sigh this film is just going to be so beautiful


You were sitting in a chair reading Legend by Marie Lu. Jack was across the room typing something or other. You were so engrossed in your book that you hadn’t realized Jack keeps looking at you from his computer chair.

“Can you do that somewhere else?” Jack asked, finally get fed up with how distracting you are.


“You’re distracting me,” Jack said looking back at his computer screen.

“I’m not even doing anything!”

Jack looked unconvinced.

He sighed and looked away from the screen to look at you. “Yes you are. You’re sitting in that chair looking so beautiful and poking your tongue out and just being adorable and it makes me want to just cuddle with you instead of doing this but I need to get it done. If you let me focus I can be done faster and we can watch a film.”

“That sentence structure was garbage.” You laughed gettin out of you chair and walking up to Jack.

“Go awaaaaaaaay.” Jack said, smiling as you approached anyway. You gave him a kiss before leaving the room.

“If you don’t finish that in twenty minutes I’m coming in here naked.”

After twenty minutes, true to your word, you waked in without any clothes on but Jack seemed to be one step ahead. Instead of typing away his computer was off. And he was slouched in his chair staring at the door.

The cheeky bastard was waiting for you!