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Title: Why Me?

Warnings: Sad Alex :(

Author’s Note:  Lemme know what ya think!

Word Count: 981

“Alex, why have you been giving me the silent treatment since we got home?” you asked, carefully sitting down beside him in the grass. “I thought we had a really nice time with your family today.”

“It was alright.” he muttered, plucking a strand of grass, ripping it lengthwise.

“Come on, it was the first time you’ve been with all of your family since Christmas.” you said, resting your hand on his knee.

“Yeah, well it seemed like you had a much better time than me.” he mumbled.

“What does that mean?” you asked, growing more confused by the second.

“It means what I said. It seemed like you were having a really great time with William.” he elaborated, his eyes locked on the ground.

You scooted closer to him in the grass, moving your hand to his bicep, but he shrugged your hand away. Well this was annoying. “Alex, I had a great day with you.” you emphasized. “I really like your family, it was fun catching up with all of them.” Alex rolled his eyes, ripping another piece of grass from the ground. “Okay, fine.” you sighed. “Just come find me when you want to talk about… whatever this is about.” you said, shaking your head.

You had met Alex’s family plenty of times before, but he had never acted like this. Alex and William were brothers and best friends. The four hour distance between Rochester and Toronto wasn’t far, the boys visiting each other occasionally throughout their seasons when their off days matched up. This week the whole family was in town, Alex’s parents, sisters, and William. You had all gone out for lunch and you had all had a great time; or at least you thought you had. As soon as you had gotten home Alex had gotten mopey and refused to talk to you.

You grabbed a book from inside the house, settling on the back porch swing. You glanced across the yard, Alex still plucking grass. You sighed, cracking your book open. You were a few chapters in, when Alex’s shadow fell over you.

“Do you like my brother more than you like me?” he asked as he stood in front of you, a hurt expression masking his normally bright smile.

“Of course not.” you replied without hesitation; setting your book down you grabbed his hand, pulling him in the empty seat beside you. “What would make you think that?” you asked softly, your heart breaking at the hurt in his voice.

“You just seemed really happy to be talking to him today.” he shrugged sadly, looking at his lap. “You guys were laughing a lot.”

“I was happy to talk to him today, babe, and he is funny. But it doesn’t mean I liked talking to more than I like talking to you.” Alex stared straight ahead, his eyes squinting in the sunlight.

“It just seemed… I don’t know.” he shrugged, looking down he began playing with the hem of his shirt.

“I love your family, but I’m in love with you.” you offered, trying to figure out where all of this was coming from.

Alex sighed, his frustration with his inability to express his feelings the way he wanted to was wearing on him. Finally he blurted out, “William, he’s just—my brother is so much funnier than me, he makes more money, he’s better at hockey, he’s—“

“Alex, stop.” you said; cutting him off. “Our relationship has nothing to do with your brother.” you said, resting a hand on his thigh. “I’m not in love with you because of your money or because of how good you are at hockey, you know that, right?” you questioned as you noticed the insecurity in Alex’s eyes.

“Yeah, I guess.” he mumbled, unconvinced.

“Alex, I want you. Not your brother.” you stated firmly.

“I just feel like I need to keep up with him, but I can’t.” he said, sadly.

“You don’t have to keep up with anyone, Alex. Don’t compare yourself to William, you’ll only drive yourself crazy.” you reasoned, grabbing his hand. “You’ll get the NHL, babe. It may take another year in the AHL, you might get called up tomorrow. Your family is full of great hockey players, and you’re one of them.” you finished, giving his hand a squeeze.

“But why would you choose me? You could have picked anyone.” he sighed.

“I’m in love with you because you’re kind, you’re supportive, and you’re generous.” you listed slowly. “You love your family; the way you interact with your sisters is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. You’re smart, and you’re funny. You also have the best hair I’ve ever laid eyes on.” you smiled, leaning over and pecking his cheek.

“Better than Willy’s?” he asked, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“Better than Willy’s.” you confirmed, running your fingers through is soft, blond locks.

He sighed, propping his feet up on the table in front of you. “I’m sorry, (Y/N), I shouldn’t have gotten upset. Sometimes it’s just hard to not compare myself to my brother, especially when he’s doing so well.” he said, pulling you onto his lap.

“You’re doing well, too. Just believe in yourself, babe, because I do.” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I am really glad you get along with my family. Especially William; I’m glad the two people closest to me get along so well.” he said, looking into your eyes for the first time all afternoon. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” you grinned, pressing a kiss to Alex’s lips. He smiled up at you, before furrowing his brows. “What is it?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Are you lying when you say I have better hair than Willy? I mean, the internet seems pretty set on him having the best hair in the entire league…”

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Request: Hey, i dont know you got your twenty requests already, if not could you do one with Alex nylander where he’s insecure cause he thinks his brother will steal you from him or something like that? :) love your blog            

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hey. I have read your headcanon and want to request something too. Maybe you want to do it. How the Lord reacts when they return after a long battle, and his and MC's baby has learned crawling during his absence and now creeps straight to him right after he have entered the main hall. You do not need to do it for all lords, if you do not want to. If you dont want do do it for all Lords, I would choose Lord Nobunaga, Lord Masamune, Lord Yukimura and Saizo. ^-^ thanks and greetings

@moonlight-nightingale​ Aaaand I finally got to answering this ;u; 


Oda Nobunaga

  • Nobu would be sliding down his horse’s back after the battle, that long battle that kept him away from both MC and his child.
  • He walks straight to the main hall, where both MC and his child are waiting.
  • He has a big smile on his face, the smile that follows a battle that leads him closer to his divine rule.
  • His child looked up to the main hall’s door as soon as his huge figure strode in.
  • The baby was barely able to mumble out a few words when that huge smile covered his face.
  • Nobu was about to walk to his child when he saw those little movements.
  • Little movements that he didn’t expect to see so soon.
  • His child was squealing joyfully and crawling to him.
  • A proud smile crept up his face as he saw his child.
  • “Just what I’d expect from my child.” He thought.
  • The baby was trying to crawl faster, accidentally slipping and hitting his/her jaw on the floor.
  • But the baby continued despite hurting themselves.
  • Nobu’s smile widened.
  • The baby was now closer to him and was pressing his/her hands to Nobu’s legs.
  • Nobu carries the baby up in his arms and gives him/her a piece of his precious Konpeitō.
  • He turns to his wife who has the same joyful smile on her face.
  • He ruffled the baby’s hair and laughed loudly as he strode to his wife’s side.

Date Masamune

  • He was finally back from that long battle.
  • He missed her while he was gone, he missed them both.
  • He was rushing to the main hall to see them. MC and his child.
  • Masa was still in his armor as he walked into the main hall.
  • His legs were about to take him to their side when he was surprised to see something.
  • His child who was in his mother’s arm squirmed out and to the ground, as if he/she was eager to show him something.
  • Masa walked closer but stopped when he saw his child.
  • His child was crawling to him.
  • His eyes widened as his eyes traveled to meet his wife’s.
  • His wife smiled and nodded to him as he watched his baby crawling closer.
  • He was joyed to see his child, but he was overjoyed to see that he/she learned something while he was gone.
  • They crawled slowly to him, looking up to him after each touch their hands left on the ground.
  • Masa was smiling as he moved closer to his baby, kneeling down to hold him/her.
  • The baby finally reached Masa and stretched his/her hands up to him.
  • The baby was all smiles as Masa carried him/her up in his arms.
  • Their smiles filled the main hall with brightness and the retainers around them couldn’t help but smile too.

Sanada Yukimura

  • Yukimura couldn’t wait to be back to the castle.
  • He was grinning all day at the thought of getting back and holding his little baby.
  • He was excitedly striding to the main hall, with Saizo following behind.
  • He enters the main hall with a huge grin and rushes to his wife’s side.
  • He doesn’t wait to be alone, he missed her and enveloped her in a warm embrace.
  • A few seconds later, he hears the sound of small giggles.
  • He turns his head and sees his baby crawling towards him.
  • “T-the baby… h-he/s-she is crawling!” His eyes widened but slowly turned to a happy grin as he crouched down and stretched his hands for his baby to crawl to him.
  • However, the baby had different thoughts.
  • The baby was crawling to Yukimura but soon turned a bit and was crawling past him.
  • Yukimura had a shocked expression on his face.
  • He turned around to see his baby crawling to Saizo.
  • “S-Saizo! what did you do to my baby?” Yukimura mumbles out.
  • Saizo sighs and points to Yukimura, “That one is your father, little boy/girl.”
  • The baby refuses to look at Yukimura as he/she clings to Saizo’s legs.
  • Yukimura glares at Saizo as he moves to pick up his baby.
  • … He shouldn’t have picked him/her up.
  • The baby was crying now with his/her arms stretched to Saizo.
  • Yukimura is a sad bb as the baby is now back into Saizo’s arms.

Kirigakure Saizo

  • He was dragged to the main hall by a very excited Yukimura.
  • Yukimura couldn’t wait as he was about to run up to Saizo’s baby, looking more excited to see him/her than Saizo himself.
  • Yukimura was dragged away by some retainers before he was able to get close to the baby. Imagine a very sad yukimura here
  • Saizo was sighing as he looked up to see both his little lady and baby waiting for him with smiles on their faces.
  • Saizo was walking up to them when his baby did the same thing and crawled to him.
  • Saizo was shocked for a split second but it slowly turned into a gentle smile.
  • His baby crawled closer and closer.
  • He stopped when he was a few steps near the baby, he waited for him/her to move closer to him.
  • The baby smiled and crawled to him at a faster speed.
  • Saizo reached down and stroked the baby’s hair.
  • However, he pulled his hand away just as fast.
  • He was just back from war and he didn’t want t-… !
  • Just as he had these thoughts, the baby reached up and grabbed his hand.
  • Saizo sighed and smiled.
  • “Just like the little lady…”
  • He picked him/her up and walked up to his wife, where she greets him with her brightest smile.
Mr. Fizzles and the Winchesters

Originally posted by jquackles

Pairing: Garth x kid!Winchesters
Word count: 624

“Look, Bobby, I don’t care who you send. We need back up!” Dean ground out, annoyed. “Yes, I know that this is what we do, just send someone!” He sighed, hanging up on the older hunter. This was one of the craftiest witches that they had been forced to deal with. Running his hand over his mouth, he glanced at Sam. “Stubborn old bastard finally agreed to send someone.”

“Well, I’ll be damned.” Garth muttered to himself. He’d taken care of the witch, and then went looking for the two hunters that he was meant to be helping. In their place he found a couple tiny Winchesters. Dean looked to be maybe 6 or 7, and Sam was maybe 2 or 3.

Dean had his arms crossed over his chest, annoyed, while Sam was playing with what had been his shirt. “Come on, Sammy.” He sighed, trying to get his brother away from the weapons.

Garth snapped out of it before taking a deep breath and walking forward. He just hoped this didn’t last too long.

– 24 hours after spell–

Garth was chasing after Sam, who was running naked around the small motel room. He was giggling, arms in the air. “Come on, Sammy!” Garth chuckled. “Ya gotta get some clothes on.”

“NOPE!” He squealed, crawling up on one of the beds.

Dean was sitting on the other bed, his short legs stretched out in front of him as he watched tv. Bobby was supposed to be bringing some things for the boys, as they had no idea how long they’d be pre-pubescent. Garth said he had no problems watching them, that he loved kids. Sam didn’t mind, but Dean was less than happy with the arrangement.

Especially given the events of the night before.

Sam was crying that he wasn’t tired, and didn’t want to go to sleep in a strange bed. Dean couldn’t sleep because of Sam’s crying, or how Garth was going about solving the problem. Before he knew it, there was a sock puppet on Garth’s hand…named Mr. Fizzles. It was one of the creepiest things he had ever seen. “Hey, Sammy. I’m Mr. Fizzles!”

“Oh. My. God.” Dean groaned.

Garth glanced at Dean, turning Mr. Fizzles towards him. “You’re next, Dean.” Dean’s eyes went wide as he laid down, snapping his eyes shut.

A slight shiver went down his spine at the thought.

– 48 hours after spell –

“Why do I have to take a bath with him?!” Dean pouted, not pleased at the turn of events. Garth had brought them to the park down the street after they got some McDonald’s for dinner. He hadn’t realized what a mess the two could really make. Which led to the current argument.

Garth sighed, unaffected by Dean’s attitude. “Because you helped make the mess, and you aren’t sitting around just as dirty.” He told him. “Now march into the bathroom, mister.” His tone was firm, but to Dean it was comical. “Mr. Fizzles wants to know what’s wrong.” Garth pulled out the sock puppet.

“I’m going, I’m going!” Dean ran into the bathroom, quickly stripping out of his dirty clothes.

Minutes later, Sam and Dean were clean, and playing with some random stuff Garth gave them for ‘bath toys’. They were surrounded by bubbles, and Dean was making Sam laugh by acting like he had a beard. Garth turned his back for a minute, and his eyes went wide when he heard Sam’s voice. His grown up voice. “Uh….Garth?”

“Son of a bitch!” Dean snapped.

Garth couldn’t help but turn and look, laughing at the sight before him. Two grown men, awkwardly stuck in the tub together. Sam looked confused and awkward, and Dean looked annoyed and uncomfortable.

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Why We Fight

Title: Why We Fight

 Prompt: @jared-padaloveme: I would like wither one shots with Sam or a story where the reader and Sam hated each other from the get go and then Dean realizes that they both love each other it are afraid of hurting the other. So fluffy I know, forgive me please.

 Pairing: Sam x Female!Reader

 Summary: After so many arguments, so much bickering…Dean finally sees the reason behind it all.  So, he decides to do something about it.  

 Warnings: Arguments.  

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Originally posted by spnsamwinchester

“Well, maybe if you stopped putting stuff on the highest shelf, I wouldn’t have to crawl up on the counters!”  


“We got you a step stool, for that very reason!”  

“It isn’t tall enough!  Not all of us are freaking giants!”

Dean slapped his hands over his ears, trying to drown out you and Sam’s latest fight.  It was always over something stupid, something trivial, but you would both get so riled up.  He really couldn’t understand how two people could hate each other so much. It had always been like this, well…not always.  The first hunt you did with them you and Sam got along, so well in fact that he thought you and Sam might become something, but the minute you agreed to join them and live in the bunker, things went downhill fast.  

“You-you are just a size-ist.”  

“A what?”

“You are anti-short people!”  

Your muffled screams dug into Dean’s skull like a drill.  Ugh, he couldn’t handle this anymore, something had to be done or there would be two funeral pyres outside soon.  He got up and stormed into the kitchen, unnoticed by the both of you. He arrived just in time for the final statements.

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See you on a dark night.

A/N: This song makes me feel like I’m either in a 70′s/80′s horror movie or something dealing with Demon!Dean. So I chose the latter. Un-beta’d  so any mistakes are my bad.

Summary: It’s the night before You and Sams’ big showdown with Dean and you have a meeting with the older Winchester. 

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader.

Word Count : 1,680

Warnings : Cursing, blood, violence, angst, fluff? (You gotta squint), It’s Demon!Dean, that’s a warning in itself. 

Author: @jadangelofthelord (Me)

Based on this song: Grimes - Oblivion. (Cus I thought it was pretty rad)

Originally posted by the-captain-destiel

Another walk about, after dark

It’s my point of view

If someone could break your neck

Coming up behind you always coming and you’d never have a clue

A group of guys stumbled past you, some holding their friends up, others with their head tilted back, barking laughter to the moon. You pressed yourself against the bars wall, as flat as you could, to let them pass. This was stupid. This was absofuckinglutely ridiculous.

You pushed yourself from the wall and kept walking. Down Duncan street and then a right on Humphrey and then straight. Your breath was shallow and nervous and dammit you needed to calm down. You pushed your hands into your pockets and squeezed them as hard as you could; just trying to feel.

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Dean?! Demon!Dean x Pregnant!Reader PART 3

Originally posted by angelsandwhiskey

*Hey y’all I finally got around to writing part 3! I’m so sorry for the wait!!!!*


    Its been 8 months since Dean has had me move in with him and I have yet to see the demon side of him.  I had gotten so big that I couldn’t get out of bed myself and I will be the first to tell you that I am absolutely miserable. 

  “Dean!” I called out, I was stuck on the bed and he knew it as soon as he came into the room with his gun raised.  Dean knew I was in constant danger from other demons that wanted the famous elder Winchesters child and he never willingly left me alone for long periods of time.  It probably didn’t help that I was approaching my due date quickly and looked like I was about to burst. 

 “I’m okay, can you please help me off the bed?” I held my hands out in front of me like a child waiting to be picked up.  He chuckled and pulled me up slowly, pulling me into his chest and hugging me the best he could.

  “You know you don’t have to yell right?” That deliciously rugged tone could make my knees tremble and it almost never failed. He twirled me around until my back was pressed against his chest and stomach.  I sighed softly, knowing that this would probably be the last time we get a moment to ourselves for awhile.  He caught my sigh and gave me a look that promised laughter before he ran his finger tips down my sides feeling me squirm under his touch.

  “Don’t Dean! Hahaha I’m gonna pee!!” My laughter echoed through the lavish room and after Dean heard what I said he quit tickling my sides and let me catch my breath.   I turned around and looked up at him with a grin rubbing this one spot on my back that ached.

He bent over and pulled me into a loving kiss before he pulled back and whispered in my ear “I love you Y/N.”  

“I love you Dean.” I whispered back in surprise, he’s never told me that he loves me but seeing the grin that lit up his face made me fall even more in love with him if that was possible.   I felt our child move and I quickly grabbed his hand and rested it on the side of my stomach and waiting, he gave me a look of surprise when he felt our child kick his hand and it almost looked like he was tearing up a little bit.  We carried on through our day, and when it was time to go to bed Deans phone rang.

  “Hello?” Dean’s voice was flat, as it usually was when he was on the phone.  He looked back at me mouthing “Sorry.” I nodded at him as I braided my hair getting ready for bed.  I was wearing his loose ACDC shirt however it wasn’t loose on me because of my belly.  I sighed and stretched one last time before laying down and getting comfortable, Dean looked at me after he hung up the phone and sighed “I’m sorry baby but I’m not gonna be home for awhile.” He seemed genuinely upset and I smiled at him.

  “Its okay, go ahead I’ll call if something happens.”  I was half awake at this point and I was quickly falling asleep. The last thing I felt was Deans lips on my forehead.  It didn’t seem too long after that when I woke up needing to pee and I instantly knew something wasn’t right as the room seemed colder and there was this horrible smell, as smell I quickly recognized and I was able to push Deans contact on my phone before my world went black.

When I woke up I was chained up on a torture rack and I was bare.  The cold air was nipping at my flesh as I tugged against the chains, the rattling only brought my captor to the awareness that I was now awake.  The sound of footsteps echoing through the warehouse brought me out of my reverie I looked closely at my captor through blurry vision and I inhaled quickly out of surprise when I saw Dean’s friend Mark with solid black eyes.  He picked up a blade off of the tray and lightly traced it against my cheek.

  “Tell me Sweetheart, where is he?” His sickly smooth voice rang out into the open, the words coated in venom.  

  “I dont know who you’re talking about…” my voice was raspy and my throat was raw.

  “TELL ME WHERE THE KNIGHT OF HELL IS!!!!!”  His enraged yell echoed through the room but was drowned out by my scream of pain as he cut along my cheekbone.  Suddenly the room got an even more chilling feel to it as there was an inhumane growl from somewhere in the warehouse.  Mark stiffened up and as soon as I saw him through my tears I sobbed in relief.

 “Dean!!” I cried out for him, it was then I saw his solid black eyes and the snarl on his face. He took two steps towards Mark before running forward and throwing him against the wall and stabbing him with the first blade and effectively killing him.  I moaned out in pain and let my head drop, but when I heard footsteps coming towards me and stopping in front of me I looked up into Deans solid black eyes and I realized that the look on his face was soft.  “Dean?!?!”

 He didn’t say anything, he unchained me and caught me before I hit the ground and he gently put my clothes onto my shivering body and then swaddling me in his jacket.  There was evident relief in those black eyes and he looked at me lovingly before whispering “I love you baby, you’re safe now.”  

  Before I could even blink Castiel was behind him, forcing his demon down clearly thinking that he was trying to hurt me  “CAS NO!!!” my voice cracked as I cried out and clutched my stomach in pain “DEAN!” I screamed for him in pain, both men scrambling to me and holding me up, I was clutching my stomach in pain still and then I felt it.  A small stream of liquid running down my leg that only meant one thing……


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Negan’s Pretty Runaway

Originally posted by neganisvegan

Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 1,432

Part 1 of Runaway

It wasn’t like you’d planned this. Any of it, really. Then again, how much can you really plan in the zombie apocalypse? Looking down at your stomach, you sighed. Your hand rubbed over it and you teared up, putting your head back against the wall. Running away hadn’t been your best idea, but it sounded like your only option at the time. The tears finally streamed down your cheeks. “What have I done?”

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Sniper MC saving Bidders - Soryu+MC

Anon Asks: Could you possibly do a short for soryu and reader? Reader is a sniper and saves the guys when they are held captive in a warehouse. Guys dont know she is a sniper til after they are rescued with the help of the ice dragons of course. Fluffy end.

Well sure thing, though don’t know how to do short most of the time, my muse won’t let me lol. But I hope you like this, soryu is one of my favorites.

Another day of work and unusual for any day the pager hasn’t gone off once while you are working. Usually Eisuke is buzzing for coffee, Mamoru to clean his suite once again, and all the usual requests. You finish up the usual rooms and go to the Lounge only to find things kicked over, vases broken, chairs knocked over and the usual guns soryu hid missing.

You wince and pull out your phone and call Samenji “The bidders are gone, the dragons need to find out where they went.” “Got it, we will find them and bring them back…” You interrupt “I’m coming to” It is silent “… He will kill us if we bring you” “Samenji no argument” “… Fine” You hang up and go to Soryu’s suite and dig deep into the back where you hid your rifle bag. You take it out to clean it and assemble it waiting for the call. 

-A couple hours later-

Your phone finally rings after about an hour after you where done getting the rifle ready and all you could do was pace and check the scope. “We found them princess!” “Ok, where are they Inui?” “…You sure you are coming princess?” “Inui, I am coming and that’s final” You say in a no nonsense tone “Yes ma’am, we will pick you up out front” You hang up and pick up your bag and go out front. Of course you hid the rifle in a normal gym bag so you can sneak it by without anyone knowing.

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A Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster Mini-series

Summary: You meet a clumsy guy on the streets of Seoul, and it just so happens that he’s one of the nation’s most well-known idols….and he’s interested in you.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31 Chapter 32 Chapter 33 Chapter 34 Chapter 35 Chapter 36 Chapter 37 Chapter 38 (Final) Epilogue

Originally posted by taestylips

Chapter 29

He’s running too fast. 

You cant catch up and you can see the cliff he was heading towards crumbling as he looks back at you, laughing as he runs.
You try to speed up, try to call out to him to tell him to stop, to tell him to watch out for the edge of the cliff, but he just keeps smiling at you-

He keeps smiling…
His foot hits the edge of the cliff…
You scream…

‘Y/N! Y/N! Baby, Wake up! Y/N-’ you start awake when Namjoon’s hand cups your cheek, grabbing his wrist with the intention of throwing him off of you, but you quickly register his face in front of yours and stop battling him, instead burrowing yourself into him as you grab on tightly to his sides.

'Shhh, baby, its okay…I’m here… you’re okay…shhh…’ he hushes you, wrapping himself around you and repeatedly kissing your hair and all over your face as he waits for your breathing to return to normal and for you to stop shaking.

'It was just a bad dream.’ you whisper, still not really calm, but needing to reassure him that you were okay as you burrow your face into his chest.

'Do you want to talk about it?’ he murmurs, his words muffled in your hair where his lips had come to rest, his hands rubbing over your arms and back slowly. You think back to the dream, the utter fear you’d felt at Namjoon not hearing you and getting closer and closer to the cliff, knowing you wouldn’t be able to save him, and you decide you just want to forget about the whole thing, the way your heart twisted in your chest at the thought of losing him not being worth going through all over again.

'No…i just want to forget about it…’ you mumble, sighing against his skin and feeling the warmth of your breath flow right back onto your face, the smell of him surrounding you and making you ground yourself back in the present.

'Are you sure?’ he asks quietly, hand coming up to cup your cheek and tilting your head back to make you look at him, revealing his worried and slightly anxious expression to you and making you feel bad for frightening him.

'Yeah…no…I’m fine…I’m sorry for scaring you…’ you murmur, reaching your own hand out to rake his hair back from his forehead, just needing to feel him in some way to know he was really there and feeling a small smile appear on your face at how good he looks with his fringe pushed back.

'Its okay…you just sounded really terrified…although I’m surprised you didn’t wake the others-’


You grab for the sheet  to cover yourself as Jimin, Hoseok, Jungkook and Jin barge into the room, all armed with various props- Jimin with a baseball bat, Hobi a belt and a single high-top shoe, Jungkook with a sturdy looking ironman doll and Jin with a frying pan- a tired looking, messy-haired, squinty-eyed Yoongi poking his head round the doorway when they all fall silent.

'See, I told you it would all be Namjoon’s fault.’ he moans, quickly shuffling away once he’d assessed the situation and rolled his eyes.

'Uh, Sorry guys…I just had a nightmare…I didn’t mean to wake you…’ you explain, biting your lip embarrassedly as Namjoon translates and explains the situation after your failed attempt at Korean, feeling a blush heat your cheeks as they all slowly lower their weapons and look at each other, the awkward silence in the room being broken by the always caring Jin.

'Oh, are you okay? Do you want me to make you some hot cocoa or tea?’ he asks, shooting you a worried but warm smile as he points to the kitchen.

'Oh, no, thats okay Jin…thank you for the offer though…I’m really sorry I woke you guys.’

'Dont worry about it, Y/N! As long as you’re okay, thats all that matters. We were just worried that someone was attacking you.’ Jimin murmurs after listening to Namjoon translate, smiling shyly as he ducks his head.

'Well…if you’re okay…then i’m going to go back to bed…’ Hoseok says, shooting you a grin before dipping out of the doorway, followed quickly by the others, Jungkook calling a 'sleep well, Noona’ over his shoulder as he closes the door behind everyone.

'Well, now I feel bad.’ you mutter, sighing as you fall back against Namjoon’s chest and smiling gently as his arms pull you back into the position you were in before.

'Dont be. Thats what friends are for.’ he murmurs, nuzzling his face into your neck and humming happily.

'Friends? I mean, I considered them friends after the day we went bowling…but I didn’t realise-’

'All day yesterday when we had a schedule, they wouldn’t shut up about how much they liked you. Jimin and Hoseok kept chattering on about how sassy and funny you are and Jungkook was swooning over how kind you are to him. Jin was complimenting you on your ability to eat like a champ and Yoongi said something about you being 'wonderfully ball-sy’. I think you’re definitely a friend in their eyes.’ Namjoon says, grinning into your neck and you dont realise that you’re smiling until his finger is dipping into the crease in your cheek.

'I didn’t realise they felt that way about me.’ you mutter, tilting your head to look at him and biting your lip shyly as you do so, your fingers trailing over his arm that was wrapped around your waist.

'Of course they do! You’re like some kind of princess to them. I think it helps that i’m their leader and they have to do most of the things I say…but even if I wasn’t, you’re such a charming person that I think any man would be stupid to not at least like you as a friend- Although in my opinion any man is stupid not to love you, but you’re mine, and so they all need to back off.’ he mutters jealously, snuffling your collarbone and making you giggle at the ticklish feeling, causing you to squeal when he digs his fingers into your ribs and quickly covering your mouth so that you didn’t bring the others running back.

'Do you feel better now?’ he asks when he’s made your ribs ache and has littered your neck, shoulders and face with hundreds of kiss, his eyes sparkling happily as he gazes into your eyes, brushing your hair back from your face with such tenderness that you cant help the happy sigh that escapes you.

'Yeah…Yeah, I feel better-’

‘Good. Cause I’m stupidly tired and i need my beauty sleep.’ he murmurs, pulling the covers snuggly around the two of you as he shuffles back into the bed, grinning in your direction before he closes his eyes and curls himself around you, kissing your temple before the two of you settle back into sleep.


AN: Because adorable, sleepy bts boys ready to fight intruders is something everyone needs. ;)

9 Months

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Pairing: husband!Dean x wife!Reader, Sam x Reader
Word count: 974
Warnings: Swearing

Part 12 of Welcome to the Family

Dean felt like it was an eternity before he heard the bathroom door open. He looked up, holding his breath for a moment. You grinned at him. “I’m pregnant!!” His face lit up, picking you up into a hug. “You’re gonna be a daddy!” You teared up.

– 12 weeks pregnant –

It had been 3 weeks since you’d seen that little pink plus sign. Dean was still on cloud nine. You weren’t even starting to show, but that didn’t stop him from sleeping with his hand on  your lower stomach. He was convinced that the two of you were going to welcome a son into the world in just about 28 weeks, while you told him not to get his hopes up.

Thankfully, cravings hadn’t been too out there. It was mainly fruits and vegetables. At the moment, all you wanted, however, was a strawberry shortcake with extra whipped cream. Dean had run out to get exactly that, but he was taking far too long. Which left you pacing the war room.

“You keep doing that, you’re going to wear the floor out…” Sam chuckled as he walked in.

You sighed. “He’s just taking forever.” You half whined.

He smiled. “He’s been gone like 20 minutes, sweetheart.” Sam walked to pull you close, but he had no idea when Dean would walk back in. It was better to want you from a bit of a distance, than to have to pry himself away.

“I know, Sammy.” You gave him a small smile. “Come on. Let’s go find a movie to watch.”

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Beta Trainer (Isaac Lahey)

UR GIRL HERE BACK AT IT AGAIN WKTH AN ISAAC IMAGINE. PLZ ENJOY I KNOW ITS BEEN AWHILE. I LOVE YOU ALL :) Word Count: 1,369 Trigger warnings: fights yo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ New meat they say. Well as in they you mean Derek. You were walking in the woods last night (probably the dumbest thing you could do in Beacon Hills right now) and you got attacked by something. That something turned out to be Derek. You cussed the sourwolf out as soon as Scott told you it was him. He explained to you that he needed another beta, even though you explicitly told home the other day that you did not want to become a werewolf. You enjoyed being part of the pack as a human - like Stiles. But of course, Derek had other intentions. “Okay (y/n), since you need to be trained before you can actually fight and stuff, I’m going to have Isaac train you.” Derek explained. You smirked. Isaac Lahey huh? You and Isaac are pretty good friends. So this whole training thing might not be as bad as what you thought. You walk towards the training room to find Isaac already there punching a punching bag. “So Isaac, are you ready to do this?” He flashed you a smile. “As ready as I’ll ever be. I can’t wait to kick your ass (y/n).” This caused you to laugh. Isaac first had you run laps for a little bit. Not only did you have to know how to fight, but you also had to know how to run away fast if the situation got out of hand. Next he taught you a few basic moves. Once you got those down he showed you some attacks. “So… Like this!” You said as you pounced at him. But he dodged it causing you to fall to the ground and groan. “Ehh not exactly short stack.” He chuckled. You shot back up and punched His shoulder. “Don’t call me short stack! You’re like 8 feet tall everyone is short to you.” You huffed. Isaac chuckled once more. “I think today’s training is done. Let’s meet again tomorrow? Same time?” You sigh. “Yeah alright. No go shower Lahey, you smell like sweaty socks on a hot day.” You smiled as you walked away. Isaac stood there with his mouth agap in a shocked position. He shook his head and smiled. “Guess I should go hit the showers.” The first 2 weeks of training was a success. As well as your budding friendship with Isaac. “Damn Isaac, back at it again with Being late for training.” You giggled. He shot you a ‘ha ha’ look. “Okay today is the day I think you are ready for a real fight.” Your smiled quickly faded. “W-what?” You stuttered out. “I think you should come and fight with us today.” He smiled - but it was almost like it was a forced smile. You walk up to him and touch his shoulder. You could sense that something was wrong. “Isaac, did Derek tell you to have me fight today?” You asked with a whisper. You looked him in the eyes and he looked away. “No he didn’t I made the decision.” “Isaac no you didn’t, I know you didn’t. You told me that it would at least me a month or 2. What did Derek tell you.” You demanded. Isaac sighed. “Derek said that you needed to start real training sooner rather than later. So he was going to let you come to the fight with us today. I-I told him no but I guess he didn’t listen.” Isaacs eyes trailed to the ground trying not to look at you. “Isaac, it’s going to be okay. You’ve been training me so hard for the last two weeks.” You whispered to him trying to make him look at you. You grabbed his forearms and shook them a little bit. “Isaac. Look at me.” You whispered. His looked up a bit to face you. “I’ll be okay. You’ve trained me SO well. I’ve improved a lot from being that girl who uses a crowbar. It will be alright.” You hug him and he hugs you back. “Okay, I believe you. I trust you (y/n), now let’s go kick some ass.” He smiled a bit. “God dammit! Where are there so many of them!” You groaned as you fought the alpha pack. “I dont know (y/n), but keep on fighting!” Isaac grunted as he kicked an alpha in the chest. You take a deep breath and continue to punch and kick the alpha in front of you. A few blows later, he finally launched towards you and tackles you to the ground. He then proceeded to claw at you until finally someone pulled him off of you. “(Y/n)! (Y/n)! Can you hear me! It’s me Isaac.” You faintly heard. You spot Isaac in a blurry haze before everything went black. When you woke up everything was white. The ceiling was white the walls were white the curtains where white the counters were white. You looked around until you finally found something that wasn’t completely white. As your eyes adjusted to the brightness you could make out that it was a sleeping Isaac clad in a red shirt and grey sweats. “Isaac?” You croaked out. The dirty blonde’s head shit up towards you. “(Y/n?) oh my gosh you’re awake! Let me go get a nurse.” He exclaimed as he got up. “And a water!” You croaked out again. A few moments later Isaac returned with a cup of water and a nurse. She went through and checked all of your vitals. “She looks good to me. Besides her wounds of course. I’d say she’ll be out of here in no time. You’ll just have to have the doctors check up on you. I’m sorry that you got attacked honey, luckily your boyfriend was there to get you.” She smiled. You and Isaac both blushed. “Oh um, he’s not my boyfriend.” You said quietly. The nurse winked. “Got it. The doctor will be in shortly.” She walked out of the room and the door shit behind her causing the room to fill with awkward silence and tension. “Thanks for saving my ass out there Isaac.” You giggled. Isaac turned towards you with a serious look. “It’s not funny (y/n) you got hurt - bad. And it’s my fault.” He sighed and looked down. You frowned. “Isaac it’s not your fault. It’s my fault. I just wasn’t as strong as what I thought I was.” “Which is why it’s my fault. I knew you weren’t strong enough yet I still let you go. I should have fought for you to not come with Derek before.” You reached out and grabbed Isaac’s hand. “Isaac listen to me, I’m serious. It wasn’t your fault okay? You thought I wasn’t strong enough and I didn’t listen to you. Please don’t blame yourself. I hate seeing you all sad like this.” You spoke as you rubbed circles on his thumb with yours. He looked up at you. “Y-you hate seeing me sad? Why?” He asked with wide eyes. You stiffened. Why did you? I mean sure you’ve been really close to him for the past few weeks. But what made you feel this way? Before you could even think about it the words flew out of your mouth. “Because I like you Isaac.” You whispered. Isaac froze causing you to freeze - once again. Seconds later Isaac lunged for you and his lips met yours. He placed his hands on the sides of your face and you kissed him back. His soft lips against your cracked and chapped ones felt amazing. “Okay Miss - oh sorry didn’t mean to interrupt.” The doctor said as he came into the room. Isaac quickly pulled away and you wiped your mouth. “Am I good to go?” You asked out of breath. Isaac scratched his head awkwardly in his chair. The doctor cleared his throat. “Uh, yes you have recovered well and can check out in an hour. Enjoy the rest of your uh day.” He managed to get out and then quickly left the room. You and Isaac started laughing. “What a great way to start a relationship.” You joked. Isaac grabbed your hand and kissed it. “Only if the relationship is with you.”

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Rich Kid (1)-Winchester Brothers

So, I wanna make this a short series, like maybe a 3 or 4 part thing, I dont know yet lmao. Let me know what your think cuties. Sorry if its a bit short and boring, the other ones will be better than this i promise!


Walking slowly and very quietly into your house, you heard your parents yelling drunken words at each other. It was one of those nights you figured. Sighing quietly, you tried to walk up the stairs unnoticed, but your mom saw your shadow when you almost made it up to your room. Cursing quietly, you slowly turned around, facing your drunk mother.  

“Where have you been, young lady?” She slurred, stumbling to the stair case, gripping the railing with a shaky hand. 

“Out with friends.” You dragged slowly, swallowing loudly.  

“It’s late, you should’ve called to let us know where you were at.” Your dad jumped in, pointing a drunken finger at you accusingly. Nodding, you shifted your weight onto one leg, making your hip jut out. 

“I promise that next time when I’m out, I’ll call you to let you know where I’m at. I’m tired, can I please go to bed?” You asked, stifling a yawn. When your parents nodded, you basically ran into your room, slamming the door shut. Heaving a relieved sigh, you were sure that was going to go a lot worse than you thought. Guess God was on your side tonight.  

The sunlight was burning into your closed eyes, making you groan and throw a a pillow at your window in a failed attempt to close your open blinds. Maragret probably opened them when she was doing her morning duties. You made a mental note to give her the stink eye every chance you got. Moaning, you got out of bed, not wanting to lay around all day and changed into some workout clothes wanting to sneak in a run. 

You ever so quietly walked down the stairs, cringing with every step you took, trying not disturb your sleeping and probably hung over parents. Of course, you tripped, sending your iPod and earbuds, flying across the room, landing in the living room with a loud crash. You groaned, picking yourself up from the ground muttering a string of curse words. A shadow had appeared in front of you, making your heart stop and your body cease all movement. Your dad stood in front of you, wearing a glare on his face so fierce that it would scare the largest bear away if he tried. You instantly weren’t a 17 year old teenager going for a morning run, you were a scared 6 year old who was being scolded for eating the cookie before dinner.  

“And where do you think you’re going dressed like a cheap slut?” Your dad said, stepping back so you could stand up. You swallowed all fear, straightening your shoulders before opening your eyes and into the man who gave you life. 

“I was about to go for a run, then I tripped. Sorry for being loud and waking you up.” You said quickly. You jumped slightly when you felt his large hand come in contact with your shoulder, making a loud smacking sound. Hissing in pain, you felt the tears burn at your eyes, threatening to spill over. Your dad rolled his eyes.

“Go on your run, you’re not needed here right now anyways.” He dismissed you with the wave of his large hand, making you flinch. Grumbling, he turned around and walked back into his bedroom, leaving you to shakingly walk over to the big stained glass doors.  

You ran to your favorite coffee shop just on the outside of your neighbor hood, wanting something to quench your thirst. Sure, coffee wasn’t the best thing to drink after a 4 mile run, but you needed the caffeine boost to get you throw the rest of your day. 

You opened the wooden doors, inhaling the welcoming scent of all the different drinks they made there. It was your second home, you loved it there. You were thinking about applying to work there, but your parents had money literally pouring out their asses, you were pretty much set for life. You ordered a small frappe, moving aside so the barista could finish taking the rest of the orders. You took this time to look around the coffee shop, trying to find some familiar faces. Two people, well very large men actually, caught your eye. One had long, chestnut colored hair that just touched his the top of his shoulders, and the other one had short, spikey hair and a smile that could drop a girl’s panties anytime of the day. Needless to say, they both were extremely attractive. Bonus, they were wearing suits to top the looks. They were cheap suits, you thought of all the expensive suits your father has sent to the dry cleaners on the daily. Their suits looked nothing like his. They pulled it off though. Your name was called, and you retreived your frappe, going over to a table near the two handsome men so you could study them a little bit closer. Not in a stalkerish way either.  

“Come on Dean, you know that we have a case to finish here, stop staring at that girl and focus!” The long haired man said, sighing tiredly at this Dean’s actions. That’s when you realized you were staring at him and of course he was staring at you. You adverted your eyes quickly, focusing on finishing your drink. Dean grinned, facing the man again. 

“Maybe we should ask her some questions. You know, for the case and all.” Dean said, fixing his eyes on you again. Your breath caught in your throat at the sound of his rough voice. You kept your eyes glued to the lid of your drink, daring yourself not to look up when you heard someone sigh, then chairs being moved and a throat clearing loudly. Snapping your head up, you were met by the most gorgeous pair of green eyes you’ve ever seen in your life.  

“Hi. I’m Dean, and this is my brother Sam. We would like to ask you some questions about the recent murders that have occurred around here.” Dean spoke. Sam nodded in agreement, taking out a notepad and a pen to take notes.

“I’m Y/N,” You said in a small voice. This was probably going to be a long interview.


_I don´t mind the rain_|Part X|

Bucky x Reader[Gender neutral!]

[Part one][Part two][Part three][Part four][Part five][Part six][Part seven] [Part eight][Part nine]

Warnings:One really fluffy & cheesy moment[the last one for a while so revel in it],Ponytail!Bucky and stuff happens at the end c: [oh,also unnecessary closeness of characters]

3.986 Words yes we are back to the normal length

[I hope you guys had enough fluff, because the first half of this is pretty calm but just read for yourself.. ]

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The first thing you felt was pain.

A headache.

You groaned in pain as you laid a hand over your face, hoping to shield the light from your sensitive eyes a bit.
Yawning, you opened your eyes slowly. Behind your fingers you could see a white, dirty ceiling. As you slowly sat up, you felt dizzy and a bit nauseous.
You rested on your weight on your elbows as you looked around carefully.
It took you about 10 seconds before you realized where you were.
You laid on an old couch with a blanket over you.
Around you stood nearly no furniture, besides a small table and some boxes. Everything was full of dust and a few cobwebs.
To your right were some stairs that led up, probably to the attic of the small house.
Turning your neck a bit, you saw what once probably was a place for a small kitchen. You could see the pipes that went into the wall, rusted and broken.
Two small cabinets still hung on the wall, while one laid on the ground, broken.
A few cables were even laying on the ground. Above you was a simple light bulb that just hung from the ceiling. The wooden door a few meters from you was the frontdoor, and the other two doors would lead to the cellar and the bathroom. 
You could see the single dust particals flying through the air  as the sun shone through the window above you.
Moving the blanket a bit, you realized it was a curtain.
A bit confused, you looked around again.
You were still half asleep and nothing made sense, until you saw someone step through one of the doors, a glass of water in their hands.
“Bucky..?” You murmured as you rubbed your eyes a bit, “ How did you find-..?”
“Oh, you are finally awake. I was worried, you know? Don´t just collapse on me like that.”

He sat down on a box next to the small sofa you were on and held out the glass to you, before speaking again.
“I just followed your advice and walked to the crane. It took me some time to find the right house, but I saw your last name on the old mailbox outside, so I guessed I was right.”
Sitting up carefully, you took the glass from his hands and gulped down the water. Only now you felt how dry your throat really was. You looked at Bucky, seeing that he was just looking at you.
Lowering the glass, you held it in your hands before you said:
“I am sorry..I don´t know what happened. I got dizzy and nauseous all of a sudden. I wanted to tell you, but my voice was gone. After that everything went black. I don´t know what happened there…”
“Well, I am just glad you are ok again..How do you feel now?”
“My head hurts and I am still a bit dizzy, but it is ok..”
You looked at the empty glass in your hand, it had some flowers on it. Green,blue and white. You remembered that your aunt used to love these glasses…
“I found a working sink in the cellar as I was looking around the house, while you slept. The water was clean after it was running for a bit. I can get you more, if you want.”
Looking up from the small glass, you just shook your head a bit.
“Did you drink something as well? You need to drink too, you know?”
Bucky nodded at you,“ Sorry for the curtain. I could not find a blanket, so I improvised.”
You smiled a bit at his words.
“Dont worry, it is fine. Quite comfy actually.”

Seeing the corners of his lips go up for a moment made you smile even more. You looked to the window again, asking:“ How long was I out?”
“A day.”
“A d-!? A whole day?! You should have woken me up! What if someone followed us?! We can’t stay here for so long-”
“Hey, Hey. [y/n]. Calm down, ok? No one followed us here. And you said yourself that we could lay low here for a day or two.”
“True…But still…”
Oh you felt horrible.
What if something would´ve happened, just because you were sleeping for so long?
“I couldn´t think of any place much safer than this, so let us just stay here for a while, ok? Like you said: We need and deserve a break once in a while.”
“I said you deserve a break.”
“But you do too.”
Buckys tone was genuine and serious, and it made you look at him. You frowned a bit before turning a way with a sigh.
“But what have I done besides being a burden to you? Huh? You would have been out of that town so much earlier, you wouldn’t have needed to jump off a bridge, you never would have gone to that hospital and-”
“And I would have died a few hours ago.”

You had shut up immediately.
With a small gasp you looked up and stared at Bucky, who was looking at you with a soft expression.
“You..You what..?”
“At the car. I would not have seen the bag, or the bomb for that matter. I was so fixed on that person, I did not even think about checking the car first. Without you, I would have died right there.”
“Without me-You would not even be in this town, Bucky!” You said, your voice a bit louder now.“ I dragged us right into this town! You can’t tell me that you would have gone on that exact train if I didn’t suggest it !”
“[y/n]."Bucky began again, his voice still calm, while you could rip out your hair right now.

” Without you I wouldn’t even know what I, or we, are up against now.
That nurse,Kat, the one I talked about earlier. She told me about everything. Without you I would´ve never met her, and so I would never had a chance to estimate what is happening.  
Also, who knows how many traps we avoided just because we walked through your weird short-cut? A few days ago, I hoped I would not regret my decision to help you.
And believe me when I say, I don’t regret it one bit.“

Your mouth was agape and your eyes wide.Feeling your eyes itch, you blinked a few times.
With a gulp, you slowly asked:
"You don´t…You don´t regret dragging me along..? After all what happened?”
You smiled a bit and let out a single sigh, muttering a small :
“Thank you.”
For a few seconds you just looked at each other., before you said:
“Well, what did you find while sneaking around the house?”
“…Not much.”
You groaned at his words and stood up.
“Well, if you don´t talk, I will look myself.”
The glass you still had in your hand ended up on a box that stood on the ground.
Bucky followed you, wondering what you wanted to see.
With a few light groans and a curse you made it up the stairs. Bucky was directly behind you, and now you both stood in front of a dark brown wooden door.
“Have you been in here?”
“Yes. But I didn´t find anything interesting or useful..”
You pursed your lips at Buckys answer and opened the door slowly.
Inside was the messy attic.
Reaching around the corner, you found the light switch. You tried to turn the light on, but nothing happened.
The only source of light were the two windows to your right. The sun shone through the thin fabric that was thrown over the windows.
You walked over to the windows and with one pull the fabric laid on the ground and the sun illuminated the whole room.

Both you and Bucky coughed as the dust flew around you.
He looked around a bit, seeing all the boxes and shelfs.  Walking over to a shelf, he looked through the old books.
You had your eyes on something else entirely.
On the other side of the room, next to an old mirror, you saw that there was standing something, hidden under a big piece of fabric.
Your eyes widened as you remember what this could be.
As you walked over to the mysterious object, you were careful to not step on anything that was laying on the ground.
You stepped around the boxes and a few old chairs, while Bucky was looking through an old book. Not as old as him, but still old.
With a smile you grabbed the white fabric and pulled it off.
Coughing, you turned away a bit.
After a few seconds you turned to look at the thing you found.
The old, nearly broken piano stood in front of you.
´I thought she had taken it with her as she moved away?´
You were sure that your aunt had taken this with her after her husband died, but seemingly, she didn’t.

“Hey, what did you find?” You heard Bucky ask as he walked over to you.
“Something I thought was gone.”
He was next to you now and looked at the instrument that stood in front of you.
With a small smile on your face, and a million memories playing in your head you sat down on the small box that stood infront of it.
Your cold fingers brushed over the keys and you laughed quietly.
“I remember when we brought this up here. It was so hard to get this thing up the stairs with only 2 people and a little kid running around also… My uncle loved to play old songs on this for me and my aunt..”
“Can you play?”
Buckys voice caught you of guard, as you noticed how close he was.
You turned your head to the side, seeing him lean over your shoulder a bit.
“Uhm..A bit. Nothing impressive like many people, but I think I can still play one song.”
“Show me.” He said “ We have a bit of time, don´t we ?”
With a small sigh, you looked back at the piano in front of you.
Carefully you played a few notes, but some were still wrong. You tried again and again until you got it right after all those years.
Bucky kept looking at your hands with growing interest, seeing how they dances over the black and white keys.
His eyes shifted to your concentrated face, and he noticed that you where biting your lip while playing the song.
The melody brought back many memories,

You had to be careful that you didn´t get emotional. It was your uncles favourite song, and he showed you how to play some parts of it.

He probably showed you how to play the whole song, but you couldn’t remember everything. You put in some things that you made up on the spot, but Bucky did not seem to notice.

After a while you started playing with both hands again. It took a bit until you got the feeling for it again, but soon everything sounded amazing.
A bit dust flew up whenever you pressed down a key. It was also hard to concentrate with Buckys breath on your neck and a bit of his hair brushing against your cheek.
The song was finished after a few minutes and you just leaned back a bit, to stretch your muscles.
What you didn’t remember was that someone was standing behind you.
Your head leaned against Buckys chest for short moment, before you sat back up again.
“Ah! Sorry, I forgot you were standing there !”
You turned to look at him, but he was only looking at you without saying a word.
He was just looking at your face, as if he was searching for something specific.
After a few seconds you started staring at his eyes again.
Not long after that, you blinked twice and snapped out of your trance like state.
“Come on, grab a box and sit down! I will show you how to play a bit!” You said grinning while sliding your box a bit to the left.
Bucky immediately nodded and accepted your offer.
He reached to the side and shoved a box next to you.

As he sat down, you noticed how close the two of you were.
Your right arm brushed against his left one as you moved your hands from your lap to the keys again.
Bucky laid his right hand on the edge of the piano and his left one was just laying on his lap.
“You are right-handed,right?”
“Ok, just like this.”
You stated and played the first 5 notes, and then looked at Bucky.
He looked at you for a second before he started to play, and to your surprise he did it right.
This went on for a few minutes, until you noticed something.
“Bucky, wait. Move your hand a bit smoother.”
You grabbed his right hand while he just kept on looking at you, completely bewildered by what you were doing.
Laying your hand over his, you started playing again.
Your uncle always teached you like this, it was the easiest way in your opinion. And it made the whole thing a bit more personal, was always the argument your uncle liked to use.
Without talking again, you played the whole song one more time.

“I think I know that song…”
You looked at Bucky, with raised eyebrows and asked:
“Really? Never thought this would be your type of music…”
“I don´t know” He shrugged “ I think I heard it somewhere before, I know that melody.”
You wondered how he knew such an old song, but just brushed it off after a few seconds.
´Probably Youtube.´

After your little music lesson, you started to look through the boxes and found some pretty interesting stuff.
The both of you were mainly looking for old clothes, so you could finally change.
You found a box full with old stuff, nearly an hour after you started searching.Outside of the window, you could see that the sun was already setting.
“Bucky, look! I found something!”
He looked up from the box he was currently opening and walked over to you.
The box you had found was full of clothes that belonged to your uncle.
Most were simple things, nothing special.
“Good, let´s change.”

The both of you grabbed a few clothes and turned your backs to each other.
You had grabbed a plaid shirt in black and grey. It was way too big for you, but you should have known that, given your uncles figure over the last years…You must have gotten one of his newer shirts.
Buttoning the shirt up, you hummed the song from earlier quietly.
The Jeans you grabbed were a surprisingly good fit,so they must´ve been a bit older.
You kneeled down and pulled on your shoes again. As you stood up, you saw a jacket hanging over a chair to your left. You grabbed it and recognized it as your uncles black denim jacket.
With a nostalgic feeling, you pulled it on, feeling immediately how big the jacket was.
Turning around you saw that Bucky was just pulling a shirt over his head.
For a short moment, you could see the bandage before they disappeared underneath the dark blue T-shirt.
Bucky turned to you, and you could see that he also got one of the older shirts, because if it would have been a new one it would have been baggy, like yours.
The black jeans he had were replaced with dark grey ones.

“I need a jacket.”
“Why-Oh,yea…Metal Arm.”
Bucky looked around and you decided to look through the box again.
You found an old grey hoodie and also something else you wanted to give him,so you turned to Bucky again.
But to your surprise, he had already a Jacket. He was looking down at the brown leather jacket he had on.
“That Jacket is so old, it belonged to my grandpa once!” You smiled “ Why don’t you take this one?”
He looked at you for a bit before shaking his head.
“No it is ok, I like this one..”

“Ok,then at least take this,please?”
Bucky looked at your out-stretched hand and saw..
“A hair tie?”
“Yes. I see how you always struggle to keep your hair out of your face. So just put it in a small ponytail.”

With a sigh he grabbed the dark green hair tie, and after a small bit of struggle, he had his hair in a small ponytail.
A few bangs were still hanging in his face, but all together it was way better now. You grinned:
“See? It looks good, too.”

You started to walk towards the window, wanting to open it, as you saw something
Someone was walking outside, away from the door,fast.
It was nearly jogging. You could not see the persons face, but you could feel your heart drop.
Without a word to Bucky, you just walked to the door of the attic and down the stairs again.
You ignored Buckys voice and opened the front door.
Nobody was in sight, and you could only hear the sound of the water and a few birds.
The only thing you saw was something laying on the ground in front of you.
A phone.
Your phone.

´What the hell?´

You looked around for a bit and heard Buckys footsteps as he rushed down the stairs.
Without a second thought you grabbed the phone and hid it in your pocket.
“[y/n]? Are you ok !? What is it?”
You turned to him with a small smile, and shrugged.
“I don´t know… I guess I am just getting paranoid now..I saw someone walking down the road and panicked a bit..”
Bucky looked at you and you feared he would call your bluff, but he just sighed.
“Dont do that again, You scared me..”
“I wont.”
He nodded before turning away and walking to the sofa, sitting down.
With one last look you closed the door and walked over to Bucky.
Before you could sit down, and nag him about his sad piano skills, a window behind you shattered.
Both you and Bucky looked to the now shattered window, only to see fire.
Shocked, you turned to Bucky again, who was now standing.

“They found us.”
“W-Was that a-?!”
“Yes, a mo-”
Before he could finish his sentence, another bottle was thrown through a window. This time it was the window directly next to you.
With a gasp, you both ducked.
The bottle landed and shattered directly next to you.
You both rolled out of the way, but you still were a bit too slow as you felt the fire on your clothed arm.
With wide eyes you stared at the small flame on your right arm.
It took you a second to progress that you were burning, and you stood up.
As fast as you could you pulled off your jacket,throwing it on the ground. You looked at the curtains on the walls in horror as you saw the flames climp up the fabric and to the ceiling.
Bucky was next to you a second later,asking you:

“Are you alright?!”
“Yes! I think…”
You trailed of at the end of your sentence, but Bucky didn´t seem to care right now.
“We need to get away!”
“We can’t just walk out of the front door!?”
“I know!” He said, as the two of you started to walk towards the stairs.
“What do you want upstairs?!”
“Just come!”
Without any more complaining you ran after him, ignoring the pain in your leg.
As you were in front of the door upstairs again, you heard another window shatter.
You winced as you heard the glass shatter.

Walking into the attic, you closed the door behind you.
Bucky was already walking to one of the windows.
With a punch of his left hand, the window shattered and he looked outside.
He turned back to you and waved you over to him.
“Can you make that jump?”
You looked outside and realized what he meant.
Outside of the window was the roof, you would have to walk over it for a bit and then jump to the small neighbor house.

“I..I think?”
“Good.” Bucky said while looking around. “Go.I will come after you-”
Just as he finished his sentence, you heard someone come up the stairs.
With that, Bucky turned around and ran to the door again. He looked around before he pulled a shelf in front of the door, and then stacked some boxes in front of the shelf.
Meanwhile, you were climbing out of the window,careful not to cut your hands on the broken glass.
You carefully stepped onto the roof tiles while holding onto the window frame.
The first  steps you made were slow, but got faster as you heard someone shout and talk inside the house.
A few seconds later you saw Bucky a the window.You stopped and watched him while he grabbed something of the ground.
´Was that..A crowbar ?! Is he planning to fight-?!´

He turned to the window as he heard your voice:
“[y/n]! Go!”
“No, not without you!”
Buckys breath hitched at these words, and he just stared at you.
“Bucky!” You called again “Come on! We have to go!”
He continued to look at you, but after a few moments he climbed through the window and walked over to you.
“You are so stubborn.” He said to you as he walked next to you and held the crowbar out to you"Hold this.“
You ignored his comment, grabbed the crowbar and continued to walk over the roof.
Reaching the edge. the both of you felt your heart skip a beat.
Directly under you stood a person, gun in hand.
Before you could react, Bucky had grabbed you around your stomach and jumped to the side.
As you landed on the grass, Bucky let you go and your feet touched the ground again.
Bucky just checked if you were ok, and then ran off.
You were just standing there for a moment, wondering how he made that jump without breaking his legs.

´thiS GUY.´

Bucky ran around the corner of the house, and saw the single person who just aimed the gun at the both of you.
The man noticed Bucky as soon as he walked around the corner, and he pulled the trigger multiple times.
Bucky held up his left hand and deflected the bullets with ease.
The man stared at him  as he got closer. Bucky kicked the man in the gut, making him fall backwards. As the bounty hunter was falling,Bucky grabbed the gun from his hand.
He threw the gun behind him and then, he grabbed the man and threw him against the house wall, knocking him out instantly.
Bucky heard a short yelp behind him and turned around.
Standing there over a now unconscious body, with crowbar in hand, was you.
Your breathing was a bit heavy and you just nodded at him.
"Saved your ass again.”
Bucky raised an eyebrow and looked at the man who was laying in front of you.
You were right, you saved him again.
In the mans hand was a gun, which probably was pointed at Bucky before you hit him over the head with the crowbar.
“Thanks,” Bucky began" But we need to go now, are you ready ?“
With a frown you looked behind you, seeing the flames inside the house.
You looked back at Bucky and nodded. As you walked over to him, he waited for you.
And then the two of you were walking along the docs, not knowing what you were going to do now.

And you both also did not know, that for one person, everything was going as planned.

And~ That´s it :D I hope you like it and thanks for reading :D

and wow wtf “part x” sounds so mysterious i love it

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Gom+kag s/o adopt a scary dog who was used as a fighting dog and was abused and they turn out to be a big softie bby face who loves them, cries when they leave and loves their toy duck but always gives it to them because they love their owners more

this is so long omg frick me but i dont regret it. i love this ask praise your soul for sending this in dear ;; dogs are such nice animals ahh i want another dog T - T ;;; 

**[D/N] is Dog’s name ^^ 
[NOTE] ahh sorry im so use to using boy pronouns for dogs since my dogs were all boys OTL my little cutiepies and i dont like using it for an animal. only post for today since it took a long time and i want to watch some anime o u o


Kuroko: As he stood outside on your porch with Nigou, Kuroko took a look at his phone. He was slightly early, but it wasn’t a bad thing-he enjoyed listening to you rush around your house whining;it was cute. However today he heard something different and that made him slightly uneasy. Kuroko did indeed hear your footsteps run from place to place, but he also heard a continuous set of loud creaks. Just as he was about to question what it was he turned around hearing the door open. Your cheeks were flushed as you ran to his side, “Sorry Kuroko! I-I didn’t know you would be early today as well!” As you watched his expressions you noticed Nigou was in his arms just as you stepped outside. Confused you followed his gaze to your side; looking down you saw your new companion looking uneasy at your boyfriend. Giggling you crouched and started rubbing your dog’s neck while nuzzling into it. “Ah, sorry I forgot to tell you I adopted this cutie. Say hi to [D/N}!”
Nodding at the dog, Kuroko mumbled a small hello as he still held Nigou tightly, afraid that the big dog would attack him. “He’s….very big _____-chan.”
“He is! But he’s not scary.” You pouted. “I’m sure him and Nigou would work well together, just let him down.” As you saw him hesitate you sighed. “Kuroko, [D/N] isn’t bad, he was just with bad people who used him to fight for money.” You said gently patting some of the old scars on the dog. “Don’t be that weary of him, he’s a little baby to be truthful.”
Just as you opened your mouth to say more, you yelped in surprise as Nigou ran towards your dog, circling around him. The two surprisingly started playing tag where Nigou was the chaser. Surprised you stared as the two ran around your front yard. Kuroko chuckled quietly before slipping his hand into yours. “I guess he is a baby if he’s afraid of Nigou.”

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Pairing : Winchesters, Reader, surprise visit.
Word count : 1,429
Author : Mel
Warning : I cried writing this. Be warned you might cry too. Not even sorry. I know I said there wouldn’t be another part to this, but it just came to me in the shower. Shower ideas are my best ideas. I hope you like it.

Part 2 of Where Am I?

Sighing you dropped into a chair in the war room. Sam came in behind you “You alright?”

You shook your head. “I’m tired of this Sam.” You looked up at him. “I’m glad it’s over. I was brought here to help, I barely did that. But she’s gone. So is Chuck, and I’m still here. Why? I want to go home, Sam. I miss my kid. I miss my spouse. I just want to go home.”

Dean sighed from the doorway. It was over, in a sense. The Darkness had been dealt with, though not how it had been planned. You had kept up a strong front the whole time. Playing your part like a good little soldier, even though you were far from it. You were a mom for Christ sake, yet here you were, still playing soldier to help them after months. He watched as you sighed one last time before getting up and heading to your room.

“I’m worried about her.” Sam said softly, after hearing the sound of your door echo towards them.

“Me too Sammy. Me too.”

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Moving in

pairing: best friend!luke x reader

word count: 623 (sorry its short im embarrassed whenever i write short stuff because i feel like i didnt try hard enough uGH)

requested! TOTALLY PLATONIC none of that secret love bullshit :) hope you like it xx 

“Luke, stop playing with the stuffed animal and grab the last couple boxes to take up.”

Your blonde best friend slowly put down your stuffed bear that you’ve had all your life–a gift from your mom whom you loved dearly–and let out and annoyed sigh. “Y/N we have like all day to move in, why are you rushing?”

“It’s 5 in the afternoon and we’ve been moving in all day already, Luke.” You laughed, picking up one of the few cardboard boxes left in the back of the small moving truck. 

“Right,” He said, laughing at himself and grabbing the last 2 boxes as well. “Look, I’m like superman or something.” He said, lifting the boxes over his head. “I have superhuman strength!”

“Luke, you’re such an idiot.” You said, laughing and rolling your eyes at him. 

“You’re just jealous of my superpowers.” He commented, following closely behind you up into the lobby of your apartment complex.

“Yeah, that’s definitely it.” You teased.

The two of you put the last couple boxes in the center of your living room, which was already partly put together. You looked at the box that was in your hands. “This one goes in your bathroom.” You said, sliding the box across the floor to him.

“Alright. What about the other two?”

“They’re mine.”

“For fucks sake, Y/N, how many boxes did you bring?” He asked, letting out a loud laugh. 

“Hey, you’re the one with 4 boxes for clothes alone. You can’t talk shit about how many boxes are mine.” 

“You’re my best friend, Y/N. I can talk shit about you all I want because I know you won’t get mad.” He told you, shooting a cheeky smile your way.

“Why did I ever agree to living with you?” You joked, laughter emitting softly from both your mouths. 

“I dunno but you’re stuck with me.” 

The two of you fled to your respective rooms, starting to unpack all the boxes around your rooms. Not 10 minutes into it, Luke called out to you.

“Y/N! Come quick!” 

“What’s wrong?” You asked, running out of your room. Your eyes landed on the blonde sitting on the ground in the middle of the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal off a makeshift cardboard box table. You sighed. “Luke, why the fuck are you eating cereal right now?”

“I got hungry.” He said, shrugging and looking down at the phone in his hand. He took another bite. “Can you find a phone charger in one of these boxes?”

“Is that really all you needed?” 


You sighed once more, retreating to your room and pulling your phone charger from your backpack. You returned, throwing the charger at the boy.

“Thanks. Hey, Y/N, you should take a break, you’ve literally been working all day.” He told you. “Come have some cereal with me. I pulled another bowl out already for you.” 

You looked at the small bowl sitting amongst other boxes filled with kitchen things, and you couldn’t help but smile at the small gesture. “One bowl.” You said, walking over and pouring yourself some. Luke smiled as he waited for you to join him.

“We should be eating dinner right now.” You noted, taking a seat on the other side of the box-table.

“Yeah, but cereal’s better.” Luke said, taking another bite.

You took a bite as well, holding back a giggle at the fact that you and Luke are sitting on the floor of your new apartment eating cereal as dinner. “Agreed.”

Bodyguard [Michael Clifford AU; 3]


You flung yourself into the Service Room. Ben handed you the corded telephone. Your hands shaking terribly, you held in your breath. “Y/N, baby?” Your dads weak voice croaked. “Daddy.” you sighed, shutting your eyes tight, tears spilling. “Hey now, dont cry!! Otherwise I’m gonna have to reclaim your spot in Solitaired Tears.” He said, a tint of humor in his voice as he mentioned an old game that you and your mom made up and forced your dad to play. You let out a choked sob/laugh. “Daddy, where are you?” You wheezed, your throat closing in. You heard a breathy sigh. “Sweetie I need you to listen closely to me.” You nodded, letting more tears flow. “They’ve got me in the chambers of the SYCO agency.” He whispered in a hushed tone. “He’s insane, a gone case. Y/N, this isn’t about agencies and spilling the Government. I think he’s taken it to heart. H-He kills for fun. This is gone way over board and I’m afraid-” Suddenly a loud scream came from the phone. “DAD!!!” You screeched, your voice at the highest octave it’s ever been. “I’m alright.” He said hoarsely. “They shoot me with a stimulator gun every hour.” Your breathing sped up rapidly. “Dad who is he?! Can you give me directions? What is his motiv-” 

“I have to go.” he said quickly. 


“I love you so much and I’m so proud of you. Take care.” And the line went dead. Your hands shaking badly, you kept the phone on the base. You felt incredibly weak. Like all the weight had finally settled in you. You turned around and brushed your cheeks. “Come here.” Ben murmured, opening his arms. You sighed and fell limply into his arms as he squeezed you tightly. “Y/N,” You lifted your head up to see Michael in the door way. He glanced at Ben and you saw his eyes storm with different emotions. Ben let you go and took your hands gently. “So whats our next motive?” You glanced at the clock. 4:56 a.m. “Sleep. Give me three hours.” You rasped, pushing past Michael and limped to your room. You fell on your bed and shut your eyes, letting the ache and weariness seep in and take over.

You woke up with a start. You forgot to put an alarm on so it must’ve been your internal bodyclock. Meaning you must’ve woken up at 8:30 a.m. Shit. You swung your feet over your bed and hurriedly took a shower. You quickly side braided your hair and slipped into black leggings and a red sweatshirt. You slipped on your boots and hurriedly went out into the corridor. “Y/N..” You turned to see Ben speed walking towards you. He tossed you a granola bar and apple. “Whats our next move?” He asked. “Do the others know what happened?” You asked, He nodded. “Then im going to pick up some supplies and we’ll start intense planning.” You said. He nodded. “Ben, I want you to sketch an outline of jobs we should give people like supervising SYCO, etc.” He saluted you with a small smile before speed walking away. You grabbed your bag for money and looked for Michael. You found him in the corridor on his phone. “Michael-” You called. He looked up with a dazed look before looking at you. Instantly, his eyes darkened. You cowered away slightly but stood your ground. “I need your motorcycle.” You said softly. His eyes widened. “You are not doing that-I’m not going to let you! Its a 2013 model of-” You wrapped your arms around him and he instantly hugged back. You grinned slightly, slipping your hand in his jacket and fishing out his keys. You lingered in his arms a little, yoru body feeling giddy but finally let go. “Thank you!” You grinned before running to the exit. “Come on Come on Come on-” You groan, waiting for the door to open. “Y/N!!!” You hear Michael yell. Your heartbeat sped up as you frantically ran outside to his motorcycle. “Oh no you dont,” He hopped in behind you, grabbing your waist making you laugh. “You can’t even drive this bud-” He said. 

“Ill have you know, my first license was for a motorcyle.” You said, starting the engine. “Did you pass?” He asked hesitantly. You grinned. 

“Nope.” And off you went with a screaming Michael. you let out whoops with every pothole you went over. “THE POLICE ARE GONNA CATCH US!!!” He screamed. You laughed. “Screw the police!” You reached the private store your dad once showed you when a mission was called for and hopped off. Michael stepped off, panting slightly. “Are you even human?” He asked, his voice scratchy. You laughed. “I clearly remember you were deathly afraid of my motorcycle last time.” Michael said,walking beside you. You remembered yourself throwing your arms around his waist, your heart beating extremely fast. This time it was as a switch turned on inside of you. “People change.” You shrug, internally cringing at your answer. “So what is this place?” He asked. “My dad told me it was a place I needed to go in times like this.’ You answered, staring at the dingy store. Almost instinctively you reached for Michael’s hand but drew back quickly. “Um, shall we?” You ask, stumbling forward. The inside of the store reeked of mold, the tapestries curling up as if they were recoiling from something. The lights weren’t on, just pure darkness. “Who’s there?” A voice croaked. You rolled your eyes at the clicheness. It was as if you were in a movie. “Y/N Y/L/N.” You stated, examining the things you could see. Suddenly, the lights flickered on and aisles of products stood in front of you. A man walked towards with stiff yet graceful movements. “General Fayden. I was in the Navy with your father. Never thought the time would come.” He said, his voice hard with a soft undertone. He wasn’t old but clearly wasn’t very hygienic. “I need to pick up supplies. For this-” 

“Mission. I want to take part of it.” He muttered, brushing his greasy black hair back. Your jaw dropped slightly. “That’s, I mean, of course sir but do you-” 

“I’ve been updated with the plans. You give me the job and ill be the ignition. Turn me on and ill start.” He cringed. “Wrong choice of words.” He added as an afterthought making you chuckle. “Take what you need, free of charge. Come to me to bag it. I’ll be at the meeting today.” He said. You nodded. “Oh, General!” You called. He turned around. “I don’t mean for you to take the hard way but would you mind a shower?” You asked gently. He smirked. “I bathe for the times when things get dirty but if I’m already covered in filth, then would i bathe for things to get clean?” He turned around with a swivel with his heel. “That didn’t make sense at all.” You whispered. Michael let out a low whistle.“Don’t question the elderly,” He placed his hand on your lower back. You felt skittish at the sudden touch but shied away into the aisles. “How’s this gonna fit in your motorcycle?” You asked, picking up some aid boxes.

“I’ve got a pretty wide glove box.” He answered. The both of you fished out everything you needed and bid Fayden goodbye. “I’m driving.” Michael called. You pouted slightly. “Don’t you do that now, Y/N.” Michael grumbled, his eyes slightly darkening. Mustering up all the courage you had, you interlaced your fingers with his before reaching into his pocket for the keys. “Y/L/N WINS AGAIN!!!” You grinned happily. Michael grasped your hand, twirling you around. You felt your gasp catch in your throat as he nudged you behind the motorcycle, leaning against you. “Hey now,” He whispered, staring at you intensely. You pursed in your lips as he leaned against you before letting a puff of air. “That isn’t very fair.” His voice dropping an octave. You watched his eyes lazily graze your lips. You glanced at his plump lips. Your heart beat painfully against your chest, your stomach on fire.“Michael-” You whispered breathlessly. “What are you-” 

“Gotcha.” He smirked, dangling the keys in front of you. You let out a big sigh. “Naughty bastard.” You mutter. He raised his eyebrows in a playful manner. “What are you going to do? Spank me?” He threatened. You rolled your eyes, hopping onto the motorcycle. “Not much of a kinky type.” You say, waiting for him to get on. “Well a night with me will do wonders.” He winked. You feigned a baby barf. “Are you saying you have a kink??” 

“I may have some up my sleeve. If you’re ready to experience one, stop by 11 p.m any day.” You slap his shoulder as he got on. “Just drive.” He let out a bark of laughter before driving back to the Underground.

“And Haller will take the eye in the helicopter. Um, am I missing anyone?” You questioned, eyeing the audience. Michael raised his hand with a smirk. You rolled your eyes. “Clifford, your orders were given by Admin himself and though I dont know those orders, you might as well follow them.” You sighed. Clary rose her hand. “Clary!” You sighed, ruffling papers. “You can join the security around the border of the SYCO grounds.” She sighed and looked at Michael, her lips pouted. He didn’t seem to notice, his eyes never leaving your figure and his smirk permanently etched on his lips. “When does the plan take action?!” A man yelled. You checked your watch. 8:23 p.m. “Tomorrow at 9 in the morning. I want all of you well rested and stocked and we will meet here at 7 in the morning tomorrow. Goodnight.” You nodded, walking from the room. You heart painfully constricted with each breath you took. We’re going ot get him  back. He isnt dead. He loves you. “Y/N!” You turned around to see Ben. “Hey!” You smiled. He fidgeted slightly. “Do you wanna hang out at roof top?” He asked. You shrugged, following him. The sound of the city was distant and it was slightly chilly but nothing you couldnt handle. “You ready for tomorrow?” He asked. You shook your head. “But it will be one hell of a ride.” He grinned. You smiled slightly and nodded. “Y/N,” he whispered. You looked at him only to notice how closely he was next to you. He grasped your hand lightly and you turned to look at him. Bile rose in your throat as he leane din. This isnt right. But you didnt stop him and let him attatch his lips to yours, grazing softly. You felt violated and sticky. A loud cough came from the door making you jump from Ben. You looked to the side to see Michael. “A word…please.” He added weakly. You glanced at Ben. He only shook his head and pushed you forward. You followed Michael into the hallway that lead to the stairs to go down from the Rooftop. Ben awakwardly walked past the two of you, down the stairs. “What the fucking hell was that?” Michael seethed. You pressed your weight against the wall. “He kissed me.” You whispered, almost soundingly like you were talking to yourself. “I know, I fucking saw that.” He growled. You furrowed your eyebrows, your hands shaking slightly. “Why are you so angry?! You dont see me cursing at you when I see Clary snogging your face off?” You yelled. His face softened slightly. “Dont you see it? Are you so fucking blind?” You scoffed as he strode towards you. “Im the blind one!!!??? Michael, I dont know if you realized but im not just some toy you can flirt with. I have emotions and feelings!! That kiss…Ben..” You sighed. “Tell me, what did it feel like to have your first kiss stolen by some kid?” You sent him a piercing look, pointing your finger at his chest. “My personal life is not something you need to pry and im sure of it. Your just a bodyguard.” You sneer. Something flashed in his eyes and next thing you know, he had you pinned against the wall, your hands locked in his grip. “Wanna know something they taught me during guard training?” He asked, his dark eyes scanning your eyes. You took deep breaths, trying to calm your heart beat but there was no point. “Anything you say can and will be held against you,” His lips were now grazing your gently, his eyes never leaving yours, “So only say my name.” And like that he glided his lips on yours. You were shocked at how soft his lips were against yours. You would be lying if you said this wasnt the most passionate kiss you ever had. HIs hands still locked against yours, he pressed against you. “Michael-” You groaned, the deepest pit of your stomach now on fire. You pressed against him, closing the space between the two of you. He growled, slowly slipping your hands out of the lock. Immeadiately, you tangled your fingers in his hair, drawing him closer to you. Almost instinctively, Michael’s handsgroped the botom of your thigh, picking up. It was almost as if the both of you were kissing the hell out of each other to make up for the seven months youve known each other and all the jealou stimes you felt when you saw him with Clary with him “If we dont stop-” Michael sighed against your lips as you tugged on his hair. “I wont be able to control himself.” You didnt respond, only brining him closer till the both of you stopped for air. “No,” He whispered, his eyes wide as he stepped away from you. You furrowed your eyebrows, taking a step forward. “Im your bodyguard-” His voice cracked. “I cant, this cant-” He looked at you, his eyes stormy. “Im so sorry I did that. Lets just- forget it.” He walked away, his head in his hands. And like that, you let him break your heart.




Part 4

The Mysterious Stranger

Ahhh a new series. 

So so so sorry guys. I promise I’ll finish the other series. I just keep getting ideas that I want to share for you guys. I think I might put all the request I’ve received so far in this series and make it into one huge fluffy, smutty, angsty beautiful Bangtan mess~


Without further adieu,

Ladies and Gentleman,

Part 1: The Mysterious Stranger~

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Jimin x Reader x Jungkook

-Admin K

(Promise it will get better)

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