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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to watch someone? To invade someone’s privacy? Do you wonder what secrets you might uncover? What skeletons you might turn up? Well, for this next one, you’re about to find out. Now, don’t say you’re too afraid or that you don’t feel comfortable doing this kind of thing, because guess what? You spy on people every day. We’re always watching someone. Following someone. And being followed. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram they’ve made us a society of stalkers. And we love it. Of course, stalking someone in real life is a whole ‘nother thing. That’s right. I had a stalker. And if you’ve made it to A-4, you’re outside his window. Just like I am right now.
13 Reasons Why: Tape 2, Side B


Seokjin: *ignore the text* “But you’re mine, everyone wants you but you’re mine!” He yells as you are out in public and guys are checking you out. You calm him down and bring him to the nearest food court. 

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Yoongi: It was turning summer so you were wearing something more revealing. He would turn around once he heard someone talking about how hot you were. “What did you just say? Or do I need to clean my ears?” He would ask as he moved you to stand behind him.

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Hoseok: “Yah, why couldn’t you be ugly so I didn’t have to worry about people stealing you from me.” He would sigh. “I am ugly though.” You respond. “Well the whole population of the world and I all think you’re drop dead beautiful, so.”

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Namjoon: He would be waiting outside to pick you up when he saw a post on his phone by a fan saying vulgar things they would do to his girlfriend. As you get in the car he would list all the things that are good about you so you would feel good about yourself and not feel like you’re just a mere object in (some) fans minds.

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Jimin: “I’m happy that out of everyone that wants to date you, you picked me.” He smiles. “Well duh, you’re perfect.” You laugh. He winks and bites his lip at you which causes you to roll your eyes and laugh even harder, loving the dork you’re stuck with.

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Taehyung: “So you really aren’t interested in all the hot idols that want to date you?” He asks in a serious, innocent tone. You grab his face in your hands, squishing his cheeks, “For the hundredth time, yes Taetae, I only love you.” You let go of his face and he smiles at the answer you gave him.

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Jungkook: You are at a fan meet and you are answering questions from fans, your boyfriend tagged along, but he wasn’t answering any questions. “Everyone wants to date you, but I think I’m your perfect match. Please give me a chance!” A fan yelled out. Jungkook looked over at the fan who blurted the unnecessary question out, the fan knew he was in the room, but said it anyway. It burned a fuse in Jungkook. He sat there, staring the fan down so they wouldn’t try anything with you.

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Mermaid moodboard : Arctic selkies

Those kind of selkies live in the Arctic ocean, by the Groenland’s shores and Northern Canada shores. Unlike Europpean selkies, their hair is white and their skin tone light brown; their eyes are blue like the sea and their seal form is white; when they turn into a human form, their seal tail remain. Inuit mermaids and them are in very good terms and often, a mermaid and a selkie form a strong bond of friendship.


“I never liked being intimate I just, I don’t know, I thought that’s just not the way I was built, just not my thing. I never thought that it because it was because of the other–that maybe I–I mean, I don’t know, now I just can’t stop thinking about….” “About what?” “That maybe there’s some truth to what you said.” “About?” “About what you said, about me.”

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How did Draco react when he found out about cupboard under the stairs and Dursleys ?

Draco: What cupboard under the stairs?

Harry: *coughs* Nothing, I don’t even know what they’re–

Draco: *frowning* I know who the Dursleys are. But what cupboard under the stairs?

Harry: Seriously, it’s nothing, not even a big deal.

Draco: *lifting one eyebrow* You know I’m eventually going to get it out of you, why not just tell me before it turns ugly?

Harry: *sighing* I didn’t tell you because you tend to fly off the handle about stuff like this–

Draco: Okay, now you’re definitely telling me.

Harry: Draco, just–

Draco: Tell me!

Harry: *monotone* They made me sleep in the cupboard under the stairs.

Draco: *scrabbling around to face him* What?! As-as punishment?!

Harry: No. That was- that was my room. And sort of… where they locked me up as punishment too, I suppose, yeah.

Draco: *wide eyed with a hand over his mouth*

Harry: I got my own room when I got my Hogwarts letter.

Draco: *still unable to speak*

Harry: Darling, please, I swear it wasn’t a big deal, I barely even remem–

Draco: *raspy voiced* You don’t like enclosed spaces!

Harry: …It’s not– I mean, it’s–

Draco: *trembling* This is why you dismantled the cupboard that was under the stairs here, in this house–

Harry: *doesn’t answer*

Draco: I will burn them alive, Harry.

Harry: No, you will drink the tea I’m about to make you and calm yourself. Come with me– get up, love.

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  • Yuuri: *looking through photo album*
  • Viktor: What are you doing?!
  • Yuuri: Seeing you as as child.
  • Viktor: NO! YOU CAN'T!!!
  • Yuuri: Yes I can! *turns away*
  • Viktor: Pleeeeease don't, it's embarrassing.
  • Yuuri: ..... How?
  • Viktor: *sweating nervously*
  • Yuuri: How can you look so damn good in a mushroom cut?!
  • Viktor: *sighs in relief* Well you know ;)
Viktor Nikiforov If Someone Insulted His Husband
  • Viktor: Isn't Yuuri just the most lovely, beautiful man to be alive *romantic sigh*
  • Yurio: Nah man he ugly as fuck.
  • Viktor: *Flips a table, commits mass murder, goes on rage mode, even Yuuri can't stop him*
  • Yurio: *looks up from texting Otabek and wasn't listening* Huh?
  • Yuuri: *Touched by his husband but also scared for his life and psychologically scarred.*


She wasn’t in school, it had been two days and she hadn’t stepped foot on Riverdale grounds, her phone was constantly off and when he walked past her house, the light that usually shone through her bedroom window wasn’t lit.

To say he was worried was an understatement.
Walking the halls without her felt wrong, he felt lost and that wasn’t a feeling he particularly enjoyed. He’d skipped out on lunch with the gang these past two days, he didn’t want to stare at her empty spot as they all carried on like nothing was wrong. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

So that’s what brought him where he currently was, leaning against Veronica lodges locker, headphones over his neck and his fingers tapping the cool metal impatiently. How long did this girl take to get her things together? Suddenly he spotted his raven haired friend, tapping through the halls with her ridiculously high heels. She noticed him immediately sending him a questioning smile.

“Jughead? What’s up? Are you waiting for me?”

He nodded, “I’ve got a question.” Instantly Veronica’s face softened and she smirked slightly “this wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that our very favorite ponytail wearing blonde hasn’t been in school for a couple days, would it?” Blushing slightly at being caught, he nodded quickly “you heard from her?” Veronica threw her textbooks in her locker and held up a perfectly manicured finger “un momento” Jughead rolled his eyes. After Veronica had settled and slammed her locker shut, she turned to him and started walking.

“Betty is kind of going through a rough time right now, I think she’s just staying home and giving herself some super important tlc, I slept over last night and I think she’s okay, a little sad but that’s to be expected.” Veronica said frowning at the thought of her friends sad eyes.

“Why would she be sad? What happened? Is it her mom? Polly?” He was racking his brain trying to figure out what could have gone wrong, meanwhile Veronica was staring at him with a curious expression “you really don’t know?” He looked at her now “no. I really don’t, what’s going on?”

Veronica placed her arm on Jugheads shoulder
“Everyone’s talking about it, Betty got stood up on Sunday. Again. It’s the third time this month. The guys they ask her out, then they don’t show. She waited at pops for two hours and Adam link, stood her up. She hasn’t been at school since, she’s embarrassed Jughead, sad.”

Jughead saw red, three times in a month? What the hell was wrong with this school? Betty was the best damn girl riverdale had and these guys got a chance to take her out and they blew her off? They were all mental it wasn’t normal. She was perfect, all long shiny hair and big blue eyes .her personality was something you couldn’t match, she was funny and smart and had the biggest heart, so what was everyone’s problem? And then for people to be talking about it? This town was dumber than he thought.

“I told her I would meet her at pops today after school, unfortunately it seems I just can’t make it, you wouldn’t happen to want to take my place would you?” Veronica asked, smirking and easing her brow.

Jughead squeezed he shoulder and was just about to run to pops when Veronica grabbed his wrist. “She’s been hurt. A lot. Don’t let it happen again.” Jughead could see how serious she was by the fire in her eyes.

“I won’t.” He promised. Practically sprinting out the front doors.

He made it to pops in record time and spotted his girl instantly, he took a minute to admire her before she noticed him. She really was gorgeous, it was all in the way she carried herself, sure she was insecure but she was strong and that much was obvious, maybe that was why all the guys in this hick town couldn’t give her a chance, they were intimidated. Suddenly her eyes caught his and she smiled.

He smiled back making his way to her
“Juggie!” She smiled softly pushing her milkshake towards him “what are you doing here? Not that I’m mad, but I was expecting Ronnie?” He took the straw in his mouth “Veronica had to finish something at school, she sent me instead. I’d say you got the better end of the deal.” He smirked. She laughed and he cleared his throat “haven’t seen you around school? Haven’t really answered your texts either, even walked by your house a few times”

Betty dropped her eyes to the table

“I’m sorry Jughead, I know I kind of disappeared for a bit, I was working some things out.” He nodded understanding “penny for your thoughts?” She sighed and laid her hands flat on the table

“Am I ugly Jughead?” She asked so straightforward he choked on the milkshake

“What! No.. I mean bets.. no. Not even a little, are you crazy?” She shook her head “maybe I am crazy , maybe that’s why no one wants me.”

She didn’t sound sad per say, just… resolute. But to Jughead that was even worse. He pushed the milkshake out of his way and clutched her hands in his “ no. There is nothing wrong with you, you’re beautiful and kind and were all crazy Betty that has nothing to do with the fact that all the boys in this town are absolute idiots.” She looked into his eyes “but Archie and Adam..” he cut her off “exactly, thanks for proving my point. Idiots. I love arch but the fact that he let you walk out of his life is the stupidest thing anyone can do.”

It was silent for a second and he thought maybe Betty was upset, but then she spoke quietly
“What about you?” She asked

He looked at her confused, still holding her hands “what about me?” She took a deep breathe “are you an idiot.” Jugheads eyes widened and suddenly he wasn’t so afraid

“No, no I’m not. Because if I had the chance to be with you, I would never let you go.”

It was Betty turn for her eyes to go wide, but before he knew it she was squeezing his hands.
“Well what are you waiting for?”

To say he was suprised was an understatement, but when Betty leaned over the table and captured his lips with hers, he was fairly certain he was on another planet. It was everything he imagined. Passion, warmth, affection and most importantly , home.

She pulled away then and leaned into her booth

“I’ve been waiting to do that for years.” She smiled brightly.jughead barked out a laugh and reached for her,

“You and me both Betty cooper, you and me both.”

“You’re going to fall one day.”

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Another day at school. At least it was Friday, and you didn’t have much to do in most of your classes. You sighed, your dumbass stayed up late again scrolling through your explore page on Instagram.

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