sigh the best movie

Sometimes I wish they remade IT into a two season, 8 episodes each Netflix series where each episode was named after one of the Losers. The storyline would be the same, but each designated episode would add on a little more about the character it was about and established their fears and relationships more.

Not only would there be time to create more scares and tension, but we also could see the Losers becoming friends and their individual personalities and hardships.

And imagine episode 8, where it has the final fight with Pennywise and the blood oath. Throughout the episode, it could have flashbacks to the encounters the Losers have had, the scenes where they were weak and scared before flashing back to the present of them taking on their worst fears with bravery. Episode 8 would be titled The Losers Club.


“It nice to see you smile. You seem cuter.”

some ice cream dates, with uncanon ship on #Lovehacks and Endless Summer :’) they look happy (and sereena stop being tsundere, you like it, admit it)

look, i know that brooke already married keo and diego have crush on varryn but my brooke/sereena and jake/diego heart can’t handle it siidigigfuguhd

enjoy the ice cream date! (also please notice my art too sniff)

Accidental Nose Bleed (Peter Maximoff)

Requested by @sarcasticllamasarah

28. “You hit me!”

58. “Trust me, I’m a doctor. Well, kind of, not really. I have Hello Kitty bandaids though.”

“The square root of 100 multiplied by…” One of your professors droned on. You don’t even know why you’re learning this, it’s not like you’re gonna beat a villain with all of your super great knowledge of math.

“(Y/N), what is the answer to this question?” The professor asks. You look up, startled from being caught off guard. “Uh… it’s, um…” You stumble across your words, trying to tie a sentence together. She rolls her eyes. “Why did I ask you? You weren’t listening anyways.” You give her a look saying don’t make me answer questions or you’ll have to answer to my fist.

The speedster sitting next to you wasn’t helping your problems. Peter was tapping his pencil on his desk at an inhuman speed. Looking for an excuse to get out of class, you decide to annoy him back.

It’s been about two minutes and all you’ve been doing was intensely staring at Peter. He kept giving you glances and getting creeped out, which make you enjoy it even more. Finally, he snapped. “For the love of god (Y/N)! What do you want?!” Peter yells, flinging his arms out towards you. It just so happened that one of those arms hit you right in the face. As soon as he realized what he’s done, Peter looks at you in horror. You give him the death glare as your nose starts bleeding. “You hit me!” You scream at him. Your plan to get out of class might actually work.

“(Y/N) and Peter! Leave class immediately and go to the nurse!” The professor yells. Once outside of the classroom, Peter starts a conversation. “So, you’re not actually gonna go to the nurse, are you?” He asks, fumbling with his thumbs. “Of course not! It’s only a bloody nose, I’ll be fine.” You mumble. “Listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’ll help you get cleaned up.” He says. You begin to protest but stop when you realize that you’re in his dorm room. Damn his super speed.

Peter drags you into his bathroom. “Trust me, I’m a doctor. Well, kind of, not really. I have Hello Kitty bandaids though.” He gestures to a pink box on the counter. Smiling at his gesture to help, you get up and start to walk out. “Wait, where are you going?” Peter asks, holding onto your arm. “You obviously can’t help my nose with Hello Kitty bandaids so I thought I wouldn’t waste your time.” You say. “What? No! You aren’t wasting my time. You’re great! You got me out of class!” He exclaims, throwing his hands up in the air for enthusiasm. “I guess we can watch a movie or something.” You sigh. “Yes! Get ready for the best movie binge in history!” Peter yells.

Haunted House

Summary: Harry hates Halloween more than anything.


Harry was an absolutely miserable mess and there was simply no other way to describe it.

He was one zombie pop up away from having a heart attack and there was no one to blame but himself. It was his idea to come to the fucking haunted house, he was the one that bought the tickets to get in and paid the parking fee, he was the one that had driven them there, he was the one who’d walked into the house with two excited girls hanging from his arms, jumping around with large smiles on their faces because they’d been waiting to come here forever and he’d always said no because he knew it’d be like this; He’d be scared to death of every gust of wind and they’d laugh at him along with everyone else who noticed him nearly jumping out of his skin and squealing like a little girl whenever somebody popped out in front of him.

Y/N and his daughter, Gwen, had been begging him for the last three years to take them to the haunted house that everyone was buzzing about every single October, and he’d always refused. He would’ve said no this year as well and they would’ve done the same thing they did every Halloween; Stayed at home, dressed in matching costumes like the three bears or even some Disney Characters and handed out candy to the little kids that came by in hopes of getting some of Harry’s famous homemade granola bars that were healthy yet delicious, as he always reminded them in that tone that always made Gwen cringe, and then they’d watch the one scary movie Harry’s heart could (just barely) handle, scary movie, and then it was off to bed. At 10:00. On Halloween.

Boring and too safe, as Gwen always reminded him, and just as it should be, as he always said. They would’ve been at home doing that right now! If only he hadn’t forgotten Y/N’s birthday three nights ago and said no to Gwen going on what was supposed to be her first date with her so-called ‘boyfriend’…

He hadn’t heard a word from either of them until he announced that they were finally going to the haunted house. And now here they were.

“You’re doing so good, sweetheart.” Y/N rubbed his arm in a comforting fashion and spoke in the softest tone she could muster up. Harry’s face flushed as he heard the sound of two little boys snickering behind him, along with his own daughter. “Make them stop.” Harry whined. Y/N rolled her eyes and then narrowed them at her daughter. “Quit laughing at your dad, you know he’s easily scared-” “Traumatized.” Harry corrected her. “I’m traumatized.”

“Sure, right.” Y/N nodded in agreement, trying to end the conversation before it started. She and Gwen had heard the story a billion times and now it was etched into her brain.

When he was four and a half years old-Or maybe just entering the sweet age of five, as he always said- he’d been knocked over by a group of kids who were all running to get candy from the best house in the neighborhood, the house that always had the good stuff. The snickers, the Twix, the paydays, the candy apples. It was like a candy shop over there, not that the expectations were really high. Every other house always gave out mints and laffy taffies, if they were feeling generous.

Harry had laid on the ground crying for a whole five minutes, his elbow bruised and his cheek feeling sore, and one of those kids had stepped on his finger too! He swore off Halloween from that day on.

Until he was ten when he decided to give it another try.

Mischievous, as every other ten year old boy is, he’d dressed up in the scariest costume he could find, a white sheet with holes in it so he could see because 'what could possibly be scarier than ghosts’, and headed out with his friends with hopes of scaring some girls to death, or at least to the point of peeing their pants and running home to their mommies, never leaving their houses again because if they did they’d be in constant fear of seeing the scariest ghost in town, Harry.

Instead, he’d run up to the girl he wanted to scare the most, his secret crush, Jessica Valentine, screamed 'Boo!’ Right in her ear, and got smacked to the ground in front of all his friends and hers. When he got up and turned to run away, he ran into the leg of a tall, bloody clown. He’d screamed until he lost his voice and wet his pants right in front of everyone. And then he swore off Halloween for good.


He was seventeen years old, down in the basement of his mother’s house, deciding that this Halloween he’d watch scary movies with a few of his friends, and his sister, who just refused to leave. It’d gone well for a while. Sure, he was jumping and screaming more than the others, but he managed to play it cool. Sure, he was a little iffy about the noises he swore he kept hearing coming from the closet behind the couch that they were sat on, but he was ignoring it fairly well. Sure, he wanted to just go upstairs and sit with his mum and grandma and watch old soap operas and bake cookies, but he was hiding those feelings pretty well.


“The fuck was that?” His friend, Matthew, had asked as he paused the movie and looked toward the closet door. Harry was relieved for only a second because thank god he wasn’t the only one hearing that noise, but then the panic set in. What was that noise? Was there a monster in his closet? Was someone hiding in there?

“I don’t hear anything, turn the movie back on.” Gemma brushed it off, annoyance lacing her tone before she shoved some popcorn in her mouth. The movie had just been getting good when he’d paused it and she was eager to see what would happen next.

“I’ll check it out so we can get back to the movie.” Robert, his other best mate, sighed. He swiftly removed himself from the couch, stepped in front of the door, and without a moment’s hesitation, pulled it open.

Out fell a skeleton and a witches costume, and Harry ran screaming and crying up the stairs. He didn’t know that his cat had been in the closet scratching at the door, she’d gone in there to take a nap as she usually did for some odd reason, and they’d completely forgotten that she was in there and closed the door. He didn’t know that the items that had fallen out of the closet were merely Halloween decorations that weren’t in use this year, and not some closet monster plotting to kill him. He didn’t know any of this until his mum managed to get him to stop crying and explained it to him. And then, for good this time, he swore off Halloween forever.

“It’s been like forty years.” Gwen muttered. “Build a bridge and get over-” “Forty?” Harry scoffed. “How old do you think I am?” “Your looks say thirty, the way you act says seventy-two. Who knows.” She shrugged. “Can we continue now?” She asked as she watched everyone else walking by. They’d stopped in one place, gathered in a corner as they tried to get Harry to calm down.

“Be sensitive. Your father is very shaken up from what happened to him…Almost twenty years ago.” Y/N sighed as she continued rubbing his arm. “I can hear the judgment in your tone, and the fake sympathy is oozing out of you. If  you don’t want me around ruining your fun, just say so.” He huffed.

He really wasn’t mad, but now was the perfect time to get the hell out of this damn house for good. Gwen smirked as she noticed what he was doing and then sent her mum a look. “We want you around, Harry. It’s why we never came without you. If you’re not going to go through this house, we’re not going to go through this house.”  Y/N told him, giving him a small smile. “Um-” Gwen started to object but decided to be quiet after receiving a look from her mum. “Yeah, we’re only going if you do.” She sighed.

Harry thought for a moment before mentally groaning. “Yeah, I’ll continue on. I know how much you guys wanna experience this. ’S not so bad, I suppose. I’m scaring myself more than the scarers are.” He chuckled a little. “This will be fun when you loosen up.” Y/N nodded, rubbing his shoulders. “Trust me, this will be the best hour and a half of your life!”

“Hour and a half?” He squeaked.

Wild Night (Stark!Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 1198

Summary: The reader and boyfriend Pietro decide to start a new show on Netflix. Pietro falls asleep, but that doesn’t seem to stop the reader from reading.

A/N: Hi loves! I changed the OG request just a tad in how the reader reacts, but still pretty much the same!! I wanted to get this out to you, so I hope you enjoy this!! Ah, Pietro… <3 love of my life

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Sweetest Halloween

Hi there again! I saw this prompt on a Tumblr and even though it is not Halloween I was in the mood of writing something like this. Hope you enjoy it!

prompt: ”I’ve just gotten braces this year, so I can’t eat any candy, so I decided to just stay home and even though you love trick-or-treating you want to stay in with me and watch horror movies.”

summary: Halloween is Phil Lester’s favourite holiday but his best friend Dan is not so keen on going trick-or-treating this year because of his braces. Will Phil manage to do something so Dan can enjoy Halloween this year too?

word count: 1.3k

no trigger warnings

author’s note: this is a teenage phan story, so sorry if you are not into that.

“31st of October – Halloween” read a 14 year old Phil in the old calendar he had on his bedroom wall. “YES FINALLY!” he exclaimed, making his mum shout at him for screaming this early in the morning. It was Saturday so that meant he could go trick-or-treating with his best friend Dan at night.

Phil loved Halloween, it was his favourite holiday. Oh, he loved going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, getting different candies from every house possible and even though he was already a teenager he loved doing it. Also, he could stay up late watching scary movies and eating chocolate. Who wouldn’t like that to be honest?

He sent Dan a message to check if he was still going with him trick-or-treating later, he still wasn’t sure since he had noticed Dan a bit uncomfortable these last few days when he spoke about Halloween. Maybe he didn’t want to be his friend anymore and this was a way to tell him that…

Phil really wasn’t sure what Dan was to him. Yes, they were best friends, they had established that long time ago but lately Phil felt different towards Dan, like he wanted to kiss him… He wanted them to be something more than friends, boyfriends maybe? They were only 14 and he didn’t understand much about relationships or feelings, but he already knew he didn’t like girls. But he wasn’t sure if Dan felt the same so he hadn’t told him anything.

“Phil! Come down here, I need your help!” his mum’s voice startled him from his daydream, letting out a sigh and walking downstairs to see what his mother wanted.


Phil hadn’t checked his mobile phone in all day, so when he was almost getting ready to put on his zombie Captain America costume (he wanted something scary but also epic and he loved superheroes so it had been a great idea at the time) he heard his mobile phone vibrate, letting him know he got a text.

He picked up the phone and saw it was a message from Dan. Oh yeah, he had texted him earlier and he hadn’t replied until now.

“Hey Phil, I don’t think i’m going trick-or-treating tonight, since I got my braces I don’t think it would be the best idea, but have fun! x D” said the text. Oh poor Dan. He had gotten braces two months ago and his mouth wasn’t in the best shape to eat sticky and sugary candy yet.

Phil was debating himself. He didn’t really want to go trick-or-treating by himself, that wasn’t fun, he had wanted Dan to come with him. Or maybe… if Dan couldn’t go trick-or-treating, trick-or-treating would come to him.

The blue eyed teenager rapidly dressed himself on his costume, grabbing his bag and emptying a bag of mixed candy they had bought to give the neighbourhood children inside it before letting a rushed out “Bye mum!” out of the door.


Dan was laying on his bed, looking miserable. His parents and brother had gone trick-or-treating too, leaving him alone playing videogames. It was a good plan till he had already played most of them and was bored. He would have liked to go trick-or-treating with his best friend to be honest.

He was about to change the videogame he was playing when he heard a knock on his front door. He didn’t really feel like walking towards the door to give candy to some stranger… but he suddenly heard a familiar sound. Wait, that was the secret door-knocking password he and Phil had invented when they were eight!

‘Could Phil be here?’ he thought, and still a bit unsure Dan walked down the stairs, carefully opening the door to find a Zombie Captain America at his door.

“Surprise!” Phil screamed into his face, laughing at Dan’s surprised expression.

“Phil, what are you doing here?” he asked his best friend, not even trying to hide his smile so Phil didn’t see the braces that made (in his opinion) his face look weird.

“You told me you weren’t coming with me trick-or-treating so I guessed trick-or-treating would come to you” Phil told him, lifting his bag full of candy with a smile.

“Phil, you spork! You should be out asking for candy, not here with me, Halloween is your favourite holliday!” Dan reminded him.

Phil brought a hand to rub the back of his neck, avoiding his gaze from Dan’s “Yeah, but you are my best friend and I don’t think I would have much fun out there without you…”

“You are the worst, Phil Lester” Dan said to his best friend, not letting the smile fade from his face letting him know that he meant the complete opposite, “C'mon we can watch horror movies all night now that you are here.” he said before grabbing his best friend’s hand and closing the door, leading them into Dan’s bedroom.


Dan had let Phil some of his sweats and hoodie, so he could be more comfortable. They were now watching The Exorcist, the both of them sitting against Dan’s headboard, surrounded by pillows and blankets.

Phil was eating some of the candy he had brought, a bit bothered that he couldn’t share it with Dan since he had the braces.

Apparently, his best friend was thinking something similar since his stare drifted from the candy bowl to Phil’s profile several times, wanting to eat candy too but he knew he couldn’t. Damn braces. So he sighed a bit louder than he would have wanted and threw his head back a bit.

His best friend’s exasperated sigh caught Phil’s attention, pausing the movie and looking at Dan “What’s wrong Dan?”

“I just want a bit of candy but I can’t have any because of this stupid braces” Dan explained to him.

A idea popped into Phil’s head, not really knowing if it would be 100% okay with Dan but he had to at least try it.  

“Well… maybe you can have some” Phil said mysteriously.

“How Phil? I already told you I cannot have any becau…” Dan started ranting again, making Phil grab him by the shoulders and making him look into his eyes.

“I have an idea, do you trust me?” Phil murmured, a bit scared of what Dan could think of it. His best friend only nodded, completly trusting him.

“Okay, now close your eyes” Phil told him, making Dan look at him strangely but closing them anyway.

Dan waited a few seconds before he felt his best friend’s lips on his, where he could taste a bit of orange flavoured candy.

Oh. OH. Phil was kissing him. And he could also taste the candy. This was the best idea Phil had ever had.

Suddenly he didn’t feel Phil’s lips on his anymore, so he opened his eyes and tried to look into Phil’s scared face, probably worried about Dan’s reaction to the kiss, his head and gaze looking down, not daring to say anything.

“You know, I am not really sure I could taste the candy a lot. Was it lemon flavoured? Mint? Orange?” Dan said, touching Phil’s chin and moving his head up so he could look into his eyes, “Maybe we should try again, don’t you think Phil? I really wanna taste all the candy you have brought.”

Phil, still not believing that Dan had accepted his kiss, smiled a bit and continued his best friend’s game “Yeah, I think we should… I have plenty of candy that you haven’t tried since you got your braces and I really want you to try them.”

“Well, so what are you waiting for?” Dan asked him, grabbing a chocolate candy from the bowl and putting it between Phil’s lips, making the other open his mouth gladly accepting the candy, which he let it melt.

“I think you are gonna like this one,” Phil whispered, moving forward a bit, his lips almost touching Dan’s again, letting their breaths mix, “it’s sweet, like you.” was Phil’s last comment before their lips touched again, now enjoying the sweet sensation of chocolate and teenage love.


Crinklebottom had been passed down in my family for the past couple of generations; a nighttime companion to help ward off bad dreams and those pesky monsters who live under the bed. In his first incarnation, he was a stuffed brown bear with button eyes that my great grandmother sewed for my grandfather when he was a boy. When my mother was old enough to be afraid of the dark, Grandpa gave her a sock monkey with a bright red fez to sleep with. When it was my turn to inherit my own Crinklebottom, Mom tucked me in with a small blue bunny.

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BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 10a

AUTHOR: g0dblessthefandom (FF account)

PROMPT: Brittany & Abuela are watching telenovela together

PROMPTED BY: Tumblr Anon


TITLE: Amigas y Rivales


It started on their first spring break back in Lima. At first Santana didn’t think anything of it. Brittany had snuggled up to her where she laid on the couch one lazy afternoon in the Pierce family living room and started kissing her neck.

“Britt! Your parents are around here somewhere.”

Brittany only giggled. “Babe, we’re married now. We’re allowed to kiss whenever we want.”

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best parts of uno: the movie
- the sighing/cursing every time someone is drawing
- the little, courteous voice when they try to act nice
- which turns into exasperated, little voices when they are stuck w no cards
- the Stacking
- especially if it lasts the whole round
- plans being evoked and cancelled
- jack commentary before Ryan left
- Ryan’s drawing compulsion
- them forgetting what the 7 does
- Gavin just. dying at the end
- kat’s brief appearance
- the cat talk
- Jeremy not knowing the main rule
- the reverses…. again and again…
- I have the ocean

a half broke heart’s still broke

a/n: this AU idea just popped into my head. clarke’s been dating finn and when he breaks up with her, she’s more upset than she thinks she should be, and needs someone to talk some sense into her. inspiration comes from “half broke heart” by cam.

wasn’t looking for a ring, doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting
when you cut and run so soon,
good luck, so long,
guess i better get to leavin’ too



Clarke huffs as she makes her way up the three flights of stairs that lead to her best friend’s apartment, cursing the broken elevator her entire way.

The last door on the left when she gets to the open corridor is slightly open, and Clarke sighs in relief. Walking down the hall, she gets to apartment 304 and pushes the door the rest of the way open, walking inside.

“You’re not Octavia,” she says when she sees Bellamy in the kitchen, and he rolls his eyes.

“Very astute observation, princess.”

“Why did O tell me to come over if she isn’t even here?”

“She got called in at the last minute,” he says, shuffling around the kitchen as he cooks, “someone’s cat ate something weird,” he mutters, and Clarke tamps down a grin. Octavia works at a veterinarian’s office, but Clarke suspected she was with her boyfriend, not dealing with a cat emergency.

“She told me to tell you,” Bellamy continues in a dramatic voice, “that there’s ice cream in the freezer for you, and she DVR’d a bunch of scary movies.”

Clarke sighs, smiling, “She’s the best.”

Bellamy puts something in the oven and then shuts the door, turning to face her, leaning up against the counter. “You want to tell me why she went to all that trouble?”

Clarke scoffs as Bellamy crosses his arms over his chest, “Jesus, Bell, you don’t have to be such a big brother. I’m fine.”

Bellamy fixes her with a look that clearly tells her he doesn’t buy into her bullshit, but she ignores him and drops her bag by the couch, flopping onto the overstuffed cushions.

“Hey,” he says, coming to crouch down next to her, his voice uncharacteristically gentle, “Your eyes are all red. I know you’re upset. Who’s ass do I have to beat?”

Despite herself, Clarke snorts. “Please. I can handle it.”

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Guardians of the Galaxy you guys…

He Likes You But You Have a Boyfriend-Harry (Mini series) Part 2

   Link to Part 1

    His POV: I couldn’t help but stare at her whilst she was talking, or laughing or even clicking her pen. Jeff was lucky to have a girl like that by his side in the office, she seemed brilliant, funny and just gorgeous. It annoyed me how her boyfriend was acting towards her getting a job, to me independence was a beautiful thing and I was glad that she was acting on her own. 

     ”Right, so same time on Wednesday right?” Jeff smiled whilst shaking our hands and walking off with Niall to talk about some football match. 

   ”So…” Liam smiled and she sighed, 

      “You guys did great, I’m glad I was here for it,” she replied. He exchanged a look with Zayn and nodded, 

    “Well, we’ve got to go check up on some stuff with our managers. Lou…weren’t you going to call El?” Liam reminded Louis, his brow furrowed in confusion before his eyes widened and he smirked, 

       ”You’re right Liam…we’ll be back soon.” he chuckled before walking away with Liam and Zayn. 

     So then there were two, awkward would be an understatement in this situation. 

     ”So, how long do you plan on working here?” I asked, she shrugged, 

   ”As long as they’ll keep me I imagine, it’s a paid internship so I enjoy the hours and the money, hopefully I’ll get to shadow Jeff some more if I get hired on,” she smiled hopefully, easing my tension and making me smile along with her. 

    “Well with what you did in the box this morning there shouldn’t be a problem,” I winked, she laughed and we continued to walk through the studio and chat about random things, movies, books, music…the basic. I learnt  that she was very intelligent, humorous and just…my type. There was no way that I could be developing feelings for this girl, only a few hours into meeting her, was there? 


       ‘As you walk on by…will you call my name,' It was now about five in the evening and we were all sat about Jeff’s office watching movies and throwing food at each other, the only one to keep us in check was (Y/N) whom we all laughed at when she grew frustrated. We couldn’t help it, she was cute, 

      “The Breakfast Club is one of the best movies of all time,” she sighed whilst playing with the ends of her hair, never looking away from the screen. 

      “This movie is one of me favorites as well,” Niall replied, grabbing another fistful of popcorn. 

   ”I dunno, The Notebook was pretty good,” I shrugged, 

    “Harry that movie wasn’t even made in the 80’s , and it wasn’t even that good.” he chuckled, 

    “I still don’t know how you could say that Zayn,” I shook my head. 

   ”So are we all done mucking up my office?” the lights flicked on and Jeff sighed, taking in the bits of popcorn on the floor and the bowl in Niall’s lap. 

    “I leave you alone for a couple of hours…(Y/N)! I forgot to sign you off, you’re free to go love, remember tomorrow at 9.” he smiled and she stood and smoothened her skirt before nodding. 

     ”Thank’s Jeff, see you tomorrow.” She nodded before hugging us all and escaping the office. 

     Wednesday…I didn’t know if I could wait that long. 

    -Your POV- 

        You smiled whilst walking out of the office and spotting Jason’s car parked right outside. Making your way over to it you grinned even broader when he got out to open the door for you as if you were stepping into a chariot. 

      “(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Wait!” you heard his voice and turned around quickly, catching a glimpse of Jason’s confused expression before turning to face Harry. 

     ”Oh um hey Harry…what’s up?” you smiled and he pulled something out of his pocket, 

    you gasped, “My phone! Oh I must have left it in the studio! Thank you so much,” you clutched onto it tightly and brought him into a hug before saying goodbye and climbing into the car with Jason. 

     ”Hey babe I-” you were cut off by your boyfriend revving the engine and speeding off. 

     ”Who was that?” he questioned, knowing he was mad you sighed and shook your head, 

    “He’s a client of Jeff’s, the studio manager.” you replied, he nodded, clenching his jaw tightly. 

    “I don’t want you around him like that again,” he narrowed his eyes on the road and you rolled your eyes, not responding. 

    Your phone buzzed in your hand and you slid your finger across the screen, opening up your messages, your eyes widening. 

     ”Who was that?” he asked, 

    “Um…just (Y/BF/N), wanted to know how my first day was,” you laughed nervously as you read the text. 

    Harry :)

           ’Don’t you…forget about me,’ ;) 

Part 3?