sigh the times that scott and stiles have shown concern for each other

Surgery- Dylan Sprayberry

Request: ‘Can you write an imagine about Dylan Sprayberry? He’s dating a girl who is about to have a routine surgery done and he’s there to support her and bring her flowers and a toy frog in the hospital because they both love frogs :) And it’s all cute and fluffy. I’m about to have a surgery soon and it would be nice to read something like this since I can’t really date him fml :D But if you don’t want to write it it’s ok just tell me :)’  Good luck with your surgery love xx

prompt: You have a routine surgery but you’re still anxious about it. Your boyfriend Dylan is with you and tries to calm you down, although he’s just as anxious.

pairing: Dylan Sprayberry x reader 

Warnings: mentions of surgery, anxiety

A/N: short, cute imagine


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You lay in your bed, waiting. Your surgery would begin in an hour and your boyfriend still hadn’t shown up. Although it was a routine surgery, you were still anxious as hell though. You just wanted to have your boyfriend by your side, to tell you that everything would turn out alright.

Just as you were about to call him, the door to your assigned room flew open and Dylan practically ran towards you. You were shocked for a good few seconds but then you immediately started grinning. He kneeled down next to your bed, his head resting on your bed as he tried to catch his breath. You ran your fingers through his curls.

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Prompt: Hi i was wondering if you could do a jealous stiles imagine? If not its okay! Thank you 😊 – anon

Author’s Note: Hi! So sorry this took longer than expected to get to you! Hope you enjoy what I came up with! 

Thanks for the request and for reading!

Master List.


“All I’m saying is that maybe you should give this new guy a chance.” (Y/N) advised as she and Stiles walked down the steps of the school toward the parking lot to his Jeep.

“And all I’m saying is that I’ve got a bad feeling about the guy.” Stiles responded, grabbing the straps of his backpack over his shoulders.

(Y/N) rolled her eyes a little, “you talked to him for like two minutes last night, Stiles. After he pretty much saved Scott from whatever the hell that thing was, might I add.” He didn’t respond back because he knew that she was right. “Scott doesn’t seem to have a problem with him. Why do you?”

He shook his head, “don’t you ever just get a bad feeling about someone and you just know in your gut that you shouldn’t trust them?”

They approached his Jeep and she went to the passenger side as he climbed behind the wheel. “Yeah, I did when we first met when you nearly ran me over with this old thing, but look where we are now? The best of friends.” She answered with a grin.

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Summary: Stiles thinks he’s funny. Derek sometimes agrees. 

Notes: Based off this photo set. It gave me a kind of fun, silly idea, and I went with it. (On AO3)

Stiles shoots Derek a sly look and picks up his phone. He tips his head back against the couch cushion as it dials, letting his fingers trail lightly down Derek’s arm. “Hey,” he says brightly when Scott picks up. “Derek and I just had sex, and you didn’t call or text to interrupt. Are you okay? We’re both concerned.”

“Stiles, that was one time,” Scott huffs. “And I promise, it wasn’t on purpose.”

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“He’s My Baby!” What a Baby Pt.2 (Pack Imagine)

Request by anon: Please do a part 2 to what a baby where Liam falls asleep in the reader’s lap and he starts to have night terrors and she slowly rocks him in her arms trying to comfort him and the pack look at her like wtf and she tells them to lay off and that he’s practically her baby so she continues to comfort Liam and tells him to ignore everyone’s comments simply be they’re jealous of how much she loves him and cares for him please x

Warning: Anger, i think a few cuss words, and jealousy 

Word Count: 1455


Part 1

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Hey guys!  So all 13 imagines I have in my inbox right now are for Teen Wolf, and don’t get me wrong I love Teen Wolf and all the requests. But I’m trying to make this blog diverse and for a multitude of shows and movies.  So, if anyone has any other imagine requests for a different show (I will still take Teen Wolf requests though!) I can better integrate imagines together to be diverse.  Also, this imagine turned out longer than expected and longer than my usual ones.  FYI

        Date night with Stiles was one of the most relaxing experiences of your life.  It helped that he wasn’t just your boyfriend, but your best friend.  According to the pack you two were basically the same person, which was kind of true.  For the past few weeks, under the noses of the rest of the pack, Stiles and yours friendship and become something more.  You just hadn’t found the right time to tell the rest of your friends that you were actually dating, not just good friends.

        With a day off from pack meetings, Stiles and yourself had arranged a date night at you’re his place.  His dad was at work so you had the whole house to yourselves.  You had settled on having a Marvel movie marathon and had dressed according.  Each of you decked out in your favorite Avengers clothing head to toe, and made a fort of pillows and blankets.

        “Ready for the Winter Soldier?”  Stiles asked after the final credits on the current movie started rolling.  With a smile plastered to your face you pulled a pillow into your lap and nodded.

        “I’m always ready.”  You stated. As Stiles queued up the next movie his front doorbell rang, causing both of you to glance curiously at the door. “Can’t be the pizza guy, we just ordered like five minutes ago.”  You commented, climbing out from under your pile of blankets and peaking through the peephole on the door.

        “Who is it?”  Stiles asked, a not of concern creeping into his voice as his fingers twitched towards the baseball bat he kept against the wall in the living room.

        “It’s Scott, Lydia, and Kira.”  You sighed; watching Stiles noticeably relax that there wasn’t a threat involved.  “Should we let them in?”

        “You know that I can hear you right?  Now you’re kind of obligated to let us in.”  Scott called from outside, knocking once more on the door and smiling widely at the peephole.

        “Smartass.”  Stiles and you muttered in tandem.  With a reluctant sigh Stiles swung open the door to let the group of teenagers in.

        “I heard something about pizza.”  Scott stated instead of asked, stepping inside and turning to head into the living room.

        “I have the feeling we interrupted something.”  Lydia commented, noticing the blanket fort you had made and the paused movie on the television.

        “This is adorable!”  Kira squealed, turning towards you both and finally picking up on your hero themed outfits.  “Why weren’t we invited?  I have Superman pajama’s I could’ve worn.”  She pouted.  Stiles scratched at the back of his neck and shrugged his shoulders awkwardly.

        “It was kind of just supposed to be an ‘us’ thing.”  He pointed out, glancing over at you apologetically.  Lydia’s eyes narrowed as she studied both of you closely.  After a few moments her eyes went wide again and a knowing smile graced her lips.

        “This is a date night, isn’t it?  You two are dating!”  She exclaimed, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow, daring one of you to try to dispute her statement.

        “Yeah.”  You said quietly after glancing at Stiles.  Lydia and Kira let out loud squeals of happiness while Scott’s eyes widened in understanding.  “We’ve been meaning to tell you guys, there was just so much going on.  We’ve been dating for almost a month now.”

        “Oh you are never going to live this one down.”  Scott teased with a wide grin.

        “Oh come on Scott, let them have their little date night. It’s cute.”  Kira chided, looping arms with Scott and leaning against his shoulder.  

        “It’s dorky.”  Lydia added, turning back to look at the fort once more.  “But it’s definitely something you two would do.”  She laughed.  “Alright, we’ll let you two get back to it.”  She finally said, noticing the look that Kira was shooting her from Scott’s arm.

        “Thanks guys.”  You smiled apologetically, waving from the doorway as the trio piled back into Lydia’s car before driving off as a pizza delivery van pulled up to the curb. “We never would have gotten rid of them if the pizza had shown up while they were here.”  You laughed, watching Stiles fish around for his wallet.

        “As it is we’re never living this down.”  He reasoned, dishing out the money for the pizza and carrying it back to your fort.  You couldn’t help but giggle, knowing that he was right and folding yourself onto the floor next to him.

        “They can’t tease us forever.”  You pointed out, grabbing a piece of pizza and resuming the movie. Your date night may have been interrupted but it wasn’t over.  The pack could wait until tomorrow to make fun of you some more.  Tonight was about watching the Avengers kick some butt and spend time with your wonderful boyfriend.



Stiles received Derek’s message and left the classroom immediately without even bothering to answer back, screaming at the teacher that he had to go to the nurse or else everyone would die. The teacher, accustomed to his behavior, merely watched and smirked as the boy wiggled himself out the door. *Stiles, I’m at the locker room, I need to talk to you.*

He walked in a minute later to find Derek sitting on a bench, looking up at the clock that hung over Coach’s office, rubbing his knuckles. A light glimmer in his eyes warned Stiles something pestering Derek’s mind.

“You… uhm, Derek, you wanted to talk to me.” He didn’t move, keeping his distance, trying hard to stand still as he studied Derek’s strange behavior.

The wolf’s eyebrows jumped up at the sound of Stiles’ voice. He cleared his throat before he spoke. “Yeah, I… I need to talk to you, I just… I don’t know how to begin.” He kept massaging his hands as his mouth forced out the words, a slight tremble hooked to his voice.

“Derek, are you alright? You seem….”

“I’m fine, Stiles, just give me a second here.” It sounded more like a plea than an order.

Stiles waited a couple of seconds for Derek to calm down and control his heavy breathing. To Derek, the seconds sitting there, in front of a concerned Stiles looking down upon him, felt like an eternity.

Not even looking up from the ground, Derek finally began, his voice still struggling to exit his lips, “Today, I… no wait, let me start again…” Stiles rolled his eyes and smirked, it was kind of cute to see Derek act this way , his whole don’t-mess-with-me-or-I’ll-rip-your-throat-out facade uncovered by this peculiar nervousness. Never had Stiles seen Derek so vulnerable.

Derek shook his head, ran both of his hands through his hair and sighed, then continued, “Suddenly, I finally realized…” he gulped as a drop of sweat slid down his right cheek, “that you, Stiles…” at the mention of his name, Stiles dropped his smile and began to slowly make his way towards the werewolf, he now knew this was something serious. Derek sighed before picking up his voice again. As if almost vomiting the words, he finally spoke, “You’re my anchor.”

Stiles expression went blank. Derek wouldn’t look up, his eyes were fixated on an empty space on the floor in front of him, inches away from Stiles’ right foot. Somehow, scared of the silence that had accompanied his last words, he picked up were he had left off. “And for quite some time, I’ve been holding on to you.”

There was more silence for a while. Derek was too nervous trying to calm down his own heart beat to even realize that Stiles’ own had accelerated too and that it was about to burst out of his chest.

Derek couldn’t take the silence for much longer… why was he sweating so much? This was the longest he had seen stiles quiet! Why were his hands shaking? God damn it, Derek, stop quivering! He had never lacked this much control over his own body. Should I continue? No, I’ll just fuck it up even more. Why hasn’t Stiles answered me? He always has something to say, the little devil.

That was it, if the room continued to be this empty void of wind and quiet he was going to rip his own throat out… “Please, Stiles…” he looked up out of desperation and found Stiles’ shaky honey eyes staring at his own, his mouth agape. “Just…” he pleaded with his thick eyebrows, trying to let Stiles know that he just needed to hear his voice, any kind of response would do, “say something.”

Stiles blinked rapidly at the sound of Derek’s pleading voice. He unconsciously moistened his lips with the help of his tongue as Derek yanked his eyes away for a second, the sight of Stiles’ tongue wasn’t going to help much at the moment.

The boy cleared his throat. Had Stiles heard it right? Had Derek said that he, Stiles, was his, Derek’s, anchor? Like, his anchor? He knew what that meant in their supernatural reality, he had discussed said term with Scott countless times, yet, he still had his doubts… I mean, Derek’s anchor, that couldn’t be. Yes, he had so many feeling for Derek, even since that day at the clinic when he had helped save Derek’s life for the first time, but Derek hadn’t ever shown to have mutual feelings. If at all, he hated Stiles. But… the miserable werewolf sitting across from him had said so. And with quivering conviction. He had to have heard it right. Or had it been a sick joke? No Derek wouldn’t do that… also, look at the poor guy, his whole body is shaking.Oh my God, I’m Derek’s anchor.

“Oh my God, I’m your anchor!”

Derek lost his balance and almost fell off the bench. Stiles had just screamed out of his trance, scaring the living shit out of Derek. Once the wolf recovered his balance, he stared blankly at Stiles, trying to read his expression. He was… he was smiling. Stiles was smiling.

“Oh my God, Derek! I’m your anchor?” Derek didn’t believe it possible but Stiles’ smile grew even wider.

He couldn’t help but smile back at the adorable scene taking shape in front of him. “Yes… Stiles, you are.” That’s when he fell an incredibly heave weight being yanked off his shoulders.

As soon as he closed his mouth Stiles had jumped on top of him. They both landed on the ground, the werewolf receiving most of the impact with his shoulder blades. Stiles lay right on Derek’s torso, their faces barely an inch from each other. “Ironic, for an anchor, I just literally took you off orbit.”

Derek chuckled for the second time in a day, hell, in a month. “You are so annoying.” He brushed away Stiles’ messy hair away from his forehead.

The teenager brushed his thumb across Derek’s cheek, still on top of the werewolf. “Shut up, you just admitted that you loved me.”

Derek’s face went stiff immediately. 

“Stiles, I… I didn’t… I… Stiles, I….”

“Shh.” Stiles kissed Derek on the tip of his nose to try calm him down (it worked) and pulled away barely enough to lock his eyes with the hazel pearls in front of him. “I’m just glad you told me, because…” Stiles winked and took one of Derek’s hands on his. “It might have been Scott and Lydia who rescued me from the Nogitsune that took residence inside my head, but it was the memory of you which I held on to during the whole thing.” He could feel Derek’s breathing accelerate once again, this time, right below Stiles’ own hyperactive heart. “Derek, you were the tether I held on to when I felt like giving up.” He then kissed Derek’s cheek. “You are my anchor.”