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One night // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: you’re in a relationship but you’re in love with Shawn- the only reason you’re not with him is because you’re scared of being hurt. One night things get heated between you and Shawn and feelings are confessed.

Requested: YASSS

Authors note: sooooo this is new

“So how’s Jeff?” his eyes glint mischievously as he turns to look at me, our attention quickly focusing on the other rather then the movie.

“Jeff?” I hum, raising an eyebrow at him.

“You know, your boyfriend?” the way he says it makes shivers crawl up my spine.

“He’s good,” I murmur, turning away from him.

“Just good?” he prods, nudging my side with his elbow making me squirm.

“He’s amazing,” I sigh, looking back a him. “He’s so kind and patient, never rushes me into anything I don’t want to do.” I pause, my eyes locked onto Shawn’s, his face blank of emotions.

“He listens to me, I listen to him. We work well together,” 

“Do you think he might be the one?” Shawn questions just above a whisper.

No words come out my mouth as I stare at him. Was my relationship with Jeff endgame? I had no clue.

“Why would you ask me that?” Instead comes out my mouth.

“Curious,” he whispers and in that moment it felt like the room heated up. It felt like the skin of my thigh that was resting against Shawn’s was on fire.

“I don’t know, its too soon,” I whisper back, unaware that I was moving closer to him.

“You’ve been dating for 7 months,” Shawn states, reciprocating my movement.

“Does that mean I have to know now?” I asks sarcastically and Shawn smirks.

“Its usually a good clue for a relationship,” Shawn looks like he wants to say something else.

“Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t,” I shrug. There was tension in the room, something that was unsaid between our friendship that was bound to come out soon. That time seemed to be now.

“Do you love him?” Shawn’s eyes blaze at the question, passion glowing in them.

“I don’t know,” I breathe the words, my face inches from his. I hadn’t even realize we’d gotten this close. The last time I’d been in a position like this with him was 9 months ago- before Jeff- where Shawn and I had kissed.

Deep in my soul, I knew I wanted to kiss him again. I wanted to feel his heated lips pressed against my own as my hands trailed up his back to tangle in his hair. I shouldn’t want this- crave this, especially when I had Jeff.

“Why did you run away from me last time?” Shawn asks me quietly, immediately I know he’s thinking about the same thing I am.

“I..” I can’t find the words again. “I was scared,” 

He freezes, his nose brushing the tip of mine and my cheeks burn at the contact, his presence did things to my body that never occurred when I was with Jeff. 

“Of me?” his eyes drop to my lips before flicking back up.

“I don’t think I could ever be scared of you Shawn,” the thought making a smile appear on my face at the absurd question.

“Then what?” His tone is soft, weary. This is the most we’ve ever talked about it. After our moment of passion I had fled- not wanting to see Shawn. After that searing kiss I had buried my emotions in fear of being hurt by him. 

“I didn’t want you to break my heart,” I gulp, the truth finally out in the open.

“Y/n, I would never dream of breaking your heart,” Shawn whispers, his hands reaching up to cup my face.

“I know,” For some weird reason I’m crying. Shawn however, simply wipes away the fallen tears.

“The last thing I want is to see you hurt because of me,” he whispers. Jeff doesn’t even cross my mind as my best friend inches closer to me until his lips are about to brush mine.

“I wish that what I knew now, I knew ages ago,” he says and its like time has frozen, its just me and him.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble and he smiles but it looks fake.

“I wish you were mine, I know I’m selfish to want this when you have a boyfriend but you do crazy things to me,” His words pull me in until its like I’m drowning in them.

“There’s nothing wrong-” I don’t even bother finishing my sentence, my breathing rugged as his hands crawl to hold my waist, my skin feeling hot where his thumb lazily rubs the exposed area.

“One night,” he mutters, to himself or me I’m unsure. “I want you for one night, all mine,” 

Then his lips are upon mine and its everything I’ve imagined from last time. He tastes the same, minty with a slight hint of the tea he always seems to be drinking.

My hands are in his hair as he’s pulling me closer, his lips feverishly pressing into mine and I’m shaking from the feeling of his body against mine. 

Not once do I think of my boyfriend as Shawn picks me up, carrying me to his bedroom to place me on the bed. 

I don’t think about how he’s at home right now, trusting me, as my shirt is being discarded on the floor. 

I don’t think about how he’s been perfect in every aspect that a boyfriend could be as my jeans are peeled off my legs and Shawn crawls between them, his skin flush against mine.

All that crosses my mind is how Shawn is here, right now, kissing me, holding me, touching me. Friends don’t do this. Friends don’t feel this way about each other. A girlfriend doesn’t feel this way when she’s in a relationship with someone else.

Shawn’s damp forehead presses against mine as he raises his arms to press my hands against the mattress, entwining our fingers together as I cry out softly at the feeling of Shawn.

“I’m in love with you,” My eyes snap to meet his in the dimly lit room, his eyes filled with adoration and love. Just like Jeff’s.

“I love you,” I can’t help but whimper back at him. He murmurs it again, repeating it over and over as the night slowly fades away and the morning approaches.

When I wake up, he’s not next to me. I sit up, my stomach a mess of emotions. I slept with Shawn. That same sentence on loop inside my head.

Chucking a shirt over my head I make my way to the kitchen where I hear Shawn’s voice.

“Yeah no sorry she’s still here, she fell asleep and it was late,” his tone is impassive and I feel my stomach drop to the floor.

“Yeah I’ll tell her you called, bye,” He puts his phone on the bench, running his hands through his hair and tugging on the ends in a stressful manor.

“Shawn?” I ask softly. He turns around at my voice.

“Hey,” He smiles at me.

“Who was that?” My voice tremors, both of us knowing that I already knew the answer.

“Jeff,” I still take a sharp intake of breath at the name.

“Y/n,” Shawn breaks the silence. “I want you to know that not for one second last night that anything I said was a lie, I meant every word,” he’s searching my face, looking for a sign that I feel the same.

“Shawn,” I whisper, I’m scared I’ve stuffed everything up.

“Y/n please, no, don’t tell me last night was a mistake,” He’s tearing up quickly and it makes my heart clench. “You told me you loved me,” His voice wobbles and it tips me over the edge.

“I’m sorry,” I sob, my hand wiping my watery eyes. “I’m so sorry,”

“No, no,” I’ve never seen Shawn cry until now. “Please don’t tell me you’re going back to him,”

“I never lied last night Shawn,” He tries to smile but fails miserably. “But I cheated Shawn, Jeff never deserved that.”

“I should have stopped it when I could have,” He turns away from me, his shoulders shaking slightly.

“Hey,” I walk over to him, placing a hand on his bare shoulder.

He turns slightly to me and I wipe away one of his tears and he sniffles, smiling, doing the same to me.

“Last night wasn’t a mistake for me, it was a mistake in a sense that we shouldn’t have done that when I was in a relationship but our feelings couldn’t stay hidden forever,” he pulls me into his chest as I comfort him with my words.

“I’m sorry about how it happened,” He mutters into my hair.

“I’m going to go home and talk to Jeff about everything, I just hope I haven’t ruined his trust in relationships,” I trail off, the guilt simmering in my stomach.

“We all make mistakes,” Shawn leans back to look at me, holding my face in hands. “You’re human and it happens, we can’t take it back,” A silence fills the room.

“I’m going to come back here tomorrow, we’re going to talk about us,” I tell him softly.

“There’s an us?” Shawn asks, shock written across his features.

“I love you, remember?”


Word count: 4695
Genre: Angst, Smut.
Summary: You and ex-Jinyoung end up in the same university, your predictable arguments turned into something…not so predictable.


The look on your face was of pure shock when you saw Jinyoung walking into the same university as you, and his look was the exact same. All the flashbacks from your past coming back to you all at once as your eyes locked together. You and Jinyoung had a tricky past, You have been together previously, for a very long time. You shared some of the happiest moments together and also some of the most intimate, and you knew every single big and little thing of each other, whether it was personality wise, or looks wise. You meant everything to him, and he meant everything to you, but that didn’t stop you from ending things with him, you feared the feelings of love, and the responsibility of commitment, you feared it after seeing the absolute hatred you parents had for each other, especially before their divorce, you were scared that it would happen to the two of you. So you ended it as soon as you fell for him, without any explanation, and it absolutely broke you both, both of you in tears and you just left him. After that day, he spent his time trying to find out why, which turned into arguments because you never told him why, which turned into him eventually hating you, and you couldn’t blame him. You argued for the rest of the year, until school was over, and summer break finally spread you apart. You thought you would never see him again, which is why both of you tried your hardest avoiding each other at the new school you would have to share for the next 4 years. It wasn’t working out though, with both of you ending up in 4/6 of the same classes, and you cursed silently every single time you had to find out you would be sharing the same classroom. You spent the classes stealing gazes at each other, pretending that you weren’t, but your stares were entirely different, his were of hatred, and yours of regret and sadness, wondering how it got so bad. You felt okay about being in the same classes until in the last class, you scored a plain old fashioned dick of a teacher that put uni students in a seating plan, which sat him right next to you. You fell silent, the awkwardness and tension filling up and you practically jumped and ran out of the class when they day was over, heading straight to your car, but it just so happened as you were rushing, looking behind you for Jinyoung, you didn’t realise he was walking behind you, purposely bumping into you, making all your books fall to the ground.

“Oh, my bad!” he laughed as he walked past and you just looked at him in awe, this cannot be happening you thought. You just got out of a year of arguments with him, you couldn’t handle another 4. You didn’t reply, not wanting to start anything and he walked away, leaving you to pick up your books and silently curse under your breath as you walked to your car and went straight for home, thinking about him and your encounter for the rest of the day.

“ok,” you spoke to yourself “just 4 days a week, I can do this…4 days a week…for 4 years” you sighed, and you tossed and turned in your sleep for the rest of the night.

You spent the next day avoiding him and his gaze, until of course you had that last class, and you didn’t look back at him when you felt his gaze, you tried not to flinch at a snarky comment or a snicker he made when you answered a question in class, doing your best ignoring him.

“So, ruin anyone else’s lives lately?” he whispered in your ear, your back tingling at his hot breath.

“Don’t start Jinyoung please” You didn’t look at him, instead you looked at the clock, 5 minutes was left in the class and you were practically trying to leave you seat already.

“Just asking a simple question” he retorted.

“No, you’re trying to start something that I don’t want to start, so please don’t, it would be great if we could just be civil for once”

“You can try, but I’m still not done making you feel how you made me felt when you broke us off without an explanation” you ignored this comment, your hand balling into a fist.

The last minute of the class passed and you were finally allowed to leave, you and Jinyoung being the last two to leave since you were at the back of the class. He blocked the door from you, giving his signature smirk that used to make you melt, but now only makes you wonder what argument he is about to try and start.

“Move” you say, controlling yourself from pushing him away instead.

“That’s not a way to treat your peers, what happened to manners?” he chuckled at you and you kept silent, frustration rising.

“Come on y/n, one little word and then ill gladly move out of your way”

“Are you two okay over there?” you turn around to here your professor talking to you, probably noticing the tension, but not noticing enough to get up from his desk.

“All good here” Jinyoung shot him a thumbs up and then turned back to you. “One little word sweetheart”

“Move…please” you say, and Jinyoung gave you a smile, moving a way and letting you pass and you rushed to you car, already preparing for the next day to come before it has even started.

You walked into your last class of the next day, already dreading having to take that seat next to your ex boyfriend. Surprisingly enough, he didn’t say anything through this class and you thought maybe he would leave you alone. You knew that you felt his eyes on you, but a word ever left his mouth or yours and it was relieving.

The clock ticked past and you were finally allowed to leave, you  rushed out but Jinyoung left before you, and as you walked to your car  you found him leaning against it.“Where are you rushing off too so quickly?” you sighed at you walked to your car, you thought too soon. It was stupid to think he would leave you and your past with him alone.
“Can you move out of the way please, you’re blocking the drivers door”


“I said please”

“I don’t care” At this point you patience was wearing thin, and you attempted to push him out of the way, but he was stronger than you and your attempts were useless.

“What do you want!” you raised your voice, giving you and Jinyoung attention from others around you, but you lowered your head and tried keeping you cool.
“I told you, I want to make you feel as miserable as you made me”

“Why cant you just leave it alone! Move on!”

“It’s hard to move on when you STILL haven’t given an explanation on why I should!” now he was raising his voice, not even a week into university and you’re already arguing with him.

“Don’t start Jinyoung, I’m so tired of this, just get the fuck over it and leave me alone! Even months after we haven’t seen each other you still want to fight with me!”

“Stop giving me a reason too then! Maybe if you would stop being so selfish and give me a fucking explanation I would leave this alone! But you won’t!”

“And I’m not going to! So fucking MOVE!” you pushed him out of the way. Both of you officially cursing and yelling at each other, grabbing every passerby’s attention.

“You two!” you hear a shout at you both, silencing the both of you and you stared at one of the school leaders hounding towards you. You both awaited your fate. “This is absolutely disgraceful! Two students fighting in front of MY school! I won’t tolerate this behaviour! Both of you, detention tomorrow after school! My office!” the professor stormed off, everyone around you leaving too, you Jinyoung fuming at each other.

“Look what you did” He had the audacity to say to you.

“Are you fucking kidding me??” you gave him one last glare, getting into you car and slamming the door shut, speeding off to your home, as you spent the rest of the night frustrated and crying in an angry rage, knowing that you won’t be able to take this much longer.

You and Jinyoung were quiet the whole day, not wanting to worsen your consequences. The awkwardness of having to walk to detention together filling inside you both. You opened the door of the professors office, her head tilting up as you both walked into the room.

“You have an hour and a half with me, sit down, do some work” she spoke coldly, not happy with either of you.

About 35 minutes into yours and Jinyoung’s never ending detention, the sound of the telephone rung through the and both of you heads looked up at the teacher as she picked up the phone.

“Ill be there right away” was the last thing she said.

“I have to go to an important last minute meeting, I will be back to see you both off, don’t cause any more trouble or there will be another month worth of these detentions, got it?” You both nodded at her as she walked out of the room.

It took a few minutes of silence before Jinyoung finally lifted himself from his desk, walking to yours and placing his hands against it.

“Why can’t you just tell me why” You stared up at him.

“Are you serious?? Even in detention you want to start this?”

“I’m just asking a simple question I don’t know why its so hard for you to answer”

“I don’t want to answer it”

“Why!” You stood up from you seat, your faces so close together in frustration.

“Just stop asking Jinyoung!” you both stood your ground, but you weren’t prepared for what he was about to say next.

“You left me! You were everything to me and you left without any explanation at ALL, I think I deserve at least that much after how miserable you made me feel! Like I did something wrong!”

You fought back the tears that were trying to swell in you eyes.

“Jinyoung plea–”

“I loved you!” he shouted, and his words struck you, his words broke you and you couldn’t hold the paragraph inside your head anymore as you blurted out everything to him.

“I loved you too! That’s why I left! Because it scared me, ALL of it! I was scared of the feelings because you know how my parents turned out, you saw how they fought before they got divorced and you see how much they hate each other now! I was scared that it was going to happen to us so I broke it off! I didn’t want to hurt you and I hurt you so much and I’m so sorry! You were everything to me and you still are that’s why I cant stand these arguments anymore! I’m so, so sorry!”

You both shared gazes of shock and for once your facial expressions showed no hate, both of you panting heavy and then suddenly Jinyoung moved towards you, cradling your face as he crashed his lips onto yours, making you jump back slightly. You grabbed the nape of his neck and his hair with both of your hands. The kiss passionate and long overdue, all the feelings since your break up being let out it a single kiss. You moved away from you desk and Jinyoung grabbed you, his arms so tight around you that if you weren’t already holding your breath from kissing, you would be from his grip. Your lips melted into each others, and it never ended, teeth tugged at the bottom of you lips and you gladly opened them to let him in, his tongue roaming around yours and his grip around you becoming tighter as he dominated the kiss. You nibbled at his bottom lip, your tongues battling together and you missed this feeling, you missed kissing him so fucking much. The kiss stopped for only a moment, you faces apart but still only millimeters away from each other, his chest heaving up and down and he breathed and you felt his hot breath on your face, you lust for him grew and you pulled his face right back to you, joining your lips together again, both yours and Jinyoung’s heated kisses screaming of passion. He parted his lips from yours and you hated the loss until he started moving from your lips to your jaw and to you neck, leaving trails of love bites wherever he could, marking you his once again. His lips moved under you ear, remembering that it was yours and his favourite spot from when you used to do this almost everyday, leaving a bruise right in the spot and you moaned against him, the feeling going straight to your core. His hands still placed on your waist and he started walking, dodging the tables and desks, and you walked backwards with him as he pinned you against the wall, his lips reconnecting with your neck and moving down to your collarbone, leaving small bruises, the feeling engulfing you and you barely noticed when he started to unbutton the buttons of the school shirt you both shared.

“What if she comes back” you asked nervous and he looked at you, his pupils dilated and full of lust.

“I don’t care, I’ve missed this too much” you didn’t protest him because you felt the same way, you missed this, all of this, you missed feeling him and his lips and his arms around you, and all the feelings came back at once in this moment, the feelings going straight to your core. He pulled the shirt off of you and threw it onto a nearby desk, you undid the buttons on his shirt, dropping it onto the floor and admiring the body you missed so much. Your lips biting and suck on his neck as he moved his hands around to your back, unclasping your bra and discarding it on the floor. He placed his lips back onto you, licking down your breasts before attaching himself onto your left nipple and you moaned as he kissed and suck and nibbled on your hardening bud, his hand messaging your other breast, your hand gripped into his hair.

“Oh Jinyoung!” you moaned, and he did the same in response, moaning at your voice.

“I missed hearing you moan my name”

“I missed you making me moan your name” you panted in response and your chest heaved up and down from Jinyoung ministrations, he moved lower down your body, his hands moving down with him and he placed them on your thighs, underneath your skirt as he slowly dragged up the material, squeezing both you cheeks in his hands and you grunted at the feeling, you were already so wet for him and he knew it as his finger grazed over your clothed core, and you cursed at the sudden feeling.

“Fuck!” you head tilted upwards as you moaned and he started to speak, diverting your attention back to him as you stared into each others eyes.

“I bet you missed how these fingers made you feel? I bet you missed knowing that only I know how to get you all riled up, I bet you missed me inside you, my touch, my tongue, everything else that made you look like this”

His words traveled straight through your body to your core, you knew the look on your face right now would be of pure desperation, you wanted him so badly and you were showing it, and he could easily see. He raised an eyebrow at you.

“Yes I did Jinyoung, I missed all of it, and I can’t wait to feel you again” you gasped as he picked you up, your legs instinctively placed around his waist, he carried you to the professors desk placing you on it, knocking down cups of pens and other paperwork, he pulled you forward and spread your legs before he dropped onto his knees and looked up at you, smirking as he started to leave kisses on your inner thighs, so close to where you wanted him but not quite there, you leaned your hands behind you, keeping yourself upright, he looked back up at you, your eyes locking together as he pulled you underwear down your legs, dropping them to the floor and bringing his face back to your core. His hot breath fanning you and he placed a finger inside you, your head thrown back at the  sudden act.

“Ugh! Jinyoung–” he pumped his finger in and out easily, your wetness coating his fingers.

“You’re so wet for me baby, how much do you want me??” you couldn’t find your voice to reply to him as he added another finger inside of you, your mouth widening and your breathing shaky. He looked up at you while he continued his sinful act, missing how you looked when you were like this, and you looked and sounded beautiful to him, he didn’t care about anything else in that moment besides pleasuring you. He increased the speed of his fingers and started to curl them inside you, you gripped the sides of the desks, the edges making your hands red and your knuckles white with the effort as Jinyoung pleased you, hitting the spot each time with his fingers and it sent you into your own world, you moaned and cursed Jinyoung’s name and he was thriving off of it. His fingers continued their devilish act inside you, and then his mouth came closer to you, and he started to lick your clit, his tongue joining in on the ministrations of his fingers and you haven’t heard such noises and whimpers come out of your mouth like this in a very long time. Jinyoung placed kitten licks repeatedly on your clit and you felt dizzy from all the feelings, his fingers relentlessly pumping in and out of you and his tongue licking torture.

“Fuck! oH my god Jinyoung!” you screamed his name in delight, not caring how loud you were in the almost empty university. Your hand latched onto Jinyoung’s hair, tugging desperately at it making him moan against you, you felt the vibrations of his moans on your clit and it felt heavenly. His teeth joined the sinful acts as he started grazing slightly over his clit, sucking and nibbling on it and you felt your eyes roll back and the knot in your stomach start to tighten and you knew you weren’t going to last much longer, not at the rate he was going. He licked up and down you, making sure to pay extra attention on your clit as he sucked it.

“Jinyoung fuck I’m so close-AH!” your walls clenched around his fingers as you felt your orgasm approaching but then all of a sudden he stopped, his mouth separating from you and his fingers removed, and you burst with frustration.

“What are you going!” you asked, your frustration evident.

“I want to be inside you when I make you come” your heat jumped at his words and it excited you, and you anticipated what was next to come. Jinyoung lifted himself onto his feet, he grabbed you waist, pulling you off the table and flipping you around, now bending you over it. Jinyoung flipped the skirt onto your back and you were on display for him, vulnerable and it turned you on more than anything. You heard his belt and pants hit the floor and you stared back at him, licking your lips in excitement, you looked into his eyes, his eyes now black and full of lust, his sex hair on display, his mouth plum and red and he looked so fucking sexy you could come right there and then, his eyes concentrated on you and he grabbed you waist as he lined his length with your entrance, he rubbed his length up and down on you and you couldn’t handle the teasing you just wanted him inside you.

“Jinyoung please-FUCK!” he pushed into you in a instant, giving no time to spare and no time for you to adjust as he started pumping in and out of you. He brought his tip all the out before slamming all the way, balls deep back into you.

“Fuck you feel so good baby, I missed you around me” deep groans and grunts escaped his plump lips and his eyebrows furrowed as the pleasure overwhelmed you both. You rocked up and down on the desk, gripping the sides for support as he slammed hard in and out of you, but at an agonizingly slow pace which you knew he was doing on purpose, the slow speed made you write underneath him, just wanted him to go faster, but you couldn’t speak out your request because you couldn’t find you voice, you were lost in this hard thrusts and all you could do was moan. You tried to find you voice, moaning pleas to Jinyoung and he eventually got the message, deciding to finally quicken his pace, thrusting faster in and out of you.

Jinyoung hand grabbed onto your neck, pulling you and you moved up with him, your faces together and he kissed you as he thrusted into you relentlessly, you kisses messy and rushed as you bounced up down, sweat beads forming on both of your foreheads. you faced forwards again but kept yourself standing up as Jinyoung fucked you from behind, leaving kisses on the back of your neck at the same time.

“Faster please!” Jinyoung listened to your requests and he thrusted faster into you, faster than you could imagine and the room was spinning around you, your eyes clenched shut as he stretched your walls, your hands sore from gripping the table so hard and your waist to surely be bruised from the grip Jinyoung has on it. Jinyoung cursed behind you, and then he pulled out of you, flipped you around, lifting you up and placing you back onto the desk, he slammed back into you and you screamed in pleasure as he was once again fastening his pace and thrusting harder, which you didn’t think was possible. Jinyoung grabbed your leg, placing it around his waist and you did the same with the other, the new angle allowing Jinyoung to hit you deeper, and hit you right in the spot which made you mewl in delight. You honestly didn’t not know how anyone left in the university couldn’t hear you, but you were definitely not scared if they did or if they came in because you were too lost in the moment to give a fuck.

“FUck! Right there baby!” you threw you head back into delight as he hit you g-spot with every thrust, you felt your orgasm high approaching and you moved your hand to your clit, rubbing vigorous circles to help you along the way. Jinyoung stared at your fingers and their actions, watching you pleasure yourself as he also pleasured you and the sight for him was almost unbearable. You moaned and cursed and screamed in delight as he thrusted in an out of your, your fingers quickening their pace on your clit as you felt your stomach tighten, you walls clenched around Jinyoung, making him groan and curse deeply in response, he knew this meant you were close so he continued his hardest to get you to your peak, his lips once again latching onto your breasts, while he continued his thrusts and you continued the movement with your fingers. He sucked and nibbled at your breast and this was the last thing you needed before your orgasm washed over you, your juices released around Jinyoung and he groaned at the feeling, you started to see stars and you screamed as your orgasm hit you like no other, your walls clenching, your hand left your clit and joined the other in gripping the table, almost bleeding from gripping so hard, Jinyoung’s relentless thrusts allowing you to ride out your high for as long as possible and you felt pure ecstasy, your body shuddering and tingling and your breath shaking. You chest heaved up and down and your heart racing a marathon as you started to calm down from what was the best high you’ve had in a very long time. You finally relaxed from your high, feeling weak and feeling absolutely spent, but Jinyoung continues thrusting into you, chasing his own high. Although the over sensitivity overwhelmed you, you used all your effort to continue and get Jinyoung to reach his high, you grabbed his hair, pulling his face towards you and smashed your lips onto him, both of you grunting into the kiss, only separating to take many needed breaths, you bit and nibbled onto his bottom lip and your tongue dominated his as he concentrated on his thrusts inside you, your hand tightened in his hair and he loved the feeling, his orgasm starting to close in very quickly. You purposely clenched your walls around him in efforts to get him there sooner and it was definitely working as he removed himself from your kiss, moaning and cursing as he placed his head in the crook of your shoulder, your fingers gripped as his shoulders, leaving red marks and scratches and they moved down.

“Fuck y/n!” he groaned, his breathing rocky and his orgasm finally ripping through him, his muscles tensed as he orgasmed, pure euphoria making his body shake as he rose out his high, his seed released into you, the feeling warm inside you. His eyebrows furrowed together and his eyes clamped shut. His teeth bit into your shoulder at the feeling of his high and you hissed at the pleasurable pain. Worn out curses and moans left his mouth as his thrusts started to become sloppy and he started to relax, you leaned back onto the table and just watched him as he slowed to a final stop, his arms placed down to rest beside you as he hovered over you. His breathing slowly becoming steady and the pacing of his heart starting to slow, he looked into your eyes, placing a kiss on your lips as he removed himself from you, and you were saddened by the loss. He pulled his jeans back up and you watched him as he got dressed, you didn’t know how someone could make buttoning up a shirt look so sexy, but of course he managed. He walked back at you, a silly smile on his face as you fixed his very obvious sex hair as best you could. He grabbed your underwear of the floor, sliding the material back up your legs, the gesture cute and you laughed at him. He reached for your hands, pulling you up and off the table, he handed your shirt to you and you placed it back on.

“We better make this room look presentable again” he said to you and you looked around and laughed, you didn’t realise how much of a mess you created, the professors desk ruined (you started with that one first - placing everything back in the right spots), the tables moved and the chairs fallen, and when you two had cleaned up you walked up to Jinyoung, giving him a tight hug.

“I’m so sorry Jinyoung, I’m never letting you go again” his hands ran through your hair and he kissed your forehead.

“I’ll never let you go either”. You two embraced in the hug and you didn’t want to let it go, but had to when you heard footsteps coming down the hallway, you both scrambled to your seats, just in time for the professor to walk into the room, her facial expressing assuming something suss, but ignoring it as she sat at her desk.

“You two can go” she said coldly at you. You and Jinyoung smiled at each other, rushing out of the room.

“My place?” he asked you.

“Sure thing, but I’m driving” you rattled your car keys in his face, you both shared laughter, finally back together, which is the only place you two should be.

Masterlist <3

Bedroom Eyes - Isaac Lahey

Characters: Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Reader.


Originally posted by onlysharman

“Oh, what about Greenberg?” Lydia asks you.

You roll your eyes. “Seriously? No one even knows his first name. I mean that too, I’m not even sure he knows his name.” You throw your carrot stick back onto your tray and lean forward. “Greenberg.” You scoff.

“Y/N, come on. I’m trying to get you a boyfriend.” She defends herself, sitting her purse on the table.

“You can get me a boyfriend after you get Stiles.”

“I didn’t know you played dirty, Y/L/N.” She rolls her eyes.

“You can’t act like you’re not in love with him, Lyd.” She suddenly becomes very interested in cleaning out her purse.

“This is not about me. This is about you finding a boyfriend before you die a virgin.”

You furrow your brow. “Who says I’m a virgin?”

“Sweet Y/N’s been deflowered?” Isaac asks as he sits beside you. He puts his backpack almost in your lap and you push it onto the ground.

“Why is this any of your business?” You scoot towards Lydia and she smirks.

“Oh, it’s not. I just find it interesting that you’ve had sex but you’ve yet to have a boyfriend.” He opens up his bottle of water, the clicking of the lid sending you over the edge.

“I moved here sophomore year. You know nothing about me.”

“Oh come on, Y/N! We’re friends!” He chuckles.

“No, actually..we’re not. You’re friends with my friends, therefore we’re within the same proximity most of the time. I do not care about you, and I do not want to be your friend, okay? You’re a jerk.” You push your tray away, any trace of appetite you’d had vanished.

“Wow. Okay. I was just asking a simple question.” He shakes his head and scoots away from you.

“A simple question about my sex life.”

Stiles and Scott sit down beside Isaac. “Woah…whose sex life?” Stiles raises an eyebrow.

“Y/N’s apparently.” Isaac answers.

Lydia holds a finger to her lips and swats Stiles’ arm. “I have to go. I’ll see you after school.” You sigh and stand up, rushing to your locker.

“So you and Isaac…” Lydia starts. She met you at your locker at the end of the day.

“There is no me and Isaac.” You roll your eyes as you shove your books in your locker.

“I think there is. You’ve got great chemistry. Not to mention the sexual tension. God…you two would be so hot together.” She smiles.

“Would you shut up? He’s standing right there and he can probably hear us.” You slam your locker closed.

“He can’t. Anyway, from what I’ve heard he’s great in bed.”

“Oh yeah? How many hundreds of girls did you hear it from?”

“Y/N, give him a chance! You said you’re not a virgin so it’s not like it’s anything special.”

“Yes, that’s logical. I had sex with one guy so now the possibilities are endless.” You walk towards Scott, hoping Lydia would end the conversation.

“Stop being sarcastic! That’s exactly my point.” She runs to keep up with you.

“You see, unlike some other people, I don’t sleep with everyone I make eye contact with.“ You’d reached Scott. You watched as Isaac connected the dots. He turned on his heel and took off down the hall.

You groaned. “Isaac! Wait!” You ran after him, catching him as he walked out onto the lacrosse field.

He turns around, his height advantage over you suddenly intimidating. “What? What do you want? Do you want me to talk to the hundreds of girls I slept with?”

“I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean it.” You sigh and grab his arm.

He pulls away from you. “No wait. Maybe I should ask every person I’ve ever made eye contact with.”

“I said I’m sorry! What else do you want?”

“You. I want you!” He steps back, dropping his backpack on the ground as he runs a hand through his hair.

“I-..what?” You’re taken aback.

“You’ve done nothing but offend me today, Y/N. I’m trying, I really am. I just..I love the banter with you and I don’t ever try to be a jerk. It’s just so cute to get a rise out of you.”

You step closer to him, his face softening as you near. “I never would’ve guessed. It’s not as obvious as you think it is.”

“I give you bedroom eyes!” He pouts slightly. The anger gone from both of you the second those five words tumble from his lips.

You laugh, throwing your head back. “Bedroom eyes? God, Lahey you’re such a nerd.”

He chuckles, the grin plastered on his face showing off his dimples. “Will you give this a shot? Even if I am a nerd that gives you bedroom eyes?”

“I think this may be a start.” You laugh and he pulls you into his arms.

He rests his head on top of yours. “I’m sorry. Let’s start over?”

“Only if you stop with the bedroom eyes.”

“I’ll never live that down, will I?”

You smile. “Nope.”

A Lovely Situation ( Chapter 1 )

Lin x Reader Summary: So this is the beginning of a little Lin x Reader that no one requested. (Y/N) is seriously crushing on Daveed, and when she finally tells him, he rejects her. Lin ends up comforting (Y/N) and getting a bit closer to her. Daveed ends up fighting for her and she gets confused with her feelings and wonders if she had liked Lin all along….

Word count: 2,449  

Warnings: tiny bit of angst? Rejection.


Today is the day. The day when you finally tell Daveed, your best friend of 2 years, that you like him. You were wishing. Hoping, that it wouldn’t ruin everything between you guys. You remembered the day you guys became best friends.


You were walking home from the theatre after your first day of playing Eliza. A wide grin on your face. It was raining that evening, and you had forgotten to bring your umbrella. There were many days where you would have been pissed that you had forgotten your umbrella. Today was one of those days. It was the only thing that ruined your perfect day. You felt the rain abruptly stop. Looking up you saw a big red umbrella covering you. You spun around, to see a tall muscly man towering above you. Your eyes wondered up to his eyes. You then realised who this was. Daveed. The sexiest man on Broadway. “Hey,” you whispered. “Hi! You looked like you needed a bit of cover from the rain. How could you forget your umbrella? It’s raining cats and dogs” Daveed chuckled. “I normally don’t bring one with me. I forget that New York weather is extremely unpredictable sometimes” You said, pulling a strand of your hair behind your ear. “You were amazing as Eliza tonight. It was amazing seeing you perform. You’re so amazing and wow I’ve said amazing a million times.” He started to rub his neck. You looked down and giggled. “Thank you.”

—End Flashback—

You walked into the living room of your shared apartment with your bestie Jasmine. Realising that Daveed was already there, his eyes glued to his phone. You didn’t even hear a knock on the door or even hear him coming in.

“Hey Daveed when did you get here?” 

You swiftly made your way across the room to hug him. He looked up and hugged you before looking down at his phone again.

“Around 5 minutes ago.”

You stood there glaring at him. He didn’t even make eye contact with you. He was texting someone. You noticed as his fingers moved quickly, typing something and his eyes were stuck to his phone like a hot tongue and cool ice. It must be someone. Special

Should I tell him or not you asked yourself. You took in a deep breath and opened your mouth. 

“Uhm. Daveed can I talk to you for a minute or two?” You asked him.

“Sure!” He replies without raising his eyes from his phone.

A-Alone.” You said quietly as you looked over to Jasmine staring wide eyed at the both of you. Daveed’s eyes shot up as soon as you stuttered the word alone. You never stuttered. Not even when you were nervous as heck.

“Ooooh!” Jasmine screamed as she heard what she said. Of course she would do that. Your roommate, your best friend knew exactly why you wanted to speak to Daveed alone. Daveed chuckled under his breath. Damnit he’s so cute you thought. 

“What are you ooooohing at Jasmine?” Your other friend Pippa questions as she walked out of the kitchen holding a bag of salty popcorn. You notice Daveed looking down at his phone again. He was probably texting the same person. Completely unaware of the world.

“Y/N wants to talk to Daveed alone.” Jasmine retorts in a childish voice.

“Haha Jasmine. Stop ooohing and leave them alone. Oh and Y/N remember, it’s my break day today, you’re on as Eliza today.” 

 You smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

“Daveed? Earth to Diggs!” You shout as he isn’t paying attention at all

“Hmm? Oh yes! What did you wan-” 

You quickly pulled him away to your bedroom so you can finally say what you wanted to say.

“Why are we in your bedroom?” He says as he winks at you. God he’s so lovable you think to yourself. 

“Omg stop. That doesn’t matter. Ok, I. Look I don’t really. Uhm. How should I say thi- Ok. I like you Daveed! I’m sick of pretending to be just friends I’m tired of you talking about all your new girlfriends. I. I just. Really really like you!” You blurted out.

Daveed put his phone in his pocket and sighed and stared at you. Hand scratching his head. You knew that that wasn’t a good sign.

“I-I’m so sorry Y/N, but I don’t feel the same. I hate that you’ve said this to me. I don’t really know where to go from here.”If only you told me this 2 years ago when I had feelings for you. He shouted in his head.

You stared at each other for a minute. Tears brewing in your eyes. Regret in his eyes. You did it. You never thought you would ever do it. But you did it. You told him. You told Daveed you liked him. After a year of being just best friends you threw a live grenade into your platonic relationship. And broke it apart. Ruined everything between you. You had been so cocky. You had always thought he liked you back because of the way he acted. Dammit Daveed why did you have to give you mixed signals! He turned around.

“I gotta get to the theatre. Uhm I’ll see you later.” He says with his back to you. He twisted the handle of your bedroom door and showed himself his way out of your apartment.

You broke down. You fell to the ground onto your knees. Tears running away from your eyes and down your cheeks. You started to cry and sob louder. Jasmine and Pippa ran into your bedroom both falling onto the floor to hug you as tight as they could.

“Wh-What happened Y/N?!” Pippa asks.

“Yeah what happened? We saw Daveed run out of the apartment! He didn’t even say goodbye to us.” Jazzy questions.

“He doesn’t like me back. I’ve destroyed our friendship. I’m a moron.. Pippa I’m really sorry. I know it’s your break day. But I can’t go in and see Daveed.” You whisper as you try to hold back your tears.

Pippa gives an understanding nod and Jazzy hugs you tighter. They didn’t want to say anything. They didn’t know what to say.

“You guys should head to the theatre…I’ll be fine. Just don’t say or do anything stupid to Daveed.” You say as you make your way to your bed.

“Okay..” They both say in unison as they kiss your cheeks and say goodbye.


 You spent the next few days in your bedroom and you only got up from your bed to use the bathroom or for food. Jazzy knew that whenever you’re upset you just want to be left alone so she only came into your room if it was really important. But she always came in every morning to give you a tight, long and understanding hug.

During those long days you were staring at your phone. Hoping that Daveed would text you. You guys would text and talk every single day so it was strange when you didn’t get his texts.


You gasp and quickly grab your phone hoping it was Daveed only revealing it wasn’t. Instead, it was Pippa.

From Pippa: Hey (Y/N)!! I know that you’re probably still upset about the whole Daveed thing but I’m suffering from a sore throat and I’m in desperate need of a break! Could you play Eliza tomorrow?? Xx

You sigh loudly. You didn’t really want to stand on the Richard Rodgers stage to sing and dance your heart out. You didn’t want to face…Daveed. But you felt extremely bad for Pippa and a bit selfish as you didn’t let her have a break the other day.

To Pippa: Aw..Sorry to hear about that! Of course I’ll play Eliza I’m sorry I didn’t let you have your break the other day… x

From Pippa: Great!! And it’s okay! Love you x

You began to doze off into your dreams…


You woke up in the morning all groggy. Looking over to your clock to see what time time was. 10:00am. You yawned pretty loud and got up to face the rest of the day. 

From Pippa: Hey good luck tonight!! You haven’t been on as Eliza in ages! Don’t get the words wrong missy 

 You smiled at the text. Pippa was the only friend sending you cute texts messages to cheer you up. Well Jazzy is a different story, everyday she would shower you with hugs. 

 To Pippa: Thanks Pip! You deserve this break<3 

 You turned off your phone and made your way to the theatre.


The 10 minutes till places call was being made. Quickly you put on your costume and headed to Anthony’s dressing room to find Jazzy. Daveed walked past you. You didn’t even realise. You didn’t even want to realise. You just continued walking and looked to your left. Where you couldn’t be able to see him at all.

 “5 minutes till places”

You sighed. You weren’t gonna find Jazzy on time so you rushed to the left wing, preparing for your entrance. Behind you was Daveed. It wasn’t really a surprise. It’s not like he was going to apologise. It’s not like he was going to confess his undying love for you. No he was just there because he needed to be Thomas Jefferson in the first song. Not your boyfriend. Not your best friend. Just Thomas. Jefferson.

Lin noticed you being a bit fidgety so being one of the greatest friends he is. He put his hand on your shoulder for reassurance and whispered in your ear.

 “You’ll do great, I’m sure if it.”

You looked back at him and forced a weak smile. Nobody knew about the “Daveed Incident” but Pippa and Jazzy. And you were planning to keep it that way. You didn’t really want everyone up in your business anyway.


That night as Act 1 Eliza didn’t feel normal. You tried so hard to plaster a smile on your face for the whole show. It didn’t work. Your voice wasn’t as powerful as normal and you had to always wipe away a tear pretending it was a tear of joy because *Eliza was so happy.*

Act 2 was a different story. Eliza was horribly mortified throughout the whole act. You could finally stop forcing your smiles and blame your voice cracks on *Eliza being sad.*

You kept glancing over to the entrances and you always saw Daveed there. He never stood there when he wasn’t supposed to be on the next song. Every time you looked over. He was already staring at you. You made sure to look at him with tears in your eyes. Show him what he’s done to you. How much he’s hurt you.

You faced Daveed and sang the “How they perceive you. You, you, you..” With much more power than the other lines you sang. All you wanted is for him to say sorry. He didn’t have to confess his undying love for you. All you wanted to hear was an “I’m sorry” I guess he’s too proud to say it you thought


After the performance all you wanted to do was go home to eat ice cream and just cry in your bed. It was a great way to end a day of seeing Daveed’s face everywhere. Everyone congratulated you and made sure you were ok, they must have noticed that you weren’t your usual perky - almost bursting out in laughter and not tears in act 2 - self. You went into your dressing room and quickly changed into your street clothes. Noticing the tiniest things. Like how Daveed’s things weren’t scattered around your room like before. Things have changed. So much. Just in a few days.

You opened the door to your dressing room and saw Daveed. You stared at him. Waiting for the two words. He was startled that you were there. Almost as if he was expecting you to be lying around and not already ready to go home.

 “Uh..I-” he said sheepishly as his hand started to rub his neck.

Just say it Daveed. Sorry. That’s all you have to say. You’re sorry. You thought as you stood there with your arms crossed, glaring at him, waiting for him to finish his sentence.

“I thought you did great out there,” he finally managed to spit it out.But they weren’t the words you wanted to hear. At. All. 

 “Unbelievable.” You mutter underneath your breath as you scoff and push through him. Making your way to the back doors. “(Y/N)!” You heard someone call out. The voice shouted out again “(Y/N)!” Unsure of who it was you slowly turned around. Lin. Lin had always been the friend you could count on. Whenever Daveed was away for anything. Or off sick. Lin would always be by your side. Even when Daveed was here Lin would always. Always be there as well.

“Hey! Why are you in such a rush today?” He says. There’s a tone of worry in his voice. Making you panic a bit. You didn’t want him to see you like this.

“Uhm. I have a date. With my couch and TV!” You said giggling. A wide grin appeared on Lin’s face, making you grin. His smile would cheer up a whole town.

“Mind if I..if I joined you? It’s a bit awkward to be third wheeling but I’m fine with it!”

“Sure! Why not?” you said, forcing a smile.

You really wanted to be alone that night as Jazzy was staying at Anthony’s house today. You wanted to be alone to just cry on the sofa. “Wooooop! Let’s go then!” 


It was 10:47pm and you were both curled up on the sofa and Lin had already fallen asleep. He looked adorably cute in this position. Your head resting on Lin’s shoulder. His head resting on your head. You decided to grab your phone and snap a little picture for Twitter because your fans thought you were dead as you hadn’t posted anything in a while.

You tried to laugh quietly as you posted it on your Twitter with the caption


 I’m not dead guys I’m here!! With the one and only @Lin_Manuel! P.s he snores if you guys wanted to know Pp.s Lin is going to kill me when he sees this. Ppp.s then I truly will be dead.


 Daveed stared at the picture that you tweeted, he reread the caption again and again and again. He noticed that you both looked very close. Maybe too close, he didn’t like it at all. It was at this point. He felt the amorous feelings he had for you come back.


jemchew  asked:

YO FAM. I need you to do this for me because we are family. I don't care which prompt you pick from your list, just write me something for Hotaru. PLEASE. I can not compute right now with my own prompts. So I'm coming to you for fanfiction, because I love you, mate. Do this and save my soul. Save OUR souls. 💕💕💕💕 'Hotaru' + 'Author's Choice!'

god, i love you. i hope i did him justice!!!

She can see it in the way that he looks at her that he adores her, and with every passing movement he watches her eagerly as if he could watch her forever. It makes her heart swell–and makes her a little more self conscious–when she tries to put all of her focus on making sure the vegetables are correctly cooked; she wants to look at him too, but would that be too much? There’s a mystery to Hotaru, despite already being as close as they were,  she still wasn’t sure how to act around him. He made her heart race in the most comforting of ways she wasn’t sure how she could repay him for making her so happy. 

But her thoughts are cut short when she feels comforting arms wrapping themselves around her waist to pull her close, and she knows it’s him that’s holding her like this. There’s an innocence that bleeds from his gentle hold which makes her heart get caught in her throat; she can feel his heartbeat against her back, his broad chest pressed against her shoulder blades. Wisps of silver hair brushed against her cheek with his chin rested on her shoulder, eyes peering into the pot that she was facing with interest. 

I want to be close to her. I could never tire of watching her. I never want to leave her.

These words come to her mind as easy as the alphabet does, and her face is flushed a bright red when she reminds herself that in her own secret way, she had felt the same. Hotaru was unbridled innocence and uninhibited honesty in the best of ways that gave her the security she had always sought out, despite his life being anything but safe. It was the security of loving and being loved back, and even if there had been circumstances that loomed over them, she knew that she could still love him with her whole heart. 

Hotaru’s kisses began light as a butterfly’s, dancing across her ear to her jawline to her cheekbone before a she spots a smile peeking from the corner of his lips. The light in his eyes sparkled as she put down her spoon to turn around to face him, nimble fingers curled around his shoulders and eyes matching his adoration. He had always been ferociously beautiful in the most painful of ways, and it hurt more and more every time to see him leave when he did. It was a beauty that didn’t allow itself to be noticed and made her miss him all the more when she realized it. So she sighs, quiet and frayed and rushed, sadness laced in her throat as it spills out into the room when she doesn’t mean it to. 

“What are you thinking?” Hotaru’s gentle honey dipped tone danced towards her ears, but she couldn’t find herself to answer right away. His words were always spoken so carefully; he had no choice but to. She could only bury her face in the crook of his neck when she replied. “I’m just thinking about how much I’ll miss you when you leave.” 

And she knows, she knows it’s selfish of her to say that when it’s entirely out of his hands, and a tinge of regret courses through her. She was preaching to the choir saying these things to him. “I’m sorry. I know you can’t do anything about it. I shouldn’t keep reminding you, it’s wrong of me to. I’m really… really, happy that you’re here.” 

He just nodded, eyes bright. Despite her selfishness, he had looked upon her still with the utmost adoration. His hands moved from her back to hold her face. Even though it is the way it is, she thought, I wouldn’t choose anyone else. It seemed as if he could read her thoughts from the way he began kissing her again, dotting her forehead and her eyelids and her nose and her cheeks, only to finally settle to hover over her lips. She could feel his breath against her.

“Every time you think of me while I’m gone, you’ll get as many kisses when I return.” 

Drunk - Reader x Derek

Prompt: You’re drunk at a part and Derek picks you up.

Pairing: Reader x Derek

Warning: None

This was your night to let loose. You were GRADUATING! You and your best friend were at Stiles and Scott’s party. You weren’t close to them but you hung out a couple times because you had a mutual friend. Right now you were on top of Scott’s dinner table with your top off and a bottle of whiskey in your hand. You swung your head to the beat of the music and let your hair fly in your face. You best friend was making out, finally, with the girl she’s had a crush on since freshman year. You hung your head back to drink more whiskey when you realized your were all out.

You jumped off and tumbled towards the drinking area. You could barely see until you bumped into someone. You heard the person say how Derek was going to kill them. What did Derek, your ex, have to do with this. You were about to ask until the person dragged you to a dark room. You got scared for a second until the lights turned on and you realized it was Stiles. You gave him a smile with your droopy eyes. “HI STILES.” You yelled. “Hi, (y/n), you okay?” “IM AWESOME, THIS PARTY IS AWESOMENESS. YOU. ARE. AWESOMENESS!” He laughed before giving you water to drink. “BUT I WANTED WISKEY.” You yelled again. “I don’t think you need anymore. I called Derek by the way, he’s on his way.”

You blinked. “WHAT? WHY?” You asked. “Because he told us to call him if you were ever in trouble or going crazy, so I called him.” You ran towards the door to escape but it opened before you could grabbed it. Derek’s form filled the doorway. You stood frozen looking at him as he looked at you. He broke your stare to nod at Stiles. Stiles shook his head and walked out. “You ready to go?” He asked coolly. You looked at him in disbelief. “And what the FUCK would make you think I would go with you?” You asked. He gave a huff as if you were the most difficult person ever. “Either you’re coming willingly or Im dragging you.” He said with a serious face. You stomped your feet and crossed your arms. He raised one eye brow and chuckled. “Okay, but don’t say I didn’t ask.” He scooped down and layed you on his shoulder. You gave a squeak. He walked out the room and you watched in embarrassment as everyone in the party stared at you.

“Omg!” You whispered in embarrassment. He reached his car and dropped you at the door. He went to the driver side and opened the door for you. “Go. In. Now. (Y/n). You rolled your eyes and entered his car which smelled like him.
He entered and drove at the highest speed. “DEREK!” You yelled at him, “SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.” He slowed down and looked at you as if your were being dramatic.

You finally reached your house and were about to get out until you realized you left your purse along with your keys at the party. You gave a big sigh and turned to Derek.

“Canigohomewithyou?” You said in a rush so he won’t hear you.


You were surprised until you remembered he had super hearing.

“Cheater.” You whispered.

“I know.” He replied with a smug smile as you drove off together.

What If I Told You

Warnings: Just Dan’s potty mouth

Genre: Fluff


    Dan angrily stomped through the halls, his heavy backpack slowing him down, and a short girl, with blonde curly hair, rushing at his heels. He’d been trying to push off this conversation for days, however he knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid it forever. Especially with his friend, Louise, basically being his second mother,

   “Daniel,” she called out, equality frustrated with Dan as he was with her, “you can’t keep avoiding the situation! It’s tearing you apart,” Louise smacked her hand on his shoulders and turned him around, “you need to tell him the truth already,” she spoke with a more gentle tone. Dan sighed and turn to his locker, turning the lock a few times, then pulling it open.

   “I know Louise, trust me I do, it’s just-” Dan bit his lip nervously, “Phil is my best friend, he has been since the beginning basically. I don’t want to ruin what we have now just because I have a selfish little crush on him,”

    Unfortunately for Dan, a little crush, was an understatement. In fact, Dan can barely stand close to the black haired boy without drooling everywhere. If anything Dan could ever love more than Phil, it would to be able to call Phil his. However, there was one small problem, Phil was straight.

   Louise sighed as she watched her close friend slump his shoulders in defeat, “Dan, honey, remember that we don’t know for fact that Phil is straight. He’s never said anything about his sexuality, and we know that he doesn’t have anything against homosexuals, considering both of you nerds cry over that silly ice skating anime together,” she finished her sentence with a giggle, knowing that would cheer Dan up slightly.

   Dan let out a weak laugh at that memory. Louise did have a point, but would it be worth it to have a possibly in ruining their friendship forever? No, not at all. Louise softly smiled at Dan,

   “Hey, Phil’s coming over to yours after school, correct?” Dan nodded, “Well, how about you tell him your feelings today,”

   Dan’s eyes got wide and he quickly shook his head, “No way Louise! I can’t lose him as a friend. Trust me, I’ll be more beat up if I don’t have him in my life rather than not having him in my arms,” Louise gushed at that,

   "Oh Danny, the love bug has bitten you hard in the arse,” she laughed as Dan’s cheek became flushed, “but listen, if Phil decides to not be your friend after you tell him, he’s not a very good one, is he?”

   He’d never thought of it like that. If Phil was really a good friend, he wouldn’t walk out on Dan after he just confessed his crush, “You’re right Louise,” Dan took a deep breath and closed his locker, “I’ll do it,”

   Louise jumped up and down excitedly, “Finally Dan,” she paused and the smile on her face turned into a serious one, “now don’t be afraid to call me if something goes wrong alright hun,” Dan smiled down at her and gave her a hug,

   "Of course Louise, and thank you,” Louise giggled and pulled away from the embrace, "It’s my job as your mum Daniel, it’s just the least I could do,” suddenly the bell rang, “I’ve got to get to class. I’ll see you tomorrow and please don’t chicken out Dan,” Dan rolled his eyes and waved goodbye as Louise began back down the hall. Was he really going to do this? Was he really going to confess to his best friend? Dan was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt his phone vibrate in his back pocket, he pulled it out and a smile was suddenly glued to his face,

Phil🦁: Am I still coming over to yours after school?? (^ω^)

Dan: of course you spork Dan put his phone back into his pocket and sighed, this was going to be so hard.


   Dan rushed inside his house and frantically began to pick up any mess that had been left there. Phil would be here any minute and to say Dan was terrified, would also be an understatement. He quickly made his bed, knowing they would be up in his room playing Mario Kart 8 the whole time. He quickly rushed down the stairs into the kitchen and poured a bag of chips into a plastic bowl.

   Then there was a knock at the door.

   Dan froze, “What is there to be scared of? He’s my best friend. It’s not like he’s coming over for a date…yet,” Dan thought to himself. He took a deep breath and walked towards the door, not before checking his hair in the hall mirror first.

   Dan opened the door, and his mouth dropped. Phil was wearing his ladybug sweatshirt, black skinny jeans, and his glasses sat almost perfectly on his nose. His black dyed hair was still straight even after a long day at school. This man was perfect, and Dan hated that he loved it so much. Phil smiled warmly at him and stepped inside, his hands gripping the straps of his backpack,

   “Let me guess, Mario Kart for two hours, then an anime marathon?” Dan grinned, this is why they were best friends,

   “Fuck yeah,” he closed the door and ran up the stairs, Phil following behind. Maybe the confession could wait until after video games.


   The time they spent together went exactly how it did every time they hung out, however Phil could sense something was up. Considering he’d actually won at Mario Kart against Dan, and that never happens.

   As Dan walked back into the room after using the bathroom Phil sat up on Dan’s bed, his back resting against the head board, “Dan,” he said with a soft sigh, “what’s up? I can tell something’s wrong,” Phil saw Dan tense up and he frowned, he hated seeing his best friend in a mood. Dan shrugged,

   "Nothings wrong, why would you think that?” Dan spoke quickly and he began to fidget with his fingers.

   Phil motioned Dan over to the bed, urging him to sit down, “Because Dan, you’re my best friend I can tell when something’s on your mind,” he paused and giggled a little, “plus I won at Mario Kart. If Dan Howell loses to Phil Lester at Mario Kart, there must be a problem,”

   Dan smiled at his friend, “You just got lucky this time Lester,” Dan’s eyes darted across the room, “umm, so what anime do you want to watch?” Phil crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow,

   "Daniel, don’t try and change the subject. You can’t hide anything from me. I know you better than I know myself, and I know for fact that something is bugging you, now sit down and talk to me,” Dan’s eyes went huge, he hesitantly walked over to his bed and sat next to Phil, who was now criss crossed and staring right into his eyes. Oh how Dan could just get lost in his eyes.

   Dan shook the thoughts out of his head as he watched Phil looking him up and down, “I don’t want you to feel like you’re going through something alone, please talk to me Dan,” Dan took a deep breath, should he tell him the truth or make up a lie? No, Phil would easily be able to tell if he was lying…I guess he’d have to come clean now, “Phil, I have something I really need to tell you,” Dan examined Phil’s face for any sign of rejection, the only thing he saw was a loving, soft smile, and caring eyes. He could do this.

   Phil placed an encouraging hand on Dan’s knee as he tried to collect his words carefully, “I have a strong attraction towards someone,” Phil’s eyes suddenly lost all of their beautiful glow. Dan raised an eyebrow. Wait, what does that mean? Dan slowly placed his shaking hand on top of Phil’s, which was still resting on his own knee, “I’m so nervous to tell him though, because he’s my best friend and I’m fucking terrified of losing him. Plus I don’t even know his sexuality, so I’m probably taking things a little to far right now,” Dan said with a nervous chuckle, he started to remove his hand but was startled and he felt a smaller hand wrap tighter around his.

   Phil’s eyes were bright again, in fact, it looked like he might cry, “What if I told you, I was having the same problem?” Dan’s mouth dropped, this was too good to be true, “What if I told you that everyday I woke up terrified that I would never be able to kiss the person I liked because I thought they were straight,” Phil grinned and Dan blushed.

   Neither boy realized they were both leaning in, “What if I told you, that I really liked you and that I’m totally gay,” Dan whispered and giggled softly.

   He could feel Phil’s hot breath on his face, as he opened his mouth to answer, "What if I told you that I really liked you too and that I’m totally Bi,”

   "Then I guess I’d have to ask you to be my boyfriend,” Dan smiled. Phil tapped his chin in thought, then leaned his forehead against Dan’s.

   "Hell yes,” Phil said and Dan quickly brought their lips together. Both of them knowing that they’d probably spend the rest of their life’s together.


Character(s): S.Coups (Choi Seungcheol)

Genre: Fluff!! Soulmate AU!!!!

Word Count: 1,866

Summary: Lapsing - When you first meet your soulmate you two enter a lapse, a lapse is when a day repeats over and over again until you meet a specific requirement “make a connection” if its getting their number or asking them out to coffee just make a connection. Only you two will realize its happening. (x)

Request: great! i was wondering if you could do a soulmate s coups scenario? or something just really fluffy with coups hes so cute. either way thank uuu <3 - @kookiexdae​ (Thank you for requesting!!! <3)

A/N: I have no idea about the dorm situations, so I’m sorry for my inaccuracies! 

Originally posted by fandoms-blog

Transferring dorm rooms in the middle of the year would be easy they said, it’ll be super fun and easy to adapt to they said. Lies. All of those reassurances were lies you concluded. Despite being in the Pledis Entertainment building for nearly half a year, you still could not find your new dorm area. You sighed. Trainee life wasn’t hard in only the actual showbiz and practice. You were the leader of a new “group” too! How could you let this happen?

“Have I been down this hall before?” You asked yourself. Something about it seemed vaguely familiar. Or maybe it looked like every other hallway you found yourself in. Groaning for the hundredth time, you turned around and headed to a new direction.

You passed by a couple of windows. Shoot. It’s already dark out. You hoped that the rest of your group had already found the dorms and were already sleeping. You also wished that at least one of them would be out looking for you. Why did you have to go out on a food run by yourself this time round? Another person passed by, smiling to you in acknowledgment. He had some fluffy looking hair and bright eyes that accented his smile. You smiled and nodded back, the two of you going on your merry, or your not-so-merry, ways.

“There you are! We got worried,” a voice spoke out. You looked towards an open door, spotting the heads of three of your members poking out. You sighed with relief and rushed towards them. “You forgot your phone so you couldn’t get the directions to the new dorms, huh?” A sheepish nod and a shuffle later, you found yourself inside.

“For someone who graduated high school, you don’t seem to be too responsible with your basic belongings.” You laughed.

“For someone who’s still in high school, you don’t seem to be too responsible about maintaining those grades.” The member, the youngest of the group, flushed slightly.

“Hey! It’s just that you haven’t been around to tutor me often so I get really confused about this stuff…” You ruffled their hair and told them that you’d help out later. You were exhausted and wanted to get to bed.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, stopping you from beginning to unload the groceries. “I can take over from here. Get to bed, I took a nap anyways.” With a grateful nod, you head off to bed. It only takes a couple of seconds for you to fall asleep.

When you wake up, you’re being shaken. Your blurry vision cleared slightly, and you saw some elderly woman nudging your shoulder. She said, “I think this is your stop.” Outside was the shopping center. You looked back at her with a confused expression. “Aren’t you shopping for groceries?”

You finally realized you were holding onto a paper with lots of food items scrawled onto it. Didn’t you just go shopping the day before? Maybe you were too exhausted from practice that you dreamt you did. You gave her a nod of the head. “Right, thank you!” You jump off of the bus after paying. She looked familiar.

Shopping was a breeze, but you had the feeling of déjà vu when you saw a little child whine over not getting red apples instead of green ones. With enough food to last a week or two for the band, you started to head back. A bus ride and a 15-minute walk later, you found yourself at the Pledis building. You looked up at it, smiling. It’d become your new home almost. The sun and red sky reflected on the windows. It was going to get dark soon.

You walked into the building with multiple plastic bags on hand. All that dancing made your hands pretty strong. Multiple trips were for losers anyways you decided. Or something told you that if you left some of the bags out, one of them would have been stolen.

“Right, the new directions to the place were-” You stopped short. Cringing, you stomped forward. “They were on the phone that I left back with the kids… great.”

Now it was time to test your memory and instinct. You passed through multiple halls, and they seemed even familiar than before. You sighed heavily.

Transferring dorm rooms in the middle of the year would be easy they said, it’ll be super fun and easy to adapt to they said. Lies. All of those… wait a second. Haven’t you been here before?

“Haven’t I been down this hall before?” You turned around, quickly walking over to the windows. It was dark. “Strange.”

You heard footsteps down the hall. It was that guy again, the one with the bright eyes. He smiled at you in passing, to which you smiled back and then went to the door you apparently knew was the new dorm. It was from the hall that guy just came from, so you assumed he lived in the dorms there too. You stopped in front of the door just in time for three heads to poke out and then pop back in once they came into contact with your body.

“Didn’t expect you to actually find this place. You left-”

“My phone, yeah. I’m tired, this day has been weird.” You walked in, placing the bags in the kitchen area and then rubbing your eyes.

“You know what’s weird is that a high school grad-”

“-graduate doesn’t seem to be responsible over basic belongings? Don’t worry, as a high school kid you don’t seem to be too responsible over keeping your grades up.” The youngest stared at you for a second.

The other two members laughed. “That’s the leader for you. Get to bed, you have school tomorrow. I’ll take over from here, get to bed too. I took a nap anyways.” You nodded. Trudging to your bed, you huffed and closed your eyes. The sleep that took over you almost seemed to forcefully suck you in.

You woke with a start. You looked to the side and saw a somewhat startled elderly lady, her hand hovering over your shoulder. “I guess you’re a light sleeper? It’s your stop.” You rubbed your eyes and tried to suppress a deep groan, trying not to seem rude. Mumbling a thanks, you planned to get shopping done and over with as quickly as possible. Waiting in those lines for perhaps a third time would be excruciating. You even told a mother that the skin of the green apples were a little too soft, so the red apples would be better suited.

You made it to the Pledis building. It was going to get dark soon and you had to get these bags to the kitchen. Somehow you made a beeline for the dorms. You weren’t exactly too surprised by now. You almost made it to the hall when you heard footsteps. Must be that guy again. And it was, he flashed you another brilliant smile.

“Shopping again?” You quirked a brow. He stopped walking, and so did you. “I’ve seen you carrying the same amount of bags the last couple of times. It looks like a lot of food for you to have to be shopping every day.”

“You’ve… noticed?” He nods, seemingly relieved. For some reason the calmer expression made you feel calm as well, almost glad.

“Yeah. I thought I was the only one seemingly repeating this day over and over again. I’ve had to deliver the same instructions to my members so many times today. But hey! At least I was able to be there and prevent one of them from kicking a hole in the wall.”

You laughed. It was a sound that made the boy feel fuzzy inside and the heat rise into his cheeks. “I’m so glad. I basically had to shop and wait in so many lines so many times. And deliver the same comeback at least twice now.” It’s his turn to laugh. This sound made you feel butterflies erupt in your stomach and a strange urge to hug him tightly.

He stopped laughing and allowed a smile to rest on his face. He motioned to the bags. “Need some help carrying those in?”

“If it’s not too much of a bother.” He chuckled and easily took the majority of the bags from you, leaving only one in each of your hands. The soft feel of his hands on your felt amazing during those few seconds.

“Please, I insist. I’m supposed to be grabbing all of the members drink from the vending machine. There’s thirteen of us total, I’d much rather do this than have to lug an armful of cans over to the dorms again.” He gestured for you to open the door. You walk in just in time for three members to start walking to the door.

“You’re back! We thought you got lost! Since you lost your phone.” You smiled, leading your new companion into the kitchen to set all of the bags down. You couldn’t help but stare when you saw those arm muscles flexing in his t-shirt.

“You know… for someone who-”

“Save it, I heard it twice now. I don’t want to have to embarrass you in front of our guest.” The youngest pouted, mumbling under their breath about you having no actual comeback and didn’t want yourself to be embarrassed.

“Who’s this?” You looked over at the man, who moved some hair out of his eyes and used the same hand to wave.

“I’m Seungcheol, or S.Coups, from SEVENTEEN. Pleased to meet you.”

“Ah, so you’re our seniors then!” You grinned. It felt so right when he grinned in return.

“Trainees?” You all nod. “It must be rough having to move dorm rooms from across the building. Sorry, that’s our practice room that your previous dorm is being turned into. It’s a lot closer to the music studios, they saw it fit since one of our members composes our songs.”

“That’s cool! Wait, weren’t you supposed to be getting drinks for your members?” Seungcheol’s eyes widened some.

“That’s right! They’ll get suspicious. Sorry, I have to go!” The four of you waved. Seungcheol backed up quickly, however. He turned to you, cheeks slightly pink. “Would you mind it if I gave you my number?”

You adverted your eyes and felt your own cheeks growing a pink hue as well. It certainly did not help when the other members started to make some suggestive gestures with their eyebrows. “Sure.” You both managed to exchange phone numbers quickly, as your phone was lying out on the counter. He put his number in and left with a goodbye, even going as far as to give you a cheeky wink.

In your contacts a new name was put in with a string of heart emojis attached to it. You laughed at how silly it looked and went to bed when the others told you that they would handle the groceries.

You woke up, but in your bed. A text message roused you from your sleep this time. It was from Seungcheol, and it read: ‘When can we meet up again?’


Group Therapy


The city was a mere rumble of unfriendly noises as I made my way to work.
When I’d moved there, I’d made myself a promise that I would walk to work every morning, but on mornings like that, when the rain was pouring so heavily that it was bouncing up from the pavement and making sure I was soaked through twice over, that I regretted that promise I had made.
But it was a promise nonetheless, and I refused to break it.

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Sweet Emotion

Here is part three in “Salt And Pepper”

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Words:  1374

Read “Behind Brown Eyes”
Read “Back In The Saddle”

-Three words make a huge difference-

Thank you @mamapeterson for looking over this for me!!

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“Y/N?” Jensen looked over at you, “Are you okay?”

            You had just been sitting in your chair in a daze, not looking at anyone or saying anything. “Hmm?” you asked, finally looking at him.

            “Are you okay?” he repeated.

            “Yeah. I’m good,” you answered.

            “I don’t buy it for a second. What’s going on?” he asked, moving to stand in front of you so you had to look at him.

            “Just . . . it’s stupid, really.”

            “Y/N, either you tell me or I tell Jeffrey something’s wrong with you,” he stated, knowing he had the upper hand.

            “I love him,” you said simply.

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So Glad You're Home

A/N: requests are open! feedback is appreciated :-)

word count: 1.5k +

summary: Conor’s month in L.A. is coming to a close, but you want him home ASAP.

Calling Conor at two in the morning his time is never something you thought you’d do. You know he’s asleep, probably exhausted from his day’s events, and you feel absolutely horrible for pestering him at such a late hour, but you don’t know what to do or who to talk to and you miss him so badly it’s painful. You’re well aware that there are plenty of couples who manage long distance relationships, and that Conor’s only been in L.A. for a month and is coming home indefinitely this weekend so you can’t exactly claim that title, but it’s been an especially rough month and you just can’t take it. It’s almost as if everything bad that could’ve happened did happen as soon as he left London: you’ve been assigned what seems like an impossible amount of essays and reports, an insane amount of late-night shifts at the campus bookstore you haven’t been able to get out of, and an oncoming cold you’ve felt in the back of your head for almost two weeks. Things’ve been piling up and you’re stressed and extremely overwhelmed and you know if Conor were here he’d make it all better. Having to wait almost seven more days is out of the question.

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[June 6] Happy Birthday, Akira Mado!  ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ

640 x 1136 phone wallpapers (click for a higher resolution)

Walking In The Wind (Chapter 3)

Bucky Barnes x reader Drabble Series - Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 - Sequel to And You Will Find Me

Now that Bucky got you back after all you’ve been through, he can’t believe that he is supposed to let you go forever but that seems to be happening right now. The universe doesn’t care that it’s unfair.

(or maybe it does)

warnings: death, graphic descriptions of injuries and death, sadness, language, a n g s t

Originally posted by jlstreck

It was becoming harder for you to breath second by second. Your vision blurred in pace with the blood steadily seeping out of the wound in your chest. It wasn’t much, however enough to slow down both your nervous system and your pulse. And as the life was unapologetically drained out of your body, somewhere in those minutes, you decided you didn’t want to die like this, you couldn’t die like this.

Not before Bucky knew how you felt, at least.

He needed to know that you loved him, even if it would be the last thing you were going to do.

Determined to get yourself noticed, you picked up a rock from somewhere around you and, with all the willpower you could possibly gather, slammed it onto the ground, repeating the action.

And it worked.

“Y/N?” Wanda. You sighed in relief.

“Oh God, Y/N!” She rushed to your side so quickly it seemed faster than light but maybe it was just your exhaustion.

You wanted to say so much, what had happened, where you were hurt, Bucky, and ask whether the others were okay but all you got out was, “Bucky.” You tongue simply was too heavy and your brain way too slowly.

“I have to get you out.” Wanda moved her fingers like she always did when she used her powers but this time it didn’t mesmerize you like it always did.

“No,” you breathed, shaking your head. “Get Bucky.”

“You can talk to him outside. God, you’re really stuck.”

“Wanda, don’t. I’ll lose too much blood when the rock is off of me. Just get Bucky.”

Her fingers stopped and the red power around it vanished into this air. She knew you were right. Not even she would be able to stop the blood from seeping out of your wounds and wouldn’t get to do the last thing you had to do.

“It will be okay.” She smiled at you but it didn’t reach her eyes. And those tears weren’t happy ones.

“I’ll be right back.”

And she did. This time with Bucky right behind her, looking as distressed as he did during nightmares. Probably because it was his worst one coming true.

He was with you in an instant. “Y/N, baby,” his words came out in a whimper and it broke your heart and you desperately wanted to comfort him, so you forced your hand upward to reach out for his. Bucky noticed the action and took hold of your hand, his thumb carefully tracing your skin.

“Please. You can’t leave me like this.”

“There is no way,” you spoke and you needed him to listen but he wouldn’t meet your eyes. “Bucky, love, listen to me.” Where you suddenly found the power to form whole sentences, you didn’t know but you gratefully welcomed the ability back for as long as it would last.

“There is something I need you to know.”

“No,” Bucky shook his head like a child that was told to do something it didn’t want. “I only want to hear it when you’re out of here.”

“Then it will be too late.”

But he wouldn’t listen. “No, you are not gonna die today, not like this. You’ll die when you’re a hundred years old and of old age and I’ll be there, grateful that I got to spend your whole life with you.”

“Buck-“, and there went your strength once more. “Please.” Again, you struggled to move your hands, letting go of his with a heavy heart because you knew it would probably be the last time, and pulled the collar of your shirt aside to show your wound. And you hated how Bucky’s eyes widened in both shock and realization and how the tears finally spilled over in his eyes.

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Bad Day from the Start

Fandom: Star Wars (College AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

As requested by @kyber-hearts-and-stardust-souls : I live for your smut, but I need some fluff. Would you be willing to write something where reader had a bad day and now Poe takes care of her and it ends in a soft cuddle session under the stars.

You weren’t answering Poe’s texts or calls all day. He was worried about you. He knew you had a big exam today and he wanted to know how you think you did. But after the tenth time of your phone going to voicemail, he decided to go up to your dorm to see you.

When he made it to your building, he ran into your roommate, Rey, “Hey! Is Y/N there?”

Rey sighed, “Yeah. She’s not feeling well. So get there quick.” Poe nodded and rushed up the stairs and straight to your door. He tried the doorknob and, fortunately, it wasn’t locked. He slowly opened the door and was greeted to darkness except for the little bit of natural light that shined through the shut blinds.

“Babe?” Poe murmured. He made his way to your bed and saw the lump in front of him. He pulled back the blanket to reveal your pouty lips and red eyes, “Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Just a bad day.”

Poe gestured you to scoot over and you did as he slipped into bed with you. You immediately moved to rest your head on his chest, “You had me worried. I thought something happened.”

You shrugged, “I spent all night studying that I became exhausted and I slept through my alarm. I missed my exam.” You hid your face in Poe’s chest as you began to cry, “I’m just having a sucky day.”

Poe kissed your head and rubbed soothing circles on your arm, “Hey, it’ll be okay. Just email your professor and say that you woke up sick. As for a makeup. If not available, ask if you could do any extra credit. Professor Organa is usually understanding. So you should be fine.”

“I just want this day to end.” Poe took his phone out and began to text. You looked at him curiously, “What are you doing?”

“Texting Finn and telling him to take notes for me for Aeronautics. I’m gonna spend the rest of my day with you.”

“Babe, n-”

“Don’t even start. You’re my number one priority.” Poe sent the text and pocketed his phone, “Now, how does cuddling with my girl sound?”

You softly smiled, “I think your girl would like that very much.”

“Good.” Poe pressed a kiss to your lips and snuggled you until you both fell asleep.

#2 from this prompt list: “You love me as if I deserve you.”

Suzy’s always been a bit of a light sleeper. She feels Dan’s weight shift off the mattress next to her, and her eyelids flutter open. On her other side, Arin is still out cold. She waits a few seconds, the sound of Dan’s feet padding gently to the bathroom drifting over to her, and then she carefully extricates herself from the sheets and follows him.

When she enters the bathroom, Dan is bracing himself against the sink, the thin fabric of his t-shirt stretched out over his shoulders as he leans forward. His head hangs low and she can see him breathing a little faster than normal.

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Love Thy Neighbor

Pairing: Jongkey

Part ½

Rating: PG-13

Kim Jonghyun, a freelance writer, lives in a suburban neighborhood a few miles down from Seoul. The sun rises and sets, kids play ball in the street and stray dogs run freely. But there is something that’s quite different from other neighborhoods. Sometimes it’s the police, the architecture, even the smell of the grass, but in this case it’s Jonghyun’s neighbor. He has no idea what he does; he sees him leave early in the morning and then later during the night. Often times he doesn’t come home at all and Jonghyun wonders what he’s up to (although he doesn’t have such a right) because Jonghyun doesn’t even know his name. He’s heard it in passing, brief tenses and soft vowels, but he still doesn’t fully know his name. He just knows that he’s a mystery. Jonghyun’s interest in him was not simply sparked by his neighbor’s late night rendezvous, but his eyes in the dead of night—sparkling, mischievous eyes. Jonghyun’s watched him on several occasions; he’d part the curtains in his living room—a tad bit like a stalker, but Jonghyun only allowed himself a glimpse of his neighbor. A glimpse so he could yearn for more and maybe, he thought, if he wanted him enough he would build up the courage to approach him. He’s right there—a walk and a doorbell away.

As a reclusive twenty-seven year old, Jonghyun figures he isn’t his neighbor’s type. He isn’t cool or chic or tall like a model. He does admit that he has a flirty smile and rather inviting eyes, but someone like his neighbor—someone so alluring, free-spirited and probably a damn beast in be—Jonghyun clears his throat and stares blankly at the blinking cursor on his laptop screen. It’s Tuesday afternoon, Jonghyun’s closed his windows to focus on his work. Silence spreads through his home like black ink in water—it’s kind of lonesome, but he doesn’t allow his thoughts to wander as he opens a document on his laptop. “The deadline is Friday…” he thinks aloud. “Alright, I can do that.” Much like the works he’s written and published, Jonghyun believes his crush on his neighbor will bare an inevitable end. The beauty next door will move away or marry off and how’s Jonghyun to know if he’s gay or not? Someone as attractive as him is bound to have a fling for each season. “A fling…” Jonghyun says softly and several pictures flash through his mind, he laughs bitterly before refocusing his attention on his work.

His neighbor—known as Kim Kibum moved in a couple of months back, he only knew Jonghyun in passing, he was never really about the whole “welcome to the neighborhood” type thing. If he was truly interested in him, he’d go over and pay him a visit, but Jonghyun comes across as someone who is too reserved for Kibum’s tastes. Kibum judges him as a person who isn’t into the whole night life or drinking or hangovers or hickeys one would have to hide beneath long sweaters and jeans. To put it simply…he’s boring.

Jonghyun’s fingers hover over the keys on his laptop, he contemplates what he should write, but his thoughts are on Kibum. His eyes, his hair; what is he doing right now? Will I ever be able to approach him? “God damn it.” Jonghyun forcefully closes his laptop and buries his head in his hands. He’s been crushing on Kibum for far too long—“you’re too old for crushes” “you should find a nice partner and settle down”—were the words his mother said to him when he first went to live on his own. And then a few weeks later he came out to his sister and mother and said that he was “working towards a relationship.” He rises up from his seat and heads towards the kitchen. He needs to eat to cease the growing hunger in his stomach and in his heart. He opens his fridge and curses when he uncovers that it’s empty. He slams it shut and shoves a hand through his tousled hair; he hadn’t even bothered to wash it this morning neither did he try dressing up. He simply put on a navy blue tshirt and ripped jeans. He isn’t expecting anyone, so why bother? But just as this thought enters his mind, his doorbell rings. Jonghyun’s eyes widen and he turns slowly towards the door. No-way…did it just ring…

He steps slowly towards the front door, eyeing it suspiciously and then it rings again. He nearly jumps out of his skin and has to clutch his chest to calm himself down. He rarely has guests over just because he likes to be alone, but thanks to Kibum’s presence next door—his yearning for company has grown. And not just company he can sit and speak with, but company that’ll cease the hunger in his heart. He inches towards the door cautiously, his heart thumping loudly in the cage of his chest.

“Wh-who is it?” he calls out timidly and he curses himself for sounding like a coward. What are you so afraid of Jonghyun? It’s probably another human just like you.

“Oh! You’re home!” a bubbly, yet low voice responds from outside the door. “I live next door.”

Jonghyun’s eyes widen. Now, he has two neighbors—the one to his left, the one that belongs to the beauty and then the one to his right which belongs to a middle-aged woman. This voice sounds like no woman—it’s deep, warm and sensual. Jonghyun swallows hoping to lubricate his suddenly dry throat. His hands fold around the doorknob, he switches the lock and then pulls the door open.

It’s him.

Shit. Holy shit.

Kibum smiles, his bangs peeping out from the black cap on his head. “Hey, I should’ve introduced myself sooner.” He tilts his head and his smile conforms into a grin. “But the water at my place is out,” he takes a step closer to Jonghyun. “Mind if I use yours?”

Jonghyun’s initial response would’ve been to say that he didn’t mind, that he would’ve given Kibum a lung and a kidney if he asked for it, but his initial response is overshadowed by common sense. What would happen if he let Kibum use his shower? Hell, he didn’t even know his name.

“I’m Jonghyun.” He says suddenly and a bit awkwardly. Kibum’s thrown off, but he doesn’t show it, instead he thrusts his hand out towards Jonghyun.

“Kibum, pleasure.” And damn, Jonghyun’s thinking about things that he shouldn’t be thinking and he realizes it a little too late, the fact that his fingers are caressing the back of Kibum’s hand and pulling him just a little closer. Kibum slides his hand out of Jonghyun’s and swipes off his cap, his hair flutters across his face and Jonghyun has to stop himself from gasping. “The water suddenly stopped working as I was showering, so I had to run out in this…” he laughs nervously. Jonghyun nods understandingly, his eyes skating down Kibum’s disheveled appearance. Messy hair, bare skin accompanied by flushed cheeks, an over-sized tee shirt and torn shorts. Jonghyun sucks in his bottom lip and nibbles on it. “Soo,” Kibum leans forward looking at his reflection in Jonghyun’s eyes so that he can adjust his hair. “Can I come in?” Their eyes lock, a slow smile descends across Kibum’s lips causing Jonghyun’s heart to skip a beat.

“Uhm,” Jonghyun swallows. “Sure.”

Kibum beams and slaps a hand to Jonghyun’s shoulder as he steps inside. “Thank you.” Jonghyun lingers in the doorway trying to process what just happened. “I’ll be quick, I promise, you won’t even know I’m here.” Kibum calls from down the hallway already in search of the bathroom. Jonghyun finally closes the door shut, he leans against it and releases a heavy breath.

“Hoooly shit.” He breathes, his heart racing and his cheeks are hot and he can’t think. He slides down the door and rests his elbows on his knees as he brings his legs to his chest. Jonghyun wonders if maybe Someone in the sky heard his cries, if that Someone is listening to his heart or to the thoughts racing through his mind.

“Oh,” Kibum suddenly reappears from down the hallway, his shirt hanging off his shoulders. “I’ll be right back, I forgot something.” He smiles brightly, Jonghyun hurries to his feet, unsure of where to look when Kibum approaches him.

“Forgot something?” he asks deciding it’d be best to show at least a little interest in what he’s saying.

“Yeah,” Kibum leans towards Jonghyun to whisper. “Underwear.”

A million inappropriate images flash through Jonghyun’s mind and he smiles up at Kibum weakly. “Yeah, you may need that.” He replies quietly.

Kibum laughs lightly and then says, “But I am curious, what do you do?” he looks around jonghyun’s simplistic house.

“I write.”

“Hmm…” Kibum continues to look around. “That’s cool.” Kibum hums making a grab for the door knob, but Jonghyun stops him with a question.

“What about you?”

Kibum’s grip on the doorknob loosens and he breathes deeply. He really wants to be nice, but right now he doesn’t have time for it. Isn’t it common courtesy to answer someone’s question after asking your own? Kibum spins on his heel with a smile.

“I’ll tell you when I get out of the shower, cool?” but before Jonghyun has the chance to respond, Kibum’s out the door. Jonghyun holds the door open, looking after him as he runs across the sidewalk. Broad shoulders, fluffy hair and the smell of cinnamon. Jonghyun smiles to himself and places a hand to his chest. He’s in deep.

Kibum returns moments later, a blue piece of fabric balled up in his hand. “Thanks for waiting.” He greets Jonghyun with a polite bow before taking off down the hall. Jonghyun figures he must be in a rush, so with a sigh he returns to his work. But the only thing on his mind is Kibum. The shower creaks to life, the water begins to run and Jonghyun takes a deep breath. Write, write, just write. Which would be easy on any other occasion, however, Kibum’s presence proves to be a major distraction. Jonghyun leans back in his seat trying to get a look down the hallway. He can see it. The bathroom and the slip of light that peeps out from the crack of the door. Jonghyun gulps and rises slowly from his seat. One peek. Just a knock. He inches his way down the hallway, his hands clenched at his sides. He suddenly feels ticklish all over as well as a bit hot. As he nears the cracked door he hears the running water accompanied by a sweet voice. He stops.

This isn’t right, what do you want to see anyways? Why barge in on him like that? You aren’t a pervert.

With a heavy sigh, Jonghyun turns away from the magnetic pull of the bathroom door and begins his trek back to his work space in the kitchen. But the door clicks open from behind him and he chills all over.