sigh this concert was perfect in every way

attention // josh dun

sorry fam for the riverdale spam (unintentional rhyme), if you don’t watch the show i highly recommend it. here’s a quick fic requested by anon to make up for it :) 

She was perfect. The way her smile filled up the room as she smashed the drums with passion, her fingers curled around the wooden drumsticks with such immersion that I couldn’t help but sigh. Every move she made, every beat she played was absolutely beautiful. 

Half the reason I was so obsessed with this band was because of Y/n. The music was great, but I really wanted to see her. How she played was magnificent, and I was dying to see more. 

Now here I stood at one of their first concerts, a decent sized pub performance with a packed out crowd. The whole band was putting in as much effort as humanly possible, creating one of the most atmospheric shows I’d ever attended.

Yet I only had eyes for her. Slowly I made my way towards the front of the crowd, staying on the left side because that’s where she was positioned on stage. I pushed my way through and eventually found myself standing right in front of her, with only a gate and the edge of the stage separating us. 

I began to dance wildly, as surely that would capture her attention. She couldn’t miss me. My hands flew up into the air and spun around, adrenaline pumping through my veins. I felt my hair begin to become sticky from sweat, and it fell in my face in large yellow clumps.

As I attempted to blow it out of my face I shifted my eyes upwards. A pair of eyes and a laughing smile were looking down at me, and I felt my heart stop as I stared at her. She grinned at me, and I leant against the gate in a chilled expression to impress her slightly. I winked, and I swear I saw her blush.

A felt a creak beneath my arm as the metal fence beside me crashed down, taking me with it. I fell forwards, my wrist twisting uncomfortably beneath me as I landed. A let out a groan as the music stopped.

A strong pair of hands helped me to my feet, and I quickly thanked the man for his generosity. Embarrassment began to wash over me, and I felt my cheeks turning a bright shade of red. The man who had helped me ushered me towards the side of the stage, where a small door to the backstage area was located. 

I hurried through it with my wrist held protectively in my other hand. It stung slightly, but I tried to mask the pain.

“Hey, are you alright?” a voice asked from behind me, and I felt my body freeze. 

I spun around on the ball of my feet to face Y/n, her drumsticks dangling out of her fingers and an empathetic grin decorating her face. Her face was red from drumming, yet she still looked beautiful. I’d never seen her up close before.

“Uh, yeah I’m fine,” I mumbled out coolly, sounding too much like a douche. She giggled, before stepping towards me and taking my wrist in her hands. I winced slightly, and she frowned as she reviewed the damage.

“It doesn’t look too bad, I’ll just stick a quick bandage on it for you,” she smiled reassuringly, grabbing a medical kit from the bench beside her.

“Shouldn’t you be drumming now?” I questioned, realizing that there was no music playing outside. She shook her head.

“Yes, but I’m the only medical professional on site at the moment. Bit silly really, isn’t it? That they can’t even hire someone just in case someone was to lean on a metal gate and make it collapse,” she laughed, and I felt my face getting hot.

“Yeah, pretty silly,” I mumbled, immediately smacking myself internally. Y/n finished wrapping the bandage around my wrist, and grabbed a pin to make it stay in place.

“All done, although I’d recommend taking it a bit easy for the rest of the concert. No drumming for you for the next week, Josh Dun,” she smiled mischievously as I let my mouth drop open. I watched her walk out the door, leaving me to wonder how such a spectacular girl knew my name, and hoping the concert would end soon so I could see her again.