sigh this man and his music

"I made a mistake" Mafia Romano

The music was lively. People danced left and right. You watched from over the balcony. The cocktail you sipped on was running low.

“They just came in.” You rolled your eyes and sighed. Every week, Lovino Vargas brought his goons into your speakeasy and caused chaos. This would be the last week you’d allow it.

You handed the glass to the man standing on your left. “Okay. I’ll take care of it.” You stool and made your way down to the dance floor.

Lovino stood near the door. For the first time, you saw him without two big men on either side of him. “I didn’t come here to start any trouble. I just want to talk.”

“May we talk outside then,” you offered. The last thing you wanted was for Lovino to do something to any of you guests.

He nodded and stepped back through the door. You stayed in front of him. Lovino casually shifted his jacket so you could see the shiny silver on his gun. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I want to talk to you about buying your club.” He waved his hand lazily at the building.

You narrowed your eyes. “Why?”

He shone his nails on his suit jacket. “You get plenty of business, and it seems to be too much for you to handle.” Lovino paused. “Also, I’ll tell the police about what you did to Alex Mason.”

Without thinking, you reared back and punched him. Lovino fell backward as he clutched his nose. “That was a mistake.”

“You stepping foot near me was a mistake. Get out of here unless you want to end up like Alex Mason.”

With that, Lovino Vargas scurried off toward the street. You waited until you saw him the next week.


I can’t get my guitar wet! What should I do?

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McKirk: I accentually called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came au :)

  • It’s two in the fucking morning when Leonards phone rings. With a grunt, he reaches out to check it. Briefly, he hesitates to pick up, but because it could be the hospital, he knows he doesn’t have much of a choice. “Hello?” he asks, voice rough and tired. “Yes, hello,” a voice rings back to him, lots of people audible in the background, and some very shitty music, too. “Can I get a taxi?” He asks, and Leonard grunts. “Wrong number.” “Oh, sorry.” the man says, then hangs up. Leonard puts his phone down and turns around, but before he can even properly close his eyes again, his phone rings again. “Can I get a taxi?” the same voice asks him, and Leonard sighs. “Still a wrong number,” he replies. When the phone rings a third time, Leonard doesn’t want to pick up. He tries to ignore it, but when it stubbornly keeps on ringing, Leonard reaches out and picks up the phone. “Can I get-” “Yes,” Leonard says, “where are you?” “Club Red,” the voice says. “That’s a terrible club,” Leonard replies, and the man laughs. “Yes, it is.” “Where do you need to go?” Leonard asks, and he quickly repeats the address. “Name?” “Jim.” “Okay, Jim, your taxi is on its way,” Leonard says, and he hears a relieved sigh on the other side of the line. “Thank you,” Jim says, and then he hangs up. Leonard thinks about just going back to sleep there and then, but just the thought by itself is nagging at him. So he opens his phone again, and dials the taxi company to arrange a pick up for Jim.
  • And really. he shouldn’t have done that, because now his phone keeps ringing. “Hey, this is Jim. Can I get a taxi from The Rainbow?” / “I’m at Hellfire.” / “I’m in The Roadhouse Cafe.” / “I’m in Walmart-” “Walmart?” Leonard counters Jim, “what are you doing in a Walmart at 1 in the morning?” “Groceries, obviously,” Jim replies. “You don’t sound drunk this time,” Leonard says, and Jim snorts. “I’m not.” “Then why are you always calling this number?” “This is the taxi line, isn’t it?” “No,” Leonard says, and Jim is silent for a few seconds. “But I’ve been arranging a taxi on this number for weeks.” “Yeah,” Leonard says, “I’ve been calling the company for you because your drunk ass kept calling me.” “Oh, shit. Really?” "Yes, really,“ Leonard replies. “Well, fuck. I’ve been calling you at 3AM for a taxi,” Jim says. “Yeah, I’m aware,” Leonard says. “Okay, I’ll remove your number and replace it with the taxi company, okay? I promise it won’t happen again.” “That’d be appreciated,” Leonard says. “Okay,” Jim says again, “are you still going to get me that taxi, though?” “Only this time,” Leonard says. 
  • It’s Friday and Leonard has his night off. He considers going out for a drink, but Spock doesn’t really drink and Sulu has a family night, and so Leonard settles at home instead. He takes a hot bath instead, sinking down in the tub while checking up on Facebook - a thing he does roughly once a month or so, and mostly because his ex-wife allows his daughter to be on there despite being way too young to have an account. But he doesn’t get to relax very long, because his phone starts ringing, and Leonard slowly picks up. “Hello?” “Hey, can I get a taxi?” “Jesus Christ, Jim, are you serious?” Leonard asks, groaning and running a hand through his hair. “What?” “You were going to remove this number!” Leonard says, and he can just hear Jim think. Slowly, like he’s drunk again. “Fuck,” Jim says, “sorry.” Leonard sighs, sinking a little further down in the warm tub. “Where are you?” “I’m at Plan B.” “You are all over town, huh?” Leonard asks, and Jim snorts. “You know all these places?” “I’ve been young, too,” Leonard says. Jim laughs at that. “You don’t sound so old. Are you in water?” “You can hear that?” Leonard asks. Jim chuckles. “I could hear water, yeah. And your voice sounds a bit echoing, like you’re in a bathroom.” “Well, you’re not wrong,” Leonard says. “I’ll get you your taxi. Don’t call me again, though.“ 
  • It’s Thanksgiving and all local taxis are on a strike because of employment rights. And Leonard knows. He just knows his phone is gonna go off. He expects Jim to celebrate it with his family, but at the same time, he also expects him to call. And he’s right. His phone rings at just 6PM, and when Leonard picks up, Jim doesn’t even sound drunk. “Hey-” “Jim,” Leonard interrupts, “there’s no taxis driving tonight.” “What? No, I need a taxi,” Jim says. “Did you not read the news?” Leonard asks, and he hears Jim scoff. “No, what am I, 80?” Jim mocks, and Leonard rolls his eyes. “Well, if you had, you would have known there’s no drivers tonight. Try uber?” Leonard suggests, and Jim groans loudly. “No, it’s fine. I will just walk home, I guess. I don’t have anywhere to go, anyway,” he says. Leonard frowns, glancing at Joanna playing with Demora. Sulu and Ben are preparing their dinner. Spock and Uhura are just quietly talking together. “How do you not have anywhere to go? It’s Thanksgiving,” Leonard says. “Mom’s off on business and a lot of my favorite clubs are closed,” Jim says, “so I’m just gonna walk home and watch the match.” Leonard listens, then sighs. “Where are you?” “Dunkin Donuts,” Jim says. “Okay, text me your address,” Leonard says, “I’ll give you a ride.”
  • He’s never actually seen Jim, but he knows who it is the moment he drives by. Blond hair, leather jacket, somehow casually handsome despite having powdered sugar on his mouth from eating one of those donuts. Jim gets in his car, and he checks Leonard out curiously. “You’re a lot more handsome than I thought,” Jim says, so bluntly Leonard doesn’t even know how to respond other than: “thanks?” and Jim laughs. “I mean, your voice always sounded appealing, but kind of tired.” “You always call me after midnight, what did you expect?” Leonard counters. “Also, why did you never remove my number?” “You kept arranging taxis for me,” Jim says, “you should be a receptionist.” “Customer service isn’t my thing,” Leonard admits, “my customers are usually under anesthetic.” Jim listens with interest, but he frowns when Leonard misses the exit. “Where are you going? My house is that way.” “You’re not going to your house,” Leonard says, and Jim shifts a little uncomfortably. “What?” “It’s Thanksgiving, c’mon. I’ve been speaking to you for a few months now. We’re having Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s place, and we’ll watch the game there.” “Oh, no. I couldn’t,” Jim says, “that’s too much?” “No it isn’t,” Leonard says, and he settles their conversation with that.
  • Turns out, Jim knows Spock. They’re actually friends. So that whole ‘oh no this is too much’ thing is pretty much dropped immediately when Jim steps inside. He hugs Spock and Leonard watches the two of them interact. Spock isn’t one for physical contact, and it seems Jim is purposely hugging him, touching his arm and ruffling his hair a little. They must clearly be on great terms, because Spock is only mildly annoyed.
  • Joanna and Demora are almost instantly smitten by those blue eyes and bright smile, and Leonard isn’t really any better. Jim sits between the two girls, somehow having an intelligible conversation with them about Pokemon. Jim’s charming to Ben and Sulu. He helps setting up the table, and he sits next to Leonard while they eat. And initially Leonard thinks he’s imagining it, but Jim’s leg is definitely brushing against his own. Later, he’s definitely sure that it’s not his imagination when Jim turns him and they talk. Quietly, and Jim’s definitely flirting. His hand’s on Leonard’s leg now, and he’s listening intently to Leonard talking about his work in the hospital. Blue eyes are peering at him curiously, eyes wrinkling just lightly when he laughs at something Leonard says - even if it’s not at all funny because Joanna is clearly rolling her eyes at them, but Leonard’s  not even trying to hide his own interest.
  • Joanna stays the night at the Sulu’s because they’re going Black Friday shopping tomorrow (and no way in Hell is Leonard going near a mall tomorrow). So Leonard drives Jim home, to what looks like a small downtown apartment, and Jim smiles when they arrive. “Hey, thank you,” Jim says eventually, “you didn’t have to take me to your dinner party, but thank you for doing so anyway.” “Well, I figured if I had to suffer through months of you calling me, you could suffer through one night of good food and decent company.” “Great company,” Jim corrects him. Then, he clears his throat. “So, can I call you?” “For a pick up? No,” Leonard says, “seriously. Stop doing that.” Jim laughs, shrugging a little. “I meant, like, for a dinner soon. Or just to talk?” He asks, and Leonard nods. “Yeah. Of course.” “Good,” Jim says, and then he just leans in for a kiss. Leonard doesn’t even know how long they’re kissing, but when they finally pull away, Leonard’s neck is a little stiff from leaning over. “You know,” Jim says, small smirk on slightly reddened lips, “you can also just come upstairs now and go out for dinner with me tomorrow.” “Upstairs now, huh?” Leonard repeats, grinning against Jim’s lips when the other leans in for another kiss. Shorter this time, but definitely slightly more heated. “Yeah,” Jim says, “you gave me a ride. I think it’s only fair I return the favor.”
Hazy // Seokjin

Drabble game request: Jin + “You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into.”+ Pub au | for @the95liner & anon

Word count: 2,898 words (whoops, how did this happen?)

Character: Seokjin x reader

Warning: Smut. More graphic smut and mature contents. Please read with caution. This will be my first time writing smut for him, I’m sorry, please bear with me.

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Bucky Barnes x reader

Bucky Barnes didnt enjoy crowds. And because of this one reason, he wasnt enjoying this outing.

“Come on, man, just a carnival ! Relax!” Sam said,

Bucky grimaced, and then continued to walk, watching all the fairylights and candy floss, and all these happy people.

How he wished to feel that way. To be happy. To be relaxed.

He sighed audibly, and his eyes wandered, only to fall on a particular stall, standing isolated somewhat behind all the music and madness.

He began walking towards it, leaving his friends behind. He felt some kind of a pull, and he walked faster.

A woman in bright clothes sat at the entrance to the stall, watching.

“Welcome to my stall, dear” She said with a smile.

Bucky looked at her, and her stall, with some emotion he couldnt quite understand.

“Why dont you just look around ?” the woman said, showing him the way in.

It was a tiny bookstall, with many ancient looking books stacked onto makeshift shelves.

Bucky felt almost stupid to be standing there, but still, there was an odd attraction that kept him there.

He walked in between the shelves of books, his mind pulling him in different directions. He felt overwhelmed and giddy, and he grabbed a shelf to steady himself. The shelf shook slightly, sending a few books stacked at the top to topple down.

A particular book, with a black and red cover, landed in his hands. ‘Book of Soulmates’ Was etched on the hard cover on the book.

Bucky frowned, as he opened the book, and almost screamed out loud, seeing the first page.

The slightly yellowing page had his name written in the middle, in a beautiful handwriting. He looked around to see if this was a prank, and expected his friends to jump out from behind the shelves. Only no one came.

Bucky was breathing fast, feeling suffocated. He glanced back at the book, running his fingers over his name. He turned to the next page, which was blank. He flipped the pages, and they were all blank.

Giving out a frustrated sigh, he shut the book, and stood still for a moment. He thought of confronting the woman who owned the stall.

He made his way towards the entrance, but a sudden cool breeze had him stop in his tracks. A sweet scent filled his nostrils. Now truly creeped out, Bucky looked around cautiously.

He froze as he felt a warmth in his fingers. He looked down at the book he was holding. A certain warm seemed to seep through its covers to his fingers.

He opened the book urgently, and saw the first page as it is. But the next page had changed. There was a light outline in it.

Thats it, Bucky thought. Just as he turned to run, there was a huge gust of wind, and pages flying around. Bucky fell to his knees , holding onto te book tightly.

He closed his eyes, not knowing what else to do. The wind stopped abruptly, and Bucky waited a moment before opening his eyes.

“Shit” He mumbled to himself.

The stall was gone. There was no sign of it, or the woman. It was all gone. The only thing that kept him sane was the fact that he was still holding the warm book in his hands. He quickly opened the book, and let out a sigh of relief as he saw his name in it.

The outlines in the next page had grown darker now, more clear. It looked like a portrait.

Bucky squinted at it, trying to figure out the drawing. It was someone’s face. What caught his eye was the outline of a star on the left cheek of the person. None of the other features were clear.

“Hey ! BUCKY !”

Bucky stuffed the book into his jacket, as he saw Steve approaching him.

“Where did you run off to ?!” Steve asked, his face showing concern.

“I was right here” Bucky said, shrugging.

He shifted trying not to mind the book, that was getting warmer by the minute.

“Come on, lets go - the others went on to grab a snack” Steve said, pulling Bucky with him.

Bucky followed him, turning around occasionaly, to see some sign of the stall. Lost in thought, he continued walking, and walked straight into someone. Bucky yepled in pain, as the book burned him.

There was another scream, and Bucky looked at the person he had walked into.

There was a girl sitting on the ground, brushing the dirt off her jacket, looking up at Bucky, her lips slightly parted, and a look of confusion etched on her beautiful face.

Bucky stared at her. She long wavy brown hair, that flying around her in the breeze, and big brown eyes, glued to his face. And the soft cool breeze that swept his face, carried a certain sweet scent.

Bucky’s eyes widened at sudden realization. There was a silver star painted on her left cheek. He reached for the book inside his jacket only to find that it was gone.

He felt light-headed, and he looked back at the girl. She just sat there, watching him. It was her. It was her portrait.

Bucky extended his arm to help her up. She took it without question, and they both winced as their touch burnt their fingertips for a moment, and then it was gone.

Bucky was too shocked to speak. What was happening ?

“Bucky ! Bucky !”

Bucky snapped out of his trance, as Steve shook him.

He was still holding her hand.

“Hi” He said in a small voice.


“Im sorry, I-”

“Its alright”

She had a faint smile on her lips, and she tried to tame her flying hair with her free hand.

“Im James. Bucky. Barnes”

The girl giggled as Bucky stuttered with his words.

“Y/N Y/L/N” She said, smiling.

Steve stared at the couple in confusion.

“Did you feel it ?” Bucky asked in a whisper.

The shook her head, still smiling.

“Whats going on, Bucky ?” Steve asked again.

Bucky turned to Steve with a smile and said, “Shes my soulmate”

Baking Gone Wrong

 Request: “Hi!!! Are you still taking requests? Can you do something with Bucky and the reader trying to make Christmas cookies?”

Author’s Note: Yes I’m well aware Christmas has now ended sadly but that doesn’t mean I have to all of a sudden not be all jolly n’ shit and not write this fic. Requested by @joeyisanolive. Thank you so much for requesting this! loved writing this one out, xo

Originally posted by mistyknjght

Sounds of christmas music played within the background, creating more festivity to be filled in the midst of the air as you were baking cookies on this cold winter day with Bucky. A warmth heats up the kitchen and you are content. Your eyes drift up to his clumsy figure, attempting to crack an egg into the bowl.

You quietly chuckle to yourself, wondering if you should ask him for help or stand in the middle of the kitchen and watch him dwell up in his own misery with the eggs.

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Marry Me?

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429 words, Jimin fluff

“Marry me?” He asked, eyes wide as he leaned on your arm, the scent of the alcohol he’d consumed earlier fanning over your face.


“y/n! Why not!” He whined, face scrunching up as he looked at you, pout forming on his lips.

“Because you’re drunk, and we aren’t even going out, Jimin,” You sighed, tugging your arm from his grip as he pouted.

“That’s not a good reason,” He sulked, clinging onto your arm again as you pushed off the wall, cursing yourself for agreeing not to drink tonight so Jin could have a break from babysitting the 6 man-children.

“Jimin I will not marry you,” You huff as he trails behind you. The sweaty bodies all around making you cringe as the loud music pumps through the house.

“But I want to marry you,” He cries as you drag him outside, hoping the cool night air would sober him up a little.

“You don’t want to marry me, you’re just drunk off your ass.” You say firmly as you push him down onto a chair on Namjoon’s front deck.

“You’re pretty, and I want to marry someone pretty, so I want to marry you!” He slurred, pointing up at you and tapping your cheek before giggling, you only rolling your eyes in return.

“Alright buddy, sure,” You agreed, wrapping your arms around your stomach as the cold started to seep into the skin which wasn’t covered by your crop top and mini skirt..

You looked down at Jimin to see him staring up at you with the most lovesick gaze you’d ever seen.

“Really?” He whispered, eyes sparkling as his hands moved down your arm, gripping your hand instead.

Your resolve melted as you looked at his disheveled faded orange hair and the twinkle in his eyes. As his warm hands encompassed your own you felt yourself nodding, smiling slightly at the boy as he stared at you in awe.

You stayed like that for a second, trapped in your own bubble of content, before Jimin suddenly screamed out “y/n IS MY WIFE,” making you flinch before bursting into laughter.

“Come on, let’s get you home,” You laughed as he let out a whine.

“I don’t want to!”

“Well then we can start signing the divorce papers,”

“y/n!” He yelped, jumping up and grabbing you, holding your arm close to him as you laughed again. 

“Well come on then,” You giggled, walking down the street as he trailed behind, drunkenly blabbing about something after intertwining your hands.

A/N: Requests are still open, so feel free to submit a prompt/request!

Another challenge I did with @agmsye

Pumped-Up Music

Mac stood at the steel-framed glass door entrance of the Strength International gym. He recently ran away from his parents at 18, which he was legally allowed to do. Though in doing so, he left himself without financial support. Luckily through high school, he had taken up weight lifting and health classes, so he figured he could get a job as a personal trainer, which is easier said than done. He had interviewed at multiple gyms in the city and some neighboring towns, but all of them wanted certified people, which Mac was not. It was at his last interview that some musclebound man approached him and said that the gym he now stood in front of was looking for more personal trainers. Even though it was in another city, he had no other options and went.

Sighing, Mac pushed the door open was was greeted by some loud techno music. Though for techno, it was pretty calming. It was interrupted periodically by the clanging of metal weights. He went over towards the reception desk were a man was sitting, and as he approached, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The man sitting at the desk was gorgeous. Mac was straight, but even he could appreciate the man’s beauty. The receptionist noticed Mac approaching and stood to greet him. Mac’s eyes followed the receptionist as he stood up. The man looked like he was ready to dive into an Olympic pool and break all of Michael Phelps’s records and then get out to model for the best designers.

“Good afternoon. How can I help you?” A smooth voice left the Adonis’s lips.

Mac shook himself out of his trance and puffed out his chest a little, “I’m Mac Gilsfield. I’m here to apply for the personal trainer opening.”

The other man smiled, “Ah ok. Nice to meet you. I’m Reese. Let me just get you a few things.” He reached under the desk and pulled out a bottle, some clothes, and headphones. He handed them across the counter to Mac.

He looked down at them inquisitively, “What are these for?”

“What you will need for the interview. We obviously want to see what you can do. And you don’t plan to work out in… those, do you?” He gestured to Mac’s t-shirt and basketball shorts.

The jock blushed slightly. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with his old workout gear, but they had high standards here. That thought only made him more worried. He grabbed the clothes and bottle, which he assumed was a protein shake or energy drink. He held up the headphones, “I’ll wear these then. Thanks. What are the headphones for then?”

Reese smiled with a hint of devilishness, “It has our signature playlist and music service. You should give it a listen to get pumped-up for the workout.”

Mac nodded and returned the smile. “Oh cool. Thanks!”

“You’re welcome. The changing rooms are just around the corner.”

Mac nodded one more time before leaving the desk and heading for the indicated locker room. As he walked to it, he looked around the gym to see what it is like. The gym floor looked pristine, but the atmosphere in it reeked of masculinity. All of the men working out, whether with weight or cardio, were drenched in sweat. They grunted with each rep and occasionally adjusted their earphones.

That’s when Mac noticed something odd. Every person in the gym was wearing those earphones and a black tank top with black shorts. They were all massive and were completely focused on their routines. It struck an odd chord with Mac, but he chose to ignore it and get into the only locker room in the gym.

Even the locker room had an overly pristine and modern feeling to it. It was quieter than out in the gym. Mac couldn’t even hear the music anymore. He found it odd they would play music on the speakers and give people headphones to listen to music too. He found a locker and began to strip. His reflection showed in a nearby mirror. He saw it and smiled. His jock physique was kept in good shape. He wasn’t as big as the guys in the gym, but he was well built for his age and he did want to get bigger.

With that thought in mind, he picked up the bottle. It was covered in a gray label with only one thing written in bold white letter, “MIKE.” After scanning the bottle for any other writing, he shrugged and popped the cap off. It seemed weird, but then again, he thought much of the gym gave off a weird vibe. He chugged down the drink and set the bottle on the bench. It had an odd, salty taste to it.

“Must be for electrolytes,” he murmured to himself as he slid the black shorts up his legs. It fit fine around his waist, but the fabric around his legs were very baggy. His shirt hung on his athletic frame. He wondered why they gave him such an oversized shirt, but the thought left his mind as he felt compelled to put on the headphones.

He fumbled with the controller until he found the on-switch and used the touchscreen to select the “Pump Up” playlist that he assumed Reese was talking about. Techno music started to play in his ears. He didn’t really have a preference for music, but Mac found himself liking it. He hummed to himself as he walked back through the locker room. Unbeknownst to him, as the bass in his ears pumped, his muscles pulsed.

Each beat cause his arms to swell, his pecs to inflate, and his legs to thicken. His already low body fat dropped even further. If he wasn’t wearing a shirt, one would see his six pack. Even his shoes got tighter as his feet grew meatier and his hands grew to match as well. Soon enough every piece of clothing he was wearing was tight on his.

As the next song played, his face grew more masculine. Dark, smoldering eyes replaced his dull hazel ones. His jaw widened and his chin lost its cleft. A shaved shadow followed his jawline as his dark brown hair went to a full black fauxhawk.

Just as the third some started to play, the door opened and Reese came in. “Oh Mike you are almost done!” He said with a satisfied smile.

Mac returned the smile with a confused like. “Why did he call me Mike? That’s not my name… Is it?” He tried to think hard, but his mind was like mush.

“There there bud. Don’t think about it. Judging by your looks you must be on your third pump up.” Reese said as he looked at Mac’s crotch as it began to fill out. “Just keep listening and you’ll be great as our new trainer and model from New Jersey.”

Mike didn’t even hear what Reese had said. He just felt the need to cum and then workout. And that he did.

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Business man! Akashi falling in love with a stripper. Smut please!!!!

He sighs and loosens his tie, leaning against the bar over his drink. Another day gone by, dare he say wasted, he sits hunched over and ponders ‘Was this really how I wanted my life to go?’. He doesn’t, however, get up to leave. Instead, he turns around looking at the dancers, letting his mind wander off into a blank space. Then his eyes meet yours. Oh.

He only silently watches you dance, body in tune with the music, gliding against the pole in the center of the room, uncaring but graceful. Interesting. Maybe he’d offer to buy you a drink. How does one approach an exotic dancer?

Cut to now when he’s ripping off your clothes, drunker than before but trying to remember how he got to this point. He decides he doesn’t care and let’s his hands glide over your body, listening to the music you make. There was something about your voice, eyes and movement from earlier that made him want to glue his eyes open and forever follow your lead. You gently ghost your fingers across his chest, biting your lip in need, making him fall into your pace even further. He’d think about this in the morning, he concludes as he kisses you deeper. He’d think about you tomorrow as well. This definitely isn’t the last time he’d touch you, that, however, he’s certain of.

25 Days of Christmas *Chanbaek AU*

Originally posted by acciobaek

Day 1

“Baekhyun! It’s December!” Baekhyun looked away from the stove, watching the taller man stumble into the kitchen. He smiled.

“Yeah? What about it?” he asked, turning back to the food.

“Your presents,” Chanyeol said, back hugging the smaller. Baekhyun sighed.

“You did not follow through with this, 25 days of Christmas thing, right?” Baekhyun turned slightly, looking at the giggly boy over his shoulder.

“Guess what I got you for today?” Chanyeol walked away while Baekhyun groaned, “It’s nothing big! But I know you’ll love it.”

“Hmm,” Baekhyun hummed, turning off the stove, “A music notebook?” Baekhyun turned around, gasping at what he saw.

“You’re way off, but if you want to name her ‘A Music Notebook’, by all means, do it.” in Chanyeols hand was a little puppy, a corgi to be exact, with a bow around her next.

“What in the hell Park Chanyeol. You said it’s nothing big.” Chanyeol looked down at the puppy and shrugged.

“I don’t think she’s that big, really.”

Day 2

Baekhyun sat on the floor, playing with his new puppy. He laughed every time the little puppy slipped while running for a toy. He decided to name her Rudolph, in the Christmas spirit.

“Baekie! Present for day two.” Chanyeol walked into the living room, handing Baekhyun a present before walking out. Baekhyun looked at it before slowly opening it, giggling at what was inside. Rudolph came and sat in his lap, sniffing at the movies and popcorn that was wrapped up.

“Movie night?” he called out.

“You bet your damn ass movie might!”

Day 3

“Do you know how difficult it is, coming up with 25 presents?” Chanyeol said as he slipped Baekhyun his present, “But I didn’t give up because I gotta give my baby the best.” Baekhyun looked at him before taking off the wrapping paper. He held up the present, examining it.

“This is a candle.” He said.

“But it’s a Hallmark candle. A nice, high-quality candle. I ordered this one online because, well, it’s Hallmark,but it’s also your favorite scent so..” Chanyeol said, smiling.

“On a scale of one to ten, how relaxing would a bath be with this candle lit?”

“Twenty if I can take it with you.”

Day 4

“Baekie, I know you’re still sleeping, but you gotta get your present know,” Chanyeol shook Baekhyun, trying to wake the sleeping boy.

“Why?” Baekhyun groaned, pushing away from Chanyeol.

“Because you won’t be able to see it once it’s light out!” Baekhyun sat up, confused.

“What in the hell do you mean?” Chanyeol pulled him up.

“It’s outside! Let’s go!” once they had stood on the balcony to their apartment, Chanyeol looked around before pointing up, “There it is.” Baekhyun followed his hand, confused.

“What is it?” he asked.

“A star. Named after the brightest star on this earth.” Chanyeol wrapped his arm around Baekhyun, leaning his head on top of the others.


“No. You.”

Day 5

“Baek, let’s go take a bath,” Chanyeol said, dragging Baekhyun to the bathroom.

“But what about today’s present?” Baekhyun asked, looking at the taller male.

“Today, I’m your present.”

Day 6

“I didn’t buy today’s gift, but it’s homemade, so I hope you’ll love it.” Chanyeol handed Baekhyun a mason jar, full of candy canes. A little note card was attached to each, a sweet little note was written on it.

Baekie! I love you!

Baekbaek, stay healthy. I never want to see u get the sniffles :((

Hyunnie! I’ll protect u till the day u die!

Baekhyun looked at Chanyeol.

“I love you too, you little ugly.”

Day 7

“Baekbaek, come!” Baekhyun stood up from this computer chair, speed walking into the living room. He had gotten used to the daily presents. He loved waiting for them.

“What is it today?” He asked once he was in the living room. Chanyeol stood there, hands behind his back.”

“Look!” Chanyeol moved his hands to the front, showing Baekhyun a sweater, that looked oddly enough like the one Chanyeol was wearing, “Matching clothes!”

Baekhyun smiled at Chanyeol’s excitement, walking forward and hugging the taller boy, “You’re so cute.”

Day 8

“Here. For the future, but not for the next 17 days. Got it?” Chanyeol handed Baekhyun a mason jar, once again. Baekhyun looked at it, reading the writing in Chanyeol’s sloppy handwriting, Kisses for when I’m not around. It was filled to the top with Hershey kisses.

“Chan, this is gay as hell.”

“I know!” Chanyeol kissed Baekhyun before running off, giggling as he went.

Day 9

“Be my Christmas present again,” Baekhyun said as he hugged Chanyeol from behind, But not like last time. Although I enjoyed that, very much, the house needs to be clean, and I don’t want to do it.”

“As much as I’d love to be your present, for many other reasons, I already have your present right here. Close your eyes.” Baekhyun closed his eyes as he felt Chanyeol slip from his grip. He stood still, waiting. Baekhyun felt something cold around his neck, and he opened his eyes to see Chanyeol trying to clasp something.

“That’s cold.” He said, looking Chanyeol in the eyes. Chanyeol pouted.

“I told you not to look,” he stepped back when we was done, smiling, “You look so nice with it on.”

Baekhyun looked down, grabbing the pendant of the necklace. On it was three circles, small dates in each.

6-5-92 Me

27-11-92 You

10-12-14 Us

Baekhyun looked up at Chanyeol, eyes watering.

“This is the gayest thing yet, Yeolie.” Chanyeol smiled before reaching into his shirt, pulling out a pendant that looked exactly like the one Baekhyun had on.

“I know.”

Day 15

“Baekbaek, ten days till Christmas! Do you wonder what your big present is gonna be?” Chanyeol asked as he made dinner. Baekhyun shrugged from the kitchen floor, rolling a ball for Rudolph to play with.

“A bigger dog.” he said, rubbing by Rudolph’s ears when she came back with the ball.

“I’m okay with one dog. Oh! Speaking of which, Soo should be bringing over your present any….” Chanyeol trailed off, smiling when he heard the doorbell ring,” Now.” Baekhyun stood up and quickly ran to the door, Rudolph follows, barking at the sudden noise. Baekhyun opened the door quickly, scaring the man on the other side.

“Jesus Christ! You scared me,” Kyungsoo held his hand over his heart, looking at Baekhyun, “This is yours. I don’t know what to say. Merry Christmas?” Kyungsoo handed Baekhyun the animal crate and Baekhyun took it carefully, watching as the other male walked off.

“Yeolie! What is this?” Baekhyun said, walking into the living room. He set the crate on the floor and sat in front of it, afraid to open it.

“Open it! It’s cute!” Rudolph sniffed around the crate, barking at it. Baekhyun slightly pushed the dog away before opening the crate, looking inside. In the back sat a small kitten or various dark colors. Baekhyun cooed.

“It’s okay little kitty! Come here.” he held his hand inside the crate, feeling a small, wet nose touch it. He giggled as it curled up in his palm.

“Okay but, if you love these animals more than you love me, I’m taking them back.”

Day 21

Baekhyun played with the small animals he had, waiting for Chanyeol to return home. The front door opened and Rudolph ran to it, while the kitten, Elf, stayed behind, rubbing against Baekhyun’s leg.

“Yeolie? You were gone for long. It’s dark out now.” Baekhyun called out, looking behind him to see Chanyeol, face red from the cold wind.

“Come here,” Chanyeol said, motioning for Baekhyun. Baekhyun stood up, walking towards him.

“Are you okay?” Baekhyun asked, touching Chanyeol’s forehead. Chanyeol grabbed his wrist.

“Present time, baby boy.”

Day 25

Baekhyun couldn’t sleep the night of Christmas Eve. He was too excited to see what Chanyeol had planned. They had both decided to on not setting presents out under the tree because it could ruin the whole surprise Chanyeol had planned.

Chanyeol couldn’t sleep either, he was too nervous. He had been for the past 25 days. Was he really ready to do what he wanted to do?

“I want coffee before we open presents.” Chanyeol had said when they were both up. Baekhyun pouted before throwing the squeaky ball for Rudolph, both Rudolph and Elf going after it. He watched as they both argued over it, feeling someone sit next to him.

“That present on the top, I want you to open last,” Chanyeol said, taking a sip of his coffee. Baek looked at the top of the tree, seeing a medium sized square box at the top, hanging on the branches.

Once Chanyeol was done, they both opened their first present, Baekhyun getting Chanyeol a new guitar, and Chanyeol getting Baekhyun a scrapbook. Baekhyun looked through it, realizing it was filled with pictures of him and Chanyeol, all of the pictures they had taken, even the dumb ones.

By the end, Baekhyun had only one more present, which was at the top of the tree. Chanyeol had two, which was obvious they didn’t plan their ratio. Chanyeol opened his second to last, gasping at what he saw. It was a watch, all pure gold. He realized he had told Baekhyun about how badly he wanted one, but how neither of them could currently afford it.

“Baek,” He looked at Baekhyun before standing up, grabbing the box on the tree, “Open it. Please.” Baekhyun unwrapped and opened the box, gasping as what he saw inside. Chanyeol grabbed the object and opened it, a solid ring band inside.

“Byun Baekhyun, will you be the star in my life, and, Jesus Christ I don’t want to cry, marry me?” Baekhyun nodded as he looked at Chanyeol, kissing him.

“I’d love to be a star.” 


Waking up next to a very sleepy Jumin Han, and his yawns and sighs have that heavy and deep tone to them. You just stare at him and think to yourself *Holy shit, how did I score this GOD* and He just pulls you into his chest, squeezing you tightly and reminding you how Fucken gorgeous you are *EVEN THOE I JUST WOKE UP, ARE YOU BLIND?!*
You start blushing as he showers your entire face with kisses and HIS GIGGLES
HE ONLY GIGGLES WITH YOU AND HONESTLY, ITS THE BEST SOUND Ever. Music to your ears. Someone give this man a grammy.
JUST trying to pull him out of bed but instead you end up spending the entire day laying and rolling all over eachother—— WHY DO I DO THIS. HE ISNT REALLLLLLLL AHHHH STOP IT @ ME.

What is a poet?
An unhappy human being, that hides deep agony within their heart,
but whose lips are formed so that when a sigh or a scream falls upon them,
it sounds like great music.
it happens to him, as it happens to the deeply unhappy,
that in the Brazen Bull, slowly suffered by a quiet flame.
Their screams did not make it to the tyrants ear to frighten him,
for in his ears,
it was the sound of sweet melodies.
And man-kind gathered around the poet and pleaded to him: sing again soon, which means,
may new distress implement your soul,
and may your lips stay formed as before; thy scream will only make us anxious,
but the music is delectable.
And the judges step forward,
they say: it is true, it shall be this way after the rules of the aesthetic.
Now it says, a judge is the spitting image of a poet,
only he has no agony witin his heart,
he has no music on his lips.
See therefore i would rather be a swineherd,
and be understood by the pigs,
than be a poet and be misunderstood by man-kind.
—  Søren Kierkegaard - Hvad er en digter?
(Translated by: PrettyDismalBaby)
$1 stories - E is for exhibitionism



[ lady killers - g-easy ]

‘if you don’t know by now’


‘Do you want to go dance?’

‘No, I’m good.’

She turned to the man next to him.

‘How about you?’

‘I don’t dance. Thanks though.’

She shrugged, smiling, and moving on.

‘Suit yourselves.’

‘So…how are you?’

He Tian asked, leaning in to be heard over the music.

Mo Guan Shan tensed up at the sensation of warm breath on his neck.

‘Fine, thanks.’

He Tian studied him in profile as he stirred his drink, resolutely avoiding eye contact.

After about a minute, he sighed and turned to face him.

‘And how are you doing, He Tian?’

He smiled his wolfish smile.

‘I’m doing just great. Better now that you’re here.’

Mo Guan Shani scoffed.

‘Yeah, I’m sure.’

‘No, really! It’s been awhile since we got to talk like this.’

‘There’s a reason for that.’

‘Oh? Why? Is she going to be mad that you’re here with me?’

‘I don’t think she’s be particularly happy about it.’

Unconsciously, they’d moved closer, their thighs were pressed together.

‘Well where is she?’

‘On the dance floor with her friends.’

‘Does she still hate me?’

‘She doesn’t hate you. She just thinks you want to fuck me.’

‘She’s not wrong.’

‘Don’t start this shit again. Why are you so determined to ruin all my relationships.’

He Tian placed his hand on Mo Guan Shan’s thigh under the table and he nearly choked on his drink.

‘Because you keep picking the wrong relationship, you fucking idiot.’

Surrounded by his girlfriend’s catty friends, he couldn’t exactly react the way he normally would.

‘Move your hand.’

The moment he said it, he realized he’d chosen his words very poorly.

He hand inched up his thigh and he froze.

‘You know you’ve missed this. I certainly have.’’

Mo Guan Shan turned his head to whisper in He Tian’s ear, making him jump and pull back for a moment.

‘There’s only one part of you I’ve missed.’

He told the girls he was going to get some shots, and He Tian followed him down the stairs.

He led him away from the bar and onto the dance floor.

He shook his head feverently, exaggeratingly mouthing, ‘not a chance.’

Laughing,he grabbed his ex boyfriend’s  wrist and dragging him into the writhing mass of sweaty, drunk, college girls and stepped forward to press their bodies together.

Mo Guan Shan tried to pull away, but He Tian’s arm was locked tightly around his hips.

‘I’m not going to dance with you!’ He shouted over the music.

He Tian huffed a laugh in his ear, moving his hips in an all too familiar way.

‘My girlfriend could see us, dude.’

He ran his fingers through the short red hair.

Mo Guan Shan gasped when He Tian gently licked from is collarbone to his earlobe.

‘You love it.’

There was nothing he could have done to stop his erection.

He Tian pushed his his knees between Mo Guan Shan’s thighs.

‘Yeah, that’s what I thought.’

Random Headcanons

- Do not leave Genos alone in water - he’s a massive ton of metal that will sink to the bottom floor if left unattended
- Saitama sings to the radio when cooking breakfast
- Every time Kuseno is on his his way out of the lab to go for a much-needed vacation, Saitama comes over carrying a wrecked young cyborg. (The old man sighs internally, he can only stare at brochures and dream)
- Saitama is always woken up by a smol rover and minibots jumping over him and Genos just watching, shaking his head in his pink apron and smiling and it’s very domestic
- Genos forced to endure puns
- Sonic sometimes chills at normal gyms, tries too hard
- “I’M NOT UNEMPLOYED! I’m…just jumping in between assassinations right now.”
- Amai Mask music videos are like a diabolical mix of korean drama lovesongs and walking on the beach with a white horse
- “Sensei, tell me a paradox.”
- “If I punch myself, will I die?”
- …
- Genos.exe has stopped working
- Saitama walking in on a Caped Baldy fanclub meeting
- Genos is standing behind a stand, the minibots and rover sit around him
- The lights are low, there’s candles and a giant portrait of Caped Baldy on the wall
- “Ah, Sensei, you made it in time for-”
- Saitama walks right back out
- “teacher’s pet” tank top
- When Genos shuts down after a terrible battle and Saitama gets really nervous, he mumbles nonsensical nonsense underneath his breath
- “My cyborg is cybroke”
- “Ah, come on, you beautiful idiot you…”
- Genos wakes up early, but always lingers in bed for ten minutes to appreciate his sensei’s warmth
- Genos has a set of cuddle arms

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"I told you I’ve never slow danced before and now you’re showing me how in the middle of your kitchen late at night." OKAY BUT THIS JUST FUCKING SCREAMS MALEC

Late Night Dances || Read On AO3

Dancing, it wasn’t really a thing that Shadowhunters did. Especially Alec, he really wasn’t one to dance, not even on missions to the clubs. He would just stand off to the side and just get on with the task at hand. The music was just background noise to him.

Now, here he was in the middle of Magnus floor looking a bit sheepish at the Warlock’s extended hand, the music was soft as it played in the background. It was going to be a perfect way to finish off the date, but…Alec doesn’t know how to dance, nor does he know how he’s going to say that. Magnus’ soft look at him made the raven haired man let a soft sigh leave his lips before he’s taking hold of Maagnus’ hand. “I…I’ve never done this before,” Alec admits as he’s being pulled closer.

“Dance?” Magnus mused with a small rise of his eyebrow, he wasn’t judging the other. He knew not a lot of common mundane things make it into the world that belongs to the Shadowhunters. “It’s okay, I’ll teach you Alexander.”

Alec couldn’t help the small smile that spread across his lips, and he lets Magnus move his hand to the other’s waist. His hand was gentle as he placed it, Magnus’ hand going to rest gently upon Alec’s shoulder.

“Just follow my lead,” Magnus says in a soft voice as he starts to move his body to the side, lightly guiding Alec as they moved around the room. Soft steps this way, and long gentle ones going that way. There was no set path as they’re moving their way around the apartment, just holding onto each other as they glide across the floor. “You picked it up fast, want to try something a little more?

“Okay,” Alec replies and Magnus is taking a small step back. Hands fall from hip and shoulder and Magnus instructs him to use his hand that is still holding Magnus’ to spin him around and Alec did.

“Perfect, just like you,” Magnus compliments, before he’s taking the time that Alec’s blushing to spin him around.

For the next thirty minutes, they just lightly dance around the room and enjoying this comfortableness that comes with being with the other. It isn’t something that Alec would trade for the world.

We Don’t Talk Anymore - Gray

Originally posted by grayground

  “I dunno, man… I feel like something is still missing” Jay said along with a long sigh and dived deep into figuring out what was the missing element for their new song. Gray, too, was deep in his thoughts, but in his case, none of them were concerned about the new song. He got lost in his own mind because of you, and because of the downfall, your relationship got into a few weeks ago.

  Sunghwa was afraid you drifted away from him due to his busy schedule. This year you barely got to see him at home. Starting from SMTM, album releases, collaborations, photo shoots to Jay’s new album which wasn’t even completely produced by him, yet he spent a lot of time with Jay in the studio. 

  He noticed how your morning kisses got shorter, how you started to work till late and canceled your dates. He noticed how you were less and less in the mood for sexy time, yet you spent hours on your laptop and phone, sometimes even giggling in the meantime. You stopped hugging him in your sleep, you stopped texting him at least twice a day, you stopped smiling when you were with him and the only rational reason he could come up to explain your behavior was that you had fallen out of love with him. He was desperate to talk to you, yet talking to you was the most fearful thing to him in this situation.

   Days passed by and he was still trying to figure out how to bring up the subject of his stress in front of you. He knew the discussion could have two outcomes, one, you actually solving every little misunderstanding, and two, the most dreadful outcome he could imagine, you admitting you don’t love him anymore and breaking up with him.

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A Second Too Late

Heyo! Sorry if it’s bad, it was a quick thingy. But I hope you like it


Word Count: 1307

Genre: Angst

Member: Min Yoongi/ Suga

Yoongi has been bombarded with work lately, his form always returns to the apartment you two shared with a slouch and fatigue coming off him in waves. You would sit in the small living room and wait for him, taking his jacket and bag that held his sheet music.

“Yoongi, would you like something to eat?” You asked gently as you followed him into your bedroom. He planted himself on the bed and laid on his side, his back facing you.

“Not hungry.” The man muttered as you took off his shoes. You sighed as you turned off the lamp, wishing things would get easier for him. There was once a time everything was alright for you and Yoongi.

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The Perfect Storm Chapter 3 (Jensen x Reader)

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Summary: Jensen Ackles just wanted his ex wife to sign the divorce papers before he married Danneel. He didn’t want roped back into the storm chaser life. But once a storm chaser, always a storm chaser. Based off the movie Twister (RIP Bill Paxton)

Warnings: Language?

AN: Lyrics for this chapter are Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Friend: Yeah, but can you rap anything besides Hamilton?
Me:*deep breath* “He’s just a bang beat, bell ringing, big haul, great go, neck or nothin’, rip roarin’, every time a bull’s eye salesman. That’s Professor Harold Hill, Harold Hill – What’s the fellow’s line? what’s his line? – He’s a fake, and he doesn’t know the territory! – Look, whaddayatalk, whaddayatalk? – He’s a music man and he sells clarinets to the kids in the town with the big trombones and the rat-a-tat drums, big brass bass, big brass bass, and the piccolo, the piccolo with uniforms, too with a shiny gold braid on the coat and a big red stripe running–”
Friend: No, nonono,  I meant something that ISN’T a broadway musical.
Me:*Dons elaborate wig*
Me: I love the people and the people love me, so much that they restored the English Monarchy! I’m part Scottish, French, Italian, a little bit Dane, and 100% party animal – Champagne!…