sigh this is so shitty

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: In first GotG movie Rocket lost his only friend at that time, the one who knows how long was by his side ad he didn't even say a proper 'goodbye' to him. And acording to James' words Groot doesn't even have his memories back after regrowing and he's basically a completely new person and Rocket will never get his best friend back-- and in second movie Rocket losts Yondu who was the only person who fully undertood him, they didn't have much time to became close friends but Rocket still lost someone really important to him, who put him into so much suffering in the movies, I think about this everyday I dont understand I dont undestand I don
  • Psychic: ...same

Oh, shameless, shameless girl. You are so bad, making him crave you with such a heinous intensity.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Domestic!Au / Smut / Fluff (I guess?) / Drabble 

Rated M for mentions of mature themes

Word count: 815

Author’s note: when life’s a mess and I can’t write shit, smutty drabbles for the maknae are the only way to make my mood a bit better. Enjoy, I love you all <3


“On your stomach, love,” is quietly whispered, words dripping with need from Jeon’s lips despite the faint, timid blush still warming his cheeks. At that, a curled smile blooms on your face – oh, the way his skin grows hotter, redder under your glance so wonderfully makes your fingers twitch with anticipation; and thus you can only oblige, leaving a small peck under his jaw before turning on your stomach over the mattress. You fold your arms under the pillow, resting your tilted head above it, and just for a moment you watch him watching you with hazed eyes, bitten lips, messy hair. Cheeks flushed, but skin aching for more of his love – of his sin, of his lust.

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the more i learn about the film industry the more pissed i get when the fucking director gets the credit for everything about a film

My friends can’t abandon me if I never talk to them again, right?



✧ 。゚.・ ☽ hey, hey, my playmate,
let me lay waste to thee  ☾ 。゚.・ ✧  

a quick mockup for an altean/galra Prince Keith ♥ cosplay that i really wanna do~ vaguely based on hey hey, my playmate by @felldragons (im really sad its not up anymore; ˚‧(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )·˚))

An Always to Rely On

Nursey Week Day Two: Simplicity


         When Nursey knocks, it isn’t Shitty that answers the door. It’s a young blond guy who’s taller than Nursey. He grins, but his eyebrow quirks up, confused. It’s evident than not many people knock on the door of this hockey frat house at seven o’clock on a Thursday.

         “Sup, man?” the guy says, seemingly friendly.

         “Uh, is Shitty here?” This is stupid, so stupid. Who knows if Shitty is even home? Even if he is, why would he bother to entertain Nursey?

         “Yeah, he’s up in his room.” He starts to move aside to let Nursey in, but then pauses. “Uh, how do you know him?”

          A part of Nursey almost wants to laugh at that. How does he know Shitty Knight? He knows him loud and brash, without a filter to hear of and a tendency to take off his clothes at inopportune moments. He knows Shitty soft and quiet, half-high but mostly just emotional, in the dark of midnight when everything seems far away but heavy at the same time. He knows Shitty like a lifeline, like a lighthouse in a dense fog, like the one good thing out of all the rest.

         “We went to Andover together,” Nursey says. Then, when the guy seems less likely to let him in at this statement, he adds, “We’re friends.”  Are we still? Nursey wonders, agonizes over, hopes.

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Under the read more, you will be redirected to a count of #37, hq medium textless gifs of ADRIA ARJONA as Dorothy Gale in the NBC show, EMERALD CITY EP 1. Her ethnicity is Guatemalan/Puerto Rican. All of these gifs were made by me, so please do not claim as your own or repost. You may edit as you wish ( crackships / gif icons / static icons / etc ) as long as you credit & link me! Give a little like / reblog if you find these helpful, and most of all enjoy!  (– fyi, the quality of the video i recorded from was very lq, so a lot of these are b/w to help save the headache of coloring! –)

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Sometimes I feel the past and future pressing so hard on either side that there’s no room for the present at all.
—  Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh
Not Your Typical Frat Boy 3

Frat boy!Chris Evans x Reader

You and Chris have been friends with benefits for awhile. You’d like to officially make things exclusive and you’re hopeful he feels the same way.

Contains harsh language, smut, drinking

Not Your Typical Frat Boy
Not Your Typical Frat Boy 2  
All Wrapped and Ready To Go (Not Your Typical Frat Boy extra)

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pacing / plot preferences question

hey guys, so you guys know i struggle a lot with pacing and stuf in fic. just wondering: the next chapter of watercast is already looking around 10K by the time i post. if I want to keep all the scenes in strict chronology, it’ll be HUGE like. probably 15K+ and take a lot longer (i’m stuck witht he political scenes). 

since we now have kinda 2 parallel sets of events going on (keith vs Lance) how do you guys ffeel about me not doing it strictly in timeline order? (sort of how i did the last 1.5 chapters. is it too confusing? 

i sort of want to post this chapter as [some keith stuff / political drumrolls] –> [some very plotty things going on with Lance]  | and then return to keith stuff at the start of next chapter. any thoughts / advice?

that frustrating thing where you make yourself vulnerable to someone by trying to actually talk through a point of contention and it ends with them drawing a bunch of nasty conclusions about you and making you feel shitty

it shouldn’t matter what strangers think about me, but it can’t help but feel like an attack on my identity and sense of self when someone decides “we disagree because you are Bad”