sigh still my baby i used to like you

So cold (Jelena one shot) part 2

(Justin’s POV)
It’s been 6 months since I last talked or saw Selena it’s the longest we ever spent without and I was surprised that I was okay with it. my relationship with Sofia has become more serious shortly after she turned 18 we became official.She was my first relationship since Selena at it felt weird but somehow good a lot of my friends still didn’t accept her like:Brandon,Fredo,Ryan but hey they will be okay with it eventually
“You can use the bathroom baby”-I Said as I walked out of the bathroom  only to see her laying on my bed watching TV
“I’ll be quick”-She said raising on her feet and kissing me softly when she walked past me,I Sighed as I laid down on the bed fixing my gaze on the TV,after a few minutes her phone rang indicating that she got a message I looked down at it and I don’t know why but I wanted to read it, so I did. It was from some guy named Steve not only he called her babe but he also let her know that she enjoyed being with her last week…I was in Europe last week.I was starring at the phone when suddenly the door opened and she walked in
“What are you doing with my phone babe ?”-She asked,I looked up at her and my jaw clinched suddenly feeling disgusted,I just showed her the phone and she became pale
“Justin I can explain”-She said,I threw  her phone on the bed,I walked to the window looking down at the beautiful view of L.A.,
“Get out of my house”-I Said calmly
“No…Babe please we can talk about it”-She said and I could hear her walking closer to me
“Don’t fucking call me that”-I yelled spinning around so I was looking at her she was taken back “I threw everything away for you:my beliebers,my friends…I hurt the only girl I would be ready to give my life for”-I continued in the same tone but my voice involuntary softened during the last part “And you cheated on me”-I finished
“Justin I didn’t…”
“What do you think I am ? Stupid ? You’ve fooled ,e long enough Sofia”-She stayed silent
“Get the fuck out of my house”-I Said as I ran my hand through my hair,I turned around facing L.A. again
“Justin…”-She tried but I ignored her,eventually I heard her packing some stuff and she left it was late night but I couldn’t care less,I remember that I had some Vodka at home so I sat down on the couch and took a sip of it
“She’s changing you”-Her voice rang through my head causing me to take another sip
“No she’s not Selena because this is who I am”-Another sip
“I finally have the guts to move on from you and you can’t be happy for me.Sad”-At This point half of the bottle was finished
“No.The sad thing is that this what you think after everything we’ve been through”-I Ran my hand through my hair in frustration
“It’s over accept it”
“Fuck”-I Screamed throwing the bottle at the wall and watching it breaking in pieces,only know I realized that I was crying…and not because I caught my girlfriend cheating on me…but because I felt like I’ve lost the most important thing in my life,the one person who was always there for me,I’ve lost the love of my life:Selena.

(Selena’s Pov)

“This pancake is amazing Ash”-I smiled taking another bite of it,it was heaven in a plate
“What can I say I’m a good cook”-She smirked
“And cocky,but you should cook me breakfast more often”-She was about to reply but a knock on the door interrupted us
“I’ll get it”-She said standing up and walking out of the kitchen after a few minutes she came back
“Sel someone wants to see you”-She said with a serious face,I gave her a confused look but I got up and started to walk to the living room
“You do the dishes I…”-I never had time to finish because what I saw took my breath away,after 6 month he was standing in front of me with a bunch of sunflowers in his hand and a guilty look on his face,I crossed my arms and looked at him,the tension was palpable
“I’ll leave you guys alone”-Ashley walked past me and upstairs
He looked miserable,his eyes were dark and he looked like he was crying all night
“What are you ding here ?”-I finally broke the eyes
“I…I bought you flowers”-He shuttered like he often did when he was nervous,but when he saw that my expression still didn’t change and I was still starring at him with my arms crossed he knew he needed to continue “I was an absolute dick and I’m sorry.You were right about everything,You are the only person who really knows me,who can talk some sense in me,and please forgive me”
“That’s not what you said last time”-I mumbled
“I Don’t know what got into me Sel,I thought that I finally can get over you and this completely made me feel crazy…but I can’t…Selena I can’t get over you”-His grip on the flowers tightened meaning that he meant every word he said,I walked closer to him looking deeply in his eyes,this time I found what I was searching for:Love and regret
“It’s over accept it”-I harshly spoke using his own words against him,but his reaction surprised me,tears started coming from his eyes as he shook his head repeatedly
“No..please don’t…I’m sorry”-His voice cracked and I had to look away,I needed to be strong,I walked to the door opening it
“Goodbye Justin”-I said but this time I looked directly at him,at this point he was legit crying which made my heart fill with pain
“No”-He walked up to me and closed the door,he never let go of those sunflowers in his hand “I love you”-He softly said after starring at me for minutes,now it was my turn to cry
“No”-I whispered as I whipped away a few tears
“yes”-He whispered back
“No”-I yelled which cause him to look at me in shock “You’re only saying this because she broke your heart”
“I Couldn’t give two shits”-He yelled back “My first thought when I saw those messages  from this Steve dude was that I didn’t believe it killed me that I choose to believe her over you”- I looked at him and I saw that he was sincere
“I love you and I will say it 100 times to make you believe it”
“You have to prove it in order for me to believe it”
“And I will,I swear,I’m done playing games Sel”-After a few moments of silence I finally made up my mind
“Will you give me these or not ?”-I asked pointing at the flowers,he looked down at them
“Oh shit I forgot,these are for you”-he smiled holding them out for me,I took them and walked to the kitchen to put them in water but of course he followed me like a lost puppy
“Just please say something”-He begged after seeing that I’m not talking to him,I turned around and I bumped into his chest..I didn’t realize he was standing this close
“Just please let’s take it slow”-I Whispered
“As slow as you want princess”-He said as he pulled me in a hug “I love you,more than anything”-He said,I could feel how his heart started to beat faster
“I Love you too”-I mumbled making sure he doesn’t hear it but when he tightened his grip around me I knew he did

Here is part 2 guys