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Random headcanon

J is the most dramatic and attention seeking person on the planet when he’s sick but thankfully Harley enjoys being his nurse (and demanding Frost go get them ice cream at 3am)

Confessions with Ten
  • hi yes I’m the ultimate ten stan writing about ten here we go
  • this boy is the softest
  • I’m crying already he is so precious
  • low-key he would leave a note on your door
  • “I want to have xxx with you”
  • sorry thats my johnten heart yelling
  • I would die for Ten just so y’all (already) know
  • anyway imma actually write the request now
  • ten would take awhile to realize he loved you as more than a friend
  • “of course I love y/n why wouldn’t I they’re my friend!”
  • and then he wouldn’t think about it anymore until that night
  • where he would be laying in bed and it would just
  • hit
  • and he would aggressively wake Johnny up by jumping on him and shaking him
  • “ten what in the actual everloving fuck do you want it is two in the morning”
  • Johnny literally just rolls over and goes back to sleep
  • “yes. congrats. everyone knew that except you”
  • and ten is stunned silent
  • because now he’s got to come up with a plan how to tell you
  • and he isn’t one for huge flashy stunts
  • but he doesn’t want to do it over text like Yuta suggested
  • “no Yuta thats lame”
  • and he refuses to do it the way the dreamies suggested because, “no chenle I will not just screech it from the SM building roof”
  • and “jisung I will not just throw water balloons at her to get her attention before I tell them”
  • he ends up going to Doyoung and Taeil for advice and they’re no help
  • off to taeyong
  • Taeyong just suggests a super sweet dinner date where he can pour out his heart
  • because I feel like ten would try and be all mature and discreet and then just lose it and pour his whole soul out for you
  • so Ten texts you and invites you to dinner
  • fast forward through his heart thumping because he’s so nervous 
  • and now you’re at dinner and ten is being strangely quiet
  • “ten, are you okay?”
  • “what I’m fine hahahahaha”
  • “ten….”
  • and he just sighs and stares at you
  • “tell me whats going on sweetie?”
  • and he takes a deep breath
  • “I realized like three days ago that I’m kind of totally completely head over heels in love with you because the boys always tease us and I always thought they were weird until it was 2am and I was just sitting there thinking oh my god maybe I do love them and I realized how much time I spend thinking about you and your dumb cute face and stupid smile and dumb laugh and everything about you and then I came to the conclusion that I really really really liked you a whole lot and that I want to do all that dumb couple stuff with you like dates and stuffs and I really wanna kiss you a whole lot and-”
  • you decide now is a good time to shut him up with a kiss
  • and he is so shocked??
  • but then it hits him that you’re kissing him so you must like him back!!!
  • and he actually giggles while he’s kissing you
  • I’m crying real tears how cute is this boy I wanna commit
  • “you like me too?!”
  • “of course I like you too, Ten!”
  • just take a moment to imagine the smile on ten’s face I want you to just imagine that beautiful smile
  • all because of you
  • and he’s tackling you in hugs
  • “does that mean I can call you my boy/girl friend now?!”
  • “yes, ten, that is what it means!”
  • and he calls every single NCT member
  • doyoung, without emotion: you’re dating y/n now?
  • ten screeching with joy
  • honestly he forgets to eat the rest of his food because he’s unbearably excited to go home and cuddle with you
  • and show you off to the other boys
  • “Ten, we know y/n already”
  • ten is the most proud significant other ever
  • talk about resident hype man

KAREN 3 ( p. parker x reader ) Finale

Me and my fam fam watched Ragnarok. And it got me excited for the Infinity war. Woohh . So here it is people, the piece of the resisntan had made it way to their tables. Enjoy the Finale of Karen. Thanks for tge support.

You made your way to your class along with Michelle. Homecoming was near and you had no date. You were practically planning to ask your crush out. Who else could it be than the nerdy spiderboy itself.

“ Are you going to ask him? ” Mich asked you as both of you walked your way to your class. You blushed at the question and smiled. “ You really are a dork for him. ” she teased as she laughed at you. “ I would love to be his Dork Mich, don’t judge me. ” you replied as you shrugged her off. She rolled her eyes at you.

“ Well well speaking of the devil, Look ahead Dork. Your Prince awaits. ” Michelle said as you turned to where she was looking at.

There stood your Spider Prince indeed with his best friend. Mich smirked and looked at you before she pulled you with her. “ Parker! Someone want’s to talk to ya! ” your eyes widen as you tried to pull away from the damn girl as you called her name.

“ Mich! No! ” Michelle had you in a death grip as she pulled you with a playful smirk plastered on his face. “ gosh, can you tell me where you hide you horns and tail?” you sarcastically asked as you gave up fighting.

Peter and Ned spun to the call of their curly haired friend who is practically dragging poor you behind her.

“ Mich, your gonna hurt Y/n. ” Peter argued as you smiled at him as he smiled back. “Gosh, stop it I might get diabetes. ” Mich teased as you and Pete laughed. Ned gave Mich a playful look as she nodded.

“ Here’s your chance.” you heard Mich whisper as you arched up. You took a breath.

“ Peter? ” you called as the said boy turned to you. “ Yeah? ”

Your breathed hitched as your cheeks exploded “ aghh W-w-will y-you got to——- ” “ ring!!!!” you were cut off by the ringing if the school bell. “ Oh! Time to go! See you! Come on Ned. . ” he said as he pulled Ned along as he ran.

“ Peter! Wait– I– ” your head dropped as Michelle felt bad. She placed a hand on your back as you looked at her sadly.

“ Hey, you still have a chance later? Don’t worry. ” he comforted as you sighed and smiled and nodded and walked to your class. As each period ended you were gathering up more courage.

“ What are you gonna do at Lunch?! ” Mich asked “ I’m gonna Ask him!!” you replied confidently. The girl has been cheering for you all period to gather up all your courage to ask Peter to Homecoming. You two made your way to the cafeteria to meet Ned and Peter and finally ask him out officially. You didn’t see Peter at the cafeteria. So you went to find him

You walked you way through the halls as you pulled out your phone and texted Peter.

To: MyDreamDork.

Hey, didn’t see you at Cafeteria. I wanna talk to you where are you?

You pressed sent as you continued to walk until a familiar brunette pass your sight. It was Peter. You smiled and ran to follow him. “ Peter! ” you called but he didn’t seem to hear you. You continued to follow until you saw him standing infront of the Trophies. But he wasn’t alone. He was rambling as he talked to Liz and it hit a spot to your chest.

They laughed until brought up the homecoming. When Liz said she didn’t had time thinking about a date, you felt fear struck you.

“ No wait. . ” you whispered as you looked at Peter with a scared look.

“ Would. . Would you go. .? With me? ” he asked.

“ Yeah, sure. ”

Like a knife plunged into you heart it pained. You covered your mouth as tears sided your lids making you dash out. You ran and ran until you collided with Michelle. The girl shocked and worried held your shoulders as she asked you what happened.

“ He asked her.” you said as you angrily wiped your tears as you ran out again with michelle calling out you name. She immidiately followed you.

You stood by the entrance as you held your phone on your ear meant that you were talking to someone. Michelle made it to your side. “ Hey, Y/n lets talk about this. ” she reasoned as a black limousine stopped infront of the both of you. You looked at her as she looked at you in confusion. You pulled her in the car as Happy, the driver. Drove you home to the tower.

Michelle was rambling and quite shocked that you were the Iron Man’s daughter. You told her everything that it was to know until you made it to the tower. Happy tried to comfort you liked Michelle but it didn’t seem to work either. “ I’ll go. Take care of her Michelle. ” he said as the said girl nodded and followed you to your room.

As you entered you slumped into your bed like any heartbroken teen would do.

Days of the homecoming begin to shorten. Peter noticed your distance from him and worried him. He should be happy and excited for homecoming cause Liz agreed to go with him but not seeing, talking nor smiling of you didn’t made him feel like it. He would always see you with Mich as usual although you would ignore or you would just nod or say short replies like yes and no.

He was really worried and sad.

Tony noticed your melancholic state and he was getting worried. The story that Happy told him had him storming to your room right now.

“ Y/n M/n Stark. You are going to the Homecoming this instant. ” he boomed as he barged into your room. He found your room dim lighted with you on your bed coated with comforter making you look like a Burito and 3 empty pizza boxes on the floor.

You gave him a dead stare before turning back to the tv screen as you ignored your ringing phone on the night stand as Michelle’s name lit the screen.

Tony sighed and sat to your side.

“ Sweetie, I heard what happened. Its not the end of the world. ” he cooed as he made you faced him with horrid look. You had dark bags under your eyes and a stain of tomato sauce from the pizza on your cheeks.

Tony laughed and wiped your cheeks as you pouted.

“ What’s the point of going? ” you mumbled as you dropped your head on your dad’s shoulder as he caressed your hair.

“ Sweetie, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get a date. There are so many boys out there. Homecoming is a once in a lifetime thing. Its not just about dates and stuff. Its about you having the time of your life with your friends. Think about your friend Michelle. She too doesn’t have a date she is going, you know why?! ” he asked as he held your cheeks together as you looked like a squishy.

“ nmm - Nooo. . ” you replied.

“ Because she is there to have the time of her life as a teen. Live a little Sweetheart. She needs ya there. She needs he bestie. ” he smiled at you making you smile and you held his hand and removing them from your cheeks from squishing them. “ Thanks dad. ” you said as Tony smiled and pulled you in a hug.

“ Tell you what, I’ll have your friend fetched here so you could go together. And your mom just called Cinna. ( A/n: Hunger Games. ) He is a great make up artist love and I guarantee, Parker will see an Angel and he will regret not asking you out.” he cooed to you as you laughed.

He pulled you out off bed as he told you to get a bath.

“ Friday, get that Dress I ordered. Now is the time to make my Princess to shine. ” Tony said to the A.I.

Peter was now on his way to Homecoming to school with Liz as her father drove them to school. He was shocked and concerned cause Liz’s father is the Vulture himself. He was really uncomfortable through the whole ride.

Meanwhile Michelle paced inside the living room of the Stark’s tower as she waited for you. She was so happy that you were coming. Then she heard the sound of a sliding door open. Pepper greeted her with a hug. “ I’m ready. ” your voice rang throught the two ladies ears as they turned to you and they gasped in shocked and delight.

They finally made it to the destination. Peter greeted Ned inside. Liz had left to go to some friends. “ Are Michelle and Y/n coming? ” he asked his bestfriend as they looked around. “ Well, Mich said they are on their way. Which means Y/n is with her. ” Peter smiled at the good news. He was dying to see you.

Then a serious of gasps and awes came from the direction of the entrance. “ What going on there? ” he asked as Ned shrugged and they walked to the entrance.

“ Take care kids. ” Happy said with a smile as you and Mich waved goodbye to him as he drove off.

“ Soo… Lets go? ” you asked Michelle as she smiled at you. “ Hell Yeah! Lets go binge eating on that buffet. ” you laughed at her remark as you both entered. Multiple looks landed on you as you entered the halls of Midtown High. People began to compliment on how you look. Then you two made it to the event area.

Peter and Ned stopped at the Entrance. His gaze landed on the familiar e/c orbs. His mouth dropped at the sight of you.

“ Wow… ” the only word that he could describe you at the moment.

Your eyes roamed around until they landed on the familiar brown orbs staring back at you. You pulled Mich towards the duo with you. “ Hey, Losers. ” Michelle teased as you laughed and told her to stop her bullying cause its homecoming. Peter couldn’t seem to get his eyes off you. You stared back at him as you sent him a smile.

Ned just pushed him, breaking his trance as he almost fell on you. He awkwardly met your gaze. The 4 of you chatted, it was just Ned and Michelle chatting while you and Peter barely said any word. Both were awkwardly giving stares. Mich was pissed, why can’t you two hook up now!

“ That’s it! You two haven’t talked go to the dancefloor and dance if you aren’t gonna talk. ” she scolded as she pushed you and Peter to the dancefloor.

You stared at him awkwardly as did he back. What happened next was quite unexpected…

He stretched his hand towards you as you stared at it for a moment then to Peter who was smiling shyly.

“ Shall we dance? ” he asked, you couldn’t help but smile as you took his hand. “ Yes We may. ”

On que, the music changed its tune.

I found the Love, for me

Darling just dive right in, follow my lead

Peter’s eyes never left yours as he slowly pulled you to the dance floor then he placed his hands on your waist slowly at the same time asking your permission to touch you. You answered by placing your hands on his shoulder. You both stopped from a moment then stepped.

We were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was,

I will not give you up this time

You smiled as Peter almost tumbled a little.

“ Careful now. Don’t want you falling on me… ” you teased as Peter seem to have already captivated by your smile. “ I think I already did. ” he said out of nowhere. Your eyes widen as you stared at him. He had an equal look of shock. You sighed thinking maybe you have a chance. You began to circle your arms around Peter’s neck as he did the same to your waist. Closing the gap between you.

Darlin’ just kiss me slow

Your heart is all I own,

and in your eyes your holdin mine

You both swayed through the music as the gap between you shortened. His forehead had rested on yours, your eyes were closed as you savored the moment, his breath felt hot against your skin. Peter slowly moved his lips up to your forehead and placed a kiss on your head. Your eyes shit open as you met his gaze. He just stared. Unknowingly, his head lowers slowly with his eyes never leaving your eyes.

The moment was perfect… Until.

“ Peter, There you are. ” The voice broke the two of you away from each other. Liz made it to Peter’s side as she pressed a kiss on his lips. You looked away with a pained look before speakin. Peter saw and it pained him to see you like that. He wanted to hug you. He wanted to kiss you.

“ I gotta go, Mich is waiting for me. Enjoy your moment. Liz, Peter. ” you said as you turned away. “ Y/n, wait! ” he called as you stopped. He didn’t want you to leave. You didn’t turn and continued to walk away.

You didn’t cry. You did feel sad but you were happy you got to dance with Peter even if it was just once. The time passed and you were crowned Homecoming Queen but you didn’t participate much. Peter disappear through the crowd. He was probably with Liz doing who knows what.

You got home early. Mich thanked you for joining her. You had her sent home safely. You stood at the terrace of the Avengers Tower in your room. You like having a terrace in your room. You leaned on the rails as you let the Brooklyn wind hit your skin with its ghostly touch. You smiled as you remembered how you and Peter danced. You hummed as you swayed slowly. Remembering that one presious moment.

“ Hello Homecoming Queen. ” you heard a familiar voice call up behind you making you jump and turn to the direction of the voice. There sat Peter stood in his old Spiderman onesie since your dad took his upgraded one.

“ Hello Spiderman, or should I say … … . Peter Parker. ” you revealed as he removed his mask. You smiled at him warmly. “ Your Mr. Stark’s daughter. I think its quits now. ” he said as he walked to your side. You noticed a couple of scratches on his face.

“ You had a rough night. ” you laughed as you faced him. He laughed at your remark as he looked at you.

“ How did it go with Liz. Congratulations! So when is the reception. ” you cheered happily even though you feel really hurt. Peter let out a sigh as he looked at you with a hurt look.

“ Stop pretending Y/n. And No. I didn’t ask Liz out. I’ve… I’ve come to realize something. ” he stated as your expression changed. Peter walked towards you closer than before. He took your hand as you met his gaze. He smiled awkwardly.

“ I Love You, Y/n. ”

Your eyes widen in shock as you looked at Peter.

“ I Love You too Peter. ” you said out of nowhere. Peter giggled at your response as your cheeks redenned and looked away in embarassment. You felt his finger lift your chin up to meet his gaze.

“ Don’t the Homecoming Queen deserve a kiss? ” he asked as you smiled at him. “ I don’t mind, as long as its you. ” with that.

Peter closed the gap between his and your lips. Sealing the agreement. Accepting your love and you accepting his. The kiss was slow, passionate, loving and sweet. You can’t but smile in it. You two broke away as you placed your hands on his cheeks as a smiled popped on both of your lips. Peter dove down and gave you a quick kiss.

“ Oh wait… ” you said and left Peter’s arm and went inside the room and took a big silver briefcase. Peter looked at you. “ Dad wanted you to have it back. Don’t worry, I fixed everything. ” you said as Peter smiled.

“ What did you fix? I didn’t break anything when I returned this. ” he said. You slipped. Peter noticed your expression as he gave you a look. “ What did you do? ” he asked.

“ Well, the A.I of that suit was deleted and… . It was my fault. I didn’t wanna tell dad so I programmed the suit to have me as the A.I while I fixed KAREN, aka your A.I since you named her that sooooo yeahhhh. ” you confessed as you booped your two index finger together as you avoided his gaze.

Peter processed everything until his cheeks reddened after what he has understood. “ Then, I’ve been sharing my - ” “ Yeah. ” you blurted and looked at him.

Peter just sighed but smiled. “ Well, atleast I have you now. ” he said as you smiled. The night went on of you and Peter dancing under the moonlight, chit chats, laughing, sweet talking and never ending I Love Yous. Savouring every minute and every second together like there was no tomorrow.

The End.

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Saudade: Ch20

As soon as Josh found out you were pregnant, he was just as overjoyed as Tyler had initially reacted. In fact, even more so. That night, Tyler was extremely confused, Jenna was very worried, and you, honestly, were without words. The rest of the night consisted of celebration, although you knew as soon as you were going to get home, Josh would have a lot of questions. In fact, you had plenty of your own. So many thoughts were racing through your mind it just made you want to vomit again. Josh kept showering you in kisses and hugs, unable to stop smiling, excited beyond belief. You only felt twice as sick. Jenna, thank god, just played along. Every so often she’d shoot you a glance, as if to say that maybe you should just come clean, but you couldn’t. There was no way in hell you were going to tell Josh, especially now that you were pregnant. He would be heartbroken, and he didn’t deserve that.

On the car ride home, along with the bag of leftovers sitting in the backseat Tyler had insisted you bring with you, Josh and you stayed mostly quiet. You could tell he was distracted though, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel, bouncing his knee up and down, chewing on his lower lip, or occasionally unable to suppress a smile. When you finally got home, all you wanted to do was lay down and forget about it all. However, it wasn’t that easy. You laid in bed, Josh’s arms wrapped around you, him kissing your neck, unable to shut up about it all as soon as you had stepped foot in the apartment. “I can’t believe you’re pregnant,” he mumbled against your skin. “God, this is surreal.”

“Yeah,” is all you managed to reply.

“I don’t even know how,” he let out a soft chuckle. “I mean, I thought we used protection and honestly I never thought I’d be ready to be a father, but something must’ve somehow happened. In the hotel room in LA I know you uh, we, we were trying some new stuff and maybe the condom broke or tore and we never noticed or something. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Well, it does matter. That’s not what I’m saying. I guess, I mean…” He stopped stumbling over his words for a moment. “This happened for a reason. You know?”

“Yeah,” you repeated, twice as soft as the first time.

“We’re still young, I understand that. But I think we could really do this. We could start a family. Tyler and Jenna are right there beside us, they’d be more than happy to help us out. Jenna says if I’m busy with Ty at the studio then she can take you to the doctor appointments and stuff. It’s all going to work out,” he reassured.

“I hope so,” you sighed.

Josh kissed the back of your neck more, making you close your eyes and hum softly, trying to clear your mind. Josh slid an arm down your side, softly pressing his palm into your stomach, brushing his thumb against your skin. “Can you believe it?” he whispered in your ear. “There’s a tiny person in there. Our child. That’s incredible.”

“It is,” you were barely able to force out, unable to even breathe. How the fuck were you supposed to tell him it wasn’t ‘our child’ at all? That you were cheating on him for how many months? That you had the audacity to think you could lead him on for so long only to tell him it was some other dude who knocked you up? You felt like crying.

“What’s wrong?” he must’ve sensed something different. “Baby, talk to me.”

“I don’t know,” you closed your eyes tight. Your voice lowered to an inaudible whisper. “I can’t do this, Josh.”

“W-what do you mean?” he stammered out. “Sweetheart, turn around. Face me. Let’s talk about this.” He brushed his thumb over your stomach another time, making you flinch, and so he recoiled his arm, deciding to rest it on your shoulder instead. He gave a small tug. “Come on, don’t ignore me.”

“Josh-” you croaked out his name, taking a deep breath before rolling over, facing him and trying to keep your composure. Were you really going to do this? After all this time? He needed to know. He deserved to know. How else would you be able to tell him? And when? It was already way too late, but if you waited any longer, it would only be worse. You opened your mouth, attempting to explain everything, but you couldn’t find your voice.

How could anyone even begin to start to talk about this entire mess you had gotten yourself into? It seemed much easier with Jenna, when she was comforting you and reassuring you that it would be okay, that she wouldn’t tell anyone. But now here, laying in this bed, Josh holding you in his arms, it was so much harder. He was the one who you were keeping all the secrets from in the first place. And now here you were, laying in the same bed with him, for months pretending like nothing was happening, lying and faking it every second just to maintain his happiness.

“It’s okay,” he insisted, rubbing your arm and pulling you closer to his chest. “Just take your time.”

“I don’t know,” you whispered. How the fuck were you supposed to tell him? Much less, what would he do after you told him? Probably leave you.

“Are you-” he faltered, taking a moment to double check if he really was going to say what he had planned on saying. “Are you okay with this?”

“What?” you looked up at him, confused.

“The whole baby thing,” he explained. “I’m sure it’s a lot to take in. Especially for you.”

“Oh,” you became quiet. “I guess.”

“Hey,” his voice softened. “Look, we can get through this together. We’ve made it this far, you and me. I love you so much. I’d do anything and everything for you. You know that, right?”

And that was it. You didn’t know why, or what part of his words got you the most, but it was something within the mix of it all that made you break down. You closed your eyes and began to cry, unable to get out any words through your sobs, burying your face into his chest. You couldn’t do this. All of this. The baby. Jenna knowing all of this. Brendon. Josh. Your guilt. “I can’t do this anymore,” you sniffled, fighting to catch your breath. “I’m not ready for this.”

“You’re probably dealing with a lot right now,” Josh comforted, hugging you tighter, tangling his fingers in your hair. “All the hormones, not ready to be a mother, being super sick… I’m sorry about that. I wish I could make it all go away.”

“You have no idea,” you barely mumbled. “I wish it could go away.”

“Just take it slow,” he insisted, gently pushing your head up to face him and pressing a soft kiss to your lips. “We can do this, y/n. I know we can.”

“What if I don’t want to do this?” you looked up at him, feeling weak and miserable and falling apart on the inside. “I don’t think I can.”

“Like t-the baby?” Josh’s voice broke, eyes softening, heart crumbling at the same time.

“No,” you quickly replied, seeing how ruined he looked in your simple question. “I mean, like, everything.”

“That’s specific,” he narrowed his eyes sarcastically.

“All of this,” you sighed. “Life.”

“Sweetie,” he frowned. “Are you okay?” Great, just what you needed. He already knew you were a mess, but now he was going to think you’re suicidal too.

“Yes, no… I don’t know,” you looked down. “I just feel like I’m making a mess. Everywhere I go.”

“No you’re not,” Josh shook his head, instantly kissing you again. When he pulled away, he looked into your eyes. “You’re the sweetest person I know. You’re so genuine and beautiful and loving, and I am so fucking beyond lucky to have you.”

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes, letting out a small chuckle. “I’m just a piece of shit.”

“You’re everything I have,” he insisted, wiping away the tears from your cheeks. “You’re not a piece of shit, babe. You’re gold to me.”

“If only you knew,” you wanted to tell him. “If only you knew what a terrible sinner I truly am. If you knew about all the things I have done behind your back just for my own selfish sake. You would never be able to look me in the eyes again. You would hate me.” Instead you swallowed down your guilt, deciding to say nothing. If he ever knew, he surely would never say such things about you.

“I love you so much,” he reminded. He leaned down to kiss you, his lips soft and sweet. You fell into his embrace and kiss, pressing your body against his, feeling the tears finally subside. Your worries, exhaustion, frustration, emotions all melted away, Josh’s hands pressing into your back, slowly pulling you into the tidal wave of the ocean that was his love. And for as much as it had unsatisfied a million times in the past and bored you before, it was just what you needed right now.

The slow pace, the comforting touch, the sweetness that was Josh, it was perfect. “Thank you,” you managed to get out between kisses. “For everything.”

“Again, so specific,” he smirked. “But yeah, I know what you mean.”

“I love you,” you gave a small smile. “So much.”

“As do I to you my love,” he answered, kissing you softly on the forehead.

“It amazes me you’re still here,” you murmured, running your hands through his hair. “Why haven’t you left me already?” You closed your eyes, catching yourself. “You deserve better.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” he reassured, pressing his lips to yours. “You’re everything I could ever ask for y/n.”

“You’re too good to me,” you whispered, looking into his eyes for a long moment before connecting your lips once again.

This time when you kissed, it was hot and passionate and everything you now learned to love about Josh. Although it was gentle and slow, it was also genuine and true, honest and sincere. It was love. Actual love. And this entire time, all the years of his steadfast dedication to you had been taken for granted simply just for a night of drunken lust. You hated yourself for it. So you kissed him with everything you had inside you, every fiber of your being, each particle that composed you, trying, dying to let him know how much you cared and wanted to fix it. His hands slid under your shirt, tugging it up over your head, then fiddling with the clasp of your bra before sliding that off as well. He kissed you again, tender and sympathetic, soothing your entire body, relaxing all the tension between you.

“Is um…” he paused. “Is this okay?”

“Yeah,” you nodded.

“I mean like, are we allowed to do this, while uh-” he began awkwardly.

“Yes Joshua,” you laughed, resisting a grin before you kissed him softly. You pressed your forehead against his, looking into his eyes, giving into the smile that dared to spread across your lips. “We’re allowed to have sex when I’m pregnant.”

“Yeah but like, do you want to?” he searched your eyes for reconfirmation.

“I’d love to,” you replied.

For once, everything felt right again. It felt like it had before Josh ever left you. When your life consisted of fingers sifting through bright blue curls and Red Bull soaked tongue kisses, carnival rides and sunset skies, binge watching episodes and blaring music on the aux cord, all the things you loved and cherished and enjoyed. Certain things you never seemed to share with anyone else, things you bundled up and kept safe for just you two, things you would never dare share with anyone else. Special things that made your relationship like no other. You kissed him over and over again, reveling in the sensation of his tongue pressing against yours, his hands on your body, everything that was Josh.

“Fuck, you are so beautiful,” he breathed, eyes fixed on yours. His eyes flickered down to the rest of your body and frowned.

“What?” your eyes softened.

“Too many clothes,” he muttered softly.

“Then why don’t you go and fix that problem?” you smirked.

“Don’t mind if I do,” he whispered in your ear.

His hands gave your breasts a small squeeze before sliding down your stomach, dipping underneath the waistband of your sweatpants, tugging them down to your knees, letting you slide them towards your ankles and kick them off. He kissed you again, this time grabbing your ass and slowly pulling you closer to him, your bodies gravitating towards each other, letting his hard on press against your core, making you let out a soft moan. He hooked his fingers underneath the fabric of your panties, sliding those down as well until you were fully naked, gripping your hips gently and letting you grind down onto him, a low throaty groan pouring out from his mouth in the process.

“God just fuck me already,” you whined, making him chuckle a little bit.

“I thought we were going to take things slow, remember?” he wondered.

“Not too slow,” you pouted.

“Fine,” he complied.

He carefully turned you both over, so you were now laying backside down on the mattress, then began to slide down his boxers, kicking them off before climbing back on top of you. He hesitated for a moment, catching you off guard.

“Uh, is everything alright?” you inquired.

“I almost stopped to grab a condom,” he admitted, blushing with embarrassment, letting out a soft laugh. “But I guess we don’t really need those anymore, do we?”

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes, pulling him close to you, kissing his mouth. His tongue slipped into your mouth, his body pressed against yours, his hands finding your hips once again. When he pulled away, you stared at him, annoyed. “You talk too much.”

“Then let’s stop talking,” he suggested. He pushed into you, making you moan loudly, your body unprepared for his sudden action. He wasted no time before thrusting back and forth into you, making you a gasping mess, clinging onto him as he fucked you a little faster than usual.

“Oh shit,” you closed your eyes, drawing your lower lip in between your teeth, tilting your head up. “Fuck.”

“Come on baby,” he mumbled, quickening the pace. “I know you love it when I fuck you like this.”

“God Joshua,” you ended up coming right then and there, unraveling at his words, triggering his orgasm. Both of you were rocking your hips up to meet each other, your bodies shaking and trembling in the aftermath, his lips somehow crashing onto yours and kissing you passionately.

He pulled out as soon as his lips pulled away, collapsing on the mattress beside you, the melody of your combined labored breaths echoing throughout the room. “Well goddamn,” he sighed. “That felt… good.”

“What the hell was that?” you whispered, turning over to face him.

“I just wanted to make you feel good,” he shrugged sheepishly, cheeks reddening. “I mean, you’ve bene going through a lot lately, and I don’t know. I’m not usually one to step outside the comfort zone, but I promised I’d do anything for you, and you’ve kind of been asking for uh, something different lately. I thought it was the least I could do.”

“Holy fuck,” you exhaled, closing your eyes, reopening them to see his smiling face.

“So uh…” he swallowed uncomfortably. “That was o-okay?”

“Josh,” you narrowed your eyes. “That was fucking amazing.”

“Yeah?” he wondered, hesitant.

“Yeah,” you nodded, pulling him close to you and hugging him tight. “Don’t you ever be afraid to do something like that again. I fucking loved it.”

anonymous asked:

Hey can you please do a prompt where Ali and Em don't have a kid yet (just to maintain their canon dynamic you're so good at writing) and Wayne passes away/someone emily is close with and Ali comforts her??? The more cuddling/fluff/comforting the better... you can even set it a little while after the loss just so it's more healing and less emotional. (ABSOLUTE BONUS if you can include Ali running Em a bath and then just relaxing together in it) you're my fav writer xxxx

i loooooved this! thank u so much xx (they aren’t canon in this but hope u like it still p>

It had been a completely uneventful day. All but one of her classes had been cancelled from the storm, Paige was away with the swim team in Hawaii, and all of her dorm mates had gone out to celebrate a birthday. Most people would be bummed out by such a mundane weekend but, honestly, Emily was thankful to have time for herself that day. It had been one year since Wayne had died; one year and 6 hours since she had received the phone call that had started her off on this downward spiral. She didn’t know she had been avoiding thinking about it, but when she pulled out to see 13 missed calls from her mother, the penny dropped.

Can’t talk x she typed lazily into the device Work

That was all she could manage as she reached up into the cupboard and pulled out a bottle of vodka, unscrewing the cork, not even wincing at the smell that she had become so accustomed to. Sparks flew in the pit of her stomach as the clear liquid sloshed into the little shot glass, the noise having becoming some what of a comfort to her.

“Bottoms up” She muttered to herself, pouring back the drink in one swift motion, not even wincing as the familiar burn greeted her throat. For a second she rested, before grabbing the bottle and pouring herself another. And another. It was liberating having the room to herself, Paige had steadily turned from supportive girlfriend to overprotective mom as the months had gone on. To have a space to drink and listen to her own music was a dream; especially on this particular day. It took almost half the bottle before she began to feel it. Feel anything was a luxury these days. It was the only thing that would ever do it. She turned the speakers up on full volume, some soppy love song about heartbreak and loss pounding throughout the walls of the room, and she let herself sing. She screamed the lyrics so loudly as she moved from shot to just clutching at the bottle, taking a swig every now and again to keep her mood up. She didn’t know how long she stayed standing in her kitchen, singing badly and letting herself become drunker and drunker, but the sun began to dip below the sea, creating a tangible orange mist across the beach below that somehow managed to creep into her own room. Music paused, her eyes were distracted by the beauty. It overtook her as she crept across the room, wobbly on her feet like a new born baby deer, resting her hand on the glass of the window. It was only when her gaze fell to the street below that she saw her. Alison.

“Woa” She mumbled, pulling open the pane of glass “maybe I should go to bed” Her speech was loud enough that Ali looked up, clearly disgruntled with wind swept hair, her eyes tired from the journey.

“Maybe you could let me up first, Em?” She called, only half-teasingly.

“I’m dreaming” Emily muttered as she slammed the window shut, trying her best to walk across the room and slam her hand down on the ‘open’ button. She was sure it was a hallucination, something her mind had conjured in it’s intoxicated state to try and make her feel better about her dad. And as the minutes passed by she became more and more convinced of it, and wanted to curse her own brain for teasing her so harshly. That was why she jumped so loudly when the door creaked open and Ali stood there, radiating something Emily hadn’t felt in a while. Radiating hope.

“Hey, stranger” She muttered, standing in the hall and waiting to be asked in. Emily just stared at her, completely dumbfounded, a crease in between her brows as the room span ever so slightly. “You gonna let me in?” Her mouth was going dry, but she attempted to stand up. Only when she toppled back down onto the floor did Ali suddenly realise what had happened. She raced across the kitchen area, catching her before she fell and hit her head. “What are you doing, sweetie?” Ali sighed, her voice shaking as she pulled her back onto the bed. She looked around the room and spotted the empty bottle of vodka on the side, as Emily flopped down and let her eyes flutter shut.

“Why are you here?” She asked monotonously, aching for some water.

“You haven’t called in a while” She told her, removing her shoes and lying down next to her “and last time we spoke you told me Paige was away this weekend.” She tried to keep the evident disgust out of her voice, but was unsuccessful.

“So you flew across the country to make sure I was okay?” Emily mumbled incoherently, battling against the duvet and Ali’s arms to sit up straighter.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing” Ali sighed as Emily’s head flopped onto her shoulder.

“Not a bad thing” Emily promised. Ali said nothing, but smiled softly. It was only when she smelt Emily’s breath that she remembered why she was here in the first place.

“Em, you’re drunk again” Ali said, not harshly but in a tone that would hopefully cut through  the barriers Emily had up around her brain at that moment.

“Mhmm” Emily moaned, pulling her eyes open “it’s fun”

“When you’re with friends. In a bar. On a Saturday night” Alison agreed, moving her so that they were facing each other and placing one hand on her cheek. “not when you’re by yourself and it’s the anniversary of your dads death” Emily pulled her own hand up and lay it on Alison’s, not realising how much she had craved her touch.

“How long are you staying?” Emily asked feebly, entwining her fingers into Alison’s in the hope that it would stop the room from spinning.

“As long as you want me to” She told her with a pityful smile “open return”

“Forever” Emily mumbled, flopping back onto the bed, her hair spreading out like a fan onto the pillow behind her. Ali nodded her head.

“I’m gonna run you a bath, Emmy” Ali told her, softly stroking her forehead as the photo of her and Paige that hung above their bed looked down onto the pair of them.

“You’re the best friend I ever had” Emily muttered “Hanna and the others won’t even answer their phone”

“You know that’s not true” Ali argued “they’re just hard-working people now, sweetie” Ali got  up rather abruptly after that to run her a bath, and Emily almost fell asleep to the sound of the water sloshing in so dramatically. It was like the only sound in the world; the only sound she could focus on. Before she knew it she was being taken to the where it was coming from as Ali helped her weak form wobble across the room.

“I think I’m going to be sick” She warned her as she threw herself onto the floor, the toilet thankfully already open as she vomited the entire bottle back up, not managing to avoid her shirt.

“Oh, Jesus, Em” Ali complained, flushing it down as she pulled her back up to her feet “stand still”

“Sorry” Emily mumbled as she lifted her arms up and let Ali remove her top. For a second there was an awkward pause, Ali’s gaze wandering to where it definitely shouldn’t have been and Emily too drunk to let Paige back into her head. Ali cleared her throat as Emily found it within herself to fumble with the zip of her jeans.

“Don’t apologize” Ali told her as she turned around and checked the temperature of the water, an excuse to not have to look at her as she stood naked in the bathroom. “Are you ready?” Emily nodded, and hooked her arm around Ali’s shoulder as she lowered herself into the bath.

“Thank you” Emily muttered as she let the water splash around her body, warm and comforting. Neither said anything. Ali was too aware of herself to break the silence, and too concerned for Emily’s safety to leave the room in case she dozed off in the water. It was a while before anything was said. “I miss him” She finally spluttered out, making whirlpools with her fingers either side of her, not making eye contact.

“I know you do, sweetie” Ali promised her “but getting hammered every night isn’t going to solve anything” Emily shook her head, not wanting to listen to it and so choosing not to.

“Dad would be so angry” She laughed hysterically “he’d say to me ‘That’s not how I raised my little Emmy!” Her voice lowered as she tried to replicate her father’s booming tone.

“Your dad would want you to wake up every morning and do what you need to do to get out of this place, Em.” Ali told her “I know he would. Your dad would be telling you to get over it, and to be the strong, independent girl that we all know and love” She didn’t know where the emotion in her voice had come from, but suddenly Ali felt tears prick at the backs of her eye. Seeing her best friend so broken, the smell of lavender still not able to over power those of vodka and vomit, broke her. Emily deserved the world. But there was only so much she could do. Emily didn’t reply, instead letting herself sink further into the tub, letting her hair get covered with water.

“It’s like I’m swimming” She whispered “I haven’t done that for months” Ali smiled sadly, grabbing a flannel and washing Emily’s face, still covered with sticky substances.

“You’ll get there, Em” She promised “I know my mermaids still swimming around somewhere”

Imagine telling Nick Clark you're pregnant.

Imagine telling Nick Clark you’re pregnant and him being really excited. Please use protection guys.

There isn’t a lot to do in the apocalypse when you get bored. No internet so that means no Netflix or Tumblr. There is no television or radio. It’s hard to get anything charged since the electricity went off. This sadly means no phones or music. You could read but you had a limited amount of books and you weren’t exactly able to go shopping for new ones anytime soon. You had a lot of spare time.

You often hung out with Alicia and your boyfriend Nick. However, when it came to Nick and you, when you didn’t have much to do, you would just do each other. You guys got bored a lot. Unfortunately, much like books, condoms were hard to get hold of. Unlike books, condoms could not be re-used. This came with risks and that risk was looking you in the face. Those little lines telling you that you were pregnant.

Nick and you met at high school and have been together since you were 15. You loved each other deeply but did he want to have a baby? He’s only 20… you are only 20.

‘Hey babe are you in there? Alicia said you threw up at breakfast again’ Nick asked as he knocked on the bathroom door.

‘Yeah I am. Just a second. I might just have a stomach bug. Don’t worry I haven’t been bitten’ you laughed, trying to hide the tears.

’(Y/N) don’t even joke about that Ok… I couldn’t bare to loose you’ he replied in a much more serious tone.

‘I’m sorry. I was only joking. I love you too Clark.‘  You apologised as you opened the door.

As you walked out Nick opened his arms to give you a hug. You smiled widely and accepted the hug. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you put yours around his neck in return. You could feel his lips kiss the top of your head. You pulled out from his embrace slowly.

’ Nick, I need to talk to Madison quickly, she said she had some medicine for me’.

'Alright love, come find me when you guys are done’.

He let go of your arm as you walked away.

You found Madison taking to Alicia. As you cleared your throat to get their attention the pair turned around.

'Madison, you wanted to talk to me?’ You asked.

'Yes (Y/N) take a seat, Alicia do you mind leaving us two alone.

As Alicia turned to leave you both sat on the sofa.

'You need to tell Nick’ Madison said bluntly.

'Tell Nick what?’ You asked shocked.

Madison sighed and rubbed your knee in response.

'Sweetie I know… that your pregnant’.

'What? How?’ You yelled shocked.

You stood up and began to pace the room and biting your nails. Madison stood up and began to rub your back.

'I’m a mother of two, one of which is the father of that child , trust me I can tell. You have a lot of warning signs. Throwing up the past 5 breakfasts is one’ she said as she began to wipe away the tears forming in your eyes.

'I can’t be a mum. It’s the apocalypse and I don’t think Nick wants to keep it anyway’. You cried.

’(Y/N) that boy loves you more than anything. He always went to you through his drug addiction and when his dad died and you went to him when your parents split up. You guys have been through so much. You are such a strong couple. You can raise this baby together. He’s told me he wants to build a life with you so why not now?’

'Really?’ You asked shyly as you looked her in the eyes.

 'Really, now go tell him before i get excited and tell everyone I’m going to be a grandma. You can do this.’ Madison said as she patted you on the arm and pushed you towards the door.

You went to find Nick, like you said you would. You found him lying on the bed ,arms above his head and looking up at the cealing.
'Hey handsome, miss me? ’ you smirked.

'Hey beautiful, always’. He stated as he got up and hugged you.

You began to get nervous and Nick could tell… He could always tell.

’(Y/N) what’s wrong? You’re shaking. Tell me’. He stretched out his arms to get a better look at your face.

'I don’t think we were very good at practising safe sex’. You whispered, looking down at the floor.

'What?’ Nick asked as he had trouble hearing you.

'I’m pregnant…’. You said much louder so he defiantly heard what you.

You looked up at Nick. He was looking at you with a raised eyebrow. His disbelief look very visable on his face. You watched as he began to rub his chin with his fingers. Opening and closing his mouth to say something. Without warning he grabbed your face and kisses you fully on the lips. You could feel his tears running down your cheek.

'I’m going to be a dad’ he mumbled into the kiss. He then pulled away and shouted it out loud. He started to laugh and you did to.

'Yeah you are baby.’

'I love you. We can get through this together. My mum will help us and we can teach them to kick the infecteds butt… my little ass kicker’. He yelled the last part as he bent down to kiss your stomach.

'We are going to be alright’ you sighed as you ran your hands through Nicks hair.

He was secretly terrified and you knew it but you knew if you could survive the dead walking around then you could survive this.

Such A Joker (11/?)

Part 10

James POV:
I cut into the food that Lee cooked popping it into my mouth. “Oh my god.” I say savoring the amazing flavor. “Good?” Lee asks laughing. “Oh my god.” I say again laughing.

As we continue to eat Lee drops her fork. “Oh my god! I got it!” “Got what?” “The message! I think I know what it means! The iron sisters? It’s Arkham bridge! The iron sisters Arkham bridge! The towers are called Mary and Betty!” I nod my head and continue eating. “I remember as a kid we use to call them that.” “Right! And there’s a park under the towers on the Gotham side. A garden? It all fits!” She says getting excited.

I scoff. “Lee. It fits an impossible story. He didn’t speak with Lila Valeska. She’s dead.” “So you say!” I roll my eyes. “Come on you’re a doctor; a scientist!” “There are plenty of things in this world that can’t be explained by science.”

“Yeah people who enjoy folk dancing for instance. Doesn’t mean ghosts exist.” “You’re very arrogant in your certainty. This could be a clue to a murder. The poor women.”

I huff. “Fine. I’ll go with (y/n) tomorrow.” “Tomorrow?” “Now? You want me to go now?” “I’ll come with you.” “It’s dark.” “I have a flashlight.” She smiles at me with puppy dog eyes.

I sigh and stand up putting my coat on. “Oh call (y/n)! I’m sure she’d want to come!” I turn to her with a smile. “So you like her? She doesn’t give off any bad vibes?” Lee smiles. “From what I can tell she’s a smart, young, beautiful woman with a very handsome father.” She kisses my cheek as we walk out the door.

(Y/n) POV
I moan as Jerome kisses my neck and trails his hand up my thigh. My phone starts ringing taking me away from complete bliss. “Don’t answer it.” Jerome says into my skin. “I have to. What if it’s my dad?” I say and get up grabbing my phone. Indeed it was my father. “Hello?” I hear him sigh. “Hey sweetie. What are you doing?” “Uh just watching a movie. Why?” “Well Lee figured out the message and we’re on our way to the Arkham bridge. She wants you to come.” “Arkham bridge? Um yeah. I can make it. I’ll see you in a couple of minutes.” I hang up and turn around to see Jerome.

“I have to go.” “Why where?” “Arkham bridge. Mr Cicero came after everyone was leaving and gave us a riddle about Lila. Now I have to go to Arkham bridge for something.” Jerome grabs my hand quickly and pulls me to him placing his lips on my head. He hold me tight. “Jerome what’s this about? I won’t be gone long. I’ll be back.” I say placing my hands on his cheeks. “You’ll be back, but not to stay with me. You’ll be here to arrest me for the murder of my mother.” I drop my hands and stare at him. “The hatchet is down there isn’t it?” He nods and hugs me again.

“I love you (y/n). You don’t understand how much I love you. I’m so sorry. I-i should have been more careful. Oh god I’m gonna to lose you forever.” He sobs into my hair. I pull away again kissing him. “It’s okay. We’re gonna be okay. I’m going to do everything I can to help you.” Jerome just stares into my eyes. “I love you doll.” “I love you too J.”

I make my way to the Bridge and see my father along with Lee. “So where do we start?” I ask. “Down at the Garden. We make our way to where the weapon would’ve been tossed down from up here.” Dad explains as he shines his light around.

We make our way down to the bottom seeing the homeless campers around. “And what are we looking for exactly?” I ask. “Probably nothing. Jim thinks it’s a total waste of time. Thank you for doing this by the way.” Lee says patting my father on the arm.

“Let just not make a habit out of it. This is no place for a lady.” Lee looks at him. “Ha.” “What do you mean ha?” “You’re a hypocrite. You say you want a strong woman to share this crazy life with, but at the end of the day you just want me to sit back and bake you cookies.” Oh burn!

“Not necessarily cookies.” My father says. “He like pie better. He’ll eat any type of pie.” Lee turns to me and laughs. “Good to know.”

We come to the middle of the garden. “Well if someone were to throw something it would probably end up around here.” I say looking around to if I can spot anything, and maybe hide it better.

“Lee, (y/n).” My father says making me turn to him. In his hand he’s holding a bloody hatchet. “THFC? What’s that mean?” Lee asks out of pure confusion. “The hell fire club. They’re a satinets cult. On a string of ritual murders.” I say shiny my light over the weapon.

“They haven’t been active for a decade or more.” My father says the wheels in his head tutting. “Guess they’re back.” Lee says with sad eyes. “No I don’t think so.” Dad says and pulls out his phone. “Dad what are you doing?”

“Hey sarge I’m gonna need a couple noble units to pick some people up, but listen they need carful handling.” I gulp my lip quivering.

“(Y/n) meet us at the station. You’ll be helping me question Jerome.” “J-Jerome? Why you don’t actually think he could do something like this do you?” “And you don’t think that why not? The times don’t add up and he was very suspicious. You’re a great detective so why do you think differently?” My father stares at me and I look the other way. “(Y/n) do you have something to tell me?” I shake my head and turn around. “I’ll meet you at the station.”

I get in my car and bang my hands on the wheel. “DAMNIT!” I scream in anger.

There’s a way you two can stay together.

“What?” I ask out loud looking around my car for the voice.

Turn yourself in for the crime you two committed last year. If you tell them you can stay with him. That what’s you want. Isn’t it?

“Yes, but I-”


I gulp at the harsh voice in my head. “No. I-I can’t.” I drive and make my way to the station. I sit in my car preparing myself for what I’m about to see.

I step out to see two officers hold Jerome by both arms. I sigh and follow them. “I’ll take him in when it’s time. I’m questioning him with my father.” They nod and hand my boyfriend over.

B.A.P Reaction : Too shy to ask them to cuddle

Bap reaction to being to shy to ask Them to cuddle by they figure it out?

Hope you’ll like it anonie~

Yongguk : He’d smile lightly when he realized
“Hey jagiya, if you want something, say it”

Originally posted by bangabrielle

Jongup : He’d wide open his arms
“You know you can come here when you want”

Originally posted by daegerous

Himchan : He’d play with you and your feels, even if he knows exactly what you want.
“Jagiya ? Tell me what you want ! Come on ! I can’t guess it”

Originally posted by seugah

Daehyun : He’d sigh deeply when he realize what you want.
“Aigo sweetie, if you want us to cuddle, ask it directly, I really like it, don’t be shy with me~”

Originally posted by kentabile

Youngjae : He’d be smiling cutely
“I get it ! You want me to cuddle you sweetheart~ Let’s go watch some netflix then”

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Zelo : “Why are you acting like that jagiya ?” *clueless*

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A Proud Father - Father Tony Stark x Daughter Reader

Originally posted by ageofsuperheroes

Request:  Can you do a Marvel story where Tony decides to alter one of his suits for the young reader (maybe his adoptive daughter) for emergencies but they end up teaming together along with Rodney?

Warning…Spoilers for some Captain America: Civil War parts!!(That’s if you haven’t watched the movie….if you did then read away if not then go watch it!!)

Being the daughter of Tony Stark had some perks, only thing you hated was that your father was still a playboy naturally. Now when he got into a relationship with Pepper you it made you happy a women was pretty much able to tame your dad.

Then again that was a while ago, you knew of your fathers and Peppers break up and it bothered your father greatly, so to have an attempt to cheer him up you would allow him to do one thing he wanted to do for a while now to ‘protect you’.

That being was to modify one of his suits to go with you, as a kid you liked the idea of having your own suits one day like his. It would seem like that was the whole start of him wanting to make that idea real.

But as you got older it changed since you were then becoming a young women, much to Tony not wanting his own little girl to grow up.

“Dad?” You asked.
“Yeah?” He replied.
“You know how you always wanted to make one of your suits fit me?” You sighed.
“What are you saying sweetie?” He asked.
“Jeez dad I’m saying lets go try to make that idea work.” You rolled your eyes.

For once in a while you saw your father smile, you’d guess it was worth it since ever since you were little you became a grease monkey as you helped him with small things that you grew fast to know what was suppose to be done right.

Tony on the other hand was over flown with joy, this little girl is finally letting him repair a suit to match her! It took a while for her to give in but it looks like it was today that she allowed it!

As your father he was proud of you, sure you rebel on him from time to time but since you were a teenager then it would be easy to know why. 

During an hour or two you and your father worked on the suit, at times you or him would get a drink for either one of you. Him of course some beer or whatever but for you it was either an energy drink or something else that was your favorite.

At one point the team asked where the two Starks were but was told they were busy working on some suits together, it made the team chuckle and smile. They didn’t want to interrupt the father daughter moment.

But of course as heros times like those were limited, considering during this time of day Tony and Steve were at odds with one another when it was considered the fact that Steve went for his old friend who was The Winter Solider.

Your dad believed he shouldn’t be ‘saved’ but Steve did, you understood the idea that Bucky wasn’t himself when doing these acts but the government was also on all of yours backs for what was happening around.

Your father without a second thought signed the contact to listen to the government for course of actions.

**Time Skip**

Your father suited up along with Rodney, you on the other hand didn’t know if you should go along with them. Considering the fact you never really ‘trained’ to be able to get into one of these suits and work it well enough. 

“Come on (y/n), this is a chance to try out the suit we modified for you.” Tony told.
“But dad…I don’t know how to fly in this or even…use it or whatever.” You sighed.
“Just suit up kid, you’ll get the hang of it.” Rodney commented.
“He’s right, your my daughter and you for sure catch on quick.” Tony spoke with pride.
“Oh you did not just say that…” Rodney groaned.
“Jeez dad..” You smiled.

With that in mind you sighed and had suited up, it was amazing how it all set up in place. Looking at your hands you realized your favorite colors were on it instead of the usual red and yellow and it was also smaller to fit you perfectly.

“What?” You asked.
“Someone here must of made it more to suit you.” Rodney smirked.

Tony coughed and looked to the side, he was indeed a proud father of yours but that was something he didn’t think would be noticeable. But Rodney did catch the father staying up late painting the suit your favorite colors while you on the other hand was asleep on the couch across the room with a blanket over you.

“Well lets get going.” Tony said.

Getting nods for a response Rodney and (y/n) both let the metal helmet fall over their faces. And just like it was said you caught on quick with how to fly in the suit and how to fight with it.

Teaming up with your father and Rodney was actually fun, it was like your father felt at ease with you joining the team like you had dreamed of doing.

But after a while during the fight your dad realized that the guy they were after wasn’t the right one, he was being framed from the last attack. But what really worried you was when you were asking for your father to the others you realized he went after the two men who were in hiding and also trying to stop any other winter soldiers from coming back.

Though one thing that was said towards you broke your heart, if your dad found out who killed your grandparents that you wanted to meet or want to remember meeting he’d go crazy.

“Friday can you track my dad and not tell anyone where I’m going?” You asked walking quickly.
“Will do miss.” Friday replied.

Suiting up you flew out and hoped you’d make it in time, during the way there you tried your best to hold back some tears considering you might just not only see your dad in pain once more but you’d face or maybe save the guy that killed your beloved grandparents.

“Please let me get to him in time….” You mumbled.


“Tony stop! He couldn’t control his actions!” Steve shouted.
“I don’t care…he killed my mom.” Tony replied.

The fight between him and the other two began. Him sending punches and blasts their way while he got hits and kicks in return also from Steve’s shield.

During the middle of the fight the three heard something approaching and a shout.

“Daddy stop!” You shouted.
“(y/n) what are you doing here?” Tony asked.
“Daddy please don’t get your anger control you!” You shouted.

To get him convinced you let the suit pull down the helmet off your head reveling your tear stained face.

“Please stop…grandma and grandpa wouldn’t want you to do this….I don’t want you to do this…” You sobbed.
“Wait you found out?” Steve asked.
“I was worried about dad….so I asked Friday to do some looking for me…I watched the video and came here quick….” You replied not looking at Steve.

It was no doubt that video scared you just like it scared Tony, Steve was able to see it in your eyes.

“Let’s go home daddy…” You told.

Another fact to show something was bothering you greatly was when instead of ‘dad’ you’d call your father ‘daddy’ it had been a while since you called him that.

It took a moment before Tony left with you to go back home, during the fly back things were silent and you didn’t bother with talking since this was a lot of stuff to take in.

**Time Skip**

Back home you were dressed in what you called lazy cloths, sweat pants and a tank top with a over-sized sweater to cover up with. The sleeves were rolled up to your elbows and your long hair was put up in a ponytail. Things got rough around for the Starks and also Rodney who was injured and needed to get his leg back into commission.

Though there was that one thing that made the three of them laugh.

A post man knocked on the window.

“Uh are you Tony Stank?” He asked.
“Yeah this is Tony Stank” Rodney replied.

You on the other hand were laughing so hard you had to hold your stomach, when Tony saw that he smiled and let out a laugh himself. Even though you both had gone through a really hard moment with a truth being revealed he knew despite that he was still a proud father.

||A/N: Hope you don’t mind me throwing in some of the Civil War movie in there, I remember more of it but I wanted this to be done on an interesting note and the idea of that movie just flowed right into this request of yours. Hope you like it though!||

Daughter of Gabriel (Part 1)

Title: Daughter of Gabriel

 Sub-Title: The Snake

 Prompt: Tangle.of.ivy: Daddy!Gabriel fic with a little girl.  OC is his wife/mate.  I know you’re probably swamped with requests, but I had a random thought today and I can’t get it out of my head. I desperately want to see Gabriel as a daddy with a little girl!!  I think daddy-Gabe would be the sweetest thing ever!  You could have an OC as his mate/wife. Just lots if fluff and cuteness!!!!  Pretty please?  :)  

 Summary: This is a drabble-like series for Daddy!Gabriel. Gabriel living a life with his mate, Lynn, and his daughter, Sarah.  What could possibly go wrong with having an archangel as a father or husband?!

***If you have an idea for the story, let me know!  It will probably jump around to show different times and tell different stories of Lynn, Sarah, and Gabriel! :D 

 Warnings: none?

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Masterlist of FanFiction

Originally posted by lamthetwickster

Lynn heard her daughter crying from down the hall…right after she heard a loud sound.  “GABRIEL!  SARAH!” She screamed as she ran down the hall and up the stairs to her daughter’s room.  

When she got in, nothing seemed out of place, except for their golden haired daughter bawling her eyes out…and Gabriel kneeling before her trying to calm her down. “The hell happened?”  Lynn shouted as she stepped forward and dropped to her knees.  

Little Sarah immediately ran into her mother’s arms and sobbed into her shoulder.  “Shh, it’s okay sweetie.  You’re okay…”  

Gabriel looked to Lynn with half worry…half terror.  “I…Um…”  Gabriel looked down and away as he made a funny face.  Lynn knew that face.  That was a guilty face.  She knew her husband well enough to be able to recognize these things.  

Lynn sighed as she looked down to her beautiful daughter.  Damn, she looked just like Gabriel.  “What did Daddy do?”  

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Patsy x Delia: These 2 Secret Lovebirds....

Trixie knows about Pats x Deels?

Phyllis knows about Pats x Deels?

Barb & Shelagh know about Pats x Deels?

Surely the always-observant Sister Julienne already knows….

Let’s see, shall we?

Look how excited Barb is about the prospect of Deels moving into Nonnatus House (under the same roof as Pats!)

Phyllis, Sister Mary Cynthia & Sister Winifred are equally happy about the prospect of Deels moving into Nonnatus House (under the same roof as Pats!)

Sister Julienne is, obvs! Why, she was the one who suggested it in the first place, ffs! :D

Yup, it’s set. Delia is moving in with Patsy….I mean, into Nonnatus House! Pats can heave a sigh of relief now!

**Look at Barbara! What a sweetie! Genuine happiness (for these lovebirds)!!**


Honestly!! Could these 2 lovebirds BE any cuter & more adorable?!?!!?

*Just look at Sister Mary Cynthia, tho! Genuine happiness (for these lovebirds)!*

p.s. I have to say that I simply LOVE that the writers are taking their time with this relationship. Loving the slow-burn! I’d rather they took their time to develop their relationship so the depth of it seeps into everyone’s psyche so inevitably that they can’t help but root for them as the show progresses throughout the show, than rushing into it because what’s next after “reaching the top” (so to speak!) so fast, you know? :) I just wanna see more of Delia: at work, her growing relationship with Patsy, her interactions & friendship with the others in Nonnatus House.

Basically hoping for Kate Lamb to be a regular on the show! That’s it. :)


Yikes. Where to begin.

I’m egregiously behind on the Home art. I only got 7 drawings done in a month and I haven’t touched my stylus in a week because I got a job at a super high end florist shop that’s training me full time. On top of that I’m in the middle of redoing my room because I just really need that change in my life, and I’m painting a giant canvas. And I’m organizing the layout for my bday dinner next week at grandma’s house. And building an aquarium with my dad.

This is like, a huge amount of cargo for me to handle since my anxiety is sky-high 24/7 anyway, so I’m really looking forward to when all is completed and out of the way. A new room with a fish tank, a belly full of bday dinner, and part-time hours. Yay! Then I’ll get more time for finishing up Home. With that said, I am sad to announce:

The last chapter will be up early 2017.

There’s just no way I’ll be able to finish 53 drawings in less than 2 months. Even if I had no job and no other projects, the rate I’m going with adding all the extra detail in these last pieces, requires more time. I don’t want to half-ass it and pump out sloppy drawings, because it wouldn’t feel right to end Home like that. The last chapter deserves extra attention.

Thanks for waiting <3


Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1172

Summary: The reader accidently bumps into Dean, and feels like he’s familiar but has never met him before.

Part 1 in Reincarnation Series.

I have been planning and thinking over this series for months!! I wanted to post the first part a long time ago, but caught up on all your wonderful requests! So, I am finally happy to announce the first part of my new series! :) Stay tuned for the next part soon! Enjoy!

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