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A quick Clexa AU fic list as requested by anon

This is rather chaotic as I’ve put it together real quick and I’ve plenty favorites - I might add more as I remember or as I go through my reading (some are finished, some are on-going). For now though …

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headcannon that one time while having their “annual losers sleepover” ,,, richie wakes eddie up in the middle of the night and takes him to the roof to look at the stars

you can pry this headcanon from my cold dead hands (morden au because big hero six jokes)

- the losers had weekly sleepovers because they’re lonely bitches who need healthy relationships

- given how dead inside they all were

- it’s not surprising they went to sleep really early like a bunch of old people

- richie teh king of insomnia could not sleep would not sleep and did not sleep (can’t stop won’t stop)

- and he was a lonely bitch boi who woke up eddie at 2 in the fucking morning

- because tbh he had a fear of being alone at night

- eddie glared at him but got up anyway because at night the gay is at it’s peak and he was a light sleeper

- richie being the hellion he is grabbed eddie’s wrist and led him up to the roof

- ignoring eddie’s tiny sounds of protest because when has he ever done anything that eddie didn’t protest

- when they got the roof eddie just hoped they weren’t here to do some joint suicide type shit

- but then richie blushed like he actually blushed and told eddie he wanted to look at the stars

- eddie didn’t question why he didn’t just do that by himself

- because ya know richie wasn’t being very richie he was being so soft and eddie didn’t want to lose that

- wow that was a soft thought damn eddie was going soft too

- richie wasn’t as good at knowing things about the stars like stan or mike was

- but he bullshitted his way through a lot of stories about how certain constellations were made

- like one that was legit just a retelling of big hero six but eddie went along with anyway

- just because it made eddie smile and even sometimes laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it

- richie thought happiness suited eddie

- it was nice, it felt like it was just them, no anyone else, no problems, no shitty parents, just them and the billions of stars looking down on them

- “hey eds, the stars are beautiful, but you know who else is beautiful?”

- eddie groaned and rolled his eyes because he was blushing and he did not like the sound of that “no richie, who?”

- richie’s smirk was back in full force but that fond smile he wore for the short time they were up here was still there

- “tadashi hamada, too bad he’s dead”

- eddie sighed and fought back a smile

- “goddamnit richie stop with you and that fucking movie you cried when tadashi died”

- “yeah and so did you”

- by the time they had their usual stupid argument it was a couple hours later and it had gotten presumably colder than earlier

- richie said nothing as he scooted closer and gave eddie his jacket

- eddie did the same

- until five minutes later

- “if you wake me up again i’ll kill everything you love”

- “guess you’d have to kill yourself then ;)”


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Peter Parker x Shy/Scared Reader

Summary: Even though Peter’s been busy with saving the world, you’ve been feeling neglected and unwanted. He notices and decides to do something fun to cheer you up. 

Word Count: 2,453 (my longest one so far, holla)

Warnings: heights, panic attack, language, fluff, sad stuff. Let me know if I missed any. 

A/N: Alrrright guys, hopefully this turns out okay. I was thinking about making this into a series depending on how much you guys dig it. If you do, then I will post all about what I’m going to do for the series to see if you guys are interested. Sound good? As always, feedback is definitely appreciated. I never get any, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or right. Enjoy!

Ever since Peter told you he was the big ‘ol Spiderman, it felt like your guys’ weekly hangouts and movie nights were coming to an end. Of course you understand that he’s saving the world and stopping the bad guys, but it leaves you worried and afraid for his well being. He always seems distracted around you and it fills you with a darkness. Telling Peter would make you seem selfish, so you bury it, hoping it won’t poke its way through. 

Being the shy, reserved, person you are, you definitely had difficulty talking to Peter, especially since you’ve always had a never ending crush on him. After a while of trying to ask him if he could hang out, you stopped. It wasn’t worth the pain of going through to only be rejected once again. 

However, what you didn’t know was that Peter noticed you putting up your walls again. He didn’t want to lose you and decided he was definitely going to do something about it. Starting tonight

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Never Again

4,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader agrees to watch scary movies with Dean even though they terrify her.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Halloween Request: @abbessolute


“In the kitchen, Dean!” The second you call out, the hurried sound of heavy work boots echos throughout the bunker. Your boyfriend’s brisk pace as he enters the room makes your head snap over to the doorway.

“What’s up, Winchester?”

The huge smile spread across his face makes you pause in confusion, “You didn’t buy more western memorabilia again did you?” You sigh pointing to the bag dangling from his hand.

“Don’t play favorites, Y/N.” He immediately defends. “Sammy continues to buy more and more books then litters them all around the freaking place.”

“Yeah but…”

“And I get hell for buying wagon wheel salt and pepper shakers one time? They’re bad ass.” Dean emphasizes to you.

“First of all, you’ve bought a lot more than that over the years, weirdo. And second, the stupid shakers are sitting on the kitchen counter. They are beyond ridiculous but I keep them there for you.”

“I was nesting, woman!”

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(Another day when smut didn’t want to come out and having serious hoseok feelings but when am I not? This is about poor baby being stressed. Fluff)

Hoseok threw himself on to the bed, his light hair hitting the pillows next to you, making you look up from your romance book that you’d been getting lost in since Wonho had been away a lot with his hectic schedule. Surprising you, he turned on his side, wrapping his muscular arm around your stomach, placing his leg over yours and nuzzling in to the crook of your neck before adorably rubbing his tired eyes. Gazing at how stressed he looked, you put your book down before kissing his forehead. He hummed at your touch, a slight smile on his lips. 

“Hey Mr Needy, are you alright?” 

You asked, your heart sinking as his eyes closed, enjoying the moment of tranquillity. His hold on you got tighter.

“I think so baby. I just missed you.” 

He uttered, his lips tickling your neck as he spoke. Oh, your boyfriend could be so sweet sometimes, well, all the time. 

“I’ve been right here baby.” 

You replied softly, running your finger tips through his lilac hair, trying your best to soothe him. He opened his eyes, propping his head up with his hand. His gaze fell over your body from bottom to top, drinking you in. Hoseok let out a deep sigh before looking longingly in to your eyes.

“I mean, I’ve missed ‘you’. I’ve missed waking up in your arms. I’ve missed you putting your legs over my lap while we watch movies. I’ve missed your beautiful laugh when I say cheesy things. It’s been so hard doing all of this without you. You’re my energy, baby, the reason I breathe.” 

You didn’t know what to say; you were stunned. He’d taken your breath away. You knew Hoseok was romantic, a true gentleman, but he’d never said something that had touched you so deeply before. With your heart racing, falling even deeper in love than you imagined was possible, you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, pleading for him to come closer with your eyes and before you knew it, you were kissing him harder than you ever had before. It seemed like the two of you were feeling particularly needy. Hoseok gently cupped your cheek in his hand as he affectionately teased your tongue with his, claiming your mouth, desperate to fill the void he was feeling. His lips on yours felt heavenly, so plump and peachy, you hadn’t been kissed like that for a long time and suddenly you knew what he meant by truly missing you. It was moments like this that he longed for. His lips lingered upon yours for a few precious moments, brushing against yours and pecking cute, innocent kisses upon them until he placed his head on your chest, wrapping his arm around you again. 

“I just want to listen to your heart beat for a while.” 

He murmured, making your urge to take care of him go in to a frenzy. There was something about your man that made you want to baby him, to make him smile that smile that made everyone fall for him. You held him in your arms, watching him cuddle you and be so at peace. You could tell he could stay there forever and so could you, he was all you needed in life and all you needed to be happy. 

“I have an idea baby. Stay right here.” 

You instructed as you climbed off the bed. Hoseok pouted, his sad puppy dog eyes coming to play as he reached out for you. He knew how to tug on your heart strings too much. 

“I have something planned for you. Don’t worry Hoseok, I’ll be back in a moment.”

The sound of trickling water echoed around the steamy bathroom as you washed Wonho’s prominent abs with a cloth, droplets of water chasing each other down his soft, milky skin. He sat in between your legs, leaning back so his head rested on your shoulder. You liked it this way. It was intimate and beautiful, you could hold his hands and kiss his cheeks as your stressed lover needed taken care of. Skin on skin, you placed an adoring kiss on his temple.

“Do you like taking care of me jagi?” 

Wonho asked, breaking the blissful silence. His question made you giggle, your heart swelling and filling with warmth.

“Yes I do, very much.” 

You replied, bringing the wash cloth up his strong arms, leaving a trail of glistening suds. Wonho beamed, the reflection of the bubbles in the bath sparkling in his eyes. 

“I like it too…although I feel a little emasculated.” 

He admitted, his chubby cheeks turning pink. Once again, you giggled, running your hands through his wet stringy hair. Hoseok smelled delicious and there was something about seeing him in his naked glory, soaked with water that made your downstairs speak to you.

“There’s nothing wrong in letting your girlfriend fuss over you baby.” 

You reassured him, starting to rub the cloth on his thick thighs, tantalisingly close to his groin.

“I know but…I think I’m the one who’s supposed to be taking care of you. I like taking care of you too.” 

His words made you smile. Inwardly, you purred; you liked it when he took care of you and he did it so well.

“Well, if you’d like, you can take very good care of me when we get out of the tub.” 

The suggestive tone in your voice sent a grin on Wonho’s lips. He took your hand in his before kissing each pad of your finger tips.

“I think that can be arranged baby.” 


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Michelangelo x Reader


Prompt: Can you do a Mikey x reader where the reader basically is always showering Mikey in candy and other subtle things…then one day the reader is finally like “I LIKE YOU WHY HAVENT YOU CAUGHT ON??!” and Mikey had no clue and is like “OH SHIIIIIiiiii!!” But then realizes he does in fact like the reader back?

Note: I’ve kinda been on a bit of a Mikey kick lately. Not sure why.

You. Had. Tried. EVERYTHING. You brought him candy, rented him any movie he wanted, gave him your Netflix log-in, played video games with him whenever he asked you to…You didn’t know how else to tell him you liked him.

And sure, Mikey was always using nicknames: angelcakes, babe, gorgeous, beautiful, but he called April all of those too, so they didn’t mean anything different when it came to you. Mikey was just a flirty person, you guessed. You would just have to wait for another sign.

But you were done waiting.

Today, while watching a movie with him, he made a comment.

“Dang, I really wish I could get a girlfriend.” He sighed at the RomCom he had chosen. You froze in place.

“Mikey, I am literally right here.” You pointed to yourself with an expectant expression. He crinkled his eyebrows.

“What are you-?”

“Wait, have you seriously not caught on?!”

“I don’t know what you-”


“You…a gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, funny, HUMAN girl who could have literally any other human being on the face of the planet…you like ME?!”


Mikey was quiet for a long moment, eyes slowly widening as it finally dawned on him. You actually liked him.

You. Actually. Liked. Him.

“Oh shiiiiiiiiiiii….” He whispered and hopped off of the couch. “I will be right back. Don’t move.” He ran off to the garbage truck to grab something from their mini-lair in the back. He rummaged through a crate of goodies tucked up into the corner. No, no, no, no, there it was.

As fast as he could, he ran all the way back to where you were waiting half-confused, half-expectant as you tried to figure out where the hell he had gone.

“(Y/N).” he stood in front of where you were seated. He knelt down and held up a cherry Ring Pop. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, you dork. I will be your girlfriend.” You replied.

“SHE SAID YES!!” He slid the plastic ring onto your left hand. “DID YOU GUYS HEAR THAT?! I HAVE A TOTALLY HOT GIRLFRIEND AND YOUUUU~ DON’T!”

“SHUT UP, MIKEY!” His brothers’ chorus came from several parts of the lair, all in unison in the same annoyed tone of voice they always had.

“So, totally gorgeous human girlfriend, what would you like to do first?”

“Well, amazingly handsome turtle boyfriend, I would like to cuddle and finish our movies and then we could…” you ran a hand down his plastron. He inhaled a sharp breath, a chill running up his spine. “Transition into other activities~”

“I love the sound of that.”

Tale as Old as Time

Summary: Tony takes his daughter to watch Beauty and the Beast. Again. 
Relationship: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader
Warnings: None. 

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“Little town, full of little people…” The little girl sang on the edge of her chair and poked Tony’s arm for the 100th time in the whole movie. “Waking up to say…”

Tony sighed. It was his 8th time in a month there. He was visiting the theatre so much that everyone knew his face and Y/N’s and gave him the Beauty and Beast tickets before he would even say the name of the movie. 

‘Spend some time with your kid’, they said. ‘Take her to a movie’, they said. 

“Bonjour.” He said with the man that opened his window, and repeated the greeting several times. 

He already knew every single song of that Disney movie. 

Y/N sang with Belle without shame, completely unaware of her father’s boredom. Belle was definitely and without a doubt her favourite princess.  

“Song as old as rhyme.” Y/N sang to herself, her eyes wide as she watched the movie in front of her in the screen. “Beauty and the Beast…”

She leaned back down on her father’s shoulder and he sighed with an emotion she couldn’t describe. 

“What?” The woman arched an eyebrow at him. 


Y/N stared at him for a long moment and he rolled his eyes. 

“Well, it’s just… We watched this movie 15 times when you were a kid.” He reminded her. “And you’re an adult now. It is just… Nostalgic.”

Y/N chuckled and kissed his cheek. 

“Thanks for coming with me.” She whispered at him before looking back at the screen. 

“It is our movie.” Tony reminded her. “I couldn’t say no to you.”

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PT.1 | PT.2 | PT.3| PT.5| PT.6| PT.7| PT.8| PT.9| PT.10| PT.11| PT.12| PT.13

They ate in pleasant silence. The only noise in the flat was the movie, and occasionally Rosie’s whines for some of Sherlock’s food. She found her place back in his lap and decided to join them in their movie-watching. The men laughed at her lip covered in drool from the sight of their food, eventually, Sherlock gave in and let her have some of the rice which he softened for her. Every other bite, John would put his fork down and watch Sherlock. He looked on fondly as the man would sigh and give Rosie more rice, when a particularly exciting scene happened in the movie and Sherlock stopped moving to watch it, he was happy to see Sherlock happy and content. He was excited at the fact that Sherlock was happy and content with him. The lights were off and John couldn’t help but bask in Sherlock’s silhouette from the TV light. How could a man be so beautiful and find someone like him worthy of their time?

“The dragon is starting to grow on me, John…John?” Sherlock turned to face him and John’s cheeks reddened at being caught staring.

“Oh um…yeah, Smaug. He actually reminds me of you.”

Sherlock smirked at John’s reaction and replied, “Oh yes, because I too have a penchant for breathing fire, and, as others so helpfully point out, my voice is quite deep.”

“Well, yeah, that stuff too but I think, for me at least, it’s because you protect things so vehemently. You go through all these lengths to protect things that are important to you, whether it’s a person or thing.”

“If we’re drawing parallels then, just like Smaug, I’m protecting just one thing with my life.”

John’s eyes met Sherlock’s and they both stared at each other smiling, Rosie the only one firmly attentive with the movie. John turned to the television and shoved another forkful of food in his mouth. “Or, you know maybe it’s because you’re just a hotheaded hoarder.”

Sherlock snorted and took another helping of his food. “Maybe, John.”

It was then that John realized that he missed Sherlock so much. The house felt different without him, even when Mary was still alive. There just wasn’t that banter that he was so accustomed to with Sherlock. The thought left him smiling into his food for the rest of the film. John took care of the food as Sherlock put Rosie to bed. She had fallen asleep halfway into the marathon, but the two were so comfortable laying on each other that they didn’t move until after the third movie. John stood in the doorway of his daughter’s room and watched as Sherlock gently set her down in her crib and rubbed her back when she stirred. Thankfully, she stayed asleep and John could let the breath out that he was holding.

“Ready for bed, Mr. Holmes?”

“Just let me change and I’ll join you.”

John perked up at the very real and very exciting prospect of sleeping with Sherlock Holmes. He nodded and walked into the room to prepare the bed. It had been so long since he’s slept with another person in the bed, and the fact that it was Sherlock, his best friend, best man, the…the man he loved, it made the man simply giddy. Was Sherlock just as excited as he was? He hoped so. As soon as John was dressed and ready for bed, Sherlock came in wearing his classic grey t-shirt and striped pants.

“So, this is where I’ll be until further notice?” Sherlock was joking as he walked to his side of the bed and lifted the covers.

“There’s always the sofa, if you want to be picky.” John was just as playful with his response.

They settled in under the covers, and John closed his eyes letting the warmth from his bedmate lull him to sleep. It would have been the fastest he’s ever fallen asleep until he heard Sherlock’s small voice whisper, “John?”

“Yes?” Their voices were made gentle and soft by fatigue.

He could see Sherlock’s form sit and he too propped himself up on his elbows to listen to what the man had to say.

After a long bout of silence, he heard Sherlock say, “You called me great today.”

“I did.” John then thought back to the context in which he said it and then immediately he felt like an ass, maybe they weren’t back to that level of joking yet, he overstepped his boundaries, he fucked up, he fucked up bad… “I’m not great, John.”

“Sherlock I’m sorry…”

“Let me finish.” Sherlock’s voice sounded so painfully raw and John’s instinct was to sit up fully and place a hand on his back. He would listen to whatever it was that Sherlock had to say, they would stay up all night if that made him feel better.

“Yeah, of course, whatever you want.”

“…You called me great today, and I’m not, John. I’ve never been great. No one’s ever referred to me as such, therefore I must not be. But I’ve never truly felt ‘great’ until I met you.”

John’s breath hitched in his throat at that.

“From the day we met you never once failed to call me every variation of the word ‘brilliant’ or ‘extraordinary’. You’ve always made me feel like I belonged, like it was okay to be me, that I am doing good…even when I have trouble believing it some days.”

John bit his cheek to prevent any noise from escaping his body. Sherlock wasn’t finished.

“When I’m with you John, I think I really am ‘The Great Sherlock Holmes’, and it makes me happy. But then I realized…I wouldn’t be great if you weren’t amazing.”

John cupped a hand over his mouth to let Sherlock finish. Even in the darkness of the night he could see Sherlock’s smile, so warm, so bright, so wonderful. God, he was so pretty.

“So, let me say this now. John Watson, I think you’re the most amazing, and bravest man that one could ever hope to meet and how lucky I am to have met you.”

John didn’t respond. How could he? What did he, a worn-down war vet, ever do to make a man like Sherlock Holmes, find him worth his time? As if Sherlock knew what he was thinking, he simply wrapped his arms around John’s small body and pressed a kiss to his forehead when he heard John’s tiny whimper into his shirt.

“You don’t have to say anything right now, I just wanted to tell you that before I scared myself into never telling you, like so many other things I’ve been meaning to say but never have…”

They fell asleep like that, embraced and inhaling the scent of the other. The last thing that John remembered thinking was that he didn’t want Sherlock to leave.


Oh boy, this was 1k words guys! Hopefully you guys were satisfied with this chapter, it was a pleasure to write, and hopefully the next parts will be just as good! 

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Taking it Slow

♡♡♡ Valentine’s Day Drabble 13/13 ♡♡♡

Originally posted by kristian-do

Member: Joshua
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 613

“Are you sure you want this?”

“Josh, you’ve asked me this about a hundred times. It’s starting to make me think that you’re the one that doesn’t want to have sex.” you sighed, looking up at him. Joshua blushed slightly, at least you thought you could see a blush. The room was only lit by candlelight, so it wasn’t too easy to see him. He had set this whole night up: candles, rose petals, champagne. Everything was perfect. He was going to lose his virginity to you tonight. Except he was hesitating.

“No, no, I do want this. I’m just…” he sighed, “I’m just nervous. I love you, and I’m sorry I can’t be dominant and sexy. I want to be, but shit, I really can’t do this.” He rolled off from on top of you and laid next to you. You sat up and eyed him. He was still dressed from the waist down, and you were still completely clothed. He looked so beautiful, and you wanted him to have an amazing first time. You wished that he wouldn’t get so stressed over it.

“Do you wanna stop and go watch a movie? We can try again another day when you’re more comfortable,” you suggested, placing a hand on his arm.

“I don’t wanna stop, I want to be with you. I’m comfortable being with you like this, I just…I’m worried that I’m not gonna give you a good time. It’s gonna be embarrassing if you don’t feel good too, y’know?” he groaned. You rolled over to straddle him, and it felt surprisingly innocent given the situation you were in. You poked his nose.

“Listen. You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll tell you if I need more or if I’m uncomfortable.” You ran your fingers down his bare chest, and you could almost feel his heartbeat quicken again. “How about I do the work for now?”

“Please?” he almost laughed. The tension in the room was dissipating. You were so in love with him, you didn’t need him to be any type of sexy or try and be dominant. You just wanted to love him with your whole self, and that’s what you were going to do.

You ground your hips down onto him to test the waters. It felt good to release some of the pent up energy you had, you were still pretty turned on from all the kissing and touching you had done up until this point. He seemed to feel the same, as his eyes lowered and his mouth fell open just a touch. He watched you pull your shirt off and toss it onto the floor. Your bra soon followed and you grabbed his hands, leading them to your breasts. He squeezed gently before moving to rub your nipples with his thumbs. It felt good, and you let out a sigh to let him know that. Tonight was going to move slowly, but that was okay.

It was another hour before you were both fully naked and ready to go. “Are you sure you want this?” you asked him, making sure before you took the final plunge.

“God, please just sit on my cock before I implode,” he groaned, his face flushed and sweaty. You smirked at how blunt he was being. You grabbed him and lined him up with your entrance before slowly sinking down on him. A long string of soft ‘ah’s came out of his mouth as he filled you up. You stilled when you were fully seated on him, enveloping his length completely, and you leaned down to kiss him gently.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart,” you whispered against his lips.

- Marcy

Something There

Summary: While at a convention Jensen is teasing his girlfriend Y/N about her Beauty and the Beast shirt. She tries to ignore it, but when he takes the teasing on stage during a panel, she gives him a choice; she’ll show everyone the video of him singing along to the songs, or he could sing with her on stage.

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Ruth Connell, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict.

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None just fluff

Word Count: 2,764

A/N: This is no way shape or form hate toward Danneel or their family. This is solely fan fiction and nothing against them. I ship the hell out of Jensen and Danneel. This is not beta read, but I had to get this up today! Feedback is always welcomed and I hope you enjoy it!

Originally posted by friendly-neighborhood-fan-girl

“Come on Y/N,” Jensen shouted pounding on the bathroom door, “our panel with Jared starts in like twenty minutes.”

With a final glance at yourself in the mirror, you deemed yourself ready for the busy day. Opening the door you could see Jensen’s nose turn up as you stepped out of the restroom. You looked down at yourself cocking up an eyebrow. You didn’t see anything wrong with your outfit, so why was he looking at you as if were dressed in strange attire?


“You’re kidding me right? You’re not really going to go down and do a panel dressed in that.”

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BEAUTIFUL GIRL - Part 1 - (supergirl) kara danvers x f!reader

A Supergirl Soulmate AU in which soul-marks are situated on the wrist and are the nickname of your soulmate. They appear at some point of a person’s life. 
Kara, born on Krypton, is being belittled for having a name written in another language on her wrist. After landing on Earth, she struggles to get accustomed to Earth’s customs. One day, she meets you, who happens to be her soulmate. 
|[ 1,047 words ]|

Part 1 | 2 | 3

WARNINGS: female x female, bullying, intimidation, light violence (Kara actually punches someone, so yeeah), insults

  • Y/N = your name
  • Y/L/N = your last name
  • Y/NN = your nickname
  • y/h/l = your hair length
  • y/h/c = your hair color
  • y/e/c = your eye color

I’m not quite sure if I should do a sequel for this. Meh, tell me if you want one.

◢ ◣◥ ◤ ◢ ◣◥ ◤ ◢ ◣◥ ◤

Kara: 12

 The day was finished. Kara tried to make herself the smallest possible as she walked down the hall of Krypton’s Academy of Science. The young girl had a natural gift for science and had been easily admitted in the Academy.

 Unfortunately, there were some difficulties that arise soon after.

 Kara was suddenly pushed against the wall as an upperclassman was hovering over her. He was accompanied by two of his subordinates and a group of girls.

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Dating Seokjin (Jin) Includes:

Originally posted by savethepeebees

he’s so fucki n g handsome fuCK

  • Gordan Ramsey up in this biTCH
  • A1 cooking fam sign me tf up
  • “That’s my 6th plate of food Jin,i think it’s enou-”
  • “okay but look at this bomb ass cake I just made tho”
  • Watching Disney movies together and him proclaiming that he’s better looking than all the other princess
  • “I don’t know why you like Prince Eric so much, i’m way better looking.”
  • “babe it’s just a cartoon i’m-”
  • Going out with him in public is dodgy as shit man 
  • Killer visuals attracting a lot of female eyes smh
  • and him destroying anyone within a 5 mile radius with his looks
  • *Sigh* “Being this beautiful can be such a burden”
  • “Jin stfu”
  • At least one dad joke a day otherwise Jin can’t function
  • “What time did the man go to the dentist, Y/N?”
  • “Don’t”
  • “Tooth-hurty!”
  • “fFS”
  • PDA is a no go sorry
  • Y’all were out for dinner with the boys one night
  • and you tried to do some freaky shit under the table with him
  • Jin was nOT having it and gave you a look so intense you decided it was safer if you sat beside Namjoon for the rest of the night
  • okay but real talk Jin can be such a gentleman, opening doors for you and shit
  • and saying the cheesiest pick up lines
  • “Are you African?”
  • “I’m Asian Jin wtf”
  • “Cause you’re a frican babe!”
  • “Delete yourself”
  • He calls you Princess and you call him Jin cause you don’t do none of that nickname shit lol
  • “Aw why can’t you call me Prince or King or something?”
  • “Cause your ego is big enough, Jin.”
  • him trying to make simple domestic activities fun and bond with you
  • and you telling him that if he wakes you up one more time at 6am to get the laundry out of the way, you’ll break his arm
  • Internally screaming whenever Jin looks at you and licks his lips
  • Internally screaming whenever Jin just does stuff cause he looks damn well attractive when he’s doing it
  • the only argument you ever really has is who gets to cook dinner
  • “you always get to cook, Jin”
  • “that’s cause i never burn the stove Y/N” 
  • swinging on his big ass shoulders
  • climbing on his big ass shoulders
  • his big ass shoulders in general tbh
  • pretty sure Jin is a good kisser
  • like I mean, look at his lips damn fine
  • they look so soft
  • lots of little pecks on the cheek and nose
  • lip kisses are slow and sensual aF
  • he lowkey looks like he has a daddy kink. like very lowkey
  • idk man I feel like sex could go two ways
  • either, sweet, vanilla filled missionary sex
  • or straight up frEAKY lowkey 50 shades of grey shit
  • idk man there’s no inbetween
  • the type of man to spend his entire life savings on gifts for you
  • but deadass won’t buy a pencil for the other members bruh
  • squishing his cheeks and telling him he looks amazingly cute until he blushes like crazy
boyfriend! jeonghan

request: Please do boyfriend!jeonghan omg 

a/n: thank you for requesting, @cheonsa-jeonghannie! i’m so sorry i couldn’t get it done sooner, i hope you like it! also, this was my favorite one to write so far, do i smell a bias wrecker?

Originally posted by hanwooz

  • you know those sickeningly sweet couples who can never stfu about how amazing their partner is?
  • yeah well this isn’t one of those
  • having jeonghan as a boyfriend is just a constant demonstration of his ability to quickly come up with sassy comments faster than you

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Jealousy (Jimin)

As per Anon’s request! (Thank you again)

Wolf Au
3898 Words 

Summary: Jimin never asked for a mortal mate and as much as he loved her, he also found himself resenting every single gene in her body that made her human. 

Jealousy is a poisonous emotion that begins from the heart and courses through every vein filling every gap with bitterness. An emotion that was almost impossible to control and hide. It was also a curse bestowed upon Jimin for being the species that he was.

“Jimin we’re going for a run.” Hoseok said popping his head into Jimin’s room. Jimin was sprawled on his bed, his eyes closed, “Go ahead, I don’t feel like running.” He replied with a yawn. Hoseok expressed concern for the younger one’s health before leaving with the rest of the pack once Jimin reassured him that he was okay, just tired. With his acute hearing, he heard the leader make a comment about how it had been awhile since Jimin went for a run with them and the rest agreeing in unison. When he heard them all leave, he rolled onto his stomach and let out a long exhale. Every time they asked him to go he would use the same excuse: “I’m tired.” He could never tell them the real reason why he couldn’t join them. As of lately, Jimin loathed his wolf form and in order to go on these runs, the pack had to transform to release tension building inside the body. In fact, he would avoid any situation that required him to become what he really was. He hated what he was and for once, just one day, he wanted to be a human. He just wanted to be normal.

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Imagine Roman having a habit of ‘accidentally’ falling asleep on you.


“You find a movie, Ro’?” You called from the living room as you sat on the comfortable couch.

It was one of the few days both of you had off from WWE, and it was getting late so you two decided to spend some time together.

As you waited for your husband to join you on the couch, you pulled your favorite blanket around yourself. The house you two lived in was so cold due to the harsh winter and where you were living.

“Yeah.” A few seconds later, you looked up as you heard Roman walking into the living room.

He was sporting a black tank top and gray sweats, while his long black hair fell past his shoulders. The tight shirt he wore hugged his body and drew your attention to his muscles. His hair was still damp as he just took a shower.

Roman took his seat right next to me after turning the lights off and setting up the movie. You were already nearly laid down so Roman easily got comfortable by situating himself next to you. As the movie was starting, you grew a little tired so you moved to fully lay down.

Since Roman wanted to be as close to you as possible, he shifted his body to lay his head on your stomach. His legs were intertwined with yours while his arms were hugged around your midsection. Roman sleepily grinned as he cuddled into you while watching the movie.

You smiled at how adorable your husband was before reaching down to play with his long hair.

You couldn’t care less if Roman’s weight was crushing you a little, you honestly loved it when he fell asleep on you. 

“You comfortable, Ro’?” You threaded his soft hair through your fingers while using your other hand to stroking his back.

You remembered that playing with his hair nearly puts him to sleep so you continued playing with the soft tendrils.

“Mmm..” Roman sighed in content as he nuzzled into your stomach. He was struggling to keep his beautiful brown eyes open as he grew more tired. His eyes closed as you started rubbing his shoulders and continued playing with his hair.

A few minutes later you felt Roman’s breath even out on your neck letting you know he was asleep. In those few minutes, Roman had shifted so his head was nestled in the crook of your neck and his arms were wrapped tightly around you.

As you looked down at him one last time, you felt your eyes growing heavy. The sound of the movie drowned into background noise as you found yourself falling asleep as well.


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Things that go bump in the night: Prompts 34 & 43 (Jason Todd x Reader)

“You come into my room and wake me up at 4 am to cuddle” & “You’re lucky you’re cute.” Jason (34/43)

Working my way through the list. Still got to write the Damian one, but I swear Tumblr is against me writing it, I have finished like four versions and all of them were deleted so you know what, I’m putting that to rest for a bit.

I do hope this is enjoyable!

Staying up until four am is never a good idea. Staying up until four am watching horror movies is an even worse idea. Why you did both is a mystery, but alas now you must suffer the consequences.

You don’t want to put your feet down. If you put your feet down you’re easier to grab. But you have to. You have to put your feet down on the cold, creaky floor in your dark apartment, why you didn’t leave the lights on you have no idea, and you have to walk to your room without being murdered. No biggy.

The first shift of the flooring is the worse, it sends your heart racing and you want nothing more than to huddle in a corner away from everything. But you can’t. So you take another step. And another, and another.

Then you knock a something over and it shatters. The noise is enough to send you running into your room.

Except in doing so you wake Jason up. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“Doll?” He asks, voice rough and clouded by exhaustion. One arm props him up, staring in your direction. You quickly move onto to the bed, dodging his costume, yes Jason it is a fucking costume, which lies in a haphazard pile on the ground.

“Sorry Jay, but I can’t be alone. Who knows what’ll happen to me.” You say, curling up against his side and tucking yourself under the covers. You hear him give a disbelieving chuckle followed by a stretched out sigh. It almost makes you spit out a retort but then his strong arms are wrapping around you and he’s rolling over so that he can curl around you.

“So you come into my room and wake me up at 4 am to cuddle. What am I going to do with you?” He groans, voice filled with love.

“Your room? You mean our room?” You sass, lightly swatting at his arm.

“Yeah, yeah, gods you’re lucky you’re cute. Just please stop watching horror movies after midnight.”

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Have a beautiful day and if you’re just starting classes again like I am, don’t stress too much, if you’re already struggling like I am, you can ask for extra help and if a class is going to have a lot of group work and you know no one, and the people in your class are not the ones you want to be near, see if your teacher has an alternative project for you. If that’s not the case, just smile and be polite.