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A Yangarang idea I had like 6 months ago but only in these week I got the time to actually do it ;;
I’ll definitely do a redraw in the future but for now I’ll go with this version

Transference (M) – Chapter 05

cr. [X]

Summary: During a routine visit to the local bakery, you stumble upon an intriguing business card and figure, what the hell. The business arrangement becomes…mutually beneficial. Y’all know where this is going.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 10,216

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, sexual themes, BDSM, shibari, dom/sub roleplay, profanity.

A/N: Here is the long awaited Hoseok POV chapter. If you haven’t read Chapters 1-4 already, I highly recommend doing so by using the links below.

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

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Imagine Loki surprised by your confession:


“Wait. What do you mean you don’t love Thor? You two seem happy when you are together, these jokes, this intimacy…” “For God of mischief it took suspiciously long time to understand the context,” sighed you dramatically. “So you don’t love him. Then who is your love? Who hooked you so much that you are willing to spend hours to talk about him?” he certainly entertained it while you were confused not know is it time to confess. “Damn it” muttered you to yourself and suddenly blurted out “It is you. I love you. Now are you pleased?” “More than you can imagine, my angel” he smiled to you and shorten the distance between you. His hands wrapped around your waist and he lean in to kiss you. “You are meaning of my life, darling. You are my life. I love you”.

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34 xx

34. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

So this is sometime after the fredag clip at Chris’/Eva’s party 

Even was so relieved about the way the evening had gone. He thought back to their entrance, how nervous he was, how clammy his hands were – held firmly by Isak’s warm one. Even looked over to where Isak stood now, talking to Mutta and Mikael.

Isak laughed and his shoulders moved up and down how they always did when his laugh was almost a giggle. Even was so in love with this boy it was ridiculous. Now more than ever because Isak had held his hand both literally and metaphorically through all of this. Had listened, had been patient and gave Even the strength to face it all.

With a deep dreamy sigh Even took a sip of his sparkling wine. The glass so long in his hand that the drink was slightly too warm and lay flat, but he didn’t really mind. He was way too happy and content to care right now.

He still watched his boy intently as Eva came up beside the little group, jumping between the three of them and obviously wanting all of them to come dance. Isak grinned at her as she tugged on his arm and indulged her, bobbing his head to the song that played loudly over the garden.

He knew he had the fondest look on his face as he watched those blonde curls fall in disarray with the movement. Then his eyes roamed over the rest of Isak. His face, happy, light, teasing as Eva continued to hold a tipsy speech, still dancing. Even’s old, dark red shirt fell perfectly over Isak’s shoudlers. The neckline, which got more loose with every wash, exposed just the slightest bit of his broad chest which made Even’s eyes grow darker.

Isak caught his gaze across the garden and maneuvered Eva to Mikael before he made his way over to Even, who bit his bottom lip as he drank in the rest of his boyfriend with those tight fitting pants.

When Even forced his eyes back up to Isak’s face the look Isak shot him was smug. Something fluttered in Even’s stomach at that. Shy Isak was more than adorable and amazing but confidant and cocky Isak was a whole other level of a turn on for Even.

“Halla” Isak said, teasing tone in his voice and he raised his eyebrows as he stopped close, close, close in front of him. Their chests flush against each other as Isak wrapped his arms around Even’s middle.

“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” He murmured with a low voice before he leaned in and kissed Even lightly on his lips, then moved small little pecks over Even’s jaw to his neck and back again. Even breathed out a quiet laugh and put his hands on Isak’s back, one between his shoulder blades and one … lower.

“You wanna leave?” Even said as he moved his head to chase after Isak’s mouth. After they made out for a few seconds (minutes) Isak pulled his head back and shook it with a soft smile.

“Nei. Let’s stay a little while longer.” He said with a final peck. “I like seeing you with your friends.” Even grinned at that.

“I like seeing you with my friends.” He answered. Isak, again, raised his brows flirtatiously, mouth curling to the side with a confidant smile.

“Really? I hand’t noticed.” And with a small slap on Even’s butt he stepped back and joined Jonas and Mahdi who were opening up another bottle.

I Write Sins Not Zuckerberg
I Write Sins Not Zuckerberg

I Write Sins Not Zuckerbergs
-Panic at! MARK ZUCKERBERG feat. Game Grumps
A Fever You Can’t Mark Out, 2015

Insp. graphicalaces

How to attract the signs!

Aries: Be open! be confident, playful & understand their deepest and complicated emotions. Don’t be too clingy, judgemental, or underestimate them, because this is what the dislike the most! Aries people love people with strong personalities, try not to be too shy or timid around them too. Compliment their physical looks and their personalities. Aries people are also really generous, so if they offer you to show you something or give you an advice accept it! they like being helpful. be an honest person, don’t be too serious or demand/order them to do something.

Taurus: Have the same interests as them! teach them and show them new interesting things. Make them feel safe when they’re around you. Be loyal, trustworthy and a good listener. Encourage them and compliment them on the things they like to do the most! something important you need to know about a taurus is that there are times they like to be alone, so try not to take up their space & give them some time.Always be honest and truthful, once they find out you’re lying they’ll stop talking to you instantly. be easy-going, don’t rush, be a down-to-earth person and show your interest of nature!

Gemini: Gemini people like fun & energetic people, but not immature. This sign gets bored easily and loses interest quickly, so avoid talking and doing the same things! Gemini people are also attracted to smart people, so show them your interesting side. Teach them new things and show them new places. Compliment them on their brains and smartness, also their physical looks. Be there for them when they need it. This sign likes to poke you and test you, so always be honest and real. Be playful! Be open, social, kind and generous.

Cancer: Make them feel safe and comfortable. Let them know that you’re accepting, loyal and trustworthy. This sign can have strong mood and emotional swings, so take it in, they want a person who’s going to be there for them whenever they need it! Be affectionate towards them & be gentle. Cancer is a water sign, so be ready for the heaviest waves. Don’t be loud or yell at them. Give them genuine compliments on the things they like to do! try to be positive and make them laugh.

Leo: Be outgoing! Entertain them and show them your funny side. shower them with admiration. Always be positive! their biggest turn off is negativity or insecurity. Listen to them carefully. This sign loves adventures, so show them and take them to new places! Don’t demand or try to control them. Somethings you should remember: they typically hate being alone (unless  if they tell you they want to be alone), they like affection & attention. 

Virgo: Don’t be fake or lie. This sign can easily read you. Try avoiding bold compliments too! They don’t care much about looks, just make sure you’re in a good hygiene & not messy at all. Compliment them on their brains & looks! don’t be egoistic, but be confident. Show them your smart side, but don’t boast. Try not to invade their need of privacy sometimes, and respect their need for being alone too. 

Libra: Compliment their looks! shower them with affection. Make them laugh, give them attention. Libras get bored quickly too! So try not to always do and talk about the same things. Catch their interest by your looks, but mainly your personality. Be honest with them, be a good listener because libras sometimes need it. Be open and out-going, make them laugh, ask them about themselves and show interest, be flirty. Libras dislike people who are selfish, rude & people who dont treat them equal. Libras are interested in artistic, creative & people with good imaginations!

Scorpio: Tell them what you like, what you like to do, tell them about your passions. Be mysterious, let them play guessing game. Make them curious and ask more questions. Tell them interesting things! things that will catch their interest. Be direct, be genuine, trustworthy, loyal & caring. If you want them to like you, hear their thoughts & feelings. Give them helpful advice, let them feel secure. Don’t ever lie to them, they can read you easily too. Don’t try to control them. Scorpios go mainly for people they can trust, this sign can have trust issues sometimes, if you break the trust they give you expect your whole life to change in a second. be there for them, don’t tell them they’re too sensitive. Respect their need of privacy sometimes. Take them out to private places, show them new interesting things!

Sagittarius: To catch this sign’s interest, be a positive person! give them good vibes about you. Make them laugh! Sagittarius are known to be travel lovers & adventurous, take them out to new places they’ve never been to before, share your views on life & your life story, tell them interesting stories you know. be out-going & open, ask them questions about themselves and hear them out. Don’t try to control them or tell them what to do, they hate being controlled or tied down! 

Capricorn: Capricorns don’t care much about looks, just make sure you’re not messy. Be direct! they hate playing guessing games, but also don’t rush. Compliment their hard work and the things they like to do the most & their sense of humour. Show them your funny side! try not to be dull or negative. make them know you’re trust worthy. connect to them on an intellectual level. Ask them for advice, capricorns like knowing that they’ve helped someone & they’re the best at giving advice. Show off your knowledge and wisdom, but don’t boast. don’t be loud or embarrassing, especially in public, they hate being embarrassed in public!

Aquarius: Be creative, show them your artistic and imaginative side. Aquarius people love conversations about deep subjects, and share the same views as them. They like to be alone sometimes, so try not to be clingy! When an Aquarian offers help, say yes! they like helping other people and knowing they did good. Tell them how sweet and caring they are! Aquarians are very wise and knowledgeable, compliment them on their brains & wisdom. Share your knowledge too. Tell them things they don’t know and talk about bigger things!

Pisces: Show them your emotional and sensitive side! Always make them feel included, don’t ever make them feel rejected, excluded or disliked. open up to them. Tell them more about your self. Compliment them on what they like to do the most/their hobbies, be affectionate and always seem interested in them. talk softly, try not to be loud. take them out on art museums or exhibitions, share your stories together. Be loyal, truthful, trustworthy & make them feel in a safe place! 

Beautiful Disaster (Part 4)

Story Summary: Your best friend asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family gathering and you reluctantly accept his request [Modern AU].

Word Count: 2,115

‘Beautiful Disaster’ Masterlist

A/N: Sorry it took me forever to write this part! 

“Please stop telling these stories, Ma. You’re embarrassing me,” Steve whined as you laughed along with his parents. All of you were in the dining room eating dinner and exchanging stories about Steve. Your best friend was less than pleased about being the target of the narratives that were told at the table. While he tried to shift the topic away from him, his parents always found a way to place him on the spotlight once more.

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Renegade Rage

Summary: You’re already pissed off, and Dean is just making it worse. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Well, sort of implied at the end.)
Word Count: 1330
Warnings: Language, bar fight violence, drinking.
Genre: General.
Challenge: @atc74 and @mamaredd123‘s Fabulous 300 challenge! My prompts were: fight, rage, and Renegade by Styx. I’m only about two months overdue on this. Sigh. Sorry it took me so long ladies, but here it is! 

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Love, again.

Originally posted by beagletae

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 1106

Not Requested

-Admin Pastel

Loving a man who pays you to show him affection is impossible.

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Class Dismissed

 Request:  Can you do a Chris Beck x reader where Chris is teaching new NASA recruits and the reader is one of the students and they are both super attracted to each other and like smuuuttt please

Pairing: Dr. Chris Beck x Reader

Warnings: language, unprotected sex (please use condoms), mentions of hospital stay.

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

Originally posted by my-dragons-fell-out

My first day as a NASA employee, you could say I’m nervous. But also so excited for this new chapter in my life. I was at a horrible time in my life, I was constantly sick for about 3 months, been to doctor to doctor to doctor, and no one seemed able to help me. I had given up hope, and the only person I was relying on more than anything, my boyfriend of 3 years, went ahead and cheated on me. And you know what makes it even worse? It was cliche, he was cheating on me with my best fucking friend, and I found out on the day I found out what was wrong with me. I had just found out I had sepsis, and they caught it just in time. I was hospitalised for 3 weeks while they pumped antibiotics and fluids, while battling depression. Neither him nor her came to see me once in the hospital. Once I got out I had a new lease on life, and so far I’ve never seen either of them again. I enrolled for the NASA recruit program, and I was accepted. I’m here today, about to met my instructor. I’ve met a few of the students, and they’re pretty cool so far.

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Naked Cuddles - Sebastian Michaelis

30 Day Smut Challenge

Fandom: Black Butler

Warnings: Nakedness, sweet Sebastian.

F x B

You sigh, laying down on the cool silky sheets of your bed, the night had been horribly hot leaving you in a sweat. You woke up with beads rolling down from your brow, sighing you stripped from your thin night gown and folded it and laying it at the end of your bed. You wished Sebastian was here to cool your off with his abnormally cold body, being a demon seemed to have those perks. You stared at the ceiling trying to find sleep once again but the heat made it too uncomfortable to do so. You rolled your eyes in annoyance and walked over to the already open window, looking up at the starry sky with a glare you couldn’t help but let out another forced sigh. “My, what has gotten you so annoyed,” You heard Sebastian’s sweet tone flow through your ears “and naked.” He finished, a smirk evident in his tone.

“It’s so hot in here Sebastian.” You said, glancing over at him, seeing him already discard his tailcoat and tie.

“Well let me help you with that, my love.” His voice was much closer now, his arms wrapped around you from behind and his scent invaded you from all sides, his tall frame fitting yours. You almost immediately felt relaxed as your sweaty body was brushed with his cold hands.

You looked up at him, “Please.” You pleaded pathetically. If you weren’t his lover he probably would have laughed, even though he did find it amusing he didn’t want to embarrass in a time of need. Plus it gave him the opportunity to have you against him, in the nude.

“Of course.” Sebastian stepped back a bit and began to strip himself from the rest of his clothes. He neatly folded them in a small pile and set them elsewhere. You were guided to the bed and sat down as Sebastian tucked you under a thin sheet, his cold body soon joining you.

“Is this better?” He asked as you nuzzled greedily into his neck, your body practically on top of his.
“Much better,” You sighed “Thank you.”

He had a small- and genuine- smile on his lips as he looked down at your form, “Well, what kind of husband would I be if I could provide such a simple task for my wife.”

You smiled at the overused line, never getting tired of hearing it. You kissed at the crook of his neck, hearing him let out a sigh of contentment. “Sebastian, what took you so long today?” You asked in a quitter voice, your mind already drifting in and out of sleep.

“Well I was helping the Young Master solve a case and we ended up running into that annoying reaper again, I swear he’s been stalking me.”
“Why don’t you just kill him if he’s so annoying?”

“I’ve tried but that’d cause a lot of trouble for me, reapers would come left and right for my head.” He brushed his fingers gently down your spine, making you shiver.

“Well we don’t want that now do we?” You draped your leg over his, the skin on skin contact was blissful as the once horrible sweat had faded into nothing. After a while of comfortable silence you started to drift off once again for the night.

The last thing you heard was Sebastian wishing you a good night, you murmured back to him quietly before your dreams surrounded your mind.

BTS react to you being tall

A/N: I’m momentarily back from hiatus, if you havent seen my last post it’s an update about what’s going on and what will probably happen to my blog ~~~ 

I’m so jealous of your height TT I’m 5′2…. sigh. 

Thank you for requesting, sorry this took so long!


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

This boy would just boast and talk about you 24/7, He would love the fact that you were tall because it gave him a sense of confidence when he was with and around you. 

Hyung, Y/N is so tall she could be a model right? She’s already got the looks


Originally posted by maidxsama

Taehyung is pretty tall too so this would give him his own reason to baby you, i feel like he would love to baby his girlfriend no matter what so the fact that you were tall wouldn’t change much of his opinion about you.


Originally posted by lonastic

Not going to lie, Jimin would be embarrassed about this often, It’s no secret that Jimin is very self-conscious about his height and i think the fact that even you were tall would kind of bring him down, but if he really did like you he would look past it.

He would wear insoles whenever he went out with you though ~


Originally posted by syubto


You guys would be the tall hot couple, like when the both of you walked together on the street people would probably think that the both of you were models no joke. Namjoon would probably find your height sexier than cute but it’s okay because he’s still taller than you and can still baby you anytime he wants to.


Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl

If hoseok were to be with someone as tall as you, I think that he would unconsciously stare a lot. Not in a rude way but like in a way where he’s at awe… He’d probably memorise every part and curve of your body because he would find it so beautiful and mesmerising as if he were staring at a piece of art.


Originally posted by cyyphr

Similar to Jimin, Yoongi would be embarassed about this at first but Yoongi doesn’t care about his height as much and so would get over this pretty quickly. In fact, after a while, he would end up loving your height because it meant that you wouldn’t need his help with things such as getting something from a tall drawer.


Originally posted by rapdaegu

When Jin first met you he would probably be baffled about your height, he would be so amused and would constantly ask you things. When the both of you got closer he would probably be more low-key about his love for your height.

You’re so tall and pretty how are you not a model yet?

                                                   -bangtan angels-