sigh that animation is such shit

Okay, so I’ve watched Yuri on Ice, and holy shit. First of all, that opening sequence, I AM READY TO SELL MY SOUL FOR IT. I HAVE WATCHED IT LIKE TWENTY TIMES NOW. ESPECIALLY THE SECOND EPISODE.

Second, THIS IS SO GAY JUST END ME. This is some advanced level of queer baiting because it’s excessively gay, okay? I love it, but I’m not getting my hopes up anyway *sigh*

Also, Yuuri is my perfect awkward son and I love him! My Russian brat is adorable. And, Victor, YOUR GAY IS SHOWING.
Randomly thrown Russian words amuse me a lot as well lol

So, yes, people, get ready to be spammed with Victuri. #sorrynotsorry

im just.. i dont want to be bitter….. but guys im so bitter i wanted them to itneract, i wanted them to be happy, ive been fully aboard this ship for fiive fucking years and. we didnt get a single one on one convo once they were together. we didnt even get actual LITERAL confirmation IN COMIC from either of them. no kiss. they didnt even. touch. or smile. in the final animation. like.. like… i feel so bitter shit

SMC Ep 17

I’m sad. I love Jupiter, and this episode looked like shit. And here I thought they’d put some effort into it, since the preview looked nice.

Is it really THAT hard to draw ears right? He isn’t even moving for fucks sake. Why do they even hire people who can’t draw? I don’t get it.

I felt so sorry for Mamoru this episode.

Her entire attack sequence looks horrible. Don’t do foreshortening if you don’t know how it works.

… I have no words.

Wow. This is starting to remind me of One Piece. They love to reuse old footage for that too. I felt like stabbing my eyes out after watching the same crowd cheer for the billionth time during the Dressrosa arena episodes.

Also, where the fuck is Unazuki? They just erased Motoki’s sister out of existence. -_-