sigh that animation is such shit

The Marvel fandom is losing their shit over like 8 billion new movies being announced, when at the same time the Megamind fandom is losing their shit over 10 seconds of scrapped animation.

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Why don't you like Frozen? I thought it was a great movie!

I can believe I honestly have to explain this. Again. In 2016. Anyway, here we go.

1. The characters are plain. And boring. There is very, very little character development, and character motivation is weak. Anna is annoying, Elsa is bland, why is Kristoff even there? Hans would be good, but… we’ll get to Hans.

2. Plot holes. Where do Elsa’s powers come from? What are their limits? How does that goddamn mountain work, that Elsa can teleport up it but Anna can’t? WHAT KIND OF FUCKING SHITTY GOVERNMENT DOES ARENDELLE HAVE??? Also Hans? WHERE WAS THE FORESHADOWING?

3. Inferior animation. I know this has been said a thousand times, but Rise of the Guardians came out a year before and its snow and ice effects were a thousand times better. There are a million different errors that can be picked out (which other people with a stronger stomach have pointed out, because I can’t bear to rewatch it), the most egregious of which is the constant lack of footprints in the snow and this:

The infamous plait-through-the-arm clip that wasn’t even cleaned up for the DVD.

4. Character design is shit. Their facial proportions look acceptable in 2D, but in 3D they look like bug-eyed aliens with giant heads and it’s frankly quite creepy. Plus the Same Face Syndrome with Elsa, Anna and their mother goes beyond family resemblance and into clone territory.

5. Olaf. Just… Olaf. God that thing is terrifying.

6. The terrible songs. They’re really phoned in, sound samey and are nothing better than jaunty earworms. A waste of Idina Menzel, to be honest.

In conclusion: Frozen has the plot and atmosphere of a cheap tertiary studio movie. It doesn’t deserve to be in Disney’s Classics line-up, especially when it was preceded by Wreck-it Ralph and followed by Big Hero 6, both of which were superior, with better characters, better plot and even better animation. The draft plots and characters designs were far superior. I have to wonder what the fuck was actually happening at Disney during the creation of this abomination to make it such a bland piece of crap. This movie is the visual equivalent of eating cardboard: no nutritional value, and tastes terrible.

That said, this movie did give me Hans. Who I love. Because I actually wanted him to kill Elsa and take over Arendelle. It would have been beautiful… *sighs*

(Look at him. Fucking hell, evil gingers are the best thing)

The December Perspectives: Cigarettes and Eggnog (Finn’s POV, Final)

Fandom: My Mad Fat Diary

Synopsis: Set of 7 alternating POV fics set between Friday, December 6, 1996, two days after “Glue” (S2XE7), and Friday, December 13, 1996, Rae’s birthday. Each will be from the perspective of someone in the gang (Rae, Chloe, Izzy, Archie, Chop, Finn, and Danny). The character relationships will pick up where S2E7 ended and hopefully tie into wherever they are when S3E1 takes us back to Lincolnshire.

Inspired by the holiday season (a full year after I posted the original installment) and a need to complete at least one of my WIPs.

Fic Master Table of Contents

Christmas Jumpers (1) | Fairy Lights (2) | Pine Scented (3) | Holly (4) | Ginger Cookies (5)


Thursday, December 12, 1996: Cigarettes and Eggnog

Birthdays are the worst. I’m going to fuck it up.

Finn critically assessed the collection of records lined up in one of the numerous plastic crates under his record player while perched on the balls of his feet in a squat, securely anchored to the floor thanks to the thick, black boots he’d neglected to take off after crashing through the front door half an hour before. His leather jacket lay on the floor next to the armchair on the far side of the room, discarded as if a careless afterthought amidst various other articles of clothing littered around the room. The disheveled teenager let out an audible sigh. “Shit…”

A voice from the bed behind Finn interrupted his train of thought, “Just pick one, dickhead.” 

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my mom is the first person i know who likes anna more than elsa. when i asked her why, she replied, “she’s so adventurous and fun” and when watching the movie she laughed at everything she did (drooling sleeping anna, chocolates in face anna, everything…). my mom is sooo cute, wtf???? 

frozen is really really popular in korea, i’m so surprised….

im just.. i dont want to be bitter….. but guys im so bitter i wanted them to itneract, i wanted them to be happy, ive been fully aboard this ship for fiive fucking years and. we didnt get a single one on one convo once they were together. we didnt even get actual LITERAL confirmation IN COMIC from either of them. no kiss. they didnt even. touch. or smile. in the final animation. like.. like… i feel so bitter shit

Bend The Rules (18/?)

Summary: (High School AU) - Michael comes from a very strict and quite religious family, but that doesn’t stop him from having a somewhat of a normal teenage life. He still goes out, though he has an early curfew and rules to follow. He has the mouth of a sailor, but makes sure his parents never hear. He maintains good grades so his parents aren’t ever thrown off. It can be annoying, but he can handle it. But life only becomes too difficult when Gavin Free intervenes. 

Word Count: 2979

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“Remember to bring back this,” Mrs. Jones said as she scribbled down a few things on a piece of paper, “and this… oh, and don’t forget the milk.” She handed Michael the list of needed groceries.

Michael looked at the list and sighed, but he nodded. “Alright, I’ll be back soon.” He made sure he had the money she gave him for the stuff before putting on his jacket and beanie.

Mrs. Jones walked her son out and stood in the doorway. “Be careful,” she told him.

Michael nodded, though he rolled his eyes once she was out of sight. He only made it down the street before his phone vibrated in his pocket. Michael checked to find a new message from Gavin. A smile tugged at his lips as he read it.

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