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Amy is the best person you could possibly work off of. She’s my favorite actress. We’re good friends [in real life], and then when we have scenes together, there’s just this thing that clicks. Honestly, when I see on the call sheet that we have a scene together, I still get really excited. It’s always something different. It’s not like we revert back to some holding pattern that we have. She always totally surprises me, and I always try to surprise her — although I’m a much less agile performer than she is in a lot of ways. [Laughs] We’re just genuinely having a lot of fun when we’re doing these scenes, no matter how short or long or serious or funny.

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My whole dash is Sana crying and my heart breaks every time. She needs some holy trinity time.

Right? I suggested earlier that this could be the perfect time for…okay you ready?

So after Sara and Sana talk, Sara messages Isak and apologises for believing it was him when it wasn’t and then Isak just like drops his phone turns to Even and is like 

“I gots to go” 

and Even looks up from the bed where they were watching a movie and is all “what babe?” 

so Isak sighs and flops down on the bed while pulling his shoes on and lets Even rub warm soothing circles on his back as he does. Isak looks up at him and says “Sara knows Sana was the one to leak her chats” and watches as Even raises his eyebrows and nods “oh”

“yeah” Isak replies getting up 

Even thinks for a moment  “would the girls?…” 

Isak shakes his head “nei, after the fucked up shit Sara pulled on Vilde? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sana is alone right now.” 

Even frowns “poor Sana” 

Isak nods and grabs his books “yeah which is why i’m going over there and making her help me study”

Even laughs and jumps up to grab his jacket “your sweet baby, but if you think you’re gonna comfort her with science you are gonna need some help.” 

Isak looks back in surprise “you sure? what if…you know the boys are-”

Even brushes him off “it doesn’t matter. lets go help our science buddy and friend” 

“um MY science buddy and friend thank you very much in fact did i tell you we are best buds?”

“only a million times baby” 

When Sana opens the door to see Isak and Even holding a pizza she doesn’t know what the hell to do. Usually her instinct would be to tell them to go away but she is too taken aback to register before Isak is smiling, calling her his best buddy and inviting himself in. Even pulls Sana in a tight hug and shows her the movies he brought over to cheer her up. 

both stories of basketball legends Sana doesn’t exactly hate…..

“So our television is broken so we were wondering if we could hang here?” Isak asks making himself comfortable on her couch.

Sana narrows her eyes “sure..” she does not buy it she knows exactly what they are doing, but as Even pops the movie in and Isak waves a slice of vegetarian pizza in front of her face… she can’t say no to it. 

She lets herself be sandwiched between the two boys as they watch the movie and bicker over it. 

Isak doesn’t understand a second of the basketball scenes and Even and Sana roast him for it. everything is fine for a while. Sana forgets it all but eventually it begins to come back and that’s when it happens. 

Sana’s body begins to shake silently as the tears roll down her face, she feels herself falling back into the empty feeling of loss and misery and she doesn’t know how to get out. 

but then she feels arms around her… from both sides. 

Isak is rubbing circles on her back and Even wipes away her tears with a tissue while telling her everything is going to be okay. They are here, she is not alone

everything is going to be okay

and as she lets her friends tell her this and listen to her cry

she just begins to believe it. 

The Mess You’ve Made {Kim Taehyung} ~Ceasefire~

Prompt:  Taehyung smut w/ Dry Humping kink

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count:1k

Warning: dry humping, smut, domestic smut(for the first time the characters aren’t just fucking machines *wow*)

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Secret Lovers // Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader

Originally posted by painfulblisss

I was sitting at lunch with my friends eating a turkey sandwich.

“Party at my place tonight bitches,” Jessica announced as she sat down across from me.

I sighed. This was the third party of the week. Don’t get me wrong, I loved parties, but I also loved my bed and staying in sweats.

“Count me in!” Justin said.

Zach raised his hand from the spot next to me. “Me too.”

“What about you, (Y/N)?” Jessica questioned.

I took a drink of my water and set it down. “I don’t know yet. All these parties have got me tired.”

Everyone whined. Montgomery sat down next to Justin. “What are we talking about?”

“(Y/N) doesn’t want to go to my party tonight!”

Monty glanced over at me. “We don’t need her to have fun.”

I rolled my eyes. “We? You weren’t even here when she invited people so I guess that means you’re not going either.”

“A party isn’t a party without me, (Y/L/N),” he smiled.

“People only like you there because they laugh at you when you get butt wasted.”

Everyone oo'ed.

Monty bit his lip and just the let the conversation end there. I was talking to Zach, my best friend, when I felt eyes burning through me. I knew it was him. I continued eating when Zach suddenly leaned over and took a bite of my sandwich.

“Zach! You left mayo on my finger.” He smirked then licked it off. “You’re disgusting, Dempsey.”

Montgomery got up quickly after the bell rang. “I’m going to class.”

“What’s the rush?” Zach asked.

He ignored him and left the cafeteria. We all looked at each other and shrugged. I felt my phone vibrate on my way to Chemistry.

Montgomery: Nice one (Y/N)

I replied back quickly.

Y/N: What did I do, Monty?

Montgomery: like u don’t know. Zach was all over u!!

Y/N: Really babe, he’s been my best friend since middle school

Montgomery: I know I’m sorry for being jealous. Idk how much longer I can keep us a secret darling

Monty and I were dating, but we didn’t want to tell anyone just yet. It’s been two weeks since we started going out. The Monty everyone saw wasn’t the Monty I saw. He allowed himself to be vulnerable and sensitive with me which I loved. We kept our relationship a secret because we weren’t ready to face the school’s attention, so we acted like we despised each other. I had to admit, it was hard, but it wasn’t the right time for everyone to know.

Y/N: I’m scared of people talking, Monty. Idk yet

Montgomery: who cares what they say. I wanna show off my girl to the whole school and hold ur hand and kiss u every day. If anyone talks crap u know I’m here to protect u babe!

I sighed and carefully decided what to say.

Y/N: Okay. We’ll tell our friends tomorrow and see how that goes.

Montgomery: you’re the best, babe xx

I suddenly collided with someone in the hallways.

“Watch where you’re going de la Cruz,” I said irritated.

“I know you’re obsessed with me but can you stop stalking me?,” he smirked then walked the opposite way.

That night I decided the stay home and watch movies while my parents were out with Zach’s parents. The doorbell rang and I got up in surprise. I wasn’t expecting any guests. I squinted my left eye and gazed through the peephole, spotting my boyfriend holding a rose and a bunch of snacks. I opened it gladly and grinned at him.

“Got room for one more?”

I took the rose and closed the door behind him. He set the snacks down and pulled me into his chest, pecking the top of my head while at it.

“Montgomery de la Cruz missing a party?” I gasped.

He rolled his eyes and connected his lips with mine for a short amount of time. “I wanted to spend time with my girl tonight. Is that such a bad thing?”

I moved some strands of hair away from his face. “And what did you tell our friends?”

“I just told them I pre-gamed too hard and couldn’t leave my house.”

“Seems believable.”

He chuckled and picked up the snacks. I guided him to the living room where I had ‘Finding Dory’ playing. He set down the chips and candy on the coffee table. I pressed my back against the arm of the couch with my legs sprawled out. Monty crawled on top of me and I wrapped my arms around him.

“Really babe? Finding Dory?”

“Well what do you have in mind, Monty?” I questioned full of wit.

His kissed my exposed shoulder. “I was thinking Fifty Shades of Grey.”

I elbowed him in the stomach lightly and he acted severely hurt. Although Monty was the sweetest, most caring person in the world to me, he still had the characteristics of a horny teenage boy that the Montgomery de la Cruz was known for.

Monsta X reaction to their s/o who sits on their lap and hugs them because she is sleepy but unwittingly rubs against them

requested by anon~


Originally posted by daddyhyun-u

Shownu; Shownu was in the midst of watching some Chris Brown when you sat on his lap, hugging him the process and placing your head on shoulder. At first it was fine until you started to “unwittingly” rub against him as you tried to get yourself into a comfortable position. And this papa will be freaking turned on. He’d just laugh it out and would wonder if it was comfortable for you to sit under his growing bulge. Shownu would also turn into beet red when you asked him why is he giggling to himself and why is his cheeks and ears red. 

Mmmm…. *sits on his lap, wraps around his neck; starts to find a comfy position.. only to rub yours against his*”

“*ALERT ALERT!! turn on; lets out a shy laugh; covers face while trying to calm his heart*”

“Babe, why are you so red? *pulls away to have a full view of his face, only to put more pressure on his you know*”

“I-It’s nothing, just go back to your previous position baby…”

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Wonho; Wonho would be so flushed to be honest that he wouldn’t be able to control his laughter once you started to unwittingly rub against him. He would get turned on really easy and he’d also have this urge to ask you if you’re doing this on purpose or not. But then, he’d stop himself from asking you that since the boys was also around that time, making it a little bit harder for him to control his feels, especially the feels below there. Once Wonho can’t take it anymore with your rubbing, he’d actually excuse the two of you and would bring you to his room, placing you on the bed before calming himself down.

B-babe, did you do it on purpose? *fans his oh so red cheeks while pacing back and forth in the room*”

“What do you mean? Ughh babe, I’m sleepy… *pouts*”

“You know…. you rubbing yourself against my manhood? Coz baby, let me tell you… It was really hard to control myself out there!”

“Oh… Did I rub against you? *confused; innocent; don’t know a thing; no idea; idk*”

Originally posted by garisanee

Minhyuk; The two of you were just hanging out at home and it was a really wonderful evening. You just finished washing the dishes when you decided to sit on Minhyuk’s lap and hug him since you were sleepy. Minhyuk would be pretty cool at first until he feels you against his. He’d be taken aback like he’d be stuttering, asking you what do you want to do. And when you told him that you were sleepy, he’d actually just let you be….. like okay continue sitting on my lap and j-just do your thing yeah… and once he finds you asleep with your head rested on his shoulder, he’d heave out a sigh and would try to calm him beating heart.

Babe, what do you want to d-do now? *takes a deep breathe as he feels you rubbing against him*”

“I want to sleep… Can I sleep here in your lap? *cutely rubs your eyes with a pout*”

“Arasso… j-just sleep. *gently pushes her head back on his shoulder as he tries to concentrate on the tv show in front of him*”

Originally posted by mywonhoki

Kihyun; Kihyun was just busy listening to some music when he got startled when you sat on his lap and hugged him. He’d be confused at first but would just let you do your thing until you start rubbing against him, making him freeze. He’d be staring at you with his lips slightly apart and would feel that he was starting to get turned on by the second. Kihyun would be kind of straightforward about this to be honest, was it a sign that you wanted to go to the next level or are you just sleepy sleepy? And when he hears your answer, he’d just let you sleep in his lap despite having you rubbing against him. Kihyun would then calm down but then would be turned on after a few minutes later.

Baby, do you want to have sex or are you just sleepy? *cheeks tinted in pink*”

“I’m sleepy.. but if you want we can do the first part tomorrow but not today since I’m really sleepy.. *lets out a whine before making yourself comfortable in his lap*”

“Alright, just sleep there. *caresses your back as he continues to focus in his music until it played Blind wink wink*”

Originally posted by hyungvon

Hyungwon; Hyungwon would actually give you that look in the gif to be honest. He was just casually reading a book when you sat on his lap and hugged him. When he felt you rub against him, he would put the book down and look at you, wiggling that eyebrows with a teasing smile. When you ask him why he’s looking at you like that, he’d just bloop your nose with his finger before teasing you. And when you’d actually get up, he’d just stop you, pulling you back down on his lap and let you sleep, since you’ve already sat there then why not stay there for a couple more hours aye. 

Ohoho, baby *wiggles eyebrows at you and smiles*”

“What is it Hyungwon? Why are you looking at me like that? *looks at him weirdly*”

“Do you really want to go there? You like to go and tease me huh? *wink wink*”

“Wtf, babe? You know what, I should just go and cuddle with Mr. Snuggles *Tries to get up but only to be pulled right back into his lap*”

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk

Jooheon; Jooheon was in the middle of making new beats, melody and whatnot when you decided to sit on his lap and hug him. Jooheon wouldn’t mind actually. Like he’d actually find it cute when you told him that you were sleepy. But when you started to rub against him, he’d still act really calm to be honest like jooheon, breathe, she didn’t do that on purpose, breathe okay calm down calm down. And once he’d feel that you had stopped, indicating that you have found a comfortable position, he’d heave out a sigh of relief before he continues doing his thing. After a few moments, he’d feel you rub against him once more, making him pout that he’d start whining to be honest.

Argh babeeeeeee *whines*”

“What? What’s wrong? *pulls away from the hug to look at him in the eyes, only to find him really cute when he starts pouting*”

“Are you doing that on purpose? Coz if you are, then you need to stop… *pouts whines whines whines*”

“Doing what on purpose? Baby, what are you talking about? *furrows eyebrows*”

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I.M; Changkyun would not let you get away to be honest. The two of you were buys watching some movie when you decided to sit on his lap and hug him. He was okay at first since his baby is sleepy but once he feels you rubbing against him, he’d be teasing you the whole night. He’d actually poke you on your sides until you look at him with a pout. But that pout would be wiped away in an instant when you see that face *on the gif*. He’d place his hands on your hips while he looks at you like that, asking you thousands of questions until you just decided to go to your room and sleep but Changkyun will not let you go. 

Stop poking my sides, Changkyun. *pout… only to furrow eyebrows after seeing his face* What?”

“Are you doing that on purpose, honeybunch? *wink wink*”

“What?…… If what I’m thinking about right now is right, you’re sick. I’m just freaking sleepy babe. *was about to get up only to be stopped by Changkyun*”

“No, no. Why would I think of that baby? C’mon, just be honest with me *tease tease tease tease*”

Preference: You Can't Sleep

Ashton: Hearing footsteps softly coming towards the kitchen, you sigh. You hadn’t meant to wake him up, really. A very sleepy looking Ashton leans against the kitchen doorframe, frowning when he sees you. “Can’t sleep again?” He asks, yawning a little. “Go back to bed, I’ll be okay.” He shakes his head. “Baby, you need to see a doctor or something. This is like, the fourth night you’ve had trouble sleeping.” He pauses, then his eyes widen. “Is it… is it me?” He asks. “What? No, Ash, it’s not you. I just can’t fall asleep.” You assure him, walking over. He pulls you into a light hug, resting his forehead against your own. “Then what? Tell me, so I can help.” You sigh. “There’s honestly nothing wrong.” You say. Ashton walks over and starts to make coffee. “What are you doing?” You ask. “If you can’t sleep, I’ll stay awake with you until you can.” You smile a little. “Ashton, go back to bed. You’re tired.” Ashton frowns again. “Yeah, but I can’t sleep if you’re not there. The bed gets cold.” He says. You walk over and wrap your arms around him. “How about we just go cuddle?” He thinks about this for a moment, then shakes his head. “How about we go watch movies and cuddle until you fall asleep?” You sigh, feeling blessed to have such a man in your life. “I’m sorry, I know this is getting annoying.” Ashton takes his face in your hands. “Baby, no! It’s not annoying. It’s just more time I get to spend with you.” He murmurs, kissing your nose. “Yeah, but less time you get to sleep.” Ashton shrugs, pulling you into the living room while asking, “who needs sleep, anyway?”

Calum: You roll over for what seems like the millionth time. Calum sighs, sitting up. “Babe, what’s wrong?” He asks. You sit up and turn on the bedside lamp. “I don’t know. I just can’t sleep.” He frowns, moving some hair away from your face. “Want me to sing to you?” He asks. You nod, curling into his side as he sings a soft tune. “Anything?” He asks when the song is over. You groan and shake your head. “You should go back to sleep. You need it.” You tell him, biting your lip. “I’m not going to sleep when my girl isn’t.” He says stubbornly, but a yawn slips out. You smirk and he chuckles. “Okay, I’m tired. So what?” You roll your eyes. “So, I’m not going to be like Michael and force you to stay awake. Sleep, babe.” You say, reaching over to turn out the light. “Is there anything that’s bothering you? Maybe you just need to talk about it.” Calum says, pulling you into a spooning position. “No, not that I can think of. You’re home, the boys are home. Everything is perfect.” Calum runs his fingertips over your stomach lightly, making you shiver. “What about the hate? Have you been reading it lately?” You shake your head. “Not since the last time you told me not to.” Calum frowns, not being able to figure out what’s wrong with the love of his life. Then it hits him. “Babe?” He asks. “Yes, Cal?” You reply. “When is the last time we… you know?” He asks, chuckling. You roll over onto your back. “It’s been awhile, I guess. Why?” You ask, watching as he gets up and walks to the end of the bed. He grabs your ankles and pulls you until your cute plaid pajama shorts meet his eyes up close. “Calum, what are you doing? The boys are downstairs sleeping. They could hear us.” You protest, but he yanks off your shorts and underwear. “I don’t give a fuck who hears. I’m taking the edge off so my baby girl can sleep. I’m going to fuck you so good until you’re too tired to fuck anymore.”

Luke: Staying in multiple hotel rooms had its benefits, but it also had its problems. Problem number one being that eventually, they all just began to feel like home. So when you and Luke actually did come home from tour, sleeping in your own bed was very difficult for you. Even with Luke by your side every night, the bed just didn’t feel like home anymore. And this night was no different. You get out of bed and walk to the bathroom, hoping you won’t wake Luke up. You splash water on your face, and when you look up, Luke is standing behind you. “Did I wake you? I’m sorry.” You mumble, turning to face him. “You know, splashing water on your face is just going to make falling asleep harder.” Luke tells you. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This bed used to be my everything, second to you. And now I can’t even sleep on it.” You complain, crossing the short distance between the two of you and hugging him. “Princess, nothing’s wrong with you. You’ve just been staying in so many hotels that you forgot what your own bed feels like. C'mon, I’ll help you.” Luke pulls you back into bed and pulls you into his side, holding you close. “You know what I really want right now?” You ask. “What’s that, princess?” You look up at him. “That bed on that hotel room we stayed at in Italy. The one that had the purple pillows? Oh, I loved that bed.” You say softly. “That bed had some pretty nice things happen on it.” Luke mutters, smirking as he remembers the night involving whipped cream and strawberries. You giggle. He rubs your back lightly until you fall asleep, but that doesn’t happen for another few hours. The next day, when you come back from visiting friends, the bed from the hotel room in Italy is in your bedroom.

Michael: While Michael has been known to have some insomnia, you did not. You could sleep all day, every day. Or at least, you used to be able to sleep all day, every day. For some reason, that all changed one night. You just couldn’t fall asleep. You tried sleeping in bed and on the living room couch, but nothing helped. And unfortunately, Michael had cured his insomnia when the band went on a break. Well, that’s not unfortunate. That’s a great thing. But for you, it was unfortunate because that meant while he was asleep, you were wide awake. The roles had been reversed. You look over at your sleeping boyfriend, hearing his light snores fill the silence of your bedroom. You bite your lip and tap his cheek lightly. “Mike, wake up.” After repeating this a few times, the bleached blonde’s eyes flutter open. “What? What’s the matter, kitten?” He asks urgently. “Nothing. I just… I can’t fall asleep.” He props himself up with his hand. “Wanna talk about anything that bothered you today?” He asks. “See, that’s the thing. It isn’t just tonight. I haven’t been sleeping for weeks.” You confess. “Kitten, why didn’t you tell me?” He reaches over and strokes your cheek gently. “You were sleeping great. I didn’t want to ruin that.” Michael frowns. “You wouldn’t have ruined it. But you should have told me, I could’ve helped sooner.” He says. You nod. He sings to you softly for a few hours until your asleep. The next morning, Michael goes to the store and buys everything that’s related to helping a person sleep better just for you.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Auston Matthews x Reader

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warnings: None

POV: Second

Hi i love your blog so much! can you do now with Auston where his gf is extremely stressed about assignments and he helps her calm down thank you

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

To say you were stressed was an understatement.

You felt like you were losing your mind.

Every paper you were given, every article you read, every question you answered, every thesis you formed, slowly aided in your depleting sanity. Your hand was cramped from writing, your wrists were sore from not using the proper posture when typing, and your head was spinning from all the words, numbers, and symbols you had to read.

Auston had to suffer by watching you stress. He hated seeing you pace around the room, pick at your nails, sigh deeply as your ran your hands through your hair, trying your best not to cry. 

He wanted to help. 

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Crossing Lines

Summary: AU Jensen and reader moved to LA so he could pursue a music career. A new tenant just moved into their building.  His name is Chris and he’s an up and coming actor.

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Reader, Chris Evans

Word Count:  2322

Warnings: SMUT, angst, fluff, cheating

A/N: These are my two faves and my mind wandered as I thought about what it would be like to have to choose between them. This is the result. This will be a multi-part series.

Thank you to @trexrambling for betaing this for me!

All images are from Google Search, credit goes to their owners.

2004, Los Angeles, CA

You walk into the kitchen and over to the sink, plugging it before pouring in some soap and turning on the faucet.  You notice Jensen’s plate sitting about eight inches to the right of the sink and you sigh.

“Seriously, Jay?” you call to him.

“What, babe?” he asks, coming up behind you and resting his hands on your hips.

“You couldn’t have gone another eight inches to the left?” you ask, gesturing to the plate.

“Hmm, eight inches.  Is that all you need?” he whispers at the shell of your ear.

Electric currents race down your spine, settling at the base with a tingle.

“I’ve got more than eight, right here.”  He brushes your hair to the side, kissing your exposed neck as he grinds against your ass.   You arch into him and his hands slide up from your hips, caressing your breasts as you reach back, clasping your hand around his neck.  “How ‘bout I say thank you for washing the dishes?”  He nibbles the side of your throat.

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Our Bubble

Fic Request: 
“Hey Scribbles! I was wondering if you’d be able to do a fic where Fem!reader and Tyler are dating and they want to keep it from Teamiplier, YouTube and the internet for as long as possible. So there’s a lot of sneaking around and Mark finds out last and when he realizes that he flips out.” 

Originally posted by dork-iplier

Keeping secrets wasn’t easy with Teamiplier. 
Everyone was around each other almost all the time. You didn’t have much time to be alone or spend quality time with a specific person. 
And it wasn’t that Tyler and you didn’t want them to know. It was just you both weren’t sure where or how this little fling was going. 
But on the sixth date, which turned into a few months of being together, you both agreed it was more than just a small fling. 
After Kathryn introduced you to the team, meaning to only see them once as a fleeting introduction when you dropped her off, they all almost instantly adored you. 
You found yourself going around there almost as frequently as Kathryn. After awhile, you and Tyler just seemed to gravitate to one another. And then after dancing around each other, he asked you out to dinner. 
You liked your bubble. The little warm space where it was just you and Tyler. 
No internet. No shipping or artworks. No “awws” from your friends. 
Just you and Tyler. 

But that all changed when Kathryn trapped you both and demanded the truth. 
“You two need to spill or I’m going to straight to Mark,” She hissed at you one morning. 
You caught on quickly and dragged her away, “Wait, how did you know?” 
“I’m your best friend, (Y/N)!” Kathryn replied with a wide smile. “So you two are a thing?” 
Kathryn was practically bouncing with excitement,. You hushed her and smiled, “Yes, alright we are. But we’re not ready to share with the world yet.” 
“What why?” Kathryn asked, confused. But you shrugged and your friend sighed. “Alright fine. But, everyone is going to freak when they find out.” 
Tyler grinned at Kathryn as she marched towards him, “Also, if you hurt her, I’m going to skin you.” 
Tyler dropped his smile, becoming serious as he nodded. “I don’t intend too.” 

Amy was next. But Tyler had guessed she had the two of you already figured out and she was just waiting for a reason to confirm it. 
She had her chance when she walked in on you leaning up to peck Tyler’s cheek. 
“Ah ha!” She squealed. “I knew it!” 
Tyler dragged her into the room and shut the door. “Yeah ok, you caught us. Do us a favor and don’t tell anyone.” 
“You’re keeping this from Mark?” Amy asked with a chuckle. “Oh my, he’s going to flip when he finds out.” 
“That won’t be for a while,” You said. Your eyes wide and pleading. “Amy, we’re still not ready to-”
“What do you mean ‘still’?” Amy asked. “Does someone else know? How long have you two been dating?” 
“Kathryn made us talk, and around six months,” Tyler said and Amy clapped her hands. Almost as excited as Kathryn was. 
“Alright. In respect for you two, I won’t tell. But I’m not responsible for what Mark does to you two when he discovers this!” 

Ethan found out from Amy and Kathryn. The two gossiping about the two of you and the blue-boy walked past at the right time to hear.
He ran to you, almost knocking you off your feet in a hug. “I’m so glad!”
You had to calm him down a bit to get the fumbling words into order.
“You and Tyler!” He hissed gleefully. “I heard the girls talking. I’m so happy for you two!”
You sighed, a small smile stretching your lips. “Ahh, so that only leaves Mark that doesn’t know.”
Ethan chuckled, “You can’t tell him until all of us are in the room or nearby. I want to see his reaction!”
You shook your head as Ethan ran off to find Tyler. 

 As the day came to the charity live-stream; you and Tyler came to an agreement that it was time to let the rest of the world know. 
“Once Mark knows, the internet will know.” Tyler said while you two were cuddling in bed. “Two birds one stone.” 
So, the day came and while you were sitting on the couch with Mark and Ethan, you and Tyler shared a look. 
“Ok, so the counter is up and we’re already at twenty thousand!” Mark announced proudly. “Thank you so much everyone!” 
You whooped along with everyone else. “We need to go higher though!” You said. “Donate what you can!”
Then Tyler spoke up. 
“I have a compromise.” He said, leaning on the back of the couch. “If we get to fifty thousand dollars, I’ll share a really big secret with everyone.” 
“A secret?” Mark asked, “Is it a interesting secret?” 
Amy as ever, was smart enough to catch the shared glance between you and Tyler. 
“Oh, I think it’s pretty good.” She said with a smile. 
“How do you know Tyler’s secret?” Mark asked, looking back at her. 
“Girl talk,” You replied for Amy. Smiling innocently when Mark whirled on you. 
“Am I missing out on something?” Mark asked, furrowing his eyebrows and looking between you and Amy. “Are you two dating?” 
Tyler laughed and you winked at Amy, “He caught on quick, sweetheart. I owe you ten dollars.” 
Amy puckered her lips in a kiss in your direction. Mark glared at you. 
“Alright, I’m going to donate one thousand dollars towards the fifty thousand. Because I want to know what’s going on!” 
You and Tyler smiled at each other. Throughout the live-stream, you watched the counter climb quickly to fifty thousand. Becoming closer and closer until Mark hollered happily and spun on Tyler. 
“Fifty thousand! So, what’s your secret! Spill!” 
Ethan giggled beside you as Tyler sighed. “What do you say, babe? Should we tell him?” 
You pretended to ponder on the suggestion as Mark turned to you. His eyes widened. 
“Did he just call you, ‘babe’?” He asked and you looked up at Tyler. 
“I think he’s smart enough to figure it out himself, sweetie.” You replied. Amy and Kathryn were laughing at Mark’s shocked expression. 
“W-What!? How long….When did..? Tyler! When did you start dating (Y/N)?” 
Tyler spun slightly on his chair, counting the months on his fingers. “Close to seven months now.” 
“WHAT!?” Mark screamed and you erupted with laughter. “How did I not notice? 
“They were very sneaky,” Kathryn said with a shrug. “I had to drag it out of them.” 
“I was lucky enough to walk in on them kissing,” Amy said. 
“I over-heard Amy and Kathryn talking about it.” Ethan giggled. 
Mark groaned. Collapsing against the couch, his eyes closed in frustration. 
“So, everyone knew but me?” Mark calculated slowly. You hid behind Ethan, moving him in front of you as Mark slowly opened his eyes. 
“Tyler….you and I need to have a looong conversation about this!” He hissed and you laughed when Tyler laughed. 

If You’re Happy...

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: mention of pregnancy test, time of the month, slight angst, Dean feels, fluff. 

“Dean! You need to stop pointing that thing and playing around with it It’s not a toy!” You swat him on your way in the room, passing through with the laundry basket. Like your three year old daughter, Catherine. Dean makes the most pitiful pout face. 

“Why are your panties in a twist today, jeez.” Dean murmured that last part to himself.  Something was obviously bothering you and he wouldn’t rest until he got to the bottom of it. Or unless he had to get another beer or use the little men’s room. 

“Why must you still talk like your nineteen years old?” You snapped in his face, rolling your eyes. “Ooh you’re a feisty one today. You wanna tell me what’s on your mind.” After all the years Dean has known, as his girlfriend, and now wife, he’s aware when something is up with you, especially when you got all snippy with him. 

Dean could have made a great detective if he really put his heart into it, but he only put it in for you. “I took a pregnancy test this morning, when I thought I was you know…and I am not.” You plopped yourself down in a chair, playing with your thumbs, not meeting his concerned stare. 

“That is what this is all about? Babe, come here.” Dean sighed. He didn’t like you getting all worked over something that was he wouldn’t admit aloud, really nothing. That’s just how you were. Dean couldn’t change that about you. That was up to you. You overthought a lot of things, something even so simple. 

You reluctantly force yourself over to Dean and gave him a hug. He pulled out the chair right beside him and ordered you to sit. “How do you know that you’re not actually pregnant, I mean Y/N it could have been a faulty one and you could next one and it could say positive. You don’t know, maybe you should go to the family doctor.” Dean rambles on to you, for you sake he wanted to keep your spirits high, but you knew it was all for show.  

“Dean, stop. I know because my period started today too.” You confirmed with a huff, slumping your shoulders. Dean didn’t really know what to say to that. He knew this was tough for you. You already had three bright and beautiful girls, and you just wanted one more baby to hold, just one last time. 

You and Dean weren’t getting any younger. Hell, in two years Dean will be forty. It was becoming harder and harder for you and Dean to have kids, is what you are trying to say. “Well, I guess that means one thing.” Dean says, speaking up. “What’s that?” You asked quizzically. “It means we need to try harder.” Dean smirked smugly at you, diving in for a kiss. 

You stopped him halfway. “Just not right now.” Your hand pressed firmly against his chest, in hopes of giving him the message. “Got it. Not now. Later?” Dean raised an eyebrow. “Maybe later.” You shrugged nonchalantly, not trying to make a huge deal about it, even though you have been with Dean all these years and he still made you gave you the butterflies. 

“I’ll take that cause I doesn’t mean no!” Dean clapped his hands together, still pecking a kiss on your cheek. “Where are you going?” You laugh as he slips on his jacket and grabs the keys to the impala. “To go pick up the girls from school for you. I’m going to Catherine with me and then we are going to run to the store. I’m making dinner tonight.” Dean declared, planning it all out in his head. 

“Dean you don’t have to do that…” You crossed your arms over your chest, not wanting to put all of that on Dean. “No, I insist.” He persisted, obviously not taking no for an answer. “You go do whatever you have to do, but you Y/N are off from Mom duty this evening.” Dean rubbed your shoulders. 

“Whatever you say.” You said in surrender. “Whatever you wish is my command. Do you have any requests?  Dean asked you, wriggling his eyebrows. “Can you possibly give me a massage tonight?” You bit down on your bottom lip, hoping it wouldn’t be too much to ask for. 

“Anything for you, sweetheart.” 

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Stand By Me - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Theo Raeken, Reader.


Originally posted by itsyoungbeliever

“I’m gonna kill him is what I’m gonna do.” Stiles paced back and forth in front of you.

“No, you’re going to calmly talk to him.”

“Theo kissed you! Why would I not kill him?”

“Babe, to be fair he didn’t know that we’re dating.”

Stiles stopped walking and looked at you. He crossed his arms and squinted. “I talk about you every waking moment of the day. He knows. He even asked for your name.”

You mimic his actions, crossing your arms. “Seriously?”

He nods and sighs.

“Kill him! Go now! I support you and any decision you make.”

He laughs and kisses your nose. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Now if you’re going to kill him let me come.”

He grabs your hands, looking at you quizzically.

“Well?” You raise an eyebrow.

“I’m thinking..” He stays silent. “Okay! Let’s go.” He walks with you out to the Jeep, helping you inside. He comes around to the other side, wasting no time starting the car and pulling off onto the road.

When you pull up to Theo’s he sighs. “What if I really kill him?”

“Look babe..I love you, I support you, I think that you can do anything..but this may be the one thing you can’t do. He’s a werewolf…”

He looks over at you, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. “I killed Donovan.”

“Yeah…okay. If you kill him I’ll help you hide the body. Now go.” You pat his thigh before he climbs out of the vehicle.

You watch him as he goes, undoing your seatbelt just in case. He knocks on the door, turning to look at you. You smile and point towards the house as you see Theo approach through a window. Stiles turns around, and you see his demeanor change when Theo opens the door.

Theo barely has the door open before Stiles starts to lay into him. You watch as his fist connects with his left cheekbone. “What the hell is wrong with you?” He shouts as he punches him again. You see Theo’s eyes flash and you jump out of the car, running over to pull Stiles off of him.

“Babe stop.” You say gently as you lift him up.

“It’s not my fault your girlfriend looks like a great lay. She’s hot, so I thought that she was easy.” Theo shrugs as he stands up.

Stiles pulls away from you, pinning Theo up against the wall, he punches him again. “What the hell is wrong with you? Are you sick in the head? Who says that?” He lays into him again and you rush to his side, pulling him off of Theo. “Baby come on. It’s not worth it.”

Stiles sighs and gives in, turning to look at you. You didn’t even notice the punches that Theo got in. Stiles was already starting to bruise.

“Come on. Give me your keys.” You take them from him and lead him out to the Jeep.

“That was hot. I won’t lie about it, but God…Stiles you need to learn when to stop.”

“Babe, he called you easy!”

“I’m easy for you. I’ll give it to you anytime.” You grin and peck his lips.

He smiles and kisses you back. You run a thumb over his yellowing eye.

“Gross you had blood on your lip.” You laugh and he shrugs.

“Let me get you home and clean you up, okay?” He nods and you take off, taking your boyfriend back to his house.

You sit on his bathroom counter and he stands in between your legs.

“That was stupid. I love you, so I wanted I stand up for you.”

You laugh. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You could destroy the world and I’d still be by your side.”

He raises an eyebrow, the butterfly bandage you’d just placed raising with it. “I get what you mean, but honestly that’s just worrying.”

You laugh, kissing his forehead. “I mean, I’d be there to kick your ass.”

He nods, a goofy smirk plastered on his face. “Much better.”

spitfirechick  asked:

Hi! If you're still doing the kissing prompts, could you do nurseydex and 5?

5.  Can’t Let Go Yet Kiss - The type of goodbye kiss when you keep leaving quick pecks on each other’s lips, but end up pulling each other back for more, which could go on for hours if one of you don’t finally pull away.

Dex has class, but he doesn’t want to go. “I have to go,” he says anyways, but he doesn’t move. Nursey is laying on top of him, and he doesn’t move either.

“So go,” Nursey says, and Dex groans. 

Instead of moving, Dex presses a kiss to Nursey’s forehead and then one to his lips, and then he says, “I don’t want to,” and flops his head back onto Nursey’s pillow.

“Class?” Nursey asks, and Dex groans again.

“I’m dropping out,” he says, and Nursey presses a kiss to Dex’s collar bone and then just kind of stays there, too lazy to move away.

“Do it,” Nursey says, his lips tickling Dex’s bare skin as he talks, “I dare you.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! So I read your reactions for Jimin and Yoongi about their girlfriend calling them 'baby' for the first time and I was wondering if you could do the same for Taekook? Thank you!


I think Taehyung would be super cute about it.

“Tae, baby, can you pass me my sunglasses?” you pointed to the table to his right and through the corner of your eye you saw him freeze.

You turned to him, only to see his infamous blank expression on his face.



“You alright?” you asked, sighing and leaning over him to get your sunglasses yourself.

“Did you just…”

“Did I…?”

“Call me…”

“Oh,” you smiled when you realised what he was talking about and pecked his cheek.

You loved it when he just looked confused and his face was lacking any kind of emotion.

So cute.

“What’s wrong with calling you baby, baby?”

He blinked and turned to you, his expression not changing and that only made you giggle.

He’s so cute.

Your fingers rushed to his sides as you tickled him, loving the smile that immediately graced his lips, just as rectangular as ever.

“Don’t ever stop calling me that,” you heard his breathy voice let out and you laughed, continuing to tickle him.

“Whatever you say, baby.”


I feel like Jungkook would be the type to be calling you the nicknames from day one, ‘baby’, ‘noona’, ‘sunshine’, everything really.

So it would probably be a surprise the day his girlfriend calls him that.

“Babe, do you know where I left my phone?” you asked, looking over at him on the couch.

“Oh it’s on the night stand,” he replied, his eyes trained on his phone, but after a while, when your words had settled in, and he realised what you said, he turned around, confused. Standing up off the sofa and following you into the bedroom, a smile playing on his lips.

“Woah,” you turned around to see him standing right there, catching your waist in his arms.

“Say that again,” he asked and you blinked.

“What?” you were breathless, the way he stared into your eyes which such excitement was amazing.

“Call me that again,” he repeated and you gave him a tired sigh.

“Babe, I don’t know what you’re talking abo-”

“Finally,” he smiled, looking into your eyes, “That sure took you long enough.”

“What did?”

“Oh I don’t know… you starting to call me nicknames and not just ‘Jungkook’,” his eyes trailed to the ceiling.

You laughed, “I’m so used to hearing you call me that, I guess it just slipped out without me even realising.”

He pecked your lips, “You better keep calling me that.”

GIFs by donewithjeon and suga-com

Not Again

I’m back! Okay so this is like the club is out of guns, Abel isn’t here (don’t hate me), and Jax is the president. Also, it’s kinda like what happened to Tara with Khon (not sure how that’s spelled) but I’m putting my own spin on it. I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think!

You sighed as you tossed and turned in bed. You always hated sleeping without your old man. You missed him. You wanted him here, but you knew he had a job to do. You looked at the clock and the red numbers told you it was just after two-thirty in the morning. You rolled over again getting up out of the bed. You walked through the house to make some tea when you heard the door open. You stopped knowing your old man wasn’t supposed to be home for another three days. As quietly and as quickly as you could, you made your way back to your room and grabbed your gun hidden in the nightstand drawer.

You made sure it was loaded before walking back through the house. You held it up ready for whoever it was that decided to invade your house. You walked slowly and deliberately through your house. You rounded the corner where you heard the footsteps and clicked the safety off your gun. That’s when your heard his voice.

“Easy, darlin’, it’s just me.” You clicked the safety back on and dropped your hands.

“What the hell, Jax! You’re not supposed to be here for three more days!” You shouted at your old man.

“I wanted to surprise you, but you definitely surprised me.” He smirked looking you up and down. You forgot you had nothing on other than his SAMCRO t-shirt. You rolled your eyes.

“Not a chance, Romeo. It’s almost three in the morning and you just scared the shit out of me.” You turned your back on him as you made your way to your room once again. You heard his footsteps right behind you. You felt his arms wrap around your waist.

“Come on, darlin’, I said I was sorry.” He started kissing up your neck. You spun around on him.

“You never said sorry, you ass,” you laughed as he tried kissing you. He finally caught your lips with his and you melted into him. He deepened the kiss and you felt his arms tighten around you. Hearing your moan his arms tightened even more. You ran your fingers through his hair and tightened them just enough to pull his mouth from yours.

“Nice try, but you’re still not getting any.” You laughed at the look on his face. You slipped from his arms and started walking back to your shared room. When you reached the door your felt his arms wrap around you once again.

“Are you sure about that, darlin’?” He started kissing and nibbling your ear. Bastard. He knew that was your weak spot. Turning around you framed his face with your hands. Leaning in close you spoke into his ear.

“You woke me up in the middle of the night, three days before you’re supposed to be here, and expect me to put out? You’ve got another thing coming, Teller.” You patted his chest and went to lay down. He put his hands up in surrender.

“Fine, you have a point.” He laughed as he stripped down to get in bed with you. He laid down and gathered you up in his arms, his chest to your back. You laid in silence for a while before you thought about it why he was home.



“Why are you home early? You said this run might even be longer.”  You felt him tense up and you knew something happened. You sat up to look at him. “Jax, what happened?” He sighed as he sat up and leaned against the head board. He rubbed his hands down his face.

“Would you believe me if I said it was just to surprise you?” You gave him a look that said, ‘hell no’. He nodded and took a deep breath. “I might be going away for a while.” Your heart sank at hearing this. Granted you had done it before, but it still sucked.

 “Why? You all haven’t done anything, lately have you?”

“No, not recently, but somehow ATF is trying to pin something on us that happened a while back. It was when we were still in guns. The charges are bogus but he’s somehow gotten enough to put us away for a while. They came out of nowhere, babe, I don’t know what happened.” He sighed as he looked at you.

“When do you leave?” Your gaze travelled to the sheets that covered the two of you and picked at a loose seam. Jax took your hand in both of his, only then did you look at him.

“Maybe a couple of days.” He shrugged looking at you. You nodded as you squeezed his hand.

“Yeah okay.” You sighed as you started to lay down and he went with you. You snuggled into his side knowing you’ll miss him when he’s gone. You felt Jax place a kiss on your head and you fell asleep with his heartbeat in your ear.


You were at the garage the next day helping Gemma in the office while she was dealing with some shit at Cara-Cara. Everything was going smooth until you saw him pull in. You felt your heart drop to your feet. How did he find you? You covered your tracks well, really well.

“Hey, love-” You jumped when you heard Chibs come in the office. “Easy, lass, what’s gotten into you?”

“You scared me, Chibs. Anyway, what did you need?” You took deep breaths trying to get your heartbeat under control.

“This guy out here says he needs to speak with the lady in charge and right now that’s you, love.” Your eyes widened and you knew Chibs saw it. “What is it?”

“What does he need?”

“He’s one of the ATF guys that trying to put some of us away. He wants to see if you know anything.” You closed your eyes as you heard Chibs’ words. Now it made sense how these charges showed up out of nowhere. You opened your eyes and looked back at Chibs and you could see the question on his face.

“Look, he can’t know I’m here. He can’t, Chibs, do you understand? He cannot know.” You stressed.

“Yeah, fine, but why? You gonna explain?” You nodded.

“I will, just get him out of here, please?” You pleaded. He nodded as he walked back outside and talked to the guy. You peaked through the blinds and watched everything unfold. You watched as the guy got in Chibs’ face but he backed off. He looked toward the office and you quickly released the blinds hoping he didn’t see you.

You walked over and sat down behind the desk with your head down as Chibs came back in. He sat down in front of you and didn’t say anything. You finally looked up at him and he was sitting patiently.

“There’s something I need to tell you guys. All of you.” He nodded and stood.

“I’ll go get everyone. This means you’ve gotta come to church, love.” You nodded knowing you had to do this. You didn’t have a choice anymore.


You sat there with all of the guys staring at you. You had yet to look up after you walked in and sat down while everyone else filed in. You kept quiet until Jax spoke up.

“Okay, darlin’ we’re all here. What did you need to tell us?” You finally looked up. You took a deep breath before you started to speak.

“I know why the ATF is trying to charge you with shit that happened a while back and how he got enough to get you put away.” The room was dead silent, no one said a word.

“How do you know?” Tig was leaning toward you with a glint in his eye. You had been with Jax long enough to know what that glint means.

“Easy, Trager, I didn’t rat. But I do know the ATF guy.” Once again no one said a word and waited for you to continue. “His name is Andrew Shaw. I dated him a few years back. We didn’t end on the best of terms, it was pretty ugly really.” You saw Jax flinch a bit at that. He knew about your last relationship and how hard it was for you to get passed what happened.

“Anyway, when it ended, things got ugly and I had a restraining order filed against him and he didn’t like that. So, he violated it and that’s when things got violent, fast. So, he went away for six years for violating the restraining order and lost his job working for ATF. I had to testify against him and he lost it when they took him away. When they were taking him back he kept screaming about how he would get me and I would get it when he got out.” You took a deep breath. You tried to keep your voice from cracking so you could continue. “So, after, I packed up and left, I covered all my tracks there was no way he could’ve found me. Somehow, he did and that’s why these charges came out of left field. He’s out to get back at me and unless he was reinstated there’s no way he can put you guys away.”

You looked around at them as you finished your story. They all just sat there looking at you. You didn’t say a word but you looked to Jax only to find he was staring back at you. You had told Jax about it but you never went into detail like now. He didn’t know about court and how you had to testify. He sat forward and leaned his elbows on the table before he spoke.

“Okay, here’s what’s going to happen. Juice, find out everything you can about this guy. I want to know how he got this and when. Chibs, I want you and Happy to find out where he lives and what he’s been doing. We need to figure out what his end game is and why he decided now was the time to do it. Let’s get going.”


They came up with a plan and had most of the details sorted before the meeting ended. Everyone got up except you and Jax. The two of you sat there and didn’t say anything. You didn’t move, afraid of what would happen. You heard Jax stand up and make his way to you. He sat down in the chair beside you. He took your hands in his. You still didn’t look up at him.

“Do you know why he wants to come after you?” He spoke so quietly it was almost a whisper. You shut your eyes as hard as you could. You couldn’t even think about what you had done. Saying it out loud would hurt more than keeping it in. “Please, darlin’, anything will help.”

You looked up and you felt tears falling down your face as you did. His heart nearly shattered seeing you so upset. You shook your head at him and looked back down to the floor. You had never told anyone, ever. The only reason Andrew knew was because he found out and it wasn’t from you.

“You have to understand, Jax, I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t, honest, but I had to. I couldn’t have any connection with him. I wanted nothing to do with him.” You hiccupped through your words. Jax started to panic a bit because he’s never seen you this upset before.

“It’s okay, just tell me.” He cupped the side of your face and you grabbed his wrist needing to be anchored. You looked into his eyes and took a few deep breaths before you spoke.

“I was pregnant.” You watched as his eyes grew wide. “I found out after I filed the restraining order. I couldn’t be connected to him Jax, I couldn’t. I’m not proud of what I did, but I couldn’t have the baby knowing the type of man that would be its father. I couldn’t do that to my baby.”

You started sobbing. You had never told anyone, not even your family. Jax pulled you into his lap as he held you while you cried. You cried into his neck and had a death grip on his shirt. He couldn’t believe what you had been through. He held you tight and rubbed your back as you started to calm down. You sat up and started to play with his fingers that were in your lap.

“He found out. That’s why he came back. I didn’t tell him, I don’t know how he found out, but that’s why he came back. He was mad when he found out, like extremely mad. Which is why it got violent that time.” You felt his arms tighten around you.

“He won’t come near you, not if I can help it. We’ll get rid of him, darlin’. I promise.”


A couple of days passed and you found out that Andrew had not been reinstated and all the charges he said he had against the club were, indeed, bogus. The only thing and the most concerning thing happened. Andrew had disappeared. No one knew where he was. After church, the other day Chibs and Happy went to his place and he was gone. No one, not even his neighbors knew where he was or where he went. This caused you to be more cautious when you went out and Jax always insisted you take someone with you, which you gladly did.

A few days later you woke up feeling uneasy. You didn’t know what it was but you knew something was going to happen. You rolled over and saw Jax had already left for the day. You sighed as you got out of bed. The house was unusually quiet and this just caused you to feel even more on edge than you already were. Trying to shrug it off you walked through the house to make breakfast.

Rounding the corner to the kitchen you noticed there wasn’t anyone from the club here yet so you figure Jax hadn’t been gone long. You walked further into the kitchen when you saw it. A lone lily laying on the counter. He was here.


Here’s a short fic I wrote a while ago and never posted.

Alex fell down face first on their bed. It was 9pm and she was just getting home from work. A week ago, should would have been coming home to an empty apartment, but now Maggie was officially all moved in.

She officially occupied the right side of the bed.

She officially lived with Alex, and Alex with her.

“Rough day?” Maggie smiled as Alex laid with her head down, buried in the mattress.

Alex nodded and turned her head so Maggie could hear her when she talked. “My body is so sore.” She groaned. “I didn’t sit down all day.”

“Babe,” Maggie sighed. “That not good, what did I tell you about finding time to take a break. Did you eat?”

“It was insane today Mags.” She sighed. Her eyes were closed and she stayed with her body flat against the mattress, her arms stiffly at her side. “I was testing DNA in the lab, then we were running to a scene, then we were back at the lab, then some Thangarian tried to come after J’onn which obviously was a mess. It was never ending.”

“Okay but did you eat?” Maggie asked again.

“Yeah I grabbed a burger on the way home.” Alex smiled a bit because Maggie really cares for her.

“What hurts?” Maggie asked.

“Everything. It all just feels sore.”

Alex could feel Maggie get off the bed but she was too tired to even open her eyes.

Maggie had gotten up to grab the lotion from the bathroom, she dimmed the lights in their room when she came back. “Al can you just move up a little bit, so your head is on your pillow?”

Alex nodded and limpy lifted her body up so her head was resting on the pillow. God, that pillow felt nice. “Good girl.” Maggie said softly and Alex smiled because Maggie knows how much Alex likes being called that in bed.

Alex felt Maggie’s legs straddle her legs and her hands lightly pulled up her shirt. “Oh Mags, I’m so tired, I can’t.” Alex sighed as she opened her eyes and tried to turn her head to look at Maggie, only catching a glimpse of her hair.

“I’m not trying to have sex with you Alex.” Maggie laughed. Alex felt her body relax at the sound. “Can you just take off your shirt?” Alex pulled her shirt over her head and rested back on the bed.

She could feel Maggie gentle hands unclasp her bra. Alex was still confused about what she was up to, but she didn’t question it. She trusted her.

“So I’ve only ever done this one other time, so just let me know if I’m hurting you, or if something feels good.” The next thing Alex knew, her girlfriends fingers were gently kneading into her shoulders. Maggie smoothed the lotion between her hands before finding the tension in Alex’s upper body right away.


Alex hummed at the feel of Maggie’s fingertips against her skin. “That feels good.”

“Okay good.” Maggie smiled. “Any harder?”

“A little.” Alex replied and Maggie pushed a bit harder on Alex’s shoulders. “Perfect.” Alex sighed.

Maggie reveled in the sight of Alex’s naked back. She was so smooth, so soft, and so god damn perfect in every way. She just wanted to worship this woman. This body lying beneath her legs. She moved her fingers to Alex’s neck and felt the knot right away. Alex hissed. “Does that hurt?”

“Yeah, but it’s good.” Alex whispered.

This felt so intimate, to both of them.

From her neck Maggie moved her hands down Alex’s back. She continually lotioned them so they were smooth against her girlfriend’s skin. She used her palms, her fingertips, her knuckles, and her elbows to work out the kinks in Alex’s back.

After staying quiet for a while, with the exception of a few moans and groans, Alex spoke. “Maggie, you’re really good at this.”

Maggie smiled. She loved knowing she was making Alex feel good. “What’s with the surprise? You already knew how talented my fingers are.”

Alex laughed a bit and realized it didn’t hurt to laugh like it did when she came home. “This is true.”

When Maggie got to the small of Alex’s back she pressed down a bit harder, feeling the knot that had formed there. “Al, this knot is huge.” Maggie lotioned her hands again.

“Can you work it out?” Alex asked. Her voice had gotten much softer now.

“I think so.” Maggie’s pushed down harder with her knuckles. “It might hurt a little.” Alex nodded. Maggie kissed the back of her girlfriend’s neck as she massaged her lower back. Maggie so badly wanted to give Alex another talk about taking care of herself and making sure she took at least one break during work. But she held back, she didn’t want to stress her out anymore than she already was. Plus Maggie understood getting caught up at work and losing track of time.

When she finally felt like the knot in Alex’s back was gone, or smaller than it was when she started, she ran her hands back up Alex’s back. “Do you want me to do your legs?” She asked. She waited a moment and didn’t get an answer. “Al?” She asked again. Maggie leaned over to see that Alex was fast asleep.

Maggie lifted herself off of Alex and laid back on her side of the bed. She took a moment to watch her sleep. She was so stunning, so soft, so unbelievably perfect. Alex was the last thing Maggie saw before falling asleep.

stress headaches//(h.s)

HRequest:Can you write a harry imagine where he wakes you up in the middle of then night complaining of a really bad headache and you get him some medicine to try and help him but it’s not working and he gets kinda worked up and upset because he doesn’t feel good and it’s getting worse and maybe he gets an upset stomach because his headache is so bad?

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