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One Year of the 100: Favorite Female Character → Lexa

#that moment when you realize that there were so many signs in the first lexa scene #signs that she was the commander #that look she shares with gustus #the references to the commander #the way she tries to play the innocent and scared girl #now it’s all so obvious


alicia florrick alphabet: peter

“Peter, it’s never going back to normal.”

Sending lots of love and hugs to all of you. I’m doing okay myself. I keep getting teary-eyed at random moments – thinking about CS moments I’ve loved, about how far we’ve come, about that beautiful wedding, and about these very last two episodes and what I think and hope will be the very last scene to end these last six seasons… sigh. My heart’s really full, and I imagine it will be for a very long time.

Stormy night

 Summary: Reader has a fear of the dark, the power goes out and Ethan helps the reader

(Ethan x Reader)

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It was raining hard, you always enjoyed the rain it was peaceful even with the large thunder claps. It was just you and Ethan at the house as Tyler had gone out with Mark. You two were just chilling when all of a sudden a large clap of lighting and thunder rattled the house and all the lights flickered off. Now for a normal person, this would be a minor nuisance but no big deal. But not for you, you had a severe fear of the dark that none of the guys knew about. Even though it was extremely childish you couldn’t get over it, your demeanor immediately changed from relaxed to tense.  "Ah man the powers out Shiiit" Ethan humored he got up leaving you on the coach to retrieve his phone. The problem was it’s dead and so is yours. It wasn’t a good time for the power to go out. Ethan sighed and sat back down next to you “well guess we gotta wait till the power comes back on my phone’s dead” you stayed silent fearing if you spoke he would hear the tremble in your voice. “You okay?” He asked when you didn’t respond “Y-yeah” you stuttered. Ethan at this point knew something was off when he reached to touch you, he felt the shake of your body. “(Y/N)?“ he questioned you were trying your hardest to stop shaking and stop tears from leaving your eyes. You were scared and now extremely embarrassed  ”(Y/N), why are you shaking?“ “Are-are you crying?” “N-no I’m-im f-fine” you stuttered quickly “(Y/N) come on what’s wrong are you hurt?” You sighed at this point you were wrapped in his embrace and still shaking and tense “I’m s-scarred alright” you grumbled “I’m scared of the dark” tears had already spilled and were running down your cheeks falling on Ethan’s shirt   “Aw (Y/N) why didn’t you tell me?” “Because it’s embarrassing what kind of adult is still afraid of the dark!” “Hey everyone’s afraid of something it’s not a big deal” you sighed “I guess…” “Come on don't you remember what Mark’s afraid of?”  "mannequins and the ocean” you giggled “Yeah” he laughed “come on do you realize how many times Mark and I always scream our heads over the most ridiculous of jump scares” “yeah and you guys always just scream for no reason” You sassed “hey don’t you sass me young lady” Ethan replies in a goofy voice “whatever wimpy boy” you sass back. This was the way you two acted around each other always sassing and roasting each other. Now you realized what was happening, Ethan was trying to distract your thoughts from the storm although you still flinched every time you heard a noise or creak you still maintained a fun conversation with Ethan. Finally after maybe 30 minutes or so the lights flicker on returning exactly how they were before. The movie appeared once again paused from the last scene, you sighed “thank god I was getting tired of being squished against your sweaty body, bleugh” you humored as you went to grab the remote. Ethan rolled his eyes “whatever you didn’t say that when you were seeking comfort in my warm chest” he shot back smiling, you smiled “no, but really thank you, Ethan, I probably would have gone into full panic mode if I’d been alone” you spoke with sincerity. “Aw come on (Y/N) I’m always here for you. He hugged you making you chuckle “love you blue boy” “love you too,” he said.


Jeff and Annie Appreciation Week 2016: Day Three - moment(s) that made you cry

“I think you should kiss me goodbye or you might regret it for the rest of your life”

A Window To The Past, eremika fanfic

Summary: Eren could close his eyes and count to ten, open them again and see blood. But everything he sees, is Mikasa. 

Rating: T, angst | Words: 4,523k | Read it on / AO3

A/N: This is some sort of recreation of the Hermione/Harry dance scene, if you guys ever watched Harry Potter you’ll understand. This was also kind of made for the Eremika Fluff Week, the dance prompt, but it ended up being too angsty. And, most importantly, this is for @sweet-yurio as a birthday gift. It’s been a while since I don’t write Eremika and I’m getting tired of AU’s, I miss the canon so much. Enjoy this thing and excuse any grammar issues. If you liked it, please reblog! Feedback is always welcome.


She’s dancing with him, she’s holding him, his arms are around her and she can feel his breathing caressing the soft curve of her neck. His smell of freedom, the smell of an eternal summer suddenly slaps her in the face. She’s with him, with Eren, alone, and he’s being surprisingly gentle with her…

They’re together, as Mikasa always wanted it to be.

Maybe this was the right moment. Maybe tomorrow they could march into a new mission and die. Maybe Eren would faint after one of his training sessions with Hanji and she’d never see him again. This could be the last moment they could share like this, so close, as she always wanted and as it never happened.

Maybe this was the right moment to tell the truth.

When her smile disappears and tears start to moisten her eyelashes, Mikasa stops the silly dance made of clumsy flip-flops to face his penetrating gaze. Eren blinks, confused, and an aching heart jumps out of his chest at the sight of her miserable expression.

Haggard, pale, in her eyes there was no life at all. Only darkness.

And Eren knows there’s nobody’s fault but his.

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