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How to attract the signs!

Aries: Be open! be confident, playful & understand their deepest and complicated emotions. Don’t be too clingy, judgemental, or underestimate them, because this is what the dislike the most! Aries people love people with strong personalities, try not to be too shy or timid around them too. Compliment their physical looks and their personalities. Aries people are also really generous, so if they offer you to show you something or give you an advice accept it! they like being helpful. be an honest person, don’t be too serious or demand/order them to do something.

Taurus: Have the same interests as them! teach them and show them new interesting things. Make them feel safe when they’re around you. Be loyal, trustworthy and a good listener. Encourage them and compliment them on the things they like to do the most! something important you need to know about a taurus is that there are times they like to be alone, so try not to take up their space & give them some time.Always be honest and truthful, once they find out you’re lying they’ll stop talking to you instantly. be easy-going, don’t rush, be a down-to-earth person and show your interest of nature!

Gemini: Gemini people like fun & energetic people, but not immature. This sign gets bored easily and loses interest quickly, so avoid talking and doing the same things! Gemini people are also attracted to smart people, so show them your interesting side. Teach them new things and show them new places. Compliment them on their brains and smartness, also their physical looks. Be there for them when they need it. This sign likes to poke you and test you, so always be honest and real. Be playful! Be open, social, kind and generous.

Cancer: Make them feel safe and comfortable. Let them know that you’re accepting, loyal and trustworthy. This sign can have strong mood and emotional swings, so take it in, they want a person who’s going to be there for them whenever they need it! Be affectionate towards them & be gentle. Cancer is a water sign, so be ready for the heaviest waves. Don’t be loud or yell at them. Give them genuine compliments on the things they like to do! try to be positive and make them laugh.

Leo: Be outgoing! Entertain them and show them your funny side. shower them with admiration. Always be positive! their biggest turn off is negativity or insecurity. Listen to them carefully. This sign loves adventures, so show them and take them to new places! Don’t demand or try to control them. Somethings you should remember: they typically hate being alone (unless  if they tell you they want to be alone), they like affection & attention. 

Virgo: Don’t be fake or lie. This sign can easily read you. Try avoiding bold compliments too! They don’t care much about looks, just make sure you’re in a good hygiene & not messy at all. Compliment them on their brains & looks! don’t be egoistic, but be confident. Show them your smart side, but don’t boast. Try not to invade their need of privacy sometimes, and respect their need for being alone too. 

Libra: Compliment their looks! shower them with affection. Make them laugh, give them attention. Libras get bored quickly too! So try not to always do and talk about the same things. Catch their interest by your looks, but mainly your personality. Be honest with them, be a good listener because libras sometimes need it. Be open and out-going, make them laugh, ask them about themselves and show interest, be flirty. Libras dislike people who are selfish, rude & people who dont treat them equal. Libras are interested in artistic, creative & people with good imaginations!

Scorpio: Tell them what you like, what you like to do, tell them about your passions. Be mysterious, let them play guessing game. Make them curious and ask more questions. Tell them interesting things! things that will catch their interest. Be direct, be genuine, trustworthy, loyal & caring. If you want them to like you, hear their thoughts & feelings. Give them helpful advice, let them feel secure. Don’t ever lie to them, they can read you easily too. Don’t try to control them. Scorpios go mainly for people they can trust, this sign can have trust issues sometimes, if you break the trust they give you expect your whole life to change in a second. be there for them, don’t tell them they’re too sensitive. Respect their need of privacy sometimes. Take them out to private places, show them new interesting things!

Sagittarius: To catch this sign’s interest, be a positive person! give them good vibes about you. Make them laugh! Sagittarius are known to be travel lovers & adventurous, take them out to new places they’ve never been to before, share your views on life & your life story, tell them interesting stories you know. be out-going & open, ask them questions about themselves and hear them out. Don’t try to control them or tell them what to do, they hate being controlled or tied down! 

Capricorn: Capricorns don’t care much about looks, just make sure you’re not messy. Be direct! they hate playing guessing games, but also don’t rush. Compliment their hard work and the things they like to do the most & their sense of humour. Show them your funny side! try not to be dull or negative. make them know you’re trust worthy. connect to them on an intellectual level. Ask them for advice, capricorns like knowing that they’ve helped someone & they’re the best at giving advice. Show off your knowledge and wisdom, but don’t boast. don’t be loud or embarrassing, especially in public, they hate being embarrassed in public!

Aquarius: Be creative, show them your artistic and imaginative side. Aquarius people love conversations about deep subjects, and share the same views as them. They like to be alone sometimes, so try not to be clingy! When an Aquarian offers help, say yes! they like helping other people and knowing they did good. Tell them how sweet and caring they are! Aquarians are very wise and knowledgeable, compliment them on their brains & wisdom. Share your knowledge too. Tell them things they don’t know and talk about bigger things!

Pisces: Show them your emotional and sensitive side! Always make them feel included, don’t ever make them feel rejected, excluded or disliked. open up to them. Tell them more about your self. Compliment them on what they like to do the most/their hobbies, be affectionate and always seem interested in them. talk softly, try not to be loud. take them out on art museums or exhibitions, share your stories together. Be loyal, truthful, trustworthy & make them feel in a safe place! 

I Write Sins Not Zuckerberg
I Write Sins Not Zuckerberg

I Write Sins Not Zuckerbergs
-Panic at! MARK ZUCKERBERG feat. Game Grumps
A Fever You Can’t Mark Out, 2015

Insp. graphicalaces


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“…never fall in love with your best friend.”

Pokemon: It’s Still Snowing Gladion!

Hey guys! This is for the two anons who wanted a haudion request for the Christmas prompts! I really hope you guys like this! Sorry it took so long! Anyway, please enjoy! :)

Gladion sighed, as he waited in the Pokemon Center near the beginning of the new Pokemon League. Glancing around, the blond was grateful for being in a warm place, because every time someone came through the doors, they looked like snowmen. Shuddering slightly, Gladion rubbed his hands together. Just imaging the weather out there made him cold. Hearing the doors slide open again, he green eyes glanced up, and noticed a familiar face. It was Hau, and the boy was covered head to toe in snow. The blond then realized that the brunet was still wearing a short-sleeved shirt, shorts, and sandals.

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68, with dealer's choice of characters

Oho~, dealer’s choice, you say! Now this is interesting.

“Please don’t leave again.”

This was actually really difficult from the get-go, because it dealt with picking people who I thought: 1. this could apply to, and 2. this would be said by.  Or at least expressed by.

For whatever reason, this prompt seems to pull me to Yoongi.  Not something I’m unappreciative of.  I look up to Yoongi a lot, as his battles with depression and anxiety, and how he has powered through them and works on continuing to consistently inspires me.  I relate to him and aspire to, one day, come to a place like the one he has.  So it was just a matter, then, of who I feel would say such a thing, as spoken in the prompt, or would express such a thing.  It felt only natural to go with our resident “@hyung” caregiver, and our sunshiney half of Sope. This is yoonminseok.

(AO3 link)

He was better.

He really was.  This was truly not denial.  There was no doubting that Yoongi had gotten better in terms of how his depression and social anxiety affected him.  At times it seemed like it wasn’t even there, nowadays.  Like it was a thing so distant in the past that, maybe, he’d never even suffered from it in the first place.

It was still there, though.  Every now and then it would act up.  His thoughts would turn into a garbled river of words.  Years of practice of upholding a calm demeanor had taught him how to use that demeanor as a facade.  Fake it ‘til you make it.  Eventually, his insides would match his outsides and he’d be okay.

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gently places a ✎ on ur hand

CHERRY WHISPERS ! oh boy oh boy oh boY !! 

  • ok ok, they’re really relaxed around each other tbh!!!!! sakura finds kaden to be so sweet & funny, and sakura’s demure personality is so!! calming to him!! ( they nap together!!!! )
  • ALSO ALSO ! they would most definitely swap stories abt both their species + their homelands, & !! after hearing abt the plights of kaden’s people ( being hunt down for their furs, undoubtedly experiencing prejudice of some form ), she promises that, once the war is over, she’ll dedicate her time to becoming an advocate for the kitsune people & helping them prosper!!!!
  • DOING LITTLE FAVORS FOR EACH o THER !!!! LEAVING SWEETS FOR EACH OTHER, HELPING THE OTHER WITH THEIR JOBS !!! it gets kinda awks tho bc they’re stuck in this loophole of ?? repaying the other back constantly ??
  • they like to tell??? really funny jokes to each other???? sakura’s are a little awkward tbh, but she tries ok. she ??? thinks kaden’s are so funny tho?? he’s one of the only people that can actually make her snort with laughter, ho my god.
  • OK SO, sakura really loves to pet kaden’s tail/ears & thinks his fur is super soft!!!! she thinks the little purrs and gentle grumbles are adorable as hell. usually, when they’re speaking or sitting by each other, she’ll start to absentmindedly pet him and gets so embarrassed when she realizes what she’s doing ahHHHH. she thinks he’s rly cute omg……
  • sharing food is such ?? a common thing between the two ?? they’re the type of friends that eat off each other’s spoons and would not care aT ALL. sometimes they give each other food gifts, those dorks.
  • sakura would be so nervous to have a child w kaden ?? i mean, it’s pretty much guaranteed their child would be a kitsune themselves, & sakura isn’t all that well versed in the caring of a kit. she worries for DAYS, to be honest!! she does an ungodly amount of research on care for young kits ; she just wants to be a perfect mom, ok??? not only that, but she stresses SO MUCH about what his family & village will think of her! she tries to accustom herself to their traditions in fear of coming off as an inadequate wife & mother.
  • IF THEY’RE LOVERS, GET READY FOR A BUNCH OF FLUFFY SHIT !! these babies are cuddlers, let me tell you, & sakura loves his hugs. best huggers in camp, ny’all. they are just so incredibly ?? patient & sweet with each other ?? sakura teaches him about royal customs & “proper” / diplomatic methods while kaden honestly helps her with being more extroverted & willing to try new things! also?????? they are AMAZING & SUPPORTIVE PARENTS & CARE SO MUCH FOR SELKIE MMMMM BYE !
  • after being around each other for awhile, they!! actually start to pick up on each other’s nonverbal/gesticulative cues they make !!! they will know pretty quickly whether the other is frustrated / depressed / excited / etc. because they are perceptive mofos when it comes to each other! kaden’s ear twitches? you bet your damn ass sakura knows what that means. they can usually pick up on the smallest of things, like what seems to be the most insignificant twitch of their fingers or a minuscule shift of their body weight. this …….. confuses other people, hahaha.
  • they are!! super protective of each other!! did you call kaden some grossly offensive name about his race? did you make incredibly insensitive remarks towards sakura & made her cry? prepare to die, bud. also 10/10 best pairing during battle !

                                        < *.♡。 — relationship headcanons  /  accepting !