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One Year of the 100: Favorite Female Character → Lexa

#that moment when you realize that there were so many signs in the first lexa scene #signs that she was the commander #that look she shares with gustus #the references to the commander #the way she tries to play the innocent and scared girl #now it’s all so obvious


Rejseholdet | Allan Fischer | Assistancemelding A-31/00 del 1


alicia florrick alphabet: peter

“Peter, it’s never going back to normal.”

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Damn. So the season probably will end with Barry going into SF. That's disappointing bc we all know that Barry will get out of the SF somehow bc there's no show without Grant. I'd rather not wait 4 mnths (or potentially longer if there's a strike) to find out.

We will see! I think it’s the most likely, and what everything looks right now, but there is still a possibility it isn’t the last scene. 

I sighed a little bit at the “how will the team move forward towards S4” bit only because I might lead to more dark times ahead. I miss the light stuff on this show. Even the S1 finale seemed hopeful with the way it ended, despite Eddie’s death and a singularity appearing, because it had that cliche, yet iconic superhero ending to it.

Yeah, it sounds like it should say “how will the team move forward towards season 4 – without Barry,” lol. I miss the light aspects of the show as well. Hopefully that we will go back toward it next season, if or when Barry returns from the speed force, if it’s the last scene of course. 

At this rate, us fans are going to have to “promote” the show if the promotional team won’t. I don’t care if the Flash is the #1 show, everything needs promotion to some degree. You can't​ expect something to sell if you don’t let people know about the product.

They should hire us, lol. 


Jeff and Annie Appreciation Week 2016: Day Three - moment(s) that made you cry

“I think you should kiss me goodbye or you might regret it for the rest of your life”

Random Observations

I’m in the process of tagging all the posts in my blog. As I’ve been going through the older posts, lots of thoughts have come to mind.

  • I was super naive and hopeful about the season 13 premiere by thinking we’d get 5 or more minutes of Japril scenes. Sigh, I was so silly.
  • Last year, when Owen comforted April. I commented that I could ship them as a couple as he was being so tender to her. I still could. If Jackson and April don’t work out, then I’d be OK with an Owen/April pairing. 
  • On the flip side, I can’t think of a single current character I’d want Jackson with. Maybe Cristina? If she came back…
  • We were just as suspicious as a fandom, if not more, last year. Oh my word, we worried about so many things…
    • Is Riggs gonna date April? Why is Jackson looking so angrily at him in this promo photo?
    • Jo looks like she’s running at April to hit her. Did April sleep with Alex?
    • Jerrika Hinton made a comment about a stupid mistake Stephanie was going to make in an interview. Some people (cough, me) got worried that meant she’d sleep with Jackson again.
  • Even though tagging thousands of posts is a huge job, I’m so glad I did it. It’s making me less suspicious about the upcoming episodes. I’ve worried before and for nothing. It also made me more realistic. We’re probably not gonna get a whole bunch of scenes. I think the rest of the season COMBINED we might get 5-8 minutes of Japril scenes.
A Window To The Past, eremika fanfic

Summary: Eren could close his eyes and count to ten, open them again and see blood. But everything he sees, is Mikasa. 

Rating: T, angst | Words: 4,523k | Read it on / AO3

A/N: This is some sort of recreation of the Hermione/Harry dance scene, if you guys ever watched Harry Potter you’ll understand. This was also kind of made for the Eremika Fluff Week, the dance prompt, but it ended up being too angsty. And, most importantly, this is for @sweet-yurio as a birthday gift. It’s been a while since I don’t write Eremika and I’m getting tired of AU’s, I miss the canon so much. Enjoy this thing and excuse any grammar issues. If you liked it, please reblog! Feedback is always welcome.


She’s dancing with him, she’s holding him, his arms are around her and she can feel his breathing caressing the soft curve of her neck. His smell of freedom, the smell of an eternal summer suddenly slaps her in the face. She’s with him, with Eren, alone, and he’s being surprisingly gentle with her…

They’re together, as Mikasa always wanted it to be.

Maybe this was the right moment. Maybe tomorrow they could march into a new mission and die. Maybe Eren would faint after one of his training sessions with Hanji and she’d never see him again. This could be the last moment they could share like this, so close, as she always wanted and as it never happened.

Maybe this was the right moment to tell the truth.

When her smile disappears and tears start to moisten her eyelashes, Mikasa stops the silly dance made of clumsy flip-flops to face his penetrating gaze. Eren blinks, confused, and an aching heart jumps out of his chest at the sight of her miserable expression.

Haggard, pale, in her eyes there was no life at all. Only darkness.

And Eren knows there’s nobody’s fault but his.

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Tyler Lockwod’s first and last appearance 

Guest Star

Tittle: Guest Star

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating: M for Mature

Warning: Smut

  “Okay but seriously that last scene was brutal.” I sighed, falling down on the chair beside Dylan. He nodded taking a sip from his bottled water. We had just finished filming the scene in which Newt died, and the whole cast was a little on edge. It took a lot out all of us to watch Thomas do the scene. He did it so well that it felt like we were actually watching him die.

 “Yeah it certainly wasn’t the easiest scene to film. Remind me to ask him for acting tips.” Dylan laughed, shaking his head at me as he passed me over a bottle of water. I thanked him and took a long sip, trying to push the thought of Thomas begging to be shot out of my head.

  “What are you two talking about?” Kaya asked as she ran over to the two us. She wiggled her eyebrows at me as she sat down on my life, her arms wrapping around my neck. I chuckled and wrapped my arms around her waist, hugging her to me.

  “Thomas`s scene and just how badly it hurt.” Dylan laughed rolling his eyes at the two of us.

  “Yeah that was brutal.” Kaya agreed, shaking her head before she jumped off my lap. “That is why we are all going out for a few drinks you wanna come?”

 “No thanks, I think I`ll stay here and go over my lines for tomorrow.” I answered, reaching over to grab my script, flipping towards the scene for tomorrow.

  “Party pooper!” Kaya laughed, landing a playful slap on my shoulder. “What about you Dyl?”

  “I`m going to stay too.”

  “Fine, you kids use protection.” She sang with a laugh.

  “Why do you always yell that?” I asked, glancing up from my script to stare at the girl as she walked out of the room.

  “You can smell the sexual tension, I just want it known you should use protection.” Kaya laughed, shaking her head at us both before she left the room, leaving Dylan and I to stare at each other in complete silence.

  “Well that was awkward.” Dylan laughed, turning to give me a crocked smile.

  “Tell me about it.” I hummed, tearing my gaze away from him. Kaya of course had a point. From the first day on set I was into him, I wanted nothing more than be with him. It also didn’t help that most of the time he was walking around covered in sweat with his t-shirt clinging to his abs and forearms. Dylan was hot, very hot, and I wanted nothing more than to lick up his abs.

 “Your as red as a tomato does she have a point?”

  “Nope, just straining really hard to memorize my lines.” I stuttered, cursing the fact that my pale skin made it that much more obvious when I was blushing.

 “Hmm is that so. So I guess you won`t mind if I do this.” Dylan hummed, getting up so he was standing behind. His breath fanned across my cheek as his fingers gently pushed my hair to the side. My breath quickened as his lips met my neck, his hands running down my shoulders, his fingers linking with mine. I closed my eyes and let out a hum, letting my head fall to the side so he could have more access to my neck. 

  “No, I don`t really mind.” I hummed, a moan sounding in the back of my throat as he left open mouth kisses down my neck and my collarbone, smirking when my breaths came out in pants.

  “Good because I really don`t want stop.” He muttered against my skin.

  “Dylan.” I sighed, turning my head to the left so I could capture his lips with mine. The moment our lips were connected his tongue slipped onto my mouth. We stayed like that for a few minutes, locked in a kiss that held so much passion that I swore the room was being set on fire.

  “Up.” Dylan breathed when we broke apart for air, both of us grasping for breath. I nodded and jumped up from the chair, spinning on my heel so I was facing him. The moment I was up Dylan closed the small space between us and put his lips back onto mine, his hands moving to grasp my thighs. “Jump.” He muttered, groaning when I obeyed. I jumped up and wrapped my legs tightly around his waist, pulling gently on his hair as he walked up against the wall. Once my back was pressed firmly against the wall, Dylan`s hands moved from my ass to travel up my waist. He pushed my shirt up with his hands, his finger tips pushing my bra up so his fingers could pinch and play with my nipples.

  “Take it off.” I moaned, pulling away from him so I could pull my shit up and over my head, throwing it to the side. Dylan hummed and kissed along my collarbone and neck, his fingers moving around my back so he could unclip my bra. The moment it was off he tossed that to side, his lips trailing from my collarbone to my breast. I moaned, and ran my hands down his back, lifting up his shirt as I ran them back up.

  I pulled away from him, quickly removing his own shirt before leaning down to press kisses along his shoulders, moaning against his skin as he trailed his hands down my sides, slowly making his way towards heat, his other arm staying tight around my waist. I felt him smirk against my skin as his hand dipped into the waist band of my jeans, his thumb pressing hard against my clit as he moved it in slow, tantalizing circles.

  “You have no idea how long I have pictured this. Pictured you moaning my name while I play with you. The way you taste, the way you feel against my cock as I slam myself into you.” Dylan hummed against my skin, grinning when I clenched around his fingers, his words causing my cunt to grow even wetter than it already was. “Do you want me to fuck you?” He whispered as he rammed his fingers deeply inside of my cunt, his fingers curling against my walls as he searched for my g-spot.

  “Fuck Dylan.” I moaned, moving my hips against his fingers. He moved his head from my breast so he could he smile at me before he removed his fingers from my heat. He leaned down to press feather light kisses to my lips and he quickly started to unbuckle my jeans. I let my legs drop from around his waist so he could pull them down, my fingers instantly moving to remove his cargo pants and boxers. Once my pants were removed he kissed down my chest and down to my heat.

  Once he was down my at stomach he hooked one of my legs over his shoulder and attached his lips to my center. “Oh fuck Dylan.” I hummed grinding my center into his mouth.

  “You taste so good.” He hummed against my clit, the vibrations causing me to scream out. He chuckled and dipped his tongue into my core, sliding into it and curling it upwards. I moaned as he pushed his fingers deeply into my core, his fingers curling against my walls as he pumped them into me. He sucked on my clit as I let out a scream, my orgasm washing over me he switched from kitten licking my clit to sucking. He waited until I was finished to pull himself away from me. He chuckled when he noticed I was having trouble standing, and pressed his body against mine as he pressed me to the wall. His eyes searched mine before he pressed his lips against my own, slipping his tongue into my mouth, moving it around my mouth so I could taste all of me on him.

  “It`s your turn.” I hummed, removing my lips from his so I could kiss down his chest and stomach. The closer I got to his member the more ragged and uneven his breathing become. I chuckled as I pressed a kiss to the tip of his shaft, moving my head so I could run the tip on my tongue up the vein on the underside of his shaft.

  “No teasing.” He breathed out, his hand moving to push my hair out of my face. I nodded and pressed one last kiss to his tip before taking him in my mouth. “Oh fuck yes.” He moaned, bucking his hips gently into my face. “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve imagined this? How many times I pictured you sucking me off.” He panted, moving one hand from my hair to cup the back of my neck. 

  I pulled back, wrapping my lips around the tip and gently sucking his tip before taking him all into my mouth again. I hummed against him, the vibrations causing Dylan to scream my name in pleasure. “Fuck princess I would tell you to keep going but I need you inside of my now.” Dylan groaned, gripping my forearms so he could drag me back up the wall. I smashed my lips against his, our lips moving hotly as I jumped up to wrap my legs around his waist. Once I was in position he placed himself at my core, thrusting into me as he moaned out my name.

  “Fuck you feel better so better than I had ever imagined.” Dylan moaned as he kissed down my jaw and neck, kissing along my neck as he continued to thrust into me.

  “Fuck Dylan right there!” I hummed out, screaming when he moved his hand down to play with clit. I moaned again, bucking my hips to meet his thrusts. “Dyl I`m close.” I moaned screaming when my second orgasm washed over, Dylan coming undone right behind me. He continued to thrust into me until we were both finished.

  “So n case you haven’t noticed I like you, a lot.” Dylan breathed out against my skin.

 “Yeah, I figured that you. I like you too by the way.”

  “Good then be my girlfriend.”