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Marauders Appreciation Week [2/7] - One Death Eater

To the Dark Lord,

I know I will be dead long before you read this but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match you will be mortal once more.



What do you mean this movie wasn’t specifically made to be turned into a laven AU

Dating Junhoe would be like:

-sassy comments…days full of sassy comments

-if you’re not talking to him because you’re paying attention to something else you’ll probably catch him staring at you at some point  i mean it’s not like he’s trying to hide it  and will eventually realize that he’s been doing the same every whenever you’re not close enough to him for him to touch you

-you’ll get that confident grin as a reward every time you notice the stares

-loves giving you back hugs

-like you would spend a few precious minutes trying to get something from the top shelf and he would suddenly appear behind you  was watching you struggle for a while before he did anything because he loved the way your shirt moved up a little bit

-and oh, yes, he would be a good boyfriend and get you the thing you couldn’t reach but how could that even matter when you won’t even be able to move for the next few minutes because well..wasn’t that just a perfect opportunity for a back hug

-visiting him and the guys at practice as often as you can and laughing your ass off later because he’s like ‘’So what? Practice like any other…I’m totally relaxed!’’

-but somehow you don’t remember there were so many body rolls included in their choreography…

-bno matter how confident he appears to be there was a time when he almost tripped over his own fett when you jokingly which he interpreted as teasingly winked at him and almost knocked poor Jinhwan down

-loves picking you up and kissing you like that and sometimes those are just innocent little pecks and sometimes when he puts you back on the ground again he has to hold you for a few moments more because your legs are suddenly way too weak to support you 

-sometimes he’ll refuse to lean down so you could kiss him and will be like ‘’Come and get that kiss if you want it.’’ but in the end, you getting on your tip toes trying to place a kiss on his lips would be too cute for him too handle

-but really, he enjoys picking you up at most random moments and carrying you around just because

-whenever you’re near him he usually has his arm around your shoulder and just loves when you reach to wrapped your arms around him, burying your face into his chest…he maybe doesn’t say it but that satisfied sigh is telling you everything

-watching movies and…and well it’s more of a competition for a sassiest comment than anything else

-love romantic comedies or not when you’re with him it’s suddenly full of cheesy scenes and great chances to comment on them

-but who are you to say anything when your movie nights usually end in a cheesiest way ever…with you falling asleep on his shoulder and him watching you silently until he gets sleepy too and carries you to the bed

-that’s of course if you don’t end up making out

-’’Wow, looking hot today!’’-’’I know…don’t you mean everyday?’’

-kissing the top of your head

-did I mention constant demands to call him oppa?

-’’Why is that hand going under my shirt, Junhoe?’’

-doesn’t care if someone’s watching, if he wants to kiss you you’ll get that kiss no matter where you are

-even if he’s tired he’ll sometimes sing to you before you go to sleep even if you don’t ask for it…he knows how much you love it and that reason is enough for him

-and then he would just follow you around the house singing some cheesy love songs and embarrassing you both…but no way he’s stopping

-can’t stand any guy looking at you longer then necessary and sometimes you find yourself standing and your view suddenly being cut off by June and he’s like ‘’What? I swear he was checking you out!’’

-he’s that sassy boyfriend who would maybe laugh his ass off at you tripping over nothing but would also do anything to protect you

You know in a movie when everything is going to shit, yet for some strange reason, people don’t think, lets do something. They’re just like “it’ll blow over.”

Yeah that’s basically 2017 and all the mess that’s following it.

Dead Poets Society
  • Me: *sobs during the whole thing*
  • Me five minutes after the end: *still crying*
  • Me going to sleep: *falls asleep crying*
  • Me the day after: *Eyes fills with tears whenever I think about it*
  • Me ten years after: *eyes shining, tells you* It's my favourite movie, ever.
Harry Styles Cuddle Imagine

[So, @mizluv wanted me to do some cute Harry cuddles, so that’s what I’m doing as a bonus imagine for the day. Enjoy and I hope it helps because Harry cuddles help everything.]

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                                        “You guys are the Howling Commandos.”
                                                          “I hate that name.”

Pots and Pans

Summary: Having a movie night with Bucky on Halloween is all fun and games, until the two of you start hearing random noises. 

Author’s Note: Short Halloween drabble but I liked writing this. Happy Halloween 🎃👻

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What could be more spookier than having a horror movie marathon on the night of Halloween?

“For the last time, Y/N. I will not watch the Conjuring with you.” Bucky muttered.

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Okay, now that I’ve done a fanart for the cherick fandom, LEAVE MY MIND ALONE ! Drawing done between midnight and 5am… when I was supposed to work. *sigh* Curse this ship. Curse this movie. Curse everything.

(Drawing inspired by the beautiful work of @zandraart ! She has an amazing style, go check her out, it will brightens your day !)

Imagine #3

[ Anonymous ] Request : Meeting Robbie on set for a movie and ya’ll two quickly become friends and ya’ll go to STARBUCKS together and the both of you are flirting like mad and he pays before you get the chance to and you say you wanted to and there’s a little argument and you offer him to come over to your house for a movie night and ya’ll two cuddle and flirt more then the next day everyone’s teasing you guys? Sorry if it’s too specific :/


“Robbie!” I pout as he takes my wallet out of my hands and tucks it into his back pocket.

“Nope.” He grins, opening his own wallet and paying before I had skillfully taken my wallet back without touching my best friend’s butt.

“You can’t pay!” I whine, frowning up at him as he wraps an arm around my shoulder and brings me into his chest.

“Calm down, kiddo. I got it.” He teases, laughing as we move up to wait for our coffees.

An old lady was eyeing the two of us with a smile before she spoke, “young love is so cute!” She squeals slightly and I blush, pulling away from Robbie while shaking my head.

“We’re not-”

Robbie pulls me back into his chest, leaning forward to speak to the lady. “Thank you, love.” He smiles and I roll my eyes from where I am in his arms with him leaning over me because of how short I am.

“Why’d you tell her that?” I question, looking up at the taller boy in confusion once we were walking away with coffee in hand.

“Because I love you.” He teases, poking my nose before taking a sip of his coffee and I blush before realizing his context.

“I love you, too, dude.” I laugh, walking out of the warmth of Starbucks into the cold air of England.

Considering the two of us met on set, it’s surprising I’m not an actress, I was merely there to support my sibling who is in the movie with Robbie. Once filming had ended, we didn’t want to lose touch so we spoke everyday and Skyped almost every night - well, night for me and five to seven in the morning for him. It was unconventional, of course, but we’ve been friends for closer to a year and Robbie decided to surprise me with a plane ticket to visit him in England.

So, here we are; Robbie and I were spending Christmas together while he was on break.

Robbie notices my sudden chill and he takes off his jacket, draping it around my shoulders. He smiles as I’m instantly showered in the warmth of him and I sip from my coffee with a nervous glance up at how the brunette was staring down at me.

“What?” I ask, self conscious under the boy’s gaze.

He shrugs, smiling slightly. “When we get back to my flat, do you want to have a movie marathon?” Robbie questions, suddenly nervous.

I grin, nodding and jumping slightly. “As long as it’s not horror.” I point at him with a harsh glare.

Robbie rolls his eyes and I can’t help but take notice to how dark they look compared to the overcast winter sky. “If it is, I’ll protect you.” He cooes, leaning down to squeeze my body in his long arms. “Into the car, child.” Robbie grins, opening the car door for me.

I roll my eyes as I slide into the seat, “I’m only a few months younger than you, Robbie.” I pout and Robbie raises an eyebrow at me.

“You’re still younger than me.” He smirks, starting the car and driving to his apartment.

When we get there, Robbie allows me to run up to my room to change into pajama shorts and I sneakily steal one of his shirts because they’re more comfortable than mine.

Robbie pretends not to notice me wearing his shirt but I see recognition when he sees it and a grin appears on his face.

“I picked the movie.” He states with a devious smirk and I sigh, knowing it was a horror movie. He knew I was terrified of everything and he was only doing this to scare me.

The movie starts and within half an hour, I’ve buried my face between my knees with my hands on my ears. I feel something touch my shoulder and I jump, seeing it’s only Robbie.

“C'mere.” He mumbles, opening his arms and I gratefully rest my head on his chest as his arms hold me protectively. “It’s just a movie, love, you’ll be fine.” The brunette smiles and I blush.

I end up falling asleep in his arms, waking up to the sound of a camera shutter and I immediately jump off the couch only to find I’m not in the living room; but in Robbie’s room.

The person who was holding the camera was Robbie’s sister, Camilla, and she was giggling madly. “Where’s-” She shushes me and points to something behind me.

It’s then I notice arms wrapped around my waist and, with a red face, I turn my head to see Robbie sleeping soundly with his head burrowed into my back.

“Did you take enough pic- oh! Hi Y/N!” Fiona giggles as she walks into her brother’s bedroom and I blush more.

“You guys look so cute!”

“I’m so posting these!”

“No!” I screech, whispering as to not wake the sleeping boy behind me and I try to climb out of his arms but his grip tightens around my waist. “Robbie, honey, wake up.” I mumble, shifting in his arms so I’m facing him as another shutter sound goes off and I groan slightly.

Robbie opens one eye, seeing his sisters and me in his arms, then closes his eyes again. “Fi, Cam, bye.” He mumbles, his head falling forward again.

The two girls leave and I stare at the sleeping boy, moving his hair out of his face.

“Ba- Robbie, I’m going to talk to your sisters but you have to let me go.” I force myself not to grin at how innocent and cute he looks.

He makes a whining sound but unwraps his arms, “come back and cuddle please.”

I nod before realizing he can’t see me with his eyes closed. “I will, hun.” I mumble, leaning forward to place a kiss on his forehead and I hear another shutter sound.

I glance behind me to see Fiona giggling in the doorway and I glare at her, closing Robbie’s bedroom door behind me. “Please don’t post those pictures!” I beg, walking into the kitchen to see Fiona and Camilla gawking over the pictures on their phones.

“But the world deserves to see the cuteness that is Wittle Wobbie and Wittle Y/N cuddling!” Camilla laughs and I roll my eyes, shaking my head.

“Doubt it.” I laugh.

We talk for a little while until Robbie finally makes his way into the kitchen, his hair a disheveled mess.

I sigh, shaking my head as I walk over to him and fix his hair to its normal look. “Much better.” I mumble, blushing as Robbie’s sisters look at me in shock at what I had just done. “What? I always fix his hair.” I laugh and Robbie nods tiredly, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“Yup.” He smiles and I giggle. “What?”

“Brush your teeth, babe.” I tease, turning him around and he rolls his eyes but still does as I say. I turn to see Fiona and Camilla looking at me in confusion.

“You act like you’re dating.” Camilla starts.

“So why don’t you?” Fiona asks.

I shrug, “long distance isn’t a thing I want.” I mumble.

“So you admit you like Robbie!” Camilla cheers as I blush and nod.

“Really?” Robbie asks from the top of the stairs, walking down to stand in front of me. I nod slowly, blushing and a smile forms on Robbie’s face. “Then how about you be my girlfriend.” The brunette suggests and I frown.

“But… you’re always filming and traveling.” I state, my hands fiddling with the trim of my - Robbie’s - shirt and it’s just then that I realize he’s not even wearing a shirt. The sight makes me blush more as I refuse to look at his face.

“Then you’ll come with me whenever I’m in the States or whenever I’m off for a long time. I mean, we’ve made a long distance friendship work so why not a relationship?” He questions, his expression serious and the two of us barely notice his sisters leaving the room to give us privacy.

I bite my lip as Robbie’s arms wrap around my waist and he looks down at me. “I dunno, I suppose it would work.” I still have a slight frown as I loosely put my arms around Robbie’s waist as well. “I already miss you so much and I never thought a relationship was a possibility. I just want to hug you all the time, Robbie. You’re so warm and kind and inviting, it makes me want to be with you all the time.”

“And I will be.” He grins, “so long as you say it.” His childish attitude comes out.

“Say what?” I giggle, staring up at the goofy green eyed boy.

“You know what - that you’re my girlfriend.” He sings the word and the sentence sends butterflies to my stomach.

“I’m your girlfriend, Kay. One hundred percent yours.” I blush, squealing slightly as he lifts me and places me on the kitchen counter. He stands between my legs, still taller than me, and he cups my face in his soft hands.

It was awkward because I knew his sisters were waiting to take pictures of us, but I decide to go along with it and I connect our lips barely, teasing the boy but he had no patience for games as he connected our lips roughly.

The sounds of camera shutters filled my ears and my face was reddening but I could only focus on the boy attached to my lips. When we pull away, I bury my face in the crook of his neck as he places his hands on my thighs and carries me back to his room away from his nosy sisters.

We spend the rest of the day being lazy, cuddling in bed and laughing at the supportive tweets about the two of us from Robbie’s fans.


i know i didn’t really have them being teased but i thought it would make more sense if his sisters found them because no one else would be there to tease them lol


hope you guys liked it :)



When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong.

The Giver (2014): First Look Trailer (x)


“Imagine: Noah walks in on you and Audrey making out, unaware you were in a relationship.”

Inspired by Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande 

warnings: kissing? that’s about it

[I do not own the gif above]


Her hands were practically melded to your back, her palms pressed tight against your skin and her filed nails just slightly puncturing the sensitive area with half-moons. You couldn’t complain because Audrey had a knack for creating the absolute perfect balance between pleasure and pain, even if it was in the way she bit your lip before peppering kisses across your jaw. 

She was focused on her tongue, swirling with yours ever so gently and taste of her vanilla chapstick laced throughout your mouth. Everything about Audrey was warm and soft, her slight curves were always your favourite thing to hold while kissing her. She was sitting on the leather couch in your room, leaning back while you sat in her lap with your legs wrapped tightly around her waist.

Your hands moved to her hair, gliding your fingers through dark tuffs of hair, twisting and pulling. She moaned into your mouth and her nails dug deeper into your skin.

The girls in gym class were beginning to wonder if your cat had finger nails or if the culprit was a cat at all.

Audrey was like a cat though, so your cover up lie wasn’t too far off. She slept half on top of you, stole the pillow and clawed at your skin affectionately. Every time she moaned it sounded distinctly like a purr. She was also curious to a fault, suspicious of everything and everyone. Some days you spent minutes trying to convince her that people weren’t staring out of hatred. 

Which was exactly why nobody knew about your relationship. You weren’t willing to push her over the edge yet and you wanted her to be ready when people found it.

Audrey’s hands ran down your back and to your thighs, running up the exposed skin and rubbing in a circular motion. Your pyjama shorts were bunched up around your upper thighs and couldn’t possibly go up any further. Her fingers teased the inside of your legs, just under the bunched hem of your shorts. 

Nobody was home and it had been forever since the two of you were alone together. In fact, you couldn’t remember the last time you had felt her fingers–

“What the actual gosh damn fuc–” You were interrupted by Noah’s words, which were interrupted by Audrey’s loud yell. 

Your girlfriend’s wide eyes and stunned expression was almost comical, but you knew how badly the situation could turn out so you kept your lips pressed together tightly. You swung your leg from out behind Audrey and leaned back into the couch, sitting pressed tightly next to her. 

Noah stared in part horror and part confusion, obviously having not expected that when coming to your house that morning. In all fairness, he was quite oblivious, even to his best friend’s private relationship. The both of you had agreed to tell him if he ever happened to ask, but until that morning, he was innocently unaware. 

“Noah, I can’t believe you just walked in here without knocking,” Audrey said with a quivering voice that was almost endearing if not amusing. 

Noah scoffed, the shock still written across his face even in his moment of annoyance. “How was I supposed to know that you were going to be all hand-sy with our best friend?” 

And then the not so playful banter began… 

“What? I’m not allowed to have some things just to myself now? I don’t ask details about your relationships!”

Noah crossed his arms and began shouting like a defensive child. “I’m not the one kissing our best friend. I can’t believe you were just kissing her without paying any mind to the fact that she is my friend too! Is this what friends do now? Do I get to feel up her leg too, huh?”

You shifted uncomfortably and Audrey grabbed your hand, hold it tightly. Whether or not it was for support or to claim ownership over you, you weren’t exactly sure. Maybe it was time for you to step in… 

“Noah, if you ever fucking touch my leg like that I’m going to slap you. And second of all, we planned on telling you but sometimes it’s nice to just have something to yourself until you know it’s the right time to tell people.” 

Noah closed his mouth and seemed to be at a loss for words. He wasn’t very good at comebacks. Though he had been your best friend since the beginning of high school, along with Audrey, you still didn’t quite understand the kid sometimes. 

“What she said. Listen to Y/N,” Audrey added proudly. 

“I guess this isn’t the end of the world, I always thought you guys were harbouring some sexual tension. I didn’t think I’d ever have to see it in action though…” Noah flopped down on the couch beside you and you wound up in a sandwich between your girlfriend and your best friend. 

It should have been uncomfortable, but it was almost nice that Noah finally knew.  “So, you’ll forgive us?” you asked tentatively, grabbing his hand as well. 

He gave your hand a small squeeze and sighed, obviously still the slightest bit scarred from what he had witnessed. “As long as you give me notice when you two are going to do that. And I am not a third wheel by the way,” he said seriously, giving you a slightly dark side eye look. 

You grinned and glanced back at Audrey who was just slightly traumatized as well, deciding that everything would be okay between the three of you. 

“So… Anyone up for a movie?” Audrey and Noah sighed at the same and nodded. 

Everything would be okay. 


My Best Friend (Tom Hiddleston) CHAPTER 4

Chapter 1 2 3

I know you’ve been waiting a while and I’m so sorry that this has taken a long time, but its here now so :) enjoy my beautifuls xx I don’t know why it doesn’t seem that long to me but it’s over 2,000 words. 

Recap: I just lied to Tom Hiddleston, my best friend, the man that my heart truly belonged to- shut up, it’s never happening - but that night. God what have I just done?


It’s been almost two weeks since I walked out the door of Tom’s house, I never even went to go see my ex, I just went straight home and cried until my eyes were so swollen I could barely see and was walking in walls. Without Tom my life feels so dull as if theres no excitement, nothing to look forward to. I’m surprised I’ve even lasted thing long in not crawling back to his apartment and begging for his forgiveness - pathetic, I know. 

I’ve been doing better now though, I open the door to my own apartment and see several empty liquor bottles laying on the floor, clothes hanging on furniture and take out laying on the table from two nights ago. Okay, maybe I haven’t been doing better, maybe it’s time to go back and apologize. Pulling my apartment door shut and locking the mess behind it away from me I hear footsteps come up behind me, figuring it’s a neighbor I mumble “good afternoon” cringing at the raspiness of my voice from barely talking these days. I turn around after pulling my key out and am met with a large bouquet of red roses, my eyes narrow, those aren’t real. They’re chocolate roses! I look up and my breath hitches as I make eye contact with a disheveled yet overly handsome Tom. “Good afternoon” his deep voice rumbles and my mouth parts open slightly. “I-I…I was just going to uhm see you” I clear my throat as I take in his appearance, simple jeans, a black shirt and a blue hoodie. 

The corners of his lips tilt up in a ghost of a smile and tilts the bouquet towards me looking at me expectantly. I slowly take them hesitantly, “t-thankyou” I curse myself for stuttering like a complete nincompoop. “Uhm” this is the part where I invite him inside and show him how perfectly fine I’d been living on my own except…well, I can’t. “Are you going to invite me in? So we can talk..” Tom finally says seeing my hesitation and I turn around looking at my door unlocking it, I peek through and hold back a groan. “Maybe we shoul-” I get cut off by Tom pushing the door open from behind me and the mess of my apartment revealed. I walk inside ashamed and he closes the door behind him glancing at the bottles on my floor and empty packs of cheetos stuffed into an empty ice cream bucket. 

I purse my lips and quickly grab a loose hanging bra hiding it behind my back just as Tom turns to look at me. A frown taking over his handsome features, “Y/N…this is…” “Yeah, I know…I’ve uh, been busy” I say moving around to pick some bottles up. He pulls my arm back noticing the bra in my hand and lifts an eyebrow. I toss it behind me and he pulls me closer looking at me seriously. We both stare at each other silently, simply reading the flashing emotions in each others eyes. He sighs and looks down rubbing his lip with his thumb. I gulp “so, how have you been doing” he looks up at me with a slightly amused glint in his eye but it diminishes quickly. “I’ve been better” he says looking at me with those intense blue eyes. God damn him. 

“Can I get you something to drink…water…I’ve run out of…anything else” I say pausing as I walk towards the kitchen. “Y/N.” I hear Tom say behind me and I turn around again looking at him once more. Our awkward glances lasting longer than before, until my bottom lip starts quivering and tears build up in my eyes. His expression softens before we step closer and grab each other in a tight hug. (gif) I wrap my arms around his neck burying my face against his neck as well as I can with my height taking in his scent that I missed so much. I choke out a sob when I feel him stroke my back then pull me tighter. I run my fingers through his curly hair and we stay like that breathing each other in for what seems like ages. My toes begin to ache from tip toeing to reach not even his height and I slowly begin to pull back. He reluctantly releases me and brings his hands up to my face stroking my cheeks and under my eyes, wiping the mascara that has leaked down. He holds back a chuckle as it smudges even more. I stare into his blue orbs and our faces inch closer slowly…RING RING! Mother Fucker! 

We jump back at the sound of Toms phone and he sighs clenching his fists but pulls it out of his pocket looking at the caller. “I have to take this” he says looking up at me with sad eyes and I nod “I’m going to…pee” I say running to the bathroom locking myself inside and Tom answers the phone. I let out a deep breath and  I look into the mirror. What the fuck just happened. I rub my temples gently and pace back and forth rethinking my whole life. Yes, I’m dramatic. “Get yourself together” I hiss to myself and take in a deep breath. I turn the tap on and cup some water in my hands splashing it on my face. I gasp at the coldness of it and look up seeing my makeup leak down my face worse than ever. I groan, this is not like how it happens in movies. I grab some makeup remover wipes and clean my face scolding myself for being ridiculous. 

What if the phone call was Toms new girlfriend? Does he have a new girlfriend? Was he about to cheat on her?! I let out a frustrated sigh and feel like a crazy person scolding my brain for thinking such things, Tom isn’t like that. I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear and sit on the edge of my bathtub, unfortunately, me being the clumsy little shit that I am. I fell in. I groan as my head hits the wall as slowly pull myself up. ”Y/N?” I hear quick footsteps and a knock on my door, before Tom even says anything more I yell out “I’m fine, just…I’m fine” I rub the back of my head and open the door looking at a worried Tom. “What was that?” He grabs my head and turns me around examining it. “I just fell Tom, I’m fine…I’m fine” I say slowing down. Toms hands fall from my head and wrap around my waist pulling me close. “I missed you so damn much you have no idea.” 

My heart basically leapt out of my chest and ran up the stairs to heaven because this man just killed me with a single sentence. I lean against him and mumble “I missed you too.” He pulls away and turns me around, “that was Luke…it’s a bit-” “urgent?” Tom looks at me guiltily and I give him a small smile, “go Tom…I’ll be here waiting, we can talk about it later, just go” I say rubbing his cheek and he kisses my forehead making my skin tingle with desire before giving me one last tight squeeze and leaving. I look around my apartment sighing, well while he’s gone I might as well clean up a bit. I bend down starting to pick things up. 

Later in ze evening

I lounge on my couch scrolling through netflix movies sighing as I realized I’ve watched almost everything that I like. I click onto the Sherlock series watching it for a seventh time. Hugging my sausage shaped pillow as I stare at Benedict Cumberbatch’s gorgeous face. Giggling at him and Martin Freeman. I hear my door unlocking and I tense up before I remember that Tom has my spare keys. I relax back into my couch as he walks in and glances at the TV. “Again?” he lifts an eyebrow and I grunt attractively in response. He kicks off his shoes and walks towards me sitting on the other end of the couch placing my feet on his lap. His large hands wrapping around my ankles and squeezing them gently. I look at Tom and he’s already looking at me. 

He grabs the remote and lowers the volume to like one, and I glare at him. “Y/N…you know we need to talk about what happened.” I sigh and look up at the ceiling dreading this conversation. He pauses and I whisper “I never went.” “What?” “I never went to go see him.” I say looking back down at him and I see a flash of happiness or relief in his eyes, “oh, where did you go?” he says looking confused. “Home” I smile and he squeezes my calf. “I see…Y/N I’m sorry I tried to control you…I didn’t intend for-” as soon as I heard a crack in his voice I stopped him and crawled over to his side snuggling against him. “It wasn’t your fault, you were looking out for me, can we leave it behind?” I say as I hug him and nudge my way onto his lap.

 His muscular arms wrapping around my waist comfortably he pulls me against him and kisses my temple appreciatively. I also accepted it appreciatively. “Sure love.” I smile and stay leant up against his chest as he turns the volume of sherlock up. “You should watch a different series, like…The Night Manager” I feel Toms lips curl into a smirk against my head and I scoff. “Puh lease, like I’d want to watch my best friend humping his brains out with his butt hanging out…I see enough of that plastered allover tumblr” I snort. No but really, I didn’t need to see that, not the butt part, I enjoyed that but I don’t need to see Tom grinding it up and thrusting into another woman - though it’s fake, with Tom’s acting it all feels to real for me. 

“It’s more than that Y/N” Tom says cupping my chin making me look up at him. “I know, I’m kidding, maybe I’ll catch up on it sometime but for now I need me some of that Cumberbatch.” I grin and look at the screen. Pretending to squeal and fan girl over Benedict’s long curly hair, I feel Toms arms tighten around me. “I have curly hair too, and Loki’s hair is longer.” “Ew, but it’s you, Mr smelly socks” I grin cheekily up at Tom and he narrows his eyes in mock anger, “Mr smelly socks?” I nod enthusiastically. Big Mistake. He grabs me and pins me on the couch, as he straddles me and digs his fingers into my side causing shrieks and giggles to escape my mouth. “S-Stop” I scream as he tickles me and lets out an evil laugh. Dear God he just turned into Loki.

 I laugh uncontrollably and squirm beneath him accidentally managing to hit my arm against his…area. I hear Tom groan loudly before pulling away holding his crotch. I gasp “Tom oh my god I’m so..sorry” I can’t help giggle a bit, yes I know it hurts, but I’m that person that laughs before helping you up if you fall. “Are you okay? I know I’m laughing which makes me seem like a huge arsehole right now but I’m genuinely worried about your baby maker” I bite my lips trying to stop the giggles from escaping and Tom glares at me. I shriek as he lunges for me and scramble off the couch running towards my table. I get around one end and Tom is at the other following my every move. I laugh hesitantly, “now now Tom…think about this.” He smirks and runs around the left side and I squeal trying to get away running into my bedroom where he tackles me and we land on my bed. 

“Oof” I huff out as Tom pins me down once more, “You’re heavy” I scrunch my nose and he grins down at me “it’s all muscle darling.” I roll my eyes and I scream as Tom raises his fingers threateningly. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I say out loud as he wiggles his fingers in the air. “I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything I promise please!” I beg as his fingers inch closer. “Anything?” he raises an eyebrow. I nod quickly and he smiles leaning forward. I see the hesitation in his eyes but I almost choke and die when he whispers “Kiss me.”

Chapter 25 - “This Was Me All Along”

Word count: 3, 218


Your head was spinning from the words Cameron had said to you, your emotions were all over the place as you flew around your room to tidy it for Jonah was going to be here any second.

You shut your bedroom curtains as you knew it was too much even for you to leave them open for Cameron to see you, there was no doubt in your mind that Cameron would kill Jonah.

You re did your hair and makeup and found something to wear. You heard the door go and you jumped out of your skin; you quickly checked yourself over and rushed downstairs to answer for Jonah. This was going to be a fucking nightmare.

“Hey J.” You smiled, immediately hugging him, he flinched at first then he hugged you back with equal amounts of force.

“Yo, so babe what’s this all about? Why’d you call me, what’ up?” Jonah said, bombarding you with questions.

“I don’t want to talk about it; all I want to do is take my mind off everything shitty in my life right now.” You sighed, walking to the kitchen with Jonah following you. “Cameron and I… I don’t know what we are any more, we argued, and I-I think it’s over.” You stuttered.

Jonah gasped and furrowed his eyebrows. “What do you mean over?”

“He told me to choose between him and you; I wouldn’t so he walked out.” You shrugged. Jonah’s eyes widened.

“A-Are you okay? I mean, Cameron he’s… he’s the love of your life.” Jonah said, quickly rushing over to you to rub your shoulders.

“That’s funny coming from the person who tried to break us up, well you finally got what you wanted J… we broke up.” Your voice cracked a little and tears filled your eyes, Jonah hugged you tighter as you let them fall but no sound came from your lips.

“Prior to what you may think, all I ever wanted was you to be happy and I thought that was with me but I guess I was wrong.” He sighed, you nodded.

“Anyway.” You said wiping your tears. “What food did you bring?” You said excitedly.

“You didn’t say what type so I got everything.” Jonah grinned. “Candy, chocolate, chips you name it.” He emptied his bag pack and out poured your favourite foods.

“Thanks J, you’re the best.” You smiled. “Come on, let’s go upstairs and watch a movie or something.” You said, grabbing what you could with one hand and dragging him by the arm by the other.

“Okay but no chick flicks, I have watched ‘Another Cinderella Story’ way too many times for a guy.” He shuddered.

“Well guess what, that is at the top of the list.” Jonah groaned. “Don’t complain everyone knows that is my all time favourite throw back movie.” You smiled.

“I’m never gonna forget.” Jonah sighed. You threw everything on your bed and collapsed on it, groaning loudly. Jonah rolled his eyes. “I swear you are so dramatic, you’re spending too much time with Logan.”

“Excuse you but I have just broken up with my boyfriend who only just became my boyfriend like two days ago even though I’ve known him for almost a year and we fucked before we even knew each other’s last names.” You ranted.

“My boyfriend who slept with one of my friends and didn’t tell me for months and who fought with my best friend in front of me and made me choose between you and him so I have a reason to be dramatic Jonah.” You finished.

“Damn girl calm down I was only joking.” He laughed. “I don’t understand why you didn’t just choose Cameron; I would’ve understood Y/N.”

You raised an eyebrow. “You, Jonah Marriott, understanding?” You scoffed. “Please, you know you would’ve kicked off stop bullshitting.”

“True, but eventually I would’ve understood.” He laughed lying next to you so that you were laid face to face. “I’ve missed this.”


“Remember, before Cameron even before Kai when we would sit and talk for hours. I would tease you relentlessly-”

“Well we all know why.” You scoffed.

“Shut the fuck up.” He said playfully hitting you. “I don’t know what happened, how I got like this. I fought with my best friend in the whole world – we go to each other’s family parties.” Jonah said.

“We’ve all changed, grown up.”

“No I haven’t though, somehow I got even more childish than what I already was and going after my best friend’s girl… that’s not cool at all. I’m so sorry Y/N; please I need you to forgive me.” He pleaded.

“How do you always manage to get me to forgive you so easily huh?” You smiled.

“It’s a skill I mastered from a young age when I used to tease you until you cried then beg for your forgiveness until I did it again.” He laughed.

“Dick.” You said punching him. “Relax J; you’re lucky I can’t stay mad at you for long.”

“Its a blessing and a curse.” He grinned.

“Whatever.” You said rolling your eyes. “I’m just so fucking mad at Cameron, like seriously? Who the fuck gives ultimatums?”

“He was probably expecting you to choose him.” Jonah shrugged. “Now he thinks you have some sort of hidden feelings for me, great.”

“Yeah he did, he told me but he doesn’t understand.”

“Understand what?”

“I didn’t choose you over him and I didn’t choose him over you. I chose both of you because I love you both and I want the two of you in my life. He just doesn’t get that.” You sighed.

“He will baby girl, trust me.” He said touching your face gently, then he realised what he was doing and he took it back immediately. “I-I’m sorry just, old habits.” He said blushing. You shook it off.

“We used to be so close; everyone thought we were dating before Kai, even sometimes when I was with Kai. When did we drift apart?”

“I guess when I started that thing with Grace when you and Kai got together. I needed a distraction I couldn’t stand seeing you with such a fuck boy.”

“Jonah, don’t pretend that you’re not a fuckboy.”

“Not funny. I’m not at all.”

“Then what do you call that thing with Grace, using her then not talking to her? I call it fuckboy actions.”

“Whatever, anyway I wouldn’t admit to myself that I actually liked you so I started sleeping with Grace.”

“Jonah she’s a nice girl you know, you should totally hit that.” You smirked.

“No, I wouldn’t feel anything because she’s not-”

“Me?” You asked, cutting him off.

“Yeah, I guess. I don’t know.” He stuttered. “I’ve been in love with you for way too long to think about anyone else right now I’m just scared to-”

He was cut off by your loud gasp.

“What? You did know didn’t you? Cameron must’ve figured it out and told you… please tell me he told you.”Jonah groaned. “Ah shit.” He covered his face with his hands.

“He told me, I just didn’t think you’d ever say it to my face.”

“Well, I’m full of surprises.” He said raising an eyebrow, his mannerisms reflecting Cameron’s perfectly.

“I swear you and Cameron are exactly like each other.” You said, you were a bit spooked to say the least, it was like they were the same person – except Jonah has broader shoulders.

Jonah laughed and hid his face. Without thinking you took hold of his hand and closed the gap between you.

Jonah immediately flinched backwards but your lips were on his before he could say anything. He automatically responded tangling his hands in your hair and tugging gently. You straddled him and both his hands grabbed your butt making you grind forward, you kept on doing this and you couldn’t stop yourself.

“Um Y/N, we need to stop,” Jonah said pulling back from you, you chuckled and leaned in again but he pulled away making you frown. “You need to think this through; you’re still in love with Cameron.”

“Cameron left me.”

“But I know he still loves you, those kinds of feelings don’t just disappear. Believe me I’ve tried.”

“I don’t care J; he left me because his pride was hurt. I don’t think I want to be with someone like that.”  You said.

“Well when you make your mind up you know where I am.” He said getting his things.

“No no where are you going?” You said stopping him.

“Um home?”

“No stay, there’s no one home and I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

“Y/N I’m not sure.” He said frowning.

“Pleaasee?” You said pouting and hugging his waist. “For me?”

“If Cameron finds out…”

“He won’t I promise.” You reassured.

“Okay, sure.” He smiled. I’m just gonna take a shower in the main bathroom is that okay?” He asked.

“Yeah course, I’ll be my bathroom, you already know where everything is.” He nodded. “Oh and Jonah?” He looked up. “You’re sleeping in my bed.” You winked before shutting the door.

Cameron speculated that there was something going on between you and Jonah and now he is going to get just that.

You heard Jonah re enter your room; you cracked open the door and saw he had his boxers on and a towel around his shoulders. You smirked to yourself and let your towel fall, your seduction skills were about to come in handy.

You opened the door just wide enough for Jonah to see the back of your body your hair was wet and flowed down your back. He immediately noticed and he stopped in his tracks. You found some underwear and sauntered out of your bathroom.

Jonah shifted uncomfortably and snapped his head around.

“Shit I wasn’t uh I wasn’t staring. Um Y/N you should get some clothes on.” He said turning around.

You ignored him and stood straight in front of him. He looked down at you lustfully.

“Y/N please don’t, I won’t be able to stop myself.” He said, his hands snaking around your waist.

“Then don’t.” You whispered.

He groaned to himself before gently pushing you down on the bed. You moaned into the kiss and wrapped a leg round his waist.

One of his hands flew down to grab your butt as he began to kiss your neck softly; he squeezed your ass as he rubbed circles on your hips. His hands got nearer and nearer to where you wanted him and you began to palm his dick through his boxers.

“W-Wait wait Y/N stop, Cameron. We can’t.”

“What? Don’t you want this?” You breathed.

“We can’t do this to Cameron.” He said, letting go of your ass. “I do want this, but not like this.”

You sighed and shrugged. “Um okay, we’ll just cuddle then?”

“Yeah sounds good.” He smiled and you turned around taking his arm with you, you eventually fell asleep.

*two days later*

You were getting ready for school and Jonah was already ready, waiting for you.

“Oi hurry the fuck up.” He shouted from downstairs.

“I’m coming!” You shouted.

“You ready?” He smiled, he was eating some toast and he was occupied on his phone.

“Mm hmm.” You nodded; you grabbed your bag and locked the door behind you. You tossed Jonah your keys to drive your car as you couldn’t be bothered.

You were drinking from your thermos bottle when Jonah said. “You nervous? For today I mean.”

“Nah, why would I be? I’m super pissed at Cameron but I’m trying not to think about it.” You shrugged, lying back in the seat.

All weekend you tried to get further with Jonah but he was having none of it, saying you were too upset about Cameron to make such an important commitment with someone. You just prayed for the old Jonah to resurface.

“I don’t think we should tell anyone what happened – this weekend. We were too close to doing something we would have regretted.” Jonah said.

“Fine whatever.” You sighed.

You finally arrived at school and since you were too tired to get ready any earlier you are on time – not earlier like you usually are so everyone saw you and Jonah get out of your car.

You got a few stares and smirks as you approached school, Jonah close behind you. He was getting a few jeers from his jock friends as he was the captain of the football team.

You looked at Jonah and he just laughed and put an arm around you – in a friendly way.

“You must want a school up roar. Literally every girl wants to fuck you.” You whispered.

“I’m used to it.” He smirked. You hit him as you walked to first period. “See you in a bit.” He called as he ran to practice.

You were walking to the other end of the school and time passed as you eventually turned the corner to AP biology.

Suddenly you were dragged in to the store room by someone and you immediately screamed. A hand covered your mouth as they switched on the light.

You clenched your jaw as you saw who it was. Cameron.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” You shouted.

“Stop shouting or we’re gonna get caught.” He warned. “I wanted to talk to you.”

“About what?” You said, folding your arms.

“I saw you this morning with Jonah. Are you two fucking now?” He snapped his eyes wild with fury.

“No Cameron and seriously, you left me. You have no right to be jealous.” You replied.

“I have every fucking right, because right now Jonah gets what he has always wanted.”


“You.” He said, you scoffed and Cameron’s eyes flew up angrily. He was looking you up and down and backing you into a corner until you were backed against a wall.

“No Cameron don’t do this, you don’t get to fuck my head up again.” You whined.

“Do what?” He said, acting fake puzzled. His voice was at a low whisper now and it would have creeped you out if you wasn’t so turned on.

His hand was trapping you and you felt like you couldn’t move – at all. Your breath hitched in your throat as he had one hand on your waist.

Cameron noticed this and smirked.

“Oh this? Just making sure you know only I can make you feel this way.” He said seductively. Now both hands were on your waist but you were still pinned to a wall.

“Cameron, why are you doing this?” You breathed - your voice wobbling. He moved your hair to the side and left gentle kisses on your neck. “You walked out on me, you left.” You said.

“I know baby I was just mad, then I saw you with Jonah and I knew I made a mistake.” He said sincerely, stopping to look into your eyes for any signs of forgiveness. One of his hands slid underneath your dress.

“You left me.” You repeated again it was intended to be a harsh voice but it came out weak and desperate. Cameron was killing you, knowing where not to touch to keep you wanting.

“I’m sorry baby.” He mumbled, coming close to your lips. You were breathing heavily by this point. “I’m sorry.” He whispered before smashing his lips on to yours. Immediately you felt your stomach twist into several knots.

Your heart was racing as he ran his tongue against your lips, begging for entrance. You easily complied and he shoved his tongue down your throat. You moaned over and over again as he picked you up and you locked your legs around his waist.

“I love you.” He panted in between kisses; you nodded not trusting him to say it again. Both of your hands were tugging his hair as he sneaked a hand down your dress.

He pressed a harsh finger on your clothed clit making you gasp loudly. “Fuck Cameron, please.” He was rubbing circles and you couldn’t help but wiggle your hips.

“No Y/N I draw the line at fucking in school.” He smirked. “But…” He pushed your panties aside and stroked your clit softly.

“So wet for me babe and I haven’t even touched you.” He smiled wickedly. “I bet Jonah couldn’t make you feel like this.”

You nodded and screwed your eyes shut. “Fuck me Cam, just do something,” You snapped.  He sat you down on a nearby table.

“As you wish darling.” He kissed you again and shoved two fingers in, you squealed quietly as he smirked again.

You rolled your eyes and smirked back, you didn’t know how you always ended up in situations like this.

“Move Cameron.” You whine, shaking with need. He moves both his fingers, not even starting slow as uses his thumb to rub your clit. You moaned loudly and ground against his finger, begging for more friction.

He slams in another finger, working and stretching you open.

“Shit Cameron.” You breathed.

“Jonah will never get to see you like this, do you understand?” He growled.

“Y-Yeah.” You replied.

You arch as he grinds the heel of his hand a little harder on your clit. You’re shaking, so close now with him moving his finger quickly in and out and rubbing your clit. Abruptly, your orgasm washed over you as he rubbed your clit through it making you want to scream.

To stop this, he kissed your harshly as more juices squirted out of your pussy.

“Cameron stop please.” You begged, but he carried on until he felt like you had no more energy left in you.

He finally stopped, but not without pulling the smuggest grin. “What babe?” He said with a cocky smirk.

“You couldn’t have just left me alone?” You said, getting your wipes from your bag. “I swear to God, you confuse the hell out of me.”

“Look, I’m sorry for giving you the ultimatum okay. I never meant to hurt you and I certainly never meant for you to go running to Jonah.” He said pulling his jacket on. He helped you down and pulled down your dress.

“I didn’t go running to Jonah, he’s one of my best friends so I called him. Nothing happened.” You lied.

“I know babe and I trust you. I know you wouldn’t do something like that.” He said holding the sides of your head. You gulped. “So can we forget about it, please?”

“Cameron I don’t know…” You said.

“Okay, I’m not going to force you. I just want you to think on it but I know what you’re going to do, you know you’re in love with me, so don’t fight it.” He joked.

“Whatever.” You said, standing on your tiptoes and wrapping your arms around his neck. “That’s what’s making it so hard.” You sighed.

You kissed him gently and slowly, savouring every moment.

“Okay I’m gonna go, I have class.” You said.

“Yeah of course, I forgot.” He laughed. He opened the door and checked both ways for any teachers or students. “It’s clear.”

You stepped out and brushed yourself off.

“Please think about it babe, Jonah’s got nothing on me.” He smirked before turning around and walking away.

You laughed and then it hit you, what the fuck were you doing?

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