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A Bit Complicated

It was an ordinary day in the Lucky Pumpkin Tavern and Paula the bartender was serving up some of her usual costumers with their favourite drinks, asking how their days went. Peter the blacksmith made progress on the lord’s daughter’s new sword. Tefira the seamstress is considering proposing to her girlfriend. And Little Appie just turned 18 and was having his first real alcoholic drink. It was a fun day, Paula thought fondly.

It was getting close to sundown, everybody already left and Paula was about to close down, but not before one last costumer entered the tavern. Denira the adventurer stomped through the front doors and nearly collapsed onto the counter, her heavy golden armour clanking against the wood as she did.

“Hard day, Denira?” she asked the weary elven woman. “I like your new armour. How did you get it?”

“It’s a long story, Paula.” Denira sat up, her face seeming like she’s been through hell. “It was a heck of an adventure.”

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when i wear my boxer briefs

jikook / 1,267 words / rated T for suggestive themes
dedicated to @polkari-seuta as a thanks both for getting drunk with me and talking about bangtan and for giving me lots of writing ideas and bouncing headcanons with me. <3 you da best.

this also has a few references to girl group dances, so please refer here both for a brief familiarization with them and for a great visual of jungkook dancing to miniskirt. ♥‿♥

They’re laying in bed, Jimin’s head tucked under Jungkook’s chin as Jungkook aimlessly scrolls his phone, when Jungkook feels for the millionth time that night that something is a little off.

Jimin is unusually quiet. He’s not even doing anything except daintily playing with the frays of the blanket pulled up around them. Usually he’d be talking or giggling or messing with Jungkook–or at least he’d have his phone out, watching a video or aimlessly scrolling like his boyfriend. But he’s just laying there quietly, probably overthinking like he always does.

“Hey,” Jungkook says quietly, running his fingers gently along Jimin’s bare arm to get his attention. “Is something bothering you?”

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A Recap of The Meredith Viera Show
  • Maks wasn’t a cohost.  He was on for like the first ten minutes and then played a game for a few minutes in the middle.  That’s all you need to watch. Save yourself from the rest of the show.
  • Subjects Maks discussed: butts, The Bachelor, losing your virginity.  Check my liveblogging if you want details because I don’t feel like writing them again.
  • Maks and Meredith did the cha-cha, and it was soooo cuttteeee, why wasn’t the whole show like this????? *sigh*
  • Paula Deen was there and they showed a video of her pants falling down, w t a f.
  • Mario Lopez really likes tequila.

Most Important things:

  • Maks said he rarely watches himself dance, but we know that he’s watched his dances with Meryl quite a bit.  And I remember interviews where they show their dances and he’s, like, transfixed. So this just makes me really happy. *happy sigh*
  • Maks is just really adorable and personable and funny and awesome and I love him so much.  I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love him.

I probably will not be a regular viewer of the Meredith Viera Show.