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(A bunch of messy quick sketches for comparison, but I’ll try…)

  • Babies have very big heads.
  • Big eyes.
  • Tiny, cute features, usually simplified.
  • Small nose and mouth.
  • Chubby bodies and cheeks.  

I like to give baby Papyrus round teeth. :3

Also, for baby Papyrus, I find that tiny eyes look better on him and big eyes look better on Sans.

Big cheekbones for Pap!

Baby Sans can be tricky to draw because unlike Papyrus,  Both adult and baby Sans’ face remains very round. Just give him smaller face and body features.

I need a RickMorty amnesia fic in my life.

What if one of them forgot the other, and in their amnesiac state they freely admitted to being attracted to the other. Like, “Why hello attractive stranger, I would gladly bang you at any point” and the other is like, “Holy shit we’re related what the fuck” but then plot twist, they do fuck.

Or what if it’s something sad, like they’ve been dancing around each other for years until they finally admit their mutual attraction. But soon after there’s an accident and one of them forgets, and the other doesn’t have it in their heart to simply explain the relationship that took them years to establish?

I love how Saiko hopelessly thinks she’ll never meet her prince charming but the rest of her family is confident she will. She’d be so cute! She’d make so many adorable little Saikos.

In the Happiness AU, Urie has a Serious Talk™ with Mutsuki on this bench and she accepts to try to see a therapist. She then lets her affection for Sasaki go and two years later she catches the bouquet at Saiko’s wedding - where Hsiao is the maid of honour.

why do horror fans come in like two varieties

1. shitty racist 15-30 yr old white dudes that will make you jump through hoops to prove you like slashers


2. awful ‘uwu i draw what i want evil sjws cant tell me no’ types

like damn i just want some decent people to shoot the shit about nightmare on elmstreet with, not have a discussion why shipping lesbians with men isnt bi erasure, karen