sigh why are you so mean chris damn it


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Out of all these girls, this white motherfucker decides to pair me up with the one that hates me no particular reason. How am I supposed to work with someone who always has a smart/rude ass comeback to everything?

I glanced back over at Karrueche as Mr. Walker continued down the list of groups. She was texting on her iPhone using the big nigga in front of her as a shield, while other people would use books, their desks, etc. I could sense she was fuming with anger by the way she was texting. She looked like she was ready to dropkick him and as her partner, I would assist her.

“Karrueche?” He called her as he stood up out of his seat to look over to see what she was doing.

“What?” She answered so bitterly it left a bad taste in my mouth.

“Are you on your phone?” Mr. Walker crossed his arms.


“Yep.” She answered casually as if it wasn’t against the rules. I shook my head at her getting caught.

“Well put it away. Same for you, Christopher.” He made his thin round glasses meet the bridge of his nose as he looked at me.

Caught too.

I sucked my teeth sliding my iPhone in my pocket. How the fuck does she get caught and then I do?

Mr. Walker smirked picking up the Oceangraphy textbook. “Let me find out Chris and Karrueche were texting each other.”

Karrueche’s face scrunched up as if she smelled something bad and she coughed:

“Hell No!”

Our classmates began to laugh as Karrueche remained unfazed pulling out her phone like she didn’t just get caught three minutes ago. Sean, who was next to me, was chuckling at her outburst and nudged me pointing at Karrueche.

“Hey, you working with your ex-bitch too?”

I fell so back I almost fell out of my seat. “Nigga fuck nah. She wouldn’t even be my ex-bitch.”

When the last bell rang, Walker attempted to give us a homework assignment as all the Seniors rushed out of the door. He shrugged his shoulders leaving the assignment on his desk sighing. I placed my bag on my shoulder and made it out of the door where people were rushing to make the bus. I felt someone bump into me but before I could snap at them, a feminine voice spoke up.

“Oh I’m sorry, Chris.” Jasmine looked up at me smiling.

I smiled back. “It’s cool, baby girl.”

She navigated her hand on my chest rubbing it seductively and biting her bottom lip looking at me with lust in her ocean blue eyes. I bit my lip hard because no lie, I was turned on.

“So you wanna give me a ride home?”

I thought for a little bit then looked back at her. “Yes.”

“But just a ride home. No funny buisness, Brown.” She teased poking my chest.

I held my hands in defense chuckling. “I would never.”


“Chris…” Jasmine moaned in my mouth and my tongue glided against hers. She kept forcing her tongue down my throat while pressing me more into the driver’s seat. I know I told her no funny buisness, but here we are, in my car, in front of her beige house making out. She finally came up for air and smiled at me.

“Thanks for the ride, Chrissy.” Jasmine wiped her lips and moved into the passenger seat taking her bag.

I wiped my lips out of breath. “See you around?”

Jasmine smirked seductively at me. “Yep.” With that, she opened the passenger door and got out. Jasmine was fine but I’m not trying to get into a relationship with her but I’m not trying to play her either. What am I trying to do? Shit, I already got to second base.

Sighing, I put my car in drive and drove to my house. Pulling into my driveway, I saw that Mama was home. I exited my car seeing Karrueche walking towards me with mail in her hands.

“Idiot mailman again.” She stated bitterly handing me the stack.

I laughed a little then looked at her. “So do you want to start on the project now or…?”

“No.” She deadpanned glaring at me then crossed her arms. “How about we meet up at the school library tomorrow after school?”

“Oooh!” I let out shaking my head in disapproval. “I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Baby girl, I don’t do libraries.” I answered crossing my arms also.

“I can tell.” Karrueche snorted and I glared at her.

“Well you better start doing them now because if I fail, it’s your ass, Brown.” She spat sticking a finger in my face but it was hard to take her seriously due to her being a foot shorter then me. I let out a little chuckle.

“Fine. Anything for you.”

She squinted then rolled her eyes making her way out of my driveway. She’ll be aight.

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Good God! I fucking hate him! He’s worst than he was before because now not only is he an inconsiderate dipshit, he’s an arrogant, infuriating, inconsiderate dipshit. My mind was begging me to let Chris have it, but the price of doing that is revealing my identity.

I breathed in and out making it inside my house. I may hate Brown and everyone else, but let me try to get through senior year without killing someone.

The next morning, I unfortunately missed the bus. Again. As I walked to school, I made mental notes to myself to study for my permit. I walked inside the school and went straight to my locker. I felt an unwelcome presence and I closed my locker slightly to lay my eyes upon Chris who was dressed in a white t-shirt, gray sweats and Infared 3’s. No lie, Chris always looked fresh as hell. You know, for a complete dipshit.

“Can I help you?” I looked him up and down in annoyance placing a hand on my hip.

Chris made a face. “Damn no hi? Just a stank ass attitude to start the day?”

I looked him dead in the eyes cocking my head to the side. “Would you like a foot up your ass to start the day?”

Chris sucked his teeth then chuckled. “Well damn. You just made it easier to break the news to your ass.”

“What news?” I furrowed my eyebrows as I went back to my original task of piling books in and out of my locker. I already don’t like him and I’m not a morning person so bad combo.

“Well something came up so I’m gonna have to reschedule.” Chris stated scratching the back of his head and looking back briefly. I looked in his direction to see Jasmine standing a few feet away smiling at him. I felt something sharp pierce my heart. He’s ditching me for her. It hurt like hell knowing my best friend, well ex-best friend, was going out with my bully from middle school. He’s abandoning me. Again.

I glared at him when Chris looked back at me and spat with venom:

“Or some hoe came up.”


“Fuck it. Go and do what you want, Chris.” I slammed my locker shut loudly making a few people look at us and placed my bag on my shoulder storming away.

It ain’t the first time you fucked me over.

When school was out, I made my way towards the library. I peeped Chris and Jasmine which made me roll my eyes and continued inside. I went up the desk signing in my name and the time.

“You can take computer 27.” The middle aged librarian pointed towards the computer area. I nodded at her and walking over the black LCD screen computer labeled 27. I waved the mouse and a blue screen popped up with two tabs to enter my username and password. I typed in my ID number as username, my birthdate as password, and clicked the enter key.

“Hi Karrueche.” I looked up to the attractive dark skinned guy on my right. I inwardly scoffed. Trey. What the fuck do he want? I rolled my eyes and began searching in my bag for my grey binder.

“Or should I call you Kangaroo?”

I froze in the middle of removing my binder from the bag. Oh no he didn’t. I slammed my binder on my face facing him.

“What the fuck did you just call me?” I spat too loudly and looked ahead to see the librarian nowhere in sight so I returned my glare to Trey.

He held his hands in defense. “Calm down.”

I stuck my finger in his face. “Don’t fucking tell me to calm down! How the fuck do you know?!”

“I may be good looking, but I’m not stupid. I was looking for a throwback picture for Instagram and saw a photo of you and Chris in middle school and recognized you. You look really good now.” Trey stated looking me up and down.

I turned back to my computer clicking Google Chrome and began typing. “5 years ago, I looked like a cockroah. Remember? I believe You said that.”

Trey sighed deeply. “Aight I get it.”

I turned to him. “No. You don’t fucking get it. My life was a living hell because of you guys. I cried, I cut. All because you guys.”

“Listen. I’m sorry, Karrueche. I was an idiot, I admit that.”

I scrunched up my nose keeping my eyes off him. “You’re still an idiot.”

Trey chuckled rubbing his forehead. “We’re all idiots. But now we’re more mature and I can see that I treated you badly and I apologize for that. Please forgive me.”

Finally looking in Trey’s eyes, I saw sincere sorrow. Part of me wanted to still hate his guts, while the other part recognized he was truly sorry. I closed my eyes and sighed.

“Trey, it’s gonna take time for me to forgive you.” I stated softly feeling my walls break down.

“I understand. But just know I’m sincerely sorry.” Trey turned back to his computer then looked back at me. “I’m just hoping it doesn’t take too long.”

“You didn’t hurt me the most.”

“Who did?”

I sighed with my eyes still closed. “Chris.”

“Does he remember you? He has to. You guys are best friends.”

Best friends. Somehow, those two little words hurt the fuck out of me. I sighed as I felt a tear fall down my cheek and I whispered with a sore in my throat.

“Not anymore.”

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Damn. Why is Karrueche so mad? I mean she’s usually mad but she was fucking pissed. Was she mad because I cancelled or because I was hanging out with Jasmine. Or both? I shook my head unfazed and walking back to Jasmine. She pushed away from me.

“Please tell me that was not your girlfriend.” Jasmine looked towards Karrueche who still storming away.

I scrunched up my nose wrapping my arm around her shoulders. “The fuck? Hell nah, ma! She wouldn’t even be my ex, let alone my girl. Girl, you crazy.”

“Then why were you talking to her?” She looked up at me pursing her plump pink lips.

The fuck? Is she my girlfriend now?

“I can’t talk to a female without me being romantically involved with her? I’m talking to you and you’re not my girlfriend.” I told her straight up as we continued to walk down the hall. She sucked her teeth pursing her lips once more before looking up at me.

“But you’re gonna change that, right?”

Before I could open my mouth to answer, the homeroom bell rang and the announcement to report to homeroom came on.

“Students, it’s time to report to homeroom. Students, it’s time to report to homeroom.”

I kissed Jasmine’s cheek and released her from my embrace.

“I’ll see you after school.”


Jasmine bit my bottom lip and I pulled away for some air. My lips came back in contact with hers as the people in McDonald’s. Ok, yes we’re making out again. If I’m gonna hang out with a hot chick, we’re gonna make out. Suddenly the unwelcome thought of Karrueche appeared in my head. For a girl who hates the living shit, she seemed really hurt when I cancelled on her to hang out with Jasmine. I pushed Jasmine off my lips.

“What’s wrong?” She questioned with fear and concern laced in her voice.

I shook my head pushing her off my lap. I need to process this. First, when I just meet her, she already hates me and Second, she catches feelings when I ditch her for Jasmine. I smirked a little. So little miss Karrueche has a crush on me.

“Well?” Jasmine urged snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Nothing. It’s just time for me to head home.” I answered taking her hand leading her out of McDonald’s. Once I had dropped Jasmine at her house, I made a U-turn headed to my house. I pulled up into the driveway. I exited my red Toyota Camry locking the doors. I began to go up the steps but then saw the litle blasian fireball walking past my house.

“Hey! Karrueche!” I shouted then ran over to where she stood, obviously irritated.

“What?” She snapped crossing her arms,

“Aight my bad for cancelling and baby girl, I know you got a crush on me but-”

“Ain’t nobody has a crush on your bum ass!” She spat cutting me off then muttered walking away. “In your fucking dreams. Go back to that blonde bitch, asshole!”

I felt my veins pump as anger surged through my body. I stormed over to her grabbing her by the arm forcing her to look at me. I’ve had enough of her shit.

“Then why the fuck are you so mad? Huh? Why the fuck are you such a cold, heartless, and rude bitch?! Answer me!” I tightened my grip on her arm.

Karrueche winced in pain but recovered from it. She looked up at me with big vulnerable brown eyes that screamed sadness. Tears began to release. Finally, her walls were being demolished as she got red in the face and started to wipe her tears that kept coming. Karrueche opened her mouth and spat with so much anger and agony:

“Because you made me this way.”

Chapter 2: Better Than Nothing

Robyn POV:

I pull up to Mel’s place and put my car in park. Thank God it’s Friday. This has been a long and stressful week for me. I couldn’t even concentrate on work, because I’ve been contemplating this Christopher situation. I really don’t know what to do. I’m torn between what my heart says is right and what my mind says is right.

“Boo would you like a glass of wine? You look stressed out.” Mel asked me as I stepped into her condo.

“Yes please and I am sis; like you have no idea.” I said sighing and flopping down on her plush couch.

“What’s the problem?” she said emerging from the kitchen with a fresh bottle of Voga Moscato and two glasses.

“What isn’t the problem is an easier question.” I said as she poured our glasses half way.

“No don’t hold back girl, fill mines up to the rim.”

“Damn you must really be going through it. So let’s talk about it.” I took a couple of sips of my drink and began talking.

“So you know you’re the only one close to me that knows about Pastor Brown and I”

“Hmm” she said with her glass to her lips. “Is that what has you stressed?”

“Yes, like a part of me wants to end it but then I don’t because I love him.”

“Robs let me ask you something. Have you ever tried to find or date someone else?”


“And why not?” she asked folding her legs sitting Indian style and I did the same.


 “Because what?” she said in a questioning tone. “Oh Robz, Robz, Robz please don’t tell me the reason you won’t at least date someone else is because you think that’ll be technically “cheating” on Christopher” she said and I didn’t say anything.

“You do know how stupid that sounds, right?”

“Yes Mel I know…”

“Well as long as you know, but what does your gut tell you to do”

“My heart is saying wait it out and everything will fall into place for us, but then my mind is telling me Robyn don’t be a fool and walk away.”

“People say follow your heart all the time but I think in this case you should go with what your mind is telling you. I know y’all are in love with each other, but he’s a Pastor and married man with children for goodness sake. This situation is not right and out of order. It’s putting unnecessary stress on you and sis you don’t need that.”

“I think you’re right and I know what I’m going to do”

“Bitch I know I’m right.” She said and we both laughed. My phone buzzed letting me know I had a text message. I looked and seen it was from none other than the Pastor himself.

Babe: “Baby meet me at the Four Seasons so we can spend the weekend together. Suite 1502 love you ;)” I read it and sighed.

“Let me guess it was from Chris” Mel said.

“Yes he wants me to meet him at the Four Seasons so we can be together this weekend.”

“Well go then. It’ll be the perfect time to have the same conversation we just did”

“Yea, I guess I better get going so I can pack.” I got up, grabbed my belongings, and hugged my best friend goodbye.

 I went home and hurriedly got my essentials and everything for this weekend. I got in my car and headed to the hotel. I arrived and made my way up to the room.

“Hold the elevator please!!” a tall brown skinned man said. I put my hand in between the doors and held it for him and he entered.

“Thank you”

“No problem” I said looking forward. It was silent until he spoke.

“I don’t mean to sound creepy or anything but you’re very beautiful” he said.

“Oh thank you” I said.

“My name is Michael by the way. What’s yours?” he said extending his hand.

“Robyn” I replied shaking his hand and he flashed his gorgeous pearly white smile.

“That’s a very pretty name.” The elevator stopped and the doors opened.

“Well this is my floor. I hope to see you again Robyn.” He started to walk out but stopped.

“You know I don’t want to be too forward but I’m new in town so I don’t really know anyone; maybe we could exchange numbers and hang out sometime.”

“Yea that’s fine” I said smiling. We exchanged numbers and he went on his way.

I made my way up to the room and knocked on the door. Shortly Christopher opened it grinning from ear to ear. Without saying anything he pulled me into the suite and began to kiss me and out of habit I wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss, and our tongues wrestled for dominance. He picked me up and began to walk us over to the bed.

“Wait no, put me down Christopher. We need to talk.” I said and he placed me on my feet.

“Oh this can’t be good. It’s never a good thing when a woman says those 4 words.” He said laughing.

“Christopher Maurice can you be serious for one minute damn”

“Whoa calm down baby. What do you want to talk about?” he said sitting on the couch and I sat next to him. I let out a deep sigh and he stared at me with a confused look on his face.

“I think we should end this and by this I mean us” I finally said.

“What? No. Why?” he said slightly raising his voice.

“First I’m going to need you to bring that voice down a few notches and Chris this thing we-“

“So you’re calling what we have “this thing” now?” he said interrupting me.

“Can I finish before you talk? Like I was saying what we have going on is not right and you know it. It’s stressing me out daily, to constantly have to live in secrecy with you, and that’s no way to live. If you truly love me like you say every day, then you would know that this is not fair or healthy for either of us.”

 “Robyn I don’t understand where this is coming from. You act like you were blindsided by all of this, when you knew everything. You knew that I was a Pastor, you knew that I was married, and you knew that I have 2 kids.” He said.

“You’re absolutely right I did know everything, but what I didn’t know was all the agony being in love with you would bring. When we decided to start a relationship, two months” I said putting up two fingers “after that you told me you were getting a divorce and like a fool I believed you, I fuckin’ believed you and here we are months later in the same damn place we started.” I shouted with tears rolling down my face.

“Damn it Robyn!!” he yelled standing up. “I know what I told you and I also said that it won’t be easy. I can’t just walk away from my family like that and I have an image to uphold and-“

“Fuck an image” I said standing up as well. “I don’t want to hear that image shit no more. If you cared about your image so much you wouldn’t have gotten involved with me in the first place. I don’t care about your damn image.” I said breathing heavily and he started to rub his temples.

“Robyn please just calm down” he said and I relaxed a little. He stepped to me and grabbed both of my hands. He stared at me with his beautiful brown eyes and began to speak.

“Baby, listen when I tell you I love you; believe that I mean it with everything in me. I’m in love with you. I know this is hard for you, but it’s hard for me too. Do you know how it feels to go home and lay next to someone wishing they were someone else? Do you know how it feels to lie to someone who gave you years of their life, knowing deep down they don’t deserve not one lie coming out of your mouth? Do you know how it feels to lie to your children about why you can’t spend every weekend with them? Do you know how it feels to lie to an entire congregation about the man you are and about the life you’re living? Tell me Robyn do you?” he said with tears forming in his eyes and I remained silent.

“No you don’t, so baby you ain’t the only one going through it. You ain’t the only one stressing, but because I have you going through this is a lot easier. All I need is more time.”

“Christopher I hear everything you’re saying but I don’t know.”

“Baby just give me more time and I promise to make this right. Can you do that please?” he said pleading. I thought for a while before speaking.

“Ok” I said lowly.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you.” He said smiling. Ugh he knows he heard me.

“I said ok I’ll give you more time to handle whatever it is you need to do.”

“Thanks baby I love you.” He said pecking my lips.

“I love you too.” I said and we hugged each other. He pulled back and wiped my tears with his two thumbs.

“You better love me girl but now can we enjoy the rest of our weekend.”

“Yea but next weekend I want you to spend time with Jaden and Skai, have fun with them. I know they will love that.”

“This is why I love you babe. You could be one of them selfish chicks, but you’re not like that. So since we only have this weekend, you know what that means.” He said smirking and I raised my eyebrow in confusion.

“It means tonight and tomorrow we’ll have to make up for the days we won’t see each other.”

“Oh no I won’t be able to walk”

“Too bad” he said and picked me up bridal style.

Lord I hope I made the right decision. Even though, this is not my ideal relationship circumstance and despite his situation, he really does treat me right.

Chris POV:

*The Next Morning*

I softly planted a kiss on her forehead as I watched my sleeping beauty rest. She is an amazing woman and I can’t help but to feel a bit selfish. I truly love Robyn and I’m afraid of losing her. What if a guy without half of the baggage I have approaches her and she seeks a better life without me? My heart would be crushed.

I wish life wasn’t so complicated, but this is what happens when you are pressured into marrying your high school sweetheart because she is pregnant. My mom and dad were shouting in my ear about morality and the “you were raised better than this” speeches escaped theirs and many others mouths.

No one asked me what I wanted out of this ordeal. My damn aspirations weren’t to be married at 18. I love my children dearly and my wife is beautiful but there has to be so much more to this world that I haven’t embarked on. Fourteen years and I’ve never stepped out once until now. Robyn was intriguing and more and more everyday she fills the void of emptiness I have in my heart.

I take slow strides to maneuver my way to the restroom. I retrieve my razor to shape up my stumpy emerging beard and splash water onto my face after I put the finishing touches on my 7:00 shadow.

“Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover Girl. Baby you’re over there looking like a sexy Neutrogena face crème model” Robyn teased as the water dripped down my face.

“You have jokes I see lil mama”

“I love you so much.” I confessed to her

“Chris maybe this relationship has ran its course sometimes people can love one another and it isn’t enough.” Ugh here she goes doubting my love for her again.

“Robyn you know my heart beats for you and only you.”

“Lies you constantly tell but truth of the matter is I will never be her and it hurts like hell. I can do better but you’re the one I love. She has your children, your seeds, how can I ever compete?” The tears escaped her eyes and I feel like crap.

“Baby love isn’t about competing. She has my kids but you have my heart and no one can change that.” I said in a frustrated furry. Didn’t we have this conversation last night?

"I’ve tried so hard to do right but I can’t you are my weakness. I live for you Robyn. You think I have it fucking easy” I screamed as my nostrils flare up.

“I’m in love with you and I can’t express that enough. I would like to lie to myself but every waking moment of eternity it will never be easy for me to erase you. I can’t.”

I was tearing up at this point but I kept my composure. She gently rubbed my head and kissed my throbbing temple. I picked her up bridal style and escorted her to the shower.

“What are you doing I can’t get my hair wet babe.”

I ignored her and softly tossed her under the water coming out of the heart shaped gold shower head.

“You bastard why do you want to play this morning” Robyn barked in anger but little does she know I haven’t started playing.

“Ms. Fenty I know you thought I forgot but I didn’t appreciate your behavior in the church parking lot on Sunday. It wasn’t becoming of you, I know you were raised better” I whispered in her ear.

I smirked as her chest heaved up and down. I forcefully tugged at her nipples with my teeth and lightly bit down on her left areola

“Ohh Chris what are you doing” I politely shove two fingers into her dripping pleasure bomb and made circular motions. She began to gyrate on my hand and I watched in awe as her perky breast bounced.

I raised my fingers to her suckle lips and she licked them dry. She isn’t prepared for what I have in store. I placed her in position for my last supper.

My tongue slithered on her clit like a snake and she shivered easing away from me.

“Don’t run Ms. Fenty be a big girl” My mouth performed on her clit like an instrument. I slurped her heavenly juices and my tongue danced around her love box.

“Ohhhh Chreez please stop I’m about toooooo…” She released her passion over my face I licked around my lips and smiled.

I turned her around without warning or uttering a word and placed my throbbing manhood in her. She let out a soft gasp when I entered the place I consider home.

My strokes were slow and I made sure with each pump she felt it in her chest. I sped up my pace becoming a mad man. I stroked long and hard.

“Chris slooooooow down baby please!!!” The sounds of pleasure and pain gave me ammunition and I didn’t stop. I slapped into her harder than I did the last.

“Robyn you disrespected Pastor Brown, you walked off when I wasn’t done talking baby” I rammed in her like a bull dozer.

“Have…Some…Damn…Respect…For…Me…” with each word I hit her G spot.

"I’m sorry babbby you told me about my attitude” She screamed out in pleasure.

“You never listen baby. How do you except to get your blessings if you don’t cooperate with the pastor” I stroked her one final time and we both came and collapsed under the water

“I love you so much Pastor Brown”

“I love you more than you’ll ever know Ms. Fenty hopefully one day Mrs. Brown"

I carried her limp body to our California King Bed and an amazing idea hit me.

“Oh baby my inner thighs and legs hurts” she whined.

“Next time listen to daddy and how do you feel about going on an adventure today? Let’s go on an official date.”

“Baby that may be too risky; people may recognize us. No I’m staying right here” I placed my thumb in her still moist box and she jumped.

“Stop Christopher, no more”

“Get up and get dressed then woman” I’m tired of hiding behind locked doors and expensive suites, my baby deserves to be treated like a queen. Today is her day.

Robyn POV:

I finished getting dressed and putting the final touches on my makeup. My heart was beating rapidly. I am so nervous about going out in the public with Christopher.

“Baby I know you’re nervous but trust me everything will be fine.” Chris said coming behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Ok whatever you say. Should I walk out first or you?” I asked taking a deep breath.

“Nah we’re walking out together.”

“I don’t know about that Chris.”

“Robs relax and come on.” I grabbed my purse and we walked to the elevator.

The elevator stopped in the lobby and Chris grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. Chris had his head high and I was scared shitless as we walked out of the hotel hand in hand.

“See baby it wasn’t that bad” he said when we got into his car.

“I guess not. So where are we going?” I asked turning to him smiling. I was a little bit more relaxed now.

“I love to see you smile” he said giving me a quick peck on the lips and turning his attention back to the road.

“But I can’t tell you. You’ll see when we get there.”

“You know I don’t like surprises”

“I know” he said smiling and grabbing my hand and kissing it, and I pouted.

“Fix your face girl. I promise you’ll like it.”

We drove singing at the top of our lungs to every song that came on the radio. Where we’re going doesn’t even matter anymore because I’m already having a good time just being with him. We rode for another 30 minutes and arrived at our destination.

“Chris where are we?”

“The fair baby, now let’s go have some fun.” He grabbed my hand and ran into the place. He’s such a big kid I should have known we’ll go somewhere like this.

“Oh Chris I want that one” I said smiling and pointing at the giant Tweety Bird, while eating my funnel cake.

I was having the time of my life right now. We rode almost all the rides and ate so much junk food. It actually feels so good to be out with Chris.

“Anything for you baby” he said giving the guy money for the game. He began shooting, making basket after basket. I swear my baby could have been a professional basketball player. He took a few steps back and turned around and shot the ball into the hoop from behind.

“Now you’re just showing out for no reason.” I said and he laughed.

“Ok sir which prize would you like?”

“I’ll take that Tweety Bird” The guy handed Chris the prize and he gave it to me.

“Thank you babe” I said kissing his lips.

“Let’s go on the rollercoaster” he said and I shook my head.

“Nope, nope, hell no Chris. I seen Final Destination 3 so I don’t trust those damn things, and besides what am I going to do with this I can’t take it on the ride.” I said referring to my prize.

“Wait here I’ll take it to the car and when I get back we’re going on that ride.” He said and ran to the car quickly and came back.

“You ready?”

“No” I said and suddenly he picked me up and ran towards where the rollercoaster was.

“Put me down right now. I don’t want to get on.” I yelled.

“You’re getting on Robyn so chill with the dramatics” he said. We got to the ride and Chris dragged me on. He strapped me in and I folded my arms.

“Just so you know you’re not getting any no time soon because of this.”

“Yea right” he said as the rollercoaster started to move.

I screamed and clung to Chris’ arm as the rollercoaster climbed to the top and dropped down and went through a loop. The ride stopped and we walked off dizzy. My voice was halfway gone from yelling.

“Look baby they’re showing fireworks. You want to go check them out?” he asked and I nodded.

We found a place to sit and watched as they set off the fireworks.

“I had fun today. Thank you for bringing me here.”

“See I said you would and don’t think this will be the last time we’ll do something like this either.” He said and I grabbed his face to kiss him. He pulled me closer and it was almost turning into a make out session.

“Aight let’s chill before we get something started in front of these people and give them a real show.” He said and I giggled. He wrapped his arm around me and I snuggled up to him as we enjoyed the fireworks.

Chris POV:

The onlookers cheered in unison as the variety of sparks exploded over our heads. It was beautiful.

“Oh baby look they’re so pretty; it’s like they’re shining bright like diamonds in the sky” Robyn exclaimed sounding like a cheerful little girl.

“Like diamonds in the sky huh? That’s cute babe” I lightly chuckle and clutch her hand making my grip tighter.

The show was coming to an end I helped her up and lightly brushed the grass off her slightly damp jeans. We walk hand in hand blushing like school crushes.

“Pastor Brown is that you?” Shit who could that possibly be? My forehead began to form beads of sweat.

Robyn yanked my hand roughly to alarm me to speed up my pace.

“Hey Brown stop man” This negro clearly doesn’t believe in or know the definition of being subtle damnit. Robyn pulled me into a corner and squatted.

“Babe this is extreme I’m a grown ass man. Why am I hiding?”

"Robyn and Brown I know I just saw you guys”

“Shut the hell up” Robyn screams in frustration. I laughed because I’m the only one to blame, this was my big suggestion.

“Baby girl calm down its ok I got you”

“Chris I told your ass you never listen” She rambled on not helping the situation.

A person tapped me on the shoulder; I was ready to fade him out. I fearlessly turned around in a counter clockwise angle and a look of relief escaped my face.

“Mijo, why are you playing games bro?” Robyn hit him in the chest and pouted.

“I’m sorry sis but damn Jesse Owens and Flo Jo, you two were hauling ass to escape me”

“We didn’t know who you were bro” I dapped him up. Mijo is one of the only few that know about my affair, he is like my brother and he’s far from judgmental.

He’s had my back since I was a teen. The crazy thing is sometimes I actually think he prefers Robyn over Kelly.

“Hi Robyn and Christopher” Mel emerges from a corner behind a gumball machine. Robz and I look at one another and laugh hysterically. We’re not the only ones sneaking around.

“Oh hell no this is why you have been missing church and skipping dinner dates you little heifer”

Robyn snapped playfully pointing her fingers and Mel laughed. What a crazy adventurous day.

ATM Chapter 13pt2
Robyn POV “Chris are you re-“
I looked up and seen Kaureche on Chris’ lap, kissing him with her dick sucking lips.
I stared at them as they continued to kiss and then ran out, slamming the door.
I ran to the closet bathroom, closed and locked the door then sat on the sink, crying my eyes out.
Why is he kissing her? Why is she here? Does he even like me?
I continued to cry. Chris POV ”Yo what the fuck?!” I pushed Karreche off me, making her fall on the ground.
“Why did you push me?!” She said.
”What the fuck was that for?! Why the fuck would you kiss me!?” I yelled in anger while looking for my shirt.
“Because you were asking for it.”
“The fuck? No I wasn’t!”
“Are you serious Chris? You complemented me and everything!” Is this bitch stupid?
”Yo get out.” I demanded but she didn’t move.
“You know what fuck it, I’m out.” I grabbed my phone and walked into the now empty hallway. “Excuse me.” I tapped on one of the people who was putting away the lights away.
“Do you know who came in there?” I pointed to the room behind me and the lady nodded her head.
“Yeah, it was Rihanna.” OH SHIT. “Do you know where she went?” I asked with a worried expression. ”Umm I don’t know where she went exactly but she ran down the hall some where.”
“Ok thanks!” I turned around and ran where she pointed like a fucking fire was behind me. I searched and knocked on every door until I reached a bathroom. I twisted the knob but it was locked. “Robyn! You in there?!” I banged on the door but didn’t get an answer, instead I heard small sniffs.
“Open the fucking door!” I knocked again and got the same results.
“Robyn I-“
“Chris lets go! The car is waiting outside man!” Bu called out from the other end of the hall.
“Wait, I’m coming!”
“No we need you now! The club promoter is calling for you.”
“Man alright.” He walked away and I knocked on the door again. ”Robyn I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad at me.” I said before walking away and outside. I would have stayed there all night if I wasn’t booked to host this club tonight. Robyn POV After Chris left, I stayed there and cried some more until somebody knocked on the door.
”Robyn you in there?” Melissa yelled.
“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute.” I looked in the mirror and fixed my makeup then walked out.
“What were you doing in there?”She asked as we began walking.
“Nothing, I was on the phone. Where is everybody?” I asked.
“They all left for the party.”
“Oh okay.” We continued to walk and I seen a small person walking with
her back towards us. She tripped slightly and dropped her purse, making
me giggle louder than I thought. The little girl turned around and
flipped me off. "Thats why me and Chris are dating again you whore.”
I stopped and ran towards her, slapping this bitch across her face.
“BITCH I WILL K-” Mel pulled me off Kareche and we started to walk down the hall way again.
“Robyn what the fuck! Why would you do that?” She yelled.
“Because she ticked me off!”
“You need to calm down.” I breathed in and exhaled then we walked out the doors. "Rihanna why is your first public appearance at Chris’ concert?”
“Did you have fun?”
“Are you single?”
“Hows the face doing?”I got in the car and closed the door. “Fucking assholes!”
“Robyn what’s going on?” Mel asked as the car started to move.
“Nothing, I’m just annoyed right now. I’ll get over it.”
“Yeah you better because were going to the after party.”
I popped my head up. “What?! Why?!”
“Because thats where everybody went, plus you were excited earlier. Whats going on?”
“Nothing, I said I’m fine.”
Mel rolled her eyes and looked out the window and I did the same.
The car came to a stop and me and Melissa got out, making our way inside
the club. We walked up to are section and I sat down on a couch just looking around at everybody having a good time. ”Robyn!” I turned to the side and seen Megan coming towards me with a huge smile on her face.
“There you are, I was waiting for you! Come on.” She reached out to grab my hand but I shook my head.
“No, I’m gonna stay here. Go have fun.”
“What? Why?” She yelled over the music.
“I’m hot that’s all.” I lied.
“Well take off your jacket.” Meagan said while trying to take it off my shoulders.
“No it’s okay. I’m not gonna stay long.”
“Rih get up and come to are section. Stop being like that, damn nigga.” Red just had to add his two cents.
“Ugh. Fine.” I grew more annoyed because they kept pressuring me to go with them but I did anyways.
I followed both of them thru the crowd and once we made it to their section, I drowned 2 shots immediately then went to the side. Chris POV After preforming beautiful people, I got off stage and went to the little section where everybody was.
I looked around and spotted Mel, Lele and the other girl that was with them earlier so I knew that Robyn was somewhere in here. I went and looked over the balcony where everybody was on the dance floor but didn’t spot Rih til my eyes landed in the bar area. She was standing there, flirting and being touchy with some random ass nigga! My blood started boiling and I turned and started walking but then somebody bumped into me. I looked down and seen Draya standing there with a huge smile spread across her face. “There you are, I was looking everywhere for you!” She exclaimed while rubbing my hand. I looked over the balcony and seen Rih still talking to the dude then back at Draya.
“Come party with us.”
“Sure!” Robyn POV "So girl, I gotta get back to my man real quick but it was nice talking to you.” Josh said with a smile.
“Yass honey, go get him. Talk to you soon boo.” We hugged and he disappeared into the crowd again. I made my way back up to the section and when I got there, Chris was passing Draya shots. I shook my head and took a seat while pulling out my phone, going on instagram. I scrolled down my timeline and talked to my fans for about 2 minutes then I looked up from the screen and seen Chris whisper something is Draya’s ear while looking dead at me. She giggled and he did the same. I shook my head and grabbed my purse, throwing it over my shoulder and walking towards Le. “Lee, I’m leaving. Tell Megan and Mel that I’ll call them tomorrow since they’re a little occupied.” I did a nervous chuckle while nodding my head towards Megan who was talking to Red.
“Bitch why?! You just got here! Take another drink or something.” She yelled over the music.
“Nah I’m g-” I was cut off by the crowd cheering so I turned around and seen Chris grinding on that tramp.
“You know what. I’m out.” I walked out of the club and got into the car. Chris POV “Aye get off me.” I slightly yelled in Draya’s ear who was giving me a lap dance.
“Whyyy? Your enjoying it.” She replied with a smirk. “How bout we go finish this in the bathroom?” Draya whispered in my ear before lightly kissing my neck.
“Nah, stop. Move. Now.” She rolled her eyes before standing on her feet. I got up and told everybody I was out then got in my car and sped home. Once I got there, I got out and locked the door. I walked up to the front door and opened it with my key. “Robyn!” I called out as I walked in the kitchen and living room. She wasn’t there so I knew she was upstairs. “Robz open the door.” I knocked a couple of times since the door was locked. “Rihanna I know your in there just open up!”
“Chris leave me alone.” She demanded and threw something at the door. Damn she was mad.
“Leave you alone? This my house!” I chuckled to myself while shaking my head.
“I don’t fucking care!” She threw something else even harder at the door, making me jump back a little. I walked into my room and grabbed an extra key then walked back out.
I unlocked the door and walked into Rih’s room.
She picked up a lamp and aimed it in my direction.
“Aye! Cut that shit out!” I demanded, making her put the lamp back on the nightstand where it belonged.
“Let me explain-”
“No! I don’t wanna hear shit rasshole!” She yelled back.
“Alright I’ll let you calm down.” Knowing Robyn, she won’t let me talk when she’s angry. 

After about 10 minutes of waiting, I finally got up and walked back over to her room. I knocked on the door and waited for a response.

“Who is it?” Robyn asked from the other side. I chuckled and rolled my eyes.
“Can I come in please?”
A few seconds later the door swung open reviling a red eyed Robyn.

“What do you want Christopher?” She asked while looking away.
“Am I allowed to come in? You won’t be throwing shit right?” I joked but she didn’t laugh.
“Haha very funny. It’s your house so I guess you can come in.”
She opened the door wider and I walked inside and she sat down on the bed.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen I promise. She pushed herself onto me I swear.” I pleaded. Rih sighed and looked away.
“Why were you kissing her back?” She asked.
“I wasn’t, I was just caught up in the moment.” I stuttered, watching her every move as she squinted her eyes at me before sighing.
“Chris I’m not mad.”
I raised my eyebrows with a small smile.
“Your not?!”
“No..I’m pissed the fuck off!” God damn it. “You were kissing that little boy with me sitting right outside like it was nothing, knowing that I would walk in!” She yelled.
“You know that’s not how it was Rih.”
“Then how was it Chris? Why was she even in there in the first fucking place?!” Robyn replied.

I shrugged. “She was there because she’s sorta my new stylist I guess. And I didn’t know she was even in the dressing room until I started to take off my clothes then she just popped out and started touching on me. I fell back onto the couch cuz I was trying to get her off of me then she just came on my lap and kissed me. It was all her, I swear I don’t want Kae.” I held up my hands with a serious face.

Robyn stared at me, studying my face. “I don’t believe you.” She looked away and I palmed my forehead.
“Your probably just saying that so I won’t be mad at you.”
“No, I’m serious. I don’t want her I swear Robyn.”
She looked at me. “So who do you want? Jasmine?”
“No…I want you.” I said, staring in her eyes while licking my lips. “And I’ll do anything for you to be mines.”
Her eyes twinkled and she smiled a little. “Can I get a kiss?”
I smiled wide and walked towards her. She grabbed my face gently and placed her lips on mine.
We kissed for 5 minutes and in that time, both of our shirts were off.

Robyn POV
Chris laid me down on the bed and started leaving a trail of kisses all over me. He slowly licked my nipple, causing me to moan as he tugged on my piercing. Chris went down and little father and left kisses all over my inner thighs then he slowly pulled my thong off, revealing my wet treasure.
Chris blew into my opening, making me shiver, then I felt his tongue brush across my clit. I tried running back but he slapped my thigh.
“Don’t even try it.” He mumbled before diving in with his tongue. I was moaning like crazy because this feeling was amazing.
He kept flicking his tongue over my clit and before I knew it, my whole body was shaking. “Chris..of fuck! I’m gonna c-cum!!” I yelled while gripping the sheets with one hand and his head with the other.
“Cum then.”
I did as I was told and came hard all over his tongue. He cleaned up all of his mess before giving my now sensitive clit another kiss. He came back up to my face and I captured his lips with mine as he stroked CJ in his hands.
Chris was gonna enter me but I quickly pushed him off.
“What was that for?” He asked.
“Condom.” I reached over and grabbed a condom out of the drawer then slipped it on his dick.
“You want it?” Chris asked while slipping the tip of CJ inside of me.
“Mm yes.” I moaned as he slipped more of him inside.
“All of it?”
“Chris stop teasing me!” I whined. Just then, I felt all of CJ inside, making me arch my back with a loud moan. He did slow strokes, then fast ones which made me cum 3 times in just 10 minutes. Chris flipped me over so that I was on my knees and then we started going at it again.

*Next Morning* “Chris?” I asked softly as me and Chris laid in the bed. “Yeah?” “What are we?” I looked up at him, waiting for his expression. “Huh? Whatchu mean?” He chuckled but I was serious.

I sat up a little and looked at him with a straight  face. “Chris I’m not playing, what are we? Friends with benefits or what?”
Chris shook his head. “No..your mine.”
“What does that mean?” I asked.
“Your mine. I’m yours. Simple. We’re together.”
I smiled just a little. “So I’m your girlfriend now?”
He nodded. “Yep, and I’m your boyfriend.”
I felt my cheeks turning red so I hid my face in the pillow.
“Why are you so shy around me?” Chris asked while trying to see my face.
“I don’t know, you have that affect on me.”
“Well I guess I’m gonna have to get used to it then huh?” He bit his bottom lip before bringing my face close to his and kissing me.
I pulled back after a few seconds.
“If were gonna be in a relationship and be all over eachother this early, um..your gonna have to brush your teeth because the way your breath is set up right now.” I joked and he rolled his eyes.
“Shut up.” He leaned in and kissed me again
I can’t believe he’s mine now.

Chris POV

A few hours later, Robyn had left to go rehearse for the awards so now I was home with Mijo and Red. We were all chillin in the living room sharing a blunt as Red talked about the chick Rih brought to the concert last night.

“Man, I’m telling y'all I think I’m in love with Megan.” He said while looking up at the ceiling. Both me and Mijo busted out laughing.

“Nigga shut up, you only met her last night. Ain’t she like 18 anyways?” I said while passing Mijo the blunt.

“Nah, she turnin’ 20 next month and you can shut yo single ass up.”

“Haa, well you know, ya boy ain’t single no more.” I brushed off my shoulders.

“Man we all know you and Rih fuckin’, you don’t gotta remind me. She be havin yo ass soundin like a lil pussy.” Mijo joked, causing Red to laugh. I kept a straight face.

“Fuck y'all, its not even like that.”

“Mhmm yeah right.” Just then, the door bell rang.

“You  expecting somebody?” Red asked. I shook my head, “It’s prolly just Hood or some shit.”

I got up and walked towards the door. I unlocked it then opened it.

“Chris can we talk? I have something to tell you..” Jasmine asked while looking down.