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Just another reminder, Neji is still alive and well with his squad. He’s also rocking that man bunʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

Quick drawing before I have to go back to school ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ


The way he looked at her, with naked adoration, affection, love and longing all over his face.

“Tears pressed against the back of his eyes as he thought of the girl he had shared so much with, who he had strongly reconnected with, who he was now hopelessly in love with” - Sound of Seas by Gillian Anderson


This idea has been haunting me for gods know how long i’m glad i finally got it out.

Solaire’s Sunlight covenant has found some real dedicated members

Bonus Comic: Sun bro finds a fellow sun gazer

the A in A-team stands for Asshole whos with me on this

Medic: Heavy? Hoo hoo hoo what a dummkopf – [trips][hundreds of photos of Heavy spill out of his lab coat] W-Was? Nein, he’s a schweinhund these aren’t mine I was just – [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen I was just – [thousands of pictures of Heavy with hearts doodled around them scatter across the floor] scheiße I’m holding them for a friend just LISTEN –


Pics my mom took of Ghetsis!
Fun fact: my mom’s pretty sure this is the same guy who did gio in my pics earlier. She also said that it was super packed, alot more crowded to see Ghet than Lysandre apparently!
Also i asked her to take a picture of the back of his coat, for ref purposes.

I have this little headcanon that Spark probably never really catched a pokemon. At least the ones in his main team. Let me explain this:

His first pokemon was his jolteon, alright. When he was a kid he was going home and he suddendly saw this little thing at one side of the road, so like every child he went to check it up because he was curious and surprise! He found a little weak eevee in a very poor state, so being the sweet caring child he was (and still is), he didn’t think twice before picking the little thing and bringing him home. Spark never really knew if his buddy was like that because another pokemon really strong fought him or if it was a bad trainer that didn’t like him, and he really didn’t care, he just took care of the little eevee until he was healthy again, but when tried to let him go the eevee stubbornly refused, and that’s basically how Spark got his first pokemon.

He didn’t even care if he could fight or not, he wasn’t going to force him to do something he didn’t like and that’s how the eevee learned to love and trust this pure and precious child. So the time passed on and eventually eevee evolved into jolteon (ofc Spark asked him first if he wanted to evolve and even let him choose into what he wanted to evolve).

And boy, that was just the start. 

His whole team is probably a bunch of pokemon that other people probably doesn’t like. (And here goes too my headcanon for his pokemon team)

The awesome and powerful pidgeot that helps him bringing him stuff like some kind of lab assistant? An injured pidgey he found all alone somewhere in the streets.

That dinamic duo of gengar and crobat that likes to prank the people in his research building? They were two little zubat and gastly that nobody wanted because they were to weak for some people and to scary for other people

The raticate that likes to nap at his feet while he works? A small rattata abandoned by a trainer once he catched a best pokemon

The freaking huge gyarados that just lays in the lab tank and chills? A magikarp that of course nobody wanted because ‘why would you want to catch a magikarp? It’s useless, it’s easier to look for a gyarados’ (also I think that all of them have a tank, like a very big and nice tank, for the water type pokemon like gyarados and goldeen and seaking etc)

(There probably are a lot of other pokemon that could fit in here, but it’s late and i could’t think of other pokemon. Also, I like gengar)

These are the most loyal pokemon he got, because after they recovered from whatever they were suffering when he rescued them, Spark always let them choice if they wanted to stay or go. He probably has more pokemon that aren’t even into a pokeball, probably pokemons that for whatever reason weren’t comfortable enough to want to stay into one and he’s prefectly fine with this, so they just hang out around the building doing whatever they like without bothering the humans.

And just because they’re pokemon he picked up when they were small and inkured and weak it doesn’t mean that they are weak now, nu-uh, actually they are fucking strong, because they are really grateful towards this human who helped them and worried about them, so they wanted to become strong to never let down their trainer, and so whenever they could they trained a lot. And Candela is so freaking bothered by this, because Spark’s team can easily match her team in strenght and she’s like 'how the hell are your pokemon that srong I need to know’ and Spark is like 'I don’t know, everyone is always doing what they want until I need them to do something, aren’t they cool?’ And so Candela is screetching and keeps studying this but can’t fucking find an answer for this. (And probably the pokemon find this way too amusing)

And if somehow Spark is hurt, like badly hurt, by somebody (like, I dunno, team rocket or a bad guy like them) then the poor motherfucker who dared to do it will be in a hell of pain, not only would he have Candela and Blanche on his trail, but Spark’s pokemon too, because they are way too overprotective with their trainer (fuck I realized that Spark got a mama bear squad) and them for like a week or so they would probably be veeeeery wary around him, looking bad every stranger that approached him.

… damn this was actually a pretty short headcanon how did it evolve into something that big