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{ キスして。。。} - (Diavora version)

A quick sketch and coloring to kill some time, and ugh can’t seem to stop drawing anything related to these two *sigh*.

Planning to do the Maleval version sometime after this so yes watch out~!!


150419 Nagoya - Eunhae last speech :
Donghae:Last time it was hall tour but because of everyone we managed to come to arena this time. I don’t know when will i have the chance to greet you again but everyone! don’t forget me and please always be in great health . Thank you !
Eunhyuk: There are people who are crying ,there are people with happy faces. I know how you feel .I dont know when is next time..ah please don’t cry..I don’t know when is next time but everyone,please wait until we can meet here again..(c)