sigh stop it

so my friend Raychel came over for an early #Friendsgiving™ 

  • She pulls out strawberry wine and my mother, who was on her way out the door, stops to sigh contently and is like ‘oh, my God, this used to get us so drunk in the woods in tenth grade’  e i l e e n
  • She spent a good thirty minutes recounting how angry she is with this guy she was somewhat flirting with, but he made her achieve a level of rage she had never experienced before and now she will only solely refer to him as ‘The Mantis Man’ no matter how much he begs her to use his name or at least give him context for the new nickname
  • “Moving out of the house really made me realize…like, I mean, I’m compassionate and caring and shit, but I’m fucking heartless, man, Jesus.”
  • We ordered pizza and chicken tenders (your standard Friendsgiving food and a great pairing for strawberry wine, naturally) and like. Okay the delivery guy said he ‘knows us’ but we literally didn’t know him, and he said it was fine if we just didn’t sign for the food even though she ordered it on her card…so we might have stolen the food listen 
  • My mother returns home in the middle of the dinner looking happier than I’ve seen her in months, proclaiming “the state store had a SALE! I got a BIG BOTTLE!” and considering she’s been trying to bar me from touching her wine honestly this is a Thanksgiving miracle 
  • We put on my copy of the 1990 version of IT because it’s iconic and also a running joke for us and just…honestly we died
  • Wasted like twenty minutes arguing and trying to figure out which was side a and side b
  • she never picked up on the ‘eddie’s fucking gay’ subtext when we were kids but I had mentioned it and she quite literally died every time he did Anything 
  • Like I’m not gonna type out a tipsy recounting of the movie unless pressed but our fucking peanut gallery act was at peak performance okay,
  • too much wine
  • “I’m so glad Seth Green played Richie in this movie because…I just always want to punch Seth Green in the face, so badly, like that’s really my fondest life wish”
  • She found a show called ‘Dragula’ and made me watch clips and HMMM.
  • She knows Thanksgiving tomorrow is going to be…a Production™ for me so she assured me at least fifteen times throughout the night that she will have her phone on and waiting for updates on whether or not I commit murder
  • “A…A…dammit” - “What are you doing?” - “I’m trying to like….remember who we’re friends with. Who starts with an A?” - “Annika?” - “No, Annika’s still culturally relevant..”  - “….Alexa?” - “FUCK YEAH HER” 
  • This bitch sat next to me asking for friends names for like 10 minutes, wouldn’t tell me what she was doing, and then REVIVED A DUMB AND LONG RUNNING JOKE IN OUR FRIEND GROUP THAT NO ONE HAS MADE IN LIKE F I V E Y E A R S the audacity 
  • She was wearing this sweatshirt and she spent months thinking it was supposed to be a shark but I pointed out it’s clearly a dinosaur and the moment she realized I was right was caught on camera and I’m still dying about it
  • Speaking of which we took like 300 selfies in the span of maybe 40 minutes lmao she’s posting them on facebook as we speak
  • recounted a dream in which she hooked up with our friend Dylan only then he confessed to her that he had banged dead deer on multiple occasions 
  • found socks that read ‘thottie or nice’
  • a full blown debate about the sewer orgy™ 
  • I’m high key falling asleep as I’m typing but at this point I just use my tags as a digital diary or some shit save me

Royal Cast Bonding part 4

~~~~~~~~~~Royal Cast: me~~~~~~~~~~

A week has past since Lucy woke up in the wolves den. She had torn off some of her shirt to use as a bandage for her head and her hair had turned messy. The mother wolf had taken it on herself to take care or Lucy. She sighed and looked out the cage until she heard a familiar face outside the cave.

“Lucy!” Blu called out and immediately the wolf would get in front of Lucy, growling lowly. She softly pets her ears and she backed off and lets Lucy stand up.

Unfortunately, the earth wasn’t in the mood for a reunion and the earth started to shake underneath them. Lucy tried to keep a good balance but ended up falling onto the ground. The rumbling kept going for an hour until it stopped. She sighed and then checked on the entrance.

They were sealed off to the world.

~~~~~~~~~Hecros, Gelios~~~~~~~~~~

“My lord, the wolf tribe in the forest has taken the Fairy into their custody.” Hecros informed as he bowed in front of Gelios. He was sitting at his thrown with a book in his hand. He grinned and closed the book.

“Excellent. You will handle the Royal Cast, I will kill this Fairy. It’s best to kill the bloodline off before it grows.” Gelios said as he stood up.

“My lord, how will you do that?” Hecros asked him now standing up. Gelios reached for his sword hanging on the wall.


~~~~~~~~~~Royal Cast: me~~~~~~~~~~

Lucy note: I haven’t done one of these in a while since making this series. I will make something to expand on the whole Fairy Bloodline thing soon so don’t worry.


Blu: @blutheboo

Royal Cast, Lucy, Hecros, Gelios: @me

Original au Undercast: @anrez-op-skele and @perfectshadow06


Shiro wonders if this is really worth it or not


hadn’t drawn these two in a while, had I

self-indulgent healing solangelo


And you think I’m the one best suited to lead our people through this?
I think that you are the best of us. The two of you together are the world in balance.

Me, upon hearing that an IT remake was coming out: uh, cool I guess? Just another remake? Lame.

Me, watching the cast of IT come out on the MTV Music and TV awards stage with flashlights: …oh no

Me, listening to Stan’s dramatic ass monologue in the teaser: oh….oh no

Me, watching the IT trailer for the 19th time: oH NO

Me, seeing IT opening night: No. I’m not letting this become a thing. I can watch a movie without getting hooked on it, right?

Me, now equipped with an IT blog: you poor, ignorant fool