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Mr Thesassygandalf got me a present *-*


I feel like Arthur would be an (unsweetened) Earl Grey with milk kind of man, while Mesi would drink the bitter tears of her enemies rooibos with bits of dried pineapple and agave syrup.

modmad, feel better soon and good luck for finishing the comic page!!!!

more than fine

three months in, and he looks at her sometimes like she’s something ethereal.

sakura sighs in the open night air, and rubs her belly.

sasuke stops poking the fire. in this light, the planes of his face are even more pronounced, and her hand twitches with the urge to trace his cheek.

“everything fine?” he asks, and she hears the small hint of concern in his voice.

“fine,” she says, looking up at the ink sky. “more than fine.”

“it’s getting colder this time of year,” he says. he moves to her side, and she leans into him, exhausted, an easy, thoughtless sliding of one puzzle piece into another. “we could get an inn, if you wanted.”

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Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo (M&D) To Make Comeback With Trot Song

Duo Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo will be making a comeback with traditional trot song “Ulsanbawi.”

Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo’s second mini-album “Goody Bag” will be released via music sites on July 12, which includes six songs of various genres. Kim Heechul was in charge of songwriting, and Kim Jungmo was in charge of songwriting and producing the album.

The title song “Ulsanbawi” is a traditional trot song that has a blues feel to it, and is about a guy who laments because he could not confess to a girl he loved.

This album also includes a remix version of “Ulsanbawi” which can be loved by both guys and girls.

Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo’s “Goody Bag” will be released on July 12 via online and offline stores. (c)

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