sigh she's so perfect

this is how I cope with having to wait for the new episodes

I actually fail to comprehend how Park Seo Joon looks so perfect even when he’s mad

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or when he’s the biggest awkward puppy and hides from everything 

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(The lovely picture is used with very kind permission from the artist,  苺野めりー★– please do not remove source or repost)

This! This is the perfect picture for the ending that I have envisioned for my fem!Levi x Erwin fic, A Choice With No Regrets.

“She’s beautiful,” whispered Erwin, cradling the baby in his arms. His baby. After all these weeks, it had still not sunk in entirely. “Just like her mother.”

“She’s big,” Levi said dryly, though Erwin could see the slight smile touching her lips. “Just like her father.” 

He could still remember his state of panic when her labor had drawn on and on and judging from her wry tone, Levi had not forgotten either. 

“She’s just so…”

Amazing. Incredible. A triumph. Erwin gazed down at the tiny bundle of precious humanity in his arms and knew that he was hopelessly besotted. 

Once upon a time, he had been foolish enough to think that this fate was not for him, that his life had only one grim purpose and there was no need for complications. He’d leave nothing of himself behind. He had very nearly missed out on this little miracle, had it not been for Levi. 

Levi lifted a slim eyebrow at him. “So…?” she prodded.

“Perfect,” sighed Erwin, unable to stop himself from reaching down to kiss his daughter. “She’s perfect.”

When he straightened back up, he found his wife gazing at him searchingly.

“No regrets?” Levi asked.

Erwin smiled. “How can I possibly have any?” he said.

Purrfect Comfort

Also on AO3
Chronologically follows “I’m Yours.”

Chat bounded across rooftops, eager for his evening visit with his girlfriend. Girlfriend! He had a girlfriend. Secret, girlfriend, of course, but still awesome.

He’d been required to attend a Gabriel vision meeting that took all morning, followed by back-to-back shoots this afternoon. But the knowledge that Mari and her family would be waiting for him to show up for retro video game night was enough to help him power through. As luck had it, he’d been released early, and had wasted no time locking himself in his room and escaping his father’s gilded cage.

He timed a leap just right to catch a light-pole to swing his trajectory back up and to the next roof. As he closed in on the T & S Bakery, he slowed down and moved into the shadows. He’d always been careful to keep his visits out of the public eye. At this point, he was in far too deep to stop, and he had no contingency plan if things went wrong. He should probably do something about that, but to be honest, he was much better at planning on the fly. Ladybug was the team’s longer range strategist.

As he dropped to Marinette’s balcony, he was surprised how dark her room was. He peeked in, half expecting to see her taking a cat nap, but she wasn’t there. She hadn’t minded him coming in through her window that one night, in the rain, so it was probably okay. He tapped a few times, so he could say that he had, before lifting the skylight to lower himself into her room.

“Princess?” he said quietly, looking around just to be sure she wasn’t at her desk or anything. There was no response. Her trapdoor was open, and he hesitated at the top of the stairs, listening before descending. He could hear Tom and Sabine, but Marinette was being unusually quiet. A little worried something was wrong, he took the stairs two at a time, something he’d learned to do specifically because it irritated his father.

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Olicity: Zephyr

Chapter 1: Taking Out The Trash

Summary: “Zephyr”
(zɛf ər), noun | A gentle, mild breeze. It does not disrupt, nor cause chaos, it merely brings a pleasant sensation on a warm summer day. (via wordsnquotes) Behind the vigilantism, they have to live. A look at our heroes as they go about the more normal moments of their lives.

Welcome to my new series, Zephyr!!
We’re going to be looking at the most domestic, normal, downright boring moments of life with Olicity. Still with me? Great, I hope so. Because I’ve realised that the moments I love writing most are the normal ones, so I’m hoping this can be fun.

The first prompt:
@aussieforgood said: You want boring, here’s boring. Taking out the trash.

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Valentine’s Day : Cisco Ramon

Based off of prompt #52

Summary: Cisco Is dating the reader and plans something special for Valentine’s day

A/N: Finally I am getting another story up!! I’m so sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy!

I flip through the endless racks of dresses while I wait for Iris to come back from the change rooms. She comes bouncing out, smiling as she sighs and says “This dress is so perfect, it wouldn’t be better if I made it myself”. I turn to her, saying “ You look incredible in it Iris, Barry is gonna love it”. “Thank you!” she says walking over to the line. “But are you sure you don’t want to look? I saw some great dresses back there that would look great on you”. I shake my head and shrug. “I’m alright. I got an outfit already. And besides, I don’t think we’re doing anything anyways. Between helping Barry and Wally, and the lab and now getting used to his powers, Cisco’s been pretty tired lately and it’s been a lot all at once so I think we are just going to relax tonight”. Iris nods and turns to me. “True, but this is Cisco we’re talking about. I can’t imagine him not doing anything for Valentine’s Day”. We walk out of the store as I sigh “Who knows”.

I unlock the door to mine and Cisco’s apartment and drop my bags off on the couch. I’m walking over to the fridge to grab something to drink when I see a note in messy handwriting on the table.

Y/n, I hope you had fun at the mall with Iris. Meet me at STAR Labs at 7, don’t be late (even though you never are) and look pretty (even though you always do) but don’t stress about what to wear (like you always do). It’s just you and me. See you later. I LOVE you! -Cisco

I read over the letter and smile to myself. The clock tells me it’s only 3 o’clock so I decide to have a nap. When I wake up, I shower, get ready and watch a bit of tv before I grab my keys and drive over to STAR Labs.

I arrive at 6:50 and enter the building, but I realize that Cisco didn’t tell me where to go. I shake my head, chuckling quietly to myself and go to check his lab. When I find everything but my boyfriend, I leave to check the cortex. When I enter the room that we spend so many hours in, I see Cisco standing there. “Hey babe” he exclaims, walking over to me. He leans in and pecks my lips and I smile and greet him back. His eyes scan over my body quickly before he raises his eyebrows and says “Wow. You look amazing”. I blush looking down at the outfit I got with Iris. I’m wearing a cream turtleneck sweater, a burnt orange coloured skirt, black tights, my long black coat and my classic black converses. “Yeah, you like?” I ask gesturing to my outfit. Cisco grabs my hands and replies “Very much. You look absolutely beautiful”. I squeeze his hand and nod at him. “Let me just say, you look fantastic” I say and he blushes. Cisco is wearing jeans, a button down and a nice jacket over top, paired with his sneakers. He smiles and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear. “So, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here. I need you to trust me for a minute.” he announces and puts a hand over my eyes. “Um okay..” I say hesitantly as he begins to walk me forward.

We walk for a moment then he finally stops. He removes his hand from my eyes and I turn to see where we are. All I see are the blinking lights of buildings and cars and I immediately know where we are. “Cisco how did you get me onto the roof?” I question and he smirks at me. “I vibed us up here. Couldn’t have you walking up those stairs blind”. He puts his arm around my waist and leads me over to a small table with Thai food arranged on it. I shake my head in disbelief and turn to Cisco. “You are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much” I say and pecks his lips quickly. We sit and eat for a while, and when we finish, Cisco takes my hand and leads me over to a big pile of pillows and blankets, set up perfectly to watch the stars. I lay next to him and throw a few blankets over us to keep us warm. I place my head on his shoulder and whisper “You thought of everything. I seriously can’t thank you enough. Tonight has been unforgettable”. He smiles and kisses my forehead, saying “Anything for you y/n”. We lay together for what feels like forever, and Cisco checks his phone every so often. He checks it again and sighs finally to himself. He stands up and pulls me with him. “Babe are you alright?” I ask, confused as to what is going on. He nods and looks at me. He takes a deep breath and takes my hands in his. “Y/n. I love you. So much words cannot describe. It sounds weird, but I think that I have been in love with you my entire life. You have been my rock throughout everything that has happened and I always knew that I needed you in my life. Since the first day of university when you sat down next to me I felt like you were meant to be in my life in some way. I don’t think I ever told you this but when you told me that we would be working here together, I was over the moon, because it meant that I would still get to see you everyday. I brought you up here because this is where I kissed you for the first time and where you told me that you loved me, which is something I wasn’t sure I would hear. Since you have been in my life you have always been the first person I want to share my good news with and the first person that I tell my bad news to, because I know that it will hurt less if you’re with me. You stay up with me when I have nightmares and even though I’m the one with the superpowers, you make me feel safe in ways that I can’t explain. You have become my home and I mean that in every way possible and I know that no one, in any timeline or dimension, can ever love anyone the way that I love you. And I know you always said that you wouldn’t want to be proposed to on Valentine’s Day, so I waited until past Midnight so it’s now the 15th. You always say that opals remind you of me because they look like my breaches so that’s what I got.” He says, getting down on one knee. “Y/n L/n will you make me the happiest being in the multiverse and marry me?” I wipe the tears that welled up on my eyes with my sleeve and nod, and Cisco grins. “Yeah? Really?” he asks, as if he doesn’t actually believe it. He stands up and I throw my arms around his neck to bring him closer to me. “Yes. Yes yes yes. Yes I would love to marry you” I say and he slips the ring onto my finger. I grab his face in my hands and bring his lips to mine, his arms snaking around my waist. We stay like this for what feels like hours, trying our hardest to bring each other closer. When we finally pull away, I look at my beautiful ring, then back to Cisco and say “We’re getting married”. He smiles wider and pulls me back in for a kiss. We stay on the roof for a little while longer and head back down to go home, walking hand in hand as a newly engaged couple. Safe to say it was a very memorable Valentine’s Day.

TWICE member's flaws according to Tzuyu
  • Tzuyu: My flaws? I can't tell a lie.
  • x1: Let's talk about Jeongyeon
  • Tzuyu: She nags a lot.
  • x1: Momo?
  • Tzuyu: She drowses too often.
  • Tzuyu: Nayeon unnie.. she can't stay still.
  • Tzuyu: Jihyo unnie...
  • x2: Maybe there's nothing.
  • x1: She has no demerit?
  • Tzuyu: Her sound (?) is too loud.
  • x1: (you mean) her voice?
  • Tzuyu: Her voice.
  • Tzuyu: Chaeyoung... is cute.
  • x1: Ah, it's so cute that you hate it, right? Because she's cuter than you.
  • Tzuyu: Sana unnie.. shows her aegyo too much.
  • Tzuyu: Dahyun unnie is so... *sighs*
  • x1: Does she makes you sigh unconsciously?
  • Tzuyu: She's so....
  • x1: Perfect?
  • Tzuyu: She's perfect.
  • Tzuyu: Mina unnie's so... beautiful.
Bad Ideas (Chapter Three)

Welcome Back to the Story! Thanks so much for the sweet messages I’ve been getting, love you guys!
If you need to catch up, check out the MASTERLIST

This is a longer chapter, over 3000 words. Lots of feels guys, because Wade is just a big teddy bear under all those scars and our boys love each other whether they realize it or not.
The days started blurring together as spring fell into summer and business picked up. Road trippers, tourists, summer residents all flocked to the town just fifteen minutes away from the shop, and they started working longer days to keep up with the tows, and flat tires and oil changes.

Thanks to a few quick lessons and a healthy dose of his own common sense and brilliant mind, Peter became fairly useful around the shop. He spent more and more time working next to Wade instead of closing himself up in the office all day, and more nights than not now he crossed the drive to Wade’s house and had dinner and a drink. Every once in awhile Wade asked if he wanted to talk, and Peter always said no. He didn’t want to bring Wade into the mess that was his past. Didn’t want to burden a man who already had secrets, with even more.

And he knew Wade had secrets. Even without those scars that spoke of something terrible, one look at the way Wade never completely relaxed, the way he was constantly watching everything, the way his eyes always looked haunted, told Peter that the mechanic had seen much more than he let on. It made Peter feel closer to him, like they had bonded over awful pasts, even if they never talked about it.

This was easily the most at peace Peter had felt since… well since he had been bitten by that stupid spider, really. He had found a home here with Wade, far away from New York, far away from the daily reminders of his failures, far away from the pretty headstone that marked Gwen’s grave. He had burned his suit, packed a bag and hopped on a bus, and for whatever reason landed in Wade’s life and it was…so good.

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For the six characters game you posted: Harry Dresden, Thomas, Murphy, Michael, Butters, Morgan

  • Push off a cliff - Morgan. Sorry, I just don’t like him that much x_x;.
  • Kiss - Murphy. *happy sigh* She’s so perfect.
  • Marry - Michael. He’s a freaking Knight of the Cross with angels guarding his house. Admittedly I’m not at all religious myself, but Michael restores my faith in humanity.
  • Set on Fire - Thomas. He’ll be fine. I feel like there’s a joke I could make about Thomas being ridiculously hot, but I won’t xD.
  • Wrap a Blanket around - Harry. Just let him get some sleep already! The poor man needs a nap!
  • Be Roommates with - Butters, because of that sweet ass computer setup he’s got, holy hell *__*

Title: burn me, love me
Summary: how can i summary a smut galore
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto. 
Prompts: apron, a game of cat and mouse, travels, celebration, welcome home, eyes, cowgirl, virgin, wedding night, hot springs, dirty little secret, lotr, tied up, take it slow, phone calls, in the office, no shame, dominance, anata (dear), jutsu creativity, early mornings, glowing, making a salad.
Warning(s): Heavy smut ahead, though it isn’t always explicit. Some of it is just implied, though not a whole lot.
Comments: Idk I really wanted to do every prompt for this month but I didn’t have the inspiration or time to make a complete story for all of the ones left, so I decided why not pull off tiny drabbles about each of them where I just can start right in the thick of it if I want to?


The warmth on her back isn’t something she expects when she turns around, shoulders slumped in defeat. He had seemed so oblivious, so sleepy in her attempts to get him to notice her lack of attire, but with his hard length digging into the small of her back, she knows now that he had only played pretend. Her breath catches in her throat when his hand runs roughly over her stomach, the burn of desire buzzing through her veins with enough force to have her pushing back against him.


“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice, Sakura?” he whispers hotly, lips brushing against her ear as he trails his fingers heatedly along the apex of her thighs, and into a thatch of soft curls. He cups her heat, and she stiffens, arching against him with the softest moan.

“You wouldn’t react,” she gasps, biting onto her lip. “No matter what I did, you never seemed to realize I was only wearing—”

“I did,” he growls, pushing his arousal against her naked warmth. Hand leaving the space between her thighs, he vehemently coaxes her into bending over the smooth surface of their kitchen counter. She feels him fumbling with the opening of his pants, and shudders in anticipation, burying her face in her arms as he wetly kisses the back of her neck and murmurs gruffly, “I just wanted to see how far you’d go.”

She doesn’t have the breath to say anything more, as she feels him push inside her with insistent force, his lone hand grasping on the material of her thin apron as he bucked harshly against her ass, building up a quick, ruthless rhythm.


a game of cat and mouse

“All day…” she mumbled, burying thin fingers in his hair as she rolled her hips onto his hard, biting onto her lip. “All day you’ve been teasing me…” She gripped him tighter, rising and falling against him a little faster, trembling. “Finding me everywhere. Touching me… Kissing me… Working me up…” Sakura kissed him, raking her nails over his scalp with enough force to have him groaning. “And still,” she panted, picking up the pace of her thrusts and riding him harder, quicker. “Still, you make me do all the work…”

A wicked smirk twitched at his lips, and she felt her heart stutter, throat growing tight as he squeezed the flesh of her ass and gave a rough upward thrust, sending a sharp cry tumbling out of her lips. Her face fell in the crook of his neck when he sharply drove into her again, fingers twisting in his dark locks as he hummed against her ear and whispered huskily, “You’re right. I guess it would only be fair to help you out, then…”


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Something More? (Chapter 4)

I’ve been neglecting my tumblr lately. Here’s Chapter 4! (AO3 link, if you prefer)

Chapter 3, Chapter 2, Chapter 1

The only thought in Cassian’s mind was There is no way this is actually happening . Because, really, there was no way that Nesta had just pulled him down and kissed him. The was no logical explanation to the fact that Nesta’s lips were on his.

It took him about five seconds to stop with the crazy, wrap his arms around her waist, pull her closer and deepen the kiss. Damn it all to hell, this was the best kiss ever. Best. Best. Best.

Her kiss was unexpectedly fierce and fiery and intimate, like she was making up for the fact that most of the time she was cold and mostly detached. Her lips were soft, her tongue demanding, her hands were still clinging to his shirt like if she let him go he might just disappear.  

He broke the kiss, resting his forehead to hers, “Mmm… I’m not objecting to that or anything, but what did I do to deserve that and what do I have to do for it to happen again?”

“Shut up.” She said, then she just kissed him again.

This went on for quite a while, Cassian was sure neither of them wanted it to stop. That being said, he soon became aware that they were in the middle of campus, probably surrounded by a bunch of curious students and faculty.

He broke the kiss again, with a chuckle, “Look, Nez, I can’t even explain how much I don’t want to stop but, I think we’ve given them enough of a show. And, truly, it pains me to say that I still want to talk.”

She sighs, “Fine, that’s fair.”

“I bought some wine, I was kinda worried you’d think I was trying something, but since you already did, I’m just going to go with it.”

“Just wine? No food?”

“I wasn’t finished talking, sweetheart. I’m cooking and making you whatever you want.”

She smiled at that, “Whatever I want?”

“Whatever you want, sweetheart. Are we going to your house or mine?”

She thought about that for a second, “Mine. I’ll make sure Feyre isn’t there so we can be alone… Just in case…”

He smirked, “Let’s go then.” He decided he wanted to hold her hand, so he took her hand, hoping she wouldn’t take her away. She didn’t and he couldn’t help but smile.

Nesta: Hey Fey, r u staying home all nite?

Feyre: Going 2 dinner w Rhys in 5

Nesta: Ok

Feyre: y do you ask? R u bringing a man home u don’t want me to see? Hahaha

Nesta: Yes muahaha

Feyre: O.O WHO?

Nesta: …Cassian?…


Nesta: Shut up. It’s abt yesterday.

Feyre: Did u kiss him and try 2 take his clothes off? Is that what was so embarrassing?

Nesta: I was drunk, not demented.

Nesta: (not his clothes anyway)

Feyre: Lmao so the dementia part came on 2day

Nesta: Lol yeah

Feyre: Well have fun u lunatic

Nesta: :D I will

“Are you going to help or just look at me with that scared expression the entire time?” Cassian asked once he started cooking in her little kitchenette. They had gone to the grocery store because: “We don’t stock actual food ingredients in the house, just stuff for me to bake, Cassian. So unless you want to eat something that needs only flour, sugar and yeast we need groceries!” And now here they were, cooking together. Kinda.

“I’m not scared. I just don’t really cook. The kind of don’t cook that has tried but failed every attempt.” She said, looking at what he was doing with the broccoli with a suspicious look.

He laughed, “It won’t explode, Nez, com’ere. I swear, with me, there’s no way this will go wrong.” she lifted an eyebrow but didn’t move. Cassian couldn’t help but laugh, “Come on, come to Cass. Cass is great at cooking, trust Cass.”

She closed her eyes and shook her head in something close to amusement and said “Stop talking about yourself in the third person, you dope.” He could tell she was trying not to smile when she looked down.

“You know you like Cass, sweetheart, even if Cass is a dope. Sometimes. Now help Cass, will you?”

She rolled her eyes and muttered “You’re an idiot,” but she walked to him and sighed, “What is it you want me to do?”

He smiled, “Put these on top of the water to steam,” he said, pointing at the broccoli with a knife. “No one can mess that up.”

She tossed the pieces in the steamer, then lifted her eyebrow at him, “I could oversteam them,” she drawled.

He chuckled, “I’m in charge of that, actually. So no, it won’t oversteam.”

“What are you doing with broccoli anyway? I said I wanted steak.” She says, lifting herself on the counter next to him.

“Side dish.” he said, throwing some salt into the potatoes he just put on the stove to boil.

She sighed, “Broccoli is so boring, they taste green.”

“Broccoli gratin is what I’m making.” she lifted an eyebrow, obviously telling him she had no idea what that means. He moved so that when he leaned over he was braced on either side of her. Looking up at her he said, “Broccoli with a bunch of cheese on it.”

“Yummy.” she said, smiling down at him.

He tapped a finger on his lips, asking for a kiss. She gave him a look, “Hey, I’m making you food. I should get a kiss.” She gave him a little peck and she was obviously going to stop with that, “So,” he started, “What the heck do you and Feyre eat if neither of you cook?”

“Feyre goes out to eat with Rhys a lot. I make bread, good healthy bread, and we’re stocked up on cold cuts. I eat sandwiches and salads mostly, go out to eat when you guys invite me.” she shrugs.

He chuckled a little, “That’s why you’re so thin even though you never work out.”

She shook her head, giving him a push on the shoulder, “Hey! That’s so obnoxious.”

“Hey, I work out everyday and I make money off of making other people work out. Good money, too.” He gave her his most brilliant grin, “You didn’t think I could be this-”

“Hulking.” she interrupted, rolling her eyes.

“ Hulking? ” he asked furrowing his brow at the wrong adjective.

She started playing with his hair, “Gargantuan, mammoth,”

He swatted her hand, “I know what it means, you evil woman.” She chuckled, but he took her hand and put it back in his hair, “I was going to say ‘hot’.”

She bit her lip, “That too…” she said quietly.

He smiled, “Now that we’ve cleared that - and you’re hot too, by the way. How is it you can bake but you can’t cook?” He walked back and to check on the potatoes and start on grating the cheese. The potatoes were still uncooked so he left them and the broccoli were just right, so he took them off the steam and into the the ice he had prepared.

Nesta made a noise, “I can get flour and water and yeast turn into this delicious bread but I can’t get anything that has fresh ingredients to come together.”

He chuckled a bit, as he took the cheese and the grater, “Can I ask you to grate this cheese for me?” she nodded and took the cheese as he turned around to check the potatoes again, he drains it and began to mash them, “So, how do you like your steak?”

He placed the plates on the table and sat down. Nesta liked him a lot in that moment, though she was a little scared it might go away… “So,” he said quietly, face a little smug, “are we going to talk about what you said or what?”

She looked down at her steak. It was on top of some mashed potatoes and it looked pretty with the cheesy broccoli on the side of it, she took a bite of the broccoli and it was surprisingly good. She sighed, “What did I say, because I don’t really remember…”

He was eating already when he stopped and looked at her, “That was the problem Nez, you didn’t say anything concrete. Just got this scared look on your face and said your ex got ‘really mad’ when you broke up with him…”

She sighed, cutting into her perfectly medium rare steak, so perfect she wanted to weep, but she settled into putting it into her mouth and groaning it was so perfect. “Best steak,” she croaked. He lifted a brow at her, pleased that she liked it but not having it with her changing the subject, “Okay, fine. He was mad.”

He rubbed his eyes, “Nez, please just tell me he didn’t hurt you, tell me he didn’t touch a hair on your head. Please .”

She took her glass of wine and drained it… then filled it another time and drained that again. “Eat, Cass… Otherwise everything will get cold… And wine, let’s drink all the wine.”

He sighed, “Nesta,”

“Please,” she said quietly, “The food is so good and I haven’t had this good a steak… ever. It’ll take like ten minutes, please, Cass.”

“Okay.” He sighed.

“Please don’t be like that, I’ll tell you, I promise, just let me eat… And save the getting mad, we can do that, later.”

He nodded and started talking about how good the food was, she ate pretty fast because it was the best food she’d had at home. Ever.

She felt Cassian’s hand on hers, squeezing gently, “What happened, Nesta?” he said quietly.

Her eyes started tearing up as she thought back to what had happened. She’d never really cried about it before, other than right after. Maybe it was Cassian and his hazel eyes… “He tried…” she swallowed, took a deep breath, “He tried to rape me…” she whispered the last part because she couldn’t really say it louder than that.

He went very still for a moment and he looked mad but his hand on her was impossibly gentle. He was dangerously quiet when he asked, “What’s his name?”

“Why do ask?” she said sadly.

“So I can kill him.” he said very seriously, in a way that made her think he might just do it. She threw her hands in the air and ran her fingers through her hair. Cassian rolled his eyes, “Fine, I’ll just beat the crap out of him. Not as satisfying, but still.”

She’d been taking a sip of her wine to take the edge off but she couldn’t help but snort at that. “Can I get less angry Cass so he’d tell me to hug him?”

His entire demeanor softened, “Of course, sweetheart, come here.”

She walked to him (and his open arms because he was Cassian ), and sat on his lap. Her arms went around his neck as she settled on his chest. He was very huggable, incredibly so, like a big - very muscular - teddy bear. He even rubbed gentle circles on her back.

“He sounds like a jerk.” he said a few minutes later.

She snorted, “In my defense, all the Archeron sisters make horrible choices when it comes to men.”

He laughed, “Your sister is dating my brother.”

“Rhys chose her more than anything. We Archerons have a horrible track record, Tomas Mandray for me. Elain was so infatuated with this horrible guy, Graysen for like a year until he dumped her for some racist reason. Tamlin as you well know.”

“Wow.” he marveled.

“Yep. Daddy issues at its finest.” she smiled unto his chest, a little happy somehow.

He was still gently rubbing her back when he asked, “Can I ask you how the relationship was like? I mean, how did he treat you up until, y’know?”

She sighed and shook her head, “It was,” she shrugged, “Bad. I was never good enough, I was never a good girlfriend,” she huffed, “I was too cold. Bad in bed.”

He stopped and grabbed her by the arms so he could look at her, “The motherfucking asshole told you you were bad in bed ?” he shook his head and rolled his eyes, “Now I really want to kill the guy.”

She shrugged again, “It’s probably true…”

He snorted, “Bullshit.”

She hugged his neck again, “Hey, Cass…”


“Can you stay? You can sleep with me…” she could feel his eyebrow raising, “Not like that… actual sleep. I don’t think I want to… you know, after all the talking.”

“Okay, I’ll stay. But cuddling is required.” He said seriously.

She huffed a laugh. Then she smiled, “Promise?”

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Can I have 22 & 32 with Roman Burki? I love everything you write with him! 💋

(i already wrote 32 for another player, so i just did 22 hereI hope that’s okay)

She’s convinced that unrequited love is the worst feeling in the world. Worse than dying, probably.

(…Okay, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the sting of rejection from unrequited love is so sharp and poignant that it feels pretty bad to her. It’s worse than anything else she’s ever experienced.)

She lets out a longing sigh as she stares at Roman. He’s so perfect. From his physical appearance (those muscles and tattoos always make her heart race) to his personality (his kind, genuine nature make her heart race, too.) They met through mutual friends a few months ago and immediately became close, but she’s too shy to make the first move so she’d rather spend forever waiting on a date that might never happen.

(But she can dream about it.)

He says her name softly and slowly, pulling her out of the daydream. She focuses her gaze on him and mumbles a quiet “Hm?” to act nonchalant, like she wasn’t just checking out her best friend.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Oh, shit. Her cheeks blaze red at being caught, but she tries to brush it off.

“I wasn’t – I’m not – I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she stutters. “What, you think I’m stealing glances at you like I’m in middle school or something?”

“It’s okay,” he says sincerely, before flashing her a quick smile. “A lot of girls look at me like that.”

“Bürki!” she throws a pillow at him, but he easily catches it with his goalkeeper reflexes as he laughs.

“Apparently, you haven’t seen the way I look at you,” Roman admits softly.

Her heart skips a beat. Actually, it skips several beats, and it goes completely haywire when Roman reaches over, braces the back of her neck, and pulls her in for a kiss. She’s so shocked that it takes her a moment before she begins to kiss back, melting into the kiss easily because it’s everything she’s dreamed about for the past six months.

(But it’s actually better than what she dreamed about.)

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Pokémon Moon, Episode 14: In Which Literally All Hell Breaks Loose

The teleport pad leads to what seems to be Lusamine’s private laboratory – a cavernous space at the heart of Aether Paradise.  We’re standing on a massive white platform made of the same synthetic material as the rest of the Paradise’s superstructure, and we must be in some closed-off part of the docking level, since there’s sea water all around the platform’s base – perhaps we’re directly below Lusamine’s mansion.  At the centre of the platform, Lusamine has several consoles displaying similar information on spatial anomalies to the instruments in Professor Burnet’s lab back in Heahea City.  At her side is a black metal box, glowing from within with a strange blue light and floating just off the floor.  And all around her instruments…
“…oh my.”  The lab is filled with cryogenic stasis tanks, each containing a Pokémon – I see a Slowpoke, a Pikachu, a Pyukumuku, a Starmie… “So, what are they in for?” I begin as Lillie and I approach Lusamine.
“Hmm…?  Oh, these?”  Lusamine gestures to the tanks.  “They’re my private collection… my precious babies.  They will all be preserved for eternity here.”  I whistle.
“Eternity in, like, a poetic sense, right?  I mean, it’s just cryo-stasis… to preserve them until you have a cure for some illness, maybe…?”  She laughs.
“No, I mean literal eternity.”  She walks over to one of the tanks and raises a hand to stroke its glass surface.  “My love will preserve their beauty forever…” I cough politely.
“Well.  Your love, and a super-advanced therapeutic hypothermia system.”

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