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I just realised that if you ignore the shitty remake end scene (which I’m pretending never happened), the last ever line of Pretty Little Liars was Alex Drake sighing “she’s Mona” whilst the queen herself smirks in the background

My girl truly had the most iconic ending and proved that she’ll always be the greatest, I fucking love her so much (also, Janel absolutely killed it right to the end)


Pairing: Bucky x Reader (gender unspecified)

Word Count: 1k

Summary: Bucky hates seeing you upset, so he gets crafty.

“Noooo! How could you?! I LOVED YOU!” Bucky could hear your shouts all the way in his room, making his stomach knot. On his way to check on you, he wondered what were you talking about; Who did you love? What did he do? Whoever he was, he was going to kill him for upsetting you. 

“Y/N?!” he frantically tapped on your bedroom door. “It’s Bucky, are you ok?” The door opened, making his heart ache at seeing the sad look on your face. 

“Hey,” you sighed. “What’s up, Buck?” 

“I heard you yelling. What’s with the pout?” 

You cringed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so loud. It’s just this stupid elephant I wanted.” 

Bucky’s brows furrowed. “I’m sorry, did you say ‘elephant’?” 

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It's not you who is boring, it's me who is listlessly uninterested

How people fall out of love,
I fall too – I fall out of conversation.
I wish I could make an excuse for it,
say it’s as if narcolepsy: can’t help
but doze off mid sentence. It’s not.
It’s just that I get tired. I don’t have
the stamina to run a marathon of words.
I’m sorry, it is rather rude and I am
rather unapologetic when I stand up
and walk away, and you have no idea
what you said that caused this abrupt,
unceremonious departure. I’m sorry.

i’m not stressed

my first contribution for starmora

summary: gamora’s real stressed and peter convinces her into taking a bath and relax. fluff ensues!!

likes/reblogs/comments are appreciated! hope you enjoy!! thanks @gamoraspeter for helping me find little errors!!


There are many things going on for the Guardians. They are stationed at Xandar, preparing for a much bigger mission Nova Corps had enlisted their help for. All the while, Gamora is going through the holo, documents scattered everywhere on the screen of many other good and bad ideas they’ve thought of, putting the least important ones on the back burner. Her eyes are tired, slightly bloodshot as she has been at this a good chunk of the evening. She sighs, knowing she’s burning the midnight oil when she should be resting in preparation for this weekend. But god knows, no one else is going to do this.

In the background, soft music plays. She notices Peter tends to put on a softer tunes as the night falls. ‘To settle in for the night,’ something he mentioned in passing a while back. Normally, she wouldn’t complain, but the quiet lyrics are making her already heavy eyes heavier. If it weren’t for Rocket and Peter arguing over weaponry, Gamora is certain she could tip over then and there.

A sudden “people are trying to get some sleep here!” from Kraglin was heard from his quarters, which promptly cut off their pointless argument.

Gamora hears unintelligible cursing and grumbling from the two of them, and a quiet ‘we’ll settle this tomorrow’ from Quill.

She gazes over for a brief second and watches as the both of them disperse in exasperation before returning her attention to the screen. She exits out of the many tabs, lowering her sore arm while they close out. A deep exhale, and she brings up the documents and map for the upcoming mission.

“You should take a break,” Peter says from behind her.

“I’m okay,” she argues in return.

He sighs. “You’re not a machine - you need your rest.”

Gamora goes quiet, unsure of how to respond to the machine thing. Her and Peter have acknowledged their feelings for a while now, but still, such kind words pulled her heart in an unfamiliar way. It hurts, but in a good way - is the best way to describe it.

“We have spent many sleepless nights over other things. I think I can handle staring at a screen and getting some plans down for a few more hours.”

Suddenly, his hand slips around her waist. She doesn’t flinch, instead leaning into his touch, finding comfort from the small gesture. His lips brush against the top of her head before settling against her ear. Gamora shudders ever so slightly at the warmth of his breath.

“Take a bath with me,” he mumbles softly.

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the first bnm boys content we’ve gotten since forever ;-; feels so long since ive seen these 4 boys together i super miss youngmin and donghyun sigh DO WATCH YOUNGMIN’S VLIVE TOMMOROW AT 6PM KST IF YA’LL HAVE GOT THE TIME GUYS!! let’s give him many hearts so i can see my paca all cute and smiley 💪🏼

also look at donghyun and woojin wearing matching shirts i love them so much kakjcndn

I’m so pissed..we got to see the whole amazing first week of BBOTT feeds unfiltered..along with the swimsuit there’s really no reason to block them even if the first episode isn’t until tomorrow. That season truly spoiled those of us who watch feeds with the amazing comps-on-camera, live DR’s etc. Sigh. Its gonna take getting used to missing out on all this shit when we know now that there’s literally zero reason they block it all.

what kind of shenanigans could adam have possibly gotten into if Mr. Young can pull up to an old military base and see, as he drives in:

- a gay couple, holding hands, one holding a sword and the other a tire iron (did az extinguish the sword? they pull in their wings quickly but the sword..)
- a straight couple, one holding a pin like a weapon
- a 5’ tall angry man with a gun
- a random older woman
- four children running away from a set of scales and a crown
- a probably-still-burning car from the 1920s

and proceed to sigh and go, “what’s he been getting up to now”

piper ‘saves jason and leo from medea’ mclean

piper ‘putting gaea to sleep’ mclean

piper ‘saves jason from hera’ mclean

piper ‘stops percy and jason from killing each other’ mclean

piper ‘saves jason from achelous using her strength’ mclean

piper ‘attacks heracles with food’ mclean

piper ‘stopped percy and jason from drowning’ mclean

piper ‘defends nico di angelo because it’s the right thing to do’ mclean

piper ‘takes on three gods at once’ mclean

piper ‘a threat to nike’ mclean

piper ‘keeping annabeth on track and defeating a giant with her own ideas and emotions’ mclean


piper ‘fighting a giant almost single handedly’ mclean

piper ‘tell me she’s irrelevant one more god damned time’ mclean

anonymous asked:

Have you seen my suneater son. He looks adorable. Also Deku made me cry.. WHY

!!!!! I’ll be really honest here anon I currently have a lot of feelings and 90% of them are about Amajiki picking Kirishima it’s everything I didn’t know I needed in my life thank you Horikoshi I owe you


“Either or both can be arranged. My parties are intended to please all.”

AU where Hannibal is a business tycoon, and Will a business columnist. Both seemingly hating each other’s guts, but secretly crushing on one another. In a ritzy, elitist party thrown by Hannibal, a humble Will looks out of place and lost. And Hannibal comes to the rescue.