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Halsey song lyric imagine

wordcount: 2.1k

Summary:  Y/N and Jughead take a long drive out of Riverdale for a road trip and discover their hidden feelings for each other 

Warnings: swearing, slight smut, drinking

‘Swerving on the 405, I can never keep my eyes off this’

We’d been driving for hours, we didn’t even know where we were going anymore, or what were running from. The sudden impulsive decision to get out of town and take a road trip was decided by Jughead. He had been distressed at school lately and said he had a lot of stuff going on in his head, and he needed to get away. 

Me being the good friend I am, and caring a great deal for him, didn’t want him to be alone so I decided to make the offer on taking him away for a while. 

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undead0relived  asked:

more pta sans please, its to die for, thank you and have a nice day~

Well, since you asked so nicely…

Sans: *sits there, tears rolling down his skull*

Toriel: Sans… Sans please. You don’t have to do this.

Sans: no…. I have to. It has to be done. *looks up to the ceiling* dad…? i love you. more than anything…. and i’d hate to do this but… *begins to cry* there’s just no other option!

*the rest of the PTA watch from a distance, not believing their eyes*

Sans: *tears a hole into time and space to access the Void* i’m sorry dad! i’m so sorry! *throw’s Helen’s lemon squares into the Void*

Gaster: *recoils in horror* Son! How could you do this to me! I thought you loved me!

Sans: father! i do! i still do, but the universe just can’t take it!

Gaster: NOOOOOO! *slowly begins to melt away into nothingness*

Sans: *sobbing hard*



Linda: *notices that Sans is strangely absent from the PTA meeting and that it’s just Toriel* *sighs in relief*

Toriel: *smiles politely* So, where shall we start?

Linda: Well, I was thinking, for the upcoming sports season, we should separate the boys and the girls, as well as separating the monsters and humans.

Toriel: But that is so costly, as well as unnecessary.

Linda: Well it will have to do, Toriel. We can’t go around forcefully mixing these two races! It’s just not fair to the humans.

Toriel: Now Sans and I think that-

Linda: Sans isn’t here right now, so it doesn’t matter what he thinks! He’s the idiot who doesn’t believe in mandatory gluten free lunches! And thank god he decided to miss out on-

Toriel: Ah ah, not so fast. *pulls Sans out of her inventory*

Sans: heard you were talkin’ shit, bitch.

Linda: OH MY WORD-

Sans: fuck your word, your gluten free lunches, your racism, and you.


Helen: So yes, I do think vaccinations should not be mandatory.

Sans: well, come on. we have to keep our kids safe. vaccinations will prevent disease.

Helen: *pinches the bridge of her nose* Sans, you wouldn’t understand. You don’t have a child.

Sans: whoa whoa- excuse me?!

Helen: Frisk is human. You’re a monster. And besides, you don’t even have a position here. You’re just filling in for Toriel, who is a teacher

Sans: *opens his mouth*

Helen: If she wasn’t a teacher, we wouldn’t even have her at these meetings. I don’t see why we still continue to let her, though. She’s the only monster in this school, filling our children’s heads with nonsense. She needs to be fired.

Sans: *clamps his mouth shut, just gritting his teeth*

Helen: Anyways, back to what I was saying-

*1 week later*

Fiona: *head of the PTA* And I am sad to announce I will be retiring from my position as head if the PTA. However, we have been able to fill in positions that had been previously absent! Monsters, as well!

Helen:….. What?

Fiona: Allow me to introduce Undyne, the Athletics coach for both boys AND girls!

Undyne: *bursts in* Hell yeah! With me on board, we’re gonna win EVERY game!

Fiona: Mettaton as the drama teacher.

Mettaton: *comes in, posing* Truly there is no finer choice!

Fiona: Alphys, our new nurse!

Alphys: *politely sitting in a chair* H-hi…

Fiona: Gaster, our new physics teacher.

Gaster: *appears* My son built a machine to drag me out of the void just for this. Oho, I’m gonna vaccinate soooo many of your children.

Fiona: And Papyrus, our head booster mom.

Papyrus: I can’t wait to start our first fundraiser! We will sell ALL the cookie dough!

Helen: *gawks* *turns to Sans* You enlisted your entire family?!

Sans: *only chuckles*

Helen: Toriel put you up to this, didn’t she? I will speak to the head of the PTA about this!

Sans: *his chuckles turn into a low and deep laugh, before transforming into a horrifying cackle, slowly growing louder and louder as he laughed evilly* *the lights go out, his sockets go dark, vast pits and a maniacal grin is spread across is skull* *his next words are spoken in a empty, haunting tone* Toriel IS head of the PTA.

Have a nice day~
Matching Marks Part 1

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Words: 1985

Prompts: Soulmate AU, and  “I’ve never talked to you before but the teacher just used us as an example for a scenario where we are married.”

This is my entry’s for @jared-padaloveme‘s Fluff Birthday Challenge!! :) This is only Part 1 of 2, so look for the next part soon! ;) Enjoy! 

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Piano Lessons


This is slow burning but the best parts are close to the end! This is my first Black Butler fanfiction and it is probably not my best work but I got so much support, I had to write it <3 Please enjoy!! Also, check out my AO3! ((This is the link to this fic, as tumblr reading can be hard))

Ciel lied in bed for a few moments after waking up, Sebastian hadn’t gotten him yet - as he woke up a few moments before his usual time. He looked at his porcelain fingers, seeing how the sun relaxed on his skin, giving the child an angelic glow.

“My lord,” Sebastian stated, standing in the doorway. “Sebastian,” Ciel said flatly, not moving from his spot. His nightmares kept him awake most of the night, waking up in cold sweats, forcing himself to go back to sleep only to have the same torture. The butler gathered Ciel’s clothes before removing the covers from the boy. “Are you alright, young master? You are quiet.” He commented, walking over the child, taking a seat beside him. Ciel’s back was turned, his spine barely visible through his white bedgown. He felt Sebastian’s hand on his back, his muscles growing tense but soon relaxed after recognizing the touch. Ciel was quiet, letting out a heavy sigh. “I’m fine, Sebastian. The night did not treat me well. Now, what  is on my schedule?”

“First off… Piano lessons, my lord. We have an instructor who offered to teach you. Shall I tell him you agree?” Sebastian asked, pulling the covers from the boy. “Please do. But be prepared for me to tell you to poison his tea. I do not enjoy when my instructors patronize me.” Ciel replied, stretching out his muscles. “As you wish, my lord. Your schedule is quite laid back for the day, if it is updated, I shall let you know.”

The butler dressed the boy, inspecting for any imperfections in his attire. “Bring my breakfast to me, if you will. Make it quick, I’d like to see what this pianist has to offer.”

“What would you like, my lord?”

“Something sweet. Now, go.” He commanded, his tone ice cold. He knew better not to argue with him but he couldn’t help but comment on his choice.

“My lord, it is breakfast-”

“And? I said something sweet. Now. Go.” he said again, walking himself to his office. “As you wish my lord.”

Sebastian went to the kitchen, tapping his chin as he thought of something he could make. “Mey-Rin, would you please go into the garden and harvest a basket of strawberries and raspberries?” he asked calmly, watching her walk into the kitchen, holding a handful of plates. “Y-yes, Sebastian!” she replied happily, setting the plates on the counter without any mishaps. “Thank you, my dear,” Sebastian said, searching the cabinets for flour and sugar. The girl’s cheeks flushed, her hands covering the redness of her face. He was so dreamy, it was hard to act normal. The girl rushed out basket in hand, heading to the garden to pick the berries like she was asked.

Sebastian went to cooking, following the recipe down to the ink. Moments later, the girl returned with a basket full of fruit, handing them to Sebastian. “Is this enough?” she asked, hoping she wouldn’t be met with a harsh scolding. “Yes, that’s perfect,” he replied, taking the basket. Mey-Rin trotted off, finishing her chores. The demon prepared a lemon-berry savarin for the boy with a cup of earl gray. As the cake was baking, he completed the remaining kitchen chores.

Ciel relaxed in his office, looking out the window at his city, watching the birds play on the railing. He heard his doors open and the familiar sound of wheels rolling in. “My lord, I bring you a freshly baked French lemon-barry saravin with fresh berries from the greenhouse, and your favorite, earl gray.” Sebastian placed the dish on his desk, watching him dine. “Thank you, Sebastian. Give me the time, if you will.”

“9:25, my lord. Your lesson will be in twenty minutes. Is there anything you will be needing of me before I prepare our guest’s tea?” he asked, lifting a brow, “No, that will be all. You are dismissed.” He bowed before he left the room, his tails falling behind him.

As he prepared the tea, he saw new guest arrive in the front. He grinned, making two batches of tea… one for if it went as planned… and one for if things went sour. Sebastian went into the music room and placed the cups down, making sure everything was in place. He could hear faint voices from the main hall… Mey-Rin was greeting him. How lovely.

“Of course, Mister Wittlock! We are very happy to have you here. Butler Sebastian should be here any moment!” she said happily.

He made his way to find Ciel. “My lord, our guest has arrived. Are you ready?”

“I suppose, let us go.”

The two made their way into the main hall, Sebastian locking eyes with the man. “Lord Phantomhive! A pleasure to meet you, I am Mister Wittlock, hopefully, I will be your instructor. Shall we begin?” he said, looking at the boy from head to toe. “why, of course. Sebastian, please do accompany us. I’m sure you and Mister Wittlock will become lovely acquaintances.” Sebastian chuckled, opening the door for them both, a grand piano sitting in the center of the room. “If I may dismiss myself, there is only a chore left to do, please do let me know if there is anything I can provide,” he replied giving them a bow. “Of course, Sebastian.” Ciel nodded, giving the devil an ominous side eye. Only he could catch it, the two were connected like roses and thorns.

“Now, Ciel. I am hoping you’ve played before?”

“Yes, many times. What song will I be playing?”

“Clair de lune, my lord. Please begin.”

The boy began to play, filling the room with beautiful notes. Ciel closed his eye briefly, his hands following the sheet he displayed in his head. His hand moved like flowing silk, the rhythm so beautiful it could draw tears.

The teacher gestured for him to stop. He did and looked over at him. “You play so fast, my lord.” He said, rolling his fingers. Ciel chuckled. “That is how the song is played, Mister Wittlock.” he corrected, arching a brow. “Ciel I urge you-”

“Pardon me? I would appreciate you calling me by my proper title if you would.” Ciel cut him off. His tongue a razor sharp. It caught Wittlock off guard. “Cie- My lord, I do apologize. It’s only so different calling a mere child ‘my lord.’”

“Then perhaps get used to it, it is impolite to call me anything else. Shall we continue? Children do get bored very quickly.” Ciel said dryly. “Yes. Please continue.”

Ciel went back to playing, his small hands dancing on the notes.

Sebastian could hear it from beyond the door, listening to his little master play. He held the special batch of tea in his hand, waiting for the right moment.

“My lord, you are a lovely player but… you need more practice. We need to try simpler songs. Ciel scoffed under his breath. “What a shame, I thought I was quite skilled. Allow me to get my butler to get you more tea… Sebastian!”

Sebastian opened the door and bowed, holding the tea. “Your tea, good sir.” Wittlock happily drank it, the foul taste hitting him seconds later. “My… what is this tea? It’s quite bitter… I… what is…” his mind began to slip away, his vision becoming blurry. “Only a bit of our own special mix… we will be seeing you Mister Wittlock.” Sebastian smiled at him, pushing his body aside.

“I’m trusting you’ll take care of that, Sebastian?”

“Of course, my young lord. I was only hoping to reward you after the lovely song you played.” Ciel chuckled, a light blush forming on his cheeks. “And that being, Sebastian?” he asked, tilting his head back to look at the butler. Sebastian grinned, taking a seat beside the boy. “Sit on my lap, if you would, young master.” Sebastian cooed, spreading his legs a few inches to maximize Ciel’s comfort. Ciel looked puzzled, but he obeyed. The boy sat on the demon’s lap, leaning into his chest. “If you could play your song again, I would be most grateful,” he whispered into the boy’s ear, sending a shiver down his spine. “O-of course, Sebastian.” He began the song again, his hands going to work. He felt Sebastian’s hands grip his hips, his gloved fingers barely touching his skin. “Ahh-!” Ciel lightly cried out, trying to keep his composer. His hands slipped under his shirt, massaging his stomach with his warm gloves. His white muscles twitched, almost shaking. With Sebastian’s hot breath against Ciel’s neck, goose bumps formed under his skin. Sebastian’s lips pressed against his skin, his tongue flicking as he moved his lips. Ciel let out soft cries, his hands still moving along the keys. He paused for a moment, feeling his butler chuckle against his skin. “Sebastian… Sebastian…” his name rolled off his tongue like a warm honey into steaming cup of tea. He went back to playing, not knowing if he wanted to pull away or lean in deeper. It was an inner battle and he was conflicted. This was his butler, not some play thing. But having both hasn’t hurt anyone.

Sebastian bit down on his flesh, wondering if he drew blood. Ciel cried out, throwing his head back into Sebastian, pressing his hands into the keys. He pinched his eyes shut and relished in the demon’s affection. “Sebastian…” Ciel moaned, finally removing his hands from the keys. “Yes, my lord?” he whispered in his ear, slowly licking the side of his earlobe, his teeth gently biting. Ciel didn’t expect an answer, his words weren’t prepared. Sebastian pinched one of Ciel’s nipples, waiting for his reply. Ciel gripped his knees, holding back a distressed groan laced with pleasure. “Is something the matter, my little lord?” he asked, rolling a hardened nipple between his fingers. Ciel cried out, gritting his teeth. “Sebastian, damn you to hell.” the boy groaned between gritted teeth. It made Sebastian chuckle in his ear, slowly moving his hands down Ciel’s body, ghosting over his groin, causing his hips to jerk into the air, craving the slightest bit of friction. Sebastian continued to cover his neck in kisses and soft bites, slowly pushing the boy back and forth against his own groin to tease the both of them.

Ciel’s legs were shaking only after a few minutes, letting out soft whimpers. He grabbed Sebastian’s gloved hand, playing with his fingers before pulling his glove off. He brought his hand up to his mouth and ran his index finger over his lip, licking it with a tip of his tongue. The demon chuckled, pushing his finger into the boy’s mouth, stroking his tongue. Ciel moaned, sending vibrations into Sebastian’s muscled body. Ciel opened his mouth, pushing Sebastian’s fingers in and out of his mouth, making soft suckling noises as he relaxed. The butler’s imagination went to work and thought of many other things… “My lord…” Sebastian moaned, pushing his fingers deeper into his throat. Ciel could feel Sebastian’s hips rolling gently, bucking the little lord into the air. He felt Ciel swallow on his fingers. His mouth tightening around his long digits.

“My lord… Perhaps it would be in our best interest to take this to the bedroom?” Sebastian asked, his tone dripping with pure sex and a sultry glaze. It was hard for Ciel to admit but he craved Sebastian. He truly did… “Please… Sebastian,” he begged, craving to feel even his butler’s breath against him. “Such a needy little lord you are.” Sebastian hissed in his ears, wrapping his hand around Ciel’s neck, cutting off his breath for only a second, hearing his strained breathing against his face. “Oh, Sebastian, please,” Ciel begged again, this time arching his back. Sebastian smirked, running his fingers around his neck, playing with his breath. “It is still early in the day, my lord… perhaps I shall see to your need tonight?” he growled, tightening his grip again. “I suppose that will do, Sebastian.” The boy hissed, giving Sebastian a kiss on his throat. “Mhm… Excellent, my lord. You won’t be disappointed.“



i think tp zelda is quite good at telling ghost stories LOL and she doesn’t get scared by almost anything. link is always trying to scare her but,he always fails :D

“…kid saw a murderer carry the corpses of his dead parents…” Zelda said in calm tone with a serene emotion on her face.

Kids of Ordon shuffled closer to the bonfire, girls whimpering and hugging one another, while guys tried to act like as if they weren’t scared. Meanwhile, Link stood near the fire with his arms crossed. He was looking at Zelda with an amused expression.

He knew the story. She had a knack for telling scary bed time stories. He learned about it few months in their marriage, where she started telling him all kinds of terrifying tales, with the most innocent, chaste look on her face. But he knew…

He knew it was all part of her perfect plan to strike when her target least expected it. She would use her magic to turn the lights off or make a random thunder sound and then move in for the kill with her whispering or screaming the crescendo part of her story. It worked on him quite a few times.
Whenever she managed to scare him, she would laugh merrily and whenever she failed she would cross her arms, pout like a little kid who got caught stealing a cookie and turn her back to Link as if he committed a treason by not getting scared.

“…when he finished propping them up on a chair, he went towards the wall that faced the kid’s bed, only to write something with bloody fingers in the darkness…” she slowly got closer to the fire “…before hiding under kid’s bed…

He smirked. He knew what she was about to do. Oh, those poor, unsuspecting kids…

“W-what happened next?” Talo asked, acting as if he wasn’t frightened.

Her eyes shone with mirth.
He loved seeing her like this. He could feel her excitement through the air.

“Kid laid still as the bodies, quietly hearing breathes from under his bed, then…”

“Then what? Then what?” Beth asked while covering her face in Colin’s shirt.

He kinda felt bad for them. They had no idea, then again, they brought this upon themselves.
He brought his Queen here to have a few days off the royal duties and enjoy the spring festival…
But the kids of Ordon didn’t even let them be for a minute. Tagging along all the time, asking awkward questions and doing all kinds of troublesome stuff, overall being a nuisance. That is why he asked her to use her special power.

“An hour passed, and kid’s eyes adjusted more and more to the darkness… He tried to make out the words, but it was a struggle. He gasped when he finally made out the sentence…”

“W-w-what? What was written there?”Colin asked.

This was it. Links eyes met hers and he gave her a wolfish smirk. She smiled devilishly in return and snapped her fingers. Fire diminished immediately, leaving everyone in darkness and kids gasped in unison…

“I know you are awake…” Zelda whispered with a blood-curdling voice…

“Kyaaaaaa!” girls screamed, causing boys to start screaming as well and soon they all started running back to their homes.

Zelda laughed heartily, while wiping the small tear that escaped her eye. She looked at Link and winked, her cheeks were flushed pink from laughter.

“Well…We are alone, now.” she sighed over dramatically “whatever shall we do to pass time?”

Link slowly moved towards her.
“How about me telling you a scary story.” His wolfish smiled turned into a grin.

She raised one delicate eyebrow “Oh? What is it about?”

He knent in front of her, his face inches apart from hers. “It is about a man, who kidnaps his wife to ravish her for hours and hours until she begs him to stop.” he whispers with a hot breath.

Her whole face flushed immediately. Pink on her cheeks turned into crimson. Her eyes fluttered and she replied shyly.

“W-well, sounds boring…” she tried to reply coolly but the desire in her eyes wasn’t missed by Link.

“Oh, then…I guess I have to demonstrate it to make it…interesting, huh?” and in an instant he scooped her in his arms -while she gasped with delight, before giggling- and start running towards their home as fast as he could.
Needless to say, she enjoyed the story.


Anonymous: Hotch fluff could be he has a crush on the reader and they work together and she agrees to baby sit jack cause has to stay late at work and he gets home and finds the reader and Jack curled up watching Disney movies and the reader looks exhausted and sleep deprived reader and him have a fluffy convo and have dinner together and either they kiss or he asks her out

A/N: This is going to be a two parter okayyyy

Originally posted by loveiseternalbutpainful

Aaron dawdled through the elevator doors, muscles tense and eyebrows furrowed as he exhaled lowly and hung up his phone. Y/N’s eyes lingered on the stern man, frowning at his stressed form as he walked by her. Before he could pass her, Y/N gently placed a hand on his arm, inspecting his expression intensely.

“Everything okay, Sir?” Her soft voice made him smile slightly as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Jessica can’t look after Jack for much longer, she has to go out but I don’t have anyone else to watch over him while I finish off some files.” Aaron grumbled, dark eyes kind on the younger woman, his mind remaining on her prolonged touch on his arm.

“I could look after him if you want? I was just about it head out anyway, I wouldn’t mind some company from the little man.” Y/N offered, hopeful gaze fixated on him as her heart fluttered at the small smile that grew on his face.

“Are you sure?” Y/N nodded quickly in response, “I’ll message Jessica, she’ll let you in. Thank you so much, Y/N.” Aaron grinned, placing his hand over hers lightly.

“It’s no problem, Sir. I promise, we won’t get into too much trouble.” Y/N giggled, winking playfully before heading towards the lift, Aaron’s gaze following her unwillingly.

/time skip/

The front door slowly creaked open, the soft glow of the stars casting a soft shadow on Aaron’s figure as he shuffled into the house. After he slipped his shoes and jacket off, Aaron made his way to the living room, smiling immediately at the sight. Y/N was sat cross-legged on the couch, Jack’s head leant on her knee as he cuddled into her side, his legs knotted into his blanket. The TV flickered across their faces, highlighting the dark circles shadowing Y/N’s tired eyes as she stifled a yawn.

“Tired?” Aaron questioned playfully, his sudden voice shocking Y/N, making her head shoot towards him.

“Aaron, how long have you been there?” Y/N asked loudly, holding her chest with one hand as her other traced patterns up Jack’s arm. The young boy giggled at her reaction, staring brightly up at his father.

“Not long.” Aaron chuckled, his gentle eyes flickering down to his son, smiling softly at how content he was with the woman. “Hey, what are you doing up?” He questioned, glancing up at Y/N as her fingers laced within Jack’s hair while he yawned.

“He wanted to stay up to see you, I’m surprised he lasted this long.” Y/N chuckled, unwrapping her arm from the young boy when Aaron lifted him form the couch.

“Shall we put you to bed then, little man?” Aaron questioned softly, kissing his sons temple as he nodded sleepily.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” Jack mumbled into Aaron’s shoulder as he carried him to his room. While they were upstairs, Y/N slipped her jacket on, sighing into the warmth but before she could get her shoes on, Aaron was already downstairs. He placed a hand on her lower back, making her jump once again.

“Jesus, you really need to stop doing that.” Y/N giggled but Aarons hand lingered on her back as he chuckled, his cheeks reddening slightly

“I’m sorry, I was just going to ask if you ate yet? I was about to order Chinese food if you want to stay over?” Aaron mumbled, eyes warm on her features as he observed her expression. A small smile spread across her lips while nodding slightly.

“I’d love to.”


Aaron Hotchner tag list: @marvelfanlife @hellolividbliss @abschaffer2 @a-court-of-stydia @milkandcookies528 @xdiscombobulatedx @sophiiev @becky–dixon @theradkid @hotchnerfuckmeup @ashes-to-ashesx @hugs-and-fake-smiles @zugzwangcm-comment-account @louisespecter @estrblmkr @mishamgos @devilgirlsarah @coffeeandmistakes @drunk-fairytale @yourtropegirl @hangul-diaries @sonicscrewdriverandtulips @thatgirlyouoncesaw @ladyannikki  @wishtobehissecret @malindacath @kpkarlee @amarislestrange @katekat-lions @rosybluefandoms @bitchassbecky691 @therealmrshale @h0cusp0cus123 @arizonalovesher @gothpenguin69 @angesm7 @indygirl89 @janai-farn @pack-omega @technicallyeclecticblaze @ninetynineredballoonsgoby @lovedannixoxo @michellelisa @hysteria-my-darling

Once, Then, and Now - Snowbound Extra Father's Day Edition

Back from the dead against all odds… here it is. Edited (a second time) via mobile. I will be changing this once I get access to my screen again, as there is most definitely something missing, but it’s 97% the same. Regardless… have at it. I do hope it’s worth it. I just need the victory of posting it. x

UPDATE: As of 07/07/2016 new parts/alternates are added in bold. It wasn’t as drastic a loss as I feared, it seems! x



“Ouch… no, I don’t… I’m sure your fingers do taste good, sweetheart, but—mmph.”

Harry hears your quiet whispers in the hallway and that’s when he lets himself break fully into consciousness. He blinks sleepily before squeezing his eyes shut, because he can catch a few more minutes, he thinks. You won’t be bothering him just yet.

He misses the dip of the bed next to him.


Your voice is suddenly right next to him and little hands are curiously poking at his ear. Harry frowns deeply and burrows his head deeper into his pillow and he feels the bed shake a bit.

“Daddy,” you try again. “Wake up, Daddy.”

Harry’s face turns into the pillow entirely. “Sunday,” is the single word he moans. “Bloody fuckin’—“

“Harry Edward—“


“It’s Father’s Day,” you retort. “Although I have a good mind to take him away from you if you can’t even keep a clean mouth around him.”

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Kieran Saves The Day

Emma could feel Mark change. His world had narrowed, she knew she was being selfish. But Julian mattered, not some faerie prince.

But Mark seemed to forget the point, she took him aside once on the roof. His eyes unfocused her.

“What is it Emma?”

He was anxious. Anxious to get back to him. Emma saw red,

“Mark, look we have to be unified in this. Okay? Remember we’re doing this for Julian.”

“Ah, is that how you got him to look at you?”

Mark turned and relaxed when he saw Kieran slip through the door toward them.

Emma glared.

“Don’t lie, it is not fair to the one who holds your heart.”

Emma looked at him confused. Mark opened his mouth, Kieran stopped him, their hands lacing together.

“She knows what I mean.”

“Still? After I chose them over you.”

Make buried his head in Kieran’s neck.

Kieran turned smiling into his hair, Emma could feel her heart break. They didn’t deserve to be happy when she couldn’t, when Julian was bleeding everyday by pushing himself too much.

“You forget I knew you would choose them. But you forgave me. My love you forgave me, who am I to deny perfection when it falls in my path?”

Mark chuckled. They stared at each other for a few moments.

“It’s not that simple.”

Kieran turned to her and rolled his eyes.

“Oh I’m well aware of forbidding of eros in your soul-partnership. Which is why I’m going to help you both.”

Emma blinked, her eyes narrowed.

“Why? What do you gain?”

Kieran flicked his eyes to Mark who rolled his eyes, though he blushed faintly.

“I have a debt to you both. It was never my intention to hurt either of you, and you both saved me, offered me protection when I did not deserved it.”

“Fine we both did, so me in particular?”

“Did you have any fleeting moments of happiness with her Mark?”

Mark looked at him confused but nodded. Kieran turned to her and smiled.

“That’s why. I owe you both a debt, but I am allowed to chose which I honor, which one helped me the most. You not only saved Mark and Julian from being lashed, but you were able to help Mark smile. My debt to you for that goes far beyond what I owe Julian.”

Mark pulled Kieran close, giving him a kiss on the lips. He buried his head in his neck.

“Kier, enough.”

He only smiled at Mark fondly.


Emma finally said, she needed this scene to end or she was about to throw someone off a roof.

Kieran pulled Mark to the ground. Emma followed a moment after. Mark and Emma shared a confused look, Kieran gave them an amused smile.

“Well? Let us plan how we are going to deceive Julian into believing you both are in love.”

“You have experience with this?”

Mark asked skeptically, Kieran rolled his eyes (he was doing that a lot now, a habit picked up from living with them)

“I’m a Prince not dead. I’ve seen my brothers do it, be with someone for a couple of hundreds years to avoid an arranged betrothal.”

“Aren’t you allowed to have many partners?”

Kieran nodded,

“But a bond such as Toth is paramount. It is one of the most important esteemed promises one can make.”


“My brothers don’t like to be bound to anything, how do you think they’d feel to be bound with someone for eternity?”

“Okay but you can still have any one you want?”

Kieran sighed, Mark finally spoke. Kissing Kieran’s hand in a gentle reassurance.

“Promises are important to Faeries. Promise of ones heart is one the biggest things they ask of their lover. Of the one care about. Promise of fidelity is not something many find worth it. In Toth you promise your heart to each other, but if you are allowed to have many lovers how do you not know you would accidentally come to love them?”

“It’s happened before, it gets terrible. Poison was involved in the last one a couple hundred years ago, the lover and spouse was found dead.”

Mark rolled his eyes as Kieran’s eyes gleamed. Unseelies.

“And did you?”

Emma asked quietly ignoring Kieran’s story.

“Did we what?” Asked Mark.

“Did you give your hearts to each other?”

Mark and Kieran shared a look and nodded at her. Emma sighed.

“Alright Prince-Boy help me.”

Shall I continue??

*Part 2 By Popular Demand*

Kieran nodded,

“It is simple, we cannot lie but that does not mean our actions have to be truthful.”

“In English.”

Mark sighed,

“He means that we have to be convincing.”

“Yeah I know but how?”

“I will let you have Mark —”


Mark turned to him with wide eyes.

“There is no other way my Mark. She can have you for now. For what you need to do, but you are mine, not hers understood?”

There was a sudden fierceness that Emma hadn’t seen before, he exuded every bit the Prince he was.

“Wait do you mean he’s mine?”

Keiran gave her a blank look.

“I mean he is yours in body, not heart.”

Mark gave a sigh.

“He means we can be intimate in public but I can’t fall in love with you. My heart belongs to him.”

Interference (pt 9)

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Officer!Jimin x Reader AU

(A/n) First of all, Jimin doesn’t show up at all in this part. Also this shouldn’t be that graphic as pt 7 was, but still:

warning: this may be a little bit graphic! shield your eyes children

“I-I promise I’ll do anything you tell me to do!” a desperate voice cries, “I-I won’t r-run away this time so let her go, yeah?”

Another muffled scream sounds from the girl strapped to a wooden chair, a towel shoved into her mouth. Beside the chair is a bucket of water settled at the feet of the chair and discarded pieces of bloodied nails that were torn off.

“Oh but I can’t,” says a man dressed in all black, from head to toe his head covered with his hoodie and his face covered by a black face mask. Only his dark eyes are visible to the man and the weeping woman, just cold abysses of darkness that could swallow someone whole.

Leaning down closer to the woman, he yanks her hair back to expose her neck. His other hand lets the pliers drop from his gloved fingers and he takes out a switchblade.

“She’s already a witness,” he whispers sternly, chuckling when she whimpers at the feeling his blade cutting into the skin of her neck, “Her eyes have already seen too much.” He slowly moved the tip of the blade so that it points directly over her widened eyeballs.

He clicks his tongue as she squeezes her eyes shut in fear, before he takes the knife and shoves it into her thigh.

Another muffled scream tears through her throat, her face twisting in pain as tears spring to her eyes.

“St-stop it! She won’t spill, you want me right?!”

The man grunts, twisting the blade before pulling it out and pointing the tip at the lanky man strapped down into another wooden chair. Bruises adorn his flesh, his left eye swollen and a cut splitting his right eyebrow.

“Why wouldn’t I want you?” he scoffs, turning back to the woman and wiping her own blood on her torn clothes, “Why not mess with the members of a group that rivals my father’s?”

A laugh tears through the room, the restrained male smirking up at the taller despite his position, “So that’s what this is? I heard about what happened to the other guys and their girls. It’s all because of daddy’s boy here, pfft what a fucking lap dog–”

A gloved fist shoots out and crashes into his jaw, the dark eyes of the masked man glaring at him heatedly, “You can shut the fuck up you piece of shit.”

“So how should I do this?” he sighs, turning away while shoving a hand into his back pocket to retrieve a spoon, “Shall we listen to her scream? Or should I put her out of her misery first?”

At the sight of the spoon, the woman begins sobbing protests into the towel stuffed in her mouth, tears running down her cheeks. Her whole body is shaky with trembles, writhing to get free.

“Pl-please don’t let her suffer,” the man weakly says, looking at his lover with apology and sadness.

“Suffer?” the masked man hums, curling his fingers around her throat, applying pressure until she’s desperately trying to suck in air through her nose. He positions the edge of the spoon at her eye, but she squeezes her eyes shut and retreats from the spoon.

Clicking his tongue, he shoves the spoon back into his pocket in favor of his switchblade, positioning at her jugular.

“You’re moving quite a lot Miss,” he whispers, ignoring the cries of protests from the male behind him, “I think we should fix that for me to do this properly, yeah?”

She starts shaking her head vigorously, however he narrows his eyes and grabs her jaw with his free hand, swiftly slitting her throat. Her struggling halts abruptly, her form slumping over.

“You fucking bastard!” the man behind him growls, struggling against his restraints.

“Quiet now, or I’m going to have to resort to waterboarding you too,” he chides calmly, shoving his switchblade into the pocket of his hoodie and fishing back out the spoon.

“Just enjoy the show for now,” he hums, using his thumb and index finger to spread her eyelids.


Namjoon grimaced, glancing around at the curious expressions of the detectives in his unit, even Yoongi who was sauntering in from the break room.

“Namjoon..” Seokjin whispers wearily, standing beside him with the broom and dustpan still held in his hands.

“Yoongi-hyung, Hoseok-hyung,” Namjoon cleared his throat, giving his partner a look before addressing the two males he called, “It was general duty, there was a report of suspicious screams–”

“Well why the hell are they handing their job to us?” Yoongi grits, leaning against one of the desks with his arms crossed, “Are they cowards?”

“Doesn’t matter, they’re saying it calls for an investigation,” he says. When Yoongi looks like he’s going to protest, Namjoon glares at him, “Shut the fuck up and get ready.”


The masked man rolls the detached eyeballs in his gloved hand, pondering whether he should nail them to the wall or do something new this time. He left the spoon impaled into the bloody pits of her empty eye sockets, the scarlet liquid pouring down over her cheeks like tears. He made a mental note to retrieve before he leaves and the police would arrive.

Turning to glance at the crying man behind him, he stops playing with the eyes. A sinister grin curls at the corners of his lips behind the face mask.

“Open your mouth.”

“Wh-what?” the man balked, eyes wide as the taller approaches with one of the eyeballs held in between his index and thumb, “Fuck man y-you’re crazy! Insane!”

Shoving the other eye into his hoodie pocket, he uses his free hand grip the man’s jaw, applying pressure until his mouth opens unwillingly. Once wide enough, he shoves the eye inside his mouth and lets go before covering the man’s mouth to keep him from spitting it out.

Disgust twists the man’s face, until it morphs into pain when he uses his other hand, gripping his throat harshly. Letting go, he presses his thumb harshly down on the jugular notch in between his collarbones.

The man is struggling, his hands flying to push him off, but futile as his lungs burn for oxygen. His windpipe is crushed under the mere pressure of the masked man’s thumb on the suprasternal notch.

When he stops struggling and slumps over just like the woman, he lets go of the man, retracting both hands. He takes out the other eyeball and stares at it contemplatively.

“Where am I gonna put this one?” he sighs, before shoving it into the mouth of the woman after he had taken out the towel and dropped it into the bucket of water. Yanking out the spoon, he wiped the blood that layered its silvery surface on her clothes before shoving it back into his back pocket.

Whistling a soft tune, he begins the process of hiding the bodies.

Just as he begins to untie the restraints, he could pick up the sounds of sirens roaring outside the apartment.

“Shit..” he curses, “They’re here rather quick this time.”

He gives up on moving the bodies and grabs the packages of powdery substances he’d found, stuffing them into his backpack of tools.

“What a bunch of noobs, their hiding places couldn’t get anymore obvious.”


“Why did you come along again?”

You twirl your fingers meekly when Yoongi finally parks the car outside the apartment complex and turns to regard you with a judging narrow of his eyes.

“I didn’t want to be left alone at the precinct?”

Yoongi snorts, sneering at your reply, “Is that supposed to be a question?”

“Calm down hyung,” Hoseok tuts with a pleasant smile, “But Seokjin hyung and Namjoon were there, Jiminie and Tae were there too albeit busy though.”

“Don’t worry,” you smile, “I’m just staying in the car this time.”

“Are you sure you want to be left alone?”

“I-I’m fine!” you try and convince them, standing your ground as Yoongi squints at you before sighing in frustration.

“You’re unbelievable, no wonder it took Jimin a while to tolerate your ass,” he mutters darkly, before nodding in defeat. Reaching over, he places a gentle hand atop your head, looking you straight in the eye as he whispers, “We’ll be right back, okay, I’ll leave my phone here to keep you busy, and if anything comes up just call Hoseok’s number or Namjoon if we’re unreachable.”

“Yes sir!”


Peering into the door’s peephole, he nods to himself, fixing the snapback on his head and adjusting the now white face mask. His black hoodie is replaced with a gray one and his gloves are shoved into his pocket, used only when he opens the door to keep from leaving any traces.

Outside, he passes as a normal adult walking along the hallway and traveling down the emergency exit stairs.

He’s home bound when he successfully passes two officers along the way, a blonde and a brunette, though the blonde one gives him a suspicious glance before they continue on their way.

Those two aren’t regular general duty officers, he concludes as he trudges through the parking lot to get to his car.

Passing a police car, he glances at it briefly, locking eyes with the person inside.

Color drains from his face when he scrutinizes the person.

But before he could think of anything, his phone is vibrating in the back pocket of his dark slacks.

Continuing hurriedly to his car, tossing his bag into the back seat as he hops into the driver’s seat, he picks up his cell phone.

“Yes.. father?”

If Sirius Became A Single Dad AU: A Toddler

Also, Sirius, James, Lily/Rory, Remus

  • Remus and Lily wanted Harry and her to go to a Muggle Kindergarten. James and Sirius agreed on the condition that they go to the same school. (It was a given already so Remus and Lily didn’t mind.) 
  • Sirius was 100% the type of Dad‭ to wait outside the classroom for hours while Harry and Rory were having classes. He would sometimes peek through the windows. 
  •  She would always wear princess gowns to class. (SIRIUS WHY Because, Remus, she is my little princess and she always will be and everyone has to know okay all of those children except maybe Harry are just peasants compared to her
  • Once Remus, Sirius, James and Lily came to a parent-teacher conference and a teacher commented on why she has two fathers and that’s the story of how Harry and Rory left that school after the end of the school year. (Sirius look at the news Why A stag and a dog ruined a teacher’s car and trashed her house How interesting Yes, I do agree James Yeah A stag and a dog destroyed a teacher’s house So It’s amazing how wildlife has evolved these days I know right) 
  • One time a small boy kissed her cheek, and Sirius freaked out. He talked to the boy after classes (Can you feed my daughter what can you assure me that she’s going to live a happy long life um how many children do you want huh SIRIUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT POOR BOY Remus he violated her *sigh* What did he do He kissed her cheek, Remus, her cheek THEY’RE CHILDREN Doesn’t change the fact that he kissed her I’m so sorry about him, boy Watch it, son, I’m only allowing you this once *furious head nod* DADDY I WANT ICE CREAM Okay, my little princess, we shall get you your ice cream *sigh*
  • He spoiled her rotten, but Lily and Remus tried their best to tame her so she grew up okay. To Sirius’ defense, she was and still is his princess and she deserved all she wanted in the world. 
  • Not a single night went by that Sirius was not there to tuck her in. 
  • Remus and Sirius took turns reading to her at night. 
  • No matter what anyone ever said about her parents, she always, always believed that her fathers were the greatest in all the world.   
  • One time a student in her school made one of her friends cry and she punched them in the face. Remus scolded her. Sirius bought her a tub of her favorite ice cream. (SIRIUS I WAS TRYING TO TEACH HER A LESSON So was I WHAT LESSON IS THAT? PUNCH PEOPLE IN THE FACE? Well it’s actually punch people in the face when they deserve it SIRIUS YOU CAN SOLVE PROBLEMS BY TALKING THEM THROUGH Yeah, but you can punch them in the face too I’M DONE)
  • Remus didn’t talk to Sirius for two days. Sirius bought him a pack of his favorite chocolates. Though Remus assured her protecting her friends isn’t bad, but it was better to use her brain instead of her brawn. She promised him she would, next time. 
  • Remus, who didn’t have many friends as a child, encouraged Rory to always be social. He was always happy when she had friends over and somehow convinced Sirius to allow her to sleep overs. (Sirius would apparate to said person’s house to kiss her good night though). 
  • Sirius’ boggart became the image of her lifeless body, tortured, and he was unable to save her. 
  • Remus’ boggart was similar to Sirius’ except that her death was his doing. 
  • Her boggart, at that age, had been that her Dad and Daddy was away from her. 
  • After seeing her boggart, she demanded that they sleep in her room, right beside her. 
  • Harry and Rory would often engage in play wrestling. 
  • Sirius and James would play along, always beaten by the kids. (OH NO HARRY HAS BEATEN ME AGAIN HOW TRAGIC Why would you do this to your Daddy, sweetheart, why have you forsaken me SIRUS YOUR DAUGHTER HAS SUPER STRENGTH I CAN’T BEAT HER Harry, I am your godfather and you have hurt me. Why, Harry, why
  • Play wrestlings would often turn into tickle fights. 
  • Once she wanted to be a unicorn. It took Remus an entire month to sew three unicorn costumes for them.
  • Incidentally, the Potters were all dressed as foxes because Harry, too, wanted to be a fox and they are so in for family unity. 
  • Harry and Rory still cringe at the pictures. 
  • Every day, Sirius and Remus would always, always tell her how much they loved her, regardless if they were mad or not. 
  • Remus and Sirius were determined to give her a happy, wonderful home filled with love and stability; something both Remus and Sirius did not always have as children. 
  • They did, and every day for the rest of her life, she thanked them for it.
AU where Sirius got to Harry first before Hagrid did


“It’s him, Lily! Take Harry and run! I’ll hold him off as long as I can! Just go!”

“Please, not Harry! Not my Harry!”

“Avada Kedavra!”
Sirius had made a mistake.

The moment he found Peter’s house empty (fucking rat bastard), Sirius knew that he had been so wrong. He prided himself on his ability to sense danger, but when he felt a chill running down his spine, for the first time ever, he wished he wasn’t feeling it this time. He didn’t spare another second and hurried to Apparate to James’ home. He felt like he was going to die right then and there when he saw the house was completely destroyed. He was trembling from top to toe, the grief he felt was too much for him, but still he forced himself to look into the house. Memories of his best friend (oh, James) filled his mind as he stepped inside, moments when they spent Christmas together, or when he helped the young couple first moved into the house… A heart-wrenching sob escaped him when he found his best friend lying on the floor in the living room, his lifeless eyes stared wide opened at Sirius. His best friend, his brother, was dead. James was no more. Never again would scold Sirius carelessness, even if he secretly found it funny. His best friend was gone. It took all the will Sirius had in him to make his way into James’ room, knowing already what he’d find there. But it still killed him when he saw Lily’s form on the floor beside Harry’s crib, where the baby himself was crying loudly for the mother that would never wake up again.

“Ma… Mama… Da…” little Harry cried, sobbing over his own tears. Sirius gulped and picked the baby up into his arms. The sight of a familiar face calmed the crying child a little bit, and he hiccuped a small giggle as his chubby fingers poked Sirius’ cheek.

“Hiya, Harry,” Sirius whispered, burying his face into Harry’s mop of unruly hair (so much like James). “You’ll come with Padfoot, okay? I’ll keep you save.”

The baby looked at him, his uncanny green eyes (why, Lily? Why did you have to die and leave your child alone?) looked right back into Sirius’ grey ones with a startling odd look in them. It was like the little child understood what Sirius just told him. That was probably what made his mind. Looking around the room, Sirius knew Harry was his number one priority now. Fucking Pettigrew just had to wait. He took enough time to picture his secret safehouse, all the way in New Zealand, and Apparated away right when Hagrid burst into the room, watching Sirius Disapparated from the house.

With Harry.
“He took ‘im! He took little ‘Arry!” Hagrid bellowed when he appeared right in front of Dumbledore and McGonagall, waving his umbrella wildly with worrying carelessness.

“Merlin, Hagrid, low your voice down!” McGonagall hissed, her tone taking the usual stern and authoritive one she often used toward her students.

(Especially to that meddling foursome.)

“I’m sorry, Professor!” Hagrid whispered quickly, though it was still loud enough to probably wake the Muggles within twenty to fifty radius. “But he took ‘Arry!”

“Who, Hagrid?” Dumbledore asked, his voice all calm and collected, but one could still detect the urgency in it. “Who took Harry?”

“Sirius Black!” Hagrid exclaimed. “He was in the house when I got there. I saw him Disapparated away.”

“Oh, dear…” McGonagall breathed, her face paling a little. “What Pettigrew said was right. He was right. Sirius-”

“Now, now, Minerva,” Dumbledore cut her off. “We shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions so quickly. I’m sure that Sirius has an explanation to what he did.”

“But, what if-”

No,” Dumbledore said, this time there was a finality to his light tone. “Sirius wouldn’t do that to James. The boy is capable of many things, but he’ll never betray his brother.”

McGonagall pursed her thin lips but said nothing more. Sighing, she finally said, “What shall we do then, Albus?”

Giving a sad smile, Dumbledore said, “We wait and pray that Sirius knows what he’s doing. We have faith in him and hope for the best.”
A loud cry was heard in the small cottage in Inglewood, New Zealand. The cry obviously came from the small child being held by the tall man with his mercurial eyes, his handsome face looked worn and tired.

“Don’t cry, Harry, please,” Sirius said softly, bouncing Harry a little in his arms as he paced around the room. “It’s only been three days. We’ll have to make sure that Voldemort is really gone. Until then, it’s not safe for us to go back home.”

Miraculously, the baby’s cries ceased to exist. Clapping his hands together, he began to giggle. Sirius sighed in relief and kissed the top of Harry’s head.

“Thank you, mini Prongs. I promise, we’ll go home soon. I promise.”
“It’s been a week, Dumbledore! A week and I’ve got nothing!” Remus yelled as he barged into Dumbledore’s office. “Please tell me that- what is he doing here?

Remus stared at the form of his childhood nemesis sitting in front of his former Headmaster. Snape was just as unpleasant to look at as he was back when they were still students of Hogwarts. But Remus knew that he was now a Death Eater, and he could not understood what in the world was Dumbledore thinking to accept the greasy snake.

“Ah, Remus,” Dumbledore said, smiling brightly at the werewolf. “Do sit down, please.”

“I’m sitting nowhere beside that Death Eater,” Remus snapped, glaring murderously at the former Slytherin, whose black eyes were staring at Remus with absolute hatred. The pain of losing his best friend were enough for Remus to have a personality transplant.

“Nor would I sit with a werewolf,” Snape answered silkily. That did it for Remus.


“Boys, sit down,” Dumbledore said sharply. “You two are adults now. I expect you to be way over your petty and childish rivalry.”

Both men (oh, Merlin, but look how much they’d both grown) glared murderously at each other. But in the end, they complied and Remus took a sit beside Snape, who scooted his chair away from Remus not-so swiftly. If Dumbledore sensed the tension between his former students, he was wise enough to ignore it and instead, he grabbed a piece of parchment that he received just a couple of hours before Snape came to see him.

“Remus, you were asking why Severus was here. Well, he came to see me to ask whether I had a spot for a rogue Death Eater that would spy for me on Voldemort.”

“’Rogue Death Eater’?” Remus snorted. “You can’t stop being one. Once a Death Eater, always a Death Eater.”

“He told me that he knew the culprit who sold James and Lily to Voldemort,” Dumbledore continued. Instantly, that got Remus’ attention.

“What?” he yelped. “Wait a second… He what?”

“Wow, Lupin, I didn’t know you were this stupid,” Snape drawled maliciously. “No wonder he got away so easily.”

“Shut up, you bastard,” Remus spat, whirling around to face the Death Eater. “You don’t talk unless you tell me who was it that-”

“It’s Pettigrew,” Snape said curtly, the look on his face told Remus how stupid he thought Remus was. “You must be a bigger idiot than both Potter and Black combined if you didn’t notice the time he spent missing at night.”

Remus would have killed Snape for the off-handed comment he made on James and Sirius had it not for the fact that he was too shocked to react. It couldn’t be true. He just saw Peter minutes ago, and his old friend was still grieving for James and Lily, all the while blaming himself for what Sirius had done. Once he finally got over his shock, an uncontrollable anger began to take over. Remus rarely let the wolf in him to dictate his emotions, but right at that moment, he wished that it was the full moon so he could let the beast loose on his so-called best friend.

“That bastard,” Remus hissed, barely able to contain his anger. “After all James and Sirius had done for him. How could he…”

“He’ll pay for it, Remus,” Dumbledore said. “He’ll pay for his crimes.”

Remus nodded wordlessly, too angry to say anything.

“Now that we have all cleared out, I’m going to show you the letter I just received this morning from Sirius.”
“We’re coming home, Harry,” Sirius said, a small but radiant smile on his handsome face. “We’re coming home and we’ll see Uncle Moony again.”

Little Harry giggled when Sirius tickled his tummy. The sound brought a round of laughter from the man as he scanned his cottage for once last time. The last of the three pureblooded Purebloods left in Britain knew that this was it; that this was the time for him to face everything back home. He’d been gone for over two weeks, and it was time to get Peter - no, Pettigrew for everything he’d done.

And made him pay for betraying his friends.
Bang. Bang. Bang.

The sound that came for the little hammer Barty Crouch Sr pounded against his table sealed the fate of one Peter Pettigrew night. The man’s beady eyes went wide as tears went down his face profusely before he began to wail, yelling and screaming for his last two remaining friends for mercy, fighting to break-free from the grip of the two Aurors that held him. But said friends never budged, their face impassive as they stared at the crying man that was screaming their name.

“Sirius! Remus! Please, don’t let them take me! Don’t do this to me, please! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I know I shouldn’t have done it, but please! Please, don’t do this,” Pettigrew screamed loudly, still fighting with all his might, even as he was being dragged away by the Aurors.

But still, Sirius and Remus showed no mercy. The werewolf merely grabbed Harry from Sirius’s arms before he exited the room, his face showed little to no emotion except the blatant hatred he had from the screaming filth as he walked through throng of people with his best friend’s son his arms. And Sirius… The last living heir of the Black family merely stared stonily at Pettigrew, his mercurial eyes, cold and brutal they were toward people he loathed, never showed the mercy his former friend asked from him. They just stared long and hard, until he too followed his best friend and his Godson.

Pettigrew’s loud scream could be heard all over the fifth floor of the Ministry when he saw both of his old friends had left him.

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You’ve been traped in a cage for hours now while pretending to be asleep. You’ve heard a bunch of people talking and gossiping around about you. Everyone was talking about the one and only Peter Pan and what is he going to do with you. Some of their thoughts scared you a little, but you are okay with it. You HAVE to be afraid from Pan, that’s why you believe. And as you do believe, your curse is to have the heart of the truest believer.

- She’s still asleep. She didn’t talk or move. - You listen carefully at the boy that seems to be near from you.

- Thank you Felix, you can leave now. - Oh god. You recognize that voice and suddenly a chill explores your whole body. There are some seconds of silence as you notice him touching the cage.- Lets just stop faking that we are sleeping, shall we? - You open your eyes and glare at him.

- What exactly do you want from me? - He sighs and smiles at you.

- What? Can’t I just have a small talk with you? - He glares at you. - Oh, by the way… - He takes out an apple and gives it to you. - I brought you dinner.- You spit in Pan’s face and he cleans it. - Well, I’m glad that was your reaction because I’m here to offer you a deal.

- I don’t want any of your ‘deal’ things. They never work well.

- Indeed, but what if I reward you with freedom?

- There’s no freedom here in Neverland, actually you told me that, didn’t you?- He smirks.

- I can’t let you leave, but I CAN free you from this cage.

-Why’d you do that?

-See, here’s the point. Tonight I’m supposed to bring you with me to welcome your arrival.- You let go a sarcastic laugh.

- You are actually thanking my arrival as you have me captive in here? 

- Oh love, there’s no way I’ll let you escape.

- Disgusting. - You mumble.

- So here’s the deal. - He says avoiding what you just said. - You come with me, I give you a nice dress and take you to the ‘meeting’ as I like to say and afterwards you’re allowed to walk around the island by yourself.

- Deal. - You know exactly what you’re going to do. 

- Great. - He opens the cage, you stretch and he appears chains around your wrists.

- Wasn’t I supposed to be free?

- Not before the meeting, love.


Hours after the meeting, you managed to escape Neverland up to the land of Ariel. She helped you. You are completely safe, well that’s what you think.

- Remind me to never leave you alone again.- You turn around kind of scared.- You know, (Y/N), I actually believed in your word. But I guess it was a wrong choise, wasn’t it?

- Don’t bring me back to there. I beg you, Peter. - He smiles.

- Oh, of course I am. But this time with a little curse that I’ve been keeping up to this moment.

- What? No, please Pan, I beg you. - He smirks and you both appear in Neverland.- What did you do? - You look everywhere and don’t see a thing out of the common. You start to feel empty.- Why are my emotions vanishing? - He smiles.

- Oh, I kinda became the owner of your heart. 

- Wh-what? - You frown.

- Welcome to your new home, (Y/N).

*Still tries to go trick or treating even though he’s way too old
*Will dress up the most obscure costumes he can find
*When the two of you go to a haunted house together, he tries sO HARD to be brave
*He’s actually the most scared there
*Even if he’s terrified, he insists on going to as many haunted houses as possible
*“Seven, we really don’t have to-”
*he says all while trembling and holding your hand for comfort


* Not really big on Halloween, he is more of a Christmas guy
* Puts up any decorations that involves cats
* Basically makes Halloween an excuse for cat praising
* you surprise him by wearing a cat costume
* it flops because he is also dressed as a cat
* “You’ve got to me KITTEN me”
* “Seven, if you say another pun I’m buying you and everything you love. Then will proceed ship it to Antartica.


* this boy is probably possessed by Casper the friendly smh
* Goes as an LOLOL character every year
* No one knows what he is but they just go along with it
* The entire month of October is just a big sugar rush
* You know he’s gonna buy that discounted candy and eat all of it before Halloween
* Doesn’t really go for the scary stuff
* Is basically a smol child
* loves carving pumpkins
* he’s not good at it but you guys do it anyway
* almost set the house on fire twice but it’s worth it


* Is a vampire every FLIPPING year
* Probably bought a smoke machine just to add a dramatic effect
* Doesn’t go overboard until the week of Halloween
* The house is covered in props
* Speakers out in the lawn play Sweeney Todd 24/7
* Makes you watch scary movie just so you can cuddle you
* Drags you to haunted houses just so he can out act the actors
* “Better run little boy”
* *dramatically laid up on the wall* “OH NO, what shall I ever do? Go on without me, MC, I’ll sacrifice myself. TAKE ME OH FOUL MONSTER”
* “Zen, we’ve only been here 5 minutes. Can we please move on to the next room?”
* *sighs*

Family dynamics


Darryl hadn’t planned on stopping for the night, he had wanted to drive straight home but Blue had wanted to stop off and sleep, and then Ray had agreed and thus, his son and Grandson outvoted him. He sighed a little and pulled into the nearest motel and the three of them went to the reception. 

He sighed a little as the clerk mentioned it just being a one bedroom suit. Darryl looked at the boys and shrugged. “Yeah we will take it.” He said and paid him, getting the key before looking over at his family. “What else were we going to do? You both wanted to stop and now we shall deal with it. We’re all men here, we can spoon it’ll be fine.” he said with a simple shrug as he led them to the room. “That’s not too bad, who wants to be the meat in this sandwich?” He asked looking at the pair. 

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Can you do a scenario where gom minus kuroko behave oposite on their personalities?

A/N: I wasn’t sure as to which form of Akashi you were referring to, so I’ll just assume it’s “Emperor Akashi” that you wanted. If not tell me and I’ll change it!

AKASHI avoids everyone’s gaze, his cheeks turning a bright red as he tries hiding his face. He smiles kindly to those he knows, and waves when waved to. His normal superiority complex seemingly disappeared. He smiles and waves as Hayama runs toward him “Good afternoon! How is your day going? Have you eaten enough today, here have this snack. I hope to see you soon, good bye for now.” Looking after Akashi’s retreating form, Hayama is flabbergasted by the onesided conversation he’d just had.

AOMINE smiles at you as he hands you a homemade lunch. “Hope you like it!” The grin on his face is so wide, you thought it looked painful. “Shall we go out tonight? Oh! I know, let’s go for dinner and then cuddle at home.” Moving closer to you, Aomine rests his head on your shoulder as he clings to your arm. 

KISE sighs as he trudges down the hall, dragging his feet along the ground. Girls and boys alike, flocking toward him. Dodging their questions and gazes, Kise glares at them, ready to explode. “Haven’t you lot got anything better to do than follow me around all day?” He doesn’t even look at them as he storms away, groaning about what a bother they were.

MIDORIMA leaves his house with only his backpack, no crazy lucky objects. During class he’s resting his chin on his hand, his head bobbing as he begins to fall asleep. Midorima’s friends and classmates all try waking him, but he continues drifting further and further into deep sleep, not taking down a single note with his lucky pencil.

MURASAKIBARA wakes up early and goes jogging before he gets ready for school. Making sure to eat a healthy breakfast, Murasakibara leaves his home early, studying on his way to the bus. Even as the bus sways to and fro, Murasakibara keeps his nose delved deep into his studies, he chuckles at the thought of getting another A on another test.

A Tempting Proposition

TITLE: A Tempting Proposition


AUTHOR: Wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the most infamous assassins in all of Asgard (possibly even in all of the nine realms.) Having succeeded in ...

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES: Okay, actually done this time. 

Loki walked purposely through hall until he reached the main dungeon. Sjurd was pacing back and forth as the two Einharjar stood waiting instruction. He walked over to them and the first thing they noted was the bloodied dagger in his hand.

“She is badly wounded, but not mortally so. Sjurd, go and retrieve her, and drag her to the market square, I want her hung for all of Asgard to see. I want her to be made an example of.” Loki growled angrily. The general nodded and ran back down the corridor as fast as his armour would permit him. When he had left, Loki turned to the two Einharjar. “The two of you are to inform the head prison guard to ready the gallows for a hanging, then go to my son’s rooms and guard them he is not permitted to leave them under any circumstances. The last thing he needs to see at his age is a such a death.” The Einharjar nodded in agreement and left. With that Loki smiled slyly as he dissolved into nothing.

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Wrapped Around Your Finger: Part 2 (Smut)

{Note: I’m so sorry for the wait, I’m a terrible person. I rewrote this countless times because I couldn’t come up with a good scenario. And the symbolism was completely unintended until half way through. It works though.. And is smutty. I hope it meets/exceeds any expectations. I actually like this.. Sorry for any errors as well}

Part 1:

You sat on the couch waiting for the boys in a state of anticipation. The boys were set to arrive in ten minutes and for some reason, your heart beat at a rapid pace, nerves on end. You ran upstairs slid out of your sweats and cami, putting on only a large flannel over your lacy white and gold undergarments. You stared at your reflection in the mirror, scrunching up your loose waves and dabbed glitter over the light dusting of white eyeshadow above your winged eyeliner. 

You looked down at your almond manicure then sighed as you looked to your ring finger that was previously adorned by a purity ring from your mother. Sadly that ring had been removed days after getting it. You still felt an insane amount of guilt because of it but your hand had recently been graced by ‘promise rings’ from the boys. You chuckled at the fact that you hadn’t exactly figured out what the boys had been promising. You were suddenly broken from thought as the boys approached the bathroom door, “Fuck,” Gilinsky blatantly stated, looking you up and down. Johnson muttered under his breath, his glare practically burning through you. With the combination of Gilinsky in his red beanie, Johnson in his white SnapBack you were forced to do a double take. You blinked as you looked to the floor, refusing to make any unnecessary eye contact. Gilinsky slid behind you, grabbing your ass, “Don’t you dare go playing ‘little Miss Inocent’ on us,” he groaned, “Especially when your dressed like that..” 

You briefly closed your eyes, rolling back your shoulders. Johnson glared at Gilinsky, “Don’t question it, it’s hot.” You began to unbutton your flannel as you walked down the hall and into your room, being sure to sway your hips in the process. The boys quickly followed, hot on your tail. “You locked the front door, correct?” You questioned, your shirt fully unbuttoned, sitting loosely around you. “Yes Princess,” Johnson immediately replied. You shut off the overhead light and plugged in the white Christmas lights that draped across your walls, “I owe you two, I made a promise and I’m keeping it,” you added walking towards them, dropping to your knees. “You went all out, I’m impressed,” Gilinsky added as he approached you, unbuttoning his dark gray jeans. You looked over to Johnson who was ridding himself of his black zip-up hoodie followed by his Huf tee shirt. Soon Gilinsky was left only in his Kelvin Kleins which was very easy on the eyes. 

Johnson plopped down on your bed in his boxers as you slowly pulled down G’s boxers, palming him through the spandex like material. He groaned as you licked his tip, cleaning up the minute amount of pre cum, “Don’t tease,” he growled. You nodded innocently, looking him in the eyes, muttering a small, “Sorry.” You took him into your mouth, occasionally playing with his balls as you bobbed your head. He groaned out in pleasure, entangling his fingers in your hair, “You can take more Baby,” he moaned out. You hollowed your cheeks, taking as much of him as you could. Gilinsky suddenly pushing himself further, and further, eventually triggering your touch of gag reflex as he groaned animalistically. 

You lowered yourself to another angle, taking a smaller portion into your mouth. You lick G’s tip once more, sending him over edge. He moaned out as he came in your mouth, “Fuck (Y/N)!” You took a deep breath after swallowing, Gilinsky grabbed your hands, pulling you up. “I’m sorry I didn’t warn you,” he added after kissing your forehead. You shrugged arrogantly, “‘Little Miss Innocent’ took it like a pro though.” He smirked, “Don’t get cocky, payback is a bitch and you were a tease.” You bit lip as you walked towards Johnson, “Ready?” You questioned as Gilinsky walked out of the room, shutting the door, “You don’t have too..” Johnson muttered. You shrugged, proving it was no big deal, “I’m not gonna be that cockblock and deny you, more importantly, I don’t break promises,” you added, pointing to the rings on your finger. Johnson smiled as you dropped to your knees. “Up,” he added aggressively, pulling you up. “Lose the panties,” he added with a devilish grin. You’d never seen this aggressive, dominant side of Johnson, usually he was a quiet sweetheart who loved receiving oral, but this was thrilling. “On the bed,” he commanded. 

Your obedience in tact, you followed his every order. “Good girl,” he added, a finger running over your dripping core. “My princess is really a little slut, isn’t she?” He questioned, his finger slamming into you. You moaned out at his touch, “Jack, yes..” He smirked curling his fingers before taking them out. You immediately sat up groaning, “Fuck you Johnson, you never tease!” He smirked, shrugging, “There’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?” You scoffed as Johnson placed you on the floor. He slid off his boxers, adding them to the pile of clothes on the floor, “Don’t tease and I’ll go down on you.” You nodded, biting your lip at his words, taking Johnson into your mouth. You immediately deep throated him, hallowing your cheeks and moving your head to a more direct angle. Johnson gripped your shoulders as for leverage as he began to thrust into your mouth. Your fingers massaged at his balls throughout this process, intensifying the pleasure. Johnson had turned into a moaning mess, signaling his orgasm. 

He attempted to pull out but you wouldn’t allow it, as he came into your mouth, more as on your face. You swallowed and Jack wiped the remainder into your mouth. “That was hot as fuck, but I now owe you.” Jack reached into your dresser drawer containing his and G’s extra clothes, and pulled out a clean pair of boxers, effortlessly slipping them on. “Lay down on the edge of the bed Princess,” Johnson’s tone was demanding yet there was a subtle sweetness laced within it. You scooched towards the edge of the bed, Jack knelt before you. His fingers plunged into you without warning. He soon began to rub at your clit at an agonizingly slow pace causing you to buck your hips, “Jack,” you moaned out, involuntarily squeezing your legs together. “Hold on, (Y/N),” he muttered while prying your legs apart, locking his arms around them. Without warning, his tongue drove straight into your heat, forcing you to grip the sheets, sending you to your high. “Your so easy Princess, I don’t get it,” Jack added before cleaning you up. Your breathing finally easing to its normal pattern. You sat up and rebuttoned your flannel, “Thank you,” you smiled placing a kiss on Johnson’s soft lips. 

After pulling away Johnson open your door to reveal a devious looking Gilinsky. You reached to the floor and stepping back into your panties, until Gilinsky stopped you. “Don’t think we’re done with you yet Babe, you said you were ours for the night and I’m not gonna let you down, until I go down on you,” Gilinsky spoke, cockiness evident in his tone. You sighed leaning against the wall, “Can we watch our movie before we do anything more exciting?” You asked batting your eyes, sticking out your bottom lip. Johnson smiled as he put his jeans back on, “Anything for our princess..” You smiled then Gilinsky proceeded to throw you over his shoulder, “What shall it be?” You asked without protest, “That’s up to you..” Gilinsky replied without hesitation. “I’ve trained you two well,” you laughed as G carried you down the stairs, Johnson tagging right behind. 

As G set you down on the couch you couldn’t help but to look down at your hand. Those boys really were wrapped around your finger, now just in more ways than one…