect if one were to compile all of the fanfiction about Oliver Queen’s stupid face, we would learn it has already been done. 

Also, MVJ props to that leather jacket. It was nice. I like to think that Oliver’s subconscious has better taste than the wardrobe person that put him in that puffy grey trainwreck of a Michelin Man jacket last season. He looked delicious last week. 

Finally, a little black and white. For the art. 

Well, there we have it. I do hope you enjoy this collection of pretty and angsty and so rarely happy. I hope you have a great week ahead. 

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Request:  Would I be able to request a E2 Harrison request? Were there was supposed to be a fancy party and you got all dressed up but Meta-human stuff got in the way. After everyones gone home, you’re sad you didn’t get to dance so Harrison asks you

Glancing up at the clock in resignation, you can’t help but sigh. It had been years since you had actually attended a Queen family Christmas party, and so you had taken an awful lot of time preparing this time. Your dress was immaculate, a stunning floor length gown that accentuated every movement with a soft sway from the billowing material resting against your legs. Your hair styled to perfection hung with half of it in gentle curls down your back as the top half gathered into a graceful bun, hidden somewhat by the silver clip keeping it in place.

You were already on your way when you got the call, a desperate plea from Cisco for you to return to STAR Labs due to a metahuman attempting to destroy the city. In comparison to some other threats, this one was rather quick to deal with, but that didn’t mean you were happy about it. No, after eight hours trapped in the lab

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Late Night Adventures (Peter Parker x Reader)

Prompt: (Y/N) spends a night with Peter away from home, trying to escape their reality.

Word Count: 1,665

Warnings: pure fluff, honestly.

A/N: I’m so happy with how this came out, I developed a huge crush on Peter Parker and when I was listening to Troye Sivan the only thing that came up was “u gotta write something with Peter, do it” and well, here I am. I was listening to Wild and Youth from Troye so if you want to you could listen to them while reading it. As always, I hope y’all enjoy this!

I sighed while looking at Peter who was sitting in front of me, he was the definition of a perfect boyfriend, he was caring and he liked to make sure that I was always happy; we trusted each other so much that he told me about him being Spiderman and eventually I told him about my powers, everything between us was perfect but lately things had been rough since the visit of Tony Stark saying that he knew who we were Peter couldn’t be more stressed, he fear that aunt May would discover us and she would freak out or worse, something bad would happen to her.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the bell, finally the day was over. I got up and when I grabbed my backpack Peter was already extending his hand so I could grab it, I smiled and took his hand and gave it a little squeeze which made him smile.

The way to his home was quite, we didn’t felt necessary to fill every empty silence with words, we were okay like this, plus I knew his mind was wandering somewhere but that didn’t stop him from looking me and smiling now and then, which made my heart melt.

When he opened the door aunt May was already greeting us, sometimes I was sure that she was our number one fan, she told me before how happy was that Peter could find someone like me, that always made me blush and smile like a fool. We could escape May saying that we were really tired which she smiled and let us go the Peter’s room.

Once there he sighed and flopped down on the bed, I chuckled and lay down next to him, his bed wasn’t really big so we were kinda close, he quickly hugged me and I rested my head on his chest, time passed and we were like that, just enjoying each other’s company, I closed my eyes enjoying that.

“What if we just run away and escape from everything? What if we left today? Nothing would bother us anymore” he suddenly said and I opened my eyes and shifted my position so I could see his face, he was looking at me with his eyebrows raised.

“You know we can’t, your aunt would die if she knows that you are missing, also, my family won’t be happy about it either” his face changed quickly, his eyebrows dropped and he sighed once more, I grinned.

“Yeah, you are right” silence fell again and an idea came up into my mind, I forced myself from his embrace and sat straight with a smile on my face.

“Well, we can’t run away forever but we could from one night” I raised an eyebrow and looked at him, he had a puzzled look on his face making me chuckle. “And please don’t tell me no because you have homework, that was weak, honey”

He laughed and stopped for a second while he seemed to be thinking about it before speaking again.

“What are you thinking to do?” he grinned and sat like me, pressing his back to the wall.

“Well, maybe when May is sleeping we could sneak out and just go, you know” there was a pause before I spoke “what do you say?”

His smile grew and he nodded making me smile and laugh, I grabbed his face and kissed him, which he responded gladly.

We had dinner and I told aunt May that I was staying, she said that it was okay as long as my family knew, of course they knew. We headed to Peter’s room again and waited until May was asleep and when we were sure she was we opened the door quietly and closed it behind us; I couldn’t stop smiling and neither did Peter.

Peter’s POV (third person)

Once they were outside the house Peter couldn’t believe that they were really spending the night outside, but still he was happy, (Y/N) was the only one that could made him feel like a little boy again and made him laugh like crazy.

The started walking without a destination, his hand grabbing hers tightly like she could be gone at any minute, he wanted to make sure that she was at his side all the time.

“We should go to catch a bus, is not too late” she looked at him and he felt like his stomach was full of butterflies, so stupid and cliché, he thought; he hesitated for a moment.

What if they went out too late and they didn’t catch a bus to go back? He hadn’t brought money with him and he was sure (Y/N) neither, they couldn’t catch a taxi, he only had his bus card and that’s it, but then he saw her smile and all the bad thoughts disappeared.

“Sure, let’s go”

Her smile grew wider and they continued walking until they came to the bus stop and waited until one came, they hopped in, he paid and they sat on a seat next to a window, before she could sat down next to him he pulled her arm and pulled her to his lap, he saw her cheeks got pink and he chuckled, hugging her tightly while she put her arms around his neck, he allowed himself to relax and breath, his smile never leaving his face.

Somehow they ended up walking through the streets of Brooklyn, even though the streets were a little dark they moon light was shining and illuminating the streets, he turned his head to look at her and she was smiling like ever, her eyes shining and her dimples were the cutest thing he saw.

When they were passing a building with the stairs outside he felt (Y/N)’s hand letting go from his and he saw how she got closer to the stairs grinning like mad, and he knew what she was planning to do.

“Oh no, I’m pretty sure that whatever you are thinking it’s illegal”

“Oh come on, Peter! Don’t tell me that you don’t want to go to the terrace and look everything from up there?” she pouted like a little child and he really wanted to say no “Even if I’m pretty sure that you already do that when you are hanging from your webs, spider boy” she laughed and he could feel his face going red, he hated that she called him ‘spider boy’.

She smiled again and walked towards him, when she was close enough she cupped his face with her hands and leaned closer, he could feel his heart beating faster and even if (Y/N) seemed confident he knew she felt the same.

“Please, it’s just one night, Peter” he closed his eyes and sighed for like the thousand time that night, when he opened his eyes she was as close as before, he got closer kissing her soft lips and deepened the kiss, not wanting it to end, but they had to separate eventually with their foreheads pressed together.

“Let’s go before I regret everything” she laughed again and gave him a little kiss before going to the stairs again.

They started to climb up being as quiet as possible, someone could hear them and think that they were thieves and that was the last thing that he wanted, all the way up he heard (Y/N) giggling like a little child and he couldn’t help the smile on his face.

Once they were up (Y/N) made her way to the railing to watch the city and he got closer, grabbing her from behind, his hands travelling from her hips and finally hugging her completely, he rested his head on her shoulder and stare into the city that was in front of him.

They stayed like that relaxed for a while, just staring and hugging but (Y/N) turned to face him and he lowered his head to see her, she was smiling, but her eyes were full of love, he could see that; and in that moment he felt like he needed to express his feelings towards her.

“I’m so grateful that you are a part of my life, (Y/N), I think that I will never be able to tell you how much I love you”

She leaned closer to hug him and hugged putting her arms around his neck, she rested her hear on the crook of his neck and breathed in his perfume while closing her eyes; she smiled before whispering something in his ear.

“I love you more than you can’t even imagine, I will always be by your side, Peter”

He felt his smile grew wider and she pulled her head from his neck and he leaned in to kiss her, this time more slower than other times, his hands moved from her waist to her face, tracing her jaw slowly and grabbing her by the neck to bring her closer to his body, he felt her hands on his hair slightly pulling which made him moan but before anything else could happen they broke the kiss and pressed their foreheads together like before, both of them with their eyes closed.

“We are on a rooftop in a building of people that we don’t even know in a neighborhood that we don’t even live in, if you don’t remember” he whispered to her which made her chuckle, he opened his eyes and she was already watching him.

“I know” she whispered back and the silence fell around them, they stood like that for a couple of minutes before she spoke again.

“I love you, Peter” he looked at her eyes and he grinned like a little boy.

“Me too, (Y/N)” and he kissed her again.

After that they got back into looking at the city, no words were needed between them while they spent the night on the rooftop in a building of people that they even knew in another neighborhood watching the night pass by.  

Requests are open –> HERE

Student Council Prez |Prologue|

Prologue - Episode 1

Words: 781

Genre: Fluff & Slice of Life. High School!Au

Notes: If you liked For Love & Money, you’ll die for this. Minimal pain in this :)

Originally posted by jamless-vibes

“Look! Look! Here they come!” Yura screeches out, watching from the second level window.

She taps Choa and the two stick their heads out, looking towards the school entrance gate. “Oh…my…god….Is that Gucci sneakers?!” She gasps dramatically. Minah and Hyeri joins, all of them crowded at the open window in the classroom.

“They’re so…handsome.” Minah sighs out helplessly.

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You looked up from your homework as your mother lovingly straightened your father’s tie. “There,” she said. “Perfect.” 

“Thank you,”  your father murmured bashfully.

You propped your head up on your fist and sighed quietly. You couldn’t for the life of you get over how perfect they were together. Always in sync and forever in love. They’d had their issues, you knew. No one in this town would let you or your parents forget that much but it had all worked out in the end. “It always works out in the end,”your father once said. “You were the magic that brought your mother and I together again.

You couldn’t wait for the day when you found a love perfect as theirs.

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for reading. I had to repost this a couple of times. The gifs wouldn’t move. The Picture wouldn’t show up and the gifs wouldn’t move. It was really annoying.