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Hello, Beauty

PIETRO MAXIMOFF x Plus Size Reader

Request Hey girly! Can I request a little Pietro one shot where he flirts with the reader obnoxiously, like sexual and super flirty(because that’s totally his thing) and no matter how hard everyone tries to convince her he’s being serious she’s like “no wtf he’s Pietro Maximoff that’s just how he is” but then he gets home from a gnarly mission or something and he tells her he just needs to hold her? Pleaseeeee💘

Pietro flirts with no shame, but you’re too dense to realize he’s being honest.

Content: Pining, confessing feelings, mention of a near death experience

Pietro flirts with you. That’s his thing. He swoops in and out of your presence at random times throughout the day, and never leaves without at least a wink or a, “Hey, hottie,” or a smirk as he runs his eyes up and down your body. He’s so obnoxiously obvious about it that you know it’s a joke, even though you wish it wasn’t. You’ve seen him literally charm the pants off of at least three dozen girls in the past year you’ve known him. He flirts with everybody, every single member of your mutual group of friends, and it never once occurs to you that he gives you that little extra bit of attention. Because he doesn’t, as far as you can see, so you continue on trying to ignore that weight on your chest whenever he gives you a compliment or says something slightly filthy. And of course Pietro never makes you uncomfortable, always says he’ll back off if you want him to, but you don’t ever want him to stop. Even though the tugging at your heartstrings and the nights of feeling completely and utterly lonely are almost a hundred percent due to him not returning your feelings at this point, he makes you feel good. The glances and the words and the little touches and hugs and kisses on the cheek make you feel like a damn superstar, and sometimes you don’t even care if he ever falls in love with you or not so long as he doesn’t stop being your friend. So you suffer in silence, and you know you’ll never go a day without at least one compliment as long as Pietro is around.

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pentachloronitrobenzene  asked:

hello!! i love your voltron family au so much! i was wondering if shiro still has the scar on his nose and i so how he got it. (sorry if i missed something if you've addressed this before) thanks ^-^

He does have a scar!!! :D 

[The Voltron Family] The family were currently preparing for their day, the kids taking their baths since it was another day of school. Keith was currently taking his bath while Shiro was in front of the mirror trying to put on some clothes. Then he saw his scar.

Shiro hated his scar that was on the bridge of his nose. Everyday he was reminded of something awful. He wanted to get rid of it but he hardly had the time considering he had a family of five. 

Keith: You’re staring at it again. 
Shiro: *startled* *turns around to see Keith drying his hair* W-What?
Keith: I said you’re staring at your scar again.
Shiro: Oh. *deflates* Well, I can’t just ignore it. It’s literally on my face and it’s so huge and hideo—
Keith: It’s not hideous. *snaps*
Shiro: *shuts his mouth* *eyes widens* 
Keith: *sighs* Sorry. But honestly, Takashi. It’s not hideous or ugly or disgusting or whatever adjectives that you’d like to associate it with. 
Shiro: But…
Keith: I know it reminds you of your patient. 

Shiro had a patient. He was seven years old. Bright and energetic but he had brain cancer. He knew the boy had 5% chances of surviving but Shiro held on to that and pushed through with the surgery. It lasted for 28 hours and it was the first time Shiro cried after a surgery. The boy’s mother lashed out to him while shouting “YOU PROMISED TO SAVE MY SON!!” The nurses were trying to restrain her but that didn’t stop her from grabbing one of the medical equipment and charged Shiro.

That was how he got his scar.

Shiro: He was just a boy, Keith. 
Keith: I know. 
Shiro: Miles was… Miles loved dinosaurs and M&Ms. Totally not related to each other… *soft chuckle* …but every day when I visited him, I gave him a pack of M&Ms. He loved the color yellow the most. Said yellow makes him happy. Yellow reminded him of Pickachu and Pickachu made him smile. 
Keith: So that’s why you bought a Pichaku plushie. *small smile*
Shiro: *nods* Yeah. He didn’t cry when I gave it to him because he said crying will just make other people cry and think he’s going to die. And that would just make his mommy and daddy sad, thus going against his yellow principle.
Keith: What a smart kid. *rubs Shiro’s arm soothingly*
Shiro: He was. *smiles fondly* On that day of his operation, while he was being brought to the OR, you know what he said to me? He grabbed my hand and said “Doctor Takashi, promise me that you’ll let me play with your kids, okay? When I’m better, I’m going to show them my Pikachu plushie so they will smile too.” *tears starts appearing* I just… squeezed his hand and nodded “You’ll love Hunk. He loves yellow too.” *chuckles* Then Miles giggled while squeezing my hand back with the amount of force he had left “We’ll be yellow buddies! I can’t wait!” 
Keith: *starts tearing up* *covers his mouth*
Shiro: *a tear falls down* He was… he was such a great and beautiful kid and I couldn’t save him. That’s why everyday when I see this scar…
Keith: *hugs Shiro* Shhhhhsh. Don’t… just. You did what you had to do. And that proves it even more, isn’t? *cups Shiro’s face*
Shiro: Prove what?
Keith: *kisses Shiro’s scar* It’s your battle scar. You fought for Mile’s life and that’s beautiful. You’re beautiful, Takashi, especially with your scar.

Awakening (Part One)

So ages ago, an anon asked for a Zelink first time fic, and this has actually been in the works since before then (sorry I worked at a camp in the middle of nowhere with no wifi all summer and then had strep throat for almost a month). But as promised, Part One of Three

This one’s SFW, part three will not be. 

For context, this takes place between the memories ‘Father and Daughter’ and ‘Slumbering Power’. If you want to, you can watch those here

Summary: The day before she is set to leave for the Spring of Power, Princess Zelda finds herself spirited out of the castle by her Knight.

Zelda hunched over her desk, shoulders slumping as her pen moved spastically across the page of her diary, one moment quick and angry, each period splattered and imperfect as she jabbed furiously into the page, the next slow and hesitant as though the ink itself refused to form words.

A soft, almost hesitant knock sounded, and Zelda sighed softly as she sat up strait, returning the quill to its ink stand, and moved her diary, still open so as not to smudge any wet ink, into a drawer away from any prying eyes before calling out, “Enter,” not bothering to mask the exasperation in her voice. As she heard the door open, she turned to face whoever it was, hoping that her expression would send them away as quickly as possible, but her face relaxed when she realised it was Link standing in the doorway.

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*heavy breathing* something i had to read for some days ago in a fanfiction, i was in the hope to find Raditz in some fanfics, and yeehh in google saw his name between some text, so let’s see if it’s a good fanfic, starts reading….
“Raditz is ugly and Napa is ugly too and Vegeta is so handsome”
<- something like that, don’t remember how exactly it was written)
THAT HURTED SO DAMN MUCH, god why…. *sobs* - well i even stumbled over a fanfic where the author had to mention everytime between the text how ugly Napa is….  and how much he hates him *sighs*
okok for me is Napa also not the prettiest Saiyan, but i loved his personality and all (hehe TFS Abridged <w< i just have to like him)
But those A/Ns sucked, it was one of those fanfictions written in german, idk  but most german fanfics i read were shitty X’D i guess some words i like prefer to read in english. (but it’s also the style how they’re written)
i hate it when characters gets so awfully treated in fanfictions

oh yeah Raditz as SSJ, kinda should show my rage, damn hair <33

Walk Me to Class: Draco Malfoy X Reader

Request:  hi! could you write a draco x reader imagine where the reader is a hufflepuff, so he’s secretly dating her because he can’t ruin his reputation, but since it’s a secret a lot of people still bully her and lowkey draco does too just so its not suspicious, and one day draco finds pansy and the reader fighting so draco yells at pansy and stuff and then ends up telling everyone that they’re dating and it ends all fluffy :) thanks so much sorry this is so long

A/N: Hope you like it! Requests are officially open now that I’ve finished all of them! 


Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

“You better leave before I cast a bat bogey hex on you, (Y/L/N).”

“Oohh, I’m so scared, Malfoy,” you rolled your eyes at the Slytherin boy, a hint of playfulness hidden behind the gesture that no one but the two of you would pick up on. As much as you hated having to pretend that the two of you weren’t dating, the fake fights we’re sometimes amusing for you. That was, when Draco was involved. As long as he was there, you could count on him to make sure that nothing ever went too far. But if you were alone with the others, there was no telling what they’d do.

You made your way to your next class, wondering for what felt like the millionth time if Draco would ever make your relationship public. You doubted it- it would completely ruin his reputation. The thought did tend to upset you; you weren’t sure anyone would want their boyfriend to pretend like they hated them when in public. But the way he was so sweet to you when you two were alone together was enough to cancel it out.

As you turned another corner towards Divination, you were surprised to feel someone put their hand on your shoulder, swiveling you around. You expected it to be Draco- the halls were empty now and it wouldn’t be too dangerous for him to walk you to class- but were met instead with the angry eyes of Pansy Parkinson.

You sighed, shrugging the girls hand off your shoulder. “Can I help you?”

“I don’t appreciate all the sass you’re constantly giving Draco,” she huffed. This was another reason you were tired of hiding your relationship- Pansy was constantly thinking she had a chance with Draco, and was always flattering him and trying to romance him.

“Fine, I’ll be sure to direct it at you from now on,” you replied, pushing her aside gently. “Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to get to Divination.”

You were a couple strides away when Pansy shouted a spell at your back, causing you to fall over and hit the ground harshly.

“You can’t talk to me like that!” she argued, marching over to you as you quickly stood up. Her wand pointed at you threateningly and you pulled yours out as she backed you against the wall, cornering you.

“Alright, fine, I’m sorry. Would you just give it up and let me get to my class already?” you asked, not wanting to get into a fight. You had a way of making the Slytherins angry, and as much as you hated fighting with people who Draco considered friends, you couldn’t help it. They irritated you constantly, and firing cheeky remarks was just the way you naturally responded to their attitude.

“Don’t think you’re getting away that easily!” Pansy shouted at you as you made to go around her. “Barri-”

“Expelliramus!” Draco shouted from the end of the hallway, sending Pansy’s wand flying and stopping her from turning your head into that of an elephant. You breathed a sigh of relief as Draco came rushing towards the two of you.

“Draco!” Pansy yelled angrily, “What are you doing?”

“I-Uh…” It was quite obvious to you that Draco hadn’t clearly thought this out, and as Crabbe and Goyle made their way towards the situation, you quickly decided to cover for your boyfriend.

“He probably wants to finish me off himself, is all,” you said, and Draco looked towards you with shock in his eyes. In all the times he’d pretended to bully you, he’d never fired a spell at you. He’d never want to hurt you, but you knew that- that was why you were okay with him doing it. You knew that whatever happened, he didn’t mean it.


“Well, get it over with, I don’t have all day,” you urged him, knowing that if he didn’t do something his friends would become suspicious.

“Right,” Draco mumbled, drawing his wand and pointing it at you. He watched as you drew back, preparing for impact.

“Furnun…Fur…” he stumbled over the jinx and you winced, preparing for your skin to break out in ugly boils once he got it right.

“Furn…” he sighed, shaking his head. Guilt had filled him as he looked at you, preparing to be hit by a spell from your own boyfriend. “No, (Y/N) I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Your eyes widened in surprise as Draco broke the act, all his friends looking on in confusion.

“I didn’t come over here to hex her,” he said, turning to Pansy, “I came over here to help her. Because she’s my girlfriend. I love her, and I’m tired of seeing all of you pick on her.”

“What are you talking about, Draco? Have you gone mad?” Pansy accused, looking back and forth between the two of you in disbelief.

“No, but you’re mad if you think you’re ever casting another spell, or even just shooting another harsh name at (Y/N) anytime soon. From now on you’ll treat her with nothing but respect, understand?” Draco demanded, looking between his friends.

Crabbe and Goyle nodded, too afraid to go against their leader. Pansy however, continued to argue.

“Draco, she’s not even a Slytherin!”

“And?” Draco asked, not seeing the point. “I don’t care or obviously I wouldn’t’ve asked her out in the first place. Now if you’ll excuse us, I’d like to escort my girlfriend to Divination.”

Pansy gaped as Draco took your hand and led you down the hall. You didn’t speak until you two turned the corner. “Draco you didn’t have to-”

“But I did, (Y/N). None of this has been fair to you at all and it’s about time I realized it,” he insisted. “I haven’t been treating you right, letting them get away with stuff like that.”

“Thank you, Draco,” you smiled, squeezing his hand.

“Thank you,” he said, smiling, “for not breaking up with me even though I was being so difficult. I promise, I’m done caring who knows about our relationship. Whether people do or don’t find out, I don’t care anymore. All I care about is us being together.”

“Does this mean you’ll walk me to my classes now?” you asked coyly.

“Actually, I was hoping you’d walk me to mine,” he joked, smirking playfully.

He leaned down, kissing your forehead as you two continued to your classroom. And when you finished Divination, you couldn’t help but grin when your eyes met Draco’s. He was propped up against the wall smiling at you, ready to walk you to your next class, no matter who saw.


Summary: Tsumiki sprains her right wrist and spills orange juice on her left, where her bandages are. Despite this she refuses ( for once ) to let anyone help her, simply because she is afraid of losing the friends she has gained. However, Komaeda has other plans…

Notes: I really wish that they would show where her scars are- so in all essence I’m really just theorizing based on her bandages. Ahah. And this is long. Just saying.

… okay it gets cheesy towards the end I admit it. Sorry about that. it is midnight now. i have officially sold my soul to this ship.

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Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 27)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Spoilers for Day 7 of Jumin’s route.

Ahhhh thank you everyone for your patience, this chapter was a struggle for whatever reason (work with me here Jumin, goddammit). I literally have around 1.3K that I just scrapped ‘cause it wasn’t working… ugh… but I’m much happier with how this version of Chapter 27 turned out. Enjoy!

Your fingers slip and the marker falls onto the page, leaving behind a purple splotch across the intricate lines of the mandala you’ve been colouring. Well, damn. You bring the paper closer to your face to inspect it, then pull back. You can maybe fix it with white-out, but… you put the sketchpad down with a sigh. Now there’s an ugly blot across your carefully planned design.

…You’re running out of things to do. Well, perhaps that’s a lie. It isn’t as though there’s an actual shortage of things to do, just that none of them seem appealing. Sitting in Rika’s apartment doing nothing is worse than doing something boring, though, so you’d gone to the internet again and discovered ‘mandalas’, geometric drawings with intricate patterns designed to take a long time to colour as a way of relieving stress.

You’re not really sure if you’re any less stressed out now than you were when you began, but at least colouring the small shapes means you’re not thinking about Unknown breaking into the apartment, or the bomb, or Unknown, or Mint Eye and their so-called ‘paradise’, or Unknown, or…

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Body Horror

Prompt 24 for @huxloweenWarning, this is heavy.  Contains drugging, vivisection, blood, other bodily fluids, surgery without anesthetic or consent, implied brainwashing, and memory modification.

Interrogation training keeps Hux’s breathing steady when he wakes, nude and chilled.  The last thing he remembers is reporting to the General for a private meeting.  But that’s definitely not where he is now.  Have they been betrayed?  Is the General unsure of his loyalties?  It seems possible, for the cold metal at his back could be an interrogation chair.  If that’s the case, Hux is confident this won’t take long.  He’s nothing but loyal to the First Order.  But if they’ve been betrayed…well, he always knew their cause might demand his life.

The faint whirr of a fan has a renewed draft of cool air blowing across his skin.  Hux can feel the fine hairs standing on end, pimpling in the chill, a faint shiver racing through him.  There’s no other sounds in the room, no breath from a potential interrogator.  The air has a strong antiseptic smell, stinging his nostrils but not quite covering the metallic tinge of old blood.  Bright light from directly above his face has spots dancing behind his eyelids.  He’s disoriented from whatever drug he was given to get him here, not quite certain which way is up.

He’s got as much information as he can gather with his eyes closed.  Cautiously, Hux opens them just a slit, peering between pale lashes.  From what he can see, he’s alone.  Heart pounding, he dares a full survey of the room.  Perhaps he can escape before they return for him.

The room looks more like a morgue than an interrogation chamber.  Hux is bound down to an autopsy table, durasteel restraints at ankle, wrists, and neck keeping him motionless.  A faucet hangs over him ominously.  Glancing as far to the right as he can turn his head shows him a tray full of shining durasteel implements.  To the left, Hux strains his eyes against the shadows of the unlit portion of the room.  If he can just spot a control panel…

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Blanket Forts and Movie Nights

Requested - Can you do a stiles imagine where you get scared that he might be cheating on you with malia and he finds out and reassures you about it? Thanks <3

It was hard, dating Stiles and knowing that he was gallivanting off with the Pack every so often to try and save people. I mean, I knew why he was doing it. Why he needed to be there, beside Scott and making sure that everyone was going to be OK… or, at least as much as he could.

But the sleepless nights, the tossing and turning because I knew he was off somewhere and there was nothing I could do to help other than wait for them to get back, hot chocolates at the ready. There were also the worried mornings when a text didn’t come through, and they were always the worst, never knowing the outcome of their latest escapade. And now, since the arrival of Malia, things appeared to be changing. Shifting in a direction that I wasn’t sure how to deal with.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt if you're bored: Amy just started dating Reagan and everyone's at a Halloween party. Amy and Reagan are being couply and laughing and Karma sees and her chest tightens and gets all flustered. Karma follows Amy into a bathroom upstairs, just wants to hug her and hold her because she misses her and is jealous and basically traps her against the door and starts to kiss her neck and "Karma what are you doing?" "Let me" "Th-this isn't fair you can't just do this"

This was actually really fun to write hehe, in other important news the title of this is ‘Who Doesn’t Want To See Scarlett Johansson’s Vagina?’

“Come on” Reagan laughed placing her hand on Amy’s lower back and pushing her towards the dance floor.

“You can’t be that bad at dancing” she said and Amy quickly rolled around Reagan and tried to quickly dash back towards the drinks table they had been hovering at.

“I’d rather you didn’t find out” Amy grinned shuffling away from her girlfriend. Reagan watched Amy move away from her and she folded her arms across her chest like a stubborn little girl.

“Babe” Reagan pouted and Amy suddenly found that she couldn’t resist that face, especially when she was in a Wonder Woman costume. Taking a step towards Reagan she narrowed her eyes.

“If you get injured I’m going to say I told you so” Amy smirked as she got close enough for Reagan to reach out and pull Amy close so that their bodies were touching. Reagan’s dark eyes stared at Amy adoringly.

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Never Again | Emma X Hook

So this is based on the scar thingy I found on Emma’s character today. Still not sure if it was intentionally placed there or not. Looks like it was but, ah well. Can also be found on

Sometimes when she looked at the scar she could still feel the burn, the tight grip on her wrist as he’d held her hand down on the table and smothered his light out just beneath the juncture of her thumb and forefinger. She could still hear her own screaming, so small and terrified and confused, and his laughter, so harsh and malicious.

That entire portion of her life was a bit of a blur, almost dream like in its obscurity, but that one moment stood out clear as day. She suspected it always would.

Killian was watching her carefully, flask lifted halfway up to his lips. He’d asked her about it, noticed it, and she didn’t have the words to answer him. What was she supposed to say? One of my foster fathers got mad when he was drunk and decided to smother his cigarette out on me? Knowing him he’d probably hunt the guy down and gut him.

So Emma just stayed quiet, fingers wrapped around the cool glass of amber liquid resting on the desk in front of her. She could feel his eyes, sense the agitation at her continued silence. She heard him let out a heavy sigh, chair squeaking a bit as he shifted and took a swig of his rum. Her eyes darted up to him and locked with his bright, electric, gaze and she felt it down to her toes. He’d branded her long ago with that look, scorched her to the bone and marked her as his, though he didn’t know it yet. Distantly she recognized she should probably say something, at least change the topic. Eyes sweeping the room she settled on a golden object on one of his shelves. It looked like some kind of compass.

“So what is that thing?” She nodded in the direction of it, gesturing slightly with her glass.

When he looked at it there was a longing in his expression, a pain that tensed his forehead and tipped down the edges of his mouth. “It was a gift from my brother. A sextant. We used it to navigate with the stars.”

“How old were you?”

“Hardly even 19.” It was a sad smile that lifted his lips then, lashes a dark smudge against his cheeks as he looked down at his hand on the desk. She felt it sting at her and there was an urge to reach out to him, to comfort him in the face of the memories. But just as she was lifting her left hand his quiet voice made her freeze. “So Swan, will you tell me now how you came to have that mark on your hand?” He was looking at her again and she was caught like a deer.

“I-well it… It was from when I was a kid.” She shrugged, trying to play it off as no big deal but she knew from the way his shoulders tensed that he saw through it. He always managed to do that. Sometimes it felt like her walls were nothing more than glass to him, clean and clear-cut and barring every ugly scar for him to see. “It was an accident.”

“Your tone seems to suggest otherwise, love.”

She grit her teeth then relaxed, the fight leaving her so fast it nearly made her dizzy. “Fine.” A sigh, long and drawn out as she gathered her thoughts. How was she supposed to say this? “I uh, I was burned. Literally. There was this home I was sent to and my foster dad was, well, he liked his vodka, okay? And one night he got mad at me. So that was that. Whatever. It was a long time ago.”

She didn’t realize she’d stopped looking at him until she heard the sudden violent scrape of his chair against the hard floor. He was in front of her in an instant, kneeling at her side and taking her left hand in his right to examine the scar. Slowly, as though she might run at any minute, he lifted it to his lips and left a single soft kiss right over the damaged skin. It was almost reverent in it’s intensity and Emma could feel the hot blush creeping up the skin of her neck and over her cheeks, even while the pain of the memory felt like it was trying to tear at her flesh again.

And she mostly felt rather than heard him whisper against her hand, “Never again.”