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number 7 with kylo?

Sure hun!

Kylo Ren +  “Someday my prince will come.”

Resting your elbow on the balcony you released a sigh as your eyes looked off into the distance. Night had fallen over Naboo and yet again you found yourself out on the balcony, staring out into the great expanse of space above you as if waiting for a sign. Though at this point you were certain it wasn’t going to come.

You wished for a lot of things in the galaxy, success in your kingdom, adventure across the star systems, wielding a blaster in battle at least once. As of late however, your desires seemed to take a different turn. A turn many in the palace would deem “practical”. A prince.

You weren’t sure why or how, but you had never yearned to find someone out in the great wide somewhere more than you had now. Perhaps it was the fact that you noticed so many of your companions with their own partners that this came about. 

Another sigh escaped you as you looked to the stars.

“Somebody has to be out there…”

At the thought of going on your desired adventures you smiled, imagining meeting your ellusive prince in a whirlwind.

“Someday my prince will come.”

“Or perhaps another will.”

Suddenly it felt as though your heart had leaped up into your throat and ceased from beating. With a gasp you turned around behind you, eyes frantically searching the space behind you. In the corner of your balcony you finally saw the foreign presence lurking in the shadows. Though his garbs concealed most of his appearance you could make out his pale complexion from under his hood. Now that you could make him out, you could instantly feel your veins throbbing within you.

“Who are you?! What are you doing up here?!”

“You yearned for somebody, and here I am.”

You shook your head, “I didn’t ask for you.”

Slowly he began walking towards you, stalking you like a predator with its prey.

“That may be so.”

Suddenly you felt your limbs freeze in place, locking you into the place you stood. He was obviously one step ahead of you in planning a next move.

“But I asked for you.”

Your eyes instantly grew wide as his face finally came into view, nearly causing you to choke on your breath. Though he was, from what you could tell, handsome you couldn’t shake the fear of what would happen next. Just as you were about to protest he suddenly ran his hand over your forehead, causing you to fall limp. He caught you with ease, putting you over his shoulder as he made his way to the edge of the balcony once again. 

Some Strings Attached

Ugh so there was a post going around that I’ve now long since misplaced but it was like “I just saw you go upstairs with someone else and I know we’re only fuck buddies but I’m gonna go punch them in the face” and I was HERE FOR IT. If somebody remembers the post, link me. In the meantime, have some Sterek getting together fluff.

“Just tell Derek you want to date him,” Scott says, as if it’s the simplest thing in the world.

Stiles bugs his eyes and flails his hands in wordless frustration, because the correct response to this patently ludicrous advice eludes him. He had come for sympathy, not pie-in-the-sky delusions. “Scott. Bro,” he finally gasps. “How could you even suggest that in good faith? No way! Bad plan!” He slashes his arms in a demonstrative X. “The only reason we’re even hooking up is that I made it super clear I was down to fuck, no strings attached! I’m not ruining a good thing by announcing to Derek Hale that I’m 85% in love with him.”

“Why?” Scott genuinely seems confused, the sweet summer child. After falling into a happy triad with Allison and Isaac after their first semester at UCLA, he doesn’t really understand the definition of “unrequited.”

Stiles turns his attention to a hanging thread on his t-shirt, sourly tugging it loose. “He’s out of my league. I mean, with the baseball, and the smarts, and the sarcasm, and those eyes…” he breaks off with a sigh. The last thing he needs to do is remind himself of how gone he is on Derek. “Just, he’s popular. Dictionary definition of too cool for school. And the three people he actually deigns to hang out with here are all just as cool and good looking as he is. Do I need to remind you I’m not? I’m a gawky, nerdy Sophomore. I’m lucky to even be his fuck-buddy.”

Scott makes a face, incredulous. “I dunno, he must like you well enough if he’s still sleeping with you after all this time. What’s it been, six months? And you guys hang out, too, you’re always telling me about how easy it is to chat with him after you bone. So it’s not just sex.”

Stiles grimaces. “Yeah, but it’s not…”

“… a real relationship,” Derek says into the phone, hearing full well the heavy dejection in his voice. So sue him; the admission is more than a little depressing. “He just wants to be fuck buddies.”

“How do you know?” Laura asks reasonably. “Maybe this Stiles person would be interested in dating you, too. No offence, but you’re not great at reading people. I mean, he’s interested in chilling with you even after you hook up, and clearly he enjoys the physical aspect. Did he actually ever say he wasn’t looking for more?”

Derek heaves a sigh, rolling his eyes even though she can’t see over the phone. “Yep. About two minutes after the first time we slept together he said, ‘no strings attached, obviously.’ So, you know, pretty safe bet that it’s no strings attached.”

“Oh,” Laura says. For once she doesn’t have a snappy comeback.

“Oh,” Derek agrees. Dejectedly.

She gives him a sympathetic little hum, and then asks, “and he’ll definitely be at the sorority barbecue?”

“Yeah.” Stiles and his broad shoulders and his long fingers are definitely going to be at the party.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go,” his sister says softly. “If you really like him, and he’s just looking to get laid…”

Derek groans. Not go, and give up a chance to hook up with Stiles? Smart, maybe, but not something he’s capable of doing.

The problem is, he’s liked Stiles forever. Or at least since he first saw him, laughing uproariously and running around with his friends with an actually broom between his legs, playing “Quidditch.” Derek would have been way too embarrassed to do something like that on the front lawn, but Stiles made it seem like the most effortlessly awesome thing a person could get up to.

No, compared to Stiles, Derek is practically a social recluse, an awkward jock with only about three people who he gets along with at all. Stiles definitely doesn’t want to get saddled with a boyfriend like him. He’s lucky they’re even hooking up after all this time.

“Derek, I mean it,” Laura says. “Look out for yourself for once.”

“I know, I know,” Derek grumbles. “But it’s not my fault he’s…”

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warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, spanking, slight exhibitionism, squirting

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“Y/N? Are you listening to anything I’m saying?” Taehyung uttered under his breath, dumbfounded that you were daydreaming once again, a reoccurring phenomenon apparently.

“Mm?” You looked up from your plate, eyes immediately locking with his brown feline-like orbs. The contours of his face seemed sharper than usual, which saying something as your boyfriend had a jawline sharp enough to kill a man; he probably thought you were ignoring him.

The two of you were sat comfortably at the dining table, having just eaten dinner. You met Taehyung by accident three years ago in a movie theatre, he saw your sky blue jumper and assumed you worked there, giving that it was a similar colour to the uniform employees wore. As soon as you turned to face him he became overwhelmed by your beauty, and by his impending embarrassment. He apologised profusely and bought your ticket, writing his number on the back of the small piece of paper.

Calling him that night was the best decision you ever made.

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Hi...well...I've actually never been to a maid cafe like this before. Usually maid cafes are all girls, but the guys here are pretty good-looking too. Who would you recommend I should ask to be my maid...or well, I guess it would be butler, the first time I come here?

Lance: B-But I’m number one!

Pidge: Dude you are too intense and extra for someone coming in for the first time.

Allura: As far as your first time is we usually recommend Shiro, many find him comforting and he explains many events and promotions very well. You will not be disappointed.

Lance: (;へ:)

Keith: *sigh* Lance is a good first choice too, even if he is a little intense.

Lance: ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*・゚。 ~ <3

A.N. I got so many asks! Thanks! So many great questions! I’m gonna be switching to Black and White though to keep things clean and keep the conversation moving.

Falling Deeper

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Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “Hiii LOVE UR BLOG SO FREAKING MUCH IT HURTS❤️❤️, i was wondering if you could write a justin x reader imagine, where the reader and Justin have been friends for a long time and everyone thinks they’re dating but they’re not. Like they would flirt, have inside jokes, feeling for each other(but won’t admit) and one day when Justin asks the reader to crash in her house cuz of Seth they confess their feelings and flufff”

Words: 2.000

A/N: OMG! This my first Justin imagine and I so loved this little nugget too. Thank you for your support and I hope that you like this one too. Thank you so much for your request and, if you want, please don’t hesitate to leave a feedback in my ask box.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/M/N) is Your Mother’s Name, talking of family issues, swearing.

“Am I seeing you tomorrow, Jus?” You confidently asked your best friend as you decided to go directly home after your classes. You were in the hallway, in front of your now-closed locker.

“Of course, pretty.” He winked at you and you let out a loud laugh. He was a great flirt and that was one of the characteristics you loved in Justin.

“Shut up, sweet talker!” You tried to cover the romantic excitement that flowed in your veins and he just hugged you as he knew that you loved it whenever he would compliment you.

“Take care, okay?” He reminded you as you nodded for several times to answer. You hugged him back.

“Just get together already!” Your friend Jessica exclaimed as she got through you and Justin along the hallway. She winked and you saw that Sherie agreed with her. They were surely making their way to the gym for the cheerleading practice.

“But they’re already together.” Zach shouted to the girls as he shut his locker and followed them.

“Idiots!” You shouted as you broke the hug between the two of you. “I’m going now, Mr. Foley.”

“Alright, Mrs. Foley.” You both laughed loudly. He started to call you in that way, because you both had to pretend that you were husband and wife the day before. Some maniacs were trying to hit on you and he came up with that idea, it sucked but you loved it.

“You should take care too, okay? Don’t break a bone during your basketball practice.” You reminded him after you left a quick kiss on his cheek.

“Yes, Mum!” He rolled his eyes and gave you a kiss on your temple. With that kiss, you felt protected and it felt that Justin was with you, even though he’s not walking you home that day.

“Go on or you’ll be late.” You smiled at him as you both went in separated ways.

“Text me as soon as you get home, okay?” He walked in backwards as he wanted to see if you were already walking away.

“Yes, sir!” You huffed as you wanted to stay with him a little longer, but you had projects to finish and coach Patrick never let people to enter the gym during his teams’ practices.

You slowly walked back home and Justin never left your thoughts. He stayed in your mind even when you were doing your homework.

You loved Justin, because who wouldn’t, and he made you happy every time. He could be considered as an asshole by some students, but you knew that he had a kind heart. He could be weak too, mostly when it came to his family, but you always knew how to cheer him up and how to mend his broken heart.

People has always thought that you were together, because you couldn’t be you without Justin and Justin couldn’t be him without you. You completed each other, even though you were just best friends. You flirted and sometimes people mistook your actions, but you never admitted your feelings to him. You were obviously shy to admit it, you thought that it was flustering because you didn’t know if he felt the same towards you, even though his friends said that the feeling was mutual.

“(Y/N)!” Your mum called as dinner was ready and you didn’t notice it as you were so focused on finishing your Communications’ project and thinking of Justin. “Dad’s not home before 10 pm and he told me to not wait for him.”

“I’m coming.” You shouted as you ran downstairs, stopping in front of the front door when you heard the bell ringing. “I’m opening it.”

“Sure!” Your mum shouted from the kitchen as you heard the glasses clinking while she was preparing the table.

“Justin!” You worriedly called his name as you opened your front door. You were happy to see him, of course, but not after seeing his dull gaze. “What happened?”

“Can I,” he started as you saw him angry and down at the same time. “is it all right if I crash here tonight?” He bit his lower lip as he looked at the ground. He was so shy to ask you some favours, although you’ve been best friends for a long time now.

“Of course, Jus!” You sadly smiled at him as you already hinted that something was wrong in his house. You let him enter the house and you closed the door behind you. “Have you already eaten?”

“Uhm,” He felt more relaxed and relieved that he finally found someone who could help him for the night, although you were really his first choice. “not really.”

“Then have dinner with us.” You smiled as him as you pulled his hand and headed to the kitchen.

“Good evening, (Y/M/N)!” Justin politely greeted and your mum flashed him a sweet and welcoming smile. You let his hand go as you took his blue sports bag off his shoulder.

“Good evening, Justin.” Your mother greeted. “Have you had your dinner yet?”

“He didn’t, Mum.” You answered for Justin as you knew that he was feeling a little bit uncomfortable. After all this time, he was still shy around your mother.

“Oh, eat with us!” Your mother panicked as she put an extra plate with a glass and the cutlery.

“Thank you.” Justin warmly smiled as he felt loved. You knew that he didn’t get much attention from his mother like how you did and he had serious problems at home, that was why you always tried to be there for him.

The three of you sat on your places and you shared a warm and delicious food together.

“Mum,” You seriously called her attention as you carefully chewed your food. “can Justin stay for the night?”

“Yes, of course! The guest room is always ready for him.” Your mother smiled sadly as she sensed that Justin had his family problems once again. It wasn’t the first time that Justin was crashing in your place and he has been welcomed by your parents with their arms widely opened.

“Thank you, really.” Justin was overwhelmed for the help that he was receiving and it made you love him even more because he knew how to appreciate the small things.

“Justin, you are always welcome in our family. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, okay?” Your mother reminded and Justin smiled while nodding in response.
After dinner, Justin helped you to clear the table and to wash the dishes.

“Jus,” You called him as you turned the faucet off and wiped your hands to dry them. “do you want to watch the stars?”

“Cheesy night ahead?” He winked at you and his gaze became bright once again. You knew that he felt better, but you still wanted to talk about it. He couldn’t keep his resentments to himself.

“Don’t you like it, Mr. Foley?” You hugged him from behind while he was drying the last plate.

“I do, Mrs. Foley.” He responded and you just let out some cute giggles. After some seconds, he put the last plate on its place and he wiped his hand using the towel.

You and Justin then headed to your house’s roof with two blankets and some chocolate bars. You used to do this when you were little and you would fall asleep on the roof while watching the stars with your parents.

Justin fixed one blanket on the flattened part of the roof and you both lied down on the blanket as you admired the starry sky.

“These stars are so bright.” You commented, being amazed at the protuberances that you were seeing.

“But those stars aren’t as bright as my life with you.” Justin sweetly said as he looked at you and you suddenly felt the heat in your cheeks.

“Aw, Justin!” You were flattered and you wouldn’t deny that. He knew how to make you smile and, in fact, he flashed you his warm smile when he saw you smiling.

“(Y/N), I am so happy to be with you right now.” He looked back at the sky and he sighed as he thought of his situation at home.

“And I am happy to have you here, Justin.” You smiled at him as you saw that he was focused at admiring the dark sky.

“And I thank you for that.” He seriously said, searching for your hand as a tear ran down his face. “Seth’s been stressing me since he came back to my mother. I was already happy that they broke up, but my mother kept on welcoming him home, although she knew that he would hurt me, although he hurts her too.”

“Jus, your mother has just loved somebody that couldn’t appreciate things. He’s an asshole, I know that, but it wasn’t your mother’s fault.” Justin intertwined his fingers with yours as you explained him how the things really were.

“I know, it’s just that I don’t feel that my mother cares about me anymore. I mean, she would stumble to serve that reckless ungrateful man as if she’s a maid.” Justin sighed as he worried of his mother. He cared for his mum and you couldn’t deny how great he was as a son.

“Justin,” you faced him and caressed his cheek with your free hand. “it’s not fair, but your mother is blinded by her love. Unluckily.” You sighed. “I am sure, though, that she cares about you. She’s just afraid to show it, because Seth hates you to death. She’s afraid of the consequences.”

“What a fucked-up situation.” He bit his lower lip as he shook his head, switching his gaze from the sky to your face.

“I know, but I am here for you Justin.” You caught each other’s glances and he smiled at you.

“Honestly?” You put on your questioning look and he looked at your lips and then he looked back at your eyes. “My world got better since you came into my life.”

“Aw, Justin.” You flashed him your flattered and touched smile. “You’re the sweetest.”

“It’s the truth and I would never lie to you.” Justin caressed your cheek as he tucked a strand of hair covering your face.

“Why is that?” You put your hand on his and you caressed it with your thumb. Your hand was small compared to his and you were amazed because it was so soft and smooth for a boy.

“Because I’m falling deeper in love with you.” He confessed his feelings and you felt the heat and the burning sensation in your face one more time. “I love you, (Y/N) and I don’t want to lose you.” He was brief, but he knew how to explain his hidden feelings.

“Justin, you are the sweetest person ever.” You bit your lower lip and he flashed you his sweetest smile, that smile that you loved the most in him. “And you would never believe it, but I love you too, for a while too.”

“Really?” His eyes grew wide as the words flushed in his mind.

“Really!” You gave him your confirmation and his smile grew bigger, just as big as yours, teeth confidently showing.

He leant in as he was about to close the gap between the two of you. He was really a gentleman, even though he seemed an asshole. “Can I?”

“Is that even a question to ask?” You winked at him and you leant in a little bit closer as you both laughed loudly.

You both moved forward and you closed the gap between the two of you. The cold breeze of air stung your skins and the stars shone up in the sky while you shared a long and sweet passionate kiss.

You waited for that moment to happen for a more than a century now and you couldn’t believe that it happened as you felt butterflies playing in your stomach.

You surely were happy and, like Justin, you were falling deeper in love with him too.

Reign I (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1638

Summary: Royal AU: the reader is a princess next in line to take the throne. Bucky is a knight that has been put in charge of taking care of and protecting the reader. 

A/N: do you hear me gasping for air? because it’s happening. i’m so in loove with this like oh my god. i just love AUs so much! I hope you guys enjoy this! I’m thinking of making this a series? we shall see where it takes us


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so because @bechnaesun​ practically coerced me into exchanging future evak headcanons with her, we present to you everything we screamed about for over two hours. 

even and isak get married. and their life goes a little like this:

  • isak and even adopt twins because they would feel like they should adopt siblings so they never, ever felt alone, even when they inevitably start feeling like maybe if they’re not related by blood they’re not the same, but they’d have each other, always.
  • isak would read so many parenting guides!! and google searches!! one times he just goes on a three hour wild ride of reading parenting blogs online, and afterwards, when even comes to bed, isak is sniffly and whispers, “what if we fuck up their lives forever? what if they end up hating us, and never calling–”
  • and even just presses a kiss to the top of isak’s head and says, “they would never, because they’d have you as a parent, and your love is one of the most powerful things in the world.”
  • isak isn’t totally calm after that, but it helps, a bit, but he also thinks that even may be a little biased. a tiny impressionable toddler is a lot different from your husband, because even’s already seen him at his worst, and has promised to stick with him through the good times and the bad. and besides, he never saw even in his angsty teenage phase, and just think about it they’re going to have to put up with all of that! how are we going to deal with puberty! what if they start dating!
  • even: then we just tell them about how we fell in love.
  • isak: baby, you asked me to smoke weed with you
  • even: it’s okay i figure we have at least a couple of years to develop a clean version of that story
  • so the point is, even with all of even’s attempts to placate isak’s worries, he still insists even follows the parenting guides to a tee, just in case they really fuck up at one point
  • even agrees, but mostly because if they do fuck up, then he’d have something to blame it on

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The Nanny Part 4

A/N: Hey guys! So here is chapter four. It’s a bit of a filler kinda? Idk it will make more sense next chapter. Anyways, I hope you guys like it.

Word Count: !580

Warnings: None

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Natasha!” you exclaimed, smacking her on the shoulder. “That’s my boss!”

Giggling, Nat started to drive. “Oh, shut up. We both know that you thought it at some point.” She said looking over at you for a moment before focusing on the road again.

Crossing your arms, you let out a defeated sigh. She wasn’t wrong. If it was different circumstances and the two of you would have met and hung out, you definitely would have been all for dating him. But the situation is how it is, which meant no dating Bucky Barnes.

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Pairing: Adrienette
Tags: Aged Up, Fluff, idek
Summary: Adrienette is trending online because of a Buzzfeed article. So, Adrien and Marinette read it together.

“Top 8 times Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng were ‘hashtag couple goals’?” Marinette read aloud. “Well, this should be interesting.”

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Bi Rogers

(A/N): Heyyyyyyyyyy, guess who’s so sorry about her fanfic recently :D it’s me!

Summary: Steve is officially Bi, he’s known it since the forties, his only problem is how does he tell (Y/N)?

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @livandlilah

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   Steve gulped as (Y/N) stirred beside him; he had to tell them- he needed to tell them. They pressed against him, nuzzling their face into his chest, shivering a bit when the cold air of their apartment seeped through their sheets. 

   He couldn’t keep this from Them, this secret was too big, it was something they needed to know. He could barely stand to lay next to them knowing he was lying to them like this, pretending to be something he wasn’t.

    A shaky sigh falls from Steve’s lips as (Y/N) presses a sleepy kiss to Steve’s chest, their lips slowly curving upwards in what Steve assumed to be a smile. 

   "Good morning,“ Their voice was hoarse, raspy, and oh so cute. 

    "Mornin’” is all Steve whispered, his voice cracking even with the small word.  

   "You sleep well?“ (Y/N)’s lips move against his chest with every syllable, nearly sending him into a giggling fit but not now- not with such a serious issue hanging over him. 

    "Well enough,” Usually Steve would ask them how they slept as he swept them up in his arms, holding them to his body as he pressed a tirade of kisses to their skin but that wasn’t the case today. All he wanted to do today was get away from (Y/N) as quickly as possible. 


    “I guess you could say that,” (Y/N)’s messy head of hair perked up at his statement, their sleepy eyes looking at him curiously as though he were some strange animal.

    “Is something wrong Stevie?” Fuck- if there was one sure fire way to get him to melt it was to have (Y/N) call him Stevie, or any nickname for that matter. 

   "No, no, sorry, I just- mission stress and all,“ (Y/N) nods in understanding, pursing their lips in thought.

    "Do you need to go workout?”

    “Yeah, a workout would be great,” Steve sighs, finally grateful for having an excuse to leave (Y/N) behind.

    “I can make you some food afterwards?” Steve nods even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to eat until he told them.

    “Yeah, food sounds great doll,” Steve threw in the pet name for good measure, hoping it would convince (Y/N) he was fine. With a tired smile (Y/N) kissed Steve softly and even with all his guilt and shame he’d be crazy not to kiss them back. With their lips pressed to his he felt as though he could almost forget about the nagging little thought in the back of his head, screaming at him to tell (Y/N) about his huge secret but as soon as they pulled away the scream returned, louder than ever. That’s why when (Y/N) began to pull back Steve pulled them back in, whimpering against their lips, a quiet plea for them to continue. 

   "Steve- Stevie,“ (Y/N) broke away from him, leaving his lips tingling and feeling cold. "Are you sure you’re okay?” Now, now would be the perfect opportunity to tell them- 

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” Steve smiled softly, “I just- I love you,” (Y/N) smiles at him gently as they reach up to affectionately ruffle his hair, something he rather enjoyed.

    “I love you too Steve, now get that cute butt down to the gym,” (Y/N) gave his leg a firm smack and flashed him a wink before they sauntered off into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Steve watched them longingly, wishing for nothing more to join them, take a bath with them, kiss their hair as he rubbed the tension out of their shoulders- no, he needed to go to the gym, hit a few punching bags until the sand began to bleed onto the floor. Yeah, that’s what he needed to do. 

   Steve quickly got dressed and grabbed some materials before heading down to the gym, locking himself inside so as not to be disturbed by anyone for a few hours. As soon as he stepped foot into the gym he was eyeing the punching bags as he wrapped his hands up tightly, perhaps a bit too tightly. He hoped by the end of his session the punching bag would be nothing more than a sad bag of leather and a few grains of sand- guess he had been quite right because by the end of his workout the punching bag had been beaten into nothing, all the sand having dribbled onto the floor. He knew he should clean it up but the promise of food upstairs and a warm shower was too tempting.

    “Jarvis, can you clean the floor up or send for someone who can?" 

  "Certainly sir,” And with that and a shaky sigh Steve tracked back up the stairs, up to his floor, and into his kitchen where (Y/N) was no doubt cooking him breakfast.

    Steve was silent as he walked in, his throat full off too many words, so many that if he opened his mouth they would come spewing out without an warrant so instead he kept his mouth closed and locked, not even the slightest distance between his lips.

    “Hey big guy,” (Y/N) smiled as they turned to face him, a pan in one hand and a spatula in the other. Steve gulps as he takes a seat at the kitchen island, his eyes trying desperately not to rake up and down (Y/N)’s form. “I’m making pancakes and coffee, sounds good?” Sounds delicious is what Steve wanted to say but all they got in reply was a small grunt of approval. (Y/N) eyes Steve warily but they dismiss it, after all they had earlier asked if he was okay and he had responded with yes so why question it again?  So with a concerned gaze (Y/N) goes back to cooking, unable to shake the feeling that something was wrong with Steve. 

   “Here ya go cutie pie,” (Y/N) placed Steve’s food before him, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek as they did, not even caring about the sweat still dripping off his body. 

   “Thanks,” Steve’s voice was hoarse and raspy, just as it had been this morning but a thousand times worse now. He winced softly as he took a sip of his coffee, letting the warm drink soothe his nerves a bit. 

  “I’m gonna go shower and get ready for work, are you gonna be okay while I’m gone?” Steve nods his head as he takes a bite of pancake, barely registering the taste in his mouth.

   “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” 

   “You sure? I can take the day off if you’d like-”  

   “(Y/N),” Steve’s tone was soft but firm, his captain side starting to shine through a bit. “I’ll be fine, promise,” (Y/N) sighs softly, giving Steve one last look before muttering an ‘okay’ and making their way towards their bathroom leaving Steve to sit all alone and dwell in his thoughts. 

   His coffee had small bubbles rising to the surface and his pancakes were slowly starting to soak up the copious amounts of syrup (Y/N) had piled atop them (Steve had always been a sucker for anything sweet) as he sat there alone, wallowing in his thoughts. 

   Steve had known he was gay the minute he reached elementary school, he remembered looking at the boys and liking them just as much as he had liked the girls but he was too young to understand what that meant and even into his early teen years when he started to develop crushes on the neighborhood boys he still didn’t quite get it. It wasn’t until he was nearly 25 when it suddenly clicked for him; he was gay. Not completely gay, just a little gay. He had actually found out using an unsecured laptop (Tony was always so nosy) that he was actually bisexual and from there it just clicked for him. He had accepted it and he was finally comfortable enough to admit it but was he comfortable enough to admit it to (Y/N)? The answer was no and that’s why he could barely been look at them right now. 

   So many things could go wrong if he told them- what if they found him repulsive or strange? What if they resented him for not telling them sooner? Or worse what if they left him? Steve chokes a bit on the tears caught in his throat, a sad whimper leaving his lips at the action. God- he was so pathetic, here he was, a grown man, crying all alone in his kitchen. And of course that’s exactly when (Y/N) decides to walk in (they always had the best timing) when Steve is whimpering and wiping at his eyes, a towel wrapped around their body as water drips from their hair. 

   "I forgot soap and- Oh my god Steve, what’s wrong?“ (Y/N) rushes to the man’s side, more than concerned with the way he was sniffling and rubbing at his eyes. 

   "I-it’s nothing (Y/N)-" 

   "That’s bullshit Rogers, tell me what’s really wrong.” Even though their words were harsh their hands on either side of Steve’s face were soft and kind, more caring then anything else. Steve sighs shakily as he unconsciously rubs his cheek against (Y/N)’s hand, sniffling once again.

    “I have uh- I have something to tell you. I’ve been meaning to tell you for a long time but I never had the courage and- god,” Steve sighs as he slumps back into his chair, rubbing at his aggressively red eyes.

    “C'mon Stevie, you can tell me, I won’t get mad,” Yeah right, like they wouldn’t be mad the man they’d been dating for nearly a year suddenly decided to tell them that he was gay. 


    "I promise,” as extra reassurance (Y/N) presses a kiss to Steve’s eyebrow, allowing their lips to linger there before they pulled back, looking at Steve waitingly. 

    “So- so, I’ve been hiding this for years,” Steve bites his lips as the words finally reach the open air, something he had wanted for so long. He’d never admitted to anyone about his feelings towards men, back in his day it was frowned upon and he couldn’t stand the thought of being ridiculed even more. A sickly, small gay man? Steve was sure to get the hell beaten out of him for sure. So for 70 years he kept his secret with him, that was until now. “I uh- fuck,” 

   “Take your time,” (Y/N) gave his hand a reassuring squeeze, the small bit of contact grounding him back to earth. 

   “I um, I’m- fuck it- I’m gay,” Steve blurts out, feeling the words fall from his lips almost instantaneously. 

   “W-Wait, you’re gay?”

   “Not completely gay….” Steve trails off, biting his lip as he attempted to figure out how the hell to phrase his words. “I’ve always viewed men and women the same…I don’t really have a preference is all,” Steve mumbles, feeling his tears pricking his eyes once again. Now was the time (Y/N) would yell at him, punch him maybe, demand they break up, probably call Steve a whole slew of names but suddenly (Y/N)’s reaching up with their hands to cup Steve’s cheeks and run their thumbs under his eyes to collect his tears. 

   “Is that why you’ve been so strange lately?” Steve nods meekly which rewards him with (Y/N) gently kissing his forehead again. 

   “Why were you so scared to tell me?”

   “I thought you’d resent me, maybe you’d hate me, I thought that if I told you that I liked guys too then you wouldn’t love me anymore…” 

   “Steven Grant Rogers, that’s ridiculous,” (Y/N) kisses his lips firmly yet sweetly all the while wrapping him up in a nearly bone crushing hug. “I could never stop loving you and I don’t care that you like guys too, okay? I accept you the way you are and I wouldn’t have you any other way,” (Y/N) smiles at him their hands slowly playing with his hair at the nape of his nec. 

   “R-Really?” Certainly Steve was dreaming, (Y/N) wouldn’t be this calm about Steve being gay, it wasn’t just possible-

   “Really,” (Y/N) smiles at him. “I’ll love you no matter what, got that Stevie?” Steve smiles up at (Y/N), sniffling just a bit. 

   “I love you too (Y/N),” 

   “I still have to shower and I’m pretty sure you do too, how ‘bout I show you just how much I love you, hmm?” (Y/N) gives Steve a little smirk (one that had him nearly whimpering) and their hands upon his face suddenly feel like they’re burning his skin but in the best kind of way. 

   “I’d like that,” 

   “Then get your cute little ass into the bathroom,” (Y/N) gave Steve’s lips a peck before sliding off his lap, looking at him expectantly. Steve smiles as he slides out of the chair, following after (Y/N) as they led him towards the steamy bathroom. 

   (Y/N) accepted Steve as he was, they loved him despite the fact that he just so happened to like men and women and that’s all that mattered to him. 

Moments and Memories- Chapter One

So for this series, it was basically me realizing that all of my imagines that I’d gathered for two weeks weren’t actually able to work as their own fics. So… I decided to create a series and get all of my ideas down. When I was writing this, I had no plot, but now I have a couple of ideas :) I hope you enjoy it

I hum as I wipe down the counter, soothed by the smell of coffee and the chatter of the few guests left in the small cafe. Ever since I moved here, the edge of Boston, I’ve been mostly alone and ignored. The customers have started to know me by name, but rarely do I venture out besides work and my small apartment.

“(Y/N)! Get the register!”

I sigh, setting my cloth aside and wiping my hands on my apron before making my way up front. “Hello!” I freeze, staring at the man with burning cheeks, but I force myself to snap out of it. “What can I get for you?”

Chris Evans smiles gently, in his NASA hat and white henley with that clavicle tattoo peaking out. “Just a regular coffee, please,”

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Regret - Part 3

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Genre: angst, fluff, slight smut

Pairing: Johnny x Reader, Taeyong x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you and you leave him. Almost a year later, he realizes that he hasn’t quite gotten over you and he tries to get you back.

You ended up calling Taeyong a few weeks later. As soon as the line began to ring, you wanted to hang up. What if he forgot all about you? What if he didn’t even remember your name? More importantly, what if he was already seeing someone? Maybe you should’ve texted him first, you thought, as it continued to ring in your ear.

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paralian - Jimin (Spring Day series)

Originally posted by gotjimin

(n.) one who lives by the sea

OC - Pyo Raehee 

I have a best friend.

At least I think I did… once.

I used to live in a small town secluded from the cities. It was unimportant to most maps but it was there, idle and unknown to most. The population didn’t go over a hundred and everyone knew each other like old friends.

I remembered getting up early in the morning and biking up the hill a few minutes from the main town. Daeyang was located by the seaside and it was a place where serenity lay and where time seemed to move slowly; unlike in big cities where people always seemed to be rushing after something.

I remembered both loving and hating the place. Hate because it was so small, so suffocating sometimes. I dreamt of leaving that town once I graduate and find a job in the city; maybe become a screenplay writer or even better, an actress who starred in movies (which I would be writing, of course).

Daeyang was a place detached from that world; a world that excited me, fascinated me. Once a month, my uncle visits us and brings in things like movies and the latest technology that came out like those amazing video games and cellular phone units.

Jimin liked those games a lot.


The train zipped passed and I felt the wheels rumbling beneath my feet as it rolled through the tracks.

The skies were dark outside as I’ve taken a ride in the middle of the night; a shotgun decision I had made right next to snagging the very last chance passenger slot at the airport.

My heart beat in a slow rhythm, a contrast to the whirl of emotions stirring within me.

I watched the darkened fields whipping past; a never ending sea of grass, hills, and earth. I leaned my head against the cold glass of the window as the train took me away from the city… far away from what I once thought was everything to me.

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aledethanlast  asked:

I see that finals week headcanon and I raise you: 1) Neil doesn't care that much about grades but he's still breezing his way through college level mathematics and lords it over Riko's head like you wouldn't believe. 2, or an alternative to 1, your choice) Neil is a fucking amazing actor, and has the IMDb page to prove it. 2) The boys collectively speak 6 languages fluently or semi-fluently and can read in 10. Kayleigh knows English, some French, and Japanese. Help her.

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

  • Nathaniel Wesninski, heartthrob of every club president ever, leaves misery and despair in his wake
  • even Riko has to, metaphorically spitting blood and concretly stabbing his lunch with a fork, admit that the damage is impressive
  • there might or might not be secret meetings of club presidents just sitting in a circle crying over Nathaniel fucking Wesninski wasting all this potential camping on the exy court
  • “Don’t you want to try another activity?” “Why? It’s not exy”
  • after a while, he still resigns to try a couple of things out because Kayleigh was making the Sad and Concerned face at him
  • (she’s literally the only person who can pull out that face without Nathaniel immediately wanting to do exactly the reverse just to spite them)
  • and happens? some are actually fun?? 
  • especially competitive debating, since he was basically handed a free pass (with strong encouragements from the brass) to run that mouth of his and utterly destroy other people
  • the theater club held a party when he said he was willing to try it for a week or so
  • and then they held a mourning ceremony when he announced that he wasn’t staying
  • (such a waste, you could sometimes see the most passionate members mutter to themselves darkly, seemingly staring at nothing and rocking back and forth on a pile of cardboards)
  • he shot a commercial once, after his family had annoyed him into doing it, where he did virtually nothing but stand at the edge of a cliff and glare into the ocean
  • that, somehow, earned him an iMDB page and critics fawning themselves over the intensity and roar emotion of his gaze, about the “fiery and yet haunted” blue of his eyes, the “art of conveying countless emotions” in just a “masterfully performed clench of the jaw”
  • the family spent hours watching that commercial on a loop to try to figure out what the hell and debate extensively over it, until Nathaniel threatened to break all their rackets
  • (which earned him a shocked and pained gasp from Kevin, a disbelieving scoff from Riko, a blank stare from Jean and an exaggerated “You wouldn’t!” from Kayleigh)
  • they still let the topic drop after Nathaniel purposefully stepped on Kevin’s favourite racket as a warning (who would have known Kevin Day could produce such a high-pitched screech)
  • and soon the sudden unexplanable hysteria died down as well, much to Nathaniel’s relief
  • his iMDB page stayed up though, and is still regularly visited by people redirected from obscure fansites… 
  • …and meme references pages
  • (the Nathaniel Wesninski memes keep growing over time, and the oldest followers would sometimes refer to that commercial with great nostalgia and a sigh)

the neighborly thing to do

Written for @rebelcaptainprompts #12 - Distraction. 

Read it on ao3

Cassian wasn’t the type to get to know his neighbors. That’s not to say he was impolite. He’d nod in the courtyard and lend people sugar and sign for a package if need be. Other than that, he didn’t feel the need to befriend any of these people.

Until he sees the new girl moving into 102, right next door to him.

He’s immediately distracted from the work in his hand.

It’s not just that she’s cute. (She’s definitely cute.) There’s just something about her that pulls at him. Maybe it’s the combat boots or the “rebel” shirt. Maybe it’s her bright green eyes, or the fact that she’s moving in completely on her own. Either way, he feels the need to offer to help.

“I can manage just fine on my own,” she huffs at him, after he finally gets her attention.

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The Mistress - Chapter 9

Summary: It’s the morning after Negan showed the reader his vulnerable side and he’s a bit worried about that, but the reader is eager to prove that she can keep it between the two of them.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Dwight, Sherry

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Choke Play, Blowjob, Rough Sex & a little bit of Voyeurism

Notes: It starts off as kind of a fluff piece, but then gets very smutty. 

AO3 Link:

Tags: @jasoncrouse @ronweaselz @hiddlesdowneyjr @ali-pennell @melodicdolls @namelesslosers @deepsouth @shanaatjelove11 @warriorqueen1991 @caitydestroys @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @jaylaelizabethw @prettyepiic @negans-dirty-girl @mamaredd123 @jdmsgal @alyisdead @memphisgirl1977@negans-network @freaktesque @cannedpicklenumber1 @karaokke *As always, please let me know if you want to be added to the tags or if you wanted to be taken off!*  

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Bed Buddies

AU’s: -You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

-We’ve had this tradition as besties to have a sleepover once a year but this year….it feels different…were your pajamas always this cute??…did I always have butterflies

Summary: Reader comes over to yo boi’s home

Word Count: 2500+

Trigger warnings: swears, badly translated French, Fem!reader, was briefly read over so could be horrible we wouldn’t know, shitty title

A/N: made by both @foundingfukbois and @mermaidsareforrealzies. we hope you like it! <3 Also this is technically my(@mermaidsareforrealizes) first good fic so feedback would be really nice, if you have any.

Laf was looking forward to this night for the past two weeks. Tonight was the night his best friend since cringey high school days came to visit, drink a couple beers, and ultimately catch up.

 You and Laf were sophomores at the same college, but living on the other side of campus was like living worlds away. Whenever you did see each other, it was only when the whole squad would assemble for a night “studying” at the library. In reality, Alex would be the only one attempting to study, and John, Herc, and Laf would be laughing at some joke or sneaking in a box of beer for them to chug. You would always watch the beer-chugging, but only joined in when one of the boys smuggled in shots. Mostly you would watch the festivities with your notes spread out across your lap. Whenever Laf turned to look at you, you were watching him. He would smile and wave and you would blush scarlet and turn back to ask Alex a question about your notes. Laf didn’t think much of it.

The squad aren’t allowed in that library anymore for ‘improper behavior’.

But in any case, these wild one-on-one nights became a monthly tradition. Laf and Y/N never seemed to get some alone time to talk or just chill. They were best friends, after all.

Laf was so excited for this reunion. He hadn’t seen you in a grand total of two weeks, and hadn’t had alone time with you since last month. This was the first hang out being held at Laf’s dorm. He wanted to cook some stereotypical French food, partly because he enjoyed showing off his Frenchness and partly because he wanted to impress you with his stellar cooking.

He threw some freshly-made crepes onto a plate and garnished it with a couple of leaves in an attempt to make it look fancy. Laf gently hummed a French tune while he poured some crepe batter onto a hot pan. He got some more plates from the cabinet above the sink and laid them out on the dining table, all with a smile gracing his face. He continued to set up the table and prepare the food with the utmost care. Then there was a knock on the door. He wiped his hands on his apron and went to answer the door.

He opened the door and you stood in the doorway with a backpack on your shoulders and a bag in your hands, an amused look on your face. “Wow, Laf, you clean up nicely,” you chimed in, looking him up and down.

Laf had a white tank top showing off his massive arms, and you desperately tried not to let your eyes linger on his build for too long. On top of that he had a cliche ‘Kiss The Cook’ apron. ‘What a dork.’

“Y/N!” Laf chuckled nervously and gave you a hug. He let go a little too quickly out of embarrassment and went to check on his crepes. “You’re early…I wasn’t expecting you until nine.”

You dumped your backpack on his couch like you owned the place and pushed the plastic bag into his hands with a smirk. He looked at it questioningly while you looked around.

“Nice place,” you added, pulling out a chair at the dining table and unlacing you boots. “What’s for dinner, Frenchie?” Lafayette snorted and took some of the beer bottles out of the bag you had given him.

“When did you get so cocky?” Laf reached for the plate of crepes in the kitchen and pushed it in front of you, knowing that they will shut you up. Your eyes widened at the French food, and looked up at Lafayette in awe.

“Did you make these? These look amazing!” You immediately began to shovel them in your mouth when the frenchman placed a fork in front of you. “And they taste amazing, too,” you mumbled, your hand covering your mouth in an attempt to block your lips while you praised his cooking with a full mouth.

“It’s a family recipe,” he grinned, satisfied with your response.  

While you inhaled the crepes, Laf slid you a beer, left one for himself, and went to place the rest in the fridge. He turned around and you were finishing up the last of the crepes out of the entire stack that he had placed in front of you a minute ago.

“Don’t they feed you back in the girl’s dorm? Jesus, you eat fast.”

You shrugged and popped the lid off of the beer bottle. You took a swig and widened your eyes in realization. You put the bottle down on the table with a little clink.

“Oh shit, did I just eat your food? Did you eat already? I should’ve saved some for you… Jesus, I’m horrible,” you mused nervously, standing up from your chair and briskly padding into the kitchen with Lafayette trailing behind you.

“Hey it’s fine! I’m not hungry,” he said as he grasped your wrist abruptly and twirled you around.

Suddenly, his strong arms caught you off guard and you got twirled closer towards him so that your eyes were level with his lips and your faces were inches apart. You quickly glanced to his eyes and he looked flustered, which was unnatural for his normal  confident mien.

He took a step back and ran his hand through his hair, clearly uncomfortable. You felt a blush creep onto your cheeks and you looked to your feet. ‘What the hell was that?’

“So, uh, do you wanna watch a movie or something?” Lafayette spoke without looking at you, as he took steps back out of the kitchen.

“Sure,” you murmured, eager to escape this tense feeling. You hated being like this around Laf, he was your best friend. You flopped on the couch and wrapped yourself with a blanket and hugged a pillow into your stomach.

“Quit hogging the blanket, Y/N!” Laf joked. You snuggled further into the couch and stuck your tongue out at him. He poked you in the side and you giggled, giving up a portion of the blanket.

Laf grabbed the remote off of the coffee table in front of you and opened Netflix. After debating what to watch for a solid five minutes, you two decided on Mrs. Doubtfire.  Robin Williams was your favorite actor and comedian since you were a kid and when Laf said he never watched the movie, you gave him a look of disbelief and snatched the remote out of his hands.

“Really? You haven’t seen the greatest Robin Williams movie of all time?”

Laf shrugged. “My parents are cut-throat French aristocrats . We didn’t watch American movies at home unless they were educational. We played French songs, movies, plays, you name it. My parents took pride in their nationality, as do I. Maybe I should show you one of my favorite French movies?” He gave up once he saw the hesitant look on your face.

“Fine, I’ll give Mrs. Doubtfire a try. But you’ll have to make some popcorn for us.” He shot you his sweetest smile and sighed, getting up.

“Hey King Louis, where do you keep your popcorn?” You called over your shoulder when you reached the kitchen.

“Ha-ha,” he replied sarcastically over his shoulder while setting up his couch nest. “Third cabinet to the right of the fridge.”

You made the popcorn as fast you could and fell onto the couch and very close to his legs with the bowl of the popcorn. You quickly sat up blushing. You didn’t mean to fall so close to him. He didn’t seem to notice you being flustered.

“I got the popcorn,” you said, stating the obvious. Laf smiled slightly and pressed play. The movie started and the Frenchman wrapped an arm around you and pulled you closer to him. Have the French always been this intimate, even with their friends? You tried not to think much about it and snuggled into him, ready to watch a movie with your best friend.

The movie was over, beers were empty, and you and Laf stretched out across the couch. You would say the movie was great, like always, but you were… distracted. Laf’s arm was around you and his face was so close to yours. You didn’t usually feel like this when you were around him. Does he do this around all of his friends? Has he always been this hot?

“Its getting late, I should probably leave. We should do this again sometime, though.” You said, getting up from the couch. Laf groaned and pulled you back down.

“Can’t you stay a little more… s'il vous plaît?” he pleaded.

You sighed. “Laf, it’s 1:05 and I haven’t started any of my homework for Monday.”

“It’s fucking Friday, Y/N, you have the whole weekend.”

“Well, now it’s technically Saturday–”

“You know what I mean, idiot,” your friend replied rolling his eyes. “Besides, I don’t want you going home alone at night like this, mon amour. Our campus isn’t exactly, how you say, the safest. Je ne pense pas que c'est une bonne idée. Je ne veux pas vous faire de mal.”(I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t want you to get hurt.)

You didn’t really understand the last half of that sentence, but you got the gist.

“Laf, that’s really sweet, but I can’t-”

“Sure you can,” he said, smiling sweetly and putting his arm around you again. You blushed a little but rolled your eyes.

“Here, I’ll sleep on the couch, you can take my bed, belle.”

You knew what that one meant. Was he flirting with you?

“No, no, no, I can’t just stay the night and take your bed away from you.” You curled a strand of your hair nervously. He pushed your hair behind your ear and took your hand. ‘Calm your fucking tits, Y/N. Just a friend, just a friend-”

Laf looked at you with pleading eyes.

“Don’t be silly, I’ll take the couch. Let me be the gentleman here.” He laughed. But you didn’t want to inconvenience him anymore than you already had.

“I’d rather go home than have you sleep on the couch. I don’t want to have you be uncomfortable all night because of me.” You said, slightly raising your voice at him.

“Fine, wanna just- merde, we could both just-, since you’re so stubborn, we could both sleep in my bed– If you’re comfortable with it of course…” He sputtered, trying to make up his mind, and trailing off. Your eyes widened and you looked down.

“I guess,” you mumbled, trying to not seem flustered or desperate.

Laf gave you a small grin while glancing down at your intertwined fingers. “So, if we’re done arguing, I’m ready to go to bed.” he gently remarked with a smile.

After the both of you prepared for bed in the bathroom, you lifted up the striped covers and got in, immediately immersed with his scent. Laf could only stare at you.

“Are you gonna sleep in that?” You were wearing a tshirt and jeans. It was the only thing you had, so you assumed it was what you were going to be wearing for bed.

“Well, yeah…”

Laf paused for a second before speaking, “I could lend you a shirt of mine to wear, if you wanted…” He looked up at you to see your reaction. “Unless you don’t want to, of course,” he added quickly.

You smiled slightly, “Thanks, Laf, that would be nice…” you trailed off.

He nodded and turned to his dresser and pulled out sweatpants and a black tshirt while you stood up out of his bed. He handed the things to you and momentarily left the room so you could get changed in peace.

What the fuck was happening tonight? Not only did you feel ten times more flustered, but he seemed to be ten times more affectionate. Was it the beers you had? You weren’t even close to drunk, and Laf didn’t get drunk easily…

You pulled on his shirt and slid into his sweatpants with ease, considering they were massive on you, yet attainable. Your hair on the other hand was anything but attainable.

“Laf, you can come in now if you want!” You called through the door, while you yanked your hair tie out of your hair.

Laf walks in hesitantly, and upon seeing you, he grins to himself. However, you catch his smile while gazing into the mirror while you put your hair up in a messy ponytail.

“What was that smile for?” you say, turning on your heel to look at him with an amused look on your face.

“Rien, ma chérie,”he said.

You cock your head and raise an eyebrow, your hands finding a place on your hips.

“I-I mean, those clothes are huge on you, it’s quite funny to see you drowning in mes vêtements,” He now replies, fluffing his pillows while getting into bed, avoiding your gaze with a smirk on his face.

You quickly turn off the light of his room and follow him into bed, letting your hands guide you on the way to the bed, considering you are temporarily blinded.

“Are you good? You sure you don’t want me to sleep on the couch?” Laf inquires.

“If you don’t want to share a bed with me, Laf, just say something,” you say as sarcastically as you can muster.

“Ah no! I mean… Merde Y/N, you make this so difficult.”

You both giggled into the pillows and adjusted more, becoming comfortable in the bed. You could get used to this bed…

“Good night ma cher,” he mutters before turning from lying on his back to his side.

“Sweet dreams, Laffy Taffy.”

You slowly woke up, from one of those calming dreams that only occur in the mornings. As you drifted into consciousness, you lifted your hands to wipe at your eyes, but then you realized where you were. More specifically, who you were with.

Your eyes widened when you found yourself with an arm wrapped around your waist.

At first it was shocking and uncomfortable. But you soon felt more at ease, knowing whose arms those were. Your back was to him, while he spooned your small form. You gently smiled to yourself, not turning to him, not wanting to disturb him.

Little did you know, Laf was awake, and very, very happy.

Originally posted by stormborn

Sansa x Young!Reader / Daenery x Young!Reader

“You must leave here, there is a ship going across the red sea.” Sansa hissed as you both hurried through the castle.

“But why can’t I stay here with you?” You complained as she tugged you too quickly and your legs tangled in your dress.

“Because if you stay you will be stuck here forever like me, I am no longer marrying the king which means you aren’t safe… you may be a very far removed Stark cousin but you are still a Stark and if we all go you would have claim to Winterfell.” She explained hurrying you out of the docks and to a ship.

Keep reading

Her Majesty [Anakin Skywalker x Amidala!Reader]

Part 2

Summary: The reader is Padme’s younger sister and when she became senator, the reader became queen. Because of an attempt to end the reader’s life, Anakin is assigned to protect her. They go back to Naboo and where there’s a ball held. Anakin gets jealous when he sees someone hitting on the reader.

Word Count: 4000+

Warnings: Brief mentions of death

You pulled your hair up into a knot at the back of your head and frowned at your reflection in the mirror. You looked so tired. Shadows seemed to be painted under your eyes. Your brows seemed permanently furrowed in careful concentration. “I feel so helpless,” you sighed. “Everything is happening far too quickly.”

Behind you, your older sister Padmé was helping you pack for your journey back to Naboo. She was a saint, really, and the only person with whom you felt completely at ease. Padmé smiled and shook her head. “The galaxy doesn’t slow down for anybody, but there are some people who are able to keep up with it. They might get tired from running, and they might feel lost at times. But they’re still called queens.”

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Dixon Brothers Imagine ~ Guts

The Reader is close friends with Daryl and Merle and this friendship has to prove itself when Merle gets cuffed to the roof…


Originally posted by crossbows-and-moonshine

The sun shone down onto you while you let yourself fall onto the ground of the roof you were more or less trapped on.
Trapped, because some idiot in the streets thought he had to play Lucky Luke, showing up in sheriff stuff and riding a horse before beginning to shoot and attract and fill the streets with living corpses.
You looked over to Merle who sat next to you, tipping with his shoes impatiently onto the ground.
You knew both of them, Merle and Daryl, for a long time now and over time you’ve grown to be pretty close friends and even though you were a lot younger than both of them, you were more than just sometimes forced to play their Watchdog when they, or especially Merle got driven by his hothead once again.
Merle stood up, grabbed the gun standing next to him before he walked over to the edge of the roof.
“Merle? What the fuck are you doing?”, you asked looking confused at him while he kept walking.
“You’ll see, Darlin’”, he just said, cocking the gun as he brought it up to his face and fired the first shot down the roof.
“Merle, stop that shit there are already enough around”, you hissed while you saw him continuing.
“We’re dying anyway doll, why not having a little fun before we peg out”, he said, stopping shooting for a short moment before he put the gun back to his face.
You huffed, stood up and walked over to him while you crossed your arms in front of your chest.
“Merle Dixon, you fucking stop shooting. Now”, you growled before he stopped again, shaking his head chuckling before the door on the other side of the roof hit open.
“Hey, Dixon are you crazy?”, you heard Morales scream as you turned around while Merle laughed and sent another shot down the building.
“Hey! You ought to be more polite to a man with a gun! Huh?”, Merle called out as he finally stopped and turned around.
“Only common sense”, he said chuckling as he hopped down the ridge you both were standing on while the others made their way with the guy in uniform who got you all into this trouble.
“You are wasting bullets we ain’t even got!”, T-Dog yelled as he stormed towards Merle.
And hell, you could already tell that it wasn’t gonna finish with yelling.
You saw the anger in Merle’s face rising as he began to yell.
“Merle. Come on it’s not worth it”, you hissed trying to lay your hand on his shoulder to keep him from doing something stupid and of course, it didn’t help.
You didn’t need to listen to his now calming down voice that all that was coming out of his mouth was offending shit while you kept trying to hold him with a greater urge back.
You weren’t dumb and you weren’t naive as well, you knew Merle and you knew how much of an asshole he could be when he was edgy and the last thing you needed was an escalation here.
“I’ll tell you the day! It’s the day I take orders from a nig-” “Merle!”, you furiously cut him off before he could continue.
“Stop (Y/N), let that damn asshole say what he wanted to say”, T-Dog growled while still glaring at the chuckling Merle who raised his voice and you saw T-Dog’s fist landing in Merle’s face.
“Merle!”, you screamed again as you saw how he wrestled T-Dog to the ground and you couldn’t see anymore who hit who until Merle leaned over T-Dog, hissed again before he stood up.
You looked glaring over to both of them, you didn’t need a big fight here while tons of walkers were trying to make their way to you.
“So what are we gonna do now?”, Merle said chuckling before you saw how the man hit him to the ground and a sharp gasp escaped your throat.
He leaned over him hit his handcuffs out and got merle faster cuffed to the pipe than you could look.
“Hey! wait that’s not necessary”, you said looking at the man who grabbed Merle now by his collar.
“Oh it is”, the man said before merle began to growl again. “Who the hell are you man?!”, he got out of his mouth while the man still held him forcefully.
“Rick Grimes”, the man just hissed before he let go of him.
“Damn it”, you growled quietly while you looked over to the others, T-dog still on the ground while the others watched the scene playing in front of them.
You heard Rick talking to Merle before you looked back to them, seeing how he pulled a small bag out of Merle'a pocket.
He had promised you to stop with that shit, with these damn drugs, not only for you but also for Daryl.
Rick stood up, tossed the bag from the roof and as much as you already couldn’t stand him for all the misery he had brought you in, you inwardly thanked him for that.
“You’re not gonna leave him this way now are you?”, you asked tensed up as you saw Rick walking to the edge of the roof before he turned around.
“He has to cool down”, he said while you huffed.
“He can cool down without this thing on”, you said looking from Merle to Rick.
“Nah, he can’t, not gonna take the risk”, he said before you sighed.
Great Job, Merle.
Great Job, Officer Know-it-all.
You scowled before you let yourself fall next to Merle, deep down you knew that he needed a break even though you didn’t like seeing him cuffed.
But as long as this Sheriff would get him off of it again, you could somehow get along with it.
“You told me you’d stop with that shit”, you growled while you looked down to your hands.
“I’d stop, right after that sweet little stash”, Merle said as you huffed annoyed.
“What? You playing moralizer or what?” He asked with a hissing undertone.
“I’m not, I’m just not interested in you dying because of this fucking crap”, you growled.
“Now that’s really cute, Doll”, he said while he chuckled provocative.
“How’s the signal?”, you heard Morales ask as the crippling sound of the walkie could be heard.
“Like Dixon’s brain. Weak”, T-dog answered, a grin on his face while Merle flipped him off and your glares hit him.
“Really T-Dog?”, you asked annoyed.
After all, Merle was still your friend.
An asshole friend, but still a friend.
You liked T-Dog and you got along with him well, but you just didn’t like seeing Merle cuffed.
You heard the others and the Sheriff talking about how to get out of here while Merle turned his head to you.
“Doll, you gonna get me out of these cuffs?”, he asked looking at you.
“I’m gonna talk to him again, but you have to stop acting like a dick or you’re faster cuffed again than you think”, you hissed before you stood up.
“Now that’s my girl”, you heard him chuckle while you walked over to the new man.
“Can I talk to you for a minute?”, you asked tensed but calm.
“I’m not gonna get him out of the cuffs”, he directly said while you clenched your jawline.
What did he think of just coming here and thinking he can manage everything after he brought you into this shit?
You took a deep breath, keeping yourself under control before you started again.
“I’ll not let him attack someone again, I just need the keys”, you said trying to somehow convince him.
“Sorry, but no. Not for now”, Rick answered while you couldn’t hold a huff back.
“So how do we get out?”, you heard Andra ask before you could walk Rick something else.
You walked back to Merle, knowing that you had to find another way to get him out of this.
You kneeled next to him, took your knife and brought it close to him.
“Woah, what are you doing darling? You suddenly into knife play?”, you heard him ask while you huffing began trying to open the cuffs.
“Shut up Merle. I’m trying to free you”, you hissed while you kept on trying.
Hell, why did he always have to act like the biggest Asshole on earth?
Well, to be fair, he wasn’t always like that, you knew probably every side of him and there were good, gentle ones but mostly they couldn’t keep him from getting himself into trouble.
You heard the others muttering some plan before you heard Andrea telling T-Dog to watch over Merle and shortly after that you heard the crashing metallic sound of the door.
“It’s not working”, you huffed, looking desperately at the cuffs that began to turn his skin underneath red.
“Oh come on Sweetie, they’ll get me off, later on, why don’t we have some fun before we all die? My hand may be impeded, but my pants aren’t. Why don’t you go for a ride?”, he asked grinning while he earned a glare from you.
“Fuck you, Merle, this is not the time for this shit”, you growled before you started a new try.
And you tried until you heard the door opening again and saw the others walking over to the part of the roof where you sat.
“Hey! You get him off of this now!”, you called over to the Sheriff.
“Like I said, not now”, he hissed before you stood up again.
“Listen Sheriff Smartypants, you can’t get us into this whole thing and then play big boss! I get why you got him cuffed up and yes, he deserved it, but it’s enough now. Get. Him. Off” you growled while he shook his head.
“Listen, I’ll get him off, when we’ve found a solution to get out of here”, he said calm but tensed while you still looked glaring at him.
“I’ll do it. You can believe me”, he said while you tried to figure out if he really did or just said it to calm you down.
“I hope so”, you said growling before you looked over to Merle again and walked huffing over to him.
“You gotta wait a little bit, but he’ll get you off”, you muttered before you sat next to him again.
“Sorry”, you added swallowing while you looked over to him.
“Don’t worry, Sweetie. This is not on you”, he said, a tensed undertone in his voice, before he patted your knee.

Some time passed, Sheriff Smartypants and Glenn had worked out some plan and right now, they were running covered in guts through the streets while you still sat next to Merle and you could see the clouds above you darkening.
“That asshole is out on the street with the handcuff keys”, Merle hissed through the grumbling of the upcoming storm before you saw how T-dog held the small silver key up.
You almost jumped up and walked toward him, before you stood above him. “T-Dog come on. It’s enough now”, you said first trying hit keep everything calm.
“(Y/N) you’re a fine person but I really don’t understand how you can stand up for this prick. So no”, he said looking up to you while you began to glare.
“T-dog, don’t make me do something I don’t want to do”, you growled before you heard the grumbling of the storm right above you, the first raindrops falling onto your skin.
“God damn it”, you growled as you looked up to the clouds and felt your clothes turning wet.
“At least I’m gonna have a nice view, when things go south”, you heard Merle say before you turned around and saw him looking at you.
You just shook your head glaring at him before you turned to T-Dog again who now stood at the edge of the roof and looked down to the scene that was playing there.
“They’re in a car”, you just heard Morales say as he looked through the binoculars and the rain got weaker again.
“They’re making it! We-We gotta go”, you suddenly heard Morales call out before he suddenly grabbed his stuff and ran over to the door while you stood bewildered there, seeing the others rush over to Morales.
“(Y/N), you have to come now!“, Andrea yelled over to you while you looked bewildered at her.
“Are you kidding me, Andrea?! I’m not going! You can’t leave him here this way!”, you yelled over to her while she looked smitten at you.
“I’m sorry we have to go”, she called over.
“No, NO! You’re staying here until we get him free!”, you yelled while you walked a few steps towards her and T-Dog.
“Please!”, you heard Merle scream behind you.
And when Merle screamed “please” things had to be really worse for him.
“I’m sorry!”, Andra said again before she stormed through the door.
“Fuck you Andrea”, you yelled already feeling the desperation creating a lump in your throat.
“T-Dog, please! Come on man! Please help me, I’m sorry!”, you heard Merle scream again while T-Dog’s glance wandered to you, his breath heavy while he seemed to struggle.
“(Y/N), I-”, he said struggling while you looked desperate at him.
“Please T-Dog, I won’t get him out of the cuffs by myself, will you leave me here too? Come on, please”, you said your mood constantly switching between anger and desperation.
T-Dog breathed heavily before he grabbed something from his pocket, ran over to Merle before he suddenly tripped and fell onto the hard ground.
The dull bang his body produced while hitting the ground got followed by a metallic sound that traveled down the pipe in the roof.
It had been the key.
He had just dropped the damn key.
“I-I’m sorry”, T- Dog stumbled as he got up and you still stood stuck in shock there, Merle screaming before you turned to T-Dog who now rushed to the door.
“You can’t go!”, you yelled before you saw him looking as smitten at you as Andrea had looked at you before he kept running.
You heard Merle still screaming while you saw how T-Dog chained the door up, while he called out to you that walkers won’t get you.
You were still stuck between desperation and anger as you began to hear Merle’s screams.
“Shit…shit!”, you heard Merle call desperately out from behind the pipes.
“I’ll get you off…somehow”, you said, trying to calm yourself down.
If you would panic, it would just make it worse even though your body was already a trembling mess.
Your glance wandered around, fell onto the box with the tools.
You felt your legs almost automatically moving as you walked over to them, grabbed the whole box and sprinted over to Merle who laid panting on the floor.
“We’ll make it Merle, I promise”, you said, your voice still trembling even though you tried to keep it under control.
You grabbed the first tool you saw, a small saw before you tried with all the strength you had to break the cuffs.
Merle began to talk but his words were just empty echoes in your head while you kept going. Soon you felt like your sharp breath was ripping crannies into your throat as your breath got even more heavily.
“This shit’s not working”, you said gasping before you angrily tossed the saw away from you both and grabbed some pair of loopers.
You were already out of breath, you could feel your muscles begging you to stop but you couldn’t.
With all the strength you had left you tried to let the metallic cord rip open, but nothing seemed to help, doesn’t matter how much you tried, doesn’t matter how long you tried.
“Shit!”, you scoffed while the sound of the word came more out as a whimper.
“I-I’ll find a way-”, you said gasping while you looked up to Merle, his face just seeable through the faint light that got weaker and weaker.
You had probably tried for longer than you thought.
“Damn (Y/N), are…shit are you crying?”, you heard him say, suddenly in a more gentle tone as you felt a tear rolling down your cheek.
“No-…No I’m just… yeah, I probably am crying”, you said scoffing while you let yourself fall next to him, running your hand over your face.
You heard Merle sigh next to you before you looked up to him once again. “Maybe you should go too”, he quietly said.
“Don’t ever say that again. I’m not leaving you”, you said and even though your voice was still weak, the determination could be heard through it.
“I’d tell everyone else to keep their asses here, but you need to survive you know”, he said scoffing slightly.
“And you need to survive too. Daryl, he wants that too. Last time I’m saying that, doesn’t matter what shit happens, I’m staying”, you said before you picked up the pair of loopers once again but realized soon that with the small strength you got left, nothing would just somehow work out.
“Leave it, try again tomorrow”, you heard him say unlikely calm for him.
Maybe that kind of calmness people fall in between of panic attacks, that numb feeling you get for some time before the storm of panic inside you begins to rage again.
“I will, I-I will”, you said huffing before you leaned yourself against the pipe.
“Why don’t you lean yourself against good ol’ Merle, huh?”, he asked with a slight chuckle in his voice.
“Because If I do so, you’re gonna get the wrong ideas”, you said, a small grin on your lips.
You tried to stay awake, to keep your eyes open but after a few more moments you felt your eyelids forcing themselves down.

”(Y/N), you alright?“, Daryl said as he drove along the road, Merle on his motorcycle driving in front of the truck you sat in.
“Do you think it’s going to end? That the military can stop it?”, you asked swallowing while you looked out of the window remembering the pictures the TV had shown just days ago.
Cops shooting down people, well, living corpses that ate people.
“I don’t know”, you heard Daryl mutter before you looked over to him.
“Can you promise me something?”, you swallowing asked after a few moments.
“What is it?”, he asked looking for a short moment from the road to you.
“That we stay together. That…that we search for each other if we ever get split up…doesn’t matter what happens”, you said while your glance stayed onto Daryl.
“I promise”, he said before he looked over to you.
“I really do”, he said seriously before he cracked a small smile for you.

You woke up, leaned against Merle as you felt the first sunbeams shine down to you.
“Good Morning Doll”, you heard him say before a metallic thud made you jolt up, followed by a choir of groans.
Your eyes darted to the door, still mostly locked but some walkers tried to squeeze their rotting bodies through the gap.
“Oh no, god no!”, you heard Merle desperately groaning.
And there it was again, the panic.
You swallowed hard, tightened your grab around your knife before you walked towards the door and stabbed into the heads of the walkers, avoiding their flesh craving mouths while you took each one out.
Your hands were covered in blood as you walked back to Merle, picking up the pair of loopers again.
Your glance went to Merle’s wrist, already bloody and swollen before you leaned your full bodyweight onto the tool.
You wouldn’t give up, you wouldn’t even allow yourself to think about it.
You were in some kind of trance, not even hearing what Merle said for some time before you heard the metal clicking and saw the metallic cord of the handcuff finally ripping.
“Oh my-”, you called out, not believing what you saw as you heard Merle laughing relieved.
“You are a force of nature! Shit, thank you!”, you heard him call out laughing while you looked at the ripped cord.
“Come on Doll, gotta get off this shit”, you heard Merle say before he pulled you up along with him.
“Yeah, need to go back to Daryl”, you said while you caught your breath again.
“And back to the shitheads? You kidding me?”, Merle said as you looked up to him.
“No, I’m not”, you said before you began to walk over to the door and raised your voice again.
“I got a promise to keep.”