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MERMAN HAK?? That sounds like fanservice. Gimme. XD

He looks something like this in my imagination XD Enjoy~ 
I tried to incorporate as much of his canon appearance into this as I could. 
Thanks to null-entity for the spear reference stock~

Coffee: JJCC Simba Smut

Here is the Simba smut! I love this kid; he’s my main bias in jjcc so the feels!!! I was dying because I could only imagine…

The sun was blistering hot; sweat began to form at your hairline. Wiping the beads that began to form on your forehead; you walked into the coffee shop. Feeling the cool air from the air conditioner. As the air hit you, it allowed the sweat to dry slightly, but now it began to feel too cold. The coffee shop was fairly busier than usual.  And you could see your boyfriend behind the counter taking orders frantically. He was normally able to handle stress easily, but he seemed so frantic at the moment, it made you smile.
When you walked up to the counter you smiled at the young boy with blue hair behind the counter.
“Hey Mak! Can I get a caramel iced coffee please?” you smiled at one of your boyfriends best friend. Looking over at your boyfriend brewing the coffee behind him; Youngjin tossed you a smile.

“Yes, ma lady” he bowed and walked to prepare your beverage. You shook your head and giggled; walking away to the other counter while the other customers ordered. You waited patiently for your drink, when Youngjin came with it in hand.
“I wish I could talk babe, but Its busy today” he sighed and pushed the coffee towards you.
“It’s okay, I can tell your busy, call me later okay” you heard him hum in agreement, as you searched through your wallet for the spare dollars you had. You could have sworn you had some change left over but you couldn’t find it at the moment.
“What are you doing? You know you don-” he started to refuse your choice to pay, knowing he wouldn’t really have his girlfriend pay at his own shop. But before he could finish, a young man pushed his hand with money in front of you instead.

“Don’t worry I got it”

You turned to see who had offered to pay. Also noticing your boyfriend take the money with skidding teeth.
“Eddy?” you asked. Recognizing the man instantly. He had been a friend of yours in the past.
“You remember? I didn’t think you would” he stated, smiling.

You and Eddy pulled aside and chatted about your high school years. Youngjin had watched as you two talked, for what seemed to him like hours. Every time you laughed loudly and smiled at him, pushing the boys arm lightly; Youngjin grew angry. He had come to the conclusion that you and the man were flirting; in front of him nonetheless. And his glare would burn you both alive. After a moment you noticed Youngjin had crept his way beside you; and you noticed the way he set Eddy aflame with his eyes. Making snarky remarks whenever he could. You guessed Eddy felt the tension, because he quickly excused himself and walked out the shop.
You grabbed Youngjin’s sleeve and pulled him towards the kitchen, that would allow you to talk in private.
“What was that?” you asked him, getting the vibe that he was jealous and he was finding anyway to cease the conversation with you and Eddy, and he succeeded. He crossed his arms to his chest; looking at you as if he had no idea what he had done.
“Don’t play that! You were being a complete jerk!” you spat.
“A jerk?! Really! The real jerks were you and him. Don’t think I don’t know you both were flirting! Right in front of me too!” he scoffed.
“Flirting! Are you crazy!” you laid one hand on the table beside you and the other held your forehead. You sighed heavily.
“I’m right, I know I am. You were both flirting and I have a right to be angry” he stated matter of factly.
“No you don’t!”
“I do!” he screamed, throwing his fist on the table. Where a pot of hot coffee had been brewed. They used the kitchen to practice any new combinations, or to train any new employees. Just so happened that his hand managed to shake the hot pot of coffee out of its warmer. Pouring over onto your hand and slightly splashing on your clothed stomach and staining your shoes.
You hissed in pain, while your hand turned red from the steaming coffee. You took hold of your shirt and shook off the coffee, and you could feel both your stomach and hand begin to throb.
“(Y/N), I- I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry” he screeched reaching for your arm trying to pull it to the sink nearby.
“Stop! Don’t touch me!” snatching your hand away you pushed past him and the door. Fleeing from the shop.

It was late now. And Youngjin had called you non stop. You knew every chance he could get a break from the customers he would be on the phone dialing your number. Your anger with him had settled down. And you knew it was killing him to have to stay at the shop and not chase you down right away.  You sighed at you placed an ice pack to your hand. You were lucky it hadn’t blistered and instead you were stuck with an intense itching and burning sensation. You looked to your side as your phone began to light up and vibrate off the counter top. It was Youngjin, but before you could answer you heard the lock on the door jiggle and the door opened and slammed shut. You were startled, mainly because you were half dressed. In nothing but a large tee and panties. But realizing it was Youngjin you were relieved; for a moment at least.
He walked towards you, ending the call and placing his phone on the counter top. He had a bag in his hand and he placed that on the counter as well.
“You weren’t answering your phone, I wondered if you were okay” he reached towards the ice bag on your hand, but you pushed his hand away.
“Stop this, I really am sorry” he sighed and attempted to reach for your hurt hand again. This time you let him look at it.
“Are you really? Because this isn’t the first time… ouch!” you hissed as he touched your wound. It was still very sensitive. His eyes opened wide with sorrow; you could see his eyes begin to water.
“I’m really sorry~” he repeated, placing your hand to his lips, he placed a kiss softly.
You watched as he dropped to his knees. Pushing your shirt up; exposing your stomach. And the small, red burn that had formed there; placing a kiss there as well.
“Youngjin, I get it this isn’t -uh - necessary” you hesitated as he kissed down your stomach, towards your center. His hands began rubbing up and down your thighs; moving them to rub circles on your hips. You hummed, his hands were warm and they made your body tingle.
“This isn’t going to make up fo-” he stopped you before you can finish. His lips crashing on yours. They were both gentle but needing. You could tell he was trying to be as gentle as possible for fear that you wouldn’t accept his advances. His tongue slid across your bottom lip; and you accepted his request. You opened your mouth slightly; granting him access. He was still gentle as he massaged your tongue with his own slowly. His hands moved lower as he squeezed your bottom; causing you to moan with need. You could feel the wet spot forming in your panties. One hand crept into your shirt, a groan coming from him when he kneaded your breast; noticing you didn’t have a bra on.
He pulled away from your lips to nip at your ear.
“As much as I want to take you right here…” he stated huskily in your ear, his voice only making that spot in your panties even wetter. “But I need to show you how sorry I am” he continued taking bites at the skin on your neck.
“It-its oka-” you tried to refuse, but he smacked your bottom, telling you that he wanted you to lift up and that he was going to take you anyway. You wrapped your legs around his waist, feeling the prominent bulge in his jeans against your groin. Wrapping your arms around his neck as his hands rubbed your back. It was unlike him to be so tender and caring while initiating sex.
When you reached the bedroom, he laid you gently onto the bed. He worked at your shirt; throwing it somewhere on the floor. He kissed down your chest, pulling one of your buds into his mouth. You bit back a moan as he swirled it around with his tongue. He moved down to your thighs, kissing up them and spreading your legs. When he saw the spot on your panties he couldn’t help but smirk, knowing he was the only one who could do this. And the only one who could see you like this. He pulled down your panties slowly, making you ache with anticipation. You wanted him so badly it hurt. But you noticed he was fully clothed and you were here vulnerable and exposed. You were breathing so hard it was hard for you to even speak, but you grabbed him and pulled at his top. Practically tearing it off his body. You began working at his belt, eventually unhooking his jeans and pulling them down along with his boxers; watching his erection spring free. You pushed him onto the bed and straddled his lap.
“This is about me, saying sorry to you” he chuckled, biting his lips as you grinded against him.
“And this is me accepting your apology” you crawled down him. Allowing your hands you graze down his torso. You took hold of his shaft and placed it to your tongue. Your tongue working up and down, before you took him fully. You could hear the groans above you, while his hand crept behind your head, moving any hair that fell to your face. He rested himself on his forearms, wanting to watch you pleasure him.
He was reaching his breaking point, when he fell back onto the bed and his hand moved from your hair to his own; pulling at it, as a heavy groan fell from his lips. He pulled you away hesitantly, but he didn’t want to finish like this. Bringing you back up to his lips, to caught up in the moment; when he flipped you over. Placing soft kisses to your temple, you could feel his at your entrance. You were ready, more than ready; but he was playing with you. Snaking your hands to his ass where you pushed at him, trying to have him move. He chuckled at your struggle, he could tell you wanted him badly.
“Okay okay” he said in a hushed chuckled, when he saw your pout.
He bucked his hips and your head flew back into the pillows, as you began clawing his back. He lifted your thigh, gaining more access to that spot that made you feel dizzy. The spot that made your toes curl and vision go blurry. He was hitting it over and over again. His thrust became sloppy and you could feel your orgasm coming.
You wanted to finish with him, so you pushed him on his back. Taking him back into you as you slid down him. He bit his lip watching you bounce on top of him. He moved his thumb to your clit, rubbing circles. His other hand grabbed your hurt hand; pressing it to his lips. Trying to kiss the pain away. You started feeling the knot in your stomach release, your orgasm hitting you. The way your body sizzled like fire; every muscle in your body tensing for a small moment. You heard a loud groan come from Youngjin, as he wrapped his arms around you; feeling him spill inside you. Cuddling you in a sitting position, as you moaned into shoulder. His hands running up and down your back again letting you both feel out your orgasm. Your breathing still rugged and heavy.
Both of you collapsed beside each other. Your body felt exhausted. Feeling your eyelids grow heavy, you felt yourself begin to drift away.
But you could feel Youngjin begin to rustle beside you.
“Baby?” he whispered.
“What. Youngjin” you groaned, your voice sounding heavy from sleep.
“Are you awake?” he questioned stupidly.
“No, Youngjin. I’m sound asleep. What do you want?” you spat.
He chuckled and pulled you to his chest, “You know I’m sorry right” he whispered in your ear.
“Because the hundred times you told me, weren’t enough. Tell me again”
“I’m sorry” he kissed your cheek, and you giggled.
“I know you are, Youngjin, just make me breakfast tomorrow and you’ll be forgiven”
“Deal, and I bought you some cream to put on your burn, make sure you use it” you nodded your head, and he laid his head back on the pillows. You heard his heavy breaths turn into a soft snore. Smiling as you fell asleep in his arms.


“Look, I don’t mean to insult your intelligence or anything, but seriously—

“See? When you say ‘I don’t mean to’ you’ve actually thought of meaning to, so your logic is flawed.”

Annabeth sashayed in front of Percy, her golden ponytail swinging wildly as she tried to walk away from her boyfriend. Bloody hell, sometimes boys—damn, Gryffindor boys—were just so annoying. Perhaps they were more dashing than Ravenclaws, more charming than the Slytherins and a tad bit more attractive than the Hufflepuffs she knew, but she was beginning to think that would be better than having Percy for a boyfriend.

Bloody golden-hearted, green-eyed, black haired, cute, loyal, horribly good-looking and kind, dunce.

He was just too cocky.

“Wait! Annabeth—“ he called out from behind her, huffing because he was carrying her books. Feeling a bit guilty, she slowed her pace and sighed, pouting as Percy caught up with her. Everyone wondered how she could ever get mad at her boyfriend, and contrary to popular belief, she did so at times as well. He was always so patient with her, and many times she couldn’t return the favour.

She felt horrible.

“Stupid seal eyes,” she grumbled, still extremely cosy in his Gryffindor sweater. This got people confused at first, but after three years of going steady, people were already accustomed to Annabeth being the honorary Gryffindor. She wore red and gold as much as she did grey and blue.

Turning her head, she looked at Percy panting beside her and almost—almost melted. “I’m sorry,” she sighed, attempting to grab her four books from the stack of seven. He grinned at her with his lopsided smile and shook his head, raising the books out of her reach. “Why are you sorry?” he raised an eyebrow. “I reckon I told you I’d walk you to Potions, so that’s what I’m gonna do.”

“But…” she began, still pouting. It was so difficult to be mad at him.

“No buts,” he kissed the tip of her nose, still balancing the book stack on his two hands. “And I’m sorry, alright?”

The couple paused at one of the windows on the hallway and faced each other. Percy laid the books by the sill and stuffed his hands into his pockets. “I didn’t—you know I don’t mean to offend you, right?” He smiled at her shyly, his cheeks pink from their chase.

She nodded, surrendering. “I know.” With a sad smile, she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her cheek on his chest.

“Good, cause, er,” he runs a hand though his hair. “You know I’m dense, right? I mean—blimey, Annabeth, you’re the smartest and most beautiful Ravenclaw, and sometimes I wonder how I even got you—”

Annabeth looked up, her eyes glittering behind her lashes. She breathed him in with her chin still resting on his chest. “You’re most definitely dense, Percy.”

He turned a darker shade of pink. “Er, right, so I—“

“Hmm?” she mumbled, planting a soft kiss on his chin.

“I-I—” he froze, hands now on her waist.

Just before Annabeth could kiss his lips, Percy flipped them around so they were hiding behind a pillar. Startled out of her trance, Annabeth steps away from him with a soft growl. “What was that for? I was clearly about to—“

His lips find hers and they kiss for a minute or so, right before the hallways started emptying and everyone rushed to their next classes. “There was a Prefect,” he grinned, wiping an arm across his sleeve. “Anyways, I was gonna tell you I changed my mind.”

Her eyes widen in surprise. “Really? You’ll let me do it?”

“Yeah,” he nodded, twisting to get the books. “I think that if anyone could make it to the end of the Triwizard Tournament, it’d be you. You’re brilliant—smart, fast, clever—“

Annabeth couldn’t help but kiss her boyfriend one last time.

“You’re the absolute best,” she breathed, holding his face in her hands: Quite difficult with a set of books in between them, but manageable. She looked at him gleefully and grabbed his arm, leading them off to the dungeons. Percy was grinning widely behind her, extremely happy to have settled this dispute. 

“Now I’ll show that Cedric Diggory…”


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