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Henry's Unfortunate Ink-antation [Part One]

[submitted by: @the-elusive-blue-skittle]

Sigh… The animation is WELL overdue AGAIN. Henry sits at his desk, with a chewed-up pencil resting between his teeth like a cigar- not that he’d know how to smoke one. That’s Sammy’s thing.

“Ugh, this is all wrong… How did the pose get so stiff,” the man asks himself, slumping over in his chair. “It’s been a hard week, and it’s only Tuesday…”

He tugs at the tie tucked beneath his sweater. Why can’t he seem to get his hands to work today? Perhaps he just hasn’t had enough coffee…

Meanwhile, the toons are chasing each other around the studio. Bendy, who’s filled a plastic bucket with ink from the Machine, is running as fast as his little inky legs can take him.

“Bendy! You put that bucket down right this instant,” Alice yells, holding her halo over her head with one arm, the other desperately grasping for Bendy’s tail.

“Fat chance, sweetcheeks! I never get ta pull pranks ‘round here,” the demon replies, kicking up his speed as ink sloshes in every which direction. The bucket doesn’t seem to get any emptier.

A wide grin creeps its way onto Bendy’s face as he spots a certain someone’s wide-open office door.

Henry’s office.

The man rakes his fingers through his soft brown hair, smiling as he finally gets the details right on his drawing. He’s getting somewhere at last.

“There we go… Much better.”



S P L A S H.

… Ink is EVERYWHERE. Henry blinks a couple times as the liquid dribbles down his entire body. He grimaces and tries to wipe the ink away from his eyes and mouth, but to no avail. It’s as if the ink replaces his entire form en masse. Henry coughs a wet cough and stands up, leaning against his desk.

’… Huh. Well, that’s a little funny. The desk looks a little higher up than it was when I sat down. Maybe it’s just the fumes getting to my head…’

At least, that’s what Henry THINKS before his body seems to hiccup, sending him another inch closer to the ground. That CAN’T be right. The shrinking seems to speed up as the man’s sight seems to get blurrier and blurrier, though quickly fixing itself as his field of vision converts to full color-blindness. The poor sap, now lacking nine inches in height, unwittingly gets simpler under all that ink. His hands shift and shape into chubbier, more exaggerated versions of themselves, with four fingers on each now-gloved hand. The changes travel up his arms, which get thinner and more versatile as they lose definition, becoming simple curved lines, free to wiggle, contort, and stretch as needed. Henry’s inky frame gets chubbier as the ink soaks in to over-exaggerate the facade his sweater gives off, making the man look weightier than he really is. His legs go through similar changes to his arms, getting thinner and stretchier, though his feet get larger to make the ‘character’ look more grounded, and less likely to topple over.

On Henry’s face, his features get simpler. All constructs of his eyes dissipate, except for the ‘pie-style’ eyes they’re replaced with. The man’s eyebrows reduce to simple lines as they gain the freedom to even surpass the top of his head to convey more dramatized expressions. His neck slimming, Henry’s vocal cords regress, making the changing man’s voice much more high-pitched, though not in a boyish or unflattering way. The fluffy, brown hair doesn’t change, much to the dazed man’s relief, though soon enough, all the color seems to leak out from the bottom of his form, and therefore, with the rest of the thick ink that would soon soak through the floorboards and leave Henry as… A toon.

He’s a toon.

“Gosh…” Henry slaps his hands over his mouth. What did he say? “What happened to my voice?! Did you hear me say that just now?!”

This is when he starts to panic, though in a cartoonish, goofy way. ‘Sweat drops’ fly from his forehead as his noodly legs wobble underneath him. He chews at the tips of his gloves like they’re his usual fingernails. “H-How much of that stuff did you even get on me, Bendy?”

“Uhh… I got a bucket full ‘f ink from the Ink Machine?”


“Uh.. Eheheh… Whoops,” Bendy grins a big, nervous grin, placing his hands behind his back and backing away cautiously. “But ya know what? It’s gonna wear off in a few days! No need to worry at all!”

Henry glares with a menacing scowl, stomping the floor and groaning in frustration. “I have a wife waiting for me, Bendy! She’s gonna be looking all over for me, for pete’s sake!”

“Well, gee, Henry, I’m sorry,” Bendy sighs, kicking the floor in a meek manner as he shoves his gloved hands in nonexistent pockets, head hung low. And what a way to make Henry feel guilty, for as soon as Bendy apologizes for the horrible prank, the man-turned-toon’s expression softens. Henry inspects his body to the best of his ability, seeming somewhat shocked at the remaining joints in his arms. Clenching and unclenching his fists, the former human looks up from the floor to Bendy.

“… You know what? This can’t get any worse, I guess!” Henry exclaims with a sudden determined expression, pounding a fist into an open hand. “It shouldn’t take too long to wear off, right?”


It’s been an hour. Henry ALREADY can’t stand the sudden change, feeling very uncomfortable at the loss in height and mass. He finds himself a lot more prone to tripping and comedically falling on his face on every loose nail or floorboard. Tired of this nonsense, the new toon pouts and plops down in the middle of the floor, resting his head in a four-fingered hand.

… To which someone obliviously trips over him and lands with a light 'thud’ nearby.

“Gosh, are you okay?” GOD, he still hates that. The person that unfortunately didn’t see the tiny toon sits up and rubs his forehead, turning around to locate the source of Henry’s voice. Uh-oh.

It’s Joey.

“Pfft-” Joey starts to snicker before Henry would hastily shove a finger over his boss’s mouth.

“Don’t. Laugh.”

“He-Henry, you- heheh.. You’re-”

“Choose your words CAREFULLY.”

Joey breaks down wheezing and giggling (like an idiot) as Henry reacts by turning a darker shade of grey, presumably getting red in the face from embarrassment. Joey wipes the tears from his eyes, catching his breath. “Y-You’re so… So CUTE…”

Leave it to Joey to find any and every way to push every button Henry has. The toon balls his fists and stomps angrily, like a toddler having a temper tantrum. And really? He’s not too far off from being just that.

“I am NOT cute, Joey,” Henry yells in his new, expressive voice. This prompts Joey to pinch the toon’s cheek, stretching it far past any human’s elasticity capacity.

“Ohhhh, yes you aaaare,” Joey teases with a big grin on his face. “How did this even HAPPEN?”

“Take a wild guess. And let go of me!”

Joey lets go of Henry’s cheek and gets up off the floor. “Let me guess. Is it something to do with the little devil himself?”

“Yeah, and when this is over, I’m getting rid of ALL the buckets in the studio,” Henry whines, crossing his arms and turning his back to his boss. “No exceptions! I don't WANT to be stuck like this forever!” The toon’s lip quivers as he’s thrown into a full-fledged, cartoony crying fit. He hardly seems to notice the shift in emotional expression, going from a stoic, no-funny-business animator to, well…

A goofy little dork.

Henry wails as literal waterfalls of tears flow from the corners of his eyes, water pooling on the floor at his sides. If someone doesn’t stop him, the entire room’s going to fill up!

Joey pinches the bridge of his nose. He ALREADY has to deal with THREE over-emotional toons! “Henry, you're NOT going to be stuck like this forever. But you WILL be stuck like this for at least a week.”

“A WEEK?!” Henry gasps, hands placed on each cheek. “I’M GONNA BE TRAPPED HERE FOR A WEEK? Ohhhhhh, this is UNBELIEVABLE…

Joey rests a hand on the tiny toon’s shoulder, handing over a handkerchief so Henry can wipe his tears. Henry takes the cloth, sniffling pitifully as he blows his nose, prompting the sound of a trumpet blaring. 

“What am I gonna do this whole time? I can’t animate like this!” The toon produces a pencil from behind his ear and holds it out. The pencil itself droops weakly as a spontaneous sad-trombone noise plays out of nowhere. He tosses the utensil behind him, proceeding to hit a nonexistent cat, a loud 'REEEEOW’ ringing out, followed by a CRASH.

Henry pulls, with stretchy arms, a fainting couch from what could only be called 'off-screen’. He rests a hand against his forehead as he crumbles onto the sofa with a weary expression. Joey rolls his eyes. It’s not like he can just tell Henry to stop being so dramatic.

“Now, Henry, there’s no need to… Fret,” Joey rubs the back of his head, somewhat bothered by the loss of his favorite handkerchief. “I don’t usually do this, but just this once, I’ll let you have a break for however long this lasts. How does that sound?”

Henry sits up in excitement. “Really? You'd do that? For me?

“Well, I can’t imagine that it’d be very easy to draw with four fingers on each hand, and…”

Suddenly, Joey is wrapped in a hefty squeeze, with the toon’s arms wrapped around his form several times, like a coil. “Oh, thank you, Joey! I knew I could count on you,” Henry exclaims, with a big, goofy grin on his face.

“… It’s no trouble,” Joey smiles softly and hugs his co-worker back. “Now run along and do… Whatever it is you do when you’re not working. You can even try playing around with the other toons for a while!”

Henry pushes the fainting couch 'off-screen’ with a kick, resulting in another anomalous crash. “Play, huh? I haven’t played since sixth grade…”

“Well,” Joey starts. “What’s a toon to do other than goof around all day?”

Henry raises a brow. “Oh, yeah? No. Not doing it.”

“You know you want to.”

Henry hesitates. Something in him agrees with his boss. He has some internal instinct to run amok and cause trouble, for sure. But on the other hand, he doesn’t want to get FIRED.

Plus, it’s REALLY embarrassing.

“… Well… I don’t know about this, Joey. It’s a little…”

“HENRY,” an unidentified voice, accompanied by swift footsteps rings out.

“Whuh, B-Boris- GUH!

Henry gets tackled to the ground by the massive cartoon wolf, squeezed in one of his famous 'wolf hugs’. “Oh, Henry, look at you! You’re just like us!”

“Yeah, I, uh.. I noticed, buddy.”

Boris gasps. “You know what this means, right, Henry?”

Henry shrugs. “What DOES it mean, Boris?”

“It means that we gotta teach you how to be a toon!”

“I’m sure I know PLENTY.”

“Well, then, c'mon,” Boris exclaims, getting off of Henry, lifting him up and taking him by the hand. “Let’s go have some fun!”

“Wait, Boris-”

And just like that, Boris whisks Henry away as Joey watches with a smile. This is going to get interesting.

((hey guys in happier news, my friend skittle’s writing a super long and amazing toon henry fic for this blog’s au and this is part one. its amazing and adorable and i hope it gets the love it honestly deserves, and thank you again skittle for this Blessing of a fic :D))

part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | part seven


Levi felt like he hadn’t seen the sun in days. The sounds of the forest had gradually changed, but it was as if he was stuck in an eternal night, where the moon was full but the shadows were much stronger than its pale light.

Getting lost had really messed with his perception of time.

Arms laden with collected firewood, Levi looked around and then cursed under his breath. He blamed his current predicament entirely on the thick fog that had rapidly descended and spread through the tree trunks as soon as he’d left his temporary camp. Working out his orientation was impossible, and although he’d carefully doubled-back on himself as soon as he noticed the situation, he had failed to come across any familiar ground. He didn’t even have a map, which in hindsight was very irresponsible, but he had planned to pack up and keep moving the following night. It didn’t matter where he went, as long as he stayed hidden from a few choice individuals.

The irritation that always accompanied thoughts of his pursuers flared hot once more, and combined with the growing stress, Levi almost growled. Not willing to waste any more time, he shifted his bundle of wood into one arm and marked a nearby tree with something distinctive, sheathing his knife at his hip again once he was finished.

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Best Friends necklaces that say “Eat” “Ass”
And a Davesprite for no reason

anonymous asked:

Why don't you like Frozen? I thought it was a great movie!

I can believe I honestly have to explain this. Again. In 2016. Anyway, here we go.

1. The characters are plain. And boring. There is very, very little character development, and character motivation is weak. Anna is annoying, Elsa is bland, why is Kristoff even there? Hans would be good, but… we’ll get to Hans.

2. Plot holes. Where do Elsa’s powers come from? What are their limits? How does that goddamn mountain work, that Elsa can teleport up it but Anna can’t? WHAT KIND OF FUCKING SHITTY GOVERNMENT DOES ARENDELLE HAVE??? Also Hans? WHERE WAS THE FORESHADOWING?

3. Inferior animation. I know this has been said a thousand times, but Rise of the Guardians came out a year before and its snow and ice effects were a thousand times better. There are a million different errors that can be picked out (which other people with a stronger stomach have pointed out, because I can’t bear to rewatch it), the most egregious of which is the constant lack of footprints in the snow and this:

The infamous plait-through-the-arm clip that wasn’t even cleaned up for the DVD.

4. Character design is shit. Their facial proportions look acceptable in 2D, but in 3D they look like bug-eyed aliens with giant heads and it’s frankly quite creepy. Plus the Same Face Syndrome with Elsa, Anna and their mother goes beyond family resemblance and into clone territory.

5. Olaf. Just… Olaf. God that thing is terrifying.

6. The terrible songs. They’re really phoned in, sound samey and are nothing better than jaunty earworms. A waste of Idina Menzel, to be honest.

In conclusion: Frozen has the plot and atmosphere of a cheap tertiary studio movie. It doesn’t deserve to be in Disney’s Classics line-up, especially when it was preceded by Wreck-it Ralph and followed by Big Hero 6, both of which were superior, with better characters, better plot and even better animation. The draft plots and characters designs were far superior. I have to wonder what the fuck was actually happening at Disney during the creation of this abomination to make it such a bland piece of crap. This movie is the visual equivalent of eating cardboard: no nutritional value, and tastes terrible.

That said, this movie did give me Hans. Who I love. Because I actually wanted him to kill Elsa and take over Arendelle. It would have been beautiful… *sighs*

(Look at him. Fucking hell, evil gingers are the best thing)

Just came back from the 19th Annual Animation Show of Shows that was being played at my campus theatre and I almost cried a few times. The animation and stories were so beautiful and well crafted and so wonderfully animated it moved me a lot emotionally. The other reason I felt like crying was the crushing reality that I’ll never be able to stand out as much as these people did and my work will never be so widely showcased or loved as much as these ones were. They were so beautiful and it’s my dream to reach such a level but, I don’t think I ever will. These films were made by either large teams of people or professionals who are over 40 years old and I know that I could potentially reach that level one day since I’m only 22 right now and working all alone on my own projects but. God damn. Will I ever be good enough? Will my work ever be showcased in a compilation that’s annual and loved by people all over the world? I have no idea, but thinking about it makes me want to cry a lot. 


Inbetweening for Animation with Niall Laverty: final cut

The latest version (not the last -sigh-) of our latest assignment. We got to work on it for 3 weeks holy shit it was nauseating.

(at The Animation Workshop)

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The Marvel fandom is losing their shit over like 8 billion new movies being announced, when at the same time the Megamind fandom is losing their shit over 10 seconds of scrapped animation.

The December Perspectives: Cigarettes and Eggnog (Finn’s POV, Final)

Fandom: My Mad Fat Diary

Synopsis: Set of 7 alternating POV fics set between Friday, December 6, 1996, two days after “Glue” (S2XE7), and Friday, December 13, 1996, Rae’s birthday. Each will be from the perspective of someone in the gang (Rae, Chloe, Izzy, Archie, Chop, Finn, and Danny). The character relationships will pick up where S2E7 ended and hopefully tie into wherever they are when S3E1 takes us back to Lincolnshire.

Inspired by the holiday season (a full year after I posted the original installment) and a need to complete at least one of my WIPs.

Fic Master Table of Contents

Christmas Jumpers (1) | Fairy Lights (2) | Pine Scented (3) | Holly (4) | Ginger Cookies (5)


Thursday, December 12, 1996: Cigarettes and Eggnog

Birthdays are the worst. I’m going to fuck it up.

Finn critically assessed the collection of records lined up in one of the numerous plastic crates under his record player while perched on the balls of his feet in a squat, securely anchored to the floor thanks to the thick, black boots he’d neglected to take off after crashing through the front door half an hour before. His leather jacket lay on the floor next to the armchair on the far side of the room, discarded as if a careless afterthought amidst various other articles of clothing littered around the room. The disheveled teenager let out an audible sigh. “Shit…”

A voice from the bed behind Finn interrupted his train of thought, “Just pick one, dickhead.” 

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my mom is the first person i know who likes anna more than elsa. when i asked her why, she replied, “she’s so adventurous and fun” and when watching the movie she laughed at everything she did (drooling sleeping anna, chocolates in face anna, everything…). my mom is sooo cute, wtf???? 

frozen is really really popular in korea, i’m so surprised….

im just.. i dont want to be bitter….. but guys im so bitter i wanted them to itneract, i wanted them to be happy, ive been fully aboard this ship for fiive fucking years and. we didnt get a single one on one convo once they were together. we didnt even get actual LITERAL confirmation IN COMIC from either of them. no kiss. they didnt even. touch. or smile. in the final animation. like.. like… i feel so bitter shit

Bend The Rules (18/?)

Summary: (High School AU) - Michael comes from a very strict and quite religious family, but that doesn’t stop him from having a somewhat of a normal teenage life. He still goes out, though he has an early curfew and rules to follow. He has the mouth of a sailor, but makes sure his parents never hear. He maintains good grades so his parents aren’t ever thrown off. It can be annoying, but he can handle it. But life only becomes too difficult when Gavin Free intervenes. 

Word Count: 2979

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]


“Remember to bring back this,” Mrs. Jones said as she scribbled down a few things on a piece of paper, “and this… oh, and don’t forget the milk.” She handed Michael the list of needed groceries.

Michael looked at the list and sighed, but he nodded. “Alright, I’ll be back soon.” He made sure he had the money she gave him for the stuff before putting on his jacket and beanie.

Mrs. Jones walked her son out and stood in the doorway. “Be careful,” she told him.

Michael nodded, though he rolled his eyes once she was out of sight. He only made it down the street before his phone vibrated in his pocket. Michael checked to find a new message from Gavin. A smile tugged at his lips as he read it.

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